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Block Puzzle: Drop and Classic

Block Puzzle: Drop and Classic for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Appixi located at Hoang Mai, HN. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.2 and up.
New Block Puzzle dropdown added: a game play this is certainly brand-new that may present an unprecedented amount of satisfaction
The online game is fun and strategic. Simply take a break at any time with unique game play and fun this is certainly endless

How to play Dropdown:
Moving the block horizontally and completing the whole range will cure it.

Still desire to play Classic mode:
8x8 Timeless, Timer Timeless, Bomb Classic
The objective would be to drag and drop block to be able to produce and destroy full outlines on the grid dining table both vertically and horizontally. The video game will end if there is no position for the given block from the display. Don&# forget that is 39;t keep area for the blocks from filling the screen.

Block Puzzle keep 3 block that is classic:
- Easy to play, just go, drag and drop
- free and No internet needed, Play block problem anywhere and anytime!
- addicting game mode: Dropdown, 8x8 Timeless, Timer Vintage, Bomb Classic.
- Brainstorming and relaxing: Play games when you've got free time, relax after hours of persistence time.
- Smooth and animation this is certainly funny Ranking Board for each and every mode.

- Don't forget to help keep room when it comes to obstructs from filling the screen.
- Always keep a hole for the top 3x3 block.
- Focus on producing outlines, not blocks.
- Do rows and articles at that time. that is same Avoid leaving single areas and solitary blocks. this is certainly unconnected Always eliminate a line in the event that you can.
- Work from the corners.

Let’s enjoy a straightforward and drop that is addictive puzzle jewel game in 2020!

have some fun and don't hesitate to deliver all comments, recommendations and questions to:
* e-mail: [email protected]
* Website: Appixi.net

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Block Puzzle: Drop and Classic.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Block Puzzle: Drop and Classic for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
I really love this game block puzzle but have one complaint. Too many times I have accidentally brushed against the restart button and lost a potentially record-breaking game block puzzle. Please put a dialog box on the restart button that says are you sure you want to quit? Thank you!!
It's great! Easy simple, and fun. Theusoc is lovely, and it's so simple to edit. I takes three seconds to add a text and paying that fee was a pain, but worth it. I've never paid for a game, but for this one. I did. Stop being cheap and buy premium peeps.
Very interesting, I like this a lot better than Tetris. I haven't seen any ads while playing and the game block puzzleplay isn't repetitive. I've only played classic mode, and it lets you take your time, think about what you want to do next. ultimately every move is an intuitive choice because it's
What a stupid game block puzzle! The segments that are made up of horizontal and vertical blocks, like an L shape go the same direction, 85% of the time, which makes it difficult to play....unless you watch ads after 30 seconds of play. It's also rather boring!! UNINSTALLING!!!!!!!!
Mindless fun. Occasionally, as I am playing, the game classic matching puzzle closes itself down. This is annoying and the reason I did not give it an additional star.
I really enjoy this game block puzzle. It's relaxing and addicting. The problem comes when I get complacent and greedy for multiple row scores that the game block puzzle bites me in the ass and I have to start all over again. I get pissed for about ten seconds . And then the next day I'm back at it
Good game block puzzle, but I like it less and don't play it as much now that there are invitations to watch an add to get a booster that pop up IN THE MIDDLE of the game block puzzle. That is super annoying. There are so many similar game block puzzles, I will probably delete this one and get a dif
I like this app but the only problem for me is most of the features in this app cannot be used and less if I buy the pro version πŸ˜‘ try to make the pro version like 6 RM per month or allow more features to be used without buying the pro version that's all I asked for if you can do that then I will be more then happy to use this app a lot and tell others about this app as well. Hope you can do what I asked for then I will be very happy and I'm sure others will be happy as well. πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸ»
I was trying to edit a video with words already in it however it does not let you remove previous content in the video if it had that it would be better. Also I have a payment method for premium and need to cancel it but there is no cancel button or an icon for your account. Help me cancel this.
