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Bazooka Boy

Bazooka Boy for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Supersonic Studios LTD located at Menachem Begin 121, Tel Aviv. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
Blast through levels and destroy every little thing just before with a lot of amazing tools! Gather all and learn their different and characteristics being unique! Forward your enemies flying, explode their particular basics and break their particular structures! Pleasing destruction and options which are endless shoot your way to success! Fun ragdoll enemies and crazy explosions with levels upon levels of awesome content and difficulties, get and wipe down all of the enemies to win!

Flashy exploding effects and awesome physics make each amount a action puzzle this is certainly special.

Can you solve them without smashing your self with a go this is certainly bad?

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Bazooka Boy.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
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User Reviews
I counted 15 ads in the first 20 levels, that's not including when they ask if you want to watch an ad to double the money after a level or unlock a piece of clothing after every 5 levels. In the first 20 levels 3 were repeated twice.
Way too many ads , game has decent concept but so many ads i couldnt play for 2 minutes without watching ads for 4 minutes -_- sad really such a waste of something that could be fun.
The games graphics are alright, simplistic. That said the greedy nature of the developer is showing though. Ads during gameplay, ads between gameplay, videos to get special unlocks, videos to get extra money, and a high cost to get rid of ads. It'd be an alright game if not for that. Maybe next time eh?
Controls are a tad wonky, unskippable long ads that play longer than the levels, disappointing and below any expectations I had going in
Was a decent time killer but the I noticed that I had purchased all the guns and had 19000 in cash left with nothing to spend it on. The costume can only be gained by completing levels and ad watching, so what is the cash for? Very confused. Seems useless. Plus many levels break (literally fall apart road runner style) if you shoot the ground.
Fun game but the amount of ads ruined it for me. I understand free play games but the ratio is too ad heavy for me. Lost interest around level 21 and deleted the app.
Play for 15 seconds or less. Then you have to watch a 30 second commercial and then another 30 second commercial. I appreciate the fact that I'm paying for the game by watching the commercials, but that's ridiculous.
This is the first game that has pissed me off. The adds are ridiculous. I would play for just a few seconds, win or lose I would have to watch two 30 second ads. This is on top in game ads for purchases.
at first its challenging. then its dumb. then there are a million commercials. but you can avoid them simply by turning off the net. after that there are about 50 levels then they repeat. over and over and over. you can challenge yourself with different weapons but some are impossible to use or pointless. like a bouncy bomb? there are a lot of bugs in this, especially with the bunker bomb, where it can cut through something but leave a thin pixel leaving the structure up. or worse, it fires into the ground and doesn't go off, and because there is NO WAY TO EXIT out of the game you have to force it from memory because its now stuck. and those commercials i forgot to mention are 30 ore more seconds long. more than that, using that weapon causes the graphics to go crazy. like once all the hills simply vanished. or went upside down, or covered the holes with the same hill even though its still there. when you kill things, they spray blood and its fun. the blue guy does a dance... but if there is a live grenade, it can hit and kill you. if i was still active and had a bullet left i can shoot it out of the air. but not while its dancing. so i'm basically stuck watching myself die. i wish the bugs would be fixed, and there was more to the game. i'm on level 1100, not that it matters because the levels are all the same, and i get like 5 million a level. there are no weapons to buy so i don't get the point of money at this point. i don't care about the costumes. and i wish the physics were better. like if there is a dot holding up a fort, it should fall. if its undermined it should fall. if they could create computer generated levels this would be more fun. i just play for a while till i get bored, and it does get boring doing the same levels over and over. its like ground hog day.
Fun time killer ruined by way too many ads. After almost every level, an ad. And if you have to retry a level, there's an ad.
Great, then dull. As others have said, this starts out very strong, and is quite addictive. However, after a while, some levels are repeated. At around level 300, they're all repeats, and there's nothing new (they're not even *harder* versions of the levels, but exactly the same levels). The only challenge is finding new ways to go through the levels with the accumulated weapons (of which there are also no more). Even that got old after a while.
One star. Because it is faster to close and reopen the game than it is to watch all the ads. "But the developer needs to make money" yep. But there are too many ads.
- 1* for ads. Usually if there are ads after I pay for no ads I would tank the rating to 1*, but they are at least pretty honest. Still, I didn't expect to have to watch 3 ads in a row for every "rare" cosmetic unlock. -1* for the game being buggy (not unplayably so, but it's very noticeable). The bunker bomb in particular has a tendency to glitch the level. The bunker bomb alone is enough fun to still rank 3 stars. A little less greed and a little more polish and I'd easily rate 5*
Gameplay is as expected. NONE of the multiplier, item, or reload buttons work, only "lose it" or continue. And wouldn't have expected the aiming to be backwards. If everything worked, would consider buying to eliminate the incessant ads.
