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Balls Shooter

Balls Shooter for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Happy Scratch Studio. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
Balls shooter is a-game you can get significantly more than you expect. It’s suitable in a lot of situations, when you take coach, lying on bed, or awaiting somebody. Start the game, time flies faster.

How exactly to play:

Aim balls in a line
Shoot balls with all the number that is exact same color
Merge balls to get an increased score
Challenge yourself and hit the record


A easy begin but difficult to master
Wonderful amount design
Brain training and little finger exercising
Play with pals anywhere at anytime
A sense of success as results have higher
Nice game effects when perform merging

As a merge online game lover, you are going to fall love with this specific online game. It holds the gameplay this is certainly classic of games but tends to make advancements in kinds and amounts. Don’t hesitate to install now. Hope you like it!

If you have got some ideas that are good Balls Shooter, please deliver us a feedback into the game!

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Balls Shooter.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Balls Shooter for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Still not paying out on winnings. I will keep playing and reporting till I get my money. I played your games honestly now you won't pay out. You changed your cash out ways and I did everything you asked and your game is still not working to cash out. . I know the other Unity games are having the same problem with paying off. Please fix this problem.
Red flags???? I dont understand what these are. Ive made 100+ now too and it says that Ive not played 20 consecutive days in a row. Im so baffled so dissapointed with pay pal being used as a con. I cant rate this app as its not clear as to what the game is expecting of me. Reading other reviews its obvious to me that we are all experiencing the same issues. Good luck everyone I hope this is cleared up for us all as it was really hard work to get to $100.00!!!!!!«
Started out loving the game and until I reached the $90 mark because at that time the awards dropped to $0.01. In a two weeks time of playing at $0.01 per award I am at 93.05 and $6.95 away from the cash out payment. Which means i will be on this game for another two weeks to reach payout. Its sad that games like this pay actors to get you all excited to dowload these games and advertise like your going to get paid well until the end and BAM thats a negative. 1 star shouldve 0 stars.
Having fun with the game except trying to move the ball to the right it stops where it wants, nevermind where I want it to drop.
After reaching $100, I still cannot withdraw! You are supposed to play 20 days straight and collect so many points which that don't tell you untill you think you are ready to withdraw, what a crook! I am sure if even if you play 20 days straight you still won't get it!
It was a fun game and it played well until just before "Best 31K." It stopped giving rewards just before that point and then at that point it froze at a 'restart' and would not go any further. I had to delete it.
Game is a scam once you reach a set amount such as $90 the game drops the rewards to such a pathetic small amount like $0.05 making it seriously difficult to reach withdrawal amount... am also aware the of the name unity that appears when game loads this developer / company whatever they are never pays out as I played 2 games before and never paid my withdrawal... they need reporting and shutting down
If you like playing a game that every 20 seconds of gaming there are 2 minutes of adverts, then this is the game for you. And don't forget, even after all that, when you reach $90 then expect to get 20 seconds of gaming, 2 minutes of adverts for which THEY make buku bucks from, then You Get ONE PENNY, THATS $0.01, YES, 1 CENT. Happy non-gaming unless you enjoy THEM making all kinds of money and You NOTHING! But, if you play without data or WIFI then you have a nice calming game WITHOUT ANY ADS
Rather be broke than be stupid! Google is also at fault letting such developers fool and play with people's mind and time , i understand them trying to earn money but its not fair giving people false hopes. Just because we're all having financial difficulties?
This is BULL! Just like all the other ball games, started out with $$, then buy the time you get to $90.00 it drops to. 01 cent. It will take weeks if not months before you can get to $100. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS GAME. UNINSTALLED!!!!!!
Great game! I really enjoy merging the balls and was very excited about getting money. I have reached $200 and am still not getting paid out - very disappointing! I would like to know if I'm ever going to get paid out?!
