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Bitcoin Solitaire - Get Real Free Bitcoin!

Bitcoin Solitaire - Get Real Free Bitcoin! for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by PlayDay Studios. The game is suitable for Teen (Simulated Gambling) and required Android version is 5.1 and up.
PlayDay Studios has partnered because of the Bling Platform to bring you the fundamental Solitaire online game cash this is certainly including at no cost bitcoin!

*BE SUGGESTED: It takes a period that is long secure adequate Bling Points to cash down for a meaningful amount of Bitcoin. Most users earn an amount this is certainly just really worth a portion of one cent (USD).*

Not just is this Solitaire that is important card addicting and fun to try out, you're going to get rewarded with Bling Points that can be exchanged for Bitcoin. The amount you obtain will be very small, nevertheless the much more you perform, the greater you shall make!

· Addicting and game this is certainly classic an easy task to play!
· Featuring 1 card or 3 card draw!
· Customizable card decks!
· Unlimited suggestions!
· Time your sessions!
· Aids tablet and phone devices!
· Obtain Bling Points with the Bling System!
· Cash out no-cost Bitcoin!

The just necessity is you register and login before playing. No tips or hoops to leap right through to get your Bitcoin - only download, register and start playing to begin earning things being bling away that you could transform to Bitcoin. To transform your Bling Things for Bitcoin, you will have to produce a coinbase.com that is free account.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Bitcoin Solitaire - Get Real Free Bitcoin!.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Bitcoin Solitaire - Get Real Free Bitcoin! for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
This is a very relaxing game, very fun and you earn bitcoin REALLY, however it recently (since the last update) has stopped loading on my phone as has all the other Bling apps to earn bitcoin.
I used to love this game, but lately, it always has latency. Sometimes, even if I clicked Auto, it won't still not go back automatically to the deck. I hoped this will be fixed, and sometimes there are no blings after completing a game, even I waited for few seconds, sometimes minutes, once a game completed, still, nothing came.
Bling Apps other than bitcoin pop flashes on my device... Only able to see the top right square on the phone
This is a great app have played for about a month now, easy to play and fun, no problems or hassels and they do pay out within 24 hrs .
Downloaded all 4 games and started a Coinbase account. Played for one day, accrued 5000 points...then tested the cash out. Cash out was easy, and the bitcoin was downloaded into my Coinbase account in less than 24 hours. Awesome games that really pay! Keep up the good work Bling! You are the only games that I have found that truly pays out. Please see if you can add more games, and maybe slightly increase the payout in the future? Thanks
I play all the BLING games and I enjoyed all of them but Bitcoin Solitaire has a problem with the rewards sometimes it doesn't give rewards even after two games. And the counter is glitching I redeemed 14 rewards meaning the counter should be 1/15 but instead it goes back to 10/15. I hope the developers fix this.
I was using another app that claims to pay in bitcoin for completing offers. When I tried i cash out, they banned me for violations. Out of curiosity, I wanted to see if there was any actual legit bitcoin pay apps. I installed this one and after about 3 weeks of playing, I cashed out. I was expected to be banned for no reason again. But nope! THEY ARE LEGIT. You have to have a Coinbase wallet with matching emails to cash out. My crypto wallet looks pretty good now!
3 stars for now. If this doesn't get updated, It means I've uninstalled the app 😉 11-09-20 update: i like solaitaire and i love how i can earn a little by playing what i love. Great job guys!
Thank you so much for giving out this opportunity to us to be able to mine and get bitcoin. I don't really mind the ads 😂 as far as I'm gaining coz I've downloaded and played some other games I think the developers use the ads to get their money and leave you empty... And the earning points too.. It's a great game.
Thise app is very nice not another app donot give payment it give real payment proof. I also tell my friends to play this game and get real money💰.
This game works good and I've been able to cash out. It ended up being like 50cents after a week of playing but it's the first game I've been actually able to cash out. I'll give it 4 stars just because the payout amount is low other than that. It works great and havent had any issues with it.
