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Bluetooth Auto