Its all good.. except for chroma key.. it doesnt have frame by frame adjustments. Because colour change with lightings so every frame have different shades
It is very easy to edit and there are more features is also there in this app we can edit in so many ways when i was edit some videos or any other pictures my friends were ask to how you edit it looking so nice da send me the videos and photos that like they where tortured me this app have that much power then i say u can also edit and say the app name after using he also said this app is so awesome for editing and then he was thank me a lot and lot thanks for your help wonder video editor...πŸ€—
Nice game block puzzle......similar to Tetris on PC. I would like to have the option to rotate the block i am working with. In Tetris you can; you just don't have a choice of which block to work with. So being able to spin the falling block mitigates that. STILL...........woul like that customizeabi
this is a fun puzzle but I strongly, strongly object to the political advertisements that come with the free version of this. I have already dropped two game block puzzles because of this and I'm about to drop this one. Politics shouldn't be about money otherwise your rating would be higher.
I have been using this for almost a week now and my goodness Its so good! You can easily use it. Its so easy to use and you can transfer videos.
Amazing app! Really great editing quality! Only downfall was the fact I payed for a yearly subscription and it was over within a couple months...
Fun and motivating for hours! I guarantee that this will become your favorite block puzzle. It is not difficult to understand and you do need to think ahead. It is a fun way to past time and give your brain some serious exercise. Enjoy....
THIS IS THE BEST IF YOU ARE MAKING A GACHA VIDEO! I was using CuteCut, Video Cutter, and Mobizen, I still use Mobizen, but I watched one of my favorite GachaTube(YouTube) channales and I saw that it had "wonder video". So I looked for it, this came up, I made a video, and it was GRATE! ALL HATERS MUST BE SENT TO DUNGEON!
Whatcha see is whatcha get. Good puzzle block puzzle for sure. I've only gotten to about 4,500 so far, around 3k is when it gets kinda hard and then it gets easier. If u wanna get far you're going to have to just deal with putting it down and waiting for an ad so you can get a rotate.
Works amazing! Although since I bought premium when I first got it, the new update to re-get premium when I already had it is frustrating.
I had no idea I could flip the block puzzles...did I? No, no I did not know that!! I guess if it was a feature that cost anything, I was oblivious to it automatically. Thank you kindly for that necessary information, for sure, to the reviewer who posted it. I do however enjoy the block puzzle. I pla
My favorite of game block puzzles. Allows you to see the next piece up, not just three at a time. Developer, why do you need the permissions you do? It has fewer permissions than others I've tried, but it asks only for access, pre-installation to picture files, yet it also shows permissions, post-in
For such a simple game block puzzle, this is surprisingly addictive. The only issue I have is the reset button on the top right corner is easy to accidentally press, and it doesn't confirm you want to restart. Lost a couple good runs to that. Highly recommend.
I like this block puzzle. When I was in junior high and took test for placement I placed highest in spatial relations. 98% in fact. This block puzzle sharpeners that skill for me. I have to know where everything's going to be put in advance or I lose this block puzzle. Keeps me on my toes and that's good. My only problem i...
Well that's original. Which is a good thing. But that's about all. The concept feels weird. And it's not really enjoyable for some reason. I usually really enjoy those kind of puzzle game block puzzles. But this one was boring after a few minutes only. Not bad. Just not my thing.
Wish there was some way to disable hints or at least make the game wait longer before offering them, and new game modes would help keep things fresh. Other than these 2 criticisms, this is a very solid app that you can have a lot of fun with
I have played many game block puzzles in the past. This is the only one that puts your see the next piece as you use pieces. . Most of them you have to use all three pieces before you get three new ones. . This game block puzzle is very relaxing. And very comfortable play. This one I will keep .
I really appreciate the straight forward approach. No clock, no obnoxious buzzer, no chains, or ice blocks, or limited moves forcing you to start over a thousand times. This game block puzzle is perfect for people like myself that enjoy a challenge without having to deal with unessessary barriers li
Great way to waste some time. Minimal ads, only after each puzzle is finished. If you're seeing too many ads, your not playing it well. Saw one reviewer complaining that it got harder to continue as he played, duh?? Of course it gets harder! Puzzle block puzzle are supposed to! I like this block puzzle, just finis...
What an useless app! I edit a video up to 5 hours but when I click the uploading button than it Gust show the premium and at last I could not upload the video . It is an useless app.
Ok, this is a great game block puzzle but there is an ad whenever you run out of moves and also can you PLEASE tell me why when you need a small piece it always gives you a 3. 3 block or a 1. 5 block. Also can you add a deeper meaning and a currency? Don't get me wrong, this is fun but it is a b
This game block puzzle has helped calm me down when I feel a panic attack coming on and if you have ever had one of these you'll know what I'm talking about. I have put it on my phones several times and removed it too. But when it comes down to it I can see I need this game block puzzle as much as I
I really enjoy this game block puzzle, but I do have a couple suggestions for improving it. One night, after I had beaten my old record by a lot, my cat nudged the Start Over button. Not only did I have to start over, but the program didn't even give me credit for my new record! Maybe you could inst
I downloaded this game because line master SUCKS on Android you can layer any videos so I came to power director but guess what the pictures are so low quality please find a way to fix this!
