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Bitcoin Pop - Earn REAL Bitcoin!

Bitcoin Pop - Earn REAL Bitcoin! for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Bling located at Bling Financial, Inc. 340 S LEMON AVE #1433 WALNUT, CA 91789. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.1 and up.
*BE ADVISED: It takes a time that is long earn enough Bling Points to cash out for a meaningful amount of Bitcoin. Most users earn an amount that is only worth a fraction of one cent (USD).*

Have fun playing Bitcoin Pop and cash out REAL Bitcoin!

Not only is this bubble shooter game that is mobile to play, you will get rewarded with Bling Points that can be exchanged for Bitcoin. The amount you receive will be very small, but the more you play, the more you will earn!

The only requirement is that you register and login before playing. No tricks or hoops to jump through to receive your Bitcoin - just download, register and start playing to start earning points that are bling away that you can convert to Bitcoin. To convert your Bling Points for Bitcoin, you will need to create a coinbase.com that is free account.

Download today!

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Bitcoin Pop - Earn REAL Bitcoin!.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Bitcoin Pop - Earn REAL Bitcoin! for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
It's a nice apps for mobile devices and the right time to do the job and easy use of all and earn real money site payment by coinbase.
I like this apps, but the problem when you cash out the rewards you need bit coin wallet , its coinbase but when i sign in its terrible i hope can cash out to the paypal please.
This game is so much fun. 😊 I just downloaded it today and I can't help myself to write a review about it. Unicorn is so cute. The game is totally fun. Thumbs up!!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ I loved it. πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“
I can't cash out using my old coinbase account. It always says "This coinbase email is already being used."
Lovin all the games of Bling! They're are so easy to play, very entertaining and super legit paying apps! Good thing the games are limited, I can rest for a while😁.
This app is legit however it kinda annoys me when I only get to play it for about 30 to 40 minutes and then afterwards it tells you to wait for a long period of time.
I now change my review due to the fact that once you get to high levels developers make it near impossible to continue...the game no longer gives the bubbles needed it will only give the bubbles that you do NOT need to even get half way on level...what is the point of continually giving incorrect game pieces?
I do like the game. Sometimes i get all the milkshakes with my last move, but the game doesnt count it as succesfully finished level, it says "out of moves" and i have to watch an ad to play again. Fix it pleasee
Game is a chore. Nothing to do with skills or luck. When it wants you to watch more ads (and that is often), it only gives you colours you can't use. Played 15(!) straight games (lvl 421) in which I was given only pieces I can not use for an already difficult setup. Terribly balanced made for rage quitting. Bubbles don't even go where the line points!! What do we do with a game that doesn't provide rewards and isn't fun? So infuriating when playing, feels cheap.
I really love it.. cause the pastel color are realy warm in the eyes... and i love unicorn.. cant help smilling when playing this game... thanks bling..
i love all the 5bitcoin apps. It’s amazing to have fun & earn money Through them. Without playing pop, i gave 5β˜…πŸ’₯πŸ’ž Why not YOU add refer system😐. It will be more interesting for the usersπŸ˜‡ Let me know about this term....
Simple bubble pop game with rewards. But, it has some issues. If I finish the level on the last ball, I fail that level. The ball is nearly impossible to aim as it curves at the end. Sometimes a large block, that's been detached from the rest, will just sit there making further aiming impossible.
This is why sometimes it gives 50-90 points per level. I saw this problem when ad doesn't come. Again when ad starts coming he gives 4000-12000 points per level. This is why ad is not what I would actually do. Fix it ??
nice game fast payout.. I can say this is the best paying app I've ever got but there are some problem plz make the amount of money little higher we spend our time to get this money and enjoying plz just make it little higher. best app I recommend this app for every one
Same as the other games, a lot of time investment for tiny payout. I played 4 games regularly for a month (ie 6AM,6PM). There are 15 levels per game=15 adds, that is 120 ads per day or 3600 ads a month and all I got was 1 dollar. Before downloading ask yourself what is your time worth.
I love all blings games. You guys are awesome, but you should try and fix the timing and make it more unique if need be. πŸ‘
Great app the x3 work and sonetines it does not but i am glad most of the tine it work and it's an easy game to play and kinda addicting too
This new game is so amazing.. I really like it. But i hope you can increase the coins recv in every level and shorten the days of recieving the cash out..
