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Beauty Camera Plus - Sweet Camera & Face Selfie

Beauty Camera Plus - Sweet Camera & Face Selfie for PC and MAC

Is a Photography game developed by High Net Soft located at Foshan Gongyuan Road 1068. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.
Let’s take selfies with funny beauty camera and sweet camera photo editor!
This camera is a free beauty selfie cam helping you remove blemish and face that is slim. With One-tap you cam makeup can have a makeup that is unique from eyelashes, blush to hair color. Makeup Beauty Plus - Selfie Camera has numerous face that is selfie such as animal, movie etc to make a funny, cute and awesome selfie.
You camera with funny things to discover

► Sweet Beauty Camera - HD Camera
◇ Beauty Camera take a candy selfie with HD Camera, or choose a photo from gallery, dozens of face filters and makeup effects help you beautify photos in a smart way.
◇ With Camera Filter for selfies, you can choose retouching that is different and saturation of makeup effect according to your skin tone and specific blemishes.
◇ Real-time Filters for Beautifying Effects in beauty camera selfie
◇ You cam makeup camera for Perfect Face with filters for selfies

► Sweet beauty plus – Makeup Photo Editor
◇ Plus Selfie Editor: Adjustable skin tone gives you radiant complexion.
◇ Face Editor: Possess V-shaped face in seconds with a slider.
◇ Beauty Editor Plus : Beautify and widen eyes with pouch eliminating to be more charming.
◇ You Cam Makeup Editor: Smaller and straight nose in a second with a super natural way.
◇ Face Editor: Besides powerful makeup function, there are also motion stickers and video camera.

► Sweet Camera - Makeup Editor - Selfie Editor
◇ Face Stickers: numerous sticker that is unique of design meets your all kind of demands for photo editing.
◇ Mosaic beauty editor: Paintbrushes of different types and the mosaic that is unique make photo clear and look better.
◇ Text Editing: Numerous stylish fonts are offered for you.
◇ Photo editor Cropping: Crop photos to any size as your wish.
◇ Photo Processing: Professional photo processing makes it possible to possess photo in high quality with a slider.
◇ Slimming: One tap to possess models figure by legs and body slimming.
► Beauty Camera Plus for Beautiful Selfie - Filters for Selfies
◇ You cam makeup: One-tap beautify offers the professional selfie in one second with different beauty levels
◇ Makeup editor: Remove temporary imperfections like acne, pimples and blemishes with tap of a finger
◇ Photo editor : Smaller and V-shaped face in seconds with a slider in selfie camera
◇ Selfie photo editor: Shrink your waist and augment your breasts to have a slim body with beauty camera
◇ Add height to your body with beauty camera

Beauty Cam – You Makeup Camera & Makeup Photo Editor Highlights:
♥ You cam makeup
♥ Filters for Selfies
♥ Makeup Camera
♥ Photo Editor
♥ Beauty Plus camera
♥ Face Editor
♥ Makeup Editor
♥ Beauty Editor - Selfie Editor
♥ Cute Funny Sticker Camera
♥ HD Camera Plus
♥ And more…

Camera beauty - Face & Photo Editor contains 100+ beauty makeup styles, photo filters and 1,000+ themed funny stickers, motion stickers.

Download Sweet cam – Makeup Selfie Camera & Photo Editor to take selfies with beautify features, filters, stickers and makeups!