I'm only giving a 3 star rating because of the fact that, YES you actually can cash your points out to Coinbase BUT... The sucky thing is, that if or when you rack up over 5,600 Bitcoin points like I did. For some reason, it only shows up in Coinbase that 0.00000567 was transferred. Which is only equal to $0.07 in USD. So in order for you to really cash out with even $5.00 or $10.00, you'd have to rack up a million or more points. And that really sucks ☹️. Update: Thanks for your response! 🙂💕
This is very fine and i like they will definitely pay u i have received my payments within 24h but , the reason is we can earn only some points per day they have a limit so , i don't like this i request them to please remove the limit then we can earn more please please
So far so good with all your games, i love playing 3/5 of them, but lately there are some issues with my withdrawal, its going in "processing" for about a week, what's going on with it? Are you going to fix it? I will re-write my comment when/if the issue will be addressed/fixed. Good luck.
Very nice app. I am starting to love it right now. I maybe new to this game but it won't make you feel bored.
Played all 4 games for a month and only won 1 dollar. Do not think that this will pay out well or even decent, all of the adds you watch makes bling a lot of money and they will never share with anyone. They have now made the prizes smaller so if you are lucky and try real hard you will earn 1 dollar in 2 months.
the legit games.. its really pays you😊😊 and its really fun and enjoy while you play thank you its my 2nd pay out now
I haven't yet played this yet but the only best part about bling finance is their lack of minimum withdraw limit..yes the rewards might seem little but it's worth it when u can basically withdraw at anytime..
Great game. Plus though small, you actually do earn rewards. One of the best paying games I've ever played and continue to play.
All in all, I have no qualms about the game.The only thing I don't like is the cash out time is too long. I mean after your first cash out you have to wait at least 6 days for another cash out. We can only play the game for some levels and the we have to wait 11+ hours untill the next game which is Okay as we can take a break from our phones. Other than that I like all the bling games👌
Maybe remove the part where you have to watch a video before one game because its too much time consuming
Used to be a good game which gives good and reliable points and payouts. But nowadays it is giving very minial. The issue started when '00' system was introduced and then suddenly '00' started to become values but counted to the bling points and now it starts with a 4 digit value but last three digits are not counted with bitcoin (Eg: 1256 - 256 are not counted for bitcoins or in case of 276549 - 549 are not counted for bitcoins). But blings are added to only to the last three digits.
The app says there's a problem in the network connection but my internet connection is working perfectly. Is the app under development at this moment?
Good solitaire game. pays, and in timely manner but pays very little and repetitive ads. Yes, I do understand and I play the others. But what I meant about the ads was I'll get the same ad like 8 or more times in a row. But yes, i understand you having ads is why you can pay which is good.
I like this game, way of relaxing the mind after work and at the same time you got paid also. Love this game got 3 kinds of game from the same developer. Good thing is they can link all three games together. All your points are accumulated.
Hello developers I ask one question to you Installation time you give more coins example the high score was 10000 coins and now I went to 215 level in all games pop soda,solitaire,blast ,block,food table you give high score coins 6500 coins an each level Why are you doing like this It's like cheat your customers
I really like all the apps made by BLING because its easy to play and you can accumulate bling points that you can exchange for bitcoin which they pay really fast..although its not much and you wont get rich but the fact that this is a legit paying apps is definitely worth 5 star
I enjoy solitaire & love a good challenge but the lose:win ratio for this game is favored for the lose. if losing makes you smash your phone, this game is definitely Not for you.
Good game but please increase the bling points amount like before. Please give 103 satoshi for 10 games. Now our earnings have decreased that even with 15 games we are able to make 90 satoshis and makes play for long than before but getting less than before. Please make it 150 satoshi for the 15 plays for each gaming app and give rewards 3 times a day than 2. That you can get more plays and ad earnings and we too can get one. And please release a game like temple ren or subway surfers with btc.
