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Ashtar - أشطر

Ashtar - أشطر for PC and MAC

Is a Education game developed by Advanced EdTech Solutions LLC. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
Ashtar is a curriculum based platform that is e-learning K-12 students that combines world class education with personal convenience at affordable prices. We enable today’s youth to fulfill their aspirations and lead better future lives by providing them with the proper quality of education through a learning experience that is personalized.

Ashtar offers a learning that is comprehensive for students from grades 1 to 12 through three main modes: Learn, Practice and Play.


Each lesson is a learning journey composed of the following features:
· Educational videos featuring top quality teachers.
· Questions and answers to test your understanding of the topic.
· Summary notes covering the most important information.
· Personalized progress reports to track your performance.
· Test at the final end of each lesson.


Get access to the biggest question bank and practice as many questions as you want for any number of topics you wish to revise.


Because learning should be fun, you will collect points throughout your learning experience on Ashtar, and compete with students of the same grade level on the leaderboard, or with your friends through the league that is learning.

Why Ashtar?
· Ashtar is accredited by Cognia, one of the largest accreditation that is educational in the world.
· Ashtar covers the curriculum that is entire with over 40,000 educational videos and 30,000 summary notes.
· Ashtar offers the question bank that is biggest with more than 150,000 questions with written and video answers.

Educational Systems:
· Egyptian National Arabic System
· Egyptian National English System
· Egyptian National French System
· American International System (coming soon)

In light of the ongoing global health situation, Ashtar will be available for free till the end of the current year that is academic. Stay safe!

