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Fps Shooting Games: Gun Strike

Fps Shooting Games: Gun Strike for PC and MAC

Is a Weather game developed by The Game Feast located at Johar Town, Lahore. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 18+ (Explicit Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
In Battleground Fire Cover Strike: Free Shooting Game legends survive this top action games 2020 just take you to definitely the battleground to fire easily when it comes to survival within the offline that is best shooting games with amazing battleground free to fire war most readily useful action online game 2020. Battleground Fire Cover Strike complimentary Shooting Games is a person that is 3rd when it comes to fans of squad commando battleground shooting games and group shooting squad, war games where success could be the best way to success. Battle against the causes being terrorist unidentified co-ops counter terrorists in legends battleground shooting game. All you need is a critical attack contrary to the opponent squad to have the shooting knowledge that is best in this 3rd person shooting weapon games 2020.

Best activity games 2020 is here now to challenge you to the battleground that is ultimate of to fire shooting games in which you land into the survival battleground to fight as a co-ops group. Protect your lover although you manage this strike mission this is certainly critical. TPS squad staff war up against the shooting game players which are best in to the battleground for unidentified mission. End up being the success hero and battle till the moment that is last live. Win the thrilling FPS battle and war that is epic the terrorist forces. Utilize commando skills you have in this shooting gun games being well. Be the perfect weapon shooter 3d, battle for legacy, survive the struggle, ready, aim, fire with weaponry that is best readily available inside you vault in best sniper online game.

Battleground Fire Cover Strike : complimentary Shooting Games 2020 FEATURES:
- Amazing Graphics & Gameplay Story
- Co-ops Mission from the Terrorist Forces
- Explore the Battleground is the very last Survival
- Amazing Character Selection to select right one
- Experience Best Shooting Games with Survival Game

