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AnyBooks-Novels&stories, your mobile library

AnyBooks-Novels&stories, your mobile library for PC and MAC

Is a Books And Reference game developed by AnyStories Inc. located at Two Harbour Square180, 26/F Wai Yip St. The game is suitable for Teen (Diverse Content: Discretion Advised) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.
AnyBooks-Full Library Offline Reader

fiction/ebooks/novels/stories/ publications library reading app

Anybooks the bookish epub downloader app that is favorite.
We place scores of publications when you need it. It’s the software for each and every reader.

✅Start yours collection to learn offline
Books may be installed 100% free and offline that is read. Save your valuable favorite titles to help keep them you are going to you anywhere. Moreover, you will find lots of genres available in the app. Fantasy books, scifi, thriller books, horror stories, mystery, love, young person fictions, webnovels, love story, self help, biography, academy, unacademy, history education books, and more! you'll have personalized guide suggestions centered on your styles that are favorite.

✅Select from numerous languages
The Anybooks app lets you choose books from English, Spanish, Portuguese interface that is friendly offers different languages becoming chosen.

✅Use the integrated Dictionary to improve vocabulary that is english
The Anybooks software has an integrated dictionary that allows you to definitely look up words instantly while you’re reading your ebooks. Simply tap and hold a expressed term to look at its meaning, that is good to master english and turn decent grammarly and brainly. It can help to boost grades which can be academic.

✅Sync Your eBooks to read through anywhere
The Anybooks app lets you read the exact same guide across devices and instantly syncs for which you left off you left down on another unit so you can begin reading using one product and pick up where. The app syncs your furthest web page read, bookmarks, notes, and shows.

✅Customize Your Reading
The Anybooks software enables you to choose your preferred size that is font display screen brightness, evening mode/eye treatment mode, bookmarks, background color to read through your books

✅Create yours laptop with guide scars, highlights, records, etc.
Evaluation that which you read and thought. Mark quotes inspiring you. Protect paragraphs /dialogues you love from romance/adult novels to training books.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the AnyBooks-Novels&stories, your mobile library.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download AnyBooks-Novels&stories, your mobile library for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
These peopl are fraud.. take money in the name of service. But don't provide any new books If I try to search for any books, it just keeps saying can't connect to the server. So disappointed. I don't understand how is it possible that an app was amazing when it was free but is total lacklustre now that it is paid. See into this matter as soon as possible. This app iss becoming worst day by day.
This app is just awesome 😍😍 I am using this app since 2 years & it is really a very best app for book lovers. You can find books of your choice & read it at anytime of the day. Must purchase this app, you won't regret purchasing it. It's gonna worth your money. The only problem with this app is that, some books are missing from the series of so many books. I kindly request to the owner to fix this problem soon. Otherwise this app is just outstanding.
I install it recently, but I'm very much disappointed as I can only open and download books from popular list but otherwise if I try suddenly msg accure as 'couldn't connect to the server'... What is this??don't buy this app based on previous free version experience.... Because paid version only provides a limited amount of books to read those are already in a section
I love how easy it is to download new books and the wide selection. The only "problem" I have is that before when you tried to make a choice before from all your selections and recommendations you would get another list of books from the same genre and you seem toe have stopped that. I really miss that as it introduced me to some new authors.Still the best app I've used
I feel really scammed. I paid for the app hoping to get all the good books I enjoyed when it was free. None of the premium books are available. Most of the books now here are those you can get for free from feedbook. It's indeed a very disappointing experience. Now we're paying we should atleasr get the same value if not more. I don't recommend this application to anyone.
One of the greatest app for avid readers. I didn't hesitated a moment when they made it Paid App. U can find almost any book here. Be it a new release or most exotic book, u will find it here and that too in a most readable format. Loved it.
Unlimited stars for this app... love it so much. I was heartbroken when it became a paid app and i was worried of the quality of the app would remain the same but it certainly did.. now i can easily say that i have my books in my pocket!!!
When we pay you're supposed to update the app each time and add many new titles but you didn't do any of that! It's like your job finished once you grabbed money, now you just sit back and watch people pay more neglecting all of your responsibility. There's a very limited number of books, all the newest releases are missing and the reading experience is annoying, when I highlight the page turns on its own, YOU SHOULD WORK ON IT, if you reach success that's not the end you should work harder!
