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Battle Night: Cyberpunk RPG

Battle Night: Cyberpunk RPG for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by FT Games located at RM 1701(228) 17/F HENAN BLDG NO 90 JAFFE RD WANCHAI HongKong. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.
It is the 12 months 2098, the end of the century is near, the fantastic alliances around the globe are in a fantastic war that is cool one another, while neon lights flash round the boundaries city under the dense fog, however the folks of the city are nevertheless unaware of the specific situation. This city is one that life outside of the statutory legislation, and is definately not all nations, and has gradually become a battleground for many camps. Conflict between advanced technology as well as the decadent civilizations is irreversible, and Cyberpunk has finally established their curtains after long nights.

It had been for this time using one associated with road sides in only a little simple investigator agency, a sharp and keen detective sensed a change in the atmosphere, he quickly needed seriously to round a team up to go and find the hidden plan that has been in the making...


👍Idle system
Idle gameplay with a high immersion, put your heroes training while you’re away, relaxing and relaxed.
👍Cyber Sensation
Well-developed maps, futuristic roads and night this is certainly dazzling, making outstanding science-fiction sensation.
👍Elite BOSS
Decline robot repeated battles, every BOSS ended up being innovated for generating a game title that is top.
👍Hero Skills Tree
Heroes will never function as exact same, newly innovated gameplay, more custom-making features, enabling you to make a formation that is unique
👍Ample Challenge Mode
Main Maps, Arena PK, Hero Expedition, Core Adventure, and much more to keep you excited!

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How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Battle Night: Cyberpunk RPG.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
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User Reviews
Graphic and characters are cool but the rewarding system is too poor you basically get crab and garbage so you will have to pay to enjoy the game otherwise you will be very weak. I suggest that they make cheaper packages, more events, better rewarding system, other attractions like arena like what other games is doing. I am willing to pay but not like this way when you basically benefit nothing and the prices! For God sake are you serious!
Drop rate is trash. Progression is impossible without pay. There is no "controlling" or "growth" opportunity at all. So if you get stuck (and you will in about couple of hours), only way to progress is to buy. You can't even replay previous stages for better loot and experience.
How in the heck do you transfer your save?? This is becoming an issue as almost every game has a streamlined system. I can't get rid of my old phone yet because this one game won't transfer it's save over. Any assistance? Great game otherwise, will change my review when resolved.
Sucks hard so far. Cant even make it to a login screen. In the middle of loading it sais connection interrupted s68. Am on 5g sprint using oneplus8 phone.
Good game play and concept, but drops from the server happens frequently. Also, although you have multiple characters to choose from to build your team, you are restricted to only a few if you want to be competitive. Overall, fun game but needs improvements.
Pros: incredible visuals Cons: its pure torture to get good chracters the best comparasion is lighting ur ball on fire npc characters r unbalanced enemy does insane damage ...seen critical hit abt 60000 from enemy lower than my lvl to my 3-4 star golden and purple team every event unlock is fun at first and becomes new form of torture (try hyperspace) AND the most important thing u cant fix all of the above just throwing money at the game (i have tried)
Good game so far. I haven't been playing long but seems to be promising. I like that the game levels up fast, no ads at all, and the fighting style is pretty cool. The look and idea are both brand new. Seems to be a pretty cool story so far. All in all I think I'll be playing this game for awhile.
Incredible graphics, if you like cyberpunk, bladerunner, shadowrunner, stuff you will love these graphics. Game is fairly strait forward group on group battler. Please let us adjust the volume of the music. You can turn it off and on, id like to turn it down, not mute it.
I am amazed from this game 5* not ...make it better 1000* The story,the heroes,the bosses ? The music ? So soo dope game Love the costumes in the heroes lookalike 5th element movie man and the background music epic Played so many games the last 3-4 years from mobile But this is just AMAZING guys try it out (and girls ofc) Well done truly well done 10000*
Amazing Graphics and framerates, I can play anywhere which is great because my jobsites have little to no service and if there is even a tick mark of service the game plays smoothly. Its really easy to navigate. Overall, the artwork of characters, bosses and level backgrounds are cutting edge. Very fun and addicting. Great game!
The battles take too long to complete compared to other games of its kind. Also the chances to get rarer characters is too low, I've used perfect hire 10+ times and only get blues.
Exceptional game. Personally I have spent 6$ and progressed just fine to lvl 65 and have been able to evolve characters to orange levels in about a month of play. The pay to play aspect is minimal..just takes time to progress* my biggest suggestion so far is relocate health bars to the area above the character portraits, it would be nice to select character actions during battle. Will definitely update once I'm to 100. Not many games capture my attention for long but this one sure has potential!
I like the game but it seems to still have allot of bugs. Got to chapter 5 and the first mission is bugged every time I open it, it crashes. Would be a great game if it could get fixed.
Keeps giving me error code S38 "connection to server was interrupted." I have had zero problems with any other games on the play store. I'm really interested in this game. But I can't get past the loading screen. Only a couple time was I able to load in, but immediately gives me the same code. I tried reinstalling it but did not help.
I appreciate the idle auto battle so as to not keep track of all of the character skills and casually pass the time while improving my team. It is also nice to be able to use characters for various stacking team buffs. Paying real cash really only speeds up team build up but is not necessary to excel in gameplay. Artistic style is refreshing for me as I've not seen many cyberpunk aesthetic mobile games and I'm interested in future characters and content to come.
Has promise, but has bugs. Overall the game is okay. It's still newer so they're working on some things (like guild wars). The big issue is that there are bugs (guild battle doesn't calculate damage correctly), and some quality of life stuff isn't present (no "new message" notification for guild chat). There are some obviously overpowered characters and balance issues too. Also, you won't be competitive if you don't spend a good amount of money. Oh, and the devs don't respond to tickets.
