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2048 Balls Winner

2048 Balls Winner for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Sticker Maker Lab. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
✨✨✨Simple tips to play 2048 Balls Winner:
 Merge balls with the quantity this is certainly same 2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256,512,1024 then 2048!
 Get higher number balls while you merge two
 Be a winner
❤️❤️❤️2048 Balls Winner features:
 instantly save the overall game
 can be played whenever, anywhere
 Simple and fun

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the 2048 Balls Winner.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download 2048 Balls Winner for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
No explanation for parts of the game. I hit a button out of curiosity in the right bottom corner. It just has a#10 . It shot to the top of the game where the drop down number usually is. It won't move or go away so now I can't play. Never any instructions with these games. A waste of time.
The commercials advertise that I can cash out at any time first attempt and told me I had a limit that I had to reach before I can cash out I play this game for over 3 weeks you keep asking me for five stars I'm less than $5 from what the game tells me and I only get 1, 2 or 3 cents at a time. It's been like that for over a week how can I rate you 5 stars when at this rate it'll take me another two or three weeks to reach your level to cash out when this looks like just another fake game?
As is misleading says no minimum to cash out them once ypu start playing says $100 needed.Freezes up. Half the time says ads are not ready so you can't collect. Gives you a penny at a time. Will just say Fall even though board only has a few bubbles in it. I'm almost to $98 curious to see if actual pays out. I think consumers should be able to do a class action lawsuit for all these games that are falsely advertised.
It was a fun exciting game, I earned less unless the closer I got to $100 until I was just making one penny each time. When I got to $98.80 I had to keep shutting it off and turning it back on to find out how much money I had one until I got to $99.98 and now it won't change at all this game is a joke you'll never win anything it's a complete waste of time
The ad I just watched for this game said you can withdraw any amot of money so I can't wait to see how false this is. We should all get a class action lawsuits against google for allowing these scams on their platform. But Google won't do anything because they make millions off of each of these games. Google is in on the scam it's all about the money they make not the user getting scammed.
Was a fun game, but when you level up it doesn't let you know what level you're on. Main complaint is after a certain level, (which you don't know), you don't get paid more than 4¢. All-in-all, game sucks.
Unlike the others comments I have read I totally agree I like playing the game but it is a scam. I go close to a $100 and it went back down to 99.80 and only 1 cent from $99.00 .I have been playing far awhile cause to me it is a relaxing game but don't say you can cash out at a $100 and knowing that it's a lie. I would give it 5stars but I can't just say you can't cash out and be done with it.
Love this game but it didn't give me my rewards after the reward came up it does need some tweaking about the rewards not showing up
This game is under development. I have spent many hours playing and thus far, it is an enjoyable game, the pay out is like all the rest. SCAM. At first it payed in the 5 dollar range. Now, im getting .02 cents. Never going to reach the pay out. I quit. zero stars if thats an option. Fix this, ill change my ratingh.
I absolutely love this game! It's extremely addictive. You will initially get a large payout and then the payouts slowly get less and less until around level 80 when they go down to $.01-$.04. I'm on level 120 and am at $95.65, so I have yet to see if there will actually be any money paid. There are TONS of ads and the game keeps freezing, so I have to close and reopen it. If not for the freezing, I would rate this 5 stars. Update to come on the payout!
I thought this was a good game, but I was fooled! Reached 103 and then it came up with needing to be on 20 consecutive which was not mentioned at the beginning! When I went back, I then had 93....this game is such BS... a waste of my time! This game F'ing sucks and the people who run it don't care... - 100 stars!
Scam! Downloaded after seeing an ad promising no minimum for cashout. LIE!!! First $80 come fast but then rewards drop to 3 cents. You have to watch over a minute worth of obnoxious ads just to get them. AND about half the time, after watching them, the game freezes up before you can claim those pennies. The only fix is restarting the game but then when it comes back up, the rewards are lost. I SHOULD have the $100 minimum but the glitches robbed me :(
My experience is that the game is rigged. As I reached $90 range the game is set up to only give $.01 for my winnings then began to state that AD IS NOT READT every time I tried to receve my new winnings @ $96.??. BUT EVERY TIME I EXIT OUT THE WINNGS to SAVE for later it would give sm Ad that supposenly was unabailable (scam) then aftet the AD the game would come bavk frozen leaving me no choice but to clear the game and it would WIPE OUT MY WINNINGS!! Unable to receive more $$ to Cash Out
Have not been getting any pay out since reaching 99.97 . Have used for hours on end and it is not letting me finish up the game. Peaple I have taken a screenshot of the amount of the winnings and suggest you do the same and let's start a class action lawsuit for our money 💰. I'm going to do this until I get satisfaction and my money Anyone else in?
The 'cash reward' ads play REPEATEDLY, but afterwards the cash is NOT ADDED to the PayPal wallet. After 8-10 'reward' ads I STILL have yet to see a single penny added to my wallet. If the developer refuses to address this ripoff feature, I think I'll pass on this scam app.
#1 ad says no cash out limit. You need $100 to cash out. #2 it stops "rewarding" after you hit 99.99, sometimes sooner (based off the other reviews I see). Stop advertising this "no limit" cash out nonsense. Stop changing the game mechanics just because people are close to actually cashing out and you don't want to pay up.