This app is great. I went ahead and brought paid version without second thoughts. I still had one doubt regarding requesting new books. I have requested several books in past but had never seen any of them getting added to the library also there should be a system of notification if our requested book is added, it will give a good user experience.
Just as it was. I was a bit sceptical about purchasing this app after reading a few comments about people having problems. I am relieved to tell you that this app is exactly the same as the free version. It still has the vast book collection and is just brilliant. I would like to make some recommendations though: 1) Please add a dark mode to the interface. 2) Please add an option to change the page margins and font of the books. 3) Allow users to categorise books into different folders. Thanks.
It's an amazing app, but some books keep disappearing. Please work on that and also uploading the requested books. I would like to suggest that you add a 'read later' column where you can add the books you would like to read later.(cause sometimes you want to concentrate on few books at a time). Also an automatic column whereby all the books you've read appears. Keep up! Thanks as you consider the feedback.
This app is great for readers like me... a huge array of books at various genres... the only thing that needs to be addressed is the updates for new books or new uploads but overall it's GREAT!!
It's been exceptional so far. I absolutely love Anybooks and feel that everyone should have it. I thought I might have to pay again after I switched to a new phone but thankfully that was not the case. I did lose all the books I had added to the library but that's not a big issue as far as I am concerned. Thank you so much for creating this app and for keeping it relatively cheap! :)
My experience is fine, I actually used to love this app until it became a paid app. But still I bought it and now, the 12 books series, Sterling Shore Series which I was reading in about to end but there are only 11 of those books available on Anybooks. And the surprising thing is that the 10th book is not there but the rest of the books are there. I hope you can help. Also, the help centre is useless because I tried for 3 weeks but is not getting delivered.
I have been using the app for 3 years now. But during lockdown it got paid. I have recently purchased the app. All my previous data was intact. The library I created earlier was already there. I thought they would have deleted the data by now. I am extremely happy with the service. By far the best app with a wide range of books and minimalistic user interface.
Since I paid for this app there has not been a single update to improve the reading experience. Other apps have progressed so much and these guys have not put any effort. During the paid period there were periodic updates now nothing. My Previous comment: It is kinda perfect but if you could add subtle things like page turns, read aloud frature as we have in Google books app it would be awesome. But I appreciate that you guys do for us 🖤
I have been using this app for a year now and now that it is paid, I didn't hesitate in buying it. I recommend it to every book lover! ...the sad part is that I can't read these books on my kindle, I would love the app so much more if we could download the books to read them in our e-readers...
Used the old free version, it was perfect. So i bought the paid version just now but its the same thing, no new books have been added, some old books have been removed. Not worth the money. So i applied for the refund and got it. Pls dont get fooled. And the customer service is not working.
It is just a plain unbelievable joy to a book lover like me. I am able to access most books I want to read and those not listed, there is provisions for requesting. It is a constant sublimely enjoyable everywhere companion. I bought my copy and another for my daughter. It is worth every shilling spend. I could give it 10 stars if there was that provision. A must have!
Eventhough the app is not free, it's worth every penny. This is the most useful app I have ever used. But I have some suggestions and I hope you'll consider it. 1. App has some technical glitches. Please rectify. 2. An option to download the dictionary would be good, so readers can use it while offline. 3. A different shelf to keep the books we have already read. Thanks for your effort.
☺ Its amazing nd hands down d best novel app on play store(u can explore ur bookshelf nd read offline and it uses little data nd also doesn't take much of phone storage) .U could also improve on a few things 😃like being up to date, the newest books re not available..nd there's no way to give feedback on the options we want available on the app...
I am writing this for those who fell in love with this app but later got discouraged to buy the paid version because of some negative reviews. I too had too many second thoughts but I went ahead. So, The app is same as it was earlier. I have been using it for almost 3 years and it's the best one out there. I got all the books I had added earlier. The only issue I faced, I lost my previously recorded progress (no. of pages read) BUT I am happy to have it back. ♥️
I was very happy with this app until recently. Suddenly I can't access any modern books like before. Only classics appear. I have sent the developer an email but have not received a reply. I just want it back to the way it was, please.
I really really LOVE this app. I've never really paid for any app before this but this app is an exception. It's awesome and have a wide range of books. I've been disappointed when I have to pay because I've used it about a year and it's free but I guess I got to thank the developer. Please please please don't change the good things about this apps. But I would be please if you can see the amount of books that we have in the library.