The game is great but the problem is the coins you are earning is somewhat unstable it ranges from 5000-10000 but overall its not bad.
Very enjoyable games from bling while you earn from your enjoyment. So nice. Thank you so much bling for giving us legit ways to earn while playing. Kudos. Looking for more games from you.
It pays. But after getting 100,000+ coins it keeps on saying that network is not detected. You cannot continue any Bling games since it pops up while playing but during ads it does not appear.
I really love the app but I think you need to make an arena wereby it can be sent to any wallet address , because coinbase doesn't operate in some countries like Nigeria,we just end up storing it not been able to sell
A lot of bugs...... After 5 to 6 levels Bling points are not credited ... Game required a restart.... Reset this app also but issue still not resolved......
As usual I've always played some of the BLING bitcoin games. All of the BLING bitcoin games are trusted and gurantee that they will pay you without hesitation. As I planned to create my second channel in youtube the content is mobile app bitcoin games. and I truly promote all BLING games for all of them are legit.
super application, get real bitcoin thank u bitcoin pop bling. it's taking so long time six days to cash out. make it faster people download and play more time.
Honestly, this is one of the best games I've ever played in my life, easy cash out, best payout option, real bitcoin... You should try this, it's real. πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ
At first you'll earn 4 digits then after it becomes 2 digits, and give you 0.005 dollars per 30k, a waste of time, if you want to play for the thrill then go, but for rewards it's a no go.
Bling is one of the honest companies that paid what you really deserved. Thank you so much bling for these amazing apps ,however I wish someday we can cashout points through paypal because paypal is more convenient. Overall I am so happy with this apps I'm almost a year bling user.❀️❀️
I'm giving it 2 stars because when i went to sleep i have 999,000+ almost 1M points from playing for 2 or 3 days and when i woke up i only have 800,000 points. Like how did it happened?? I was happy i already have almost a million points and i just saw it was deducted? Wth
I am rating five because i love this game including bitcoin blast and your's other games however i suggest that it(bitcoin pop) should be unlimited play time for 3 days atleast so that we can earn a lityle more bitcoinsπŸ˜ŠπŸ™
was happy playing this game great, but all of a sudden, the x3 changed to x1.. Not keeping to the app promise. Please fix it or let's know the reason why it was reversed to x1.. In all great app + Payout
I rate it four star cos the app is legit and recommendable but too much ads and the bling points is too small pls do update on that but you guys are doing a great job anyways
I like it because there is 3x points....please add 3x points in your old games inside also like bitcoin block and bitcoin blast in please add there 3x point option......once again thanks for adding this new game and earn more.....please add some weekly prizes who use this apps to much....they got the prizes....with more points.........thanks.
This is the app that derves a lot of 5 stars ratings! Very nice graphics, easy to play, easy to understand and easy to earn real bitcoin and you really pay us But can you add some referral button or referral link? So we can share it easily to our friends? . Nice work, keep it up.
I like all the bling games. Hope more games to come πŸ€—πŸ˜Š I just recieved my payout today. It's not that big amount but it's okay because it's legit. Thankyou!
this game got stuck to loading only even after the update, clear cache and multiple times closing the app. Update: so here's the thing..i did what was advised to me but nothing happened. in fact even other games got afftected. i tried to reinstall all but now it won't even sign me in.
I think this app is good. Has any of the complainers ever try mining for Bitcoin? It is very difficult to get $1.00 of Bitcoin when mining for even 1 month. At least with this game you don't have to spend over $10,000 to get not even $1 pr month mining Bitcoin.
amazing game really pay you satoshi every week and many different tough level are there but if you fail to complete the mission they will pay you nothing I think publisher should do anything about it as it will encourage the gamer and other things are perfect i will rate you 5 stars 😊
The unicorn is so cute and the game is aesthetically enjoyable. I love all the bling games and everything is legit. Thank you!
Don't been playing this for weeks and can't get past level 66 no option to try and advance. The number of balls they start you with on that level is a damn joke.
