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Blast City

Blast City for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Kwalee Ltd located at Kwalee Ltd Southam Road Radford Semele Leamington Spa CV31 1FQ . The game is suitable for PEGI 7 (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
Become the hero this city needs, in the all new Blast City!

Your mission, if you should choose to accept it, is to use your rocket science in order to navigate your way through the city, and destroy the evil headquarters.

Blast your way through and leave the enemy behind in the smoke and rubble.

Watch out for your fuel though! We could only get a supply that is limited use it wisely.

You are the one that is only can do it, agent, it's time to smoke them out and blast them away for good!

Blast City features:
- Takedown the headquarters that are evil Upgrade your power and fuel
- Unlockable skins to use in game
- Earn money after every blast!
- Leave destruction in your path
- Become the hero the populous city needs

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Blast City.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Blast City for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
The game would be great if it had equal or more game play time to ads. Yet another game that has too many ads. Only install if you love looking at ads all the time.
Its a SINGLE player game yet you have to have wifi to actually play which is stupid cause if it is a online game then you are required to have wifi if it is an offline game then you just play with no ads and it makes it smoother (to me i dont know about others) so it makes it better without wifi not to mention the fact that there is an ad every 15 seconds making it super bad to play and all of this coming from a twelve year old (aka an expert when it comes to critisizing a game) and scene.
It's always an ad, til an ad pops up and blacks out my phone! No game is worth staying on my phone and it's doing that nonsense. Uninstalled. Absolute rubbish.
One star just doesn't cover it. Terrible game but could be better with some obvious fixes on coin sys, control, etc
Doesn't work terribly well. Far too many ads. Even when you choose the ads to gain an upgrade, they generally do not work or don't supply the upgrade after watching the ads. On level 11, i have more than tripled the fuel load but do not get any extra distance, even using the boost. App is very buggy. Cannot recommend in its current form. Performance is very poor and gets worse to the point it doesn't respond to screen input and you have no control of the game
Whether you request the double for a commercial or not it always makes you watch a commercial while you take the bonus or not if you just hit continue edel still made you watch an advertisement I don't think that's right it's always interrupting the flow that game even if I don't need the support. But I do like the game and has a tendency to slow down but that could be my hardware still pretty cool.
Worst game ever. Cotrols too sensitive. Have to watch ads just to get upgrades as in not use the money you have earned in game for upgrade you got to watch an ad. And the worst one is you can't play without internet which is bull
This game has too many ads. And when you want to do a free upgrade or collect a free rocket skin the ads dont load. But after every level they can play but not when you need it and offline is a no go bc then nothing loads. I am willing to try this game if some major fixes are made
Frustrating Ad Garbage. Unplayable, literally two seconds of game play interrupted by 30 seconds of ads. Complete trash and the reason why the entire play store is just useless privacy invading garbage. Trash!!!!!!!
Forced online ADnoyance spamming app with traces of a missile game. Game will slow down the longer it is active and must be restarted once the missile explosions do not damage anything anymore. Rewarded or rewarding ADnoyance does not work consistently, forced and unrewarded ADnoyance after each level always works. If you choose to collect your earnings instead of doubling it with another AD, you will have a forced unrewarded AD. Any updates, should you get them, will only have minimal effects.
Game does have a lot of ads that doesn't bother me as much as other but the game is broken It won't let you past stage 8 and even if their is a way the game has not given me the information to continue after 2 hours of trying I can confidently say the game is just broken if it wasn't for stage 8 this game would actually be pretty fun
This pos has already way too many ads, cant even turn on airplane mode or go offline or else the game won't let you do anything. I turned off the game and uninstalled the game after a minute.
terrible game, one star just because you can play. Other than that, ads ever time after play, and when try and upgrade using ads you won't get anywhere do you can't ever upgrade or get any special abilities. as I said in the beginning, terrible game.
Having to fire a rocket at a building gets in the way of being able to watch all those sweet adverts!
Absoluty no respect. You get pop up ads every round but when its an reward ad it dosnt work also i dont wanna wach an ad and not get the reward
Its crashing all the time and when that not happening u cant claim the bonuses as there no videos to load
Dont know what everyones problem is. Basic games such as this is easy to avoid all ads without paying for it! Turn your bloody wifi off. And deny the game to operated without using your wifi and DATA! Done! YOU'RE BLOODY WELCOMED!!!
