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Blackjack21, blackjack trainer

Blackjack21, blackjack trainer for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Bit Games: Fun Casual Games located at 555 Bryant St #218, Palo Alto, California 94301, USA. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.
-Click"HIT" key, you can add even more cards.
-However, you shed if the worth of your cards exceeds 21.
-When you're ready, click "Stand" option to play the hand.
-You win if the value of your cards is greater than that of the banker.

- It's 100% free to enjoy all experience
- No subscription
- No charge card
- No purchase necessary

- Jackpot: $3000 cash prize
- $2199 Samsung 65" Smart TV
- iPhone, iPad, MacBook
- $5, $25, $50 present card winners every(Amazon, Starbucks, Google Play…etc.) day
- Total price over $999,999!

New giveaways are added regularly. Tell us that which you like!

Install now! Enjoy blackjack 21 every day to get FREE giveaways!

【Terms of Use】
• All goods and gift cards available in Blackjack 21 are neither sponsored nor in any way connected to their particular merchants.
• Blackjack 21 reserves the proper of final explanation of guidelines while the directly to change, cease, and restrict, briefly or permanently, all or part of the solutions or tasks without notice in our discernment that is sole. Blackjack 21 reserves the right to substitute the giveaways, or portion(s) thereof, at the mercy of availability, with a new giveaway of similar or greater value, at our discretion that is sole. The Amazon.com, Inc. is not mixed up in procedure procedure.
• Giveaways are open only to appropriate residents regarding the United States, who are living in the usa and who will be at the least 18 many years of age.

See more details at: https://free-gifts-zappa.s3.amazonaws.com/in-app-docs/common/terms-of-use.html?app=blackjack

If you have got any further questions, please go ahead and e mail us at: [email protected]

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【Copyright Information】
All pictures & logo utilized in screenshots, feature illustrations and app have actually gotten agreement from the company or owner in advance, especially from Freepik. A few of them are no-cost license photos. When there is every other guidance or question, please go ahead and call us: [email protected]