If you like to watch ads more so then playing the game then this is for you. There are way too many ads. Its fun but you spend way to much time watching ads....
The game is fun; but I'm now on level 1301 with over 3 billion points. There's nothing left to upgrade; andthe levels are just the same thing over and over. The ads aren't a problem because I just skip them anyway. The game needs an update with newer levels/enemies/map configurations, or something. Overall, a good game. Just needs something else to keep it from being a plateau.
A lot of ads. I get it, a free game needs ads, but when I select the "I don't want the ad bonus" you play an ad anyway. Seems like there's an ad after every level too.
Fun idea, but poor execution. Lots of glitches and terrible game progress dynamics. Could have been 5 stars if it was just developed more.
A thinly veiled ad delivery system, the challenge is non-existent, and every bit of the tedious gameplay only exists to push you to watch yet another ad. It's fun for about five or ten minutes, tops.
The amount of adverts makes this game impossible to play, let alone how boring it is, don't wast your time. If you want to watch less ads watch telly shopping channels insted.
The game is good but the ads just ruin the gameplay. For every minute of play there is 2 minutes of ads it ruins the experience I would buy it but no option to buy so it gets deleted
Entertaining, but,.. The game crashes about every third okay. LOTS of ads, but those are somewhat expected. If it didn't constantly crash, I could deal with the ads.
Game has good bones. Quite easy and good to pass some time. Has a few glitches which become more apparent the further you do in. Got to level 113 and noticed issues with the bunker bomb and the balloon platforms. But otherwise good.
Takes 4 seconds to complete a level then you have to watch a 15 second ad after every other level. No thanks. I'm fine with Ads but just way to many to enjoy the game.
Its a "meh" game, incredible fun within the first 100 levels, but the repeat and repeat after 150ish level. Become incredibly boring and the variety of guns is bad. I have around $300k and I can't spend it on nothing, too bad the skins are only available thru ads. Obviously I block ads because this game become UNPLAYABLE.
If you love ads this game is for you. Everything you do is followed by an ad. I have never seen a game with this many ads. It's too bad because the game is pretty good. I got to level 300 but I'm going to uninstall it.
So, I paid to remove commercials. I've gotten well over level 1,000 and have hundreds of millions of dollars in game. You can only buy all the weapons (not enough weapons) there are no unique levels after about level 100. Its the same levels at random with different backgrounds. The gift package keeps charging up but it keeps showing me "new" skins that I already have available. Some skins you need to watch 3 commercials per part of the skin. So 9 30 second commercials to unlock one skin
Fun time waster... Except for the damn ads after every single level, and until you collect all the prizes. Once all the guns and clothes are achieved the next step is to delete it. Repetitive with annoying ads every 30 secs.
30 second un-skippable ads ruins good games like this. There was actually a little challenge to this game too. Semi enjoyable. Not worth the ads however. Plus, paying to remove ads for a game like this? Let me just put on my clown makeup.
Fairly enjoyable game but theres just far too many ads for more games. 30 second ads between every level? When the level only took 5 seconds? Unacceptable to me.
Enjoying the game. Only thing is that after level 200, or so, the game freezes/hangs everytime I achieve a gift percentage of 100%. Everytime
This is nothing more than constant ads with 10 seconds of game play every now and then. So stupid. Dont waste your time. Game play could be fun..but the way things always bounce and kill you is ridiculous. Rather watch paint dry.
You HAVE TO pay to remove the adds to enjoy this game. You spend 5 seconds taking a shot and then have to watch 30+ seconds of adds. You spend 5 times as much time watching adds then actually playing. And they do this to cause they know you will have fun playing and will most likely just pay to remove the adds. Not worth my time.
Amount of ads makes it unplayable. You can watch an ad to double your money, and if you hit no thanks, still get an ad. Whats the point??!?
Really fun game. It's great to upgrade the weapons. Cool ideas for those too. (I wonder if the devs played Shadow Warrior for the sticky bomb idea) The ads are horrible! This would be a 5 star game if they brought the ads down from 70% of the players time, to more like 20%. Day 1: upgraded all weapons, and saw the same levels recycled. Too bad. You lose a star for too many ads, and a star for a poor upgrade path. You need more levels and guns.
Great game. Fun time waster. Dumb thing though, it won't let you watch ads to double your money or to get upgrades. But those ads play every time you win a level, or lose two times and you get no reward. The developers are stupid. I just put my phone on airplane mode. Problem solved. Dummies
On lvl 339 game keeps freezing up. It started a few lvls ago. If its not fixed soon im moving on to another game.
