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Beat Color 3D : Piano Edm song music

Beat Color 3D : Piano Edm song music for PC and MAC

Is a Music game developed by Digo Ltd located at Republic of Belarus, Minsk. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.
Being Home Full Time is Boring ??? We should Hop and Play the music in a hurry. Get the most noteworthy scores and challenge the FANTASTIC edm game to your companions ever!

Move and hop your finger to tiles!Keep your pace with fancy rhythm!
Sound easy? You wish!!
Drive the light ball and explore the Beat Color 3D : Piano Edm song music !

Speed it up! You need to pay attention that is much control the ball left or right and hit the same color on the tube to pass it! It's okay to go through the blanks but you'll lose your combos and bonus scores.

Let's see how further you can go and how scores that are many can get! Share your record to your friends!
Found out about EDM Tiles? With The Song Game, you can play different kinds of music, from wonderful Piano, Guitar tunes to Rock and EDM perfect works of art.

Beat Hop - The Song Game will be your EDM game to unwind.

The Most method that is effective play

1.Touch, Hold and Drag the ball to make it hop on the Tiles.

2. Try not to Miss the Tiles!

3. You would now be able to transfer your melodies that are own play

4. Appreciate the music that is marvelous addictive difficulties intended for every melody.

The Ball will hop on the Beats Drop. Tune in to the enchantment beat, follow the cadence and utilize your reflexes that are melodic control the ball from tiles to tiles. Try not to Tap! This isn't a Tap game.

【Game features】
➤ SIMPLE Game Control Experiences🕹️
➤ Amounts of Songs to Satisfy taste that is different1000+ Songs will be updated)🎶
➤ A Wide Variety of Scenes and Items for choose 🌄

Jump into the orbit and step into the polygonic sphere of Armor. Go on a trip and dash at the spinning color wheels.
A color switching fun!

Your ball smashes like a tank through colorful circles that block its descent, but it's all over if you hit a different one! Your ball shatters to pieces and you have to start your fall all over again.

Try it now! Music lovers will definitely love it!

If any producer or label has an issue with any of the music used in the game, please send email to us and it will immediately be deleted if necessary (this includes the images used).