Just as the rest of the games. Reach certain point and you penny us after $90. I don't recommend this game. Its ad isn't what it claims. False advertising as them all
Game ok if you just want a game to play. I played until I finally got to the point to cash out. I cashed out and have not received anything in my account. Went back to play you have to play for 30 days to receive anything. My opinion is this game is ok but don't count on any payouts.
I played this one telentlessly only to not see my "payment for playing" = watching ads relentlessly. Fun to play in FREEtime. Just wasnt anything new to stay. Thank you for your efforts the game is fun. My adhd gets antsy every game. Great Speed Playas. angieford of roseburg oregon
Another app that promises a lot and delivers little. Rewards dwindle away the nearer you get to the goal. Gets pretty boring by the time you get close to payout anyway.
I'm very close to winning $100.00 and like another person who's review I read , the game is froze and said failure. I'm very disappointed with this game. I was enjoying playing this game until it froze
This game never pays. I have played this game over 4 weeks and it will run up to $98.00 dollars and lock any upward move. It is a scamm of your money and your time . Unity games are all the same . Don't waste your time or the money you will never collect. This game is the same as word cash.
Scam. Finally got to the hallowed $100 mark 21 days ago. Then states "cash available after being active for '20' consecutive days (receive 30 red envelopes every day to be active) Active for '1' day, received '31' red envelopes today" This has not changed since I passed $100 even though I have played daily since. No idea what or how to get red envelopes. Utter scam, waste of time and no possible way of getting any cash from this game. I want the hours I've spent ignoring adverts back. Avoid.
Disappointed been playing the game for three days got all the way to 95.15 and the game crashed and wouldn't let me carry on any further but the j read a few comment and it turns out if you get to that 100 you have to play again for another 20 day with rewards before pay out then doesn't pay out
Ok so here it is in black and white this is one of the games that you have to make a hundred to cash out to PayPal PayPal so the first one's easy to get 60 bucks right off the bat then when you're at $92 you start getting five four three and two cents I don't mind watching the ads I don't mind a dollar to sometimes five or six but two and three cents after playing and watching several ads is ridiculous y'all got to get a better handle on this guys cuz I'm going to be playing and I'm going to be
They're cheaters and it's waste of the time Don't download any game with this developer Unity okay guys they are liers and it's worst as in starting they'll give reward but you cannot take in your account then when you're about to reach 100 USD then at 94 they stopped every reward
I have been stuck on $68 for a good while matching the amount needed several times and my money has not moved. Disappointed in this game.
I play this game up to a $101.66 after I reached the 100 I started getting 16 cents over the one sent I'd been getting since $91. But I can't cash out because something due to consecutive days plane in receiving 30 red Envelopes. Or receive 31 Envelopes for one consecutive day a playing. I have never seen a red envelope or do I know where they could be stored so I could see them. It's a fake pay off game just like other games. Do not play it. All it says when you Receive money pay out is $100
I was at $99.98 and I had the same situation happen where the game crashed and can't be restored. So I don't understand why people make games and lie to people from getting money when it's a hoax. Oh but this company deletes feedback like that because they want people to think that they're on the up and up until more people get screwed over.
After high score my rewards never open only show high score and when I click on reward button which gives below that never open, and from some days after a fixed amount not given rewards sometimes gives only 3-4 little reward in a whole day and sometimes nothing in a complete day After that playing game.......!!!!!!!!! But nice game
The deceit of the advertising is discussing. They will never pay out. Cause the part that counts the days you are playing is locked at one always, dont waist ur time. - 100 stars.
The game was good to play even if a money amount wasn't included. When you reach the cash total there is something else it wants you to do before payment. The game won't pay and the email to chat with someone is not a working. I would advise to play the game without trying to cash out
I been playing this game for over three months. I love the game. However, the ads are ridiculous. 45 sec - 2 min ads after playing 10 seconds. I got to the cash out amount at 100 dollars and still was not able to cash out. Now says must play 29 consecutive days and collect 30 red envelopes. Does not explain what those are. I'm now at 115$ and still won't cash out. I have reached level 246 and score of 30,000 ant still can't cash out. Then it crashed and would not come back up. seems like a SCAM
This game was fun initially. Points gathered well until get near the 100 level then only get one point each try. Then when reached the 100 to get Amazon gift card the top was was switched and had me working towards PayPal and only had 93 points. Seems like a scam game.