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Beauty Camera Plus - Sweet Camera & Face Selfie.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Beauty Camera Plus - Sweet Camera & Face Selfie for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
I guess I'm about to delete my rate amd even the app . Why this app isn't saving my pics even tho i have enough storage/memory for pics
Hey I like this app very well because I used this app in iphone & now I'm a OnePlus user & i can only open gallery but can't select to edit. I want u to fix this 😃 please. Thanks.
Most pathetic app, I have ever used .. for each click , it is showing an add. This is really annoying. There should be an option to give ranking in minus... 0 star for this app.
This is very awesome app i like this app soooo much but my reason to give 4 star is when we come open or close the app the ads will coming. But my advice to use this app this is awesome app i have ever seen .
Worst app. I have never seen before such a app like this. It irritates a lot with adds. Poor camera quality. Remember one thing that people are trusting you. People are installing this app because of their poor camera quality. But this app also have the poor camera quality. Bad filters. Not working. No.of adds. Don't install it friends. I am uninstalling it. I want to share my experience with you. So i shared. Now I am uninstalling it.
Worth of Uninstall..! Too much ad everytime u open it. Who will wait a 22sec ad to take a selfie. 😅
I gave only one star because the ads in this app very irritating me so many times but apart from that this is very good app with beautiful stickers and everything.
Best make-up app ever! It let's you change anything its great and easy to use I recommend but please could you add more contact colours and hair colours
This is very nice app and awasome photos this camera quality is very nice thxxx I have 5star this app
this is so beautiful app I ever seen i my life.... my phone is j8 Android & the camera quality of my phone is very poor.. I got this app..& i am very happy to tell that this is very nice app &easy to use... I suggested u to install this app... love u guys...gor created this beautiful app.. thnxx😍🤘😎
This is the worst app ever! I could not do a single thing . Not one! Damn ads for every click and finally nothing works. Zero Stars. Am uninstalling right away. Waste of data!
I love this program, both quality and Edith is great, but unfortunately , How long has he been doing it for me and he doesn't let us see the photo in the gallery or send it to anyone. I'm really upset about it(ू˃̣̣̣̣̣̣︿˂̣̣̣̣̣̣ ू) I think he says he should pay money, because we should pay for the picture, what nonsense, if anyone knows to guide me or if the manufacturer of this Dáil program knows this problem, please advise, follow up. Please
This app is great, I hope you response to this comment, anyways this app is free all though there is one problem, that is too many ads even while opening the app 👍🏻
Plzzz help this camera is very good bt reason of giving three star because it's sometimes it not working well plz improve this because I like this camera app very much I love this app and their is so many adds
Very bad app after installing they show adds and not other option to remove add you have to continue with the add.. If you would like to remove adds popup then you have to pay them. Please dont install this app realy bad app..
This app was wrost or good both when i start app lot of ads but pictures ,filters , stickers all are good but editing is not good ads and ads and ads i thing you should download it and start it after net off and then after opening on the net otherwise filters can not applied
Worst app. The moment i open to edit any picture... Unwanted adds...; And its very difficult to select any of the picture from photo gallery..; very disappointed. (Only one star I'm giving.. because without giving star we cannot post our review). Useless App Ever...!
Useless app. When I am going to install it then the installing takes 30 min... And when I use I get to know that this app is useless ... I don't want to give any star but I can't do this .... Really! a useless app..
Worest app don't use this app every 5 seconds they will an adds the adds will irritating us ,the main drawback is we wl connect on internet the always show adds
Very very very bad app... Please don't waste your net for download this app.. very irritating app... A lots of ads...
The app is good with filters and stickers but it only make 1 minute kindly add more time for making video if you add this app will be best
One click add appears .. not working offline .. add load screen only... Wasting time ... I don't even want to give one star
Before update. Pimple remover is available.. not after the update that option is not available in beauty icon. So i uninstalled this app
Thanks to make this beautiful app because in this app all things are looking in real not artificial like others app☺😄 Its pics like a dream come fulfil. I mean to say that i have no words to describe this app😍🥰
I never get a chance to use this app cuz the 100000ads pops up all the time, deleted it since 20sec after downloaded
Im giving you guys a 5star rate because you deserve it,,the best so far,but there are so many apps which look like this they are so misleading, i downloaded 4wrong ones before i could get this one💋💋💋💋
Very nice app ... photos we take with this app is just awesome really amazing..all the features of camera is just mind-blowing only ads irritates sometimes otherwise all ok thanks developers for an app so that doesn't matter which phone we have app helps to take good quality photos 🙂
So I love this app basically and you are looking for and so this is amazing and I am saying my experience and love this app so I am saying that I will you are looking for this app so please download it will help you a lot
It was nice app. but it is worse now since this app earn too many stars and started to push you to watch ads. Even sending you notifications to watch ads while you haven't open app
I strongly recommend not to download this app it contains too many ads for every single thing we have to view and add and I don't like it just waste of time..
This is the Broken app ever!! I can't do anything in this app , it doesn't allow me to do anything!! Even edit filter!! One star is even more for this app ××
It is funny and timepassing camera.I advice whenever you go in picnic please firstly download it is so useful.when you come return to your house you see your pictures and you are so happy