I like the block puzzle, especially the options to set one piece aside for later use, and (available every 5 minutes with an ad) to turn a piece to a useable angle. I wish there was a tutorial somewhere in the block puzzle, so I'd know what the key is all about, for instance: I have no idea of its p
A lot of these game block puzzles are too easy. This is a challenging one that relies on skill. A good way to pass a spare 15 mins. I particularly enjoy the survival mode. I have an older tablet and the graphics do not slow the game block puzzle down. Responsive.
It is great that the program is free and that there is no logo on the video. Congratulations on such a wonderful conclusion. For each of these features I qualify this video editing software. If you include the video's slow and fast feature, there is no substitute for this program.
This app is amazing, I can edit easily but there are limits and, I wish they could stop the premium this so that we can be able to have more options without having problems
I enjoy block puzzle that take a bit of challenge but aren't obviously pre- programmed. Several right ways MAYBE but you still have to find them. This block puzzle got my attention a few days ago and I've enjoyed it ever since. I keep my other block puzzle installed to fit my moods. I stay away from stupid.
ADDICTIVELY FUN!! This block puzzle is a blast. You have to pay attention to each block puzzle and anticipate 3-4 moves ahead to keep the block puzzle going. I have to keep an eye on the clock otherwise, I'd be playing for hours!!!
At first, I had sticker shock when i purchased the pro subscription. but with everything unlocked it is so very worth it. (And, being a small business, i can write it off next year.) Love this app. I'm so glad i found it.
This game block puzzle is annoying. Not only does it drain excessive battery power, they reward you by not giving certain blocks once you get up to a certain level. It makes it impossible to break your highest score. They also give you ads with full sound even though you have sound and music turned
I installed this block puzzle just few days ago and find it challenging and addictive. I wish I could compete with others to compare my level and also have different level of difficulty. I just reached 3000 with some struggle. I simply love this strategy block puzzle and already recommended to some friends.
This block puzzle could really use some fixing up. What is the object - to fill the square or eliminating lines? What are the points for? A specified amount of accumulated points should go towards rotation. Otherwise, we're just playing against a computer that's going to block puzzle moves - It's not a bad block puzzle ...
I really enjoy this game block puzzle. It does seem to have some minor problems displaying adds. ed: I still enjoy the game block puzzle but I've started getting bible game block puzzles which I find offensive. As a result I play much less. As soon as one of those come up I log out .
Update: It took a day for me to figure out that the whole point is to keep the block puzzle going FOREVER and accumulate lots of points. You get more points for multiple rows, but as soon as you can't play all your pieces, block puzzle over and points start back at 0. It's a great mind challenge, and you'll suddenl...
It isn't the competitive traditional Tetris. It's essentially just blocks that show up and you can place anywhere (not falling like they usually do). There aren't levels or anything. A great way to keep a kid entertained, or if you just need something to do on a screen, but it's not an actual game b
challenges the imaginative and the ability to strategize, therefore very absorbing. A good way to take one's mind off stress. i think i focus better after a relaxing Block Puzzle game block puzzle. There is no undo option and it's a pity because i have often made wrong moves or placed icons in a spa
Not very boring but sometimes it can be a bit hard to have so many of the same shapes like 5 times in a row. It's usually why some of my scores are a bit low because you have to find spaces for the huge shapes. I would also like to have more settings like a competition with someone else or something
Fun and engaging but has a serious design flaw, the refresh button is on the top right of the screen and easy to press by accident. Very frustrating when you are in a middle of game block puzzle where your score is high and you refresh by accident and lose your score. I was 120,000 when it happenned
The reason i gave the app 4 stars, is because it takes a long time to save the video. Besides that, you should download the app. It's great and easy to use. I looove, this app. It's easy for beginner also!
This is a really fun block puzzle. Easy to play. Tetris-like puzzle (sort of - plays more like 1010!). Best part is, you don't need to spend loads of real money to progress through the block puzzle! (You can spend money, and it helps you, but it's not absolutely necessary...at least for now.) Good balance of free g...