Sir, I had completed more than 110 level but my amount is not showing increasing, it stuck on 90.12 $ only. So kindly see this matter seriously and reply.
Got $103.50 and it won't let me cash out. Says its completed then when you push the cash out button it says task not complete. Complete waste of time. Don't bother with this. :-( I've contacted the developer with no response. Scam!
This game is a scam you will not get paid from ads it is just like 2048 merge and 2048 card and a few other games that look exactly the same chances are it was created by the same company you will be wasting your time you will most likely get to 99.98 with only $0.02 left to make a hundred and you would never get it don't waste your time.
Worse game ever. Hit $90.00 and now the game pays one cent each time. Do not waste your time on this one! I'd give it zero stars if it was an option.
WASTE OF TIME AND SPACE First off the ad for the game lied. It said there are no ads but in order to get your earnings from each opportunity you have to watch an ad. Secondly the ad is misleading. It says all the earnings go directly to your paypal account which it does not. You have to reach $100 for that to happen. Lastly the initial payout is $66 which is great but after that its Penny City. It does not payout enough to make the game worth it. WASTE OF TIME AND SPACE
11/10/20 Started out great. Got up to $70 to$80 in just days but then it slowed down drastically. Now im up to $92 and its only giving 3 cent every few minutes and now 2 cent. Can't cash in till iy reaches $100 . It probably isn"t going to get there. They have it rigged so its not going to pay out for a while. Now on 12/31 I am up $93.3 3 and getting 1 cent eveey few minutes. It will take a long long time to get to $100. It is rediculos. They don't want to pay out
I reached $100 which is what it said to cash out. But it still will not let me cash out. It says that I have to earn 30 rewards a day for 20 consecutive days to cash out now, but it is stick on 1 day. It will not reset each day to let me build up to the 20 days.
Earned the $100 and then some to cash out. Then it said I had to play for 20 consecutive days to cash out. So I played for 20+ days and still unable to cash out. Uninstalling this game as it will never allow you to cash out.
This game does not pay you money . You get to 99.98 then it stops doesn't matter how much you win.Game is fun to play .
No cash rewards are added after getting $96. The ads do not load for a player to collect rewards. The board never resets even if a player requests it.
All I can say is they are scam, waste people time, I think its enough to show that they're seem to be a fraud and there're no such things as 100% legit, but they're the one who get paid by google for creating these game, we won't get a single cent they're the one gonna be rich not us, if you really wanna pay us for playing this game you won't limit the amout to cashout while the reward decreasing till 0.01 cent, and one more thing all these game actually using the same ads not a single star
I'm getting really worried I spent the last 24 hours with no sleep to get to the limit, being stubborn as I am, I couldn't care less that after a certain amount it went to 0.01p every ad I finally reached it at 7am so claimed it but nothing showed up, so I don't know if it's takes a while for it to go to my PayPal or I just wasted my time Will update on this later if I don't get anything back
I'm very impressed, i actually won a $100.00 dollars, though i haven't received it into my PayPal account as of yet. I'm well on my way to winning more. Well, i was impressed, but not now, the game keeps cheating me out of my rewards, i could have won another $200. by now if i would've gotten my rewards. And i still haven't received my $100. that i won 4 days ago. Emailed the developer, 5 times and still no reply. What is up with these people
This games sucks, after 3 weeks getting to level 12 i made $90 then making $0.05 after every win at level 12! Play another game or wait a long time.
Terrible game. Got almost to the cash out point and it no longer gives you any money so you can never cash out!!!! Dont waste your time!!
absolute bogus. When you close to getting to your target they reduce the adds payout to $0.01. It is impossible as the adds half the time do not work and you will have to restart the game.
