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Auto Beast: Merge Idle Tycoon RPG

Auto Beast: Merge Idle Tycoon RPG for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Iway Game Studio located at Iway Studio. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.1 and up.
Lead your Beast to destroy supervisor this is certainly bad. Gather resource, upgrade and merge, then create your staff that is best and fight with Boss.
If you want to play merge game, you’ll love Merge Beast, where you’ll be find anything.This online game like Merge Dragons,Merge Plane,Merge Magic

- Gather over 50 monsters.
- Find and conquer 50 employer and get their information.

- Level up merge auto mechanic to your monsters for the boost harm break Boss skill.
- Raise your monsters’ DPS with Boost system.

Are You skillful adequate to become a guy that is fastest alive defeat final Boss???

MERGE BEAST is liberated to download and able to play. However, you can aquire things that tend to be in-game real cash. If you wish to disable this, kindly turn off the acquisitions that are in-app your phone or tablet’s options.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Auto Beast: Merge Idle Tycoon RPG.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Auto Beast: Merge Idle Tycoon RPG for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
The merge 3 games counter ceases after 400 levels and becomes Max whereby after completion of games, no stars are earned.
the game is pretty good but I didnt know how long this game is supposed to be I thought I had beaten it after the first ma
Love this game very much, only been playing it for 4 days, but I gave 4 stars because ive spent about 25 dollars in the game so far, and it just doesnt give you enough gems to do the tasks. Hope the devs will note this and raise the amount of gem getting from purchase package.
I am 100% in love with this game, an excellent merge game, amazing graphics, lots to do and find out, can spend hours playing!
This game has a nice gameplay, but when I tried to play in the next day the app always forced close and I must restart my phone to make it work
They have greatly improved this game. It is now one of my first game I play when I turn my tablet on.
I love this game, but I'm still relatively near the start and already it requires all 7 chalices just to play one level.
Will reinstall again next time soon. * beautiful graphics. * quite interesting to have both merging and match-3 to completed each level.
This game is really good I don't know what to say to that but when I first started and it did like the multiplier delete the two and it showed me how to do how to do the fight War they became very very o p but now I'm starting to get a little boring I give it a five-star because I really like the game but like I'm already level 20
I think the game is great and error free plus getting new monsters very quickly is a great thing to have
amazing game its simple and easy to play. the only thing i would like to see added is a way to progress through the tiers faster.
It is stress free experience with lots cute characters. Just enough challenges to keep it intresting.
I like this game a lot but it is way too easy to make accidental merges which can really screw you over.
It's fun to look at design-wise. It can be challenging as well, especially when it comes to farming gems for more space. The beasts and boss beasts are nice and cute. Overall I give it a B+ 👍
This game is so addicting! I've been playing it forever! I love that you can connect it to Facebook. Just recently my phone quit working and when I got my new one I was able to sign back in using Facebook and all my progress and work came back! The ONLY 2 downfalls of the game, it costs alot of diamonds for some of the extras (bigger egg chest,etc) & I absolutely love the challenges for the chance to get lots of extras but it takes almost the entire 3 days of the time limit to unlock everything
So cool how it looks by merging planes I love it so much it's the best game ever it's awesome if no other people like it I think this is almost the best game I ever played in my life
it is good the only thing i dont like is that the incress amount when it comes to buying more heros to merge to better the heros i have out is high and only gets higher and takes longer to to be able to buy one
It was good when it worked but i think that a recent update that corrupted the games code which the part of the code that broke was the opening screen... I reccomend this game once the game is fixed don't judge a book by its cover
I'm am so glad that this game is in the play store and it is very fun and there is technically no ads and it's one of the best iv ever played
Although I rarely pay real money to get rewards, what you get for cash in this game is actually worth what you pay. I may consider buying some more packages to help me along the way. WORTH PLAYING!
very cute game. Love the cute characters, the graphics, the music. Lots of challenges to keep you interested
Nice game! 5🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 if you add ranking with weekly rewards😆 ranking is one of the best part ng games😆😱❤😂😎💪😊😁👌
Super fun game all around, but like after level 30 characters it's hard for me to make enough money to buy more.
Love the games. Im understand if ads are optional. Always click ads for boost, but I hate force ads when I click Next Stage.
Great! The game is very addictive and it can cure your boredom in a snap of a finger. I love it and would recommen for people who get bored easily.
Just started playing. It seems a little slow. Most of the merge games moves and keep play moving on. It seems like with a few improvements it could be a really good came.
I'm not a person who will wrote much words on games, as I'm too lazy to write. However, this game in my opinion is so amazing!
Used to be really fun to play. Don't get me wrong it's a decent game and the graphics are really good, but can we get some different events?
A good game, will probably be on top free. The feature of merging monsters directly while hitting tycoon made me curious how strong the next one
It's OK. Bit boring as you have to wait around. Would be better if there were games you could play to win items.
This is very addicting. Though you have to watch ads if you don't have patience everything is worth it. I love it!!
This game is perfect if saves everything and has quite a few discounts it doesn't have much ads I recommend you getting it its for free
I like merge games but so many of them are copies of one another but this one is different. I've been really enjoying it.Keep up the good work.