An awesome app that I have been using for more than one and a half years! I practically get every book that I want to get ahold of... It's extra features like highlighting and note msking are just as amazing! Love it!💗
This is an amazing app for people who loves to read. Most of the books I want to read I can find here. I paid to use this app - I don't regret it - but all stayed the same. I thought improvements would've been done. This app has so much potential! I would love to keep track of my reading. Get achievements. Organize my books in different genres. Take different colored notes...
I used to love this app then they changed it to paid app. I just bought it today after much deliberations. One, I lost my previous books in my library. And now it keeps crashing. It isn't opening at all. Please fix this or refund my money to me
I've always love this Anybooks app,it helps me to be able to read my favorite stories or series in my phone without any problem!It has given me so much joy to learn that this app was free then,and I DO admit that I was a tad bit annoyed that I had to pay for this app in order to download it!But since the books are free and the app is the only one with payment,then I guess that it's alright...thank you so much for creating this app!
I love the fact that I have a wide variety of books to choose from. This app is amazing. But I would have liked it if I was able to turn the pages with the volume keys and be able to search for a specific book or author in my bookshelf. To categorise the books in my bookshelf would also help. If you are a open minded person like me, you would have a variety of different kinds of books. And for the app to be able to recognize a series would be nice. Other wise this app is a real blessing.
If you are going to spend money after reading this review, it has to be on this app. I don't have the words to explain how fantastic this app is. You pay a few bucks, and in return, you get hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of books، not to mention the excellent recomendations the app gives you. 100% worth the money.
This app has been amazing and I've been using it for almost 2 years now. The payment was definitely worth paying and reading some reviews saying certain things won't work, I felt bad but so far for me the experience has been wonder.
It's great, has huge collection of books, and the dictionary feature's great. I wish there was a section for books you've already read. And also like another review said, there should be a dark/night theme for the whole app, not just when reading.
A wonderful app. Has suchh a good selection of books. Plenty of books for real. I did have a problem right after I paid for the app. The next day, it stopped working, but after sending an email to the team, the app worked again. I hope this goes on working faultlessly. Thank you. Maybe one extra feature they could add is if we could be notified when a book we requested for is added to the database. Other than that, brilliant! 😄
I loved this app- the old version. But after paying for this new version, I am wondering where my oĺd books had gone! When i dowmloaded some of the books, the stories and authors that appeared are different! I hope this can be fixed. Thanks for fixing my probs. Now , I give this app 5 stars!
I like the fact that even without data i can still my novels so long as i downloaded it. And it is user friendly. The one time payment was not a bad idea either though i did not get it at first. But all in all i recommend this app for everyone. The only suggestion i have is that you should make the iphone version of the app. My friends would like to download it but cant get it in apple store.
5 stars but...I've been using this app on both my cellphone and my android tablet, lately everything is magnified on the tab, it's like I'm using a computer. Everything is soooo huge that i can't see full pages of my books. Please look into it and fix it, it's really annoying. Also, what's up with your help center? Why won't it work?? 🤦🏽‍♀️
The app is very useful and i'm glad that it has an English dictionary, this really helped me to elevate my level in English. However, I would have been much happier if it had a French dictionary because I often come across unfamiliar words while reading French books. So, I hope that you would add other language dictionaries in the app other than the English one. I hope you take my words into consideration :)).
When I used free version of this app it was quite impressive and then they demanded money for it and without second thought I purchased it and now so many new and popular books are missing and also in Hindi language you can't download any book as there is message showing "Unable to connect to the server" also the support system is useless they don't even respond to you if you are providing service with charge you should be responsible for it and solve users query!! Look at this if you have time
No upgrade in quality after the paid update! No 'reading aloud' mode. No multiple device logins. Very limited features. However, the selection is good. Not very useful if you're using it for research or reference purposes. Very disappointed. Developers, please add the basic important features at least, since it is a paid app.
It is a great app for finding books. Older much easier than new ones, both scientific, educational, and entertaining. I am currently writing my undergraduate thesis based on the books I found here. UPDATE: It seems that there are no more new books being uploaded.
this is the most legit books provider i have come across. yes, a minimal amount is required to access the books/novels. but this amount is very small compared to other book providers who charge exorbitant fees in the guise of you buying coins, diamonds or pearls before you can read/access succeeding chapters...all money-sucking book-provider vampires.
