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BLOCKPOST Mobile for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Skullcap Studios located at Kazakhstan, Kokshetau, Gorky st. 2K. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 18+ (Explicit Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.
Cubic shooter in the best traditions of the genre.
The game is a cocktail that is rich consisting of the most popular and functional gaming solutions.
Play in 5x5 format in different game modes.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the BLOCKPOST Mobile.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download BLOCKPOST Mobile for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
It is very bad app.I dont like this game.There are many reason which i dont like in this game. I even dont want to give it 1 star but still I have given it as there our no other option to give less than 1star
This game is good as hell dude keep it up but uh 1 thing please increase the coin given every game Ive been grinding all night for an attachment and I got one the game is good specifically if you have a bad phone but my only problem is the coin given at least make it to 200-300 radius everygame or just straight up 100-150 I'm already down to grind a lot if the coins givens is higher and BTW add more gun
This game is awesome but though it does have pay to win aspects you can get the items for free by grinding and I love it also maybe make new maps that are larger and a crouch button
This game is like standoff but pixelated i like but can you add more guns and more variety of gamemodes that will be cool i will add a star if it happend thx for reading
i love the game so many guns then can u upgrade by buying some parts but i suggest to add is if u want to play with ur friends then add some friend which u can play anytime with them
This game is fun with 3D weapons but the problem is the Kevlar vest is not Prtective, The main menu Is glitching, The blue coin is low, the Shotgun is Weak.pistols is weak too jump is low. The sprint is Walk and weapon selection is hard to use. Thats Buy menu thats not weapon selection in Real Game
Here are some suggestions for this game. 1. Add sprinting button 2.add motolov cocktail emp mines turrets stealth choppers 3. Add greanade launcher and rocket launcher
I like the game i rated it 3 stars because every time i start play let's say death match i am out numbered and some times the enemy team already has dozens of kills than my team so i like to you to atleast make it so that everyone could wait until both team has 5 players and make 3 quit in a row will ban a player for 1 hour
It's a pretty good game, but I don't like the fire button it's weird you have to push right in the middle you can't hold it down and fire if you finger not all the way on, if you can fix it then great, this game can go far if you want it to.
The game is ok but when I'm done with a Game mode it constantly showing ads and then when want to shoot the opponent sometimes it delays and gets me killed also it takes forever to reload the gun
Чего не хватает по моему мнению: - Меню читов для пользовательских серверов (откатить на 1 раунд назад, перезапустить игру, поставить на паузу, выдать полет, выдать макс. кол-во денег и т.п) - Запись демок, или хотя бы что-то подобное для пользовательских серверов - Больше карт для режима бомбы В целом игра очень понравилась, жду добавления этих функций в игру ;)
Its like other players have more hp but i get one shotted by them and both the armor goes down thats not right. The armor should deplete first then the hp
The thing I really like is that it is a small and fun game to play with friend during free time . It is really addictive game
This is the best pixel game i have ever played Nice grapichs But i always enter late in a match please regulate the matchmaking And add other modes like Zombie Deathmatch (single) Catpure the flag And many more
Surprisingly very good for a blocky style shooter. The gun play mechanics are great but there's always room for improvement. Keep up the good work and maybe add more game modes in the future.
Its a good game but I wish it wouldn't allow repeats for example i have two knife bo icebreaker skins and i would recommend if it would give like exp or currency for repeats
Top 1 of this game is very good you now see in top 70 in below Top 70 this game can lag anyplayer are stuck there see more in top 33 in below Top 33 see this game like a minecraft edition see tips of this game below Tips:Shoot other player, see the game and do it to win, bad timing of the day if you die, if this game lag again out if there and go back to game have a fun
I like this game but its cool if you ad girl skin to new player to pick 2 skin if girl they can switch to girl skin and pls ad more gun and rocket louncher and more maps and pls make more skins that we can buy with blue coins not gold that we need to buy with real money pls update it
This game is very good and i like it this why i give this 4 stars thers alot of ami botting and my levels did't go up i was sad🙁🙁🙁🙁 can you report all hackers and fix the level bug pls i really need it
This game is okay but why didn't have the system of reporting players and our rank? I tell this because I started to enjoy this game.....
Best blocky fps game ever! Its like pixel gun i like it❤❤,but can u pls add some zoom button n change gun button. cause i want to switch gun when i low ammo n add some offline mode too.thanks for makinh this game!🤩🤩🤩
I like it!!! The skins are so cool... And all of the guns... Different maps... Super awesome... ☺☺
There's only noob on this game No pro, no skins, the games are low, and it's always the damn saim thing !!
Hi. I love ur game but I have two problems.the problem is Ur map there a four map and the others are have only two or tree.if u add more maps it's will be more fun and add some zombie mode,knife mode, juggernaut,and more.. And the next problem is a lot bug.when I start playing this my game is super lag and I have high net but the game is still lag.so if u change a lot Ur game will be grate. If u read this thanks u..I love Ur game very much.
Very nice online multiplyer game. Smooth graphics and good controls. 😍👌 really love when I play this game. This game works in all devices. Old and new. 👍.please add indian server.
