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Battle Tank2

Battle Tank2 for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Springcomes located at 403, Ace Twin Tower 1 cha, 285, Digital-ro, Guro-gu, Seoul, Korea, 08381. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.
Real-time multiplayer tank that is 3vs3 "Battle Tank 2"

Collect and update tanks with different special capabilities through battles.
Fight Against people from all over the planet and shoot for the entire world's team this is certainly better to win the battle.

Game Functions
-3vs3 real-time multiplayer online play
-Quick game begin and quick battle
-Simple and addicting action play
-Collect and level up different tanks with unique abilities

How to play
-The struggle starts right after the game starts.
-Avoid assaults from opposing tanks and destroy all of them.
-Destroy the opponent's Main Base to win the overall game.
-Even in case the tank is damaged, you'll combat once again after 5 moments.
-Take benefit of products discovered throughout the battleground.

Battle tank2 is completely able to play.
Download it now!

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Battle Tank2.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
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User Reviews
More ore less my tank is Level 9 but I can no longer get level upgrades for it all I get is gold coins less then the amount I had. 42 million + coins. What gives ? It was fun until this happened Developer seems to only care about how many Ads he can show us money focused on himself. Poorly coded App that shouldn't be on the Play Store.
Always an easy game, Firefly armor + flamethrower can do it at least 30sec on gameplay, can even tank both turrets lol
The game is very nice but there is only one map and the size of the map is very small. But the game is just launched so i know that this will improve slowly. So, best of luck. This game can grow more if maintained properly. So, best of luck once again. ☺☺☺
I think it is a good base for a upcoming game. Just needs some more developing from the developers. Here is what you could do devs: 1) increase the amount of stuff you can get from the normal box and make a rare chance to gain a new tank. 2) increase the time and size of the 3v3 battlefield, I would say 3 or 4 minutes could do it as well as the map can also gain two more towers to aid you. 3) increase the hp of the towers and base or make a line of code that gives them armor that blocks 25% dmg.
Too much hang. Please make proper i am geniune player of battel tank. I like your first battle tank. And wait for second. But it lags tooo much
Horrible Lag. When played my first match the lag was sooooooooooo bad I could not shoot and watched my life drain within 3 seconds. I have never seen such lag in my life and I played 2 gb ram games with my Galaxy Tablet E that has 1.5 gb ram , with 600 mb ram left for gaming. But this game took me 5 minutes to kill one enemy in the tutorial with the base after the kill.. bad bad very bad. A disappointment, too bad I was looking forward to playing this since I registered for this month's ago.
Great game but firstly muzzle of tanks are not pretty good.Secondly,How the SU 100 is legendary but the Tiger is not.Tiger is just something so weak even it has more armor than a stupid SU 100.Same with M3 Stuart.Game looks like a allied lover boi made it.I like Germans more.And also Instead of giving a SU100 at beginning try asking the player "Which country do you want to play."
I enjoy this game very much! I noticed some bugs that make the game a bit broken. I found out in my first match, using the Stug Tank(the one that does 90 damage and ram skill) that if I just stick to the enemy turret, my tank wont get any damage from the turret. Also was the legendary tank given to me by chance or it is fixed?
Battletank 2..... 1 sequel too many. No idea how this game made it past quality control. Buggy! Uninstalled immediately
More ore less my tank is Level 9 but I can no longer get level upgrades for it all I get is gold coins less then the amount I had. 42 million + coins. What gives ? It was fun until this happened Developer seems to only care about how many Ads he can show us money focused on himself
This game has potential but people are already glitching it where they hide in the corner of the base and just take out the base. There is no counter to it really. If they implement other features it might be good. Only 1 game mode and map so it can get super old quickly. Experience is tied to loot boxes, not gameplay. You dont need to pay but it helps a ton to pay. Games take a bit to load or the Searching screen is glitched at times.
Best game for low gb ram shooting and online but you have to update this and make camera option for better look
Smooth Gameplay, but need improve in map and adjust for the tanks cause the firefly to op, need fix for the pop ads
You people should be ashamed to release such a thing. No content, no goal, playing with and against bumper cars, upgrading tanks I don't need (Tiger tank is common tank... really?) it lags and loads endlessly... Nonetheless, if this was a game, I think it would be a good one.
Great game! I suggest to add a friend list and a feature to add/invite a player from recent games that you've played
Springcomes awesome game I play it Couple time I got say really good game I Love different type Of tank & there skill Set good job & thumbs up springcomes.
Very nice game .and fantastic Battle game really good graphic. ... I am enjoying game 😊😊 I am so happy this game.....
good game for all battle gamers... could you please increase the size of the joystick.. its quick and good game thank you for introducing such battle game
Was fun and I spent a few bucks but now they Nerfed all the damages and health to try and make you have to spend more on the game was 5 star now 1
Pretty nice but if there were more controls, better graphics and more tanks then the game would be much more better and more interesting. Overall it's good but the map is too small.
So far so good but the random frame drops makes it bad, also having a 3 mins time is just bit too short for a battle.
Pretty constrained game, closed arena, 3 on 3 battles, very limited skills, only upgrade your tanks through coins and diamonds that you purchase. Nothing special about this game, played it a few times and got bored.
Good game but needs more improvements to reach the level of highly popular games.. Go on you can do that 👍
Other people who reviewed are wrong, this game is the best. I know it's hard to unlock tanks. But the tanks you get when you login is already good. Common, rare, legendry. I know there are right I accept there is only one mod but it is fun for me. Way to better than the previous battle tank game. Just add like buying this tank for 11000 buy this legendry tank for 30000.it will be good. Thank you developers
Its the best game ever This is it this was the game i wanted Thanks to the devlopers that they have made This such a great game i would recommend To all of you to download this game!
Quite a lot of ads, and I cant find a single match, though game just came to store, so I suppose ill wait few hours when others install it.
WoW, worst game ever, no logic at all, very cheap and stupid, clearly was made to make money through ads and that's it... no contents, no story, and lacks the basics to say the least... wOw
A very good game but It needs some upgrade like new tanks such as leopard and the time should be about 4 or 5 min and it would be very great if you add some assories for the tanks some is dmg, speed, and hp and piz fix the glitch I can't find my tanks only the pic and my friend can't see the daily missons piz fix this, if you did all of this, this game would be a great game
Good game but it needs ; more good graphic , more tanks . 5v5 option . Bigger map and climatic map duch as snow and all other stuff :)
It's a great game but it is missing a leaderboard, friends/clan and a stats option. I like the tanks and special attacks/abilities.
Game is good enough to play but have lot of glitch ... Tank over Tank glitch Move glitch Screen buffer Glitch Otherwise game sound effects n overall gameplay is Good .. we will be happy to play the game without glitchs ..