I always recommend this app to my friends and brag that I can always request for books if it's not available in the app library (the requested books were uploaded/updated within 24 hours). But since purchasing the app, none of the books I requested were uploaded. Hoping for AnyBooks to update their book collection 🙏
I liked this app very much ever since I came to know about it. It was all a book lover can ever need. And i was happy to buy it once it was made a paid app but now that i have bought it, the hindi langauge genre doesnot work. It always says "unable to connect to server" for all the hindi books. I feel so disappointed. I even mailed them about this but they didn't respond or even cared to check it out. The customer service is also so bad and disappoitng. I regret paying for it now.
There is no way to register any issue regarding application to the developer. UNABLE TO CONNECT THE SERVER is the only thing I get when I want to read a book in hindi. For past 6 months m trying to bring this issue please acknowledge the same.
I hope the next time one try to re-download it won't be a problem because you guys said it's a life time payment Thank you I really love the app Pls I'm not able to sign in, the app always stop when I tried to do it after I updated it Pls do something about this problem Thank you guys soo much, I've been able to sign in You guys are the best Wow ,this app is really great I've changed my phone and I'm still able to install it on my new phone
Application is really good , but in starting I could download in Hindi language books also but presently it is showing error " unable to connect the server " . Don't understand why this issue . Waiting for your reply, Team ! What should I do at my end to remove the issue .
Kindly make the books available in Indian languages to read... as on choosing it pops up "unable to connect to the server" always... And do consider this note!!!... Will be looking forward to solve this as soon as possible and Thanks to the team for providing a better list of books and it will be great when they are available to read though...!
I've loved the app for a long time now. It is a little annoying that books get taken down every now and then (I search for them and cannot find them, even if I do have them in my library) but I noticed they usually come back after a while. So fingers crossed for this time too. I love the dark mode, being able to change the font size, the highlighting and the dictionary - in many languages too (which I just discovered). It's better than my Kindle ebook reader honestly. Thank you!
The app crashes, slows down, takes a long time to open, has a lot of books that are missing contents or cannot download. Please update the library books, the app for bugs, easier functionalities. In its current form the app is not user friendly. For a paid app I expect toggles to move around my bookshelf. I don't want to scroll all the way down to the bottom to refresh my library and up to refresh again only go be cut off and start again in library, searches, submitting tickets on the app
This app is a good investment if you are an avid reader. But there are few things that I believe that could be improved about this app.. Firstly, publish new books more frequently. Secondly, give the readers a search option in the text so that they can find out specific passages or lines from the text. Thirdly, give the readers the option to increase the spacing between each line so it makes for a much convenient read. With these suggestions, this app will be perfect.
Dont regret paying for the app at all. I enjoy it very much☺️ Maybe to improve you'll could put in a section that read books go on to? Because I like to keep the books I have read. But I would have to start deleting them once the bookshelf starts to get over crowded. Which I don't want to do! I would give a better rating if you'll could fix this. And I'm sure there are people who would agree
When I m using this app 1 years before it is super app but when you people make update it's not to do well ......I m already make payment but I m not able to download books and not found new books in hindi section Total waste of money ....when I m trying to download some books there are a msgs popping out unable to connect the server So I m asking why you charging money if you not given a good service
It's really useful and I have been using the app from a long time in between I had to purchase it and I'm happy I purchased it the only one thing which needs a change here is the upload of new books. The new books are not uploaded and it's pretty difficult..So please make those changes. It would be better if the readers could contact the Anybooks community...For quieries
Some book series are incomplete and the help and support is basically useless. I've been requesting books for 3 months with no change whatsoever. This app was better when it was free, now it's paid and the developers don't seem to care.
This app is very helpful for the readers. It mostly contains all kinds of books. All the books we have downloaded will be lost when we update the app . But, once we download them, it will restore all the highlights and notes we have made.
It was working fine till few days ago. Now that it was turned into paid app, I bought this app for INR 900 but I am not able to connect to the server nor am I able to signin through Google (signin error). I don't even have access to help center to raise a ticket regarding this problem (showing as server error). Please advice why am I not being able to connect to the server / signin and do the needful to fix the issue to the earliest possible. Thank you..