Damn,, the art style is crazy good. The game features are good too if you have patience then you are going to love this game. The gaccha pull rate is decent. The game is new, looking forward to some new featcher and updates.[Note: This game is more or less like afk arena with less control and less content.The game is new so don’t complain.]
The cyberpunk world they made is beautiful as are the characters and their animations. Gameplay is auto but its fine, you get to customize before battle. I personally am enjoying the guild the most. Ive met several great people and there are a ton of rankings to compare yourself in all areas. Best part you can spar with guildmates while partying on your guild boat at sea. Cons, its on the pricey side and their network may be held together with duct tape. You will be disonnected, often.
P2W! Your typical vip style game, spend money raise your vip status more rewards, new servers will open every week making your server die in a month and your progress will not carry over, no control what's so ever on your characters, if you look for a game to play for a month or so until your server dies this is the game for you.
I really want to give this more. Love the art style, and I'm always a sucker for anything cyberpunk. But we aren't treading any new ground in the genre, the gacha odds are ridiculously low, very few heroes have a full upgrade path, the forging of parts is very expensive for what they give you, and there are stages where the opponent's crits are juiced to stop you progressing.
Love the graphics style. The content is the same as done elsewhere, but the freebies seem good at first. The. You realize the gatcha system is broken. Too many green (free and trash) pulls from the pay pulls. Plus not enough high tier characters to build a well rounded team. Not that that matters as the gatcha system will ensure you never get more than one or two anyway.
Good game BUT you hit a massive paywall after a week or so. After that there isn't much to do, takes half an hour to do the daily quests and then just wait till the next day. The summoning or hire part of the game is a joke, number of top lvl toons is one, which you earn in game. Have pulled nothing but vendor fodder or duplicates since then. Dropped some pennies and accomplished nothing for my investment, wont be doing that again. Cant say I would recommend it unless you very lucky or rich
Good artstyle The Halidom system makes characters interesting. My only gripe with this game is I'm fairly certain odds pulling characters not only differ by tier but by faction and ability to reach the highest tier. There are two rare factions that you will almost never pull from token I forgive it because the game is new but too often does it feel like I'm pulling the same 5 characters. Granted they have promotions where it's a higher chance find certain characters, but the odds felt trashy
Pretty heavily gated early game experience. Played maybe 30minutes then had to wait on resources to level up. Following morning I leveled up enough to do 3 levels lol. Also the evolution of characters looks pretty insane... first evolve from blue tier to whatever is next takes 2 dupe blue units PLUS FIVE SAME FACTION BLUES. That's 7 specific units needed for the first evolution of the blue tier units... no thanks
Gameplay is basically auto chess, art is cool and nicely stylised around cyber punk theme. There's not a huge amount to do though, you'll log on, auto clear what you can then wait till tomorrow. Gatcha rates are ridiculous, lowest tier pulls constantly, high requirements for everything else ensure you drift to the cash shop (just means you waste money and time as odds aren't improved). Could be fun but its progression is stifled and its fairly boring.
Beautiful artwork.. decent combat and skills.. BUT not much to do.. just collect idle rewards to progress and repeat.. also impossible to evolve an orange hero as f2p.. +very overpriced Update1: after 15 days whole team purple.. but the biggest problem is in 20 min you done everything and just wait for next day.. dont developers want us to play the game?? Put some random fight with bad reward and possibility for a good one you can play over and over..
Old servers have very few players playing. In few weeks, there will be no one to play with. We are your first players. Have some respect for us! Join old servers together! Some other needed improvements. 1. Quick combat retry. Add this function. It is annoying going back and forth between screens just to retry a battle one more time. 2. Remember players team for different modes. Let PVP team stay as PVP team, and PVE as PVE. Why does system keep a record of only one mode and applies it everywhere?
Been playing about a week now. Good game, some of the prices are just not ever gonna happen for me. I'll still play i have bought some that are reasonably priced. The battle pass i would of gotten to but, its just way to expensive. Im still enjoying it, and if other deals show up that are decent ill snag a few.
Bad just bad, what could be a great game is ruined by poor level scaling and sub par value for horribly high priced items, If your looking for a fun idle game best look elsewhere. If you dont get a great character immediately your game is going to be frusteratingly slow and you'll just have no chance progressing till you get a better unit or spend days waiting to level up. This game could have been brilliant but greedy devs and bad value just ruin what could have been an amazing game
Cool concept enjoyable game but way to pay to play, The grind is rough and so many of the stages are way to rough early on, have fun getting past chapter 4 stage 10 without paying or spending a day or 2 waiting to level up. Its an awesome idea but needs to be more chill, way to rough early on for people who dont want to spend, its genuinely cool but the early stages are discouraging had a few friends try it like it and quit because of the bad scaling of enemies early on.
After playing for a while the summoning rate became disgustingly low. I can't even get blue characters on senior summon. I'm stuck on main quest, can't upgrade my character becuz u need like 5 specific character to upgrade one character. There's no way to get the character u want as well becuz the shop only allowed you to exchange for a certain character only. There is literally no way to progress even if you play everyday, becuz you can't farm older stages. Idk what to do anymore.
This is a typical idle game. The "gameplay" consists of tapping buttons to collect rewards and powering up characters. Combat is full auto and you will reach the progress wall much sooner than other idle games, around 1-2 hours. After that nothing to do but close the game and wait for afk rewards or get out the cash. The cash shop is also ridiculously overpriced. The graphics are nice and so the only reason to play this is if you like the cyberpunk aesthetic and need a very basic side game.