Do not download....freezes saying network error restart app but the ads run just fine.... hmmm also ad said no barrier to withdraw funds as was previously only after 100 dollars was reached....it still makes you wait till 100...all lies... Now im st 99.80 and when i win a penny it still wont credit me for even that... wont allow you to get to the 100 barrier The barrier that was not supposed to be there...LIES. it started giving the 1 cent win but then resets back to 99.80 cant get 100 ever
I'm giving this game a 1star only because negative 100 is not available! This game is a fake! Save your time and delete it early after reaching a little over $80 it begins to freeze and say that "ads are not available" therefore does give out the reward. Fraudulent games such as this are one pituful
Fun to play,the balls pop which is fun very fun math game which helps with cognitive reasoning skills and is very visually calming for me as I have PTSD and this game is reasonable as a form of visual therapy instead of Asmr for me.Winning money doesn't hurt,but it's not the main reason I'm playing.
Fun game but won't pay off. Have to resart hundreds of times. Reached $98 then it would pay only 1 cent per win. That's fine. Only when I got to $98.80, it refused to add anything to my total. That is not right! Correct this problem!
I played this game until I reached $100 (about level 374), but it doesn't pay out. It keeps giving me an error message that I need $100 USD to get the pay out, but it also won't let me watch any more ads to earn any more money.
still on the fence right now, the last ball merge game I played was rigged to never pay out, I hope this one is different. Same as others $99.80 and no more rewards, I have received $0.01 4x, but was not credited for them. I got what I paid for, I paid nothing and got nothing
I downloaded this game because the ad for it said they would take out the $100.00 threshold and you can cashout at any time. I'm at &69.80, so I went to cashout that amount and it still says I need $100.00. So to me the ad is a scam. So I will be Uninstaller the game and most likely won't be playing anymore games from this company.
Everything they say in their ads is a lie. When you get to $85.00 the prizes drop to $.01 or $.02 and most of the time it says "no ads are available right now" so you don't gain anything for your matches! Do not wate your time playing this scam!!!
I love this game. It's fun, and challenging. Make me use my brain. BUT... the game freezes to much. Every time I level up, to collect the money it freezes up and doesn't let me watch the add so I can collect the money. I end up having to lose what money I have earned. Which is so frustrating. I'm about ready to uninstall the game. Please fix this problem so I continue enjoying this game. Thank you. Bernie
Very fun to playbut there have been a few issues.It freezes up alot and it does not give you your winnings when you spen.I am at 99.80 and it has not given me the .08 Well it did then it took it off.Dont say you will pay out when you don't.I would honestly like to know of any one who has truly gotten paid.Other than that it is a good game to play to pass the time.
Worked great up until $99.80 then it quit going up and then I finally get it up to a $100 to cash out and won't cash out keeps saying that I need to get a $100 to cash out all these games just lie and there riged to stop before you can cash out so I thought people should know before anyone plays them and expect to get paid.
This app tricks you. I reached 100. But because of a "glitch" the number reverts back to 99.80 everytime I was paid another penny. Not only that, but when it said 100 finally, I tried to cash out. It then said I needed 100 to cash out. Even though I did have 100. Thought maybe it would go if it said 100.01 but Now its not giving me anymore money vids. Dont waste your time
Been playing for a few months now. As with other games, payoffs start high then dwindle down to $0.01 per video/ad once you get around $85 collected. I enjoy the game so I kept playing anyway. I finally hit $100.02 a few days ago & of course have been unable to claim my winnings, each time I try im told I need $100USD to cash out. I've continued playing and now notice that I no longer get any ads/videos that reward even $0.01 at all anymore. Wish the developer would live up to what they PROMISE
This game is just like everyone says. Was getting balls all the time until I hit $99.98. Been playing every single day for hours on end, and can't get one single ball!! So, apparently, you are not meant to cash out! What a joke! Fixing to delete game and be done with it!
The game is ok, but cashing out is a bunch of BS. The ad says there's no cash out limit. Not true. I am stuck at #99.80 and have been for several levels. When my "reward" of $0.01 ..(one cent....really?!) says "add to wallet" it is not added. This game is like all the others....one big fat fraud. I don't think any of these so-called money making games are legit. Those actors in the ads should be ashamed of perpetrating these frauds. Winning money is a monumental waste of time.
The game is fun but once I reached 100 USD it would not let me download put it into PayPal it said I needed 100 which I had what's going on is there a glitch the game is still fun but I gave it to one because I cannot get any further it won't even increase the amount of the amount I've got on there so I'm very disappointed if you really can't win money with someone should say something or am I doing it wrong
The single penny you've been paying me to watch ads has stopped adding to my total when I reached $99.80. Convenient for you since you say I need $100 to cash out! I was wondering how you would avoid paying me that hundred dollars even though I have watched all those damned ads on your game. Guess thats the answer. Such a rip off!
There is something wrong with this game in some way. Either it is set to stop prior to $ 100 00 as needed to cash out or theres a bug that need fixed. I know 2 other people the same thing is happening to also. The game let's you add up your amount to $ 99.97 then it stops adding onto it. Therefore, you cannot cash out ! As it stopped at $ 99 97 ...I have been playing this game for 5 hours longer and not one penny nothing ! If this game adds and let's me cash out . I will change my opinion
Ive been playing this game quite some time now. And I have really enjoyed playing it as well. But, when it started paying 1 cent at a time, I thought At first I would stop playing. But I continued on playing, now Ive made it to $99.98 and it has stopped paying anything. I keep playing but it will not let me make it to the $100.00 to cash out. Im begining to beleive what other players have told me about this game not letting players cash out.I am very upset over this game!!!!!
False Advertising The ad I saw for this game was one that said no minimum to cash out. Game play was good until it freezes and you need to start over (without losing your money) Deleting this came.