I came to know Anybooks as an avid reader's dream. I eagerly paid for it when it became a paid app. Unfortunately, I and several others have come to the conclusion that all the books, that attracted us to the paltform in the first place, have been removed. Classic books remain in their stead. I have no offense against these books but I am for modern and contemporary books. This problem has been going on for a ehile and after countless emails, the developers have failed to make a change.
I love it. Worth every cent... My only suggestion to the developers is to automatically log you in for the day for gems. (I keep forgetting to claim my gems) but they are super easy to get. Even with forgetting to claim them everyday (once I'm reading, I dont exit the book until it's done), I still have an excess. You don't need to buy any gems like other games. It's a gem per book and you get 1 gem on day 1, 2 for day 2, etc so they are easy to get and there's other ways to get them as well. :)
Whenever i want to search any book in hindi that is my regional language ,everytime it shows "Can not connect to the server". I'm just sick of it,i can not read books of my choice and in my preferred language.But English language books opens and download easily.Everything was fyn before the app is paid,i m so frustrated...i shouldn't hv to purchase this app,many of the customer suffering by the same problem.I hv read the reviews. Plz fix this issue ...or i hv to uninstall the app😒and plz refund
Got lots of books and old favorites to read. Some are however missing or yet to be uploaded. But I always find something to read..... It used to be free and I recommended it to lots and lots of friends. When it became a payment app, I joined as it is supposed to be a one time payment for life membership. But scared to recommend in case they change terms again. Even then, when friends or students ask I do suggest this app as I really love it.
I highly recommend you guys make the dictionary offline. It'll do a lot good for we - the readers. So we won't have to on our mobile data's to get the meaning of a word. Please, I personally will be grateful if this is done. I really love this app, so much. I'm a student. I started using it last year. There's great upgrade: the dictionary, highlight option and others. I've always wanted them in the app. First app I've bought on play store, but its worth it. Y'all should consider the upgrade.❤️
There are many books shown in your home page but cannot be downloaded as it says "unable to connect to the server". This has been going on since a very long time. When will it be rectified? Earlier your app was free. Now you are a charging a fee too, yet no improvement.
Hello team Anybooks, I am getting server error issue whenever I am trying to extract the Hindi edition of any book. At the same time if I search and found any other books it works. Further I tried at help center of App it doesn't work. Please solve the issue as soon as possible because I love and know to read Hindi books also in many genres. Thanks.... Waiting with a hope of your reply as soon as possible. Still the above issue didn't resolved 😞
Oh I love it! It's really really amazing. Specially I love its dictionary feature. And In just ₹450, I've already saved my thousands of rupees. Love this app. I just like to suggest that still some books are not available but I hope you'll add them asap.
The app is good, it leaves me with a good Wilde range of options for books, I would like to see books challenge segment developed, and enhance the in app reading, like audiobook, and automatic screen mood when in reading,.... Then generally efforts in adding more new content of different standard should be nice..... Generally I love the Application and it's thrill of laying my hands on just about anything books...
It is a wonderful app... With many good features..... And excellent books worth reading of different genres. THE BEST THING ABOUT IT IS THAT THOUGH I BOUGHT IT JUST ONCE I CAN DOWNLOAD IT ON ALL MY 3 DEVICES INCLUDING TAB as the gmail id of Android playstore on al 3 is same I have been having it for more than 2 months now.. I am loving ❤️ it.
It's a great app I love it. It has been my favourite for months now. Like I am genuinely happy with this app. The variety of books is good format is good in bulit dictionary is good and the fact u can read books offline is amazing. I just hope they bring in more romance novel otherwise the app is perfect.
What I have felt that there is no update from the developer after the backlash of freebies! But there is no addition of any books so I literally waste my money. The books are not added, there is no new books. App crashes suddenly. I don't find any new here
Very good experience. The initial payment pays off. The reach can be improved if categories and genres are subcategorised. For example ,both mythological and vampire stories come under the same category of fantasy. If fantasy is divided further into subcategories ,the app would become more accessible.
This is my favourite app in the play store, however it needs a lot more material at least in historical nonfiction (which is of great interest to me personally); outside of the mainstream, most famous history books, there is literally nothing. I have requested quite a few (don't know when or how the publishers will notice), so hopefully this thematic would be widened with time. I could try to add some books myself.