#Beat Color 3D : Piano Edm song music

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Beat Color 3D : Piano Edm song music.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Beat Color 3D : Piano Edm song music for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Very fun, difficult, and flashy. Except there is WAY too many ads. I swear to God, every time I finish playing a round, an ad comes up. There isn't 'free' songs. The closest thing to 'free' is watching an ad for normal mode. I like it, it's fun, but the ads are driving me up the wall. The least you can do is add free songs and take away a portion of the ads. This isn't me whining about the existence of ads, just the amount there is. I know people get paid off of the ads and in-game purchases:)
Amazing! The gun fire sound really matches the song and it looks really legit! I was expecting this all the time like people can play these modern songs but i hope that you guys can add more different styles of songs (not just edms),it would be great if you could do that. Keep up the good work! :D
I never play mobile games but i saw the description of this and I was wondering if it was like that famous gunsync video that went viral.. It is! In fact that same song is unlocked in this game by default. It's very satisfying to play. I found the ads/coin system to be balanced and worthwhile to unlock more songs. I'll be playing this for a good while. ❤❤❤
Amazing! Literally no problems with this game at all :). It was soo fun and the songs are 🔥! Edit:Ok so I'm back because i forget to mention the meteor issue. The meteors are fun and challenging to play however, they sometimes appear on the tile you're supposed to shoot and it gets really frustrating! Other then that i have no problems but i do have a suggestion. I was thinking if you could add a feature where we could play our own songs by typing it in a box. This could be a new mode. Thx! ❤︎
This is very addictive. The beats were turned into gun fire sound and the variety of music is what i loved the most. That is why I would want to add an online music search bar where you search for musics online and/or use music from storage and import it to the game, then we would play one of our most favorite songs that arent in the game.
Well I was going to give it 3 stars but it was fun , at the same time it went way to fast and plus half of the time it was not allowing me to move put other than that it was a ,fun game until more and more adds came and they were the same add every time but I liked it maybe less adds and make it a tiny bit slower other than that it was good , have a nice day
it makes me calm the music is high quality even though it make me spend a lot of money the game is so much worth it. cause im looking for a fun and a energetic game but none of my other games is worth it so i download and delete a lot of game but when i download this game it is very worth it so those who are reading this yo u better download the game immediately and. i hate bad comments so pls if you do not like the game just delete and don't even try putting bad comments to this game
This is a surprisingly calming game to play, and easy to start. I come from a long line of Guitar Hero games and this is so far one of the best music games I have played. I would like to see a few metal tracks in the list too though.
This is a very nice app to use it is fun and amazing. Please keep up with the good work, especially the songs and the different opinions from other people. From what I've see, the other apps while ignore their users but from what I have seen from this app, it deserves a big 5 stars
Its an amazing app but im a little sad that we can't download songs from our own music onto the app since most of the songs on app i haven't listened to or i don't like this is why i gave the app 4 stars otherwise it would've be been 5 stars but other than that its a really great game and i would recommend it to other people
Love this game, Really addicting and fun listening to the gun shooting amazing!! This app is great. Best game I have played so far. Many songs to pick (can't afford the music) but yeah this game is better than ever love it you should download it. It is not wasting your time fun you could play it whenever you want. The creator of this is really creative making it. Trust me its awesome anday the music is worth it great quality remember it's great so you should download it! Remember it is great!!
I downloaded this game again because I was feeling nostalgic but I forgot how good this game was it has different difficulty levels which I really like and the songs are also really good its also challenging which I like and the songs sync really well just one thing that you should be able to import your own songs but other than that I'm really happy playing this game
The most fun I've ever had during our Quarantine!! Absolutely love gun music games, I don't have any problem with it at all. Really tests your reflexes at how quick you can be depending on the difficulty and most of all it's fun while doing so! Also discovered new songs that I now love! I'm glad I stumbled upon this app 🌟
I would have given this EDM game a higher rating, in a past game update. However, the finger calibration from finger to trigger is off, you can have your finger on the trigger and be moving to other tiles but the trigger stays at the same place then you have to replace your finger to the original position of the trigger and go to the other tiles, as if nothing happened, but after so many times of watching ads and so, it does get a bit irritating. And the graphics are a notch lower than before.
Would say, it's decent. But I would love if there weren't so many ads after finishing/losing a game. It's annoying, but overall, it's good! I recommend this mostly to the people who are looking for games related to this. Hope I helped! :D Edit: Thanks to the Team for responding! And I understand.
Great concept, good job limiting the ads. The sensitivity options are sub par, however, no matter which end of the scale I try, the pointer lags behind my finger. It's not my phone because I have an S20. I don't know if this is intentional to make the game harder, but it makes it frustrating when there are faster beats
Loving it, it has endless edm music which you will love and keep coming back for also the gameplay is amazing. Another thing is these app doesn't force me or keep annoying me with popup messages to rate their app. Just download and see for yourself. Another thing which is I think it's not a big deal you will have to download some songs but they are not that big, hope they improve these and include all music when you download app or maybe there are reasons they are downloaded separately. Thank❤
I could say this game is so amazing! I've become addicted to it! The gun shooting sounds it sync up pretty well and its epic! This is some kind of game that I've been looking for years! Thank you so much for making this app! If you haven't try this game yet, I really recommend you to try it! If you are the person who likes shooting game with music in it I think this game suits perfectly for you!
I love this game its my favorite beat game and i love the songs they r all the original versions accept with the gun fire and i like how u can customize the theme and stuff however some of the tiles like the triangle ones and long ones dont change at all when using a different tile design which isnt a big deal but it would look a lot better with that changed there arnt many adds which is great if u like beat games this one is definitly 4 you