Its really a good game until tou get to 85 dollars that is saids ads not ready, why do we need to watch ads to get what we won. Then the game freezes and then you have to go off and reset game then you lose what you won. Now i gave 3 stars i will not recomend this game to anyone. Wgat a waste of my time. You should really fix problem, or maybe it was on perpose
I recently reviewed at 5 stars. Fun to play even though it freezes up, and only gives 1 cent from 80.00 on. But I have played 5 levels and it will not give me the last penny, I'm at 99.99. It's going to be like all the others, false advertising! Why lie? Just same the damn game is fun, don't lie about cashing out!!!!
Fraud!!! I found up to $60 went fast, then went slow to $80 after that it only pays .01 for each add you watch. At $99.80 absolutely does NOT pay you at all! It's a fraudulent game!! Played a little more today to see if it was fixed. Managed to get to $99.87 before it started stealing the money from me. Back down to $99.80.. this is a complete fraudulent game!
I am at $100.05 and system won't let me cash out. Message states I must have $100.00 USD to cash out. It won't register any more credits no matter how many matches I get. If system can be fixed, I will change my rating. Otherwise, I don't recommend downloading this game and wasting your time.
The ad says earn money, no minimum to withdraw. Well, when I installed it, I found out it was 100 minimum to withdraw. Well, it is an easy game, so soon I was at 99.99, and it raised the bar for a reward. This game is getting deleted today.
I have been at $99.80 for almost a day, although I have completed play many times and clicked to add to my balance. The game started freezing more frequently once I got to $95.00. This game has turned out to be a scam. Prove me wrong!
This game is fun but it freezes way too much. And when it says you can cash out any time is partly true. You can cash out to pay pal but you need $100.00 to cash out with PayPal. I personally think there are way too many ads for the amount of money you win. Ridiculous amount of ads.
Lame drop app. False claims and ad after ad. The only money being made here is by the company making the app. Money off users having to play the ads to advance. Still, as you advance the money you make gets smaller and smaller! Even if you keep going the game freezes and breaks down to make sure you cant reach the goal. Probably written in the designer's code to make sure you cant withdrawal.
I love this game, but I'm kind of disappointed! I've worked so hard to to earn my way up to the required $100 cash out balance. After $96 you have to earn penny by penny, and I've finally managed to get to $99.98. Now it won't give me any ads to get those last 2 cents that I need. I feel like I've been cheated.
It was great was really enjoying the game until I got to $99.98 and it stopped paying me. I've been at $99.98 for about a week. I played for hours at a time getting just $.01 per a certain amount in points since I was at $95.00 you do the math, thats a lot of playing. So where's my 2 cents so I can cash out my $100.00 PayPal?
PROS- The game was fun. Loads quick which i like. When even I find myself being boared I could just click to open the app. and not have to wait forever for it to load. CONS- When I reached 95.00 then it would only pau out 1 penny everytime. So I fogured fine I'll jave to play more often sp I could make it to the $100 USD and be able to cash out. NOW IM PISSED- I made it to $99.80 and now it says that im getting 1 cent but my totall doesnt go up any more. IT IS STUCK ON $99.80. ITS A RIP OFF
I really like the game but dont expect to get past 92.61 because as soon as you hit that plateau the game stops working when it goes into the next money screen. Really annoying. I would rather play the game with no money and just the game.
Lies, Lies, Lies. This is what I have to say about their last ad. I am a new player where they said I will get $6.60; did not get it. They said that they increased the amount you receive when you finish each level. I am now get less than a nickel for each win. How much lower was it? They say you can cash out at any time. Mine says I have to have $100 to cash out. I now have $93 and at pennies per win it might be six months to get to a hundred dollars. This is a good game without being scammed.
At first you you get good money. But when you start to get close to the cash out number, everything drops. Five dollars away from cash out, winnings go down to pennies. And then when you get a good string going, the game locks up. The only choice you have is to start over. Just like all the rest. Carrot on a stick. Let's you think you are going to actually win something, then they slam the door in your face.
False advertising! It says you can pull off any amount any time. Then you need to have at least 100 to withdraw. Well now that I'm at 92 I'm only getting a penny. Complete BS if you ask me and their advertising is false, I feel it only reasonable I give you zero stars for the game. But because it won't let me post without selecting at least one then it will have to do.
So far i don't know what i am doing but having fun figuring it out I have been playing this game and i am starting to have problems. At 99.80 it quite counting my winnings. Not only have i been playing trying to get the last 20 dollars at 0.01 at a time now it's going backwards. I should have already been at 100. Is this just going to be another rip off? Please let me know if this is going to be fixed. Thank you Shannon
Just like all the rest... FALSE advertising. Fun game but doesnt want to pay out, so after you get to about $75 the amounts you win get smaller and smaller until at just over $90 you only get 1 or 2 cents at a time.
Game keeps freezing, and it is a lie that you can cash out anytime like the ad claims. You need $100 and the closer you get the lesser the payout and the more ads you have to watch. Same as all of these other games. The only one that I have been able to make money is Mistplay.
I almost had hit $100 mark and now that app isn't showing my amount or anything at all , so much time wasted playing and watching countless of ads . You spend more time watching ads then you do playing ! Huge waste of time !
Level 181, and still not at $100. The game freezes frequently. I know these don't give money away but come on. I've watched 200 ads at least.
Now Im just mad. I've been playing this for a few weeks. I've gotten to 100.08. I am unable to cash out. I continue to play just in case it needs more than 100. To cash out and it has not added to my amount. This tells me this game is not real. I have emailed the developer to no avail. I will changes this review if anything changes. But for now I wouldnt bother there are identical games out there that do pay.
Fun game but the Usual progression towards nothing same as most other "Cash" games. All good till you reach around $80 then Freezing, no ads available to get your by now few cent payoff for leveling up etc etc etc. Hope all of you developers are enjoying the cash you're raking in from the millions of ads we poor suckers are made to watch while we pursue the unattainable cash. Sleep well.