I loved this app until today! The app told me that it could not connect to server, upon checking I saw your notification stating that you would be updating to a newer version. I followed all instructions, tried to uninstall & reinstall numerous times & still getting the same cannot connect to server, tried updating from the website itself and getting the same problems!! If google play doesn't have an update as yet & unable to update via website, then what am I suppose to do!! PLZ FIX NOW!!
I was reading an eight book series and the 7th book is missing. The help/support is useless. I have been requesting for the seventh book for almost 2 months now with no update. What's the point of telling you when you won't even update it. I bought it thinking they might improve it now that it is a paid app but I was highly disappointed.
So far so good, but I have already bought the Premium version, hence, I think I need to tell you that in the Bookself, there is a need for a seperate categories section. Otherwise it's getting very much complicated to properly arrenge or choose a particular book from those already downloaded books.This is a genuine problem. I hope you get it what I mean to say.
The app is reeeeallllly good. I literally spend the whole day on the app when I've got nothing to do. My only problem is, a section should be provided so that we know when requested books are in And why can't new books written by authors be found on the app.
Great apppp! Definitely worth the money. ..... But I've got a request to the editor of the app; Can there be an option for like cover change in the book whose cover is a bit inappropriate like some books who don't have a cover......only the name of the book & artist on it with the color of the book not any other image............plz😊?
The app is phenomenal. You get to read lots of books, old and new, paying once won't really a bad idea. But I give 4 stars because after paid version is launched, I can't download the hindi books at all. It always gives error that unable to connect to the server. Please look into this issue. Otherwise the app is fantastic.
There has been no update of the app since purchase. Also you should enable the app to work in full screen mode. There is no dark mode for the whole app too. The navigation bar remains constant at the bottom below which is very irritating. Make the necessaey changes.
I like the app but certain books are not available on the platform. So what I'm suggesting is like music apps through which we can access local music stored in smartphone memory, similarly there should be provision in your app to access local PDFs stored in smartphone memory, so that your platform becomes universal to access all types of book even if it's not available on your platform.
I would have really given this 5 stars, coz that's what it truly deserves.. But I have an issue.. The app worked really well before the paid update was put in place.. I didn't update for a very long time until almost two weeks ago.. My problem is, I got charged on my debit card higher than what the price for the update stated here was.. I really don't understand why that happened.. But I'd really appreciate it if it were fixed, or at least some explanation was given.. Thanks a lot..
Well I love this app. I hope then add more books to it. Pls upload the full books in series as there is missing books in romance novels. I would like to request to add more books of pepper winters us authors. My only complaint is most of the series are left incomplete. The other books dont get uploaded. Kindly see to it.
Being ardent, habitual, and compulsive addictive book reader i love this app.For one thing it's in the mobile also I'm comfortable reading on it instead of Kindle Paperwhite as all and any books can be found on this.It perfors almost like Kindle Paperwhite allowing the dictionary,notes , copying, highlighting etc etc. I have 1querry why are 2novels of author Eric Van Lustbader namely The Oglicharc's daughter and another whose name I couldn't find are downloaded till prefix only i.e 700 pages.oho
Love the app. It's price is pretty reasonable considering the collection of books the app offers you. I only started out reading because of this app. I'm not sure if you get to view all your highlighted notes from each book in one place though. Adding that feature, if it isn't there already would surely enhance one's experience with it.
It's the best app for ebooks and the only app that I have happily payed for. There's one thing which is annoying and the developers should address asap, is a lack of zoom facility for charts or pictures within an e-book. Also make the page numbers at bottom more visible.
Amazingggggg Anybook was always my favourite app. I was addicted in this app when it was free later on it made paid then also i purchased it immediately. This app worth money. And worth spending time. Affordable and profitable deal... Because if you buy paperback it will. Cost you somewhere around 300 to 450+ per book. Here I am getting many books in just 450 rs.
This app is good, contains many good books. The thing that I completely don't like about it is that it only supports one device. Like I have paid for it and logged it in my phone, I can not log into my own account in another phone, because instead of download it contains the 'pay' option. Please work on it. I want to use it on my variour devices as I'm not always on my phone.
I am interest to read tamil books. I paid for the app. Still I am not able to read any tamil books. It contiously shows 'unable to reach server' error. I am not able to find the solution. When ever app update was available I do the updates. But still no improvement. Kindly solve the issue and provide better solution.