I like this game bc can teaming but why every i get a sniper or when is no 1 near me i just did looks disconnected or bug, my wifi is great tough! and why when i wanna chose a team and it doesnt in to team tho,big bug,big small rare ;(
Very nice game made by skull cap, fun game. Really enjoy playing it a lot. Like the map designs and no weapon is too overpowered. Weapons feel like they have the right balance.
Awesome game but make it so the blockops have the same guns as the terriost and add lmgs and revolvers and also zombie mode overall this is an awesome game good job guys 😁👍
Like the game but i dont like the deathmatch concept. Why do we have to buy the weapon? You just have to choose the weapon you like. That is what deathmatch. Also for those who have issue about your screen turn to crazy, try to lower your fps to 45 or 30.
THIS GAME,Is a Blocky game from heaven,if you keep up the good work,your gaming company will become like Gameloft,I hope that by the time when this game comes out of beta,you guyz will bring us a butload of game modes,eg deathruns,1v1 2v2 5v5 and many gamemodes,Battle Royal,wait after the game comes out of beta,do me a favour and pls work on a Battle Royal game with the same mechanics and art style like this,tou will make my year,thanks
Brilliant game! Really enjoying it! Few things tho, the map selection queue in the custom servers dosent work which is a bummer, the personal rating system dosent make a whole lot of sense, and a few other little bits and pieces that im sure will be polished out eventually but overall its a fantastic game and the gunplay is perfect Love it. Cant wait for more updates to come!!
DO NOT INSTALL They obviosly dont care about this game at all, none of the stats work, the lag is disgusting, hackers run free shooting through walls and flying just about every match. Trust me this game is COMPLETE booty cheeks, but if you want to lose all of your remaining brain cells go ahead and download this game... Id rather download a virus that deletes all of my hentai than waste space with this boo boo no cap
Blocky rpg game. Best for kids. Addictive also. Graphics level - good. But only four player skins bu that ok. Lots of guns skin. Indians - acha hai game American - nice game Britains - nice game should try Desi Indians - sahi hai boss
Please less the bounce on the grenade cause it's annoying. BTW sometimes my coins doesn't go up the blue coins idk why please fix it
Everything is good i have nothing to say about this game.. but i hope soon that you will add another control like peeking option or leaning for the best gaming experience... thank you so much for this game
This a good game with good controls good graphics but the problem is lag high ping even though i change from EU BR AND RU but is still lag can pls fix the lag ping pls overall i recommend this to download to you all
Love the game so much graphics decent controls good everything else amazing but i have one request if you could do could you make it so you can like do bots and also another thing could you make it so you can slide,crouch,run,and crawl that would be legit
It's a very good game I was just searching a game like CS:GO but they are in high size like 300-900 MB but this game is 60MB but I have 1 problem with this game when I choose a mode it's stop in blockops and postpunks count please fix it.
Easy to kill controls are little okay but sometimes when I fire it keeps firing automatically which could be bug. Other than that game is awesome I prefer to play games where I don't have to shoot 100 bullets to kill my enemy. It would be awesome if clan and leaderboard was added I'm a competetive player haha. Also W/L ratio :) Also please make guns upgrade a little easier because it takes forever.
Please Fix This Game Put Some Sound In Game Like headshot To Ultra Kill.. And Please Fix The Money Becouz It's To Small To Give Me But Its Ok... And Please Put Some New Weapon Like katana Knife kombat Axe... This Game Is So Good 100👌 And by the way please fix this Game sometime I play this game I kill the enemy with wallshoot i kill 5times...
This game is so fun this is my 2nd week playing, this and I'm really enjoying it, but why I gave it a 4 star is because the cases are way to expansive and they should make them like just 1000 and the coins u need to pay for them like devs may u please put when u level up u get the gold coins and please make the crates cheaper, but for now I'm really enjoying the game!! And what i really want is crouching and laying and more updates.
This game sucks. When enemy and i shoot for the same time he didn.t died im the one who died. So i hate it
This game is wonderful but you can already geuse that I'm gonna suggest something So may you please add more maps and gamemodes but besides that please take the loading part off when iether going into TDM,bomb mode or snipers please take it off cause there are even times when I have to wait longer than five minute but I love this game and I've been looking for one like this one and I'm glad I came across it 💯😁👌
I gave it another go, and I'm acctully enjoying it now. All I would like to see is a way to make the buttons bigger and mabye add some music to make it seem more lively
Everything okay. But the ads and When the game is end my continue button isn't work. So I have to left game and again getting into game.
So i rate one star because they is so annoying problem The first problem is stuck it will not let me kill any enemies and everyone in the sever is standing next problem is ads them are annoying if you leave the sever and it give you a ads. And i uninstall
I have really enjoyed playing this game .I am a noob at every single game so this game is perfect for me but!! you can improve this game by adding more free guns and making it moor 3D ummm!!yea that's it😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
The game is good but 2 i have first problem in lvl. No reward a money or coin two the coin is purchase and add more characters like girl and boys buy in money not coin i dont have money to buy it please fix my problem i love❤❤this game and add more modes like hopping space and zombie mode
Ripped off, I bought a 3 coin pack for $8 plus including taxes but I can't where that coin pack went, it show on my credit card they took the money but no coins on my game.
