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Betting Tips

Betting Tips for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Tnier Ks Tech located at Nainov/Sraumbe. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.
NaloBet Tips

Football and Soccer Tips and Predictions
Half time - Full timee
Correct Score
FootBall tips.
Over/Under 2.5 Tips.
Btts Tips,basketball tips
Win on Live betting
High Odds

Betting Tips - App Description:

We offer daily betting tips with various predictions like 1x2, over / under, handicaps, BTTS, double chance. Depending on the available matches our betting tips will have small odds (sure matches), medium odds and odds that are big. To make it simple... We offer everything you need to be informed on the top football, tennis, basketball and all other matches.
Our Professional team is specialized in football, basketball, tennis, ice hockey... all our betting tips are highly analysed and tested to provide the experience that is best possible.

Betting Tips - App sections:

β€’ Daily Betting Tips - most common betting tips with various predictions

β€’ Extra Match - alternative betting tips for a single match, more then one betting tip

β€’ Mixed Combo - betting tips organised as accumulators with 2+ odds (usually we combine the top betting tips in all sports to get the combination that is best)

β€’ VIP Betting Tips - PRO betting tips from the top leagues, a part of them having alternative betting tips (more then a single prediction for one game). The VIP area is where you get top betting tips, the games we believe to have the risk that is best vs reward ratio.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Betting Tips.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Betting Tips for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Firstly, an excellent app. Accuracy of around 80% which is good if you keep your bets to double or treble tickets only. Don't get greedy. Second, there is no option to subscribe for Premium Tips. As these tips are all completely free, the developers would not gain anything from supplying bad tips. They, and their advertisers want the app to do well. Thirdly, look at the whole app. Read their "About Us" etc. It shows transparency and honesty not found in other apps. Highly recommended. Good luck
This app absolutely invaid ....i will seeing game all the time ...buh imagine , the next you will see another game replace of the one you picked been marked as won ...why they lost .......am talking the sponsor of this app .....you better do the right thing and stop fooling people
The best betting app out there, I've been using it for a while and the results are really encouraging. The only issue I have is how to join your VIP section. Please try to give more payment options for everyone around the world.
Nice and accurate app siutable for football bettors, especially for those who may not be chanced to predict games by themselves. This is the place to be as i have benefitted immensely with their accurate predictions. I rate them 5 stars.
Super apps! It is very interesting apps. Betting Tips is very easy to use and has a cool design. It has multiple versions, excellent colours and features. Graphic quality awesome. This apps give me so much pleasure. Recommended it.
Palace Betting Tips Star rating: 4.8 Ratings and reviews Israel Pam 11/07/2020 Star rating: 5.0 The app is really awsome have used it for a while now and the experience have been wonderful. Kudos palace bet thanks to ur tips my betting have taken a new dimenrion for the better. On a auick note no betting app is perfect so use ur head ans dont be gready. As for palace betting app its 98.9% acccurate. Kudos again palace betting app.😘 Was this review helpful? John, Tammy Ezekiel Akrokeokia 16/07/2
Fake. Fake. Fake. Never pay any money for these scammers. They edit their games at end of each set of games. Original games posted on 28/10/2020 was on HT/FT 1. Dortmund v Zenit X/1 (that won) 2. Sevila v rennes 2/1 3. Juventus v Barcelona 1/1 They now changed to 2. Ferencvaros v dynamo Kiev 2/X 3. Juventus v Barcelona 2/2 No one should pay any money to these thiefs. See me on Fb caleb Asraku and I will teach you how to get their games free, which are fake.
One of the best app for getting the best betting tips before a bet.The app is very accomodating, user friendly and has a nice graphic user interface. I like this application really very good app.
Great apps! Very informative and perfect application to me. PredictoR Betting Tips is a mixed sports predictions app for football, basketball, tennis, ice hockey, baseball, handball, volleyball, snooker and other sports. My personal opinion this application is so excellent. Night mode is a awesome feature too. I recommended this apps.
perfect Score , I haven't had time to play games but the last time I played all the game won , Thank you guys for the accurate result was starting to think the games was fixed ... very accurate predictions
Yes the app is good u can even use the free bet to won but one problem is u can't find the country or the type of match what they give is teams and because of that sometimes I find it difficult to bet so please try to add the kind of match or the country, Nice work keep it up..
I one the best out there, their predictions are accurate but not πŸ’― accurate. I love the fact that they are transparent they do not hide their losses unlike other VIP apps that shows they never had losses on their predictions.. keep the good work up guys
This is one of the worst and fraudulent app in the world. They keeps replacing all the loss games after result. And this is not the only app they've created to decieve the public. They also owns Luno Bet, Dino Bet and lots more. Guys nobody should atempt to pay for this fraudellent app, else you"ll have yourselves to blame