I really dislike the way tge game classic matching puzzle goes back to zero just when I'm getting a high score. I dont even know what I did ! If it continues I'm just going to stop and uninstall!
Amazing!!! I absolutely love it. I use it constantly and it is ALWAYS growing. The royalty free music was genius.
Awsome, easy, and simple i would recommend this to someone, the only problem is that exporting takes a long time then again my phone is kinda old and has a storage problem
I think this app deserves 4 stars because it works well it makes cool slide shows and it edits videos in a cool way but I gave it 4 stars because it is slow saving your videos or slide shows but I think you should get this app it saves time but if you don't have this app it will take a long time editing thing on your computer , phone , and tablet
Best mobile video editing app and easy to use so far. I wish there will be more features like customized video cover.
I reaIly like this block puzzle it's to bad that deleting it pops in my head very often. Now I understand needing ads but do all of them have to be a half minute? I just don't have that kind of patience. I'm leaning toward uninstalling pretty soon. This block puzzle block puzzle could be hit but not with lengthy ads.
Yesterday, I paid and subscribed for 3 months so that I can learn.. but most of the times, I am getting ads and watermark and also screen asking me to subscribe. Its too irritating.
Super great laid back block puzzle. Idk why but it's addictive to me and I'm playing it constantly. I would love it, though, if there was some way to use the keys you build up to buy rotation coins for the puzzle pieces. I think I have about 2600 keys but can only hold one item at a time, so it feel
Hi all. This game block puzzle is an easy to play game block puzzle. On thesurface to me it appeared to have just one le vel. But to my surprize, this game block puzzle is far deeper.This comes to my understanding, by playing it more often, I find a lot more fun, and deeper interest. So, by the by,
I love it. This game classic matching puzzle keeps me sharp in my mind. I had a double aneurysm in 2004 and every once in a while, things get a little fuzzy and this game classic matching puzzle helps me.
Great little game block puzzle, until you hit one of the ads by mistake, opens the ad, hit the back button, the game block puzzle resets to zero! Not good when you've been playing the game block puzzle over several days and lose your latest high score! Happened a couple of times now .
I have been using power director for years now you get the most professional videos out of it, it is far the most efficient free video editing software. Totally recommend this app!
How refreshing not to have any adverts stopping the game block puzzle. None. Old fashioned, off line, no stress, delightful, free game block puzzle. Thank you. update : Still no adverts, stress free, wonderful, I can't leave it alone. I've beaten my best ever score.
Game is wonderful. I tried many similar games and they usually allow you place three tiles, then they give you three new ones. This game is different. If you place one tile, then you get a new one immediately, so you have always three tiles and you can plan you strategy better! Awesome!
There should be more different block puzzle choices. And i think it should give you the option to continue the block puzzle, after you mess up and get no more moves, in exchange for watching an ad. Other than that. I love the block puzzle.
Extremely addictive, extremely challenging. One thing that I really like is that a player doesnt need to make purchases throughout the block puzzle to make it more playable. If you want to skip ads for a period of time, you can buy a VIP status, but otherwise no purchases necessary- just determination, conc...
Very simple and straightforward. Just open the app and play. Every game block puzzle is different, depending on your moves. No ad interruptions or things to buy. Nothing to break down or freeze up. Perfect for waiting room or any spare minutes. Keeps your score and place perfectly so you can stop an
Started off as fun.Really gets the Brain working at first. Got to 13,300 with just the free Block Rotators. Then after that it got too hard to reach even 10,000. Learnt how to watch 2 ads (you can watch more) to get 3 Block Rotators and was able to get 30,004 and still going. So in the end got too e...
I love it but the only thing is that I think there is somthing missing.Only if you could get from a store different blocks.and if all those points are also money.and it is easy to earn points so why not make those blocks expensive?anyway its a great game classic matching puzzle so keep on making mor
Hours of fun (even days hence my top score nearly half a million) for all ages. No issues during play, you can pause the game block puzzle anytime. App works well, it's never crashed on me. Adverts are none intrusive. Requires thought to survive. Only nitpick, I was once playing while waiting for on
I like this game block puzzle. One suggestion, if someone hits the restart button, it would be nice to have a confirmation screen, before the score resets to zero. My gf was playing, and had a score that was above her record, but her thumb slipped, as she was placing a tile, and her gaz
Out of all the wood block puzzle block puzzle out there, this is my favourite. Yes this is personal it's me verses woody and he tries to trick me into making moves, so I simply have to play the unexpected! I do wish there where more free block puzzle turner's, but maybe that would be too easy. Hours just fly by with thi...
