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Axis Home Launcher

Axis Home Launcher for PC and MAC

Is a Personalization game developed by Axis Agency located at 7995, 9st, El Mukattam, Cairo, Egypt.. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.
Axis Home is a new home launcher replacement. It replaces your home screen with a new look that you will be happy to see every day. You will feel that you in control of how your home looks. To learn more about Axis Home, visit: http://home.axisworx.co

• Easy and new customization: In Axis Home, we introduce something totally new called foreground image, you can change it with any transparent "PNG image format" in your library or from the web. Change the background wallpaper and the background text to match your new foreground image and create a home nobody has seen before.

• Smart battery widget: Because we know that battery is important for everyone, we made a new battery widget that shows complex functions in a stylish and simple way. Axis Home learns about your phone usage then it shows you how much time left based on your phone usage. Not only it shows you the time left for your use of the phone, but it also shows you when will your phone finish charging based on your usage too.

• Quick Application Menu: Easily access your important applications without losing any space of your home screen, just with a touch of a button.

• Calendar events display: Things you need to do in the morning or stuff you need to buy after work. Your events are important and we know that that's why we added it to our home so you can access it at a glance fast and easy.

• Easy and fast access: Applications are great but looking for them could be a waste of time and ideas. You can access your most-used apps without even looking for them. And if there is an app you need to find, Axis Home has a new search feature. All you have to do is to write any letters this app has and the search will get it for you.

• Smart Groups: organizing apps is great for easy access. that's why we created Groups, you don't need to create folders anymore. Groups are there waiting for you to use them. You can use only one or all of them, Groups knows how many groups you used and it will only show them to you.

• Multi view: Because Groups are there for organizing your favorite and your most used applications. less-used applications are still there in another tab when you need them. This keeps the Group view clean so you can get the application you need in no time.

• Smart and new settings menu: We always like to make new ideas but easy for our users to use them, we created a totally new settings menu that you can access by touching and holding the menu button. It's new and different and it has all the settings you want and it will make you feel in control of everything Axis Home has to offer.

Application design and development features:

