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Anime Music - OST, Nightcore And J-Pop Collection

Anime Music - OST, Nightcore And J-Pop Collection for PC and MAC

Is a Music And Audio game developed by Anibi Ltd.. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
With Anime Music, you'll play millions of songs plus the sound recording from all of anime and movie you adore, for free

• look for your chosen track, artists from Anime or Japan animation
• Make your playlists with your favorite Anime OST
• Discover new music, including Vocaloid and Nightcore tracks, or Anime video gaming music
• Collection of Openings and Endings from famous Anime
• sit back and chilling with some 8-bit, lo-fi anime music
• We also provide Japan music this is certainly preferred from around the world

Find music from your preferred Anime, and hear new Anime music for free.

Please Note:

- This application is music that is streaming, we do not support download service.

- We have been utilizing API that is general public when it comes to songs within our application and there's absolutely no copyright laws violation meant. We are just simply online streaming all of them for activity and put some adverts to pay for the host cost

- by sending to the e-mail "[email protected]", we'll take them of straight away if you are the initial musician and you also don't want us to have your work on our application, please contact us.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Anime Music - OST, Nightcore And J-Pop Collection.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Anime Music - OST, Nightcore And J-Pop Collection for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
It's better than the old app in every way just needs more songs before I switch over if you only listen to the really popular Anime music like the stuff from naruto and one piece it maybe your lie in April they got all that just no mid level shows or lower yet
I love this app especially when I'm drawing. It seriously contains almost every anime opening, ending, or ost I can think of! Seriously great app!
This update is to confusing to navigate and it shoves ads down your throat while playing music. If the ads shown up before playing it would be alright.
app works perfectly now, I love it. reccomend it to people who like these apps, good quality music, and sounds great!
A couple months ago I downloaded the app and it was pretty boring but it change tremendously and best if all the still had K-On op1
I like this app it gives me most of Nightcore songs I search for and more I can get many songs I want and I can socialize (even though I don't use that function). Unfortunately it needs signal to operate!
Both the old and new versions are great. Have good choices of music. And have neat features and tools. Keep making the app better, it's one of the best music apps based on anime i know. :)
Most of the songs that I had on the old version seized to exist in this one But that may be because I didn't search enough However my biggest problem is that no matter what song I press it didn't work 'play' I don't know if it's just me but I definitely hope you would fix it!
It's defenetly different from the old one but I'll learn to accept it I just hope they add the features I really liked from the last one i.e the radio or the almost unlimited number of songs, but I have to say the new design is epic keep up the good work
Amazing app! Great design, some songs are still being added in (I'm missing most of the Fairy Tail songs from the old app), and interestingly enough, a community has been added! Screw google though for Thanos-snapping the old app out of existence.
I loved the old app, and I understand that it got taken off. But this does not compared to the old one. Whenever I try to go to any playlists it crashes every single time. I also have to put every song manually so if a song finishes it stays silent until you tap on one and that is really annoying. And it doesn't have any songs I search for. But the old one did.
I loved this app... But i hate the update. Its not a very good update honestly. I miss the bright colours and how much unlike it is compared to other music apps. But now its kinda like a spotify rip off. Its not all that easy to use any more. Now insted of ,e searching for a song and millions poping up a couple playlists that other ppl made. Its basicly spotify. Just a more Anime like version. And mainly everyone wants the old version back. And i honesly feel the same. The old version was better
i say its a great app, there are a few bugs here and there, plus the chat isnt really working so pls try fixing that, and also there are a few songs missing, by few i mean alot, but overall this app is amazing ^^ altho it really needs some improvement.
This app was good but now it has a lot of bugs. I can't change my pfp and the chat isn't loading. It also crashes sometimes. I hope you will fix this bugs ASAP. Then I'll consider to give it a 5 star.
This app is great and the song are good too but the chat said retry chat loading and never came up so fix that please
Considering the negative feedback the new app got i thought i would give my own opinion. The devs definitely did some good work with the new design the data base is surely still not complete but let's not forget it's work in progress. I appreciate the effort that is being put into this app. The old app was really good so it's understandable that it'd be hard to top it especially after it got accepted widely by the community. I'm looking forward for new updates.
Its confusing really, I liked the old version better, the old version was more useable, and had better options, and better songs.
This app is good but it need some bug fixes like I can't change my pfp and it also crashes. Overall it's good.
