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Angry Flowers

Angry Flowers for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Lucky Cat Team. The game is suitable for Everyone (Mild Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.
Flowers are not weak and mild any more. In order to protect plants in the garden, they take up weapons to fight against bugs. When two flowers of the kind that is same merged, a more powerful flower will be invented. Join the defense war together and see how bugs that are many can scare away.

🎈 Why Angry Flower:

Exquisite and aesthetic pictures
Interesting background music and sound effects
Endless levels for you to unlock
Relaxing gameplay and easy start
Classic merge game with new rules and innovation

πŸ€ Game Features

Link beautiful flowers with the same color and shape
The flowers will slowly update, so will the hateful enemies. Both flowers and enemies will improve skills and weapons
The number of bugs will increase with levels. So you should operate faster.
The higher the level, the more angry flowers will get!

Don’t hesitate to defeat those bugs that are annoying. The garden is about to be invaded by enemies. Flowers need your help! There is a variety of props and modes for you to choose. You shall find pleasure in the game. Download now!

❀ Feel free to contact us if you have any nagging problem and suggestion. We are always there to help you. And we value the game experience of every user that is single. Please email us at [email protected]

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Angry Flowers.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Angry Flowers for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
It was ok in the beginning..but it won't give me the last 2 pennies so I can cash out...so only one star from me until I can cash out..
Fix the flicker! I need 82 cents and my screen is flickering non stop! Was enjoying it then not so much If it ever gets fixed I will change my review! Until then.......
It was a good game for a day or two then they stop giving you money im at 92 dollars and now they only give me a penny per stage/round.... Meaning id have to win 800 more rounds witch is crazy and on top of that the ads are so crazy that you get a max of 2 min of game play somtimes less before you get hit with another ad...... Its truly sad.... Gave game a one star ..... Till they can fix this issue.....
Loved the game and game play.. BuΓΊt I give it 1 star because i grinded the game to get the payout watched them wretched ass ads .. I get 2 cents away and the game quit paying to where i cant get the 100 dollar payout.. So the games a sham
This game is a total BS game froze won't load at all not a single update , all my time wasted total BS.
(Pretty good so far, just started πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž.) Oct. 18th 2020 I got up to $98.50 , but when I woke up the next day the game loaded to 100% and that was it ....no more gameplay. πŸ€” What's Wrong?
Got to 99.62 them the game is just frozen and is affecting all my other games on my phone!!!!! Do not install this game is a scam and a virus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have been at $99.98 for x2 was now and although I am still playing, no wining option or point added.. this really sucks. Developers, if this a glitch, please fix it. If it is a scam, shame on you
An app about flowers fighting off bugs is exciting and easy to play. The money starts big and the add on is desent enough. But this game get crazy when the flowers get this energy. Youvhave to see and play it fir yourself. Give it a try , becausecyou might just lije playing angry flowers.
The game was fun but when I got to $ 99.58 the game started flickering and I sent in an email requesting them to fix the issue. No response yet I'm going to give it a few days then delete it. Very disappointed.
So far I'm liking the game. The Ads get a little annoying but so far the money is adding up.. When I reach my limit to cash out... I'll be back to make another review. So right now I'm giving you 3 stars..
The second I hit Level 31 flowers, my game is refusing to pay me, and refusing to level me up! I am 2 cents away from 100.00. Please! It is maddening! What from here? I love your game just hate the low pay out and how it takes FOREVER before you can legitly get paid.
I dont if all i read about this game t is true that they will froze you after u reach 90 that what i experience now im only 87 but they start me to can not open the ad...oh my...is this really true or just make us hoping for nothing????
Don't bother downloading this game! It's a fairly fun game, but if you're playing just four the game play, the ads get super annoying. If you're playing for money, you'll never get past $99.98, and you have to have $100 to cash out. So basically, you're making them tons of money watching all the ads, and you aren't getting anything but annoyance back. Plus, the ads start glitching at about $98. Try Mistplay instead.