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Blackjack21, blackjack trainer.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Blackjack21, blackjack trainer for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
I Like the Game so far, But I try to remain and be Truly honest, I would like to truly give this game a 5star rating right now but I have not been playing it for that long or have any success with winning yet! But I will continue to update my ratings as I progress further in the future?
Surprisingly this game is actually way better then the other prize games. It doesn't take a year like other games similar to this one to even save up enough to do anything. You actually win tickets/entries even if you lose the hand. 20 if you lose hand, 60 if you win. I would definitely recommend everyone to at least check it out. The ads are even super super short which is a huge positive note :) Good job so far devs, keep up the great work
I love Blackjack and I got to say I do like your game it is a little challenging sometimes however it makes the brain work better that way so good job and thank you
It is rigged, I mean the dealer bust more than player as they have to match the highest card. If this was a real casino, I would asks them to check the deck. If I have 18 or 19, in a standard card deck there is only so many aces or 2,34 cards. Now if I I using two 2s to make 18, how does the dealer at 16 conveniently çomesup with a 4 3 to beat me. I would move to the dice table if the dealer was that hot.
I love black jack.... This is a neat way of playing the game and winning a few extra bucks. Great job.
Love playing this game. Win or lose it's very time consuming, helps me with the relief of stress from the past wk.
Fast fun and addicting and there's ads but no more than 10 seconds long get a chance to win lots of different things love this game
Pretty awesome app. Love the black jack and know a friend who won an iPad! Hope to win an iPhone soon! Thank you for this app!
I just downloaded this game last night so far having fun racking up points to get gift cards if this pays out like it says it will I will be great full but if this is just another scam game my stars will go down and I will write another review on this game Jerseygirl54
Fun with a different approach to Black jack. Would like to be able to split and double down but overall fun little time killer. Haven't won yet so I will keep playing and see how it goes.
Awrsome game....will see how it is in a weeks timeframe....dealer should not be able to hit on17 or more
Its Fun and Exciting and you need to join in on the Fun but mainly the Rewards!!! Download the app now and watch the Fun Begin.... Good luck.....
Having fun. Love playing Blackjack, especially here. Great way to relax a few minutes several times a day.. I don't lose money I don't have and actually gain tickets even when I lose. Excited to win the $5.00 gift card. Going for the TV next. 🖥 😁 Thanks for how you do your advertising! This is the only app where I've actually gone to websites. PLEASE don't change that!
I absolutely agree with Renee's review! Game is Fast, ads are great and only 5 seconds long. Fantastic prizes. This is the only app that I check out the products on the ads. YA GOTTA CHECK IT OUT. NEVER have to buy Anything. Thank you
I enjoy playing this game it have hidden prices and rewards ad come in my way just ignore it and sometime skip the real $ 3,000 cash out is hidden as well but it's great
I love playing Blackjack, but there is one glitch that is frustrating. I can play 1, 2, or 3 hands and the game will disappear even though I still have turns left. I have to constantly shut the app down and open it back up to use my turns. Other than that it looks like a good app. Please fix this bug.
Great fun.... enjoy playing for a little while everyday... won a prize only after playing less than a month...
way to many ads and also it really isn't real 21. the dealer will stay at 14 if u stay at 12 or 13. its suppose to hit until 17. you also lose about 90% of the time.
I stick to what I said before about it being a good game and the fun game I don't even mind all of the ads after every hand it's so fun game to play to pass the time I haven't won any prizes yet I hope to soon. But in my opinion people should give it a little bit longer of a chance than what they do that's just my opinion
I can't express how much your app has ment to me. Its been one of the best way to get free stuff for playing games. I give it 5 stars.
Yuck! Bring back relaxing, simple 21. Or at least give an option. Or Explain how this new version works. Hate this update
I give 5 even though I just started playing today. I really enjoy playing blackjack ..& the chance to win $ & prizes, even through drawings..I hope to win something..but that's a game of chance..hope the reviews are real..so far , I really enjoy this game..& will continue playing..unless it turns out to be another scam..I hope not..so sick of being taken advantage of by so called ' real payout games'. If it is..I will let the world know..but looks good so far. Download & play !! Nothing to lose
Cool game. Easy to use and the prizes are good..... update still awesome!.....I also really like the fact it feels like real blackjack and how it's fair meaning you cant by or watch adds for turns.EVERYBODY has the same amount. It's up to you how much you play. Also the DOULBLE ENTRY NOTIFICATIONS ARE AWESOME. let's not forget you still get 20 for losing. I like how simple it is and how you have great giveaways every day so I dont have to choose a gift and wait days if I choose not to.
Fun game but when u win somthing it say u won then ask u for address but when u tap input address it take back to input address but it will flash u the address page