The game is addicting and has a nice theme. The overwhelming amounts of "buy this and that" ads are my only complaint so far, I am happy to spend money but these are annoying.
This was an exceptional showcase. Its been so long since a good AAA title like this has come out. The graphics are fun, original, and engaging. Tbe combat is entertaining and the rewards are satisfying. If we saw more games like this one, we'd all have more fun.
Very fun game with great graphics, but evolving heroes is ridiculously resource intensive... you need to sacrifice between 7 and 10 heroes just to evolve 1 character... other similar games require half that. I'm level 65 and have not been able to evolve any characters yet because I don't have the necessary sacrifices. And that is AFTER paying some money for packages...
Edit: Jumped to 5 stars, personally. I love the low data storage it takes to download this app. The BEST part actually, also acquiring heroes isn't easy but at the same time worth it. PvP match up's are another thing I've enjoyed, I never worry about playing against someone who's too strong. It's either Equal or other players with low Power. All in all a great app and recommend 10/10
I cant even get into the server. It looked like an interesting game. Ive tried switching servers and uninstalling but I get nothing. Even going into the help, they are slow to respond and don't seem to actually care. Not worth it.
Fan of the art, not the gameplay. Immediately after passing the strict repetitive tutorial, my characters were not strong enough to do any progress on the game. No way to advance other than missions or buying stuff with real cash. Very poorly designed game mechanics that's only saved with good art.
Tutorial cost you 1 chapter, i find it too long. Can't revisit area=can't build up characters=low replayability. So, sooner or later you will reach chapter that too difficult too pass, and you defeated every single fight. At that point you will have to spend money to pass. Full auto fight=no strategy. Good graphics & arts.
-_- Can't get any support from the developers. My internet works fine, YouTube works fine at 720, browser works smooth and fast, Can't get this game to load though, worked well on my old phone from seven years ago, but only got it to work one time on the galaxy note ultra I just got ... so Idk.. I'm complaining. Will add more stars, if I get a response.
Good overall experience. The waiting around with no game play option can be annoying. There needs to be a training ground of some sort to keep the action going. Only other thing is come down on the prices bro. Willing to support you but the high prices make it seem like a get rich quick scheme more than a serious fun cyber punk idle rpg. VIP needs to be redone, seems a bit greedy. Game has good style and enough customization to keep things interesting. Looking forward to some cool updates.
Wow i thought this would be good but then.... it really stated pushing the "Oh hey you're stuck?!?! Buy this and this for REWARDS!!!"
@Google please look into this game it's crashes and if you use items you paid for you will loose them I have sent screenshots on Facebook, Discord, and have had no luck and only response I have received was they say it's our connection but this is happening to many people I have seen in the game I have lost items I have paid for and nothing is getting done about this issue with the game. They won't respond back to anyone or do anything about items that are being lost due to the game crashing.
I like the visual style, even though most female looks like a virgin's depiction of what a woman looks like. The servers disconnect every 5 minutes and i lose progress every time. Season pass and packs are stupidly overprices. Would put more stars if the experience was stable.
I like the graphics in this game and I usually have no problem spending some money on gotcha games I enjoy. But are you kidding me with those prices??? The same sorts of items/packages are about 80% ~ 300% more expensive than other similar games! Edit: After playing for a few months, the game is actually pretty free-to-play friendly. Don't really need to spend any money to enjoy it if you don't mind progressing a little slow.
The art and graphics are decent, even if drowning in sexual content aimed at getting small bois sweet wallet cream. That's all this game has to offer tho. It's a hero battle clone with expensive pay2win and casino level gacha gambling. It lacks anything special or fresh, other than the visual it plays like a copy pasta of Idle Heroes, except with much higher prices and lower rates. Progress feels slow and empty. It's generally a boring game that requires dumb money over skill or intelligence.
The artwork is good and I like the few character designs I was able to see, but the tutorial is all consuming and does not allow the player to make a single choice for themselves. Nor does it actually give any information on the story or game mechanics. I have to give one star.
The game is fun, I'd recommend it to anyone. But the arena makes no sense. You're "winning streak" is ended when someone else attacks you. It's a dumb feature, anyone who is OP person can attack you and just end your streak. Fix the arena, by matching people closer to your power and get rid of the bs feature of losing your winning streak.
As a cyberpunk fan I tried to give this a chance but it's complete garbage. A typical idle game full of the usual poor idle mechanics to try and force you to spend. Extremely poor gacha rates, 99% of summons you get useless units and without certain units you can't progress. After a few days of progress road blocks designed to try and frustrate you into spending start so expect to get stuck on stages for days/weeks, combat is full auto with zero control and everything is overpriced. Skip this!
Some quick tips for campaign. Idle for a week until you are at least 10 levels higher than the enemy team and maybe you will win, but it is still very unlikely since high levels mean nothing against higher rarity heroes. Enemy team will always get twice as many high rarity heroes as you, so the only way to succeed is to wait for a week to get your heroes to ten levels above your enemy at least. Or pay real money and get the same results in four days instead of a week.
1: i like the Concept 2: its most def ptw 3: every level the enemies Turn into Superman 4: Progression Haults to fast during gameplay 5: Drop Rates sucks Will update Update as of 10-30-2020..Ptw period
This is a great game👏🔥💯👍. My whole team consists of all women expect for one male character lol, not that I have anything against the women characters there really cool. I would like to see more male characters as well and even up, but all around great game and fun. (edited review)Now that I have been playing for a while I'm getting more male characters. I guess I spoke to soon🤭. The quality of this game is really good. You can tell a lot of creative thought went in to it.