This game is not fair whenever i join a server i get to the lowest team i mean points. Its also a good game .but i never get somethig i mean i have no upgrade in this game
This game is fun and enjoy but there are problems, the problem is this game has lots of bugs and the network is not stable
Game is soo good but im giving it 2 stars cause i think after this holiday update the game started lagging and there is no solution for this issue im disapointed i have 2gb ram device and in this device it never lag till this update i hope the developers will more optimise the game i love this game its good but the lag make me to hate this developers should add more improvement in the game thank you
I liked the game, everything in it is good, only lack of missions to complete, for example make 15 headshots and when you did it would win 100 blue money, because the matches give very little, but apart from this game is very good.
Game is good,Would like if you guys added a crouch button,fov,more crates,2 more guns and make the attachments cheaper same for crates too and more servers..The rewards after matches isn't enough
This is a really good mobile fps shouter,the only thing i want is controller support(which i get why some people dont want)and i want more updates,they dont have to be massive but just to keep the game fun and exciting.
Wow the game is very smooth and thers no lag spike even if im in my laggy tabblet the game is awsome but i like the ragdolls if you killed somebody this is why I rate it 5
I played the PC (Steam) version earlier, and the mobile version is just amazing as the pc one!!! good game
The Games Amazeing, i would like to see diffrent styles of each team, Like SAS Has Skins which dont have a Gas Mask and have a Helmet, or have a Hood, or have a Helmet and Gas Mask, and for the Other Team just diffrent style of Shirts and diffrent types of faces, the games apsalutly amazing.
Guys this game is awesome and I would recommend to everyone but in the continuing updates can you please add clans and friend requests to invite your partner to a match with you coz I want to communicate with a person who atleast under stands English coz most players are Russian but still love it (and maybe add skins and buy with in game money)
It's a very fun game to play, the guns feel fine and the gamemodes are cool. To make it better, new guns, maps and gamemodes may be added, and the weapons customisation should me mote accessible because the prices are way too high.
Overall a great game. I like this more than Pixel Strike 3D, as this game's TTK is much shorter and guns feel more powerful. It would be amazing if you can tone down the costs of attachments.
This game is amazing, but I have a complaint. I got a Blockops knife skin from the new years case and it isn't showing in game. Please fix that.
Legit the most fun game ive played in awhile. Its really fun and basic, easy to run on any device. I get an ez 60fps and i have a crappy phone sooo yeah! Definitely reccomend, really fun!
There is so much lag on this game... In the next update you make it must be anew year update... And add new maps and guns and the guns must be not like1000, 3000, and 2000
My game is broken like have no xp no skins like i have 40 kills and this game to install i have to delete 4 of my games and this is not working for my game good luck of fixing that bug but i like every thing in this game
I'm so glad that those bugs are fixed but if you add a knife game where only knifes are available than I'll rate five star becouse that's what I want.thank you.
This game is amazing! I love it! The gameplay, the mechanic, everything! Can you please add an asia server? Also i saw alot of stupid review about the overpowered ak47 and "aimbot". Dude you just suck at the game dont blame the game lol. there's no "aimbot" they just good at the game duhh
Nice game but can you developers improve the game credits you give to players like if ace or mvp it should give us 100+ money and 50+ exp And players at bottom frag should have like 20-30+ money not like 1-10 money and if mvp mpv's should claim like 1 gold coin 1-5 maybe and you should add clans too i hope you developers read this
Today I am not able to see a single person moving in the game Please do pix it I continuesly play this game it is very good and enjoyful I have no problem expect one that when you join a lobby and the lobby gets full or the game gets ended the game freezes and I have to restart the game. Today I am not able to see a single person moving in the game Please do pix it
The game is nice and has potential. The good parts are that there is a variety of weapons. There is also a firing range for newbies. That's it. The places where the game can improve are here-: 1) I was connected to a WiFi network, but it kept showing me that I was disconnected. 2) The recoil of the weapons is almost the same(or so it felt to me). There also is a very plasticy and superficial feel to firing them. 3) The graphics are too choppy and don't look refined. That's it from my end.
It's an awesome game which is similar to standoff 2 for only under 100mb. This isn't a pay to win game and you must play this.
A very great and awesome game but there are some things need to be fixed like 1: The player movment is too slow( u can try to make it a bit faster) 2: add battle royale mode(i mean who doesent loves battle royale right?) 3: please make the sniper shots accurate theres a huge velocity spread in them! 4: and add more maps and gamemode like deathmatch,survival mode with zombies last standing wins,and flagcapture etc 5: next add clans it will be very helpful to players 6: add double jump plssss!!!😍
Very nice game, better graphics but you have to do more in this game like airdrop, parachute and gun pickup, give an update to this app
I love the game its the best fps game i played but can you pls add more game's like zombie or hide and seek and add more skins and more pls fix it
You should make it so you can sprint and crouch. Make the attachments cheaper and you should get more coins in a macth. Itll take forever to get a attachment because it costs 1000. Also you should add it so you can play cross platform with pc friends on mobile it would be super fun. Make it so you can have higher fov the guns are way to close. Make it so you can slide that would be cool. Also if you add crouch, you should add regeneration. So you can take cover.
Really good game like the other games I play but all in one like; Skins and weapon customization. You guys might need to add more stuff in the game like: friend list, new game modes, and everytime you level up you earn gold.