The ads are ridiculous in this game. Every attempt has an ad. I refuse to play this game for that reason. I could understand an ad every now and then but every attempt is just ridiculous.
The biggest issue is that my fuel is at lvl 18 and I still can't hit the building at game lvl 2. Upgrading fuel does very little.
If this game weren't infested with ads I would enjoy it. You can't go 10 seconds without a 30 second video popping up in order to move forward. That means 1/4rth of this app is watching ads. BLASPHEMY!!
well, there are quite a few problems, mostly revolving ads and physics, but I'll get more into the ads part. for whatever reason, you can't play this game without internet. I assume this is to stop people from trying to play the game ad free since these kinds of games never require internet. second off, I'll usually be asked if I want to watch an ad for extra rewards, and being the normal person I am, decline. next thing you know, I get an ad anyways as punishment for not wanting to watch an ad.
It's a nice game you should check It out I'm new to this game but it so far it's good if you are in search of a nice you should check this out In my opinion this is the best game I played I like this game very much πŸ™‚πŸ˜€ whatever you say this is the best download site this game
Too many ads every single attempt got an ad after it and even then most of the upgrade the stat with an ad buttons didn't work so couldn't progress
The game started out really cool at the beginning but then it's hard to make it to the location you've built up so much money put it on so much gas and blast and it still lands in the same spot you can't beat the second level I wish I can give it half a star or no stars
Why is that developers ruin their games by trying to force ads down your throat? I started the game, fired my first rocket, and got a forced ad after I skipped the optional one... Now I'm here. Looks cool but is unplayable at the moment.
Absolute trash. The scumbag developers manage to sneak a phone game into this pile of stupid advertisements and then they have the audacity to ask for 5 dollars to remove ads. An 8 year old could program a better game in 10 minutes
Got one word. Garbage tbh it's bad pls remove and fix ads to basically get ad revenue. it's not funny. Stop and fix it if you don't everyone will uninstall ur game. so yeah fix it
These garbage devs made it to where they will not let you play without internet. It's a way to force feed their users ads while they line their pockets. I pay for a game that's good, not for ones that force ads and beg for us to buy the game. 0 stars out of 1000.
Painful amount of ads. Shameless attempt to farm ad views. Even if you paid the Β£2.99 to remove ads. Its constantly trying to almost trick you into viewing ads which you can't back out of viewing.
After three minutes playing, a advertising popped up and I couldn't close it. Definitely the worst game ever! Not recommended for people with high temper!!!
If you want a mini game with your adds this is for you. Adds adds adds and more adds you will spend 3x time watching adds then play the actual game and you cant turn off you wifi to shut them off plus the game is not really fun even if i dont count the add factor
If I could give negative stars, I would. Nothing but ads. Purchased no ads. Didn't change anything. Ads after everything. Even forces you to watch ads. To continue upgrading. Highly disappointing
This game is very aggrovating, i pick to watch an add for extra upgrades but it always tells me there are no ads ready but when I select no ads for upgrades there always manages to be one, how does that even make sense?
Soooo many ads and even when you upgrade the fuel you go the same distance and is just a money farm game theres an ad every 3 seconds and it doesnt even work withoit wifi so you cant even avoid the constant ads
Literally doesn't let you play if you go into airplane mode to escape the ridiculous amount of ads. When you try and launch, you get a message "no internet connection" and it won't let you fire.
It's kind of a fun game but there are way, way too many ads. I found myself watching ads more than actually playing the game.
FIX THIS GAME! People say about the amount of ads half of them don't work for me, haven't gotten any of the extra rockets or anything because of the benefitial ads not working. Worse than that is I am on stage 8 and the building is not going down
Pretty sure this development company is just as bad as voodoo if not worse when it comes to ads. Cant enjoy the game without an ad a good 99% of the time and this game isnt even worth paying for no ads. This company is clearly money hungry and doesnt care about anything else.
Horrible ads. At end of launch u have option to watch ad or just collect coin from that round. Even if you opt out of doubling up buy watching ad and just click collect it still makes you watch an ad before next launch. Could be a fun game just 2 or 3 ads per launch is enough that I am uninstalling game. Find different game.
The most important thing left here is sound! This game is completely silent... the only sound you hear is when an ad plays... (there are way to many ads)
This game kinda is useless without WiFi and is not free thats kinda stupid cus it's just a simple game I recommend not to donload this
Barely even a game. Most of this style atleast try to lure you in with a couple minutes of fun before the incessant ads start. Not this one. Oh and no offline play so you're stuck with them. Now I understand ads make money. But they lock the upgrades behind them before the first stage is done. Plus hit you with random ones. Plus advertise extras for literally everything. So many ads that it's unplayable and even if it were would be a three star game at best.