What an app, the performance and accuracy of predictions are out of this world. Just leave the predictions to the experts, play and be expectant of returns beyond your imagination. I highly recommend this app to those that desire to improve their financial conditions.
Friends tells it very fast in this application and download the friends app, it is very good in it and tells it right, it works well even in less networks.
Very nice application. Brilliant kind of interface. it is designed perfectly. Go for it and get best ever betting tips ,herel have paid for the vip services and am happy...
This is the best application on play store for betting. Over 90% prediction are successful. I used for a while and I am fully satisfied. It helps in sports football, cricket to predict score.
Compared to most betting apps I've ever used or subscribed to, this one is class of it's own. I am amazed by the accuracy and so long you stick to the rule of playing doubles or trebles, you'll not be disappointed. I cannot hesitate to recommend it to new users to be as it is worthy....
i surrender this app is more nice if u follow what they say splits your ticket into 3 u will get back and win more that's a nice app. I just make my ticket today 29/4/19 and I won it 10 teams nothing I add on tips I just took as it is. anyway there where small odds but I won my small amount without using my knowledge. thanks guys I really appreciate.
This app is very bad, you dawnload it when you do not want your bundle.it is a fraud app because they only ask you buy games that have been lock with high odds but it is not true.they manupulate the score line after the match and post to demonstrate they have won to get more victimes but the never win.Is a fraud never try it if you want your money please.
Keep it up. Even though yesterday was the first time I bet your games and it came successful. I was very happy. I just hope you won't be like other apps. If you praise them today then they start fooling. Great job. Keep it up.Good work
It has So many free tips. If you want to bat, then you can use this app. Very good Sarwar works in this.You will not get an app better for doing real sitting. Very well, even if you are not, you can bat in it.
Wow this is a awesome application. I like to use this application. Because it is helpful for a betting tips. If you use this application so your waiting knowledge are increased. So I recommend this application. Thanks for developer.
OMG it's just unbelievable...😲 This is the greatest predictions app I've ever seen.After chearching and falling all the time I've now fallen on this magical app. I downloaded this app yesterday and I bet exactly as it said ,and I won 55.5 euro ... Tipstero INC I wanna say a big thanks for your job well done.I appreciate .....
The apps is real and intaresting. But the big problem is that they give much games and is only two or three that will play. This appliction is the one of the best app. Very nice application I like this application.
This app has been my favorite since I downloaded it.. And I give kudos to the developers and punters.. God please you all for this great work and energy Please you all can come at me but I really don't care, ,the fact that the app isn't working for you doesn't mean it's fake or it's a scam... Learn to be patient in all things.. I don't know the punters nor The developers so don't start thinking I was paid to write this... You don't expect anything from them to be 100% ..its not Magic!!!
Palace bet is a good app and i recommend it to be one of the best tips ever... But you guys should at least try to make game a little bit small in number to avoid lost...and also make use of home/draw or Away/draw for halftime/full time.... I love this app actually....
It was an amazing experience to use this wonderful app! They gave really accurate betting tips which could help you win. You just have to review how you should bet. The UI is very smooth. Keep it up devs!
Am not support to close the application because this application it's so good and much better so better much, thanks to all made it ,don't close this application, but opinion that why correct score tips free are not included, but seen after games ended, so if possible should be placed before games start because are not sure 100% that will be won that correct score
Their games are really quite accurate. But I would be better if the exact time(Nigerian time) is put on the match details. In case of other suggestions I would let you guys know. Meanwhile, I want to ask if you guys give correct scores at least 2 or when would it be available
From records your predictions and analysis are so on point. I also love the fact that there are lots of very good predictions on a daily basis with star ratings. It's an excellent app for all punters.
So many people are saying mix of sports and Am only seeing football...wow, πŸ€”πŸ˜£So that means the ratings are all fake or what else is the problem..??...Secondly this is a very bad app that you will not see any tips unless you buy credit...πŸ˜•πŸ˜‘Am wondering how this scammers😲 wanna steal from innocent soul. Bad bad bad😳 App don't waste your bundles!😑 Wow we are very sorry I mean Android users, even playstore Does not knows that their email contact is fake...Real scammers!!
This app is good, I'm not been able to subscribe to the VIP version since there is Google ristriction to it in my country but so far I tried the free games and they are 80% accurate . I wish there is a way I can subscribe or there is a website for it for me to make payment there and download . Thank you .
Very exceptional , I love the way it works very accurate with good analysis. betting tips application, there are only football betting tips. I like this application. Really very good. I recommend everyone use this app.
The app is really awsome have used it for a while now and the experience have been wonderful.The app is very accomodating, user friendly and has a nice graphic user interface.