Good so cooollll... and the effects are so... beautiful, my mom gonna borrow my phone for taking a selfie and edit it. And post it to her fb
Worst👎 app...... I don't like this app because too many adds . When I opened it again it was not working
Worst app you can call it the factory of ads... You can't do anything without selecting unwanted ads don't waste your time & data
Terrible app. Far too many ads for a start, then when ad finally stops, it forgets what options you went for and immediately shows yet another ad. It's very slow, messes up a lot and I just can't get anywhere with it. I hardly have any apps on my phone, a very large memory so it's not due to anything lacking on my part. Fix these issues please!
So I tried a similar one and the camera quality was realy good it's just that some of the filters are for money so I decided to try this one I hope it's way better tho it's a really cute kawaii app I'm inlove🤩 Keep up the good work pleas (☆w☆)
It is an interesting app for editing photos and it also help to add makeup,etc. However, I like this app so much so I am giving 5 stars to this app.😘😘
One of the worst app. It always depicts error frequently. It made phone to stuck at every second . Its really rediculous and irritating
Good app but after using one week it shows many ads .. its pic quality is very good, editing is nice , but this app is not for boys because the lips are gone pinky 🤣 and looks like girls lips . It mane purpose is to make beautiful girls,,more beautiful so that everyone knows it is edited pic 😂😂🤣 don't consider with you It is my opinion 😜😉
It isn't very bad but u know the filters make ur eyes so much big and not beautiful At all I don't like it
This app is full of ads and its not even working.....third class app...I request never install this app...its complete waste of data and time...👎👎👎
Nice app but I don't really like it because it took about 20 second for the ads that why I gave 3 stars only.
This used to be a good app....now i used it after some time....idk what update u guys made....it has become almost impossible to select from phone gallery....pls fix it
Freakin useless app ! Let's not call it an editing app but just advertisements app - full of ads & nothing else ! You can't just do anything without loading an ad. Worst app
Uninstall it right away after installing,,can't even proceed single action due to ads...too much ads..waste of data in downloading..
I love this app because the stickers are nice and good and I don't now what should Ive download and I love filters and make up the Stickers is just like tiktok stickers.
This app is a wonder fulll app for girls like me who are fond of taking selfeis some one said that it takes a lot of time to upload but actually it is vrey fast and can open up without ads by turning of our mobile data love this app
This app is the most useless app I've ever seen.You can snap with it but it won't save in your gallery 😠😠
0 star actually!!! The editing is just garbage!!! Doesn't recognize any pic!!! The app has nothing to do with what is shown on Play Store! It seems to be a replica of lemocam and faceU!!!
The bester app from other beauty cam apps. Other are the more worst nothing can be done. And this have a disturbance of adds u can turn off the net then it won't
Please explain it again but I will have to go to my account and it is finished with the new sprint network is unreachable
Worst aap .... Cant select photo... Full of add...worst photo editing app.... please don't install this app
I like the apps camera filter but I don't like the adds that keeps annoying me.it takes 3_4 seconds to start up the camera because of the adds.
The other day I can see the latest version is available to the right now, and I am a little bit about the new year and I am a little bit about this property offers a complete list of neighbouring businesses by going well for me to you and your team and the family, and a half hours ago by the time of booking your flight to be able to do with it, I will be able the same way as I was wondering how you doing with your own,
its awful , doasn't find photos from gallery ,too many ads and you can't use filters &... it even not works
I reduced 1 🌟because of the frequent ads it's irritating me 😠. But apart from that this app is awesome. Beautiful, cute , wowful 🖒😘😘pic. I love this app .
Alhamdulillah After a long year I got this type of beauty camera. I am very happy to get it😀....in this store I was finding for long time... for it I download many of them... But those were not better🙄....!! Thank you a lot fir this app....,,,!!! 😘😍☺
After seein the reviews I thought of checking the app. But all I saw is adds, no features work properly, phone hangs etc. Its a NO from me.
When ever I open the app after first use it shows an error, but when it clicks photo so photo is clicked very nice
Its a good app and has alot of fillters but I would like a fillter that is natral It can add lashes to natural fillter but not cat ears or a head band
This App is good quality but , adds. to enough. So all adds to finish..in the app. And your app perfect... thanks team
It's so bad app. Sticker doesn't good also. Suratlar bolsa bulaşyk düşýär yuzun zordan görünýär. Everyone if you would like to take app you don't take this you will take other app
Wow! so beautiful app. I can do anything my photos with this app. There are emojis, filters, beautify. I love this.
This app is so fantastic, 😍nice app is showing beauty picture, I like it. So nice use it for better picture, but you have to improve it because sometimes it stuck when I take more than two pictures.
Pls Dont Install this app. Irritating ads. Too many ads not opening the original app. Previous version is better than this version. Wastage of 75 Mb. I wont give atleast one star.
Lovely app so cute in this app have stickers are fantabulous good looking perfect if I appreciate this app this it means I am rating to international app Thank you
You need to watch so many ads before you can actually use it! If I could give a zero.... I would have done so instead.
It haves many cute n beautiful stickers u have to try this it's very beautiful once u take picture then your mind will say one more pictures one more one more then u will keep going♡♡
Just a usless app only ads and not working on offline please don't download this app only waste off your mobile data and nothing
I just want to tell that I like this app so much because when I am clicking photos or something emojis I looked very beautiful my friends just ask me that from where you have clicked this nice photos please tell me also and I have tell that I am clicking photos by Beauty camera plus I love it I have give this 5 Stars