• Easy to use with beautiful and new interface.
• Low memory usage.
• very small application size.
• Fast and smart user interactions.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Axis Home Launcher.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Axis Home Launcher for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
The best launcher that I have tried so far. The only issue I get is whenever i restart my phone, the apps on mybgroups and quick access are gone.
Can't change the white panel colors very very minimal settings all it is, is adds panel that doesn't update much at all on the weather battery etc.
Minimal, Clean and Fresh. Wondering why Calibrating battery at the background stays and does not go away??
It's fresh looking and stylish, but it's too basic for me. The is no customization for anything other than the wallpaper. Not even widgets, besides the battery one you can turn on or off. What you see on the pics is all you get.
You need to add the ability to hide apps...Also I don't see any option to keep the status and nav bar from hiding. Either than that the launcher is pretty good.
Great and unique design. Recommended launcher for users liking a minimalistic look but please make both background text lines on top of the screen optional. Also add notification badges be great too. Thank you!
The most incredible app launcher i ever seen... Its MINIMAL, EASY, NICE 3D WALLPAPER, i hope more future in this app
The launcher is beautiful and slick, but there is one permission that shouldn't be included, and I haven't seen in any other launcher before, which is, "add or modify calendar events and send email to guests without owners' knowledge". I have e-mailed the company and they said it is simply to read and display calendar events, but this has the potential to be used maliciously. I really like the launcher, but I can't recommend it at all based on this permission.
Almost perfect. Works great on my phone, but on my tablet I cannot access the home gallery, only my own camera roll. I'm also now missing notifications because I can't see the top icons. Also, it's not clear what you get for the paid version.
There is a lot to like. I can't figure out how to create my own image. I don't like that most of the available have category in the backdrop whitespace. Also dislike losing the top panel when applying my own image.
Look forward to frequent updates to make the app one of the best Launcher on Play Store. More 3D pictures of real animals, diaper can be customized with icon Packs.
Wooow this application is very nice and fast .,if you didn't download it .., please download it now you won't reglet
Finally a high quality launcher with a different concept. Love it. Truly hope you ll go far with this. Really creative.
This is good and different from other launchers but I want more features like ( hide apps, I can't set my own photos as wallpaper from my gallery so please add this feature, add more online wallpapers in Fun and Nature Categories and fix some bugs ). Please add these features so that I will give u guys 5 ratings.. Please guys add this features imidiately..
I really like it as a unique launcher, but I'd like to be able to see some more customization on the home screen - as it stands, you can't change much about the home experience
Unique launcher. It remove quick application & groups app again & again waiting for next update But it will be good if we can add more widget & folder to it We need more quick app to add
Middle screen swipe down gesture is annoying because its not let you open notification panel. Fix it so we can middle swipe down directly for notification. Not from upper edges.
One of the most beautiful unique launches I seen. The only thing I wish was the white parts of the design could be made dark. That would make it better on my eyes. Other then that this is a perfect launcher.
I really appreciate this launcher but upon purchasing the pro, doesn't worth the price because only few features added. Hopefully, the developer should provide more technical features.
Awsome launcher .. why my dual apps not showing .. only one whatsapp and Telegram account showing in the app list
Its a wonderful app ... I love to use this ... I would love to see full paid version ....i have some suggestions from my side that i didn't like the dock interface and style .. it would be better to provide customisation option in it.. and u can add icon packs and add more new wallpapers and features ... thank you 😊
Needs swipe gestures would make this perfect I used a live wallpaper in the back round to add to the 3d affect
,Interesting concept. I would like to see more customization options. Maybe different color themes for the bars and different fonts or something.
Launcher is good but all time showing background notification. Showing notification is irritated to me😠 One thing how to change launcher wallpaper?
Love the design. Need the ability to add shortcuts to the home screen for other apps.... Maybe just a folder for frequently used apps. And the ability to change the temp to Fahrenheit.
A beautifully designed efficient launcher. Some features would make it a 5-star and the best launcher: 1. Auto-categorization of apps would be great. 2. Frequently used applications doesn't change as required. 3. Option to change icon sizing 4. Option to change app icon individually 5. More application categories 6. Changing default app for phone/dialer on the home screen
It's new v and refreshing, easy to use and doesn't clutter the user with unnecessary options. Way to go.
Really good concept and design. More customization would be nice, like being able to choose an extra white bar (like the battery bar) but with customizable short cuts, like to phone settings or simple dots that you can assign apps to, to make an even shorter short cut than the quick menu. Also, what is the green dot on the top right corner? The number keeps changing and I can't find a correlation between it and anything on my phone, like notifications or open tabs.
Hi Dev when do you pland to update this axis home launcher..? Do you know..!? I really like your work and love using until now coz. Its the best launcher I've ever use.. can you please update this and add some features like gestures and short cut and many more.. some exciting additional updates. Thank you so much for this kind of awesome launcher..
Lovely looking launcher 🤩 I am pretty keen on getting the Pro version but would love to see an option to customise my icons individually instead just choosing the icon pack, secondly something that could extract people off the photos to make same style visual as the themed image / person on main screen (hope that makes sense) and finally more in depth customization. Also would be good to adjust positioning of home screen info for those with punch holes (S10+) or even use that for something 😉
I only just installed this launcher and it works pretty good so far. I like how it's aesthetically different from other launchers. The only thing I would like to see right now is gesture support.Other than that it's a great launcher.
Very limited with almost no functionality. Can't select live wallpapers, can't add widgets, virtually no options in the settings menu. It does have a nice concept but with almost no customization. if the devs add a whole lot more features and options then I might change my rating, but until then I can't recommend this app.
Great launcher! Only problems are 1.My wallpaper always sets zoomed in. 2. Only Celsius for battery temp. 3. Should be able to disable the text for how to open the menu. 4. "Remaining​" could be % Other than that, it's probably the best launcher I've tried in a couple years.
Axis Home Launcher is beautiful, unique, minimal, and practical. The new Quick Applications feature offers faster access to favorite apps.
Kinda laggy on old phone, there are still some bugs, sometimes crashed when editing floating image and when opening app drawer. Love the design idea.