This game is really great. The legendary game is now available on android. I love it. It runs smoothly even on 1gb ram phones. Thanks. But please improve the servers. Overall it's great.
Its a really good game but I dont like some thing:the damage of the awm has to be 100 not 85 and the scout 50. Please fix this problem.
The game is good but 2 i have first problem in lvl. No reward a money or coin two the coin is purchase and add more characters like girl and boys buy in money not coin please fix my problem i love this game
just perfect. I have played c-ops and loved the game. And this game is like the pixal version of the game. I like it a lot.
Takes a long time to get coins, and the default scope for SG and AUG (Acog) is inaccessible after buying a different scope.
The game is brilliant , but after some days there are some issues like the game stops by itself and some times it goes back to my home menu plzz fix this issue,over all the gameplay is great and the control are great too.
I Liked this Game. Well, the only Problem is this game crashes after each match. And as the loading time is too long, it wastes my time. Whatever smooth gameplay, love it.
Its a GREAT game. I love the FPS and Weapons alot! But there is ONE thing. All u have to do is..... Add a bot mode. (where you can practice against bots) I don't have Great WiFi. :/ I will rate 5 stars if u add Bot Mode.
1.Getting skin and equipment is it expensive lower that by 30%. 2.bomb mode should be 10 round instead of 6 round. 3.I will like see new weapon and there should different tier of armor and set. 4.there should be more custom mode like 100 vs 100 or speed run. 5. Add Battle Royale. I hope you guys see this.
Good game but some glitches one of them is I got a postpunk glacier knife but it's not showing up just the default so please fix this over all nice game
Good game.. But add more modes. Like compitive and gun game.. And add more maps like dust2, Mirage, inferrno, train, cach, Overpass, nuke.. Like Cs go please
Good game with high potential but there are bugs which is understandable. One bug in particular which is annoying is that attachments I have bought dont show up on my weapon.
This game is great and all but there is a glitch where the game freezes randomly and I have to close the app to fix it. PLEASE fix it and I will put 5 stars.Other than that I love this game!!
This game is so awesome like pixel counter strike but there is only few modes to play and some bug when somebody kill us
The game is good and ive been addicted to it. but it only has a few modes!and can you add a zombie mode? and also the rewards for killing people is like 5 coins its too low
Fun, but this has game has many issues like, you need to add more guns, the character is so slow make it faster, we need spring, some ability to some characters, make all guns have iron sighting bc the other guns that don't have iron sighting sucks, the guns are teribble when shooting it dosent even connect to the shooty thingy in the center, the snipers are really bad when moving while scoping and shooting, add more game modes, and maybe add some login rewards, etc. just pls improve this game.
Amazing game... But in the next update pls re design the controls ncs I can't play 4 finger on it... And also add new nap and guns... BTW game is good....and also you can add the gyroscope [
I will give 1 star becuase this game need connection i don't know this game is online can you fix this game just made a bot I can't join the server am only using data fix it or update it
Awesome game but u guys should add lmgs and revolvers and also zombie mode but there's this weird glitch that happens when I play TDM. it's when the servers lag out severely and and I don't get my reward and even worse the match doesn't even end😞
yo yo yo 5 star for the glass braking animation when you hit it ur like a fbi when u do that just a problem for the sniper when im aiming it it miss its going to the wrong direction less ads evryone must install this
This game has a potential but the sensitivity settings aren't good second the servers sooooo laggy sometimes the enemy is laggy and we cant aim at it properly and third pls add a crouch button i kinda not used to it cuz it doesn't have a crouch button and i know others wabt to have this game a crouch button.
Its a complete fun action game... The graphics is perfect(as a cubic type game) and its all modes are also great..like sniper arena,teamdeathmatch and etc..its definitely a five star game...(at no doubt).. But theres a problen that the controls are kind of glitchy sometimes! So I hope that the developers will fix this problem... So keep it up team👍👍👍👍
Always freezing then the game crashes i have to always restary my phone but theres nothing wrong with it. You guys may have made a big bug
Has potential. Needs crouch button, faster movement speed, and better matchmaking. And for a game like this we dont really need attachments in my opinion. Just good skins
This game is really fun, and has potential. It just needs more modes, like a deathmatch or a zone control one, and it also needs more maps, as well as an offline mode or something.
просед кадров на любой карте, если смотреть в сторону респавна противников, устройство среднее, а лаги как будто играю на калькуляторе
ILL give it 5 stars if it stopped glitching, theres some fake characters that keeps appearing it confuses me .😐😐😐😐😐
the game is actually neat but I would love seeing new maps and gain mony after the games because am always stuck on 301 the weapon customisation is awesome tho and also the graphics the only thing is the mouvements witch i find a bit slow but the game is overall good and entertaining and I see a lot of potential
This is the best FPS game i ever played.Like other FPS games don't have recoil to guns,this game has recoil to guns which i like the most.The other thing is you can also edit the controls which i also like.The game has very few guns.If you improve it the game will be best GAME.Otherwise great game😘
I like the game but it has glitch when you join the server it freeze because it game end pls fix it. and also add zombie mode,more timer,more guns,make cheap,more maps,more skins,more character skins. I hope you will add what I said thank you!
you need to make more server so much lag, lot of bug like you can't turn or touch the screen some players are teleporting coz of lag so pls fix the game i love the game so much im so competitive that i can't enjoy game when it lag the game so much potential and i play this everyday, I'm gonna buy more skin when you fix all the issue and stable server
The game's awesome but there are some minor problems for example When I play and the timer reaches seconds you can't kill anyone anymore and by the way can you please add an offline single player so that new players can use that as an opportunity to train a bit . Can you also add voice chat and friends in order to make the game engaging . And pmeas add more guns because the guns i use are almost the same add guns like Misle Launcher , etc.Aside all these the game is really good and fun to play .