It's so nice I really appreciate this app I can promise one thing that you will never regret downloading this appp for sure it's so nice 😍😍😍😍😍😍 and also to developer I think it will be more super if you had anime series it will be so good thank you for making this appp. Pls reply it's my wish pls
It is way better with the old version than a new one... it is just make my day for old version because easily find music that you looking for..
I love this app it's amazing,but I put four stars cause I'm looking for a offline app but it still good
Im having some problems with this apps chat option it says " Retry loading chat" which is annoying. Anyways plz try to fix this issue. I really enjoy listening to its music and songs. They r amazing. And chat is also cool. If it had offline song hearing , than it would be great 🙃
Has a lot of songs which I enjoy. Only thing I want is a way to turn off ads. Even if it's paying 2 dollars a month. They can get annoying sometimes
Yes, yes it's a great app, but after one or two weeks of using this when I'm going to chat it always says that "Retry loading chats" please fix this I met so many friends here
The music it has is ok, but many songs from the original version aren't there. Also, some songs that I try to play won't load no matter what I do. If this issue was resolved, that would be great, but if not then so be it.
It,s a good app all my fave anime song,s are here. I recommend this to use. Much better Music tho their,s no add . Plus you can friend people here
I like it my favourite music is the Tokyo ghoul and one punch man is cool and dope thx for making it cool.
I loved it my Favorite anime series are waiting for the rain it even had the song from it you guys have to use this for the best calming down nusic the one that calms me down alot is waiting for the rain it even helps me sleep thanks for liking my review
Firstly, I'd like to say I love the new design and chat features. Secondly, there's a problem when searching any song up, when I type anything into the search bar and press search it loads for a few seconds and doesn't find anything, all I see is the frowning face. I've tried it with and without my WiFi it's the same result everytime. Any song on the home page work fine though K
I love the sasuke theme it's scary and evil a the same time I also like NARUTO and BORUTO the kids vison of naruto is inappropriate but I still like it. (Btw I'm lisening to it right now.) Just wanted to say that last part.😄😃😀
Amazing app. Has all anime music that many love! I do wish that it was offline but I understand it can't because copyright:/ I love this app
I love the new design of the app, but I kinda regret that I uninstall the old version. The old version have more option of songs.
I like the selection! Though I do wonder if there might be a feature to make playlists of favorite songs :3
its a good app! i have the old one on my old phone so i compared it i think the new one is a bit better it gives you your histrory to so thats a bounes :D
It's a rlly a verry good app, for my opinion it is the best one I've found, so thank you verry much for making this app omg, all of the anime song that I knew was here and it has so many song, I'm so glad as ever
This app is amazing i really love it i even don't know what to say But there is a small problem that if i don't have Wi-Fi i can't hear any song 😓 But still best anime music app for ever
This app has lots of lots of good Anime songs. I would reccomend you installing this, but I would say that I hope the company can lessen the ads and fix the lags to foucus more on the music. Overall, great app and like the additional features :D
Used to love this app, but this new redesign is missing out so many songs.... Edit: Thank you for the response, sucks that you had to start a new app from scratch, anyhows please add as many songs as you could ^^
Very good app to listen to your favourite anime music. But I don't know why but when I choose the music to play in mixed it always stops after 1 song. I would be happy if the Dev's fix it.
This app is really perfect, amazing💚💚I love it. My whole life I was searching for an app like this. You'll be surprised when you see how amazing it is!!
This app is good, but know the chat just says: Retry Loading Chat. It is really annoying!!!! Can you maybe try to fix it, please.
I love how much this app let's me just listen to anime songs for free and with no trouble at all. I've been using this app for a bit now and I love it. Plus with it's new update for 2020 it makes it look so much smoother. And they also added in playlists that you can create. You guys are awesome keep up your great work😁😊
I love it! The promised neverland, tokyo ghoul, death note, etc. There all on here i also love listening with my airpods while studying/reading
I didnt expect much from this app but I was so wrong you can leave the app and still listen and theres a lot of songs the only thing wrong that I know of is they repeat songs when you chose what to pick (if you search for a specific one)
So many options! I love how you can play music when in a different app or when your phone is switched off. (I wish some of my dnd apps would do that too :/ )
The difference is that it has online chat system but when searching for music. It didn't pick the correct result but randomly pick the song. Plus both app doesn't have the song this is Yuusha but zannen?! I've been waiting for a long time. If the app is better than the old one I might give good ratings
This app is great is has all my favorite anime music. Although a while ago my chat stopped working, I'm not sure if that's just me. It would be nice if they were to add a shuffle button.