I personally loved this app! This is my first win and it feels so good. I highly recommend this to EVERYONE IN THE WORLD! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟☄☄☄☄☄
Like it for having to download it twice because i played it a lot yesterday and it deleted itself from my phone totaly? Trying again but its a fun game! Just cut down a bit on the advertizing. I'll change to five star if it don't delete itself again and it actually pays
Lots of ads, but without ads,how could you win? No one could expect to play for free, win lots of prizes, without ads, right? This game is fun.
Love the game and play it daily. I even share with family when not sure if I should hit or stand. The variety it offers in prizes is great. Hope to win someday!
Well was going good played for the last few days put in couple 10s thousands tickets had few more 10s earned said I had one prize gift card now want let me to place tikets or see winnings thanks and my tickets are gone
I love blackjack! Way too many ads that are irrelevant to the players. Especially if you're really into the game and then get so pumped up to play it and then you have ads that pop up. The ads runs longer than the game.
its a decent game,not all that but ok, probably don't win anything just gassing poeple up thinking if you add points to one sweepstakes, you win .....where's the page that shows past fake winners. I gave them 1 cause you can't give 0's
So far I am really LOVING this app...but, I'm going to wait and see if it really pays out anything as promised. If it does, i will be changing my 3 star rating to 5 🙂
Great blackjack app. The rules of black dont apply. For example, It doesnt stop at 17. It will keep taking cards. Ive been on this app 3 weeks. Havent won anything yet. Lots of people have. I'll hang on for a while. Will see what happens.
Upon install it gives one hand instructional and then just a blank page with score boxes at the top. All the games of this type to play for lottery drawings of gifts break down and leaves you wit a worthless app on your device.
Thoughly enjoyed playing this game of 21,very relaxing and I win quite often if I don't push the envelope. Waiting to see what prizes I may have won.
It's. Been two weeks and I still haven't received my $25 gift card I've sent emails and haven't heard anything back so the star is going to one
Finally, I have found the only honest game on Google Play Store. I won a $100 gift card on my second day of play and even if that is not typical it is far more rewarding than any of the dozens of games that I played previously for money. Thank you Blackjack Giveaways! They have other games also, I have only won once but that is better than any other game I have played.
I like the game and hoping to win something soon. I wish I could control the amount of each bet, and to be able to split double face cards..
Finally an app that pays! I am on my third day and I won $5 in game cash!! Thabk you for a great app that makes it fun and easy to earn!!
Too many long ads. They take way longer than the "game". With that many ads you should be giving out 100 times more prizes and money. You should be ashamed!!
New features not working, after getting a BLACKJACK, i am shown an option to spin for a higher win, buy after clicking on it, nothing happens.
So it's not casino BJ. So what. It cost nothing. You win tickets even if you lose. Closest to 21 is the rule for dealer or player. No pushes. It plays like you would play 21 with a friend. Ads after each hand, but they are short. It's free, it's fun.
I already uninstalled this game once. I reinstalled for one reason, where'the money? I haven't seen any yet and I've played this game for awhile now. And then--WHERE'S THE MONEY? Can you say "false advertising? I know I can. 1 star because I can't go less. 1 star is a gift!!! I've played other "cash games" and I get the same thing--where's the money. I say all this games are a scam -- click bate. Uninstall and I'm out!!!!!!!!! UNINSTALL!!!
I'm changing my 5 star review down to 2 stars. It should be 1, if that! What happened to winning prizes, etc? And the prize I won, $5, a few months ago, I never ever received it? Did anybody ever really win from you? Hmmmm🤔
I wonder if this is like bowling strike and doesn't really give double points during bonus period and a Max of 180 during regular play. Figured it was too good to be true. Thought id actually found an honest app but nope. I should of known better.
Great way to pass the time , easy to play , non stressful , great practice for live games . Not to mention the perks of possibly winning one of the prizes they offer just for playing !
So far it has been a great way to kill time. And I won a 5. In app. That's cool. They just need to work the bugs out now it took the 5. Away and can't use tickets in any raffles. But still good way to kill time
Worthless. Goes fast but just earn random chances and then enter your choice of lotteries/giveaways. You don't win. Not any better than the money games.
Love this game.just started but it's fun and I like entering the drawings. Hope I win something.only thing is it stops and says no more dp can't find out what that means.
Game all around sucks. Bad graphics and i set the bar low on graphics too and it was still bad. Cant play with actual people against at the table dealer. Ads after every hand. Just STUPID!
I like the little girl bust good luck better luck next time and something to do that's good fast and the commercials ain't that long thank you
I love 21! My fave game as a kid and even now as a mommy! Its easy simple and to the point! Just hope i win that nintendo switch cuz my 2 oldest are wanting one say bad and they even said they'd share lol! I feel bad but due to pandemic i cant afford much so maybe i will catch the lucky entry and get it for them! Lol!