Guys i just saw we need to watch video ad's to get free Vip tips.. that aint too Cool. But your Tips are Magic, This the best site for soccer guide or tip's.. if i can accumulate for 2weeks wil surely subscribe for your Vip Tips. Infact i deleted every other app just so i stay with the best..(Need No Confusion). your best Fan#Immortal
Good app i like it. But I've tried many to get the free coins and after watching the video of the free coins, I'm seeing anything like to add to my old coins. Even they said if i choose 5star i will have 10 coins. Ive done it but nothing. What is going on???
I've used this app for a month now and it's pure garbage, if you want to make someone else rich just buy the coupons and bet with the fake odds they give only for them to change the bets the next day and say won, I have a whole week of screenshots from October 16th to 25th of them doing this posted on my Facebook @azuremozes for you non believers. I wish I could rate this app lower than 1 star cos it's a scam, also like 80 % of the 5 star reviews are on the 28 th, fix your lies
My first experience with this app was a nightmare. I bought a coupon containing the three matches and in the end not even one match won. Yet later that evening the coupon was marked 'WON' with different predictions all together. The original odds too was changed. I mean this is dis-honesty. My account name is Henry 024 and you need to do something about this!!
I love the app but my experience and challenge in it is that the clubs names should be written in English also the competition they are playing too for easy identification. I must say it's a great app
I am about to subscribe to the premium plan, this is my first time of paying for a game tipster, good overall review and I hope I will not be disappointed. I am giving five star because of the consistent replies to comments on this page. I love active customer service. If I can get 4 wins out of 6
I've never seen an app with such accuracy, the day got the app, I bought some credit n staked a little just to see it's credibility, it was wao, every prediction came out as set on the app, I'll recommend it a million times to punters....
If you are out there looking for an app with the best football tips, then look no further coz this is it. All you need to do is just play singles and bet with a good amount of money and I Promise you that you'll Never use another betting tip app. I just started using it the other day and I'm already getting a good profit. Thanks to the people behind the scenes of this app, keep up the good work and God Bless you ... Huku sitoki leo 😎 ...
This app is really good for everyone who wants to win bet everyday. But one thing I dislike about this app is that, the odds do not come early always late so please do something about it.
Started out pretty bad but they really started upping their game... UI isn't good but it does function very well. Top Props to the programmer. Ads are annoying but not overly intrusive, one of the few programs where the ads don't discourage from the overall experience and they appear where and when to be expected. Keep up the good tips guys and gals.
My experience using this app so far has been amazing. The app is so onpoint andhardly dissappoints. The game l've played so far using predictons from this app have been successful. You guys are doing a great job. Just sustain it and God will richly replenish you.
Am shock of this app I bought 100 coins to get a coupon there was three matches in the coupon at that day I was happy coz I knew I will surely win the bet but after the match non of the match win and they change all of the matches in the coupon and write won... Please don't even try to download this stupid app
Try to reduce the amount, and upgrade it for the users to know which league you have picked the game from
Please Just try to make the correct Score Single, We Are Loosing more than Winning, because the games are double, Four matches 8 prediction, if we win one with 7 odds, that is $700 and i staked with $800, I Think they are just Normal predictions, Not fixed matches, please we still Love you, but helps us out.
I have purchased VIP PRIME but it has going lost completely...you give correct score of the day is listed about 5 to 7 you win on 1 with two option likely 0;0 or 1:1..just make correct score fixed and hope to constomer that we will every time with any one content......i got loss from this app
Best app for betting tips, my first of using a betting app and I won all my games even though I had to pick from different sections in the app. Good app, keep up the good work.
The experience with this app is very recommendable but am having issues subscribing because Google pay refused to accept my card, am begging if you can accept bitcoin as a means of payment, as this would make payment easier for me and all others who are having the same issues as I do and would love to subscribe to your app. Please consider my request and get back to me via the email I sent to you.
The app is a scam. They edit each of the game after losing. I Bought 200 credit and not even one win. At the end of each loosing game they go on the app and edit the game to fool people into believing that their predictions was right. I wish I can post pictures cus I had to take a screen shot of their predictions before the game and after loosing they changed it to something else.
This is my favourite app for tips. My advice is start with Β£10 and bet on something with over 80% win chance. Of course there's always a possibility that you might lose. It happens. But most of the time you'll win. The returns won't be huge but the small wins keep adding up. I've turned a Β£10 account with SkyBet to a Β£80 account in two weeks, without adding any more money than my first 10. I've lost money, like Man City's suprise loss to Leicester, but there's a gradual profit over time.