Absolutely amazing app I use it almost every day but ther are other songs that aren't on here but that aside its an great music app
Also ur able to play the music without being on the app so I'm abl to play my games without being on the app without my music stoping on and the best part is I don't have to pay for that to happen
It's good but some anime openings are missing ,for example Himoto! Umaru-Chan ending, Season 2 opening and much more
Love this app and the music that is available only problems are that it isn't the easiest to use and sometimes doesn't have the music your searching for
I dont know yet But I have to shift whole my playlist of previous version of same app to new version. Please update previous app to new because Now I have same two apps. And yeah best app for anime songs mostly all of favourite OSTs are available.
Good UI, smooth music, easy controls, has every song I love, would definately recommend. The only thing is that the advertisements is sorta annoying
The older version was better, the chat feature is cool but the censor detection is kinda weird. Did *** to the word gay
I like alot of things but it doesn't have as many songs on there maybe you could make a transfer system where you press a button and it transfers the playlists and songs to the new app if you have the old one also this one is an opinion but I like the old style maybe you could have a option to switch back to the old style
This used to be a great app, but this new version is far from that, the user interface's got really confusing. And you could find any music you searched in the previous version, but the new version does'nt have most of the tracks, couldn't you atleast keep your data base while you were ruining the inerface? Do you WANT to lose your users? Many apps and websites dream to be as good and complete as the previous version.
I some what like it but when I tried to get my old songs back they didn't show up I deleted my old app to fix my music because it was acting up so when I downloaded it again it was 2020 version of it and I did not like that all my songs on my old playlist was gone😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠
Okay i gave it 5 stars cauze i can search anime musics and it let me create my own playlist plus the music runs in background
If this app had all of the songs I'm talking about like, a lot of song including everything, everything that most people will love it. And including if you can put the same song you add that on your playlist just like Spotify because they repeatedly the same song you add that recently, then all songs you already put in your playlist so you can add more which is already in the playlist like Spotify just did, this app will make it better exactly like Spotify.
The app is a bit glitchy and when I tried to play a music it doesn't work and there is no sound it says "playing" but there is no sound I hope this will be fixed sooner
This is an amazing app for weebs like me! It helps me listen to my favorite anime songs in a more convenient way! 10/10!
This app was already useful to me and got me through hard times, but since the update it's amazing. It has so many features now. Even chat
this is has all the music you want and want you to turn off your tablet it doesn't just stop playing it keeps going on and you can control the volume when you tap it off or phone
I realy loved the old app, in my opinion it was better then spotify, but with this new app I'm finding its kind of like a spotify ripoff.Dont get me wrong I still love it but the set up is harder to navigate and I hate the dark colors, witch is probably why I liked the old app so much, it had bright colors that I could easily see.Im also missing some of the old features, like the radio. I still love this app though, and will continue to use it, just probably not as mush as the last one.
Started using it right now, it's good i think? The creators must have worked hard in this app!!! A good app and has all the OST (maybe?). I'll see how it goes, but overall it's a good app. (Sorry for grammar lmao)
I really enjoy this app and all that's on it it helps me go to sleep and make new friends, I 100% recomend this app
I had a few problems before but now it's working for me. And it's *really* fast to play the songs. (At least for me.) The only problem now is that there are some songs I can't find- but overall it's good now! Thank youuu!
I love this app so much I can listen to some of my favorite anime openings but a little problem is that some of the openings are missing bit other than that great job keep up the awesome work.
I think it's a great app just this one time when it shut down I was wondering why I was confused about it then it stopped it's fine now I'm giving it a FIVE STAR because it's such a great app to use except I wish they had more Seven Deadly Sins music and more Future diaries music to
It is AMAZING! I wish they had some more songs because some of my favorite songs aren't on there but I completely understand that having every song is incredibly hard to do and I never expect them to have all of them. The chat feature is epic and this app has helped me find so many new types of music that I absolutely adore!
I give this app a 5 star because of the great music, and the awesome qualities! You should make more of this stuff!