Not Going To Say That It's Exactly Like Live Blackjack, Because It's Not, But It's Not Too Bad!!! CHECK THAT!!!! SINCE I RATED YOUR APP, YOU HAVE CHANGED IT!!! WAY TOO MANY ADS!!! CAN'T GET ANY RHYTHM GOING AT ALL!!! (& I HAVE TRIED)!!!
Not bad for a free game but just like the orther games i put in alot alot alot of tickets but never seem to win anything just saying
I still havent won anything but dont get discurage... this game is more than real. Google or reseach and youll find out...! I love this game a lot. Just wish you can get an exrra bonus just for loggin in. Keep it up guys you are great
Well this is like Blackjack but not really. It doesn't play like Blackjack. It will not let you double down or split you're Aces. You can win prizes on this game. I just started. I did enter into winning some prizes. Let's see if I win any of the prizes that I put a entry in. But it is kind of a fun game to play.
I love playing black jack and I can win prizes also. It is a very cool game, I recommend it to anyone. The best thing is it is totally free to play
It's awesome, I really like the speed and the gift offers, good blessings to us all, I just find it very relaxing and easy, they don't complicate it
I have not won yet but I will keep playing just to see most of these games are really scams .. period I have not yet cane across a real game that does what they advertise..
This game helps you learn the basics of the game. You are able to challenge your appoinet and increase your bid as you like. It's a good game for people like me who is just learning how to play the game
looking good so far , first to be curtain that this falls like the rest apps that are convinced it's real giveaways wins real prizes.
Love it, Love it, Love it! Occupies 3 minutes of your time in a fun way. Don't care that I haven't won yet, it's still cool to play.
quick moves, quick & "quickly outta the way" ads so that game time is back on even quicker! Yes, I like it very much! ;)
Awesome!!!! Only played two days and won a gift..I hope it continues and if it does, I will tell all my friends...
App is fun, basically because I'm not playing with money, otherwise yeah the computer wins most of the time. Big problem was after 2days the app broke + option to redeem the tickets disappeared, as did the ability to see if you won before, or anything else but to play the game. I keep wracking up tickets with no way to use them. Since they do everything through the app, I can't see a way to fix it other than uninstalling + losing everything. So I guess nice concept, but seems a little fishy.
Takes to long to play between deals,not as good as other games like this...needs to be quicker...hope this is legit...
Where did the winning/ game/ profile bar go? It's been gone for a week and my points just keep adding up.
Like Amanda I like this game because this stuff is free and you don't need to play no money this game is the best I will keep playing it and winning prizes
It says that there are giveaways everyday and as much as I've been playing it I have not won anything from any game actually or surveys it's all just a joke
So far this is the only app that is giving out pointd a a chance to win real prizes maybe this real I'll see after this drawing sooi I have played this for a while I'll see if it pay out like it says or is it a lier also haven't had payout of no game since playing in 2014 I believe it might have been earlier then that we'll see.
I just started playing a few days ago & I've really enjoyed the experience (& not just because I've already won a prize).
Normally this game is great, even though its clear the developer has no clue how blackjack really works. Dealer will hit on 16 and below, stand on 17 or higher. If dealer has blackjack they flip it over, and they automatically win. Otherwise its a fun game and the ticket system is cool. However after the 5000 tickets and extra lives you guys gave out for a system outage, I can no longer access the entry for the prizes. Please fix this.
Love this game. So far no issues or glitches.. Hope the prizes are real unlike some games that won't even let you get close to winning anything. Like black Jack though so it nice To play while relaxing at home. Hope I win something good ☺
Really fun , and very exciting to have a chance to win gift cards , I've only had this app a few dayS and I found myself checking the minute I realized it was time for some drawings haha thanks for making such a fun and exciting game 🙂
People should look at supposdly winners list.shows guest 12 winning all big prizes month after month and hate to say it but noone is that lucky.so eithier guest 12 is bogus or the company itself.give it a 1 rating for they dont have zero.game is a waste of time
Only Just got through with a Very Ugly Divorce and Move. Trying desperately for an Awesome New Smartest Phone. Been playing this quite faithfully. Sooner rather than later, that great new phone will be arriving at my new address. Thanks to this Awesome App. So Guys, nice job on this app. Now for my new phone. I can almost be patient. Great Game, Great App. Play One, Play All. Play through. Be Blessed Ya'll!!
its fun. I just started so I can't say too much yet. there's a lot of commercials after each hand. if they were all short I could deal with it.
This game is super fun and easy. There are alot of ads, but they are super fast not like all the other games out there. So far I highly recommend this game!
no pay out but it's black Jack. way to may adds one after every hand. so they get their add money you get nothing. pretty much like all of the games.
I love blackjack now because before i used to never ever play this game... Now this game, blackjack game is awsome.