Well, with the little time have spent on this app, it been so amazing though there are many games to bet on but if at least they can be sending just only 3 sure games from the HT/FT section, then it'll be so good. And also from the correct scores, i think 3 to 4games as well isn't gonna be a bad idea. It is not so easy to win bet but we also paying a whole lot of money to get all this apps. Thanks
This Nalo bet is scammers. Allowing me to purchase matches of 90 credit that showed as Molde vs Rapid Vienna= Γ—/1, Az Arkmaar vs Rejika= 2/1, and Roma vs Cska Sofia= Γ—/1. But to my shock after the matches what am seeing is a changed matches that showed as Molde vs Rapid Vienna=Γ—/1, Real socaidad vs Napoli=Γ—/2, and Roma vs Cska Sofia=Γ—/Γ—. I was sad to get that from you after spending a huge amount of money to it.
It's a total disappointment and fraudulent application....l mean that their tips rπŸ‘Ž and incorrect 100% to add on that 😞 when u check back it's posted contrary from the initial prediction you had purchased and 'WON' is posted and from my resent match they even change one team and put a different one. Shame on you whatever you call yourself!! Am unsubscribing this app ☹️
I give you this five star because ive seen your good work. Pls dont give up or relent in what you are doing... Dont mind what other people are saying. Palace bet is among the best paid app ive ever seen. I have no regret in purchasing palace bet πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Correct score options, πŸ‘πŸ‘well ur trying. I LOVE PALACE BETTING TIPS
Best app you can ever wish for. Stop here Guys no more road than this, with this app you find everything you want I'm telling you I really wish Google can provide more than 5 stars 😘 😘 it was Great, if you have bet experience and you know how to follow predictions wisely you ain't loosing that's for sure.
Learn from others you don't need to experience: on date 27/11/2020 coupon of credit 90 contained champion league team; as per to the the games were to result as fellows: porto Γ—/1, Atalanta 2/1 and Atl madrid Γ—/1. But the game ended as follows 1/1, 2/Γ— and Γ—/1 respectively. They later edited to stockport Γ—/Γ— Atalanta 2/Γ— and Atl madrid Γ—/1. Just take care and keep your money safe before you loose the little you gotπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ.You can lieve a MSM if you need the screenshots
The journey to betting success continues.If you want to make real cash through sure bets,then do not wait.This app is fantastic and it is doing wonders....amazing!!!!!..99.999% perfect.A unique and clean job...awesome and irresistible...well designed and very easy to use....stop waiting guys...download and you will thank me later...I give it 10 **********
If fact I don't really know why this app is still allow in the app store, they are scammers. None of their matches has ever won, how can you take someone's money and give the person fake matches and because the coupon is expensive the person tried to stake high after the payment and boom he lost everything. My dear brothers don't wast your time on this Naives, they are total scammers. God will sure punish them and they will pay for all these
This is an amazing app , simply the best. The predictions are very accurate with very high winning rate I recommend it to anyone who is interested in making profit on a daily basis
The best football tips in this application. I've tried many applications before. None of them was so successful.I am very pleased.
The app does not deserve a single star, i purchased one of their coupons yesterday and I lost only to be surprised the following morning they have edited the option to show that the coupon was won......I see the developers of the app to be cheats who are in business to rub unsuspecting people.... They are all bunch of liars and thieves....... No one should fall for their SCAM...
I'm very happy to use this application guy's try to use this application Palace betting tips one of the best and amazing and wonderful and fabulous application This app is one of the most excellent and reliable source of betting tips.
Palace betting tips has 90% accuracy rate.... I barely lose with their tips. They give tips not the actual thing that will happen in the match (even though they get the actual thing right most times) it's left for you to add your betting knowledge to the tips they have given. I can't lie, they have really shape my betting wins. This app is just too special as long as I'm concerned.
Palace betting improves the strategy and skills about betting.. this app provides different and free teams for different leagues in cricket (IPL, test, ODI etc).. this app is really helpful and useful... I enjoyed this application so much
I love this app a lot! Though it's not always 100% sure but you're doing a great job. I've had lots of winnings using your app and I'm indeed grateful. I recommend this app to everyone that loves betting.
This is seriously a fantastic app, if you really want to make something, I recommend you use it. Over 90% success rate. Nothing in this life is 100%, except the one God gave.
I download this app and I check you match history all was win I make a deposit and I buy a match and the much was lost but later on you change the bet and the odd telling it a won you change the team I buy replacing it with different time I think this app is a scam.if not this is my username DR QUAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT
This app is very good. And I have already subscribed to the premium plan. And this is my first time of playing for a game tipster. Any way I like this app very much ☺☺
A very rubbish app... This app is scam yall they ask you to buy credit at a very high rate and then after buying credit to open a cupon all the games in the cupon lost and when you come back to the app you see the cupon you bought saying won while its lost and all the selections change from what you bought scam app wish i could give it 0 star