Like most people, the game starts out fun, then gets boring because levels repeat. I played one day and finished on level 170, but it started me at level 153 the next time I went to play. And that wasn't the first time it happened. I don't watch ads to boost money or get outfits. I refuse to watch an ad to get an item I unlocked by beating levels. The developers are making a fortune on ad revenue from all those who watch the ads to obtain all the stuff you open in the gifts from beating levels.
way to many adds and when you pay for no adds 2.99 they go away for a while but then come back and when you try to restore purchases it tells you something went wrong [email protected] your game f&^#@ your computer give me back my 3 bucks
I like the game, but it is very glitchy. It has locked up 3 times in the first half hour of playing, also it makes my phone glitchy, I have to restart it. And I understand a free game has ads, but geez you spend more time watching ads than actually playing the game! Also not all of the ads work right and dealing with that and the glitches is a deal breaker for me.
This game is completely stupid. There's no challenge to it at all. It's simply a delivery vessel for ads. And a few times I sat through the damn commercials and DIDN'T EVEN GET MY BONUS GAME CASH! 😑😠😑
Even after paying, you still require ads to get the full reward. It only removes the banner, which isn't even in the way. And removes ads in between levels. Ads in between levels shouldn't exist in the first place. But if I'm going to pay money, I want NO ads. Period. Meaning I shouldn't have to watch an ad for a "double" reward. DO NOT PAY FOR THIS! It is not worth your money. The money you pay does not remove the need for ads. Would be 4 stars if the money actually removed the need for ads.
Biggest complaint like others have said, ADS! I play for 1 or 2 seconds, have to sit through a 30 second ad. That means every 5 minute I get to actually play maybe 15 to 20 seconds and sit through 4 minutes and 40 seconds of ads. I see others say they pay to get rid of ads, but they ads still play except for those between levels. Those are the least of my concern.
Ads. Ads. Ads. Every single level an ad. Collect enough for gift... guess what? Watch an add to collect. Played for 10mins and instantly deleted. What an absolute waste of what could be a decent fun time wasting game. Considering there is multiple games of the same play style i would reccomend playing anything else.
This a fun distraction for a time but it doesn't take long for the levels to be repetitive. Also, the in game skins and weapons become boorish and once you have all the weapons, you have no need for all the in game cash you will accumulate.
I played for five minutes and after each game there was a commercial that lasted about 30 seconds, without the possibility of being interrupted. This with the ads could have been solved elegantly to get some bonuses for watching, it's so awful. I don't have time for such nonsense. You didn’t deserve this one star.
It would be five stars but stop with the damn political ads its annoying and they happen after every other game
Fun game. WAY TOO MANY ADS! Seriously, an ad after every level. Level takes 20 seconds to complete then have to watch a 30 second ad! Also, fill the gift box for reward, have to watch an ad and don't even get reward! Could be a 4-star game but developer chose the worst sponsor. Dev, chose sponsor with less ads and make ad-free $.99 and you will make $.
Would be a good game you can go to when bored if it didn't make you watch so many videos. It is so frustrating you have to wait between every level. If this was taken out I would recommend but as it is I will be deleting because I hate being forced to watch ads.
This game started off a bit challenging. I've played 200 levels. After having the ray gun, it became excessively easy. The graphics are simple but cute. Several changes could include being able to choose the gun based on the level, change up the other characters to be able to shoot back, not just launch grandes when killed and make giant sand worms come out of the ground.
This game is actually pretty fun. Think of Angry Birds, but with bazookas. Great time passing game. Here are the downsides: 1. Maps are very glitchy, video rendering of the map after shots explode can cause various unpredictable results. This happens with numerous maps and gun types across multiple devices. I would have your developers look into this. 2. Maps are repetitive, Needs more map creativity. 3. Needs more guns and weapon upgrades throughout the game. 4. Too many ads
Level 298 it freezes constantly have to reset my phone it does not have a reset on the game this game needs more Improvement and if you're not satisfied with the weapons that you are using you can't go back unless you win one of the games to do so it does not even show a list weapons and what they are this game needs Improvement or remove it
If you like Ads this is the app! Even if you don't opt for the "Watch an ad to double your bonus" you still have to watch the ad!
Good game. But not even worth buying. Stages are repetitive, too many glitches.. i finish a stage and then some times i have restart the game because the next level option doesn't appear.
The physics are ok, but the constant advertising makes it less enjoyable. I understand ads make money, but when I can't even beat one stage without two non-skippable ads, that blows.
Add orientation is abysmal and the cost Β£2.99 for add free...No thanks there are way better games without the disgraceful money fees for every little perk in the game. The games graphics are also substandard dated and look positively bad even for an 8bit machine.. Only gave 1 star as you can't write a review with less..