Its really great they let you have a playlist and stuff like that but whenever you search up dtuff they pop out like you want them to thats somthing i dont like and also you can add it to your playing while you are listening with the whole screen you need press the three dots next to the at very end of bar and havt to get out the whole screen and press the three dots.
I like it although there are some songs that need to be added , but most of the songs are there and the quality is amazing , I'll give it FIVE 🌟
In my opinion It's great app but what hold it down the lack of songs I suggest to add feature that give the ability to add songs by the community and admins accepted after the check that will help the app to grow faster
I would give it 5 starts, its just the chat bug really is confusing, at first I thought I got banned or something, but then after I had created a new acc, uninstalled and reinstalled I realized it was a bug. I like chat because I can talk to other ppl and listen to recommended songs by other ppl.
I love this app so much every music yuh ou want to listen to you will it free no pay or ads I love it so much no wifi you still listen to the music you love to listen I love it so much and it changes little for what I use back there I love this app alot guys.💘💘
it has the music i think of, but there's music that does'nt have original sound (covers) but it was fun i like this app My relaxation app
This app is one of the best I've found but, like any other apps, it could do with some improvement. I sometimes request songs but don't get them. I would also like to be able to control the volume of the music. It would be helpful. I have my phone on the lowest volume but it's still too loud. Overall, it's a really really good app. I recommend of a lot! Especially if you love anime music.
I really like this app but there is one problem for me. No matter how much I try I'm unable to change my profile picture. Other than that this is a great app!
Has a wide selection of songs but a little hard to navigate and you have to chick away from the search option for it to search. I also can't find out how to add things to my playlist
Idk why but can you tell me why half of the song of the previous version was gone in this new version? Im trying to search my songs, but yeah its gone/none from this version, meanwhile the old previous one, all of my songs was avaiable. I hope you will fix these problems, or you just trying to adds some music because this version was still new? pls do it asap. I'll comeback later like 3 weeks and if half of my songs already avaiable, i'll rate it 5, bec the previous one was good.
I installed this after a year away from it and i am dissapointed that a great app has gone to a monstrosoty. There are no artists for song that played in anime like elza kanzaki. This is just a waste of space.
I've had this for about 20 min and rarely seen a add I think I have one seen a lot of those small banners wich do not really block you from klicking on songs
I really like this new version but one thing that I didn't like was the ads which is understandable since its a free app and there are not much ads , and there are no ads while playing songs. I really recommend this app.
This app is amazing, I guarantee that you guys are gonna love it. Although I 'WOULD' rate this 3 stars, mainly only because I cant download the music, which is FINE and all except is it fine considering making so we could download the music. I dont know if it's against the policy though.
I absolutley hate the new update. It doesnt even show the exact music i search up. Keeps on crashing too
When I try to listen to my favorite song Stand Proud from jojo's bizzare adventure it doesn't work. PLEASE fix the problem its an amazing app.
This app is a ✨Masterpiece✨ All the anime songs and op, etc.. Are there, and it will not glitch or anything. Plays the music soo smooth 😖💃
The songs are amazing 😍 I have just started using the app and I love it so much already But sometimes when I open the app ads come If you want an app with Japanese and nightcore this is the app!
100% recommend this app!! There are so many options and you can favourite the ones you like! You can even listen to songs and turn your phone off and it'll still play! And if you open another app it'll still play! 😃 I'm listening to music now 🤣 Download it it's amazing 🤩
I love this app so much because there's so many anime songs😊😊😊 but I'm experiencing some frequent crashes in this app😟😟😟please fix this problem because I really love this app😊😊😊
It's a great app not a lot of ad and if you like anime or a weeb and like anime intro and outro OST then git the app
This the best app i have ever used for music. You don't have to worry about finding anything here. 😊😊😊
I LOVE THIS APP! Reason why I give 4 star is bcs when I chat it isn't working it said I need to Connect to WiFi I tried Closing the app and go back but it didn't work But I still love the app!
There's seriously no flaw what so ever i freaking love this app I'm jaming RIGHT NOW to it as I'm typing!!🤣 if I could give this more than 5 stars I totally would anyways gonna go jam now bye!🤟🌈
It's a really great app to use . The only problem is that the songs aren't updated regularly as used to be in the old app . Please try to fix this issue
This is amazing I thought it will be full of ads. The audio is also clear I can listen to this everyday but it is appreciate if there is lyrics so we can sing along too.