I love this game block puzzle...no ads popping up in the middle of each play. I love that the blocks are replaced immediatly to keep 3 choices available at all times. Great colors and shapes. Super fun to play....please don't change a thing. Seriously....please don't change a thing!!! !
The best video editor in 2020 and 2021 BEST VIDEO EDITOR! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ But, Ever since the last update, its been taking too long for my videos to finish uploading to my gallery, Can u Please Fix This?
Love to play. Only drawback is block puzzle says no more moves when actually a piece can be manipulated to keep it going. There is no way to go back or stop this. Other than that I would have given it a 5 star rating!
Colors very vivid. Shapes are fun. You can easily get caught up in this game block puzzle for hours. Each game block puzzle is so different. Can be played at Doctor/Dental appointments while in Waiting Room. Actually, can be played anywhere, buses,trains or planes, Give it a try. You won't regret it
This Classic Block Puzzle is VERY good, but the people behind this game block puzzle need to be more knowledgeable about which promotional apps, etc. will potentially harm one's Smart Phone with viruses. Why should the Block Puzzle recipient be wary of such harmful products? Everyone, be wary of apps that tell y...
I really enjoy this game block puzzle, got up to 83, 000 something the last time I had it, then accidentally deleted it (sad and infuriating day!) had a heck of a time finding the same game block puzzle,yee hah I'm back!# I like the fact that I have time to decide where I want to put each piece , in
Fun but blocks are not random. Some shapes don't appear until later in the game block puzzle. And I can't tell you how many times l get 3 or 4 of the 3x3 blocks one right after the other, usually when they can't be played. And the restart button is in a terrible place, it is ve
I really appreciate the straight forward approach. No clock, no obnoxious buzzer, no chains, or ice blocks, or limited moves forcing you to start over a thousand times. This game block puzzle is perfect for people like myself that enjoy a challenge without having to deal with unessessary barriers like candy crus...
This is not a game block puzzle of skill. It's like playing solitaire: Everything is predetermined by the order of what you're going to come up with in the initial shuffle of cards/pieces. When you're given four 3x3 pieces in a row, well into a game block puzzle, with some pieces on the board, you'r
It's a fun block puzzle. I have played it every day since I downloaded it. I just don't know why we get the keys, and win trophies. You can't used them for anything. Unless I'm missing something? ... I wish you could use the keys to get free rotations, in addition to watching the ads. Or buy differe
It is pretty good for beginners and has enough features to make a great video. Some features arent perfect but overall a good app.
Great game block puzzle and fun to play. The only reason I do not give a Five star is because there's no tutorial for survival mode. I understand how to play classic, but survival mode is unique to this app and I'm not sure how to play it to get a really high score. So just add a tutorial on your ne
I like the game block puzzle & music. It keeps me entertained & busy. I see some people say they can't play because of the ads. It does suck, but if you turn your data off & wifi off, the game block puzzle (and all game block puzzles) have no ads. Sure, you won't receive internet notifications, but
Fantastic block puzzle without the blocks falling faster and faster as the game block puzzle proceeds. Each move you make can take as long or as little time as you choose. You can take a break and come back when convenient and carry on where you left off. Love it!
Since the last bug fix I have not had any troubles at all. I recommend incorporating a way for us to have friends to help out by giving block puzzles or keys and tournaments. Open chats would be great and allowing people to purchase others gifts and badges would be a great option as well. I just wanted to ...
Fun time waster. I can play this block puzzle absent-mindedly to keep my hands busy. I like that I can rotate pieces and save a piece to use later. I think the subscription prices are outrageous, so I just play the free version. Gave 4 stars for subscription price, instead of being able to pay for it outrig...
I love this game block puzzle...no ads popping up in the middle of each play. I love that the blocks are replaced immediatly to keep 3 choices available at all times. Great colors and shapes. Super fun to play....please don't change a thing. Seriously....please don't change a thing!!!!
Great! The ads don't bother me at all. They are such small pop ups at the bottom of the screen. And if I don't finish my game block puzzle I can log out and continue at anytime. Lovely!