Like all these games you get close to payout you get a penny so it will take you forever and then it tells you the video isnt ready and even steals that! You cant withdraw anytime its all just a pack of lies
This game is just like all the rest with false advertisements. You can only "cashout" when you get to $100.. BUT once you get to $95.00 you only make 1 cent everytime you "win". You also have to watch countless ads inorder to add that 1 cent to you "winnings". Dont waist your time. This game is just another scam🤷.
10/17/20*******Update once you do reach $99.89 it will reset the dollars to $99.80 ******* you can not win money Fake Appication. The application stop paying more than 1 CENT after $80.00. THIS app stopped pay after 99.76 it locked up and even time I restart the application it look like it might pay but just sit and spins and spins. This is a fake application don't download the application. THIS APPICATION WILL NOT PAYOUT!!!!!
Been playing this game for awhile. I've finally got the $100.00 needed to cash out. An game won't pay out.Still says I need $100 to cash out.It took awhile to get that amount like other reviews after a certain amount you only get 1 cent at a time. Now It's not even giving you any. Say it is but it's Not. It's a fun game to play but looks like you won't be able to actually cash out.That's sad, all the ads you have to watch an they say no limit to cash out just not true. Is this game a Scam too.
Game was played everyday. Started winning nice pays then it started going down in pay. I made it $94.00 and my winnings was 1 cent at a time. Now 2 days later $99.80 and the game goes through the motion as like im getting 1 cent per level but looking at the dollar amount has not went up fot the last of all my levels up. I mean why lie??? This game will not let you reach $100.00 to cash out. Thumbs down no good
Constantly Freezes Up!!! This app continuously freezes up and then I have to close the app and reopen it. If I were earning more than a penny at a time it might be worth putting up with. It says you must have $100 to get your winnings. I've been at $100.02 for over a month and haven't been able to redeem my winnings yet!!! I like the game but the publisher is not honest. If you're only playing to make money, don't waste your time!!!
The game was super fun, fast money right away. Cash out is 100 USD, when I reached $90 it only started to give me 1 cent for every three ads, then every 10 ads I would get 1cent. When I reached $99.80 every 20 or more ads I would get 1 cent and it would count backwards and take coins away from me continuously have to log off of the game close it out open it back up because the game kept freezing. I've been at 99.97 for 3 days, solved multiple levels will not give me the 3 cents to cash out.
Love it! I'm not playing this for the money, I'm a number freak, so that's why I'm playing it and I love it. If you go into it to make free money, you'll be sadly upset about it. You gotta remember that free money is a dream. But if you're going into it just because it's a game, you'll be happy. I wish I could find this game without the payout, so there wouldn't be nearly as many ads. There are so many it's frustrating.
Loved the game till I reached 96.68. Then it went to paying one penny at a time. Well I have kept playing finally reached 99.20. Now after every .5 cents or so I have to close out the game and reopen to see my winnings. Well I finally reached 100 and guess what it will not allow me to cash out. Update contacted the company by email with no response. This game should be pulled due to false advertising
This game is fun to play but you only get one cent at a time. I will be too old to use my rewards if I can actually get any at the rate I am going I might get there by Christmas. I thought the amount of reward changed with every ad, but I can't get anything except one cent
I have made it to 99.80 and even though it says each time I level up that it is paying me one penny it isn't adding that to my total overall money. I have been cheated out of at least twelve cents and should be close to cashing out. This game is like all the others and only screws you. I am going to contact Google play and make a complaint if my stolen money is not added into my balance and I am not able to cash out. I thought this game might actually be legitimate but it's not. Shame on me.
Commercial lied.... The commercial claims that you can withdraw the money that you have won anytime and it doesn't have to be exactly $100. It is complete and total crock so I'm done trying to play this game because when you get all the way up to $99.50 it takes you forever to get to the hundred and you cannot withdraw whenever you want that is complete and total lie
Well it was fun and I would continue to play but the fraud of no threshold is a lie. I got to $100.07 and it will not let me cash out. I'm going to contact google play and paypal to let them know that they are going to be just involved for fraud. Money is very hard to come by at this time. Why do this to people. It's cruel. I want my money. I've earned it watching all the fake commercials.
game keeps freezing and then changes the amount of paypal to pay. gets lower and lower. hopefully you will pay when people want to cash out with no problem. we will see
Currently $2.70 away from supposed $100.00 cash out prize. Since hitting $85 game keeps freezing -right after getting reward or occasionally before. And every reward is $0.01. IF it isn't honest about being able to cash out, it will be uninstalled!!! 10/12th @ $99.80 the game screen doesn't show rewards added; game has to be vlosed/reopened. Made it to $99.99 this morning--since then, NO reward. Will play to see their integrity as gexpressed in adds before uninstalling.
Was going great. As expected, the closer I got to the minimum amount for payout, the less money I received for leveling up. Have been working on $0.01 credits for two days. Now when I reached $99.80 even though I watch the ad to get my credit of $0.01, it is not applied. Was really hoping this was not another game that claims to payout and then is rigged to keep you from ever getting the minimum amount required to cash out.
This game is RIP OFF! I'm at the $100.00 payout amount and it WON'T PAYOUT! Nothing pisses me off more than LIARS running games so they can get their ads out there and then not paying when you reach the goal!! RIP OFF! DON'T BOTHER WITH THIS ONE! I'M DELETING IT!! SO MAD!
I played the game. I was fun. In a little over a week I reached $100 to be able to cash out. I tried to cash out and it says you have to reach 100 usd first. Well I did so wth? I emailed someone; 24 hours later still no response and still can't cash out. Also, since I've reached $100 I haven't won a single penny. I've leveled up half a dozen times but nothing as far as winnings. I didn't have a single issue until the update in the 4th. So, my rating has gone from a 5 to a 1 because of this.