This game is fun & easy you just aim an fire it's as easy as that but I just started not to long ago so it could get harder but that would only make sense because if it were to stay the same through every level then that would just take the fun out of the game but so far I really enjoy this game so let's keep going to see if the game gets any more fun ok so then so far the game is looking good ok so then let's blast to the next level (ha! Get it blastπŸ’₯ an the game is about blasting things)
Close your net, then no AD, that's all. Overall an easy puzzle game. After you get laser, nothing will stop you. But it is too easy that made me sleepy
Starts off so strong I paid for add free. Its brilliant. Reminds me of the old Worms games. Played until around level 350 which was about 2 or 3 days of playing. At 150 and I had a suspicion that som levels are the same. For example level 255 301 and 315 are exactly the same apart that are the same but a different colour. This was so heartbreaking I haven't played it since. Really how many levels did you guys actually design? And what would be wrong with random generational maps? For shame
Has so many loud ads that you spend more time waiting for them to finish than you do playing the stupid game...not to mention the ads that are present while you are playing.
I have the free version I do understand why you have ads but the amount and length on this app is mind numbing I wouldn't pay for it neither as it keeps freezing and crashing, shame in principal a good game.
Don't believe what one person said about no ads except for in game stuff. He obviously didn't play for very long. After so many levels, you have to watch an ad regardless. Whether it's for in game stuff or not is up to you. Then after a few more levels, you have to watch ads after EVERY level, EVERY time for NO in games stuff at ALL.
Could you have any more advertising shoved into an app? If that's what you want in a game, this app is for you. Literally a commercial between every level. Trash.. deleted after 5 minutes.
I downloaded this game a couple of days ago. The game is fun but annoying. Because after a few levels, the game seems to freeze while trying to switch to the next level. And the screen controls do not have any effect on it whatsoever. So I have to resort to restarting my Samsung Android tablet in order to unlock the controls so that I can play it again. Please upload a patch to remedy this. Thank you.
After a while the physics become totally unrealistic, shoot something and it comes right back at you, you become a magnet for stuff, I don't care if they make it harder to win because that makes it fun but when you are going to die just because that's when I quit.
Horrible game that forces ads on you for at least 30 seconds each and then takes you to the app store anytime you touch anywhere on the screen to get to get out of the app. Watching ads more than playing. Horrible, horrible game.
Ads every two levels. Ads every time you reset a level and it doesn't even count toward the ads every two levels. Cannot give it less than 1 star but unless you like seeing adult only game ads on a teen game mixed with ads for other games all in one, you're not gonna have a good time here.
The mechanics are poor, it's repetitive, there's no exit button, the volume of ads is insane and don't let kids play this as some of the ads are not appropriate for children.
They game is fun when you get to play the damn thing. You win? heres an ad. you lose? heres an ad. did you cough? Heres another stupid ad. You watch more ads trying to play this game then you do during the superbowl
Decent enough initially but after level 5 you get 30 second adverts after each level that only take a few seconds to get through. Uninstalled
Offline capable physics artillery game. Once you have all weapons it gets boring fast. There are not too many levels and gfx variations are mostly plain background colours. Stress reliever and time waster. Acceptable but not outstanding.
Game is fun, but after about level 70 they start repeating and after level 130 the game is very glitchy. I had enough points to buy all the weapons by level 50, more weapons would be nice. Overall, fun game, I do enjoy it.
I am not having trouble with operating this game like other have said. However the control of the direction of the shot should be a lot better, but I can still work it so that is why I all stars.
Fun but too many ads, and 30 second ads after each stage? Come on. I'd buy it for less than $3, but I'm just uninstalling it.
Its fun, the ads are a bit annoying, but that's what airplane mode is for. Also, it has a tendency to glitch pretty often, weapons not working properly, and damage not reacting like it normally does, especially balloons. After a while, it gets boring though. I've literally played it to level 781, and they are just recycled levels, nothing new or slightly different. It IS a fun game, basically Angry Birds with Blood. A great game to pass time. I have over 20 million coins and nothing to buy.
This is a cute game, and entertaining for about 300 levels ( 3 or 4 days ). Then it starts repeating levels with minor variations. It's also quite buggy. A few times, firing a shot caused big chunks of the landscape to just disappear randomly. Numerous times, I ran out of ammo, and was given the option of getting more, but tapping the button didn't work, so I had to close the game. Several times I killed all the baddies, but the level didn't realize that and I had to exit the game.
I can't even play the game. Got 3 levels in with a ad in-between each one then got stuck in an endless loop of ads. Watched maybe 12 then remembered that this was supposed to be a game. Don't download. 0/5
Wow could you put anymore ads in a game. After 1st level had to watch a 30 second ad then again at level 3. I just uninstalled it waste of time!!!!
It's a fun game, but it tallies your bonuses long before the motion sequence ends. I'm cheated out of my Total Annihilation bonus half the time. Also, the laser beam starts at the back of the gun instead of the nozzle, so you can never aim at a negative angle
My favorite game! No big story to get through or rules... Just blow stuff up. It's really fun to pass time wth this game. I'm at level 672 now and still going (although many scenarios are repeating...). Still fun! Great job, guys.