It was working for a few months, then when I updated it, everything starts to freeze, I try to press the play button, wont work. Try to edit, wont work either. Please fix this.
had to work with it for a bit but it solved my video rotation problem. i was able to upload a video in the upright orientation.
I've been using this now and I think it's very good for trimming editing and just polishing up videos but the only bad said is that if you want it to be perfection you have to pay but I think it's still very good with out paying x
I'm really sorry that I can't give a better review. The game block puzzle itself is lots of fun, and slightly afdictive; BUT when I was through playing, it WOULD NOT let me EXIT! Not only could I not find an exit link anywhere in the game block puzzle, no matter what I tried on my own it would not!
Excellent way to pass the time and with the pause option,SWEET!!! You dont have to worried about getting interrupted. Whether you're at the doctor's office waiting to be seen or at a restaurant waiting for your food to come, you can always pause the game block puzzle and
This is a great film production app that I use nearly on a daily basis. If you want something simple, indie, personalized and most importantly FREE, then use this!
This app is amazing u can ad due own mucis. N edit video clips to be shorter... I definitely recommend best video editor app ever 4 stars from me... ❀️N this is my own opinion. The reason I didn't put 5 stars is because there is always room for improvement 🌟🌟⭐⭐
Hello, the app is good could be great. Im unable to Produce video to share with my customers. There is not produce video icon. Just edit video and save video. What can I do??? Thanks.
I like this game block puzzle. One suggestion, if someone hits the restart button, it would be nice to have a confirmation screen, before the score resets to zero. My gf was playing, and had a score that was above her record, but her thumb slipped, as she was placing a tile, and her game block puzzl
I love this app so much! It's great for video editing definitely more people need to start using this! Recommend πŸ’― I just wish sometimes it wouldn't kick you out sometimes While I'm editing a video but other than that I love this app so much it's definitely underestimated ! So thank you for making a hands on free Amazing app!
Amazing App, for all types of editing. Only 1 feature is missing. You cannot insert a video in between already existing project. Please fix that.
Very enjoyable. Not a lot of intrusive ads, only in between game block puzzles. Challenging but not boring. This is my favorite new game block puzzle to kill time. Update 6 weeks later: this is by far my favorite game block puzzle. I play it more than any other game block puzzle including candy crus
It's really good at editing and it really made my gf happy for the slideshow that I made for her... I got to unsubscribe though cuz I don't have the money for the payment, wish I had the cash for it cuz I really liked it even for the trial.. I just used the free trial so pls help me sir.. I don't know how to unsubscribe...I'm having trouble on my account cuz I forgot the password of my gcash..
Easy to play. Non boring. Exciting moves all the time. Some helps given some times though. It will be nice to know the distribution of the sevetal block puzzles. Exciting block puzzle that can be played anywhere. So interesting to always makes one to keep playing.
This app is great but now your app is updated and whenever I save the video I made....It wont work!....So, I just rate this 4 stars, and I hope you can fix this problem as soon as possible.....!
When you try to crop or zoom in your videos it will completely freeze and not let you edit anymore and will not save any of the work you put into it. Do not download
Great time killer. Addicting! Not a mindless game block puzzle, it does make me think. Thank you for the fun. One complaint: sometimes it locks up & the only option is to close the app, which means you lose your game block puzzle/score. Glad I'm not playing for money, lol.
This used to work really well, but the last few versions have a serious problem on my phone. The game block puzzle will suddenly reset for no apparent reason. Instead of dropping a new block on the board, the board blanks out completely and the score starts over at zero. The game block puzzle doesn'
It's a fun and engaging block puzzle. However, I have one gripe, and that's in the situation where you have one shape in the saved area and another on the board but you lose the block puzzle because you can't place it, even if you can rotate it and place it. This is extremely frustrating. The block puzzle should allow you ...
Excellent way to pass the time and with the pause option,SWEET!!! You dont have to worried about getting interrupted. Whether you're at the doctor's office waiting to be seen or at a restaurant waiting for your food to come, you can always pause the game block puzzle a
I would like to give it more stars but once I start playing eventually the screen goes dark and I'm not able to see anything. Besides that it was fun what I was able to play. Unfortunately I have Uninstaller and installed it about 6 times and it always gets the same issue.
Great app best on playstore! Dont like the new app icon though; old one was better. The new one just looks typical. The old one was more professional
Most excellent game block puzzle that is challenging but doable that will have you dreaming chess-like moves in your sleep. Only one bugaboo another reviewer already warned about: The top right rotating symbol erases your current score. Otherwise enjoy the fun with this surprisingly strategic game block puzzle!