The songs I needed got.... And also I can found the others... I just downloaded it... And using it... And loving it......😁😁😁😁 Just advisement problem I am facing... If you can fix it.... Then it will be more easier to use....😊😊
I don't like this new version because of the very small selection of songs, and the user interface is nowhere near as good as the old app; and I requested for a song to be added over two weeks ago and still haven't received a response from the dev team. The only reason why my rating isn't lower is because of the apps potential to get better.
Im having some problems with this apps chat option it says " Retry loading chat" which is annoying. Also it has a bug of not changing profile pic. Anyways plz try to fix this issue. I really enjoy listening to its music and songs. They r amazing. And chat is also cool. If it had offline song hearing , than it would be great 🙃!¡!
Half of my songs cannot be found i just re install my app then the new version popped up,we want the old version back because on the new version half of my songs cannot be searched/found, i hope devs bring back the old version its way better than the new version.
I love this app so much any anime u know it will show u the music the thing that i add 1 more star to my rate is that when i srech it showed me the musis
I think it is the best for anime music fabalist and i want tell one thing you're choosing best songs my favourite app in anime music is this app.😉 And you want to many songs i think so if you put that is best🤗.............
Great but if you could make it so we can listen it to offline using only your Playlist, that way you can avoid copyright ban, I think. That would be great because I don't have internet everywhere I go.
The app literally only has anime music on it. If you search something up and get what you want, you're lucky. Unlike the last app that was taken down, you can search for random songs and usually get to listen to it. This app just gives you songs to listen to. The search is only for music you can't find in the main menu.
Great app I love the songs but the problem is the Chat. It wasnt working well please fix it. I cant change the avatar but its great just fix the chat please
I like the old version better and songs are not easy to find in the new version when you search it up like city of angels and jujutsu kaisen op for example.
I have been using this app for a month now and I dont have any problems. I highly recommend this app to anyone that like to listen to anime music or J Pop.♡😁👍
This app is one of the best I've found but, like any other apps, it could do with since improvement. I sometimes request songs but I don't get them. I would also like to be able to control the volume of the music. It could help. I have my phone on the lowest volume but it's still too loud. Overall, it's a really really good app. I recommend of a lot! Especially if you love anime music.
This is a wonderful version but I do prefer the previous one over the current, only because the old version had a larger variety of songs other than anime but setting that aside the chatroom is very childish and toxic kinda glad it doesnt work anymore overall it's a love hate relationship :)
This app is so cool if you close the app it'll still play and it has a ton of amazing songs you should definitely download this app
Great app. Although the community ain't that good. But It's ok. There are a lot of anime songs missing. There's also a bug that won't let you change your avatar. But overall it's a pretty good app. Please add more anime musics. More of in anime musics. Also, add some more options in song playing and stuff.
I used to use this app alot i re-installed it and there have heen alot of improvments and theres alot of songs too choose from
It's awesome and cool but the one thing is that it doesn't have all the options like the old one. I tried making my old playlist I made on here and around half of the music wasn't there, but I understand and I hope you guys will continue adding more to the choice available 😊
Awesome but my favourite songs are mostly not there. I like extentialism nihilism depression songs. I didn't realize that until now lol
This app is really awesome!❤👍 The only problem is that there are ads that I don't really want in this app😔
OMG I LOVE THIS APP!! I love how it has HEAPS AND PILES of nightcore (ma favewit). I stumbled across Bellas Lulluby, which i ABSOLUTELY LOVE TWILIGHT!! I also love Deathnote so i found the soundtrack for it. I only gave it a 4 stars because it needs a tutorial, because at first i didnt know how to use it, but some people dislike tutorials, so a skip option would be good. And what if you could make your own music? Oh the potential of this APP!
This app is my life it's so much easier than going to YouTube and plus you can turn you phone off and it will still play their are even a couple normi songs too Update this is trash the update is trash and you have to manually play the song now and it randomly turns off
This is incredible and have amazing songs. The rap I most like is the Renai Circulation her voice is beautiful...! :)
I like this app so much cuz I can find the perfect song I always need when I'm stress. Even though there's this new app but I will still stick with the old ones. This is because the old one still have a lot of songs I really like while the new one doesn't have. Even though there's still some problem at the old ones, I will still support it to my heart content.Well,both the app I gave 5 star so keep it up
The app did work when I tried it after reinstalling it. It does have much less songs than the original but I guess I can deal with that.