Loads of fun. It's good to get paid to play! you can win real money, but all I've won so far is around .17 cents!
this game is no longer worth playing the developer is a cheater because the amount of bitcoin you earn is less than the data spent on watching adds. the bling points has been reduced drastically. please increase the points because I am thinking of uninstalling all your 5 apps. you have added 3 empty zeroes and then reduce the points again without considering that we use internet to play this game thus we buy data. how can you be this wicked. please restore the previous points! the 103 satohi
Meh... the ads last longer than the levels. The play button literally looks like a watch ad button. I understand you need to monetize but such long ads and forced to watch between levels is overkill. You play for 10 seconds then watch an ad for 30 seconds. Uninstalled after the 4th level. #noads I won't even talk about the btc since the description says most players earn under 1 cent.
Before starting this game. I give it 5 stars. Because i think it really pays like other 4. The only thing that irritate me is too much adds before every level
it's good app to generate real bit coin.it is good app like other app from bling and wish to see new app coming future.try to remove time limit and add refer programs too .. tq bling.
Easiest cash out ever. Honestly surprised. Not perfect with Canada and coinbase but they actually paid! Some few bugs in some cases but worth it.
same as most bubble pop games. a bit boring as its a standard game. otherwise graphics are great, easy play. I have cashed out a few times now. Payment is within 24hrs, as for improvement i would suggest maybe have a goal or challenge and having invite links (for a few extra bling coins), and the ability to challenge friends.
This game is so great!!! Benefiting from the 3 times points is making the game so easy to play and easier to earn money. Even though the cash out money is so small, I can just play this the whole year without deleting it. I recommend you this app, if you are a persevere person, because you can earn a lot in this app if you have perseverance.
This game is fun but sometimes from the start of the game you know youll never win.cos in the end part, all of the colors you need is in the first set.how frustrating......tskk.....
The bit coins rewards are for real and shows on your coinbase wallet within 24 hours. This game is legit. Thank you.
very easy to play... another great game from bling... you'll enjoy playing the game and at the same time earn some bitcoins...it is legit and pays free bitcoin,,thanks to bling... won't make you rich though
Like other players, I will say that this is the best paying app I have ever played if the cash you can cash out is unlimited 😁. Overall I recommend playing this app, this is 100%legitβ™₯️
It's fun! The game where you need to free a soda πŸ₯€ before running out of the moves. The Unicorn πŸ¦„ is really cute.
I play 4 games for you, you used to give very good points but now after updating your games you are reducing the points a lot which is half than before. We hope you will fix it very soon. ~~ I like to play your games.
love all the bing games cashing out is easy as always barley as smooth someone tell them to make more please this awesome love the times 3x love love love this there apps
the app is real but the coin is too small for all the ads that I am wasting my data to watch,I think they should increase the pay of the game so that it will be more fun ....
This game is fun but sometimes from the start of the game you know youll never win.cos in the end part, all of the colors you need is in the first set.how frustrating......tskk....can you update level 208 its extremely dificult i have 17 ball and the obstacles are contrast to the balls given sometimes not even one color ball is not given hope you could take action on this just frustrating
the game is simple and nice,though they should add more points in each game because playing a week, you barely can get a dollar of points.
wow this game is awesome and easy to play.... kudos the team (Bling) for this amazing app that pay real bitcoin.. if you haven't download this app then you are missing
It's a good game. You'll get tokens for you change with bitcoin. However, the tokens for every level game are different. Sometimes you get much tokens,but sometimes you get just a small amount of tokens. Even when you're in the hard/higher levels. I played a hard level and just got 2000 tokens and I just like, are you kidding me? I watched the ads, played the game, and win but just got that? Please be kind and give us more tokens.
Nice apps! From all of your crypto games, I really like this one. Ofcourse I like the cute unicorn πŸ˜‚. Easy to play, nice graphic, and funny unicorn. Very recommended to install this apps and also the other Bling's games. 😘 Trust me, you'll never regrets playing their games! Thanks Bling!
Without playing this game I am giving 5 star.. I know like other 4 apps . it will pay.. The one thing that disapoints me that income and play is limited. It will be the best earning app if the playtime and income is unlimited. Thank you biling Finance.. Hope you will come back with many games. 😍
Even I finished to get all the soda it always says no move so what? As long as I get the sodas I'm finished so get me to the next level.before I hate solitaire but this is worst!
I always wish Bling add more different entertaining games and this game is awesome! The color, the character, a not so complicated to play game and most importantly, I am paid to play.😊 Great job Bling!πŸ‘πŸ’°
Good game... fun to play... blast and pop however, when i download bitcoin pop it gave me x3 rewards and since 2 days ago it s only givin me a fraction of points which though i play it for fun and kill time... would be nice to have the reward scheme more than 6 satoshi per round whilst it used to give upto 33+ satoshi.