I would have given this more stars but the ads to collect bonus coins don't work always says unavailable it's so annoying sort it out
Awful,terrible. Only sound effects come from the tremendous amount of ads. Upgrades are laughable and do nothing. Just a pathetic, lame attempt to snag ad revenue. no fun at all
Ads ads ads ads ads Just no. Can't play without a constant bombardment. And I ain't paying money to get a no-ads version. Uninstalled.
You will spend more time watching ads then you will playing the game, dont waste your time on this trap.
With all the uograde still blast in same spot. Basiclly they want to watch ads. No experience of any kind here. Uninstall in 2 minutes.
Very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very bad game i have ever seen i can take all my fuel but i can't kill the evil building and i lost all my coins i earn this is the bad game and this is endless don't waste ur time in this game this is the worst game play some another good games don't play this game. So i have only give this game 1 star
Every two attempts is another ad, every end of try they try to get you to watch another ad, to start another level is an ad. I would get either a 7 second ad that you can skip or a full 25 second unskippable. I spent as much time on ads or more than the actual game. Each attempt at least at the beginning last maybe 4 seconds. So extremely cash grab game. Would not recommend. This is why people hate mobile games like this.
Ads adds adddds ....more ads. Even if you opt out of the ad you still get an ad. You might as well just watch every ad that pops up, because you're just going to get one anyways. Games interesting, least for the 10mins I played.
The game is easy to use and really good fun. The power ups are quite effective too. And the level where you can destroy a certain presidents tower is controversial but thrilling.
I can't even bypass the hideous amount of ads in this awful app by turning off my WiFi because it's an online game. Plz don't waste your storage on this garbage app. The developers only want to run ads and make money. They don't care about us.
Thats low preventing me from playing the game after I turn off my internet so im not hit with ads every 2 to 3 launches of my rocket
Why on planet Earth does this game require WiFi...Other games of this kind don't. It is so useless because even when I skip the ad, another will play because why the heck not. This is BS.
Way too many ads which chews threw your data very fast I played for like 3 minutes and it used half a GB of data there's an ad after every go even if u don't collect the bonus coins Devs only care about making money
Absolute rubbish 30 second advert every time you try the damn bomb doesn't fly longer than the adverts. Do yourself a favour and don't install this game
Too many ads there is one after every launch coin collect even if i dont double or triple the coins and just collect still gives me an ad this game should either be fixed or be removed from play store
It's really just ads, and once in a while you get to play the game. You have to watch an ad each time you play, and for each upgrade. For me it was just one ad over and over and over again.
Great game, but ads after almost everything. Trying to turn off your internet will result in the game not letting you play. And if you upgrade free with an ad, it doesnt actually work. It tells you it is unavailable, even though you just sat there and watched an ad.
Ad-pocalypse Game ran good, was fun and seems like it would be a good time passer. Except for the ads after nearly every launch, or to claim bonuses, or to claim new rockets. Too many ads, so little enjoyment after a while. That along with no developer response to any critiques or bug problems in the review section makes this seem like a lazy team.
It sooo bad there like adds everywhere once you done with a level another one shows it so bad I it is only fun when it doesn't do that but when you go offline it says you can't play without internet so baaaadddd I hope this game gets wasted
Theres an add every single time to collect money its a good idea but its just filled with ads and I see you made airplane mode not work when theres no wifi needed except for ads its just so bad not even a child would play.
I hate this game it is full of trash adds :( pls fix this!!!!! And I had enough fuell to fill my rocket πŸ‘ΏπŸ’’πŸ—―οΈπŸ˜ πŸ˜‘πŸ˜Ύ!!!!!! I had enough of this game!!!!! This is the worst game. And fix that adds won't show up after you upgrade your rocket. AND IF YOU DON'T I'LL UNSTAL THIS STUPID GAME!!!!! HOW COULD YOU MAKE THIS ANY WORSE!!!!!! LIKE ALL THE GAMES YOU MAKE ARE FULL WITH ADDS!!!!!!! HOW DID YOU MAKE THIS GAME DID YOU MAKE IT OUT OF ADDS????? Like how did u make this game 1 star!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Game is ad heavy which isn't exactly a deal breaker. However it does keep flabbergasted the physics so you never hit the building and run out of fuel. The rocket suddenly changes direction during game play causing the player to waste fuel on course corrections.
Force ads but cant use optional ads, sitting through a 15 sec ads that you cant skip is annoying but when you try and watch an ad for a new rocket it dosnt work, if your going to play this game download the free vpn luna as it blocks all forced ads
DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS ONE! Way too many ads! You get to play for maybe 15 seconds, then you get a 30 second ad. Even when you choose to not watch the ad for a bonus you still get an ad. The game is ok but not worth the amount of ads you have to set through to play.