Cheaters - They make you play the game and at the beginning you will earn more but as you nearing 100, you will earn in cents..like 1 or 2 cents, imagine frustrating. Please don't install such apps who promises to pay good money. So many cheat / cheap people act in this ad for the sake of money and fool others.
This is pure fraud and scam! zero rating should be here! Got the 100$ needed to payout but when u do, will ask u again to play for another 20 days consecutively having 30 rewards each day!
Yes this was the game that used to be 5 stars until restart stoped working few days ago after I failed level 34K up till then it was a 5 star game along with balls merge & number merge. Back too 5 stars again within 24 hours of this post problem fixed back to playing as normal & almost ready to cash out.
Really mad and disappointed Cash out at a hundred yeah right needed food so I thought this wouldn't hurt to try after going through the penny phase where you play hundreds of games for a penny I got to a hundred after about 3 days playing almost Non-Stop went out and told my husband yay I got to a hundred we can go get food then it tells me that I can't cash out unless I play 20 days consecutively and collect some kind of red envelopes really sucks it took my time and i dont get what is promised
Game is ok. Took me a while to get to the $100. Then you do the payout and they don't pay. Sent several messages and they don't answer. SO DONT PLAN ON GETTING PAID
I made it to over a $100 & was expecting the payout only to be told that I must play 20 consecutive days in a row to get my payout. I completed the 20 day play and still have not received my payout. I don't appreciate the the scam that is being pulled on this game.
Yet another disappointment. Barrier after barrier and lie after lie. None of these games ever live up to the hype. All the money they make off us users and they cant even make it worth us downloading this damn fake game. If the games were at the very least entertaining I dont think it would be so irritating.
At first it was good. But the more you play the more ads you have to watch and when you get over 90.00 the cash reward becomes almost non existent . Drops to 3 cents. For every 3-4 seconds of game play you have to watch a 30 second ad. It is too irritating and not enjoyable to play . You spend way more time watching ads than playing and it would take a couple months of playing to reach 100.00 .
I played your games honestly now you won't pay out. You changed your cash out ways and I did everything you asked and your game is still not working to cash out. . I know the other Unity games are having the same problem with paying off. Please fix this problem.
I was playing and i was close to a $100 payout when screen went blue. And it isnt my phone only the Balls Shooter app. Frustrating to say the least. I wrote the developer and i have yet to receive any response.
Good game in the beginning you're promised quick dollars in the end once you're near 100 it only gives you cents very disappointed can't even cash out don't get your hopes up people
Its funny that we got to watch this video just to get cash but every time you get close to cashing out yell keep lowering the cash and right now 92.00$ and each video takes 30 second or more to watch and yell get paid triple or more than yell ditching out its a waist of time and fake money lol its hard out here as it is and yell still rob people and laugh ( THAT JUST WRONG!) For your info if you download and play and they pay 66$ or more its a fraud game and delete!
At first it was okay.. But as you keep leveling up.. The money starts to go low.. From $0.50 to $0.7 and to many ads for it to get the money.. I am disappointed.. I want the money to pay for my schoolfee.. But it seems like this is not helping.. I am a poor girl myself.. And my family have no jobs.. If I can help them in any way.. It would be this.. But this just lets me down.. I'm sorry if I give you a low vote..
I played this game everyday for a month for hours every day and it says you can cash out when you reach $100 usd so I did and it said completed and it never paid me for winning,I tried to contact them about my pay out and never got a response from this site after several times trying to reach them. BEWARE this game do not pay out IT'S A SCAM DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME SCAM WARNING FAKE LIKE ALL THE OTHER GAMES SCAMS IT'S NOT WORTH ONE STAR ,I could not remove the star
Hello there , I have been playing this game from a long time and it was good . But from 4 days it is stuck in 97 $ , and now I only get coins before I used get $. Waiting for reply
Great game! I really enjoy merging the balls and was very excited about getting money. I have reached $200 and am still not getting paid out - very disappointing! I would like to know if I'm ever going to get paid out?! When will I be paid? I have $229, played every day and fulfilled all criteria and am told I am almost there! I should have been paid at $100 so now I want $229!!!!!