Its good. And the graphics are great. Thing is when i want to withdraw into my existing coinbase accnt it tells me that the account already exists. Which is what i want and i connected the games with my account. Im not really sure why it doesnt withdraw. Can you fix /help? This is the only app that actually pays in like 24 hrs it reflects in wallet instantly.
The app did not worked after updating 2 days ago. Eventhough had tried many times still not working. Unless deleting its data but the game started Level 1 again. Pls, fix it..
I like this game a lot but now i dont understand what is going on, i used to get coins up to thousands before but now i get only like 78,50, and less like that. Please fix it, it wont be fun playing anymore. Before i get about 3,000 or more per play but now it is rubbish. Please fix this. Thanks.
Doesn't pay a whole lot but it does pay out and with relatively little min req. Games are interesting enough might as well earn a few fractions of a crypto while I'm rotting my brain.
I'll give you a 5 star cause I've been using coin blast last year and i thought it's just a normal puzzle but to be honest i love how the game is legitimately paying you, so you deserve a 5 star...wish it has a refferal so when i refer it to my friends i got affiliate hehehe just kidding
Actual payout so it's great! Be aware that it only pays out to coinbase though. The gameplay could be more improved to be interesting but otherwise it's a fun little game that pays you a few pennies a week in bitcoin for those who don't want to sink real money into crypto but want to earn little amounts. I really hope they partner with game companies so it becomes higher paying, but game is fine as is.
The app was good but there still some bug that needed to be fix just like when you throw the bubble it will just go in any direction and suddenly it falls and the game will just freeze that affects my game.
Nice game. I really like it and the colors are relaxing from my eyes. Hope it can give more coins so that i could withdraw more. It really helps me a lot especialy this pandemic time with my 6 children.
it's very easy to play and all Bling games are legit but there is very low monthly income bling should have to increase the payment to client. And thjs game is very good i appreciate.
off all the bling games this new one is my favorite..its very entertaining and enjoyable to play though..at the same time you earn a value of satoshis, keep it up! bling team.looking forward for more gamesπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ–’πŸ–’
Legitimate app. Surely is paying straight to coinbase only suggestion is allow other wallet to recieve payment also not only coinbase to avoid charges as its not that huge amount also that were gaining from your 5 application combined.
I played many bling games. I enjoyed it plss change the points when you lose your gonna gain small amount of bling points and when you win you gonna gain big points plss for fun not for bitcoin . Its chalenge like when you win you gain big rewards and when you lose you gonna gain small amount but not so small . Because when im when i gain small amount and when im lose i gain big amount its not formal to a game for me. Plss change the game points contribution to become fun
*make the ads short *2 or 3 plays before the ads pop to play again. *make the reward little more high. by the way the game is awsome.. πŸ‘πŸ‘ good job😊
Easy to play .. don't have an issue with the pop ups either & didnt have any problem linking my Bling account with all the other games
After i cash out, the other day the app says that it unable to detect a network even if our connection is okay :(((
Game is a chore. Nothing to do with skills or luck. When it wants you to watch more ads (and that is often), it only gives you colours you can't use. Played five straight games (lvl 95 or 96) in which I was given only pieces I can not use, just piling up all of the useless bubbles at the bottom of the screen. Terribly balanced. What do we do with a game that doesn't provide rewards and isn't fun? And the bubbles don't even go where the line points!!! So infuriating when playing, feels cheap.
Very great app. I love it very much. Thank you for making this. This game is what I am looking for. God bless programmers.
The Unicorn poses like Usain Bolt! I will give 5 stars if I earn big and no glitches to the game itself and payouts. ;-) I need to buy a good quality of laptop from doing Bitcoins and cryptocurrency earning activities.
best game. I really love it but as far i play please don't cheat like minimum points. don't do that and don't try to make it spam... overall i really very glad to play this game ☺️😁
Nice....but thought this would give more points than the other bling games....love it still.... What about a referral system for the bling games?
I give three stars because of the following: 1. too many ads 2. only the first cash out was immediately done and for the remaining cash out, you had to wait 4 to 5 days 3. all bling games add to the same score, it would be nice if they had individual score counts 4. the user interface looks more like kids' toys that it looks like its meant to attract underage gaming otherwise, the game earns you bitcoins and thanks a lot for the 3x!