I don't normally play number games as I'm dyslexic, but this Blackjack is really quite fun and exciting. In fact it's so fun it almost makes me stop hating numbers!
It was fun but it seem like the app was only for ads. People depend on winning but at the end you feel like you got cheated because things change when you complete a task or get close to the goal. Thats just about with every app. I do understand those are clever ways to get people to watch ads but we give our time away so eventually no one will give google playstore or any other apps the time of day if change the rules or tricking people to play games or apps or using google playstore.
Always lets you know exactly what you are eligible for and what it takes to collect. Provides accurate and easy access to all features available.
I haven't won anything yet but it is definitely fun and well I seen real time winners happen and stuff so just gotta do the math. And how many people actually apply for the gift and how many raffles. But gotta say by far its worth the annoying adds each game considering each lose is 20 votes a day each win is 60. Thats like 2 cents a lose and 6 cents a win.
This particular app is way fun. There's other apps with the same game but this one I like better than the other apps its like. Must be a personable issue with me. SMILE .😃! TIL NEXT TIME ...
Update failed. No access to menu.It told me I won a $5 gift card but when I went to claim it it said $0.Not received anything.Big scam.
10 stars! Download this game & play if you like black jack. It's a game of chance but you have nothing to lose! You get plenty of chances to win something! Awesome stuff to play for! Go on! Play! You'll have fun & who doesn't like taking chances to win cool stuff !! GO FOR IT !
I like the way the cards are dealt. The games go quickly and smoothly, and that means, more coins to enter and more prizes to win!
So far this is the only make money or cards game that lives up to its name. The more you play the more times you get to enter giveaways . The card game is fun and relaxing.
Its good but the repetitive its so how can I say it repetitious. Idk change it up a little bit,you know what I mean . Maybe more graphics and more action. I'm not trying to be so critical about it but for me to stay and play more, something missing I just can't put my finger on it. Could be scenery changes periodically, that would help. I better stop, but the game I like.
They have darts, bowling, basketball etc. All have same prizes for all of them and they use the same people who have won prizes on everyone of the games they have so you believe they have won on that specific game when they haven't. Chances of winning are very low as you are competing with several other games that ppl are playing for same prizes. 6 games all have same prizes that thousands of ppl compete for....no real chance.
It took some time but I just won a $5 gift card! Hopefully it won't take too long to receive it ! Will change to 5 stars once I get it. It didnt take long to receive it in my email. I just haven't used it yet.
Great game to pass time, but haven't won yet hope to soon. It's funny and entertaining and it kind of addictive.
This app is nothing like the add specified. All i do is get tickets bui with no signifigance. Disappointed already😣😞
cool app. easy to earn tickets for giveaways. literally played game two times for approx 10-20 min either time, entered all the drawings and was just informed i won one of the drawings!!! very exciting, i sure hope it actually shows up now...
Really like playing this game. It passes the time by quickly. I don't know anything about the prizes yet cause I just started playing so I haven't won anything yet. But so far I'm enjoying playingthis game.
For anyone who believes any site gives away free gift cards or money they don't! 1. Gift cards, merchandise or money is never just given by playing a game. 2nd the more ppl they can get to play the more they can keep the game they have running. You pay them not the other way around. How by watching the repeated adds and playing the game. Don't be fooled this infact not legit. Look it up! They have fake 5 star& winners to keep you playing. Scam scam scam!
Its been over 3 weeks I won a $25 gift card and when I emailed them they sent me one but when I went to use it it only had $6 on it thinking about deleting it
I am glad that I finally found an app that is real! I have been playing games for quite some time, but was not winning anything but started playing Blackjack 21 giveaways, for a couple weeks, doesn't consume too much time to get points/ tickets, to enter. I am thankful, thank you!
this is a great game fun and addicting you can win prizes big giveways every day download this game and enjoy and have fun i give this game a Big five star rating
Terrible experience. I'm playing the game night and day for the past few nights, putting all the reward points toward the domino's pizza for my kid & I lose every time. Statistically I should have won that pizza by now. Complete waist of time. Uninstalling right now, I'm not wasting any more time on this game, getting my hopes up by showing me winners, got me working overtime on collecting reward points, just to see that some one else won. False advertisement
I hate this game. After every single hand you have to watch an ad. If i could give you no stars i would have done that. And this is the first game ive ever left a comment for. I usually dont put anything down in the comments ill just put how many stars and then post it. But i want to tell everyone to not waste anytime downloading this. Thank you
It's a good game. They give you raffle tickets; whether, you win or bust. Great prizes are offered. You can enter as many tickets as you want. Very fair.