I like play this game, but sometimes I didn't get any point even though I win the level 😞 please fix this problem thank you 😊
Where did the coin I earned go? It was in my coin base account, then it dissapeared! What a waste of time, glad I didn't spend anything on this farce.
Each of the four games keep on crashing since new update. I'm getting flashing black screen when opening the games. Please see into it.
I played this a couple of months ago everyday but have not played for a while now. But wanted to resume playing but i cannot get past the splaah screen for all bitcoin games. What should i do?
Well its real that you get bitcoin.but i been looking at the amount of bitcoin the game claims you get and the actual bitcoin i recived and its alot les than what the game claims to reward me with.
5stars to 1star. Because now I'm hardly getting 2 digits bling point even after winning or losing. Will take forever to earn even a cent. Waste of time.
The only game that actually pays. Rewards are only a fraction of a $ but its OK. At least better than games that promise to give 100s of $ but you actuallt get nothing. Good games as well
The gameplay is entertaining and you get rewards for it. Love it! Also.. I already cash out the game coins twice to my crypto wallet. You should try it!
Your games pay ligit but the low rate make it hard to earn more. I think you guys are just giving out some percentage of the money made from the ads but I was hoping you could add an option where you can multiple the points you get for each level maybe watch and ad or something...it's a great game tho
They force you to create coinbase account but coinbase didn't send me the authentication code to my phone. Very disappointing
It takes forever to even earn a dime it pays you in very tiny amounts I would have to play this game for 2 years straight to even make a dollar. It's fun but don't expect any payout any time soon.
I love this game because besides that it is legit in paying, i also enjoy playing it. But my suggestion is maybe you add some extra referral where in we earn more coins by referring it to friends? Just a suggestion. Thank you☺️
First, I am very happy because your application is proven to be paying, but I have input for you so that the waiting time for playing is shortened so that we all don't feel bored waiting to play and get points or you can add more games to this application. I hope my input can received. thanks
The game is Great, but lots of ads. It does pay out lime it says but you can only cash out once a week.
The bling coin value keeps changing? At first it was easy to get, a 100 or so rewarded for each play. Then an update adding zeros to the end like you got more bling but for the same value in bitcoin. Now the zeros are gone, but the bling amount is still increased. And I'm not sure what that did for the game in general. Overall, you get free bitcoin so thats good enough.
An actual game that pays out! You're not going to get rich, but this game seriously pays and there's no minimum withdrawal. You just have to wait about six days to withdraw again which is fine. I played all the solitaire games every day and earned 0.07cents worth of Bitcoin in five days. That was just for playing on and off. There's no glitches, an ad only after every game and they're skip able. Thank you Game Owner for being a legit game!
It was transferring bitcoin in the start but now since the time bitcoin value raised it's stuck..I didn't get bitcoin.
Bling apps are fun to play and rewarding. Worth the time you put in especially if you're in to cryptocurrency. Love these games the only problem I have, Is they need to make more.
Bling points earn to every session were back to the way it was before, without the added two zeros.. But didn't remove the 2 digits on total amount earned. I hope you didn't add two more zeros and changed again the gvng of points which is now back to hundreds.. Just to make it harder for the users gain enough bling coins..
The game is liget that's good. But the bling points is very low you give me 100 point win or lose you give 100 point.. but the month you give big point win or lose the point is 1.000 up to 2.000 points 😭😭😭 but now to very low hundred point😭😭😭😭😠😠😠
This game did give real BTC credits and it will accumulate the bling points when you play the other 3 games produced by them too. Although the payment is low, but I play for leisure time, so I don't mind the payouts.
nice, 100% legit simply play and earn money I already claimed my reward many times no issues, no problem if it's small amount the important legit...
It's good and really pays out. I understand that there should be ads but it's way too long that makes the game boring!