Extremely pay to win. You will hit hard pay walls within the first hour of play. Everything in the store is very greedy and highly overpriced, such as $30 for a battle pass. Many features aren't even implemented yet. There are numerous translation errors. Overall this game is a scam, avoid it.
Love the graphics style and game play. No pay walls or adds. There isn't any "in game purchase" stuff thrown in your dice constantly. Great game, plenty of things to do every day and steadily grow. Specially once you get higher in level. Just reached level 60 and so far....I am very impressed. 👍
After playing for weeks on a new server, saving all my coins from pvp ECT buying character peices and then not receiving it after summoning. Happened 2 times so far! Not impressed. Don't waste your time and definitely your $$ on all the micro transactions and VIP. Progress gets extremely slow. I really wanted to like the game. But with the issues above, progression and horrible summon rates even with the special event characters.
Always messes up and has problems loading. I've spent a lot of money on this game and can't hardly ever play it. It's very annoying
Pretty good 'Heroe's charge' type of idle game so far. I love the character models very much. Great cyberpunk feeling. Lore is missing, and char bios are grammaticaly incorrect and pretty dumb. I want backstorys for every character, make them feel important and not just chowder for evolving. Paywall behind vip sucks, and gems cost is insane. 3/5 game. Edit : Missions could be improved with supers that you control instead of unleashing automaticly.
This game is really good !!!... and fun. I gave 5 stars. Graphics, Gameplay and everything, also good. There is a little problem that needs to be fixed, when I want to exit the game, I tap back button on the phone and the exit dialog won't pop up, and I have to force close the game everytime, (I have a Samsung phone with android 9) and Google Play Games auto signing in should be fixed too. I hope the FT Games will fix these problems very soon. Thanks for making this game FT Games.
A very fun game, good progression without the need to pay, but useful pay options. There is enough to do and enough team building mechanics to make the game engaging enough to keep wanting to play.
So far it's ok. The game is still in tutorial mode, so hard to say as the "real game" has not stated yet.
This game is surprisingly f2p-friendly! I only spend around 20mins on this game a day and has already gotten to lvl 65 in a week! Battle Night actually encourages you to spend your currencies wisely, and will provide more-than-enough sources of income every week, which helps alot with progressing, and the game rewards you greatly for wise choices!!! The prices for everything is really reasonable, and it doesnt take endless grinding. One thing though, content isnt really a strong point... still❤
Had to take off a star from my last review in October. I'm finding the game fun but the constant main server shutting down right in the middle of a battle has to stop. Its done it several times to me in just the last few weeks or so and is getting really old. Please fix!
One of those games without actual gameplay. After 2 hours of grinding different instances you get nothing, no sence of progression, no satisfaction. Shop prices are roughly 3-4 times bigger than any other game of similar genre, while gameplay-wise it not gonna provide new features. The only good part are grapchics, but i rather gonna buy full game like "Dust To End" and pay $10. Ammount of heroes small they are barely different, item system is very basic, arena full of bots. Go play Defenders 2.
Neat aspect, but one of the worst offenders ive seen around, to shuv many "premium" aspects behind $$. The gacha odds seem very poor, and boy have i tried them all. The game really screeches to a halt after a bit, and it shows that at some point youre pushed into wanting to spend to get through the wall.
Battle Night probably has the most clean, fluid, and exciting combat animation I've seen in a turn based rpg. I dare someone to show me better!
Fun game so far but today can't login to server. I can't give tech support my ID to troubleshoot without logging into the game apparently, because the "retry" screen blocks everything. Unlike other games that have some offline components, you can't play this game offline at all. But when it is playable the battles are challenging and fun.
Great art direction, pretty fair gacha system, and some really kicking music. I wish I had discovered this game sooner. If you like cyberpunk and even slightly like games such as summoners war or more accurately idle heroes, then this is the game for you
It's a great game with awesome graphics but the tutorial is annoyingly long to a very unnecessary extent and forces you through basic the first chapter and continues into the second chapter and it doesn't save your progress for space reasons I had to uninstall it a while back but now that I reinstalled it it started me completely over. If I already have an account I don't want to play a 10 minute long tutorial just to be able to get my progress back
Doesn't matter if you have a purple character because it does the same damage as a blue character so it doesn't really matter what characters you get they are all the same some people don't know how to make fair games and these are one of them
Games fine Typical level by level action game but you have zero control over characters not even special abilities The reason for the 3 star is mainly because the character summoning is quite possible the worst I have seen Summon 10x not even 1 epic character After every 15 summons of "high-quality epic " characters you get a token for Ultra summon (legendary)but you still get rare(blue) characters which is lame and very disappointing, and of course the wall of difficulty comes pretty soon
So very addictive. I do have to say that I want to spend money on this game, but the prices as is are so over the top for almost no gain. I mean it cost like 41$ to get 150 vip and diamonds. With those diamonds you might only get Green summons. Now to get certain characters you need to be at 30000 vip. That would cost thousands of dollars. For the cost of 40$ please offer us something of value. Again I'd like to throw money into the game, there's just nothing worth buying.
Game is pay to win, not a critique just an observation. Once you get to each wall in game play there is nothing else to do. Some kind of real adventure mode that allows you to customize a character a bit more might make the game more diverse and repeatable. Idle is cool but allow us to grind, cause all there is at end is pvp and maybe guild battles when guild wars start.
Cyberpunk is not a game style that I play comfortable otherwise it seems Ok. If you like the style then I think you will enjoy it.