Has potential. If there were crouch mechanics and custom maps the game may feel a bit more complete. But God's sake PLEASE LOWER THE CASE PRICES!
Amazing game!! It’s like a Pixel type counter strike. But i gave it 4 stars because i hoped to see more game modes like battle royale and gun game and more guns like minigun,rocket launcher and plasma rifle and other things like voice chat and friends list. I hope the devs add these things in the next update very soon. Overall it is a really great game
This game is very bad because in this game when we play multiplayer then they insert me in already started game and I'm gone defeated and gameplay is so easy there is no thing who competitive controls etc.and weapons system is so bad because you cannot purchase weapons in shop you have to buy in game only
Pretty good game but the cost the crates are a bit to high depending on how much you points after games, and please add more severs as soon as possible.Overall it's close to cs:go but minecraft mobile version so its pretty good
I got great feature about the game here it is if you dislike my thinking just you know comment me 1.It needs level rewards(you guys can choose what rewards will it be) 2.It needs to improve it's servers (but to think of it you guys are working on it right now) 3.It needs weapon selection like pistol arsenal, shotgun arsenal,rifle arsenal and more. 4.It needs missions to make it more challenging. 5.and the defuse mode needs bigger maps so no one will die instantly. I have more but it almost full
this game is beautiful (for a block game) i would rate it 5 stars if the customization wasnt behind so many paywalls and another thing can you add more spawn protection like i got into a match and we kept getting spawn rushed
Ok now i don't have problems with connection now i have problem for purchasing coins everytime i purchase coin it keep saying request decline pls fix this i realy want to have the prime status.
Very nice online multiplyer game. Smooth graphics and good controls. 😍👌 really love when I play this game. This game works in all devices. Old and new. 👍.
Terrorists are way to overpowered when using the AK-47 it's literally impossible to win as a CT(counter terrorist) it's stupid please fix it and it's always freezing up and kicking me out and no I don't have bad WiFi I have great WiFi the games broke
This game is WAY beter balanced than Blockpost PC, and, IT'S ACTUALLY GOOD FUN! Yea, it's a straight copy/ 'inspiration' of CS, BUT it's GOOD. The controls are excellent, the balance is near perfect and the gameplay is nailed. 10/10 best mobile FPS I've played, just needs controller support.
I love this game a lot but I had a request that in tdm we have to use 2 ammo of awm to kill a single guy so if you could do it to one ammo it would be awesome rather than aiming in head
Good game overall. Controls 5 star. Game play 5 star. Maps are nice but could use a little work, like having to walk an incredibly long way around to get off a perch...just have a place to drop down. Problem is...I'll have 30-35 kills and 4 deaths and the rest of my team combined has 3 kills. THREE!!! COMBINED!!! Seems a little off. Bots I'm sure. Please fix or you've lost this player.
I enjoy this game a lot.My only issue is that i lag a lot because there are no asia servers and i constantly keep losing.Please fix that
Has a lot of potential. Good mechanics, spray patterns, however some guns are need a change, like the deagle, it's very inaccurate. Overall great game, keep it up!
Every time that I kill someone the joystick will stop and I can't 4 finger in this game due to joystick always stop, it's hard to play in sniper mode because every time I get kill I can't hide immediately due to this bug
It's a great game the reason I'm giving it four star is plz add clans and add some more modes and guns and increase the coins per match also make TDM players up to 6 or 7 but keep it up.
I say this game is nice theres cool guns, nice characthers and good graphics (for a bloc like minecraft) and yeah, i say this is a pretty good game the reasons i rated four stars is becuase of 3 things 1. you should add more teams than blue or red try adding new colors like black or purple yellow and green 2. You should add a costumazation shop so we can change charachters hats and more 3. You should add more gamemodes like free for all, and thats all i hope you see this creator nice game btw ;)
It's the best fps game but can you please add camos and a new mode called gungame which is when you get a kill you get a new gun or add capture the flag which is get the enemy flag while defending your team's flag.Its the best game i've ever played.the controls,gameplay,graphics are really good I recommend you install this game:edit can you guys add iron sights so you dont have to buy attachments
if theres any adding asia server and improving logging in just like in block strike? and also the controls so smudgy. bugged out and cant press fire and look to other direction, must restart the game to continue, overall, 3 stars because of good graphics. also good resemblance to cs:go (weapon switching.) edit: also add rounds to bomb mode (resemblance to cs:go/customizable) and somewhat add deathrun/bhop or murdergame
Needs more fluid controls when playing with 4 fingers. I find my character unavailable to move sometimes cause I have to double tap the move buttom so it can respond everytime I scope out. Fan of Guns did it amazingly, and I believe this game has some potential. The footstep sounds also needs a little work but it's already on my list of top shooter games. Keep up the great work.