UPDATE: Finally made it to 100.02 and the game will not let you cash out. I'm disappointed. You play until you reach 99.80 then the quits adding your 1 cent reward to your wallet. I should have reached 100 and cashed out a long time ago...glad I enjoy playing the game regardless of how dishonest the payout is.
I would give it a better review, but despite it freezing up after $80.00 mark, and not getting a penny more, even though I'm only .03 away from the $100.00 , it's a fun game. I think if we have to sit through all of those ads, we should be able to cash out. I thought that was how we were actually making the money.
DO NOT DOWNLOAD DO NOT DOWNLOAD You never reach $100 to cash out. Once you reach $90 your winnings may be .01 but no more than .05. This game is just like the others. And while you are playing the game will freeze so you will have to restart/refresh. This means all of you balls will disappear and you start all over again.
Game is decent. Can earn lots of coins. But like all the other games I've played,. Payouts slow down to small, sometimes rediculously miniscule amount. This results in playing a long time to reach set monetary limit before cashing out. Also the constant advertisements can get really aggravating. Way to many. 3 or 4 moves and another ad.
Don't be a sucker, folks! Read the reviews to see what a scam 2048 Balls Winner really is. As you approach the illusory payout months down the line, you'll see your winnings get throttled to NOTHING. By the time players wise up and app is finally removed from the Play Store, developer will be long gone -- laughing all the way to the bank with their MILLIONS in ad revenue, thanks to the hard work and gullibility of people like you. For the love of Pete, don't install! 💸😅😮😡
I rated this game 1 star because that is the lowest posssible rating. It is, in my opinion, false advertising for this developer to claims of payout. After reaching the $100.00 payout, I repeatedly receive a message saying I must reach the payout minimum of $100.00. Though Ii updated the game, I continue to be denied the cash out. In addition, the game stopped giving me any new rewards, though I still have to watch ads. I have now emailed the developer twice and am awaiting a response.
Quit game for few hours after it stop giving any money. It was at $99.80. When i started it back up it took 7 dollars away from my total. This game steals from you. These companies need to be reported for fraud.
Only Ben playin a few mins now and I have a got 68 bucks in my wallet but thts how a few of these games start out, fast first 20 bucks then it dies down fast to barely making a few cents every hour or two!!! We'll see I guess? Either way I'll be back to give an update!
I never expect games to pay money. I enjoyed this game so decided to see I got 99.80 and now when I get an extra penny, towards 100, it does not go to total. Many hours and now it cheats. I say cheats because other games pay off less and less till it's a penny a day and you never get to the payoff amount. This says you won another penny and then zippo. I expect contact from the company to pay my 100!
I've been on $99.80 for a while now because it won't continue to give me my money to advance as I earn it. It just stays stuck on $99.80. Sooo disappointed in this app because I thought finally, here's one that's for real, not a bunch of lies told to us so y'all can rack up. How sad that it's just a bunch of lies like the many others I've played. It doesn't matter how hard or how long you play, it just doesn't matter because y'all have no intentions of paying out. Nothing but false advertisement
It's a very addictive game I love playing it but don't think you can ever win any money it wont happen I made it to 99.80 and then .81 .82 and so on but it kept going back to 99.80 and finally I made it to 99.99 and played for another hr with nothing it's a joke if you are trying to win money I am thinking about filing a false advertising lawsuit on the maker's of these games they make so much money off of us playing with all the ads we have to watch
It started out as fun. No huge money amounts, but it added up. $100 payout amount required. Then it got ugly. Over 6 hours to go from $97 to $99.97 due to one penny earned each time and constant ads. It stopped generating money at $99.97. Still stuck at that amount.
I love this game. Very addicting. However i gave it a 3 for the following reasons. 1. It is a little bit falsely advertised. They advertised this game as big winnings in a few minutes. However this is not the case 2. They get you hooked at first with 5. Rewards and more. However the closer you get to the 100 payoff mark it dwindles down to pennies 3. The game is very frustrating in the fact that you have 1 to 2 minutes of advertising with game play of seconds
False advertising. Says no minimum limit to cash out. That is a lie. The advertising also said I would get $6.6 just for downloading. Also a lie. It also asks for unnecessary system permissions such as make and manage phone calls etc. You do not need to grant the permissions to play, but it has no reason to ask. You can download if you'd like, but they are liars so I wouldn't if I were you.
Immediate cashout? Immediately after you win the minimum cashout amount. Big payouts? 1. To get you hooked. $66. Then to $3, then $1. The last $8 is 1, 2, 3 cents each time. Now that I'm within $5 of cashing out, game freezes every time I win PayPal $, or there are no ads available to watch. Dou you win money? Yes. But you will never reach the minimum cash in amount. A big scam so they can a get paid for getting you to watch their ads.
I have been playing this game and have enjoyed it..... Until I got $98.00 after that the game would take away .03 to .05 cents everytime I won a penny. When I closed the game and reloaded the right amount showed I have been playing for a penny since I got $90.00 so I could try to cash out I am now at $98.98 and now it won't give me any coins. Thought this game would be different. It BS if I could go be minis stars I would
Game itself is fun but there is no way to cash out. It stayed the same for over a week. When I did finally win enough, it did not register or add the amount. The "goal" at the bottom went blank and it said FALL (fail) when there were barely any balls in the play area. Too many ads to make it worth playing the game.
I had high hopes for this one, but just like all the others it stops before you get enough to cash out. I got to $99.80...the last $5 one penny at a time. Now the spins still happen and my penny pops up and goes to the bank...but doesn't add to the total. I did it 4 more time just to make sure and then uninstalled it. Don't waste your time.