Interesting game but nothing under the surface. Very nice graphics, story is non-existent. If this game was a true turn-based RPG it would be an instant 5* even with the unbelievably high prices they charge. But alas it is not turn-based or even player manipulated - all fights are computer controlled & you simply plan what people are in your party. That's it plan your party, level up, and gachi for new characters. That's the game, then rinse & repeat.
300 arcade pulls and i haven't once gotten 1 of the 2 good corners. Obviously rigged, and there's no chance description. Illegal gambling? Probably.
Most things in this game are well designed and well refined with great visuals and gameplay that makes you come back for more BUT, and it is a big but, the drop rates on hires is terrible. The fact that you can even pull green from senior hires is disgusting and makes them useless. Not to mention that senior hires are overpriced. Then let me tell you that perfect doesn't even closely describe perfect hires. They are eye-wateringly overpriced and still allow you to pull green AND blue characters!
Good game with poor UI/ UX. Learn more from AFK arena. If this game requires dozens of attempt to pass one stage, make sure players have an option to immediately press repeat, not wait for your endless loading screens to enter battle UI again. I'm heavily paying player, so you'd better listen..
Few suggestions: 1) Make VIP points obtainable as rewards, either as a seperate event or through some of the current ones; 2) Winning streak in Arena should only end if you attack and lose a battle, not if you get attacked. You lose points for failed attacks, but you also gain points for defending attacks.
Fun game, however account recovery through the automated process in place shows the value the company has for its customers, after I accidentally uninstalled the game making room on my phone, I waited 30 mins for a response from customer support and gave the info for recovery (without knowing the server you were on your account is gone btw) and have been waiting 8 hrs for any response and starting the game every once in a while to see if my account is back, too much wasted time to want to return
Having fun so far, only level 25. Will update as advancing. Update: Been about a month now. Still having fun. The game does well that you always feel like you're advancing. Even while getting stuck on a campaign stage, just hitting other activities and working on your team comp and gear doesn't let the game go stale. Almost up to level 80 and starting to hit the thick if it and it still feels great. Spent maybe $5 total so far and doing just fine. Will spend more just because I enjoy the game.
make no mistake, you get nothing for free. u get some heroes but ull hit the paywall. they told u get a purple every 20 senior summons but thats only once. youll never get another purple the next 20 summons and it doednt say there its only once. they lie. i mean this it. like every other so called "game" in google play this is designed to suck u dry and there's nothing competitive about it beside how deep is ir wallet. if this ur jam then by all means, it's 10 star game.
Customer support is non-existent. I have been playing for a while and made a lot of progress until I lost my account. I contacted the support team in hopes of recovering it but at first they didn't respond until 2 hours later then when I did "recover." My account it was the wrong one. They gave me a different player's account who happened to be in the middle of a conversation in guild chat, then instead of fixing it they have been ignoring me for 9 hours.
I'm not satisfied at all. The machines that grant you characters with bottle caps are rigged. You need to fix this because I use purple caps and get +15 Blues. What the hell, that's bonkers. I used my 3 orange caps hoping to get an orange, I get 3 BLUES!!! WHY DO WE KEEP GETTING BLUES!!! Im level 40, I do not need BLUES, I need stability, characters with high dexterous abilities! Fix this and my review will be better. FAR BETTER.
The game is fun for a bit. I saved up 80 arcade tokens. To hopefully get a hero i want. So i spent 1000+ gems at the arcade with a 50 gem cost a refresh to hopefully get a purple hero that i would like. A hero finally came up. I used six Ten time draws and 40 single pulls and never hit the one purple i spent 1000 gems and 80 tokes refreshing to get. This is not a comment for the development team its for the consumer so i dont want to see some bs generic sorry you feel this way, but us @ blah...
I have a lot of fun playing. I'm progressing well and you have to think about how to put your team together. But I also have criticism points. 1. I finally got my purple hero fragments together put this together and get a purple hero ...... but he is not there or he is not credited to me. (Also shin has occurred several times in blue) 2. If you do the perfect hire in the b's club there should be no green inside because you already find it hard to get these tickets. I hope that this will be fixed soon or I will at least get a final damage for the hero fragments I have bought myself in the various shops. with friendly casting nukakeks (in game name)
Pretty fun overall, though giving it 3 stars due to the absurdly high prices for gems and other in app purchases, and low pull rates for units.
The game is alot of fun. Love the art style. Wish there was some kind of chargable attack, like a power blast or something, that i could use in the fight. I think that would add some player envolment during the fight scenes. Other than that the game is pretty cool.
It's a good idle game. You can't really binge it after the first day. It's the kind of game that you play for like two hours a day. Maybe more if your patience helps you break through a barrier. Crafting and character management is easy and there's plenty of content. You can't control your units in combat or help them. That sucks. I would like something to do. Feel apart of it you know? Like choosing when they use their specials or having command abilities with global effects.
Great game! Cool graphics, known gacha mechanic with tactical team combat in a Blade Runneresque setting. The game doesn't seem to have much depth but it's all about the team comp. What is outstanding here is various unique well balanced characters and transparent skill kits that make experimenting with comps fun! Also F2P progression is decent if you are ok idling regularly. Barely no P2W as paying largely just accelerates progression. Well done, devs! Keep it up!
Only started 10 mins ago but it seems fun. I know how these games with in app purchases work but as long as I can have fun for free then it deserves at least 5 stars from me.
This game has a very specific aesthetic that is done incredibly well, the animation is fluid and the mix of 2D/3D really makes everything just look great! The mechanics are nice and simple and it is a very playable and enjoyable experience so far.