When I started using this app about 1.5 years ago, it was an absolute delight. I used to be surprised at finding each and every book I wanted on this app. But now, I dont find any new books. Also cover pictures of most of the books are missing. If I try to search for any books, it just keeps saying can't connect to the server. So disappointed. I don't understand how is it possible that an app was amazing when it was free but is total lacklustre now that it is paid.
I was hoping this would be our little secret but now I am convinced that whoever is not in is missing out. 4stars because I believe the app developers can do better in terms of adding more books in specific fields. I looove anybooks 😍 We appreciate that you have not succumbed to the ads trap. For that you are unique. Please don't fall for it.
It used to be great. I purchased it and found that they have even removed some books that where uploaded earlier. It's different to upload and could not even find what I'm looking for. If you raise an issue, their is no response from other side which is frustrating. They take suggestions but you would have no clue if they are working on it or not. I think it mainly contains books from early or upcoming writers. ..... I only appreciate the user interference of the app
One of my favorite Android App. I recommend to friends and I'll always do so. Keep the good job and don't forget to add more books as much as you can. But Please work on the WhatsApp feature for sharing it doesn't work at all.
Indispensable but there are still many bugs and design flaws, which the developer isn't fixing. You can't sort or search your downloaded books, bookmarking doesn't work and their isn't a way to export or backup your downloads. But it's cheap and the books are free so don't want to look a gift horse in the mouth. Please fix the minor problems and update!
I hope the next time one try to re-download it won't be a problem because you guys said it's a life time payment Thank you I really love the app Pls I'm not able to sign in, the app always stop when I tried to do it after I updated it Pls do something about this problem Thank you guys soo much, I've been able to sign in You guys are the best Wow ,this app is really great I've changed my phone and I'm still able to install it on my new phone Great apo
This is very very good app. We can find most of the book which are very good, but sometimes we don't find some books but there is option for us to submit our request of the books we usually don't find. But I dont know whether that request is being processed or not. And first few months I read Books for free in this app which I felt very good Then I had to purchase this app, and the price of this app is also affordable which I loved Sometimes the app closes unexpectedly I request them to fix it
I paid for this app, yes. I was furious at first because it used to be free. But nwo, I have accepted it because most books that I want are here and I can read them for the small amount I paid before! That's actually better than purchasing expensive ebooks from Amazon. I recommend this book to all booklovers out there!
I love your app, I really do that I bought the paid version. It does not sync in my other gadgets... It's syncs to the right book but not the page. Having said that is this ap worth the price? Oh yes!! If u're a habitual reader who reads all the time, it's worth!! Do get it...
Nice app with lots of books to choose from. Also, the dictionary feature is so useful. But, like many others said here, not many upgrades after the paid update. The UX, could benefit from small additions such as: 1. Categories for your bookshelf 2. Improved notebook usability. 3. Dark mode inside the app ...and many more that other user pointed out. I like it and use it, but at this point I'm very disappointed with it and would not further recommend.
I'm so happy that I decided to buy this app!! Even though some of the books are missing(like, when u search, you won't get certain books) i still have access to every book i previously downloaded, so i am happy!!. This is a great app. And it worth the money you spent on it. And....why no new books are available??? And i can't upload books...is it just for me?
My experience, before paid app, was awesome because all books even Hindi version was also easily accessible and available. Now when I subscribed, I am not at all happy as all Hindi version books , whenever I tried to read, it shows always server unavailable. Any books kindly ,make sure that the purpose of reader who have subscribed, should not be cheated That is the reason I gave ,3 stars only. Hindi readers don't buy subscribcription
I feel that the app has been abandoned. There has been no updates for 5 months and there are many books that i can't find on the app, mostly philosophy and fiction. I really enjoy the app and I played the $10 to support the devs instead of just downloading it from Google. I'd love to see the app improve but nothing has happened for a year. Changing small things and making some tweek can really help the app🎀. Devs where are you💖? Are you okay luvs💞?
It is an extremely great app!!! You can say that I am a bookworm😅 and this app is like a gift from God!! I find most of the books I need and even if I cant find one I simply recommend they add it. I love how I can write notes and highlight the quotes I liked. Long story short, it is so awesome. I really do recommend it 😍
It was operating excellently at first until a few days ago when it started disconnecting with the server. Nothing is wrong with my internet connection as other apps are working excellently. I couldn't add any more book and I was frustrated. I uninstalled and reinstalled it again and I lost all my collections, meanwhile it still not connecting. And now I can't read anything on it any longer. Is anybody else experiencing this?