Repetitive, boring to say the least and the best part is the ads you have 3 choices watch an ad, or watch another ad or hit continue but wait you have to watch another ad. Makes no sense if your going to give option to earn extra cash to watch an ad then hey thats awesome but if you have multiple choices to skip the extra cash than it doesn't make much sense if it ultimately ends up making you watch a ad. Don't waste your phone space.
So so , one you get to a certain level , you can't buy any more guns , that's the only thing you can buy. Glitches in the game & aiming the rounds get glitchey at times . Same scenarios over and over, rounds do not travel as far as one would think.
Not impressed. 1) The dances the character does when he wins are super cringe. I know you're probably trying to cater to the "Fortnite generation" but stop making characters imitate Fortnite characters. 2) the ads. Getting an advertisement after every level is annoying. Then there's everything else about the game is behind watching additional adverts. The game even has the audacity to let you reload your weapon by watching an advert. And even if you say no it will still play an advert.
I would give it 3 stars if this one problem where "the 10 levels prize won't actually give you your 5000 dollars but will display it until you gain money" was fixed. I might consider a 3-4 star if this is fixed and the game was a little better
Moderately amusing, but SO MANY ADS!!! I mean, an obscene amount of ads. Constant banner ad during game, and video ads between every level (it takes an average of 30 seconds per level, so you do the math).
Even after paying to remove ads, to collect my "gift" reward I have to watch an ad... I am at level 200 now. Since level 150 I have not been offered another gun to buy. The most expensive one is 35k I think and now I have 50k and nothing new to buy. The levels also dont progressively get harder unfortunately. Just different courses but most are too easy. Since the game goes pretty quickly, I'm surprised new incentives are not added later on. There are also a lot of glitches.
Fun game and total time killer. I did pay for the game to get rid of the mass amount of adds. Only reason I rate one star is after I had lost all progress and weapons and most of the costumes when I had to re install the game so I'm having to start back over 😾
would have been a fun little game but forces you to watch too many lengthy repetitive adds. uninstalled before level 10. p.s. devs....a free gift isn't free if I have to watch (yet another) add to redeem it.
Fun for 5 minutes, but a very poor version of 'Worms' The graphics are ok, you can't replay levels, you can't select your weapon, the timing difference between 'double kill' and 'total annihilation' is far too short, it just feels like an unfinished game
I like it makes you think how stuff going to fall.. but there is several glitches that need fixed... But can you please add more levels and weapons... I have over 600k$ and all weapons. I would definitely give you 5 stars..if you fix the glitches and add more levels that are not all the same on loop..
Prepare to watch 30 seconds of ads die every 5 seconds of play time. Even if the game turns out to be cool, the huge amount of ads kills this for me.
The game itself is fine, easy to play, physics are mostly consistent and there are only visual bugs in my experience. They've also got a good variety of guns, some of which are impractical, but fun, and gameplay-time wise it doesn't take much to gather the money required to buy one. The reason I gave the game the 1 star is because for every 10 seconds you play the game there are anywhere from 10 to 30 seconds of ads and if you want extra coins or clothes you are looking at double (at least).
Ads ads ads that's all it is all the time no point getting in game money because you can buy different bazookas and that's it everything else you have to watch loads of ads to get do not download it's a bad game and you'll just be spammed with ads and it's very boring and very repetitive
I know I know, a 4 star review? On what seems to be a trash game? Well hear me out. The game is pretty fine. You get what you want. The ad for the game is actual gameplay. To those saying there are too many ads, I haven't seen one ad in this game. It offers you in game stuff for ads but that's completely optional. If I were rating this in 2014 when apps weren't always so trash, I'd rate 2 stars. Sadly mobile games today lacks effort so as of right now, I stand by my rating. It is only fine tho.
Controls are fine, gameplay is just OK - very repetative. Ads are rediculous. They really detract from the game. Also, there is no way to retry a level if you think you can do better. This game feels like it was rushed to market just to get ad revenue.
This game might be good for a 5yr old but thsts it. Thr periods between rounds(levels) is way too long. The game jumps out of playing it to home screen but hit the game icon & it goes back to where it was. VERY IRITATING. to say the least.(&keep it clean) game is terrible don't waste your time
Holy effin adds. Is there a game in here? As many of the reviews say, there's literally seconds of game play for minutes of ads. This game is $2.99 to go ad free, but you basically are being guilted to buy the game because you are blitzkrieged by ads until you just can't take it anymore. The ads are nauseating and infuriating but I'd rather give the $3 to a game that's more enjoyable for the f2p players, over one that ads me to death.
Game is ok but the 'X's on the ads are SO tiny that it's hard to hit exactly. If you're off my a hair it goes to the play store. Can take up to 7 tries to close the ad. Because of this major annoyance I'm deleting the app.