Actually this game is fun..I really love it...but there are 3 things that I want you to add....1.I want you to add other colours...2.You should add PvP or other than that...3.Last one I want you to add other character than the two of them...if you read this plz add it..😁
Awesome game bro🤯🤯🤯at THIS. SIZE bro but **pls** add an option to make friends in this game and play with friends vs random players .
Awesome,but plz decrease the cost of crate 2500 !!! should play 200 matches or more to collect those so fix it its only prblm i faced
It's a very good game but can you reduce the coinnof the crate it needs 2500 coins for a crate , this is very expensive can you reduce it to 500,1000 or something
4things I hate from this game 1.it hard to use snipers 2.You lag alot 3. Every time you shot someone you gun is going up to the sky like what 4.You can't get coins you need to spend money for coins
My request is fix all of the players because me and others are lagging without a reason. 9-12 years old players is not easy to become teammate with the Minors (im minor thats why i can tell this). Armors are useless in team deathmatch. No daily gift. The screen is getting black at the middle of a tough fight. Control is stopping sometimes. And add crouch with additional 5% accuracy
Everything is great at the game so far. Here are some suggestions: *Add Asia Server *Make the Jump a little Higher and a little bit slower to fall *Make the Grenades/Smoke/Flash can be Hold before Throwing *The Movement is slow please make it a little faster. *Add Crouch *Do something so that the Bomb Mode will have more Players Playing it. *Add FFA Game mode *Add Daily Missions
This is a very good game in should be promoted I don't mine about the Adds And the game is pretty fun because it's like I'm a pro at the game it's just every time someone kills me I get mad in start to smack The phone but I'm pretty good at the game I just Upgraded The game and its pretty good But make like a starters pack for a add so like free coins so like 5000 coins for the starters pack and a new skin for the enemy team And and one of The maps I could just hide In like a Place👍🏿😁!
This app is all ok and awesome but there are some things that are missing , crouch button ,it must include revive or health aid like concept. Without these things game is not complete. Hope you will work on it!
No matches found always even when 900+ players online , I think they made us fool , showing fake numbers because it always shows 5:4 players ready and never last players come😡
1/Need to add a crouch button.2/Minimap improvement: When enemy is firing his location need to be revealed.3/Maps Expansion.4/Add a massive rank system. 5/In-game leaderboard. 6/Categoried guns like SMG , Assault , Sniper, Pistol , Melee. 7/Improve training ground like moving targets.
The only problem with the game is for coins you have to buy them which is annoying. Please fix this problem, overall the game is great.👍
This game is very good but there is one problem. Everytime I come off the app the attachments for the gun kepps coming off but saying equipped please fix this in the next update. Thank you
It's good because we can't have more in only 54mb storage so it's good game (based on storage) But, support you all for crouch button it makes game mor simulated
It's a 4 star just cus the joystick is super laggy but that aside this game is super fun and pretty cool 4/5 would recommend.
It would be great if the game developers would put north American servers instead of just Russian, EU, Brazilian servers bc every game I play I can hardly even play and I get killed threw walls
So much potential for this game, i can see it Absolutly amazing product tho there needs to be some minor changes like 1. Everything is wildly expensive and it takes around 2 hours or so just to get 1 attachment, and 2. There needs to be a tutorial because it took me forever to figure out how to switch your weapon and reload. 3. Fix bomb mode joining because every time i end up joining at the end of the match and lastly team deathmatch spawnprotection system is broken but otherthan that gud game
Good game but add a TTP Third person mode for better camouflage in the fields and FPP is good but I like TTP Over all a pixel form of pubg
Love this game so far it runs smooth weapons feel good my only complaint is attachments are hard to obtain wish it was just a bit easier.
Its grafics are very good and amazing fun game we can set controls our own it is amazing like |free fire|
My weapon acessories are blocked now, I dont know why. And my weapon skins doesn't work. I have 3 skins and I can't play with them I dont knoe why. Please correct this bugs.
extremely fun experience, even though i have to play on RU servers with a bit of lag as the cost, it is very fun to play, hopefully we get more weapons, it's not too buggy but the i think giving each control it's own border instead of the four squares would work a lot better for all players.
This game is really good I just don't like some aspects of it like when I tried to choose my grenades it wouldn't let me pick them and also it would be cool if they would lower the creates price because it is way too high for 1 pack!
This game is very fun and exciting but there is a problem when I purchased the parts of guns but when I use it it's not there and I lose my coins which I earn and I wish if there was more map on bomb mod and others and when we level up we should get gold coins if this was there I will always play this game I love it's pls add this feature 😍😍pls add ok.
It takes alout of time to join the game And many times the game has finished till I join it. If you fix it i will give you 5 star Ok then i give you 5 star
Same game as counter strike but updated so I like the game very much graphica are low but ..... The game controls are very good,gameplay is also very good so try this game it will good and I think I get addicted to this game because it was so good. So try this and have fun I give 4 stars because of the game graphics.