Uninstaller. Love the ball games and this one is no exception. It has great color, graphics, it's easy to play and allows strategy development. The reward was reasonable until I reached $88. Now at $90, the reward has dropped to $0.1 (not favorable) and thus the 3-star rating. I have enjoyed the game but I am strongly considering uninstalling the game.
I played this game and found strange : 1.I was playing the game and after completing the stages in games.The score was stagnant and later earned $68 a pop up came all 0f a sudden...And than the game I continued and when reach at 99 level ....It shows fail and the restart key doesn't work....Please get back to this issue as I have spent lot of hours to finish the game....
Been playing for longer than the consecutive days required. Still have yet to cash out. Misleading advertising and highly disappointed in their scheme. 11.20.2020 - Still have not seen a payout allowed
How is it that you allow players to get to 100 and wont let them cash out? You arent doing a good job with keeping your word at all. You need 30 red flags and thats not right cuz i have been,playing a while now and you say i got one red flag. Yet if you try to fix the game to restart it the game wont let you advance it wont let you play the ads to do so the game is false
I really like this game. Would rate it a 5 if it pays out. Been waiting 3 weeks. Have contacted multiple times just waiting Good game but another covid 19 scam.will update when I get paid.11/09 still waiting.11/12 Still have received No contact or payout. But game still plays nice. But NO * due to ripoff.
Once you get into the $90.00 it will give you three cents know they get paid more then that for running these ads. This needs to change to at least 15-20 cents for all ppl want to stay and play. I'm at 92.77 and already ready to quit. It sucks ass! Don't download you will be very Disappointed 🤨😒😔
Its a scam....... Always crash especially. When i get big reward it will crash all the time so that the reward will gone..... And when your money is near 100 dollar itu will crash all the time after the ads so that we don't get the money... Don't play this.... This is sucks!!!!
The most ads I have ever seen in a game. Would be a cool game but way too many mandatory ads. And you can't cash out whenever like their own ad says.
Started out great. Got up to $70 to$80 in just days but then it slowed down drastically. Now im up to $92 and its only giving 3 cent every few minutes and now 2 cent. Can't cash in till iy reaches $100 . It probably isn"t going to get there. They have ir rigged so its not going to pay out fort a while
92.97 in the bank and then it drops to .01 cent per game, total con but why isn't anyone surprised, total garbage and deleted, do not, repeat DO NOT install as you will never get to cash anything out unless you spend your time constantly playing it and for 100 dollars is it really worth it. The game maker makes all the money from playing the same ads again and again. Leave alone, con artists.
I got to $100 after watching ads for 1 penny each from about $70 then I tried to cash out and it says I have to get a pay pal reward every day for 20 consecutive days. It should make all that clear before you start playing and I'm pretty sure I've been playing more than 20 days consecutively and have had a pay pal reward. Looks like another scam
They dont pay was well over a hundred dollars and give you hoops to jump thru and tell you to keep playing until you lose and cant restart to make the daily points required to get paid. Add a star cause I had to to post.
Have been playing this game for over 30 days consecutively and playing more than 30 PayPal points each time, have over 170.00 dollars but still unable to cash out.😴ripoff
DO NOT INSTALL!! They claim you actually win money and it's not one of the fraud games but it is! You get almost to the cash out point and then every time you win money it's one penny so they're guaranteeing that you'll get fed up and uninstall when you get so close. Just like a scam and crook lie to somebody and rip them off. people will go to any length just to screw with somebody- it's purely pathetic.
Absolute waste of time , do not download. Misleads people into thinking that you can make money quickly by playing the app... As you use it the payouts slow down to 1 cent at a time.. to earn 10 dollars.., you will get paid 1 cent at a time. And you have to watch 1000 adverts to earn the last 10 dollars. If you consider the data usage while watching 1000 adverts , you will realise that you are wasting money , not earning. Absolute waste of time. Totally misleading and false advertising. Scam!
DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS GAME!!! It's fun and chalanging but that's all it is....Been playing every day for over a month. It says i can't cash out because i have only been active for 1 day. And i did everything it said to do. BS!!!!
Well I find it to be the same as all the rest of them fun but if you're looking to make more than $80 of course you can't remove it until it's a hundred but I could be another 10 years older by then. It's not any different than any other game just commercial after commercial after commercial fun to do but don't expect to do more than have fun. None of them are going to pay like the actors on their commercials. I'm really surprised there is no truth in advertising in any of these games
It's really hard to reach the 100. I am almost 100 now but seems too slow and slow rewarding. Needs to watch more ads. It's really scam game. You need to fix this game. I spent a lot of time but it's useless.
Fun to play, but the ads LIE LIE LIE. If your playing to get money quick, you'll be waiting a long time. And you might not be able to cash out at$100.
Game is fun but they DO NOT pay out when you win...very deciteful!! Would give only half a star because of how deceptive they are!!
Reached 100.00 and cashed out on Thursday. Still have not received reward to my paypal. I've reached my second 100.00 and now it want let me cash out saying task incomplete. Have sent several emails inquiring with no response. It's obvious the developer is cashing in off us playing the game watching the ads! PayPal will not appreciate the false publicity.
Just like most games will take you a life time to cash out, once I was up to $92.00 The pay outs decreased to $0.01 I understand they csn not pay huge rewards eveytime, but every 4 to 5 moves brings you to a 30 second Ad to earn just $0.01 now if you like you can skip add and lose your $0.01 by using X but it still brings you to a ad. Ive watched 100 Ads in the last 2 days to earn $1.00 700 More 15 to 30 second ads to go to cash out. One Star until a up date is made.
Time waster, lets you get to $92 then goes up by 1 after a 30 second advert, it's nothing exciting just a very long and boring game that will probably take me weeks to get there for nothing. Not worth downloading
This could be a relatively relaxing game were it not for the adds. 93.34$ at .01 cents per add has made this very ridiculous. Cash out at 100 dollars but play it every second for three or four days. Who has that sort of time realistically? Uninstalling
I love the game but it is a scan even after completing their task still can't cash out, it's good if you don't have anything to do but don't expect anything.
If I could give this game negative stars I would as 1 star is giving more credit than deserved. I got to £70 no bother then it went 1p at a time. I reached the £100 then said I couldn't cash out until I had been on the game for 20 days. Then at £102.85 the game totally crashed. I would love to know how the gaming company have the audacity to say in their ads they are not a fake game and insult other games for being fake. DISGUSTING!!! PLAYERS BEWARE!! YOU'RE IN FOR MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT
Do not install this game. Closer you get to cash out amount its a penny. You will never reach it dont even waste your time. Take you 900 plays to get close.
So fun this games, from the start earning very good but once you reach $90 the system earning will very slow. I think they control it so that anyone/ anybody will not get the prize amounting $100, if you not update your system this app is will not recommended or successful. I will give you 1 start from now. Once I get or earn $100 few days from now I will give you 5 start and good comment.
Rubbish passed the $100 and does not pay out , take a long while as 1 cent paid now and again don't waste your time zero stars given
Game is phoney like the rest, you get get these large amonts and the closer you get to cashing out the smaller the winning amounts so so you can't cash out. I figured out that at .34 cents a winning id have to play three weeks regarding the wining amount doesn't go down, if it goes down so will the game!
I enjoy this. It's like playing pool. If you had multiple sets of balls on the table and only got points for hitting matching numbered balls together, using the geometric angles you do play pool...then the numbers that hit properly become a doubled number and your misses get buried under new balls put on the pool "table".
After 90 Dollars , the payment is only 1 cent. It like 1000 times u need to cashout before reaching 100 dollars. So u have to work for it and that too for a long time scale, u can get the money. So it's just waste of time. It's all humbug. I have reached level 217 and score of 53 K. But the reward is not activated yet. Or we are getting the reward. Why. What is the level where we can get the rewards.