Loads of ads unless you want anything free, get an ad after every level but when it come up with get this missile free just watch this ad there's conveniently not ads at the moment, and it does this every time, when sorted 8ll up the star cos not bad game.
Played level 6 for over an hour. Countless ads, not able to reach the tower. SCAM. don't waste your time.
Says no ads for a reward while it steadily shows you ads on the bottom of your screen they are liars I'd give it zero stars if I could...wasteful download space
It's a good game but the ads are INSANE! And even though I upgraded my rocket you would think that it would hit the building yes? NO why is that? It goes as far as the beginning! This is what makes the game bad :(
Game is ok. Good at killing time. The biggest problem is that when you play it and you move the rocket the game freezes. Not sure whats going on but please fix.
Rather fun game. BUT... annoying ads constantly pop up after each turn and selections - wears down the fun notion, and frustration builds! Worst of all, another 'silent' game!!! What's the point in upgrading its Blast level when I don't hear the explosion upon impact!!! Uninstalled!!! πŸ‘Ž
Too many adds in too short a time. I hate being given the choice to watch an ad for x2 reward and being forced to watch an add when I choose the no add option. Don't waste your time.
Your app is not good whatsoever... Prompts you to watch an ad if you want to upgrade, then tells you "no ad available" after searching for an ad. Then press continue, takes you to an ad.. Retarded..
Very very bad game in the universe very bad soo much ads and i though it was offline very bad it dosent deserve the 1 star
Ad spam all the time, even forces you to watch ads for upgrades. So I'm going to be as generous as possible and just say... This game sucks.
I dont like the game.in 2sd level the evil building is to far and i am upgrading fuel also i cannot reach the building and ads,ads, worst game
Ads after every level. Also can't play without an internet connection. This is what we call oak in South Africa. If I could give it zero stars I would. This game could of been fun.
It's hard to enjoy a game when you get 30 second unskipable ads every 10 to 15 seconds. Is just sad because I kinda enjoyed this game too. Also the game "needs internet" to play so dont bother trying to shut off your internet. Mabey if you didnt have so many ads then you wouldnt of had to get so many fake accounts to rate the game 5 stars
Trust me if there would have a negative rating option i would have rated you -100. Your game sucks. Its mostly ad oriented. Dont frustate customers man. Please stop desigining games as u suck at it.
Even if you pay for ad-free it only gets rid of the ad after the rocket explodes, it doesnt get rid of upgrade ads or boost ads. Other games that allow ad-free to be paid for at least skip the ads and give you the bonus/boost. Honestly just a terrible design and just a way for them to make a quick buck while still making their ad revenue. Just awful.
Ads - Ads after every level. After πŸ‘ Every πŸ‘ Single πŸ‘ Level... Get this. A level lasts about 10-15 seconds. An ad lasts up to 30 seconds. You spend more time watching ads than actively playing the game. This is a pump and dump game. The developer is garbage and it's vaporware. Expect zero improvements as they chew through game after game production to ensure new users will continue to generate ad revenue. Total BS company. Total BS business model execution. Total waste of time.
Add City I watch more ads than play the game. Want double or triple your coin watch an ad don't want to do that then still watch an ad. Removing this pile of stool!
This game sucks every single time you launch a rocket, theres always an ad the stupid devs just want you to buy the "no ads pass" for 3.99$ dollars such a scam and not worth it. Also this game sucks because the ads last a really long time also if you turn off your wifi and turn on airplane mode it dosent let you play the game. Also I feel when you upgrade it goes the same speed its basically rigged such a trash game. Plus it advertises as a 4.5 rated app on youtube such a shame for the devs.
You cannot win the game without watching an ad for every single upgrade. Every. Single. Thing. 0/5 game.
Put up with the ridiculous amount of ads for the first level, enjoyed it as a time waster.. game offered me a discounted Β£1.99 fee to remove ads. So thought why not and paid it. Still get ads after every level. Absolute joke.
Real Goofy. They finally figured out how to make the games unplayable offline. Now you can't play unless you watch ads. Really shows how slimy the DEV is.
One of the worst kind of app out there, simple gameplay that looks fun but I can't tell cause after every rocket there is a 15sec add you can't skip and it won't let you play without interent forcing you to play with the adds.
game play could be a good game for killing time but the raw volume of ads is insane. You will spend at least twice as much time watching ads than you will in game play. Uninstalling
Shame on you devs. Shame on you. DO NOT GET THIS GAME. I am a game dev. myself and this is disgusting. Not talking about the obscene amount of ads. That's fine as you can pay to get rid of im assuming. No the blatant cheating and disregard for physics to make you fail and spend money or watch ads. They will literally make a speeding rocket stop dead in mid air and drop straight down no matter what you do in order to make you spend and watch tons more ads. Doesn't matter if u buy it. Shame!