I like the game i understand the problem that i see because its on development. I noticed that that awp damage is to low, you have to shot them twice to kill them, the character moves slow, it doesn't have crouch button. I like the game its similar to standoff that's why i like it. Btw keep it up guys i know your'e working really hard for the game. Don't mind those guys that saying the game sucks. They're idiots who don't understand the word BETA.
Great game but it's really hard to get coins so can you plz add daiy tasks and daily loging plzzzzz but the is really fun and I highly recom
4 stars. Its hard to get used to low Sensivity when the defoult is moveing way to fast for me. (a low Sensivity user) and low sensivitys are hard to move the screen. Whats the perfect low sensivity that you recommend? I will try it and see if its the perfect one.
Definitely a 5 star game, the game has a lot of potentials, but of course there are still some improvements that it need to have. First, the map, yes the map for me is a little bit small, so in team deathmatch, spawnpoints are really common, one in the side and the other. Second, you can also add crouch but it's okay not to add it. Jumping is also a little bit off. Thirdly, make it not a pay to win game, try to make the game currency, easily to be acquired or double it per game. Keep it up!!
Very nice game but can you add offline mode please i hate online games can you please add OFFLINE MODE please its nice but it sucks at internet why do you make it online??? Its just waste to my device if its online...Please update into offline mode
I will give these game ah 4star because there it's many missing weapons and mode like zombie mode and these a bug on the map it's distracting the players fix everything rong or missing on these game and I will give you ah 5star but I'm still enjoy to playing these game 👍👏👌
The game is nice but the game shop is so expensive u need to spend real money and Its laggy and so hard to level up. I played it So many time but Its so slow to level and earn.
The game is fun but please fix this bug cause 1). when I finish 1 game the app is getting Laggy and laggy and I have to restart the game to remove the lag 2).The delay of this game is not appropriate 3). I cant equip knives when i happen to get one from a case 4). When i play my team is like level 3-5 while my enemies are like level 11-13 i always get noob teamates. Please fix or players will hate
Hey I tryed to get bundle but when I bought the credits for it the credits didn't show up. I thought it was a visual glitch but it wasn't. I was really bummed out about it. Each kill only gives three of the blue credits which takes a lot of grinding. To get attachments for your gun and also skins for your guns. That's why I try to get the bundle to multiply it, but the credit didn't go through and my money just got taken away. But still a great game. A lot of patentional for this game
Liked this game very much. Install it within 1 day you will be a pro shooter in this game. Please add sprint option Because when we walk it's too slow to escape from enemys
This is a really really good game! The guns really shoot to were i aim at regardles of if im walking or standing still unlike standoff 2 and critical ops. Im injoying it alot.
Broken as hell if you have team full of noobs u lose bcs of spawn camping and like what anomaly said Blockpost more like Cockpost
Could You make a feature where if you join a custom game you can decide to leave the server or not on the screen if the round ends because everytime the round ends it always leave the server if the rounds are complete
Hi developer of blockpost i would like to tell you that this game is fun and my friends like playing it too and also i would like to suggest you to improve anti-cheat feature thing so your game wont be dead unlike other games it dies due to hackers and also this game is actually better than any block fps game thank you and i hope you answer my feedbacks
This game is pretty fun and runs really smooth. Only problem l have is the running speed of the charcter. Besides that the game is solid and fun.
The game is good and I really liked it and also its kinda like the pc version of it but it would be better if you developers add asia servers because me as an asian, I cannot play the game smoothly because of high ping/ms so please add an asia servers.
Great game but it's really hard to get coins so can you plz add daiy tasks and daily loging plzzzzz but the game is really fun and add more guns plzzz
Thia game is a really fun game, it has beautiful blocky graphics, fun gun mechanics, controls are good, good ui, and an amazing selection of guns. There is a problem though, the scoping down sensitivity is a bit flimsy and fast even when you change it so i fing myself not using a scoped weapon or just not using the scope. All in all its really fun though. Edit also please increase coins per match please its maybe by 50 or 75 coins.
I think this game has huge potential, but a couple of things: Dude this is pay to win all the way, put in more options to get skins and stuff, not everyone spends money in games, The servers, dear God. I'm sick of lagging my butt off when I'm in north america and I have to play in a Russian server. Please make a server for that, Make movement faster and some of the maps a bit bigger, also add a crouch button, Make attachments cheaper, like I said not everyone is pay-to-win, we should be fair
I love this game so much💙. But pls make any one can add friends and chatting. This will be amazing. And why the yellow coins is only by real money I can't buy it🙄 pls make it free like if I play 1 match and I got 15 kills so I have to get 30 yellow coins. Pls make it like this😔
OMG THIS GAME IS SO FUN!!! I LOVE IT!!! IM NOT KIDDING!, but theres a problem 1.this game was kinda laggy. I have great internet connection. But its fine 2. Please fix that if im trying to use the grenade and pistol. I cant get it to use cuz it kinda stuck at knife and rifle. Thats only my problems. This game is so fun! I just downloaded it so first gameplay is so good! I wish u could fix this issue
Game is fine, but upgrades are very annoying. Sometimes the weapon modifications don't show up in a game, and it's annoying because it takes a long time to get them, for them to not show up.