This app is a BIG SCAM. You will start off with a nice payment of about $50 the after a few minutes the rewards start to decrease. After about 3 hrs you be only collecting $0.01 per ad. The only winners on this app are the developers and Google. BE WARNED THIS APP IS NOTHING BUT A WAIST OF TIME.
I have passed the $100 that I should be able to cash but low and behold now saying I have not completed for cash out. This is the message that comes up when you try to cash out. Cash out is available after being active for 20 consecutive days (receive '30' red envelopes every day to be active). Its a CON. I have been playing this game for ages trying to get to the $100 you get 3 drops of the balls then 30 second advert the you win $0.01 you can imagine how long it's taken to get to $100. 😡😡
This reinstalled game was working great until you get to $90 their reverts to the old version and pays out $0.02 no matter what the winning balls I think this company who provides the game doesn't really want you to get the magic $100 payout so come on play fair why not carry on the way it started instead of moving all the bases, well once again into the bin no point in playing when you do a backtrack twice I had to give 1☆ but that is begrudged down to $0.01 a score now UTTER CRAPP
Fake game. Daily requirement to get payout goes up the more points you get making it impossible to cash out. Just like the rest of the unity games. No response from the gmail contact.
I love playing this game, however when I reached the level choice to cashing out, it froze and won't let me get back to my game in order to cash out. It says "Fail" , 11K best, restart. When I pressed restart it does nothing!! I'm disappointed because I only had a very small amount in order to cash out. Can you fix this so I can continue and be able to cash out????
This game is so deciving its made for you to think you can earn something but at the end you dont rzceive anything.I had managed to raise about 96 usd and then to my surprise its written failed restart.Dont count on this game.
Good game but after hitting 90.46 I git the record in points of 14k says restart, won't let me, reopen app let's me play 1 move then says restart lol, if this game actually paid id play more thanks for nothing.
There should be a no star rating. It doesn't even warrant a one star. Played up to $92. After that , 3 months later maybe got to $93.24 by a penny at a time in addition to watching an ad at every single ball drop. Not worth it. It's a scam too.
I love the game but unfortunately the restart button doesn't work at all its just for fun for me but extremely annoying. I have installed & uninstalled it a few times just to start again but am fed up with doing that. Please fix the restart button so people can enjoy your game properly.
After playing 20 extra days to get your money, the screan goes blank and you cant get back on. Very much a rip off
Tons of ads, like almost one after each play. I feel like it is not worth it to even find out if there will be a pay out. I made it to 92 bucks and I am done because now the pay out is 2 cents and like I said a commercial after almost every single play so yep not worth it. Should be zero stars
I really like this game. Would rate it a 5 if it pays out. Been waiting 3 weeks. Have contacted multiple times just waiting Good game but another covid 19 scam.will update when I get paid.11/09 still waiting.11/12 Still have received No contact or payout. But game still plays nice. But NO * due to ripoff. Update. Still really tried, got no money but earned new cash out. Never paid or answered complaints. DONT LOAD IF YOU WANT TO GET ANY MONEY for all those Adds. TOTAL SCAM. 😭☹️😵😵NO⭐ NOT 1
Game starts great, then there is an ad every 3 or 4 combos only to receive 0.01/0.02 cents. Too many ads. I got to then first $100 but still have not received any Paypal money.
Your a total full if you down load this game also merge balls 2048 balls drop I reached £100 and then they moved the goal posts you then have to keep playing for 21 consecutive days and watch just under 500 ads I tried to get in touch with the team officials but they don't acknowledge your texts it's logo when you try to CASH in is YOU HAVEN'T COMPLETED THE TASK
Enjoyed this game same as so many ithers. After I reached the $100.00 and tried to collect, it said I had not reached the right goals and froze up so I cannot get ant further. Fraud, fraud is all I have to say. Let me have my money.