Very nice game..Bling Financial is the best for making this game..you play for fun but you actually get real bitcoin from it
Looking to build your bitcoin bank? Look no further than here. Bitcoins earned go directly into coinbase wallet. This isn't a get rich quick fake app, it takes skill and most importantly patience to build your bank. Definitely a game to keep.
it keeps on showing "we were unable to detect a network connection", i already checked my network more than 3x and then i tried to restart my phone but then it didn't fix anything, it is still showing. I can't play, I want to play.
I don't like that customer service is accusing me of violating terms of service for my review, just about being confused on the bling rewards system update. So I changed it to one star. But I currently have 234,702. When I cash out the amount of bling is just the first three numbers (234) but don't be fooled. One bitcoin is currently 15,000 USD.
nice game, the only downside is bling point gets lower unlike when the game first launched, but overall its a legit apps that gives reward,
This game is totally the best... I made 500 bling points in just a few minutes and i got paid to my coinbase wallet almost immediately but this made me download the rest of all blings app and now am addicted to them. But you guys should really add the option for us to refer people with a specific refferal link so that when our friends join with our links, we can earn a bit of sarthosis/bitcoins from it too.
I've read good comments so I installed it 3 days ago and when I riched the points to cash out I really tried it like what I used to do cash out and see if it is legit. And then, I'm so lucky because I found this app , legit and fun specially I have the 3 games installed from you. Now, I'm always playing and hopefully can cash out again next time because it says next cash out is after days since my last cash out. But it's ok, as long as you guys really pay and legit. Keep up the good work! ❤️
This is my favorite solitaire game because it lets me win part of the time and pays a little crypto win or lose. Payout is quick and easy. I like its sister games, too, especially the Food Fight.
Love this game and I love cashing out for real bit bitcoin! Play all four games for maximum payout. They are prompt at crediting your wallet when you cash out. You're not going to get rich, but every little bit adds up.
good game actually pays out and ok earnings. Lowered by a star as it started glitching where it won't load past the start screen after about one month.
I used to love this game but since the update last August, the points that you are earning is much lesser than the usual..they even notify players that the additional 00's will not affect anything but it DOES.. uninstalling apps now.. I haven't even get the chance to withdraw what I played for coz it's totally a big scam playing it now.. it's unworthy to spend your time for few cents. .
I love this game before but since they updated the points and put 00 i started to hate it. imagine i just played and got 76 points from this game and if you're goin to convert that on the previous points that is equivalent to nothing. that last 2 digits are not also counted when you cash out your prize. Another thing, the winners on the give away is always from america but most of the people are from asia.I don't think americans gonna play this game because it's not even 1$ per week😑😑😑
Not going to get rich quick, but it's a good time waster. UPDATE. Still waiting on two payments that seem to have been forgotten about. No point playing, if you're not paying. .
I was playing solitaire for years for the fun of it...now I play for fun AND crypto....how cool is that? ads can get tedious when they are glitchy tho, the only downside
Good game, i love each and every one of bling games . but please try to reduce the time for next play so we dont wait for a long time and please make new games, it would be fun. Thanks
Actually pays out unlike ANY other apps of this nature I've come across! It's a nominal amount so you certainly aren't playing to get rich but if you enjoy playing these games to wind down etc then hey why not get paid for it right? Also respect that the apps under this company are upfront about it not being a "get rich quick" kind of deal where others make outrageous claims (that the feedback soon tells you are unfounded).
Game is good and simple. Yes they really pay. Over all okay. Just wish they can increase a bit the reward for the adds we have to watch. For every game there's 30 seconds adds. Hope they can give us extra.. Other than that all okay..
Make the points higher again. Ads are still going every level but points are getting lower and lower.
Like really?! They are paying for the point of the game that you have earn. Not untill certain amount then you can withdraw. This apps is awesome. Not only paid you well, the game is also super duper great. The ads only needed to show we the level is complete. Thanks developer for this great apps. Worth time of playing this game. Good Job!