I really love the game and would keep playing it, but once I hit 92 58, the game froze up and I can't get into it at all. I have even uninstalled it and the reinstalled it. But I still can't play it...I am very disappointed y'all!!!
It took me a while to reach the $98 because every ads i only get 1 cent and then it stops working?!!! What the hell, i only continued playing this game because atleast i enjoyed it and then when its nearing the $100 which is the minimum cashout it totally stops working. R you f**ng kidding me?! This game is nothing but a scum
Game will not load once you get to the point of almost having $100 it flashes while loading it's bad enough you only get one penny once you get past $75 on every play.
I actually like this game to bad its a scam I actually got to 99.98 and now the game won't even give you your 0.1 cent that's awful!! I love games and usually spend if I enjoy them which I do enjoy this one it would have been nice to get something back for a change. I'm reporting this game and others like it to the BBB as well as Google play and PayPal smh
I got to 99 dollars an 50 cents a d now it flashes and will not let me play any more to win the 100 it said all I need is 145 to cash out and the game keeps flashing an will not let me play
I agree that the game dose not let you cash out just shy of 100. Otherwise the gaming experience is agreeable and I hope the programmers can fix the glitches.
I havent been playing lonΔ£ but this is afun game I cant say too much more about Angry Flowers right now due to i haven't played long The graphics are funny plus its an enjoyable game that puts a smile on your face The graphics give me a good laugh I sometimes have a lil trouble getting things to x
Big fun. Have $99.98.Then the game crashed. Please help this like 5th game I have almost cashed out in. Then crashed the game keeping looking at the goal then NO SO SORRY!!! All while watching Ads. Saying we don't do this easier cash outs. Flashing tiny hints to acomplish to lead to cash out.
This is a cute fun game but there are way too many ads and when I reached 93.00 it started giving me just 1 penny as an "award" I'm at 94.05 and I'm done watching ads for a penny and sadly I'm done with this game
I love playing this game ...BUT..I am at $97.81 and the game is frozen...open up the game..flowers are dancing,,but can't do anything but watch them dance. I should know better than to believe,,but I really like the game.
I'm about to cash out at $99.98. I just went to play and the game completely froze on me. I can't do anything with the game now. Ads don't work. Not able to cash out when you want. Update your game. I uninstalled they game and installed on another device and now there is no money earning at all. It's been renoved.
I really enjoyed playing this game, but when I reached $98.98 the game froze up. I closed and reopened but that didn't work I Uninstalled and reinstalled, that didn't work either. Any suggestions?
At 1st it seemed like a legit game, once. I got 2 $99.98 it's been weeks & I haven't gotten a reward & now the game is acting up & effecting my phone so I'm uninstalling. Don't download, not worth it
As stated in other reviews game freezes up at a certian dollar value so i uninstalled and re installed and it set me back $2 thats 200 ads worth of time wasted if it freezes up again it will be uninstalled.
Very fun game. Such a unique game which makes it fun and exciting and addicting. Hopefully the money that you appear to be winning is real and I will be able to cash out once I've reached the required winnings. Come join in the fun and pass it on to friends and family.
The game sucks got all the way to 99.82 and started glitching. I just don't understand why the developers lie so much..
To many ads to get a penny. Game is starting to glitch the higher i get in $$. Other reviews say the same. All these developers are liars! DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME!
I love this game!! I've been playing it for a few weeks now but as of today it's glitches as soon as I login to play. Please fix this!!
The game play can be addictive, however after you get to $90 (you must reach $100 to cash out) ads that were paying you 7 to 8 cents drop to paying you just 1 cent!! And if you click the X to not see an ad one plays anyway so you can see the the developer is getting money whether or not you are!! At this point, you're seeing more ads than game play!!
Its a scam folks.I got to 99.98.Two cents from cashing out.All ads disappeared and no way to get the needed to cash out.I like a dummy kept playing.Hoping it would come thru.Never did.Big waste of time!! SCAM
Lies!!! You are supposed to be able to cash out at $100, however, once you reach around $90-$92, you only get rewarded with one cent for each ad you watch. Once I got to $99.98, even the one cent ads stopped. I understand that the ads are how they make their money but imagine all the money they are taking in from the multitudes of people watching the innumerable ads and we can't even get the money that we've earned by doing all the work for them. Unscrupulous. Don't waste your time with this app