Stingy AFK Idle Game (no early bonuses for newbie) with Over-Priced In-Game Item Prices (cheapest items being 5$ for almost nothing in quality) as well as steep early Paywall (as early as Chapter 3-10), there's a lot other generous AFK games that gives newbies a lot of early bonuses and better to invest in than this, this game is definitely Pay 2 Play for sure, all these 5* ratings must be paid/fake ratings or whales that love burning their money for nothing
Great look and design but no story at all. The level system is crazy weird. Within 10 minutes if "playing" I was level 15. Then it jumps levels like crazy and then I'm level 25 5 minutes after that haha. Not sure if it goes to level 10000 I don't understand the point of this game yet.
Overall i totally enjoy this game, but when the battle comes i don't see the manual button to select the lowest enemy first, so i just watched them fight, and then about gacha, to take the sr hero u must buy 15 hero first, and the u can take one token to gacha the sr hero (yelow) but what i take is really really zonk, my advice is, this is game have potential to make another game expecially fighting game, i see the all characters is have a good skill in this game, thx. Good job
fun game.. but cannot re-play the completed zones.. ends up being unable to do anything until level up.. waiting period becomes longer as level increases..
The game is pretty catchy and fun. Provides enough for you to play for an hour or two before the next day reset. The only issue and why I have given it 3 stars is the fact that the server status isn't stable. I am constantly being kicked out the game due to a main server issue. It does become aggrevating, especially when in the middle of an important fight. Hopefully they will fix this and make it so you arent kicked out every hour for a minor "Maintenance" fix.. ......
I downloaded it just to leave this review. The fact that you have one of those ads where it's supposed to be sexy is horrible. You can do better that. "Play or Die" with a girl sucking on a Popsicle? Like come on now. The FG3000 commercials was good enough. Great even. Good for him btw. But yeah 1 star just for that horrible thing.
Great AFK type game. Cool Heros and action. No pay to win, its worth a try. Rewards are great and good heros are not hard to get. It has a ShadowRunner feel to it. Very cool
Game itself is ok. The basic, senior, and perfect hires (character summons) are... Extremely bad. Don't know if my luck is bad or a scam. Bosses in these chapters! Wow. Just when you crossed a hurdle, you run into a wall. When you've broken through the wall? Yes, that's right, You've fallen into a pit! Lol. Anyways, its an idle game.
Uhm, I was asked to suggest. And I have to say Your prices for gems or the currency for the game are far too high. Its like I how I mention to my group of friends and people who play mobile games. You would see far more purchases if your prices were reasonable, not an entire month of groceries worth of virtual coin. Kinda pathetic. In fact, I know I am not going to spend a single cent on the game.
If you have played any hero collection game, you will enjoy this. Original characters, unique setting and art style, and more freedom to develop your heroes compared to other games. No stamina system limiting your play means you can do what you want when you want, and numerous different game modes make it so there is always something to do. Really looking forward to watching this game grow as more people download and the developers continue to update the game.
The graphics and effect are really great i like, but there are some problem. For example there are no proper support characters no healer only 2 or 3 have some skill of... Same as no tank with proper tanking skills... To getting a character is not ballanced the chance to get blue is so so, but get a purple is so so low... and i dont talk about perfect characters, that chance basicly 0.0000001%. Good for short time killing but for long term not much to do.Also the shop need more pages with items
Pretty interesting so far. I am enjoying the cyberpunk feel of the game and it seems fairly easy to grasp the fundamentals. The overall vibe seems laid back with a small focus on the pay to win front. In a nutshell a pretty good game so far.
The graphics and artwork is superb! Hope they make an option to choice battle BGM, I like the first one better. The game is still new. I hope we get more heroes in the future.
Poor Support!! I was really getting into this game until I was unable to log in, so I reinstalled the game and have lost my account. Account recovery with support has been slow and frustrating due to their copy/paste responses asking for information that you already provided on ver and over. They tale your money and clearly care nothing for you afterward. I'll update this review again if they resolve my issue before the day resets, otherwise I've lost too much time and will move on..
I like the games graphics, and gameplay is ok. You don't control the heroes in battle, so it's more of a management game where you have to set them up to win. The downside is the 'events' are all about how much you can spend - the targets aren't actually possible without spending. Also, the in game support is awful.
Nice game, easy to pick up and play. Not very time consuming. I don't think the drop chances are too low. You get plenty of attempts daily and i have 6 purple heroes already. I managed to reach top 50 in chapter in arena without spending any money so it is not too pay to win (at least for a gacha game).
Needs a bit more to do. Something beyond just the daily check in aspect like all the other games out there. Let us repeat levels at the cost of only a chance of obtaining the level rewards. That alone would be enough replayability without working too hard. Great graphics and visuals with a good core gameplay loop.
You can only get the best champ in the game from direct purchase so you must PAY TO WIN you cant randomly grab him. As per usual with American phone games your looking at a CASINO GAMBLING TACTIC which means anyone over 18 they are basically illegally taking your money due to addiction but protected by copyright laws. I expect the developer to come at me with "we appreciate your feedback and support and hope you continue to enjoy the game" which translates to "eat a dick and give me your money"
Game will not load past start up screen. It only says that the connection to the server was interuppted and devs are no help as they want an ID server name and so on. But you can't get any of that without first actually getting into the game. This is a waste of time.
Fun game my only gripe is the way you set up the orb, exp and gold reset on a character. I feel like your model should be set up similar to your competitor afk arena in the reset sense. As of right now I have too much resource spread apart between different characters and the item to reset seems to difficult to attain. The only way I have attained it so far is through your senior summons and perfect hires and that seems drastic compared to what afk arena did to reset. Change that and you get 5.