Need double & triple merges for extra coins; more items that give off energy; matching part of game is pleasant with variety; also would like an event every month.
This game is AWESOME! I don't have any problems with it. It somtimes gliches me out but other than that its the best app ever. You realy should install it.
The best game ever!!! Totally recommend!! I used to play this game for 5 minutes and I would go to sleep like right after. Best game ever!!!
It was a 5 🌟 in that it was my new first game I played when I turned the tablet on. Now 4 🌟 because it doesn't do what I want it to.
A simple idle game, but the characters are cute and very fun to play. I like games that can merge characters like this.
Really like this merge game it's a little different to most merge games, and very cute, my only concern is I will need more main maps to complete haha
It's a good game, so far I'm having fun. Only one thing bothers me, there are only 10 slots, but in process, I got a lot of new beast, making very hard to merge
I love this game. It's something that I can spend hours on, or only a few minutes and still be satisfied
LOVE this game! Only thing I would add, so far, is a way to lock, and unlock, the position of the map.
This game is good .. I would be great if there was more Levels on there..but the graphics are good and I'm happy with it all
Edit:this is a tip for those "7 trophies for one level" level. Go in that level first, then just press the home button,. Your trophies will load...
Changed my review, I understand the game now and I like it,but it's still a lot of waiting if u don't want to spend money,and I don't.
The game seems really interesting! So far its easy to understand and you can level up pretty easily. The only thing that I hate is that I can't zoom in enough and sometimes my merges don't go the way that I want them to but other than that, totally recommend!
Remove that horrible advertisement bar from the bottom of the game screen it's horrible and gets in the way
Almost perfect, but has flaws. First as a strategy game, its surprisingly easy to tap and sell items that you never intended to sell.
Alot to do to keep busy, I've played many merge games, yet this one is alot more fun as once you make certain objects, you get rewards. 5 stars!
I really don't get why people say its a ad cash grab game when the devs clearly put a lot of work into improving the game and making it look nice.
Okay, so the first time I downloaded the game, I couldn't read and thought it was a dumb game.. 2 year later download the game and won't stop playing, even when it tells me that my dragons are asleep
Fun little idle game to play a few times a day. graphics are okay, animations are a bit low quality for me though.
Really cute and fun! The ad notifications all crowding the edges of the screen annoy me. The game is super fun and the ads dont impede the game in any way.
This is a nice game for timepass. Good feature is that games runs in the background but doesn't have high data consumption. A good offline game. Cheers to the creators for their hardwork.
It took me alot of time to understand how to play but its really fun. I bece from 😪 to😆 all of a sudden.
I like it. There's SO much to do (and not always enough space to do it in) that it can be overwhelming. Everything takes energy and it burns out fast but takes a long time to renew. 4 star.
Thanks for fixing the book and star, but after the update, we are forced to watch ad every leveling up the boss without even unable to skip which is not fun at all. Watching ad for boost is fine, but forced ad is never okay. Otherwise, I really love your game.
I like the game, but I was at level five and was put at a stand still as none of them could be upgraded as all the slots were taken, maybe add the ability to sell,
4 1/2 🌟Pretty cool how the levels are set up to right at the camp. A little glitchy but pretty fun and different compared to the usual merge games
Tycoon is so strong, I played for a few days but I haven't killed the level 30. might need to merge stronger monsters.
I really this like this game, with all merging it constantly keeps my brain engaged for a great diversion from all the madness going on.
I'd give it 5 stars...but... I play a lot of these merge games as I find them very relaxing, and this is a great little one
I love this game so much it's my go to when I need to unwind after work or just from the stress of the day thank you
I am adicded to this game its a game when u have bothing to do you can play it for hours and you would not even notice well for me this is the only merge or evoulotion game ive ever played
The game seems like it's designed to reward you for watching ads instead of forcing them on you which is awesome; wish the option to watch ads wasn't bugged though :(
I love this game very much, only been playing it for 4 days, but I gave 4 stars because ive spent about 25 dollars in the game so far
When will you publish the new version? The bug that I cannot open stars window after ascension is making me sad.
I'm so glad I found this game! I used to play merge dragons and they expected you to pay for any slight progression. Arm, leg and first born child. This game actually allows progression and I don't mind supporting games by making purchases when the game isn't a complete rip off! I loclve it, thank you Devs for not being cheapos!
Fun and relaxing. I love the side challenges. I have to say, after playing this game for about a month, it is one of the best games I have played in a long time.
I really enjoy playing this game. Its getting hard when you are in higher stage but its fine coz i can grind.
This merge game is better than all the others. I like how there are not any levels to just keep repeating over and over.
Addicting but has MANY ads. You cant really do anything in game without watching an ad. Other than that I totally recommend this game!
I like this game and i havent had it too long, BUT i have noticed that it is very glitchy and freezes A LOT.
Love the game! I like that instead of only doing puzzles, it also give you motivation unlocking new beast and new world.
Cutest merge game ever! I loved the Flurrels and Aerunas, even the Picipines! This game should be able to give double everything bonuses!
Fun and relaxing. I love the side challenges. I have to say, after playing this game for about a month, it is one of the best games I have played in a long time. I can literally play for hours shirking all of my other responsibilities and not even care!
Great lovely graphics. Just a little to long to wait for the islands to come up to do nearly 3 hours.
Love this game. This has kept me sane during the pandemic. I'm able to zone out and concentrate on something other than the dumpster fire that is our world.