They won't answer my emails so maybe they will pay attention here! I'm 2 cents from cashing out and guess what the game freezes up and won't let me in! This is total b.s.
Nice game... superb exciting & its so fantastic to play...😁😁😁😍😍😍 so different from the plants & zombies that i used to play before... i was amazed & the sound effect gives me thrill to conquer the bugs or insects that surrounds the plot... unique game πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
I am playing this at first yes good but now from yesterday. No ads to watch and my 95.45 until now from yesterday nothing happen I thought this game is real .
Sooo pissed I made $97.85 and I try to play to make more and now its glitching so I cant play till its gets fixed the one star will remain
REDOING MY INITIAL REVIEW! This game is fun. I'd love to star it higher, but SCAM. Sorry lol I've done a few reviews It glitched. i had to reinstall & they took $5 & knocked me back 40 levels. This time around i made it to $99.98. They keep sending me alerts saying "only 2 cents to go come back", but they will never let me cash out as they have stopped rewarding me for merging flowers & for stopping bug attacks....so clearly can't earn the money like that lol sad that companies do this. Waste.
So i was telling everyone to play this..Finally a legit game..if you watch all the ads and stick with it. I played every day, watched EVERY ad for a month. I am at 99.98 and now not another penny for 2 days. I have already started to tell my friends and family to stop until i see ehat happens. I noticed no response from developer to all the negative reviews..... just crickets
Fun game but when ur on your last $10 to go then u only get $.01 to $.04.to put that in prospective for you You will have to hit the button a minimum of 1000 times and that's not counting all the apps. Which is a bunch of B/S. Final tally is between 1500 and 2000 times of hitting the button just to be able to cash out.THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED,AT LEAST PAY A NICKLE.
The games fun, only problem is from the time I got it till now... it has not linked to PayPal at all. Cant earn any money if it won't link up. Other games like this one had the PayPal automatically connected.
Would have rated this game more than 5 stars and kept playing because it was a fun game but now it's a SCAM Played for $10 at the end of the game for1 cent at a time Now I don't receive free credits and just need 2 cents to cash out. Game freezes as soon as I load game.They just don't want to part with 2 cents
I also played this game for 8 days. I got to 99.98 and its frozen and i cant go any further. I contacted customer service but not even a reply. Such a shame. Im still getting allerts telling im 2 cents away from cashing out but i cant play it. Im also seeing notifications that people are cashing out. I reported this 5 days again no reply.
Hey just wanted to let you know i had $99.98 and i stop playing the game for a while and when i went back to start playing it again it was at $99.72 and when i watch a video now at just $0.01 cent a video i'm not starting over for there so can you please fix this problem.
I really like this game but as soon as I got up to 98 98 the game froze up on me sad that they will do false advertising and get you up to a certain amount and make it to where you can't play and freeze the game up on you. It is sad because I really did like playing this game didn't really care too much about the hundred bucks would have been nice but I like playing the game and wanted to get to the next level these people should be ashamed of themselves for false advertisement.
The game allowed me to make money all the way up to two cents from the amount needed to cash out and now it no longer pays. Just another bogus game as far as I can see.
Hindi gumagana and ads. So ibig sabihin hindi talaga sila nag babayad.. This games is great but yet scam. This game are not really paying. Kaya wag kana umasa na magkakapera ka dito. Don't waste your time like this games
So far it's fun I've yet to get any real money will see if they get the money up.? I've played a lot of games and all of them got to $98 and no more and the ones I passed a $100 it turns out that they wanted $200 to cash out so be where .
I like the game . Have 98.11 and now game going crazy. Just shakes and wont clear up to finish playing. Other than that game is great
Would have given top star EXCEPT! when you receive each new reward, it doesn't keep accumulating your totals, so you end up with the new given reward instead. For example, 60 +60 = 120, not back down to 60...
I like the game its pretty good and fun I just didn't like the fact that I got 99.98 and it stop giving me the 1 cents and then I see all these messages popping out in my screen saying that other users were able to cash out the 100 but I can't even get there because I'm not getting the 2 cents I need