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Fps Shooting Games: Gun Strike.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
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User Reviews
I have played very few action shooting games that gives both third person and first person shooting experience. loved it! This is a very exciting game, my experience is very great but I am doesnot cross the Iv 9 it is very difficult then I was delete it. but it is a very great game .Thank you game feast.
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It's very good shooting game. I highly recommend playing it. You are basically losing out if you do not download this wonderful game.
Battleground fire is one of the best best shooting game with beautiful graphics environment and smooth control on Google play store. This is very interesting game.
Battleground Fire : Free Shooting Games is the nice game easy to use good controlling great garaphics amazingly levels i am loving it to this great game and fantastic game.
Call Of Fire Battleground game is very good. Survive epic battles, and fast-paced shooting missions. Survival is key and the last one standing wins.
Wow this is battleground action game i really enjoyed it it is brilliant game wonderful features shooting weapons ,control and graphics.
Best game ever been playing, wonderful controls and lot of things to explore, kill those who resists and accomplish the mission.
Guys seriously for those people who have low end devices like mine, this game is so much fun for those.. Great shooting and game play. Nice controls also
Best application for the lovers of squad commando .in this game you can use sniper guns and fight freely against enemies and battle against terrorists.
Such an amazing and thrilling experience to play this game. The crazy objectives with extraordinary controls make this game perfect.
Nice battle ground with cool characters and geometry. Food controls and the offline feature make this better. Good one
I am disappointed with this game now although I liked this game at first. I installed the game recently in my phone and started playing it. I have bought all the available characters and weapons. I have reached level 9 and now I can't play. After selecting the level, we have to select the weapon and proceed further. But what I am seeing is that after I select the level or mission, the weapon selection screen appears all empty. No weapon is shown on that screen and then I cannot go any further.
Call of fire free battleground so amazing game. You have collect all of them to make your levels complete in given time.
Nice gameplay and cool environment. I like the guns and shots. I like shooting games. And i play this while i am getting bored
Call of fire free battleground is very find and impressive game it is best of all the time game its gameplay is very adventurous no one can replace its efficiency and its processing speed
It's a outclass battleground game which have a best shooting levels and all levels are challenging and smoothly working game.
Call of fire free battle is very stunning and extraordinary game of modern society.This game has ultra HD graphics and realistic sounds effect.
Good battle ground matches you will play on this spot and on this time so i like it I want if aeroplan contain 100 player and they fight each other i will impress and all over world
Battleground fire free shooting game is a great opportunity for me to play with this game it has many amazing features and good graphics.
Survival Battleground Free Fire: game is very good graphics and game Play is simple enough to navigate. The game is writen battle royale game but it is and offline mission game. It is very nice game app and it is very such a enjoyble game.
This is very fantastic and such a well known game of the playstore and I really enjoy it very much and appritiate it.
Call of fire free battleground is an outstanding and challenging game. It's graphics are very great and unique control game. I really like it.
It is easy to install and play. It is stylish and modern game. The back ground is so amazing and beautiful.
Call of fire free battleground is a very fantastic and excellent game. It is very interesting and enjoyable. Lot of people are playing this outstanding game very much.
It is the most amazing offline battle royale because its really the offline version of pubg.....but you must add some sky diving style
It was so much fun while playing this game it is one of the best shooting game I ever played all the feature are user-friendly.so downlaod this game now.
Fabulous game with 3d high quality graphics . The missions of this game are amazing . Gameplay is also very awesome.
Huge rip-off, terrible graphics bad controls and full of ads. BIG waste of time downloading this game
This is a very fabulous game. It have wonderful features and realistic graphics. Easy to install and use.
This Game is so easy and it can be affordable for everyone and it is not that much easy to play with the same kind of thing as you can do more for the kids by doing something they can also enjoy the game
Call of fire is very fabulous game it is a source that provide by developer to make entertainment and fun with people its graphics are so cool and very high
Full of ads, means that the developer is so desperate for money. Hideous and ugly graphics. Don't bother download this rip-off app.
not so much interest.. they cannot showing the exact position of the enemy so which we can shoot. so only 1 star for graphics because grahphics are good.
Battleground fire : free shooting games 2020 is very awesome and very good game i love this game this game graphics is very lovely
Battleground fire is awesome game . I play this game mut download game. I play it every time when I'm free or boring.Woow this is the best action game.
This game is absolutely amazing but there. Is one thing, whenever i go to level 4 there is a gun that shoots me and i shot the gun many times and it still has not been broken please fix it and i might give you five stars
This shooting game is very amazing game. You played with updated weapons and killed the enemies to clear the area. It have smooth controls and realistic graphics.
This is a very exciting game , my experience is very great but I am doesnot cross the lv 9 it is very difficult then I was delete it. but it is a very great game .Thank you game feast.
Game is nice But 1.most bad thing We can only see enemies when we enter in blue circle and its bad bcos we found enemies close to us. 2.The worst thing is we do not know exact number of enemies 3. Nowhere health packs. 4. No any specific mission, only killing is not interested. 5.Radar shows faulty position. 6. We can not proveed from 10th level. 7. Same scenes are repeated which is boring
Battlegroung Fire I am really impressed with it's features and attractive design . All the levels are full of mission which are unique..
This game is absolutely amazing but there. Is one thing, whenever i go to level 4 there is a gun that shoots me and i shot the gun many times and it still has not been broken please fix it and i might give you five starts
Amazing thrilling and adventurous game with amazing levels and brilliant gameplay and realistic graphics are also brilliant
Battleground fire is the best game I ever seen. It has very advanced features and have a good controls the. It also have a very good graphics.
Call of fire free Battleground free 2019 is wonderful shooting game. I love to play this game. Its graphics are beautiful but this game needs more updates.