Cashing out is a lie. There is no cashing out. I have been on $99.97 & have leveled up 5 more times & still have not been able to cash out. I have also matched the number I needed to get at the bottom & still not able to cash out. Fun to play but don't expect to cash out any money. I'm about to delete this game. The game is fun but the cash out is a sham.
All these money games that will make you rich, is the biggest con. The only one really making money is the site/app. They want your data, plain and simple. Don't do it, they give you money fast, like $25.00 and then slow it down to a penny, the PayPal gimmit is you can't withdraw any money until you reach $150.00. You get to $80.00 in no time, but from that point forward the money drops until it's a penny at $120.00. Getting to 150 is not worth the time, to many ads
So far I love playing the game. I have no idea if it will let me cash out or not though, the rewards have changed to .01 UPDATE: the game stops giving me rewards at $99.80. now nothing changes when I get the .01 and the game started freezing up more and you have to close it to often
I want to know what the hell is wrong with this game that all of a sudden when I reached $89.00 I all of a sudden go from getting $3 to $5 bonuses for combining cards and completing levels down to .01 to .03 CENTS!!!!! How the hell am i expected to reach the $100. Minimum level to cash out ???? THIS IS BS!!$
Seems legit so far 😁👍 *UPDATE* So, after about 2 weeks of religious playtime/attention... It is starting to seem more and more like BS 😑😬 I am currently up to $92.20 regardless of the fact that they kept slowly dropping me down to pennies after every level. Well now they have o-fficially gotten my winnings down to $.01... that's right, ONE CENT ! 😐😮 SO, unless I am willing to play another EIGHT HUNDRED or so levels just to make it to the $100 cash out minimum.. Probably won't get paid 😑
I installed this app and playing the game for earn money,now reached $90+ see will pay or not if not paying then I will hurt and never tell others to waste their time but if I get paid I must give 5 stars will continue and also suggest at this time I am giving 2 stars and when i get paid i will give 5 stars too.
Cheating Game like all the rest. Got to 99.89 and when I watched another ad, it added my penny and it went to 99.80. Can't get off the 99.80. Keeps saying ad isn't available or it isn't adding the penny. Don't waste your time!! I'm done with all these games.
This is a RIP off!!! I've been playing this game and has made it to $99.80 but that's far as it goes!! Updated it and had.$99.95 then it went back to $99.80!!! If you have no intention of paying the $100.00 then say that but don't have people thinking that they're going to win!!!
Such a let down. Just like all the others that promise to pay its extremely inconsistent. They start you with a large amount so you'll keep playing. The more you play the less the payout is. It starts like a dollar something per payout, but very quickly goes down to cents or less and way less often. The developer is clearly greedy, and a Lying Jerk. Playing with peoples mind making them think they can make some extra money in a time of uncertainty. What a horrible person.
Fake, 99.80 is the soft cap, but it keeps counting till 99.98. You can tell because it will display your actual amount after 99.80 if you restart the app, but this stops counting too at 99.98. You can not cash out, but if you want to play the game for fun how for it.
This is a pretty good app but I have said that about several money making apps and they always keep you from cashing out a few dollars from the required cash out that set before receiving your winnings. I have to play a little more before I can give my honest rating. I hope disappointment is not awaiting me.
It starts out good and you have all the paypal cards from penny to $80 but when it spins I NEVER get anything more than 40 cents so why even put higher PayPal cards up to grab... that's like all the other games you try and get money on the "REAL MONEY APPS" So right now it's a 2 star
Takes forever to get to 100 dollars for cash out and it seems to keep freezing in the game. At this point, I am not happy and if I ever get to cash out I might change my review. I have been at $99.98 for 6 hours. 🤬 I still have not been able to get to $100, I have been working diligently to make the last two pennies and I am not getting it. So DO NOT GET THIS GAME, IT IS A FAKE!!!!
I have been playing this game each and every day since I have installed it , but it does not gives me all my credits and I am still playing it each and every day and it still does give me mo more credit after it got to $ 99.97 , it freeze right . As of right now on this day , I should have had about $ 350.00 credit for this game and I am trying to find some type of contact # for this game , but I can't . I have also just got through playing it for about 2 1/2 hours or more this morning .
The game started great and dropping $$ winning was understandable. It was quite disappointing to hit $94 and thereafter it was $.01. I played along and GO STUCK AT $99.97 for 3 days now with no chance of winning that $.01. HELP
Started out great very entertaining game. But like all others the cash winnings dwindle down fast. As I got to 100.00 I thought wow this is the only game I have ever been able to cash out. Well spoken to soon. I got to 99.97 in which you have to have 100.00 to cash out. The next penny earned should have been 99.98 right. Wrong the game set me back to 99.54. Well I decided I would go on and see what happened next because I do enjoy playing the game. Well I now it won't let me go past 99.80
I really like the game but dont expect to get past 99.80 because as soon as you hit that plateau the game stops working when it goes into the next money screen. Really annoying. I would rather play the game with no money and just the game.
Complete BS. Got to $99.80 and now when I get money it takes it back. Deleting game. Never able to cash out. What a sham
I had hope for this game. It's really fun actually, but if you're looking at it from the money aspect, I have been sitting at $99.80 for awhile now so it doesn't seem likely that the game will ever let me get to $100.
No explanation for parts of the game. I hit a button out of curiosity in the right bottom corner. It just has a#10 . It shot to the top of the game where the drop down number usually is. It won't move or go away so now I can't play. Never any instructions with these games. A waste of time. Please fix so that I can get the money that is owed to me. You stopped paying me at$99.80. I am way over the $100. minimum payout. You're getting paid big bucks for these ads that we have to watch to play!