Its a great music app. You should add more playlist like: Sad songs, Happy song, Recommended songs, Heart break songs. If u add playlist of these it woluld become best music app.
I didn't give five star because when I leave the app the music stop I don't like that plz make it offline too and everything else I loveeee it
For everyone saying that it takes to long to get to the song you want well to hurry the process up press anywhere on the screen it will then go to a loading screen that will automatically bring you to your song, if there is no space to click then click one of the songs and wait 5 seconds then click off, your welcome. Anime music dont change a thing its awesome.
I dont understand any of the music (mabye because its in japanisse ) but all I know is that I LOVE the tune
well I loved it but I had to delete it because of a glitch, I recently saw an update and re-downloaded it, well it removed like almost every FNaF song, I think I'm deleting it again, sorry
To be honest I don't like the new vers. it doesn't have a lot of the songs. the old vers has and the old vers is better. I would put the old vers back tbh. but this is ok I guess though I do miss the old vers. Idk if enyone else can't get there old vers but I can't. I've tried to delete the app to get the old vers. but it don't work. I dident say that I wanted to delete it I'm saying I was trying to get the old vers on my phone. Please don't be offended one what I said it's just my opinions ok.
Its fricking cool!!!!!! but i wish there a download bottom so i can hear the songs offline 👉👈 >_< goshh i miss kurama already😭
This app is awesome, just one problem is that it has ads which I dont prefer but overall it's perfect.
I love this app so much. It has all my favorite songs! But there is a bug in the chat where everytime I talk it doesn't go through... Can you please fix that? Thankyou!
I rate this 4 stars because it is so beautiful. And for me Anime is part of my life. I very very liked it. The only problem why I give it 4 stars is It can't save the songs. And also even if I have a good cignal it is lagging. Please fixed it. But at all, I very very like this app.
I love it! No doubt.. but could there please be an offline update so that we can download the song and listen offline? If there already is- sorry. I'm new to this app. But I love it. Really
Great app but why i rated this app 3 star because i connect my google account and i chat and they didn't see it pls fix that:(
Its really good and I listen to it for hours. I wish that it had more music then mostly anime but I still love it. 5 stars from me.
It's a great app. But the chat is not working. It says retry . I have chat yesterday. But now it's not working. Please solve this problem.
Just needs more songs. Also whenever I pause the song outside the app, it just restarts the whole song. Songs also tend to stop and crash randomly
AMAZING (My Favourite App Ever) While using other apps you can listen to the music and it has almost all the anime songs plus you rewind or skip some parts of it if you want. I think its a excellent app! ❤️❤️❤️💕
Some songs not available in this version but available in old version,also the search results do not match the music it shows up it simply is lacking many soundtracks when compared to the old one
A pretty good app for chilling and listening to music. I JUST WANT TO BE ABLE TO DOWNLOAD MUSIC OFFLINE.
This app is one stop destination for every single anime opening and ending songs, this is the best app for anime songs! But you guys need to polish this app more
I ues the app when I go sleep it helps a lot thank you for making this app it nice it has the loop sobi can hear the song over and over its a really good app im giving it a 5 star 👍
The new update is horrible i know why they did it though but it's really bad the old version is mwa it is 5 stars not the new version i say 3 stars because this app was really good so i can't give it 1 or 2 Edit: your probably wondering why i'm barly posting this cause i didn't update it
Great app overall but now when I try to play any song it won't play and I tried uninstalling and reinstalling it many times but it still won't work. It is very frustrating because it is a very good app that I loved to use daily.
Good! Such a good app, I love this app! They have piano and soft type music which helps calm me down.
This app is the best in many ways and so helpful because I don't have to take our searching up a song
It has all the anime music's and you can make your own playlists and name then and the best part is that it is all free
Its 👍 !!!!! You can listen to the music you want while your playing an other game!! But not all songs you want.
Hi! I really like the app so far and I live how you can chat with different people on the app to :) the only thing I'm wondering is if it will have the same feature to look up any other songs as then anime songs such a Kismet or Snitch:0 of course I do use the app as it is intended to and that is to listen to anime music as well! :D I am just wondering if you will add the option to support non anime songs to(☆▽☆)
I really like all the songs on here! I managed to find the MHA sound track aswell but the ads can be a little annoying because of how they pop up.
It's a really good app. Different anime openings and endings and piano covers for anime songs. It's super cool