Battleground Fire : Free Shooting Game is a great game its graphics and gameplay are amazing shooting game lovers should play this game
very difficult game to play, If i could give 0 stars i would, The fact that you have to pay money to unlock guns and everything, tells me it's another version of pubg but a pricey one at that. definitely not worth it.... slow and not exactly accurate with the free gun they give you.
Very bad game I am hardly satisfied with the ads but this game is gliched No enemy will be found but I don’t understand how I die
OK game. the only issue is that the aiming is too sensitive and non-adjustable. Otherwise it's a pretty good game. Worth a try.
one word for this game "RIDICULOUS" ............ Games starts with add and end's at add , add add add everywhere is add in this game even when you pause the game there's an add waiting for you.... Worst experience ever . .... If playstore had 0 star review i'll give it 0 star ... Game glitches and while playing there is an add above map......!!
Too many ads. Don't play this. Cause actually if u try to play u will play less but see ads more. Strat game ads, end game ads, loading ads etc Those r just example
Cool and fantastic enjoyable game for the game lovers to just play and enjoy instant 😎 super cool and fantastic gameplay for the destruction and shooting at high level.
What the hell is going on. At 5th level can't see the enemy and his gun can only been seen. If even I shoot at the gun and beside that the enemy is not dying.
This game is really Awesome.it looks like pubg game.playing it shows that the developer has worked hard on it.I Always play this game in my spare time.i enjoyed alot
HD battle squad battlegrounds mobile scene Epic survival action paced missions Enhanced controls with smooth shooting animations
Battleground Fire is awesome game. Wonderful and very nice game. It was very well done. I really like this game very much.
Magnificent game with quality of features and Graphics . Provide amazing mission which make game more entertaining .
This game is so awfull full of ads fast out of ammo cant even afford money to buy bullets and something so frikin noob game
I like the way yall guy's did this game power to the player,but only one thing....the thumb nail picture box art.it's first person and the game is third person please fix
Way too many ads. Realize you have to have sponsors, but wow...uninstalled after 2 very short levels and 3 times as many adverts.
This battleground game has crazy characters and oobjectives.Its linear performance and authentic sound effects makes it more funful game.
This is worst game where hero health is poor than enemy. Unknown number of enemies. Enemies suddenly appear. No definite number of enemies. Can not give negative stars
Call of fire free battleground is most professional and high quality game it is very fabulous game it is the top class game it contain highly and efficient features it is very interesting and impressive game
This game is very attractive and have many enjoyable features with outstanding graphics. I really like this game.
Battleground of free to fire shooting games where you land into the survival battleground to battle as a co-ops team. Protect your partner while you handle this critical strike mission.
Call of fire free battle is very traffic and outclass Game of modern century.This Game has multiple levels and I love to play this game.
Whoever made this game deserves an oscar award for ripping off two game name at once and making a very *bad* asset flip game. This game asks you to pay for stuff at EVERY god damn screen and it isn't even worth paying for because the gameplay is TERRIBLE. The game even crash when you go into the waypoint or whatev it is in the first map.
I like it bro, very good graphics, doesnt take a lot of storage, cool game, i really recommend this trash :))
Battleground Fire Free Shooting Games is a third person shooter for the lovers of squad commando battleground shooting games and team shooting squad, war games where survival is the only way to victory.
it is one worst games i have played. in this game we dont have to play because our playing time is less than the ads .so friends it is not better to download. if u download your data , time and storage space is also waste .
Wow this unique and wonderful Gameplay it's levels are very amazing it is very easy to use with a lot of fun and entertainment
This shooting game is very interesting game. You played with updated weapons and killed the enemies to clear the area. It have smooth controls and realistic graphics.
Bore game the game must not be given 1 star also low grafics and at level 10 when we won the level we click next level the game says play 10th level again
Battleground fire is the best game I ever seen. It has very advanced features and have a good controls. It also have a very good graphics.
Call for fire and shootings for enemies and opponents in this game and lot of other things to be explored and experienced.
Full of adds. I bet u there will be a ad every 5 s this doesn't deserve 1 star also but, I cannot post without 1 🌟.... Please don't download this app.......... 😑 😑 😑 😑 😑 😑 😑 😑 😑
tell me something, why is it games devs always say that there graphics are realistic but when in game they aren't? this game has pictures saying it has amazing graphics but in game the graphics are completely different.
I really like offline games because i don't have internet. So this game make my day. Nice shooting skills. Missions may improve. But good game
it is very easy to play best shooting game ever played it meets the user-friendly requirement so I recommend this beautifully designed game to all members.
This game is nice , its so amazing I liked its weapon , armory and graphics very well . OS Just started playing to pass time , but I literally have stated enjoyingand killing like a pro shooter . Add more fps shooting levels .
This game looks great. Nice missions great environment and geometry of the characters are also clean. Nice super controls. Good work team
Battleground fire game is one of the best performance game to play all levels are really interesting controls are really amazing features and my experience with this game is fabulous
game is fantastic.but i hate the thing that our own squad mate can kill us. Its good addition in action shooting game but please change the graphics Its a fun game to play and enjoy real shooting.
Battleground fire so beautiful game. It's very challenging game.. I play many time in a day for spend my time.
Nice concept and good geometry of the characters. Game and shooting skills are awsome. I hope this game give us more in upcoming upgrades
Just started playing to pass time, but I literally have stated enjoying and killing like a pro shooter. Add more fps shooting levels.
Battleground fire is a free shooting game with beautiful graphics environment. This is perfect entertaining opportunity developed by developer.
Poor control, poor aim and show ads and force to watch ads and force to buy extra expensive outfit gun. I hate this game..
Really bad game, dont download it. I playes one match and it was hanging too much. It is very boring. It contains many ads. πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Žbad game.
Battleground fire game is wonderful game love this game graphics and controls are really fantastic features of this game developer did very good job I recommend this game to all