Great game but the intrusive ads are too much. Even when you opt No for the rewards, you still show the ad anyways, then what's the point in giving the option? Also, some of your ads direct you to play store when you try close them. And apparently you don't remove all the ads when people pay you which is also not cool. That said, just turn the data off and enjoy the game with you money suckers getting a cent from the player...
Not very challenging. I am at level 278. Maxed out on all weapons, common gear, rare gear and epic gear easily. Pretty generic gameplay.
Fun for about an hour. Very simplistic and really just designed to make you watch as many ads as possible. You can unlock different weapons, but once that's done and the levels start to repeat, not much there.
It's a great game when you have a little time on your hands. Ads are annoying but most are not too long. I got to level 3457 and it won't move to the next level. I'm stuck playing the same level. Gave it 5 star rating since i played so many levels. I uninstalled and reinstalled the game. I am now stuck on lvl 137. I rate it a 2 down from a 5. I am uninstalling it.
Not just one advert every other level but I'm getting double ads! The frequency destroys any ambition to continue playing after 5 minutes. Such a shame as it's fun when the ads aren't playing. Avoid!
Besides all the Ads it's a great time killer. I like all the different weapons & some of the levels really make you think. However it starts to freeze around level 280.
Too many ads interrupting game play. I know you have bills to pay but it should also not ruin the gaming experience. 1 star.
Level 38 too hard. Game is good up to level 38. At that point game can't be figured out in order to advance. There is no help and no opportunity to watch a video ad for tips. Don't waste your time like I did.
If I could give this game 0 stars I would. Amount of ads in this game puts Youtube to shame. An ad in between every level. Yes there is airplane mode. But its still a hassle. If you're reading this review. Find something else to kill the time. Dont get this game
needing to reinstall it to see if I can get it to work properly with my nox emulator. Your game sucks it freezes wont stop makes you have to turn off your emulator so you can use it it sucks the big one and is getting deleated. An please do not write me to tell me to get ahold of your developers to fix the problem JUST FIX THE PROBLEM. I would give you 0 stars if I could.
Imagine spending money on this type of game. Just play with airplane mode on and the rewards are nothing but cosmetics. You people are dumb for paying money to remove ads
I actually like the game but there's so many ads its not worth it. Everytime you pass a level or die, so basically every 20 seconds.
Stupid dumb. Wants you to watch ads, will stop you from going to next level. Tricks you into clicking on ads. Pressures you into the ads. Game is too stupid for me to want to watch any ads for this game. Way too many ads for 5 seconds of playing a dumb game.
This game is a political game the ads are ment to brain was and they will show the same ads over and over
So it takes 5 seconds to complete a level, then you get hit with a 30 second ad, if you complete enough levels you get a piece of clothing, in which you have to watch 3 30 second ads to get. There's a million games on the store....Don't waste your time with this one.
It was a good game until this latest update. Now the game takes even longer to load and continuosly crashes. Yes! I have plenty of memory!
Would be a fun little game but the amount of ad time is way over the top. I understand the need to create revenue but it takes all the fun out of it when you over kill it!
I don't mind ads, but having to watch 3 ads for 1 prize is excessive. I would keep playing this game if it weren't for the excessive ads being thrown at me. Not only that, but the fact that there is no way to fully get rid of ads, even if you pay, is silly at best.
Keeps freezing im well into level 350+ and after couple levels it freezes! Very mad because I buy very few games like 2 ever hahaha and I bought this one qnd it doesn't work right :(
Good time killer but it takes 10 seconds to complete a round then you have to watch a 30 second commercial. If you like ads this is your game but if you're a normal person you'll hate it. UNINSTALLED
Fun game just way way way to many ads , i didn't mind watching ads for special guns or outfits but every single round an ad ... i was on the fence deciding if I should keep the game or not and well just too many ads , I can't get into a game with so many ads ...
To way to many apps you play for 6 second then Have to watch a video for 30 seconds thats no way to get people to like your game so I am deleting i played and watched more videos then I played game. it is not worth it.. a wast of time.
Game is neat, but the amount of advertisements are simply ridiculous. For each level you'll take about 5 seconds to beat BUT there will be an advertisement in-between EVERY single level. After 10 levels, its too much. I have already deleted this game off my phone.
Lots of fun with cute animations for 419 levels. Then it refused to allow me to complete level 420. So ... feeling a little bit irked.
The game is just repeating itself after awhile. The guns themselves break the game after awhile. Also, there's adds after every level you complete. It's a ok game to get your mind off things but it needs more work and having to turn off my wifi to play it is just annoying.