Game pays out. However, as a game, it has flaws. A major one is that if you win with your last ball, it will end the game before the final items fall. This makes some levels frustrating and nearly impossible.
Same as the other games, a lot of time investment for tiny payout. I played 4 games regularly for a month (ie 6AM,6PM). There are 15 levels per game=15 adds, that is 120 ads per day or 3600 ads a month and all I got was 1 dollar. Before downloading ask yourself what is your time worth. Out of curiosity how much do you earn if I watch 3600 ads, which i found a way to bypass by the way.
Good game. I have four blings game. I am introducing my friends too. But I will be glad if the interval can be reduce from eleven hours. The timing is long and let the point earn increased.
It's a tricky app. In starting they provide 4000 - 12000 coins. After somedays they will provide 70-100 coins. Therefore users nolonger receive any payments after somedays. Their all apps are have same algorithm.
I just downloaded it right now and i dnt have a single clue about the gameplay, but ill give it it 5 since i enjoy playing and earning using Bling apps. It takes a lot of time to earn bitcoi n but you also have to understand that you cant use these apps as replacement for a full time job!. I include Bling in my schedules and a lot of times i just dont know what to do so i waste my time playing Bling apps until another opportunity comes along to receive regular paychecks. Thats it!! 500/500words
I really love this new game Bling, if you can please do the same to other app of yours. I like it that I can see how much Btc I actually earn with my points, and the game interface is smooth and not lagging. Congratulations in your new game.
Its really fun games and legit πŸ’― because until now they are paying many people through bit coin.so what are waiting for .. download now! 😍
Since I started using this application I haven't experienced any problem, but as for now my point's have totally reduceed from 10, 7, or 5k to 90, 50 , and will delete all the games if it continues...
Although it only gives a little amount of Bitcoin (its ok, i read it on desc), it is still a 100% legit game. I think Bling games are the only games that gives real money and its Bitcoin. Also, the payout only takes around 12 hours so you don't need to wait for more than 7 days to receive the payout. I can say I love this app. Don't play fake money games like Puppy Town or 2048 Connect, just play this game to get a higher income especially on hard times like this. I recommended it :D.
this is the best app in the world to earn money go and earn money. But it has a bad thing that sometimes I open the app and the app don't opens after an 1 hour the app starts but all things are good.
I love it because i can get free bitcoin from this game and the game is also fun to play. But there are still some bugs that require fixes from the dev. I'm stuck in lvl 40 because of this weird bug, please fix it
There is nothing as good as "bling team" on the app store. All the games are completely real and they provide you real bitcoins. Atleast you are earning πŸ’° some money and the games are fun to play also. I suggest you all to check out these games. Looking for new games😊 Love to blings team πŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸ’œ
Another amazing addition to the Bling game series , fun to play , alot of fun , and as always a high quality game !
The ads on this game sometimes "bugged" when displayed after clearing the level. Kindly fix it. Thank you.
Dis game is d most legit game to earn bitcoin,tho d pay is quite small...BT u no croptocurrency is more and patience and time...just keep playing and accumlating bitcoin!!!!!😍 The game is very addictive.πŸ€— I love it
It's so interesting and very much more than another billing games.We want more same app.The app is offer or it's permanently?How can I see who's the winner πŸ† recently ?
Perfect paying app but the thing is you have mention its triple points but why I receive just only 1x.. Kindly fix this issue. Thanks.. Where is my point...
Hello, I have linked my facebook account in another app (Bitcoin Blast) and have already cashed out in my gmail account. However, I could not connect the same account to Bitcoin Pop and Bitcoins Food apps, and I can't cash out to the same gmail account I used in Bitcoin Blast. It says that the gmail account is already used. I was expecting that I can use the same account to these apps.
Nice game, it is one of only few games which actually pays. Amount is too low little bit more ll do. And 4 stars instead of 5 coz 3x reward is gone all of a sudden. Is it me who is getting 1x or its same for every one. Developers ,Please do address my concern rather than just thanking me.
Good app but the bling point are limited per day please kindly increase them. And plz increase the ads quantity. Good keep it upπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘. Real payments is a great thing in this app. So I downloaded all the games by the developer.