EDIT: merge plants is the same game but without the annoying pop over ads! The game is very fun! However, you watch 3x as many as as you get time to play. The most demanding ads are for the penny. Most other ads won't load. Even x-ing out, the ads play.
I already was in $96+, it suddenly gof corrupted... I reinstalled and went back to $93+... 2 days game time was lost, so sad
This game is fun but the payouts stuck! You get 1 penny at a time once you reach about 92.00 dollars! Bad... all bad!
Waste of time. You won't make it to $100 to cash out. Spent hours after reaching 93 and didn't make any further progress. It won't let you period.
If you are looking to cash out at $100 dont bother trying. Once you reach $99.98 you will never see the tiny 1 cent increments you get from about $90 on. Too bad this is just another fake bs game "for money". The game itself is cute. If I could cash out it would be a 5star game.
I watched all ads. My kids and I were so excited to win the $100 for my upcoming birthday. But after we hit the $90 mark- its getting difficult and difficult to reach $100. Waste of time. Do not play this game.
Well, just like everyone else the game did freeze. Should have read the reviews first. So I guessing that no one has won even though it scrolls across the top people winning!!!!!!!!
At the beginning of the game the money is good once you get over$90 dollars it's a penny and you have to watch 2 ads to get the penny. Over the screen it shows people cashing out$100 every second. Next review after I cash out. Now I'm at $ 99.98 and can't get two pennies to cash out why.
Really enjoyed the game until I got to $93!! Now it's only giving me .01cent for watching ads!! Ridiculous!!
as i was about around $99.39..the screen just started to flicker.. i try and try to refresh my phone even restarted it but to no avail, it even stopped.. such a waste of time!
Just started game i read reviews and we will see if this game is for real and lets you cash out or not. Am at $67 at this time.
Please update your app I will rate 5 star when the ads work I really enjoy playing the game it's a shame there are lots of bugs.
I Made It To $99.98 And Now It Doesn't Want To Give Me Any Videos So I Can Make My 2cents. I Spent Weeks On This Game. I Am So Annoyed.
Just started and recieved 66 dolars during the first screen. If the game plays like that rveryone in the world would br here only um sure its like another game i played that payed huge right at first then after that the pay fell to allmost nothing pennies for hours.
I enjoy merge apps. Their addicting. Just started so i havent cash out yet. Once able i may increase to 5 stars if easy.
The game is a big scam once I almost got to a hundred it started giving me a penny so you will never get enough money to cash out and now it stop playing the ads
Great game and it's almost easy to keep track of what is happening to the flower bed. But no pun intented there's a bug in the system which has made my screen flicker like lights. While i am caught in between the download screen and the flower bed being merged together. As the flowers shout " Uhoh! Uhoh! " 10/23/20 I have to uninstall the game it froze and flickered again no cash pay out at all.
After 90 dollars the game do not let you watch the ads so you get close to redeem your money , but you can not. Cause you need 100 dollar.
I am so close to cashing out but now all I get is 0.01 cent and I think that's bad. The game is Frozen as of Sunday Oct 18, 2020. And it is not giving me any more money even though I notice it's only 1cent now since I've got almost to my goal of $100.
I'm up to 99 dollars and change Everytime I try to play the game it glitches I'm not able to play this game is fake no payouts at all it's also rigged
Would have rated this game more than 5 stars and kept playing because it was a fun game but now it's a SCAM Played for $10 at the end of the game for1 cent at a time Now I don't receive free credits and just need 2 cents to cash out.
It advertise you can cash it when you want, but you need 100 dollars to cash out. So that's a lie. It plays an ad or you have to watch an ad to get the 1 cent every 30 seconds of not sooner. The game itself is ok (could be great)except again there's an ad every 30 seconds and an ad do get anything that's free. So basically you get to play 30 seconds of game to watch ads.
To many ads to get a penny. Game is starting to glitch the higher i get in $$. Other reviews say the same. All these developers are liars! DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME! UPDATE...11/5/2020... reached $99.98 and the game stopped giving me pennies. Rigged!
I'm not sure if this game is legit but playing it for the first time today, it look like I will be able to cash out with this one. The others allow you to get close to cashing out then stop letting you win money that could get you to cash out your winnings. So far so good