I like this game but i cashed out a month or so i still haven't got anything in my pay pal i was hoping this was not a scam but it's not looking good it's fun to play just don't expect to get any rewards for all the ad watching when people stop playing they change the game a little and the name and keep making money off us they are smarter then us
-5☆ I feel that 1 star is too much for this game, at $93 I don't know how many games I will have to play till I reach $100 They show you those people getting lots of $ in there advert also telling you you can cashout anytime but when you try it doesn't work you also see them getting the cash straight into there PayPal accounts and thats bull on one of the games I'm playing it tell you you have to wait up to 7 days or they don't get back too you -5☆ for this game from Scotland
another fake game. game not playing well cannot move ball all the way to right also not collecting any cash for getting these totals seems like this might be one of these fake games where i seem to spend more time watching ads than playing game even when you select the big X button it still takes you to an ad which seems to get longer every time i get one now upto 45 sec per ad then once that one is finished you get another smaller timed ad what a con
This game is a lie. You have to get to £100 before you can cash out with PayPal, It let's you get to £85-£90 & then you get 1p per level. My advice is DON'T BOTHER WITH IT!.
Liked game until it stopped giving me my rewards at $92.59 and now it will not allow me to restart my game. Very upsetting.
Id only give this game 1 star it's act of deliberate fraud you can't and you won't ever reach + ,I've been stuck on $92 for over a month, Google play has got to take the blame for allowing this game onto there site , they should be ashamed í
I have been playing for over a week and am up well over $100+. I keep reading the reviews so am aware how unhappy everyone is with the developer. I emailed them asking for an explanation of the rules of the game. Never heard back. Some of you have mentioned receiving little red suitcases. I have never received any and don't understand what I must do to get them. Can someone explain to me what to do with the icons at the bottom on each side ( a ball & K10)? If you know the rules pls share.
fun to start with but I have 111.40 and can not cash out .and when the p ball appeared I can not use it and it dus not give you all you wins. can some one please help explain
Scam. Impossible to win. Total con. Get to ninety then you get a penny at a time. I persevered, coz its OK game, got to $100 and I can't cash out. Have to play 30 consecutive days and score 30 red envelopes each day, whatever that means. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME.
11/10/20 Started out great. Got $70 to$80 in just days then it slowed down drastically. Now up to $92 and its only giving 2cent every minute. Can't cash in till I reach $100 . It probably isn"t going to get there. They have it rigged so its not going to pay out for a while. Now on 12/31 I am up $93 getting 1 cent every few minutes. It will take a long time to get to $100. 1/08 FINALLY reach $100. Now says got to play 20 days straight 30rewards per day. They dont want to pay out. REDICULOS
This reinstalled game was working great until you get to $90 their reverts to the old version and pays out $0.02 no matter what the winning balls I think this company who provides the game doesn't really want you to get the magic $100 payout so come on play fair why not carry on the way it started instead of moving all the bases, well once again into the bin no point in playing when you do a backtrack twice I had to give 1☆ but that is begrudged down to $0.01 a score now
Restart button still doest work but when it comes to rewards ,if you click rewards that restarts the game but just do continue when it says continue & it will, this is the only way I found to get any satisfaction from the game when I played it on an oppo phone. Still they need to fix the restart button or remove it to avoid so much frustration for players.
Your game sucks. Big Time!! Just another game that contains endless adverts to watch for no return. Still!! At least you're lining your own pockets on false promises to the people who have the misfortune to download this load of dross!! Uninstalling!!
Never paid! Once I did hit 100 usd I was finally allowed to add my paypal address to collect the reward. After hitting submit I was thrown back down to 0 and it's been 4 days since submitting it and still havent received my 100 usd reward.
I played more Than a month at this game I won the 100$ when I want to cash out it said you have to play another 20 consecutive days for the cash out to be payed out realy pathetic I played day and night many adds I played got 1c every time now I game at 100$ at last now only to tell me to play another 20 days realy scaming me