GREAT ..... APP THANK YOU BELING ... ... REAL BITCOIN GAMES ... 😘💕 BUT THERE ARE VERY LONG ADVERTISEMENTS ...... PLEASE DO IT SHORT ... AS 10 SEC .....PLEASE 🙏 ALL OVER EXPIRIENCE IS VERY NICE ..... Give some Reffral comission Not opening any Games..... not working ..... please look the matter
Greatest game . But please work on the time that can spent on each games before your next update.. I think bits 10games per day
Everything was fine until the last update. I can't earn bling points unless I win the game. Its not easy to win it. Please bring back the previous version were we can earn points even we don't win.
I just like the fact that I earn free bitcoin, plus not time consuming, and just having fun playing bling games, looking forward for more of your games like this ;)
I love playing. I do wish there was not a limit on how much you could play but it really pays out for playing.
this game is awesome I am have got 2 dollars in 2 weeks from this game which you increase the earning amount and no problem with increasing ads on the app and thank you I see 4 stars is good for you if you increased the earning value I will make it 5 stars
I love this game, 😍 cus it's legit & fun plus playing it is not a waste of time like other games, cus in the future I will get paid 🏧. how i know this, from my friends... hehehe.... it's true or it's true, now I am going to get paid💵💵💵 for having fun & please can you increase the time or add more games, thank you. please, please don't let me down hoping for the.......☺☺☺
Despite the Blast, Solitaire and Blocks being great, unfortunately, they are all linked to each other as if they are one entity...why is it so?
I am giving one star only .I am not happy with your team you reduce the giving score of Solitaire.from last update was good now update was worst we need more points and more money 😈😈 bring the old update.iam very angry on your team 😠😠😠😠😠😠which update now give some more score us to earn more money bring and update know
Highly recommended, don't be eager to be rich on this, but just be patient and earn.. I love you bling 😇
I just started playing this app since September 7 just one day ago and it was a happy experience that I can redeem my coins whenever I wanted good thing for this is I just received my redemption in just one day no! I think I just received it for about ten hours nice!! I already downloaded all remaining apps they have.. Reason why four stars is I did not verified my email to the remaining apps I can't redeem my coins from them please help me with this🙏😊 I sent already an email thanks...
Played it just once and now its no more opening after i was asked to come back in the next 8 hours. Not cool. Update: it works just fine now
the game is ok, nice and fun, but when internet connection is low, it doesn't give you the reward and you end up playing for nothing.. can you fix this please? other than that, great app! Edit: can you please fix this issue that persists? why can't you give the reward offline? I understand you need a connection for watching ads, but for the reward?!
So far so good with all your games, i love playing 3/5 of them! Easy to get addicted 😉Can be addicted. Check out All the Bling games! Thank me later for the advice.
I have a comment, why is the process of collecting a part of bitcoin is very slow?!!! ☹️ After playing 48 hr. I just collected 0.07$ only!!!!! Please please increase the percent of making money!! ☹️
Im enjoying the 4 games of bitcoin but the problem I encountered was that "bitcoin play not responding" which is very annoying, I am rushing time to earn more bitcoin while playing, please fix it . And hoping higher points to be rewarded every play coz it take a long time to reach at least 1 bitcoin...
It's classic solitaire. I like it. First wd to coinbase works. Please add another game. Like mahjong maybe.
What the heck you added two zeros at the end and suddenly it got harder to gain points? I saw the added point was 9680 what tbe heck happened with the two zeros at the end...they say that the cash out would still be the same but yes indeed the same but the points earned gets smaller. I should have already have like 20 thousand points already but now that the points added is wrong i'm still stack at 18 thousand...
who doesn't love playing solitaire, but the point system is gone or haywire. it was paying out good then all of a sudden started handing out low points even for a quick game?? now it takes longer to build up enough to cashout
I m giving one star because I played alot but my biling points didn't increase. although this app is legit and still paying but the added 3 Zero in the end of billing points are very bad decision. I don't know how and when admin will fixed its bug. or shall release new versions of his all 4 apps again.
Game sucks. It's slow. A player starts off having to watch an ad right off the bat. No payout! False advertising! Not worth the download! Uninstalling!