I simply love this app. I read all the books from the authors whose books I love reading. I just love the idea that I can read books from authors all over the world. Giving me a different perspective and insight from the countries they come from.Gives me a feel of a particular city or town the book is about. And..... I read for FREE. ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC ... Allowing people in disadvantaged communities and countries the opportunity to enjoy READING ANYBOOKS as well. Thank you sò much!!!
What really irks me about this app is where the books have been scanned in so badly and some words and/or sentences are so badly garbled that deciphering what's been said or the intention thereof is virtually impossible. Although I've paid for this app, I think I'll rather stick with my Kindle where paid for content is first class.
It is a wondeful App, fast and accurate. It opens all the books in my bookshelf and the library with ease. However there two big problems 1. Sorting out a book to read amongst the hundreds of downloaded books in my bookshelf is difficult. I suggest that the App should include a book-search interface in the bookshelf. 2. Include a landscape mode, variation of book fonts and page colours. Anybooks is a great and dynamic app worth the premium purchase. I enjoy every bit of it.
It's definitely worth it. At first when this got paid, I was reluctant to buy it. But after purchasing it I am happy and satisfied. Whether it's novels or Course books, this app has it all. Just one little thing that needs to be improved are the release of new books. The new books are released a little bit late. If you are hesitant about this app let me tell you that don't be. Purchase it as you can even read the books offline after downloading! I saved 10000rs on books because of this app!
So far the app is really awesome. Just 2 things a found if gets improved, would be even more awesome. 1. A search feature in the notebook 2. Whenever we select/highlight a text, if there's an image in the page, that gets blurry. Would be awesome if the images doesn't get blurry at all (I'm sending an email with screenshots) Thanks
There is no other books app as amazing as Anybooks. One time subscription fee is worth every penny. A very easy to use app. Easy to navigate, read and save downloaded books. Searching books is possible in several ways - either by book title, or by author name, or by a genre. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. PS: Pls add a feature to allow readers to save the books that we finished reading in the app.
I used this app for almost two years untill it became paid. It's a wonderful app for all the bibliophiles out there, because it has a vast collection of almost every book. When it became paid I hesitated to purchase this app after reading all those reviews saying it's not worth it. Well atleast now I gave it a try. It's the same app having a huge collection of books, with a price of just one book for this whole package. My bookshelf has been retained but not the last page I've been reading.
This app worked fine until a time when it stopped working and asked me to make a one-off payment to download the update if i want to continue enjoying the app. The annoying thing is that i paid, downloaded the update and it failed to work! Whenever i try to open the app, it'll just crash. I sent a mail to the developers & got no response. It really looked like i have been scammed. I've spent several months hoping they'll reply, fix the issues or refund my money! I'm still waiting!!!
Very nice app. I need the developers to make the app rotate so we can read in landscape mode instead of just portrait. Also, what is the benefit of the daily check-in? I need to know if there is anything attached to it. When are you guys going to respond to our requests? Not even a holding response to acknowledge this post!!! Oga ooo
I love this app, I love the immense variety of books to read, it's all made too easy with this app. I have read SO MANY books! Anybooks brings an entire library to my finger tips, and with just a few clicks I'm transported to a new world of wonder, completely lost in the 'pages' on my phone screen. It used to be free, but it is a worthy buy. With the number of books I've read, I've actually gotten more back from this app than the amount I had to spend. Thank you Anybooks!
The app is good ,but new books should be added every once in a while and there should be a section where we can store/see finished books and also an option to catogerise the books in our library according to our wishes :)
I've always used this app from its free roots until now that I've paid to install it. So far, for almost 2 years of use, I've never had a single problem except for some occasion where the content of the books are different from the title I wished to read. But all in all, it's amazing. I got to read books that have made an impact on me, and somehow this book also helped me cope with some off times in my life. Kudos to the creators. I am hoping for further improvements and new books along the way.
I was hoping this would be our little secret but now I am convinced that whoever is not in is missing out. 4stars because I believe the app developers can do better in terms of adding more books in specific fields. I looove anybooks 😍 We appreciate that you have not succumbed to the adds trap. For that you are unique. Please don't fall for it.