Battle Night is a unique game because of the cyberpunk tone. The artwork is also remarkable. I enjoy the idle battle system as opposed to a grind. The battles themselves may be a little too hands off for some people and it relies on team management and formations to contribute to your success. The only reason that I cannot give it five stars is the draw to cost rate is quite depressing and some of the characters are out of reach for most players. Thats where the P2W feeling comes in.
Its a solid game. It's your typical gacha but overall a good time killer. Its not heavy on your phone it doesnt drain the battery.
The game looks wonderful! love the art style, a vibrantly crafted cyberpunk universe and characters, you just want to see more of it. And then there is an idle game...pretty much what one does is manage a party of heroes, you decide formations, get the gear, hire heroes, upgrade them, evolve them, that's it...the fight looks cool but no active participation on the player's part is needed. What BN needs is an actual gameplay with depth of strategy with meaningful tactical considerations.
Overall, it's actually fun and the design is top notch. Sadly, it feels like the game itself is very biased that wants you to intentionally lose and buy more upgrades. Like, when you upgrade, your opponent became a little bit more stronger. In my perspective~
This is dumb. The game is marketed as a cyberpunk game. I've got 4 first heroes (two of them are supposed to be uncommon, or 4 star w/e) and none of them has anything to do with cyberpunk. Two are freaking druids, one is a firefighter and one is just a glamorous looking woman with a knife. And now I have to use them, this doesn't incentivise me either play the game or better yet pay for the pulls.
Game is fun overall.. the art style is definitely where the game stands out for me i also like the simple battle system not overwhelming complex its pretty straightforward however game is very p2w like most hero collectors
As a big fan of long time dead Fatal Frontier, I've got such a gem here. PROS: Game looks amazing, cyberpunk dystopia as it is. Lore included, also some flavor text. A lot of different activities. CONS: At ~lvl 40 I've got nothing to do. I can't progress because my squad is too weak, also I can't do anything else. Need to wait 5-6 hours to do something. Game is new, so there not so much content. I hope it will expand as the time goes. Translations (at least Russian) is complete garbage, it ruins experience a lot. Anyways, I'm like it and I'll play it till it shines or dies.
The art work is superb. What I didnt like, is that you need a special item to reset your heroes and this item is kinda rare and not easy to get... How do you expect new players learn from their mistakes or try out different comps for your team? Hope it will get better, really enjoying your game.
There's not really a story or lore(there is a snippet of text for the characters or missions but blink and you'll miss it). There's not much to do either. You'll have experienced most everything in the first week or so then it's just grinding random drops. The prices are higher than they should be, but the upside is you can remain competitive without spending. This might be because not many people are that active. Safe to try.
My account was banned for NO reason. I was literally playing since yesterday and the only issues I had was connection without wi-fi. I made a complaint via email since there were no responses of the help option in the game, now I'm banned. I want a full refund.
This game is great the graphics are amazing and the overall feels very engaging this cannot be said for other games of the same genre.
This is a super early review, I haven't finished the tutorial yet. I love everything so far, the gameplay is great (even if it ends up being repetitive, I think I'll still enjoy it) the art style is GORGEOUS, the only minor thing I'd say is to tone down the movement when they're talking to you. People don't sway like that unless they're completely blind drunk haha. The game has a good sense of humour, and is super fun I think I'll be playing it regularly and I'll update this later
This game has a lot going for it. The style is fun, the graphics are incredible, and the music fits perfectly. That being said, the turn-based fighting, gearing and leveling up characters, arena, and the system which the game follows are nothing new to mobile games. These game designers would have done an incredible job on a project that was pre-mobile and pre-pay-to-play but as it stands it's just another mobile game, albeit a beautiful mobile game.
It's alright if you want to see a bunch of generic cyberpunk-y and hobo-looking people constantly jiggling. Everything jiggles in this game. Clothing, breasts, and even robots are perpetually jiggling. As for gameplay, it's virtually nonexistent. You make a party of jiggling people and everything happens automatically. High stats win, and real-world money buys you what you want. Save yourselves the time and just watch videos where things jiggle. It'd have the same amount of gameplay.
I would love to give this game more stars but a major issue I have is that the server only connects via WiFi even though I have great data and can play real-time shooters this game needs WiFi... The game is fun but there isn't any real interaction with the game play so not a lot to say there... Spending money really doesn't feel rewarding and neither does the free play to be honest and that is sad to say... The Art is really good though...
Definitely sets itself apart from other gacha hero collectors with it's unique cyber-steampunk vibes & artstyle, I absolutely love it's atmosphere, activities and heros~ but it DOES cater to the P2W player as it is not very F2P friendly. Not saying the rates are impossibly low but it feals lile it would be easy enough to spend $1K a day without even buying half of the available 'deals'. Great potential here!
Feel like I found a hidden gem with this one. Loving the various character designs. Pay to win can be avoided like most games with grinding and patience. Haven't had any ads which is a rarity. Didn't think idle rpg would work ,but it does. Been testing many games past couple months and this is one of the very few that hooked me. Side note to company. Want to work and meet with artist behind characters throw me a contact .
Good game, just needs a little work.. -Game is unable to be played over network service, must have wifi -Better sales in market/store. Very few options for spending under $10, and to actually "feel" like you bought something, you'd have to spend $99. Charge less, make more. Graphics are really good, and mobilization through the game is good & creative (may take a lil' bit to get used to).
because the quality is High Definition of Ultra Smooth, the sound is Surround Stereo Music High Quality and Design is so very cool like amazing as the same with CyberPunk 2077 in PS5 and Engine is very good performance at GPU 500+down so that's interesting incredible have image picture within video 2D Graphic v7 final so thank you very much i've vote this 5stars, really lovely like the same with Play Station 5, ok good luck salamualaikum.