The difficult game out of the 4 is also giving away less bling points previosly...atleast the upgrade are making it easy for me to uninstall the games it was a hard decision to take thank you team
I really love this game, its legit, certainly give you points to make money. I play your 4 games day ang night. But the only concern is the low rewards points. Please, can you give more enough points every level/tries? And please be consistent on it, if the rewards is 10500, then stay like that. Dont just give random reward, like lower or higher than the average points. Please, i really like this 4 games. Dont make me think its just a waste of time to play this considering the low rewards
Enjoying the game, though the points or coins is bit small to gain. But like it so far, because you can pay out.
Hmmm its look like you(developer) need to remove option to multi login.... Thx ..right now i got 5000++ point every win/lost ... I hope you remove multi login feature if you not allowed... 5 Star... Already get pay several time. Real BTC....
I love you games..it's my first time playing an up that pays real Bitcoin..I also play your other apps "Bitcoin food fight" and "Bitcoin blocks"..I really hope coinbase is functioning well on our country to make a cash out for real money..All and all I highly recommend your app to others looking for games that really pays..
Why are suddenly give only a small amount of points after each leve?you only give 50-100 points after each level..it's equal to 1 or less point before you add 2 zero behind accumulative points..are going to turn this good game into a rubbish game?please fix this issue or i have to uninstall this game Update 9/16 : your respond is explain nothing..i think my complaint is happen to all player who suddenly receive a small points after wasting their time playing this game
I highly recommend this game with it's benefits. it's real. you will get your money. I have cashed many times. it just needs patience.
Basic solitaire game. This is legit pay outs. You receive bitcoin and payments complete within 72 hours. Many ads but not during a game. Some ads are interactive so you dont get very bored with the ads. Dont mind the ads as i still get my btc. Thank you.
the game is good, but I think there should be a referral program where you earn a certain % of what your referrals earn
I cashed out 4 times and received my cash only once! I need a response or it's better to uninstall all apps!
When you launch bubble pop you gave away x3 points and after that i always got 2 digit points that's why i can't play. Now it came back. Great!
The important thing here is they paying our efforts even if its, small, unlike other app there's a lot promising beginning but at the end they will not pay. I highly recommend it for now, hopefully this app will work for lasting.
It used to give 99 coins but now it doesn't even exceed 60 coins... Idk what happened. Is there a bug or something?? It doesn't keep you adicted to playing anymore.
One of my best bling games. Earning bitcoins while playing it makes even better. I recommend it to people that want to earn while playing. Though it's not much, it actually pays.
The game is great no bugs and doesnt cheat your bling points away. My only suggestion is to make each bling point worth 50% more for money cuz im broke and im gonna need it.
I love the game its easy to play they give big points. It's just that limited per day. They really pay not instantly but it won't take long either mostly within 24h I recieved my cash out and many times already. It won't make u rich but atleast ur time and effort won't be wasted unlike other game app that won't pay u. Keep it up the good work. Thanks
Very good game..And the lovable point is that the administration is genuine in matters of payments. I am missing the undo option that other solitaire games have. Maybe the undo option will be added in the next update, i wish.. And one request to Bling will be that please don't let the rewards to get as low as 2 satoshi, cause to finish 1 game takes +-2 minutes..Overall, its a good game as other games of Bling..
Love this Game a lot. and they do pay as promised and on time. I gave 4 stars simply because it limits Us time 😍
Your app is not loading, I don't have this issue before, but lately I encounter this problem. 3 weeks to be exact. I uninstall and reinstall but still the same issue
I hate this game & the reward is a little bit too low, but very simple to play. For those who like card games, this might be the one. Play & earn.
I love the game, even though I hope the boing points might increase so also help increase the bitcoin
4stars bcoz it's a nice game cash out is real but you need to play several bcoz 50k points is only equivalent to 0.00000006 btc but there is time interval once you reach it you'll gonna wait 11hrs before you can play again
Experienced a glitch where one card flipped halfway and now won't show up as a card. I have an image.