Snappy and crisp sound effects compliment the upbeat and electronic music selection. The sound effects add to the experience. Beautiful visuals and clean UI add to the pleasure. Would like to see more unique gameplay elements/mechanics. Currently this game resides as a bogged down tap tap/piano tiles. There isn't enough core substance to keep it interesting for longer than a couple play sessions.
The game is good, I don't mind all the adds in the game. I'd just like a more variety of songs and maybe even competitions between other players. The menu, graphics and style are all good. I haven't found any glitches yet so :D
Despite the adds annoying me I understand and want to support you because this game is awesome. I absolutely love it it's really unique and helps take my mind off things when I'm stressed and such an original idea. Everyone go download this game now you won't regret it !!!!!
amongst the music games that i have played... i'm loving this one.. the music is so COOL.. it may stress a bit because of the difficulties of the game but still entertaining... and highly recommended... i hope the next update will have more music... 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Great game, I like the rhythm they choose with the songs and the ability to customize notes and reticles, the only thing I could say is I want harder songs lol, barely started two days ago and I gurantee I can beat every song in the game on expert, but then again I do come from Osu!
A rhythm game that is made for mobile and does a great job at it. A decent amount of songs (however only in the edm, trap, and rap genres). Controls are fantastic and would recommend this game to anybody who likes edm. For the devs; Many people have suggested unique mapping for each difficulty on every level. I second this and know it would take a decent amount of resources, but it would make difficulties more meaningful. Additionally, every song would be available for every skill level.
Apparently it can go online without being able to download the songs. No matter what kind of network permissions I gave it, the game refuses to download additional songs. Edit: uninstall and reinstall did the trick. 5 stars.
I have played this game for like a good couple years honestly I might say as long as it's been out and then some updates came into play like changing the lives which for me being pretty good it actually brought the fun and difficulty back into it but the most recent update with adding the faster arrow to a degree was a good idea but for new players will only cause them to quit on this game and the gun actually moves right after u do instead of in sync with ur finger, that why it only gets 4 star
Great experience on this game, besides, I like EDM. Four stars? The reason is that the music sometimes doesn't sync with the gun sounds and the tiles, I dunno the problem but atleast reply on how to fix it or just fix the app -_-. Overall, the game is completely perfect and fine. Very recommend this game a lot!
the game is so much fun .... the one of the best game i've played ... the song are epic...... but plz improve the system of downloading song because some time it glitches while playing with songs ..PLZ FIX IT!! Song glitches are like when you are playing at a certain score the song reset and starts from beginning and the gun beat doesn't matches...... This is the glitch I have been facing from past 6 months..
I love it sooo much. If you really like beats and like up moving songs, this definitely an app you should get! I haven't even had it for that long and that's how obsessed I am! Thank you for this wonderful app!
Great app... Its just everything in there requires to watch an ad..you cant complete a certain song without ad..you have to watch an ad to open the box.. and even plays an ad after a song.. I get that you need to make money, but youre over putting ads..I know this review will not change anything to the game. Edit: Well I dislike the part where you put ads on getting the free coins :)..the ads after a song is fine..Thanks for the consideration :)
I never see game that so amazing like this♡♡ This game will get many star and for other player who play nevada song,go search in youtube. You can see many people who listen to the song play beat fire.. and it will be awkward if you hear the song without a shooting sound. But... can you put faded song? Coz if you wanna play that song you need to pay or watch video! I have a suggestion. Play a high score and got a new song as reward! Thats all i hope i can rate more than 5 star!!!!!
I love this game! This is so relaxing and fun because you have three hearts for to survive and but the thing that l most hate is ads that came out of nowhere when you play and it's almost perfect and the ads ruined it, it's sooo annoying but anyway l still give you 5 stars because this game is amazing,relaxing and cool so keep up the good work.
I've always found this game entertaining but the new bombs on expert mode are quite distracting. On some songs they make it quite fun but on others there are just too many to be able to finish the song properly. Maybe if we could have a way to turn it on and off it would be better?
This game is by far the best tile music game I've ever played. It really gives you the feeling your shooting each of those notes into oblivion, and the random reloads make you feel like a badass. The ONLY problem is that the hitbox is too small for the squares, they should encompass the whole square. Other than that, this game is phenomenal.
I love this game. I recommend it to anyone who likes these kinds of games. I like the music and its completely original. The controls could be a little better because sometimes my finger goes of for no reason but I figured out how to control it. The game play is good but the price for the weapons is to much. Over all I love the game and just want those prices changed
I really like the game and I don't mind watching the ads, but a few suggestions; I would really like more background/map choices and there could be three variations of it for the stars and stuff. Also color options for the optics/guns, I'd like that a lot. Overall, there's really nothing bad with the game, in my opinion. Great work!
If you are easily bored or tired of old games and hobbies sometimes and feeling like you've gots nothing to kill your boredom feeling . Then surely this game i wouod reccommend it to anybody. Its endlessly awesome; only one thing disturbes me sometimes sre tge ads the ads are a bit annoying at times but other than the ads; everything else about this game is perfect its actually tge 3rd best game i've ever played on my phone. Very cool EDM app.
I really love this game! I love the rhythm, it fits so perfectly in the EDM, the challenges! And many more... but there's something bugging me lately.. the uhm, the edm "Cloud 9"(?) When I play that song, it always repeats like cuts at the best part then repeats, it continues like that but when I have now like quarter to 3 stars it's okay but really, can you guys fix that please? It's my favorite Music :)
I love the game and almost every thing about it but I do have a couple of admittedly small problems. 1. Unlocking songs is a bit odd and there should be an option to buy with coins OR watch an ad instead of one or the other. 2. I think that the difficulty settings need some changes as they dont change all that much besides speeding things up. Maybe try adding more notes to sync with other parts of the song like have one side the beat and the other is the melody. Bwsides that I love the game 4/5