Started Freezing Up and Won't Load Ads (can't collect money won). It's started giving the error message that the "ad isn't ready yet", and suggests i restart the game. I do that, and it makes absolutely no difference.
Would leave ZERO STARS if possible. It promises payouts at any time, but you have to reach $100. When in reality the game is rigged and will not let you pass $99.98. it then stops paying you the PENNY at a time. Ive watch hundreds of ads and enjoyed playing.. but would not of wasted my time without the promise of a payout. What a bunch of bs.
As soon as you hit about 70$, the rewards are ridiculous. I play and watch the ads and one cent after two to three ads and it freezes and you don't get credit. 🙄 If IF I make it to that $100 mark I'm uninstalling. May before that idk
I like the game but once I got to $180 my money started bouncing backward. Had to close game to get money back to what I earned.now I'm way above $100 but game shows $197 and stopped give me money only lets me level up .no way to contact PayPal and I can't cash out without the money it shorted me.
So far so good. Took me awhile to catch on but I love the game and it starts racking up your money quickly. Don't like that there's no directions but it is pretty straightforward. But like all the other games when you get close to the cash out money like $10 before your due to cash out they start paying you a penny at a time. The game does freeze up too much. And by reading all the other reviews it seems it's a scam just like all the other games.
Fun game. Advertised as no minimum to withdraw. Not true. $100 to withdraw. I got to $100.07, kept playing. Not another cent paid to me. 3 days continue to play, still no more money paid to me. When I try to cash out it says I must get to $100. Their scoreboard shows me at $100.07 but I've played many more times so total should be more. BUT WHY CAN'T I CASH OUT AT THE $100 PROMISED? DISGUSTED. NONE OF THESE GAMES PAY OUT.
At 99.80 it stops but still runs .01 cent payout even if you reach 100.00 dollars it refuses to recognize that and payout.
This game is not all it seems I heard the ads for this game about how far you make money and I have been playing for 4 days and all I keep winning is from 1 to 4 cents everytime... I really hope after I reach the $100 it doesn't become hard to cash out!
I rated it this game 2 stars once before. I was at $99.97 for the last week and still nothing. I get up this morning and all the money I've earned for this game is gone, they took it away. There was no cash out no payoff they just took the $99.97 away. This developer and designers all suck, they're nothing but scam artists and thieves I hope something really really bad happens to you
Fun game, in spite of constantly freezing up and having to restart. I've been playing for over a week, as I needed the cash. After I'd accumulated $72, rewards were from 4¢ down to 1¢. After I got to around $85, it slowed to 1¢ every time, but sometimes I had to watch 10-15 ads in a row to get that penny. Still persisting, i got up to $99.98. Played for over an hour after that; I've leveled up 12 times, but no more rewards. 2¢ away from the minimum $100 in earnings. I'm pretty disgusted.
Complete rip off!!!!!! You will NEVER get paid, game will set you back to 99.80 no matter how much you have. Stopped paying out at 99.97.
Fun, has graphics t hat respond better than other apps. Now that I am close to 100.00 , I cant seem to get to 100. I've played several times and it is stuck at 99.80. I've replayed it over 40 times and it gives me a .01 but it doesn't add to the total.
played this game until i reached the 100.00 cash out minimum. tried to cash out and of course it said i didnt have enough. this is such a waste of time and data. What thrill does the developer get out of lying to us. THE CHECK HE GETS FROM THE ADVERTISERS. THATS WHAT. these people should not be able to get away with this. perhaps its time to band together and not play any of these games
Have you truly enjoyed a game so much that you did not want to sleep? Here it is, y'all! However, the $66.00 winning with my first had me excited to boot. I am 74 years of age and I so readily enjoy the fun and challenge. So, you simply must try this fatally addictive play.
The payouts start out great just like they do on all of the other game apps like this but then the payouts start to drasticly drop off. Just like all of the other game apps do. I did however give it the 5 stars rating because i do think it is a fun app to play. Even with all the mind numbing ads and the occasional game freeze and app restart. I'm gettin close to the payout limit so i'll post another comment lettin y'all know if i was able to cash out! Stay safe everybody and wear your masks!!!
Got to $99.80 and stopped earning a penny, it kept resetting to 99.80 until I closed and opened the game again. Been stuck at $99.97 every since and no more earnings. It shows add to wallet but the amount stays the same. Passed the 8192 level. Would be nice to actually have been able to cash out. If I didn't need the money so bad, it might not bother me so much.
Well, the game randomly freezes on a consistent basis. After between 5-15 minutes of gameplay. Here's the biggest thing though... your advertisements are full of soooooo many lies. You can't withdraw when you want, you don't give out money to first time players, and this is the same model as all of the other pay for play game out there. I'm surprised you haven't been sued for false advertising
Fake and cheat... Had the app suspended for almost an hour " like it was updating" after watching a video.. So i decided to open another application and when i came back to 2048 balls i was awarded 82 dollars but didnt got paid because my balance is at 93.. At this point only pays 3cents but when it pays big FORCES YOU TO CLOSE the game.. I tried to screen shot but wont let me because they dont want the users to see how they CHEAT.
It seems as though this game as many other's are false advertising you make good money in the very beginning and then you only make pennies and the ads become more and more and you make less and less it is rigged to make people think they are going to actually win and then they get so frustrated that they just stop playing so just ny opinion but it should not be like this and it should be a up and down situation not a declined one
I've been at$ 70.74 now within 16 plays and it keeps telling me to collect what it says add is not ready and I have perfect service
Built to break. It works fine until you get about $82 in your account, then it starts to randomly freeze and break and starts giving you five or six cents but once you reach $92 it will only pay you a penny every so often... I'm interested to see if it stops at 99.97 like everybody else... if it does I would suggest that Google ban it ( any app made by these people) from the app store.