Really like it so far. I love that the charecters and enviernment are dark and grungy since most games like this strive for neetness and being pretty. There are no controls, just automatic fighting and thats perfect for me.
So me and my son both are playing and it booted me out of mine and uploaded his and now it wants me to start allover for the third time this is very frustrating because the game is fun and I had put about 6 hours each time in to it reaching level 33 the first time and 29 the second not sure if I will pick it up again seems like a waste playing yet again from the very begining super discouraged...
Great graphics, great game. I love cyber punk feel. I'm a free to play player. Might spend a little in the future. Who knows but the price is very expensive. The value of items you get is not worth the money.
Been playing barely a day, but I love it already. It's very fun and addictive, to say the least. Yes, it has a definite P2W feel, especially with the various packs and the items that are necessary to upgrade heroes and forge gear and whatnot. But honestly it is very fun and has kept me playing since I started it. I highly recommend it, but only give it 4 stars due to the obvious IAP push.
Fun and easy to get into, fast tutorial with good interesting hero's and art. Not a super Pay to win game, and does have some things needed to be added/worked on, game slows down pretty good around level 30. Time will be your friend with getting stronger at that time.
Im overall suprised by the game. It doesnt take up alot of storage and runs pretty well. It doesnt take long to Lv. Up either. The graphics are detailed but doesnt lag alot, I would recomend for the battles to have the 2x battle speed on. Ive been searching for games similar but this one takes the cake.
The game feels very fun and doesn't hold your hand for too long. A thing I especially like about this game is the tutorial is very short which it should be for a game this simple. The one thing I would say is a bit meh is the fact that some characters are a bit sexual and the game has a lot of characters built off of that concept. If you dont mind that then give it a shot!
Gonna give it 5 because it's just a standard mobile fighter game but with amazing graphics, not too pay to win and did I mention the graphics? Yeah, worth a try at the very least.
The only things I can suggest that you could add/fix in the game are better server connections to the southern hemisphere and characters like green/common characters like squirrel girl Asuna and others like that character should at least be able to evolve to Violet/purple rarity as it doesn't seem all that good that they are left behind by bigger characters I think all characters of lower rank should be given a fair go or a bit of TLC as characters like Asuna should have more power
It's a fun game with nice, original graphics. You don't control the heroes in battle, so it's more of a management game where you have to set them up to win. The downside is the 'events' so far have been very focused on how much you can spend. They have 6 special weapons as rewards for the current bounty event, but you can't even come close to getting one of them without spending. Will update score if they have real events that are based on performance and not just spending in the future.
Lvl 73 now, no paywall so far and absolutly no adds needed to play. There isn't even a option to watch an add. Only downside is that if you want to buy something you realize everything is too expensive 20-30 $ for something you can get in few hours or days
Nice art , simple controls , game practically plays itself but you need to pay to win for some instances or spend every waking moment grinding, nice concept but poorly brought down, by a pay to win style of game making , game currently doesnt even open
This game is ok & the graphics are pretty cool. What I didn't like was the fact that you don't actually fight the enemies! It's all automated. You click the 'Battle' button & then it's on auto-pilot until the battle ends. I thought I would control the battle in a turn-based fashion, but that is not the case. If the developer would change the game so that you would control the battle, then it would be more fun.
Game is alright, pretty fun casual game with some cool characters. You can get an hour or so of game play in before you have to wait for reset. Hires are a bit screwy, don't waste time or resources on perfect hires, you get more legendaries on just senior hires.
Honestly, it's kind of embarrassingly bad. There's no way anyone is spending money on this game. Insane prices. Horrible rates. I've played tons and tons of games, and this is by far the most obvious cash grab, and least enjoyable game I've played in a very long time. Do not install this game. It isn't worth your time. It wasn't worth mine.
Loved the artwork but the gameplay and seemingly forced pay-to-win / advance mechanics overshadow the design. Standard clone idle game with a touch of decent lore. You most likely played a game or five like this before.
Okay this game is pretty cool. I love the style of the game. The art style. Feels very 80's isk(?) Once you understand the game and how to play it gets pretty addicting, one of my co workers found the game, and then got me and another buddy of ours addicted. Ive been looking for a phone game for a while and at the moment I found this game. Im highly pleased with it.
Game is awesome, but all I have to ask is what happened to the one healer I think more characters should have looked like her before the extra clothing, all I ask is to bring back character nudity and please more characters, PLEASE 😉. But again still a perfect game 😉. Might be wired to ask but can u bring back the character nudity. Or at least an option for nudity and non-nudity. But that's just a request.
Better then most app games I've tried recently. The games got great art and character design. Decent combat. Good amount of quests, side quests, and progression. There are some annoying gimmicks and p2win stuff. My main criticism would be difficulty in pivoting and trying to new strategies. You kinda get locked in one direction with your team. Which is a shame with so many options. The rng of which rare character you get compounds this. My first epic I disliked and didnt match my team at all
Its fun could be really good but alot of it bottle necks at lvl 40 you hit a point where formation dosnt matter and you just waiting. The art is great world is well designed but getting to a point in 2 days of mild game play and then having nothing to do for hours. The lack of tactics is a shame because you just end up grinding points when afk. Lots of pay walls that just don't seem to be worth it. It just feels like it had good ideas but just fell short. Easy fixes but I wouldn't expect any.
Awesome presentation but like most mobile games heavily overpriced. It's sad that ppl don't understand this has a devastating influence on the gameplay loop.
Good graphics, sound, controls. Lots of fun in the beginning but eventually you have to start spending real money and sadly they ain't got really anything worth a dime to spend on. Their offers are mostly trash for a high dollar amount. Too bad.