Like the game. It's a fun time waster BUT unless you like watching HOURS of ads do not download. Play a level, watch a 30 second ad. Lose a level, watch a 30 sec ad. Change a weapon, watch an ad. Ads, ads, ads, ads, ads, and did I mention ADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The game has a lot of bugs that need to be worked out. I played through to level 226 but, while it is a good game, it does need work. It has a tendency to freeze or crash often and some of the levels have glitches.
Fun game at first but absolutely nothing to spend all this money I win. The game has really no challenge to it from an increasing difficulty perspective. Deleting it now because there's no reason to continue playing. So disappointing.
To many ads in this angry birds ripoff. I know there is an option to purchase an ad free game for $2.99 but when every other level is showing an ad or having to replay a level shows an ad it becomes excessive and the game just isn't worth all the time wasted.
Ads galore. More ads then gameplay dont bother with it. Had 4 ads by level 5 and thats skipping the double reward bonus. Uninstall.
Way to many adds. You spend more time watching adds then playing the game. Couldn't get past round ten
I like this simple game now after buying it to get the ads removed. Can you please let me know if you are coming up with new guns. Now have come up with all this money in the game and nothing to spend it on ?.. thankyou if read this game review and question. πŸ™‚
Ads pop up at every opportunity. More time is spent on ads than in playing. Uninstalling after less than 3 minutes.
The mechanics if the game a pretty decent and it is a nice casual game. The biggest drawback to this game is that the advertisement to gameplay ratio is about 4:1. It takes about 15 seconds to beat a level, then you can watch a 30 second ad to boost your earnings, then watch an ad to gain an additional small boost. After 5 levels, you earn a piece of gear then you watch 1 to 3 advertisements to acquire the item, then you watch an ad every 3rd or 4th level anyways.
The game itself is OK enough, but my as with all these simple games it is so swamped in advertising that it is basically unplayable. 3 stars for the game idea, -10 stars for the nonstop stream of ads.
I loved this initially but now there are more and more bugs. I'm on level 224 and suddenly, when gift gets to 100% it's stops responding and needs to be closed and reopened after every 100% and no gift. Also instances where the floor was shot out but instead of just falling off the screen, it appears in the air above. I'd love to see some stuff added that can be bought with game coins bc I have tons of coins that I can't even use for accessories now that the gift boxes no longer give anything
I really like the game, but the glitches are unacceptable. I'm over 200 levels in and it whacks out on me all the time. Fix that, and I'm buying this game. I REALLY like it!
Seriously? An ad after the FIRST LEVEL? Less than 10 seconds into the game, and a 30 second ad decided to remind me what mobile games have been reduced to. I can't even comment on the content because the game was 1/4 play, 3/4 ads. I'm removing this from my phone. Terrible.
A fun enough game, but the ads, after every level, turn off the the music on my phone, which I have to restart manually. Too annoying for a little time waster.
Cool game, but too many ads to be fun. They should only show ads when you ask for free bonuses. If I reject the bonus it still shows the ad. Dumb. Delete. They would have made more money only showing ads when asked, I would likely had played longer and seen more ads.
Nice! But not very nice! I played it but I have no satisfaction to play it again...There is so much time when I finished a level or try again that level and I don't like that. It's took a time around 6 seconds. Then I got bored to play. In the game GUNS are good. everything is put on the right way but fix the time. Talking about time, I suggest it maybe 2 or 3 seconds are valid to put. Please fix it to enjoy a game into the next level. OK!
all ads. Sad because the tiny bit of game is fun. So much ads tho. just an ad delivery game. If someone finds a game like this that isn't all ads let me know.
I think I could really enjoy this game if I could actually play it . So far I've not been able to watch any adds to I can collect my stuff it just closes me out when I try and it runs very slow and very glitchy hope you fix this before I uninstall it
Very fun game and I would recommend, but it has a very annoying bug that's keeping me from giving a 5 star rating. Once you've collected all the bonuses you have to exit the game every 5 levels because you can't claim the prize so there is no way to continue except to exit and go back in. Also there is no longer anything spend the in game money on.
It's a fun game, I chuckle all the way through it, and it's addictive, too. Would be better if the money was useful for something after you purchased new weapons, an ammo chest for example. Clothing does nothing other than cosmetics, which is useless. The higher levels should be more difficult, too. Otherwise, it's a great game!
Fun concept. But can't do more than 60 secs of gameplay without an ad. Then when there's the option to watch an ad for a gift and you say no, it serves an unskippable ad anyway! Not a good enough game to be patient for that amount of advertising
Love seeing the people fly into the air. I hope you continue to add new levels, after awhile the levels repeat but that's okay. I still love it.the pay version removed the ads for me.
So many ads! Dear God this game is predatory with the ads! I'm pretty sure what I downloaded was an ad generator with generic entertainment mixed in to pass the time between ads... The controls for the generic entertainment were terrible as well!