Good game but one thing is not good that this game has no multiplayer mod please it is my humble request that the developer of this game please add multiplayer mod in it
I loved game nice low graphics and low download size and plz add new game modes and new guns and maps❤️👌
Amazing!!!!! It was the best game I have ever play But you should do some works You should add some free characters, gift chest, the price of the guns tools should be cheaper (If i had some mistakes because I'm from Iran)
i love this game is one my personal best in my opinion but the shotgun damage in this game makes no SENSE you can be right in front of another player and shoot them for only 20 damage and headshot damage also makes no sense, You can also be right in front of them to do only 10 damage i don't if its a glitch but bedsides that its a good game
The game is really Great But lootboxes/crates are too expensive making it grindy. more weapons, knives, crates and map
It's good but teammates are so dumb they go to the enemy base and disconnect problem is this that many use emulators and the bots are so powerful they dodge the bullets.
This is very nice game.I will recomend to play this game.But the problem is sometime the game kicked me out.Please fix the problem and add some new guns and new place
Its a nice game i really love it but please can you add levels or free mode where you can fight with other things , incase the person does not have anybody to play with.
This is the most awesome and superb game I ever found in my life. The graphics are nice and gameplay are so smooth like this game so much
Very nice game but the several issues like could you please make a way to earn the gold coins coz like some of us don't spend money one the he and also every time I play in the Russian sever it tends to lag every time
Good game but plz fix the lag when I was first playing it was not laging but it is plz fix or get 1 start no hard feeling
I can tell the gameplay is decent but the servers arent much hard for some ppls who arent on good regions the cases r free to buy but alot of money
This is the best online game on minecraft blocky version. And there is litterally no lag if u play it. But i need you to add more weapons pls But still a great job
Best game ever it's like csgo and pixel gun 3D combined! But just needs a practice mode with bots plz add this!
Good. Could be better. I'd put a way to sprint if possible. Feels like I'm walking in bud. TTK is decent. Increase coins after each game. It's almost impossible to level up the guns. Increase shot damage. Lower fire rate. Grenades are meh. Overall fun game.
Add free for all sniper only. Add more sniping maps. Free for all sniper only where there's not just two sides of the map. A map like team death match exwpt its free for all snipera only. Also add sea server.
This the first game that i am sharing my experience with you.this is a good fps shooting game really no lag issues,no bug,no glitch i haven't seen but this game need some features to be a best low mb shooting game--- 1.multiplayer mode 2.more servers 3.level(bronze,silver,gold etc) 4.own customisable controls 5.custom able characters 6.more maps ETC
RU servers is very lag! Please fix this for us skullcap studios, so we can focus in the game thank you.
This a beautiful game it's like csgo but in mobile and blocky.pls make more shooting games in pc and put them in here on mobile plssss.i have some thing to say to u all devs I suggest to put more modes and guns and skins and player skins pls and thank u 🌟⭐🌟⭐🌟
Bad game you need too pay to get a single case. Why you may ask beacuse I only got only 144 of those in 4 games.. I only got rewarded twice out of those game... Please increase the coins you receive man this game is pay to win you litterally need 2500 coins just to get a single case it's bad dont download it it's a trashy game that wants you to pay to get a single case...bad game and also you need to get 1000 coins just to get a single modifier (I think) for a weapon....trash game dont download
(Developer need to read this)omg this game are superb🔥 but need to ad crouch botton,hold to crouch or tap to crouch🤤.map are too small..i just like if you put map from csgo like,dust 2,mirage,nuke,vertigoo...if you put this map,i can comfirm other game cant beat this game.... defuse mode is most important in this game.so,players can plan with teamates where to plant bomb A or B site..and also competitive,we can push rank with my own teamates. tq if you replied my suggestion🙏
Very awesome and well planned, everythings is all cool and awesome, I enjoyed the game, especially the sniper mode, wish you made many games in the future
The game is very nice but all the players cant move the game is not working the game has a big really big bug pls skull cap fix the bug
Would want more servers, gun skins, better weapon switch button. Crouch button, better maps, more in depth settings. Better settings screen. Better rewards. Add a social section in the game, in game friends, cheaper cases. So far game is enjoyable. Just annoyed kdr is affected when playing with bots. More sniper only maps. More weapons
I love the game im being looking for a great game like csgo and its like csgo+minecraft great but can you please at bots
Good game but can you plz add more mods like parkour zombie and other stuff........and there are bugs...little bit...
Always error.. Damage taken by me is not recorded... Also most of the time my fire button doesn't work.. worst game experience for me
Awesome game! Please add more features and maps and modes, and also clans and friends mode, Competitive Match to get ranks, Unique colored names for each skill (Skilled, Master) I expect more in the game, and its hella fun! Please keep the spirit up ;-)
This is a very good game but the 4 stars is because I am playing on a Samsung Galaxy Tablet A and I can't access my pistols and my lethal or tactical equipment
This game is like standoff 2 but with different texture and graphic. The game is very smooth and fun. Please keep improving the game :)
I continuesly play this game it is very good and enjoyful I have no problem expect one that when you join a lobby and the lobby gets full or the game gets ended the game freezes and I have to restart the game
I like the game but there game but there are aome issue i donr like its first i can.join game or discottnet some time i hope it will fix but i give it five stars