I played this game for 30-plus days.. it started off good winning for 5 $6 every round.. then when I got $75 the game slowed down considerably only winning a penny every winning I got to 99 80 and now I still win the penny but doesn't add up no more in my bank so I'll never make a hundred this is a cheating game they say you can make real money on this game they lie
This could be a great game, but rather than having everybody love and talk to getting other people involved, they are stupid enough to be like all the other game very running another SCAM. They promised that new people to download will get a bonus. LIE. The most you will get after you get each level is1¢. When you get to $99.90 you will not get another penny, so you play forever to get $100 that you will never get. Plus while you are only getting a penny a level, a third of there is nothing.
This game's promotion said make more money than those other games... After just 12 hours I'm only making $0.03 cents a play no matter how big the play. THIS GAME SUCKS.
I am at $98. And change. I am not counting on the game paying. If it pays 5 stars. If not 2 stars because the game is challenging. It is not a game that you have to concentrate on. You can watch T.V. and play. It would be nice if I could write a review saying this is one game that really pays. It starts out awarding a decent amount The closer to $100 you get it pays a penny at a time. We shall see.
Love playing the game. In beginning you give big $$ amounts. but once you hit $90 >ts very slow going to get to the $100. It takes forever if you are only getting 1 to 3 cents at a time.
I'm having a lot of fun playing this game. I have yet to get a penny from ANY OF THE GAMES but I do enjoy playing them. If and that's a VERY BIG IF.... I ever get to cash out I'll change my ratings to 5 Stars.
Not what they advertise! They state there is NO with draw limit. Cash out anytime! however when you start playing it says you can't get money until you reach $100. So it false advertising. I think more people should call Google play on these fake games to have them removed. Google play should also be responsible for allowing fake games. They are supporters who should know better.
Love it, just downloaded so just started playing. Plays like other 2048 games, but with better grafics. Did credit the download bonus, really. So I'll have to see. Will update after I play awhile. UPDATE 11/8/20 . I still love the way the game plays BUT I'm at 99.80 and noticed I'm no longer being credited my whole penny wins. I've had to play hundreds of boards at 0.01 for five or six at a time now it's refusing to add to wallet. ANOTHER RIP OFF GAME. Sucks cause I like the way it plays.
Terrible. After I FINALLY got to $99.90, it stopped adding to my winnings. What a rip off!!! Play for 30 seconds and get 30nseconds of adds. It took forever to get this far just to earn $0.
Played night and day for weeks and got up to $99.97. I have now been playing for 3 days without winning a single cent. Very disappointed. I am through with these fake games that suck all my time for nothing. I am sure the app made money from the hundreds of ads I watched. Goodbye.
I actually really like this game. It is the money aspect of it that is off. At first, it is pretty generous. But after a while ($90) it gives you no more than 4 cents a pop, and mostly 1 cent. At this rate, I should be able to pull 100 bucks out in 10 years, if they even let you. Which I highly doubt . Game is fun, but there is no really money in play, like advertised. Heavy ads in this game too, which fkn blows.
Fraud, misleading, and nothing. I quickly learned that you will never see a pay out from this game. Once I hit $80.00 my pay out started being $.01. And as for immediate withdrawl with no limits? Ha! What a joke. DO. NOT. INSTALL. THIS. GAME.
Too soon to tell if it's another trap that will drop your rewards to pennies when you get close to $100. I gave it 4 stars because it's a fun game. Will update soon.
Love the game but cash is at 99.80 and will not add more. One cent at a time for about $5 now doesnt add any. Did go to 99.85 then went back down to 99.80. It's a joke! Have "added" enough to get to 100.00 but wont do it.UPDATE...FINALLY made it to 99.97 and have been there for days. Wont give me any credit no matter how high of score I get. Would like to know if ANYONEhas ever made it to 100.00. Can't give it any lower than 1 star or I would!
So far starting out good, we will see how long it takes to get to $100. Other game reached a high game of 8 million and all I need is 2 cents, been playing for 12 weeks and the pay out is ZERO. Been playing for 4 weeks to get 2 cent. So, I am looking forward to this new game. It is addicting and fun. Will check back with you to see if it pays out.
Love the game....but it does need tweaking! I have been playing for months and the amount that goes into my wallet is never over $0.04 on any one "spin", why is that? There are a wide range of cash amounts on the dial, so, why is it that none of the other amounts are landed on? If this issue of the dial was dealt with, I would definitely recommend that others play.
Just another piece of junk game that that never pays after you hit $99.80 I'm going to get ahold of the companies in the advertisements and tell them they must sell junk just like the games they advertise on. Because the games they advertise on are to cheap to let people get to the $100.00 limit to cash out. I would give you a lower score if I could.
This game is a scam like so many I've played. It gets to 99.80 and then if you get more it reverts back to 99.80. Don't waste your time. These gamers lie to get you to see the ads. I'm sure they make off it but we get nothing!!!
Game itself is cool to play, having said that; with it being a money making game its total BS!! Worked my way up to 95.00$ after that it was 1 cent at a time.. took days to get to $99.98 then the game just stopped giving any money to reach 100$! Yet another BS money making game they are all total bs. I won't call them scams as they don ask u for a y money, but they are definitely not what they claim and advertise to be. Super Lame!!!
Too soon to tell if it's another trap that will drop your rewards to pennies when you get close to $100. I gave it 4 stars because it's a fun game. Will update soon. My update: yes, by the time you reach $80 your rewards are pennies. I gave it 2 stars because it's still a fun game.