More time watching ads than playing the game. It really wouldn't be a bad game if the ads were dialed back a bit. After each round you are given the chance to double your money by watching an ad but most of the time you're going to have to watch a long one anyway before you can move on... Oh but of course you can remove them if you pay... I know games are made to make money but this one is obnoxious.
Cool game play but the frequency by which you're fed advertising is like a drive-by colonoscopy, greatly interferes and thus the fun is never fully realized, πŸ˜₯
Great game overall, does however need more guns to buy. After so many levels you cannot buy anymore guns. Im on level 430 or higher and have over 1,000,000 dollars on the game but cannot buy anything with it. But it is a great game to play.
Like Angry Birds but with blood squirting out of the people you kill. Lots of ads! Ads for every level you play, and for every reload or every other try at the level. I've been playing this game for one week and have accumulated over 25.3 million dollars. I'm at level 700. There are no new guns or items left to buy at this time. Seems kind of pointless to have all this money with nothing to use it on. Many of the levels are repetitive. Child's play really. At level 770 and 50.2 million dollars
WAY too many ads. After every level whether you failed or passed! Sometimes, albeit very rarely, it seems to forget that it showed you an ad and shows a second one. Now thats out of the way, the game itself is very fun, nearly addicting. If the Devs read this and actually do something about the excessive ads, i will for sure give 5 stars and refer this game to friends!
Fun game BUT THERE ARE WAY TOO MANY ADS you can't even upgrade weapons or reload your gun without being forced to watch an ad to continue the game, once every three rounds would fine but this is just stupid.
Great game if you buy without ads the bad thing is that there is no other maps and content to unlock or buy. Besides the guns everything else is unlocked by watching ads. It is fun and passes time quick but burns you out when you have about 1 mill in currency you can't spend
Meh! Playable but uninspired. Levels repeat and it just becomes a carrier for ads Some interesting weapons Go airplane mode for add free fun Got to level 300+ in a few hours so at least a good time waster...but I'm done with it now so about 3 hours of play life
Very addicting and fun game. It's fairly glitchy with some types of guns with explosive ammo though, but that can make thing interesting and more fun sometimes. The only reason I didnt give 5 stars is because once you get all the guns there is no use for the money you earn in game. I have over 400 billion dollars and nothing else to upgrade or spend it on.
Only issue I'm having with it is once you reach a certain point, the game locks up when the gift box reaches %100
If you put your phone on airplane mode, there will be 0 adds. I made it well over 200 levels. Spoiler alert, same your money, and buy the 25000$ lazer.
Games now locks up on every level due to ads. (Rating ZERO stars) Certain levels are inpossible except for luck, and you cant skip. If you get stuck its forever. And to replay a level you have to watch an ad e EACH time. Just play until you get frustrated and then uninstall.
Fun, has some glitches tho. If you destroy too much of the ground the background freaks out(mainly with napalm). You have to play with data and wifi off to not get ads.
You will spend more time watching ads then dealing with the short and uninspired "puzzles". Super easy levels. Takes an average of 7 seconds each. With more time at the end of level screen and lots of ads.
Would be fun but as time goes by the ads become malicious and it becomes a fight to even think about playing a single level.
I like the game. Like the fact that you can pick your weapon for the application pf the level and the dances when you win are comical. Having to watch three different ads for new outfits is annoying. Thats why four out of five stars
Fun time-water game. I work 10h graveyard shifts, and this helps keep me awake. Oh, there's a problem level 428, even if I "win", it never progresses to the next level.
After 223 levels and a ton of advertisements per/level I finally acquired all the weapons and uninstaled the game. It repeated many of the levels. The rewards were lame, and requirered you to watch advertisements. The effort and challenge to beat the levels was minimal.
Simple game with simple graphics, designed to push ads. Ads every other round and then a push to watch more videos. Levels repeat before you buy all guns. Not worth the ads push.
Nice, but issues πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’. To many ads, like one with each level, it better get double the reward option over passing and get nothing watching an unwanted ad. The guns you buy would be better discribe for better buy choosing. Otherwise a nice game πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚.
All ads running are anti Trump.or anti Republican. They're pushing a political agenda to play a game. I would be just as upset at the reverse. These games should not be political.
Really intruaive ads, constant ad spam on other aps, repetitive game play, and just all around garbage game. These games are built with sole purpose of spamming you with ads, they need to be removed from the store.
The puzzles are satisfying, but it super ad heavy and one of the ads was even for a porn app. It's not quite to the level of unplayable but close. Deleted it after 10 minutes or so.
Great game but the constant ads ruin it. I wonder how this game can receive 4 stars when most of the reviews are 1 star?
To bad they don't have 0.001 of a star! That's what this game would get. After so many levels the game beats you by going just beyond the level of the abilities the game gave you. So keep trying but you won't win after so long until they are ready. Has nothing to do with skill. It's about a advertising