I loved this game. Not because you can earn a little money from it, but its so fun and time killer. But the reason I gave 2 stars because I also have downloded other Bling games but why I can use my coinbase account on other bling games???? I have used my coinbase account on Bling Bitcoin Blast but I cant use same coinbase account for this game!! Does it mean I have to open multiple coinbase account for to play few Bling games??!! Its ridiculus!!!
There is a good gaming app in intellectual and practical art, I give it full five stars but if you get less money for playing so many matches and games then you will understand the waste of time. Thanks
The game pay out but you have to download a certain app for their pay out. But they don't pay out very much. Every 3 million coins you get maybe $0.20. And it does have brother and sister games so you can play other games and get more coins.
This game was fine until I reached level 35. After numerous attempts, I finally finished that level just to be taken back to the very same level once again and now it's another struggle. It's time to delete this game 🀬😑😠
I have a very nice app, I like it very much, if there is an option to collect coins on address, then it is good, thanks
another lovely game!!! We hope that someday you can give us guys a day were we can look up to...i mean, how about if we play 3 consecutive days we can have a chance to double our reward, or maybe a saturday or sunday event where we can earn x3 or x2 reward...hope you can consider this guys...we love you so much!!! Wweeeee dddooo!!!! Thank you for your games, it gives us hope even in this pandemic!!!
A very good game. One of bling's way of improving our lives through bitcoin only by playing games. I wish I could have discovered these games early.
its very nice to play at it was so easy .. i really enjoying your new release game .. πŸ˜πŸ˜ŽπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ love it!
A good app to find free bitcoin. I got Bitcoin Satoshi several times .. If we can play it more than once a day we can find another Satoshi day .. I like it πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ and I love it ❀❀❀
Sir, i accidentally turned on my adguard, i've reached 1 million something, and now i only got 50 something of coins whenerver i won a round even after i seitched off the adguard, please fix this, thank you
This game really pays its so legit plus the animations are great the graphics is cool and the unicorn's so cute. I love this game pls make more games bling. Kudos to this company. Good thing this game gives 3x coins.
This new game from blingfi was released to keep each players busy the whole day. I mean come on!!!! You reached 3 million users but can't afford the players to earn more satoshi?? The more game you release the lesser point the players will get. Now I got it. 😒😒😒 Even if you release 20 more game the earning point per day will be the same, I know. I'm sorry.
its really good playing this game...you earn real money and you will enjoy playing this game but its more on advetisements after every good....so far this is very much interesting
I like this game that I'm already addicted to it and also it's legit and it's paying. I highly recommend it and all the other Bling games.
Apart from the fact that they payment are real. the game is sweet and good for wasting boredom. I cashed out 3times with a week. thou might be small but Atleast something came out of it. kudos blings!
The game is absolutely fun and entertaining. I would have given a better rating but I just can't understand their reward system. Why do I get a higher reward if I fail a stage than when I complete it? It happens everytime. It seems like it is better to fail the stage so that I get a higher reward.
i love all billing games.. this games it so legit & really payable.. over all i really glad to play this game.. all billing games is very nice to play and earn bitcoin.. 😊😊😊
The ads are two long... It's better to enjoy the game than to watch videos of 30min when ever am entering new level or repeating any level... But the game is perfect
Wow! This game is so awesome! I do love it! Especially how it's been played it's really nice, give it a try, you really gonna love it. And more importantly is that I really, truly, appreciate bling so much for this app. It's really a good stuff to create an game app that can give you a real Bitcoin! Very nice! I we always love playing bling games! And one more thing about bling games is that it's 100% legit. And also bling! can you please increase my income point with extra 0 on it? please!! πŸ₯Ί
I've been on this game for a long time now no regrets and no complains, expect for the reward it's clearly too small, please increase the amount of reward allocated to participators
It was amazing when it released, especially with the 3x bonus. But where they initially gave 8-12k points after each round, they're now giving only 50 points and still forced to see ads. Hope the developers fix this and i can give you a 5 star rating.
Bling is one of the few legit paying companies I've found. they have 5 separate games to play that all link together. don't expect to get rich but 50 cents - $1 weekly is easily possible.
The game was okay but a bit frustrating. The aim is not accurate and you can't see the last part coz it was covered.
Better than other earning apps. But I wish you guys can give more. It's quite difficult To earn. I dont mind the ads, i know its how your app earns. Just that i wish u could share a little more of that eaning since we are the once watching it over and over again.