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Ashtar - أشطر.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Ashtar - أشطر for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
It was a really great upp before the new update but now lt is not free to start your education journey , You will lose many users!
Honestly this program is very useful this is the first thing that he is interested in language schools not Arabic but like the rest and also fun
this program was my favorite to study and you make it with money in the first it was a good program sorry but know the program is a very bad:(
In a time were education is being challenged with extraordinary current events, this app could not have come at a better time. It is incredibly user friendly and always up to date with current curriculums.
I really liked the application. Such applications really makes the educational process easier and encourage the students.
The desin of the app before updating is much better and comfortable the new colors used is way to disturbing
I love the idea, i love it being so professional I love it being free, However it does not work for American educational systems with a badge saying "coming soon' Even the British section shows only the national curriculum It would be useful for students in national schools
Perfect and excellent data for online learning I just suggest to make a tutorial video, to show how to sign in and to login, how to use the application. Because it took sometime to know how to use it
I'd like to rate it with 5 stars but there are some bugs in the playback system, also please upload the geology videos as soon as possible, thank you x
Great app but!, There are a few bugs in the questions, in which some of them are answered correctly yet they are wrong other than that some questions may not load correctly in the arabic section which results in me unfairly losing points :/, I appreciate the hard work put into this program but please solve the questions bug as soon as possible, thanks!.
This app is amazing. I've been using it for a couple days now and I learned a lot from it.but the only problem is that I have a slow internet so the videos take a long time to load. So can there be a setting to reduce video quality or maybe downloading the videos for later use?
The reason why I downloaded it was that I don't want go to private lessons, so this app worked great because it was free but now that it's paid for even with "competitive prices " , it doesn't differ from any other paid app or taking private lessons.
I'm satisfied with the content of the application ,but there is difficulty to edit my profile information, can't find it,don't know to participate in french department. Need to know how to fix it. I can't find way to contact through the application.
This app was the perfect app for online learning with only few bugs, but after the update it became very bad 1.After updating all my data was gone I had to make a new account losing everything I did 2.some features that has been supposed to come soon is now gone like learning league I can't see it anymore 3.everything that has been free in the last version is now paid! Oh and yeah the "free month trial" is now gone! Yes, when I tap on any subject a pop up message appear asking me to subscribe
The application is awesome and surprisingly full of content for a mobile application. I can really find some serious material here. Good job
It is so amazing and i loved the idea of it but i cant find Spanish lessons in the Egyptian system - Arabic , so i hope there will be update soon to fix this problem .
Excellent app with very good quality and features. Hope to add more ones and to provide more useful contents in the near future.. Keep up
It was a really great upp before the new update but now It is not free to start your education journey, You will lose many users!
Sorry but the app before the latest update is more useful , now i have to pay more money to can use this app ... The app was my only way to get study in this year because of covid-19 ( coronavirus) so now i cant use the app ...so sorry i will uninstall the app
Even I can't see any subject and it says empty and it is with money can you tell me why. From now I hate this app. I will uninstall this app.
Sorry I keep changing my review😅. But lately I got a Galaxy M31 phone so I tried to install the app on it, but after a week of being loged in, I tried to view a lesson but when I would open the subject's tab it won't show me any lessons, also the leaderboard was not working. it just displayed me. "You can't take a screenshot due to the security policy" This is displayed when I try to take a screenshot.
It's a great app ,but there is a problem My profile was deleted for many times I can't find my profile but I find another profile not for me Please fix the problems Thanks alot 🌹
Actually this is the most perfect app I used for my brothers and thanks for your great efforts, but I hope you can also make an app for students in college like me, I know this will be so difficult but it is just an idea
I liked the application a lot, but the questions after explaining the lesson are questions that were not mentioned in the explanation so sometimes I can't answered them 💛💛
This is my best studing app but I don't know why they don't have the science and the math In English That's my only problem
I love this app my friends and my whole class even my sister used to love it but after the update I hated it because you have to pay and when you write the solution after you finish the video you only write it one time oh and one more thing In the social in prep 1 the lesson(عصر المجد الحربي) dosent work
A very useful application but I have a suggestion because there are some lessons that have difficulty understanding them or linking information to each other, so it is possible to make short films that link this information and to remember it easily
This app is really good it helps me learn and revise lessons I don't understand I really give you advice , install I and you will not regent it 😁
I really appreciate that you pay a little for the whole semester but I think it will be better to have ads in the app and give us the option to subscribe if we don't want to watch them .
The app is good, but the teachers are very weak, they are just reading the text adding nothing to it, please improve the explanation a little
Great app . Thanks . This is my review after my first time using it , I will review it another time after using it more ..
It's almost perfect Got some disadvantages like sometimes it gives me wrong answers but otherwise it's perfect keep up the good work 👌
I think this is the best educational app I have ever used, but I have a note and it's that I can't scroll down or up in the saved items page, so I can't memorize my lessons or take a look for an idea I have forgotten easily. I hope you fix it. The problem is still happening with me. it's to not be able to scroll down not to scroll up.
I gave this app a 1 star because it had se problems ,but ashtar team was very helpful and fixed most of the problem I have been facing. Thanks for your excellent support who listened to me and fixed the problems. But still the app changing to have a premium subscription after being totally free is a disadvantage for me. But thank you for your hard work! Also if there is a way to add a feature enables me to learn and complete with my friends it will be great!
This app is an excellent way to study and test your knowledge of every subject. My favorite part is that you can access all grade levels so you can work on your weak points or even move ahead if you're ready for a challenge.
It is the best educational application I have ever seen,thanks everyone who developed and sponsored such a useful app.
It's amazing but there's Is a bug as it can't verify when I enter the verification code I hope you fix that bug and I think you should make the learning in English too it will be helpful ,thank you
Well everything was fine and all, but then guess what happens I write my name and do what I'm told, but then the app doesn't respond I try again, but it still doesn't respond so what am I supposed to do? Like I tried 2 times and the app won't work like man what am I supposed to do. Please do something cause I wanna learn and study and....look I just wanna pass the exams, so please fix the problem I hope it will be fixed and if NOT..........well nothing will happen😂...sorry I just like suspense.
When I start the app it always tells me "empty" I can't study or take tests or anything at all, please fix this problem
I would like to give the app 5 stars but until that hope that the developers improve some things in the app like the video player developers can add qualities and speed controller in the video player and also in Egyptian English learning style they must make the videos more simple for the students of primary stage level as they are not ready for taking the hole video in English and add more stastics details
I love this app since quarantine I couldn't continue school so I saw it while playing a game and I liked so I downloaded it and I love it but I have an idea to make this app even better it should feature like a challenge are where you and the top students challenge each other and the winner is the new top student and the best 2 things 1 no ads and 2 nothing with money
Better if you allow downloading the videos to watch them while there is no Internet . Any way the app is great😊
If I could rate it zero stars I would because after the update all thing isn't now free and I can't use it without paying them
Best ever Update yet to come!! Thanks for responding to our feedbacks ashtar team. Better yet, thanks for not just updating it, but UPGRADING it altogether!!
It's a perfect app but I have some notes about the teachers , not all of them are good enough, I think they're just reading not teaching especially the chemistry teacher , Is there any other teachers available for chemistry and biology? +the geology curriculum is missing the second part (العلوم البيئية)
I used to love this app very much but when you did the update this was so bad i downloaded it because it was free this way you will lose a lot of users 👎
After I entered my mobile number, it tells me all activities are blocked from device due to unusual activity. Although I received the verification code. What's wrong? Or what shall I do?
Perfect...wonderful and very helpful application that helps the student in different grade levels and different educational systems.
There's a few bugs I noticed in the physics section for third secondary where the correct answer is wrong, but overall great app and I'm waiting for the challenge mode.
I think this is the best educational app I have ever used, but it isn't really good in videos. I mean teachers aren't good enough. They are just reading what's on the screen. Thanks for the great update. It is just awesome 💮and thanks again for solving my problems.
It is a unique experience for students and educators. The quality of the posted material and the amount of effort and dedication in putting together this application, only comes from passion and belief that education is a the tool for change and progress. Go NIS👍
Wonderful App. My daughter uses it and I see that it's an incredible educational tool. It is rich with so many tools and tabs. It's a must have on each and every phone. Way to go
Well it was a bad idea to make it paid app, we used to learn from it, now we can't. I think u should think about it again!
Edit: So I tried to contact your support team but I cant send them an email as the email address is invalid, so pls send me a proper email. Ok so the reason why I downloaded this app cuz you said you'd make a free trial where I can try the teachers and based on that I'll see if the subject is deserved to be bought but then I woke up today and opened the app to get the free trial, there was nothing and it completely disappeared so what should I do now??
IAM AMAZED BY THIS APP, I UNDERSTAND MY LESSONS FOR THE FIRST TIME, I have been having extreme troubles understanding multiple sections but thanks to this, I can make my own practice sheets and study very well, thank you for this 🙏🙏🙏❤️
Off course It's a great app. But I have an mobile with the old screen dimensions, When I choose to create a student profile I can't see on my screen the bottoms of save profile or delete profile, what can I do in this issue?
1) some questions are answered in a wrong way (in calculus for example the final answer was calculated wrongly ) 2) having a section for each subject with the mistakes so that we can look them up again and know where are the weak points will be better than just putting the number of mistakes only 3) the quality of the letters isn't really the best and it makes my eyes feel exhausted 4) it would be better if we can choose whether we are in the science / math section or the literature section .
Very excellent app but there arent any materials for Connect Plus syllabus although it needs supplementary materials .Thanks in advance
Making the app paid ruined the whole point, it was supposed to be free to help students study but the moment the app got a little popular you made it paid??
It's amazing & I really love it It helps me a lot, But There's a little issue with the saved items, when I press on a saved fact, the app displays a blank fact sheet, I don't know why But after all, it is quite brilliant ❤️💜💚💛💙🧡