Fun game block puzzle. Easy to learn, hard to master. Probably good for most any age. Also, I haven't seen any weird bugs or glitches. Good job on the game block puzzle! Oh, one piece of feedback: it'd be nice to have a confirm button when you press the reset button to restart t
Just boring. Not enough features to make the game block puzzle interesting. Played for 5 mins and uninstalling. (Also see this is another game block puzzle that must be played in airplane mode to eliminate excessive ads.) An ad every 5-10 mins I can tolerate. An ad this often I cannot and will not.
Great, I mean GREAT app!! I have never made such a good vid before!! Would definitely recommend. The only problem I had was with setting the music, when I tried to scroll over it would put me at the start again! But overall it's amazing!!
This game block puzzle really gets my mind to thinking about my next move. It very fun & relaxing to play. I like how the scoring system is set up. It's much better than some of the other game block puzzles. The only thing I would like is if I had the option to turn the blocks into the position I ne
Oh yes,I love this app.You can do many things with it and the music are really awsome! I love this app because you can upload it on YouTube and get many subscribers. I downloaded this app not only in my phone, in my granma's phone too! GUYS,THIS APP IS JUST GRREATT!!!
I really like the game block puzzle. Could an option be added to turn off the reset button, or maybe have it ask are you sure you want to reset and start over? I have hit that button a number of times now and I had a good score going and it reset me to zero, which was very disheartening.
I got hooked into these puzzle game block puzzle things just very recently and had a lot of them installed. But now, I just have this game block puzzle. This is really better and it doesn't get monotonous after playing it because of the other play options. Really love it!
If you want to play with out disturbing anyone else, you can turn off the sound on the game block puzzle. Unfortunately, the ads still have volume. Some ads start with someone screaming. Loud. Unless you want to silence all sounds on your phone, don't play this game block puzzle because of the obnox
I would give the game block puzzle 5 stars, as it's fun and easy to play, but my game block puzzles are actually interrupted mid-play by ads, and the game block puzzle is started over. It's frustrating to build up 80,000 points, only to lose them because of a game block puzzle glitch.
My laptop is broken and try this app for video editing. It is very nice. Almost like video studio. Considering to purchase premium version now.
I think it is really great to play around with and to create things but one thing that you should add is that there should not be something that you have to pay because kids like me can't do that and we want the cool things to make our videos awesome.
This Game is a Lovely way to Refresh my Thinking while Working. My Work includes a lot of Writing. This involves a lot of Focus and Thought. It can be Lovely to have something else to focus on for a few moments, to Refresh my Thinking. Sometimes when sitting for long amounts of time, it can be Refre
Something is amiss! I have an ad that is in my face, frozen and wont let me continue the game classic matching puzzle. I guess if it doesnt go away, i will have to delete this game classic matching puzzle.
It is really fun. I feel that this game block puzzle is the best way to pass your time. At first, I used to think that this game block puzzle is not interesting and is very boring. One day, I played a game block puzzle and created a high score. Since that day, I have been playing the game block puzz
UGH! What a disappointment for sure! I installed this particular game block puzzle app because it looked like so much fun! However, it proved to be anything but fun! I installed it, and that process went fine. However, when I tried to open it, it either wouldn't open at all, or it would stay open fo
An interesting twist on Tetris. I like that you can hold a block puzzle until you create a spot for it instead of the block puzzle ending. You only get to rotate the block puzzles if you watch promotional videos unless you want to pay for rotations. Makes the block puzzle a little more challenging. Overall a relaxing block puzzle so far...
This is not a game block puzzle of skill. It's like playing solitaire: Everything is predetermined by the order of what you're going to come up with in the initial shuffle of cards/pieces. When you're given four 3x3 pieces in a row, well into a game block puzzle, with some pieces on the board, you're getting shut down, no ma...
I love this game block puzzle and prefer it to other versions I have found in the play store. There is a glitch in it that I have emailed the developers about, but they have not fixed it. I would give it 5 stars if they would fix it. When an ad comes up, the game block puzzle and score are erased. I
If you're looking for a simple distraction to reset your brain, then Block Puzzle is for you. I absolutely love that the app isn't freemium, free to play-pay to win model. I just have to tolerate an ad or two each round. there's no *earning or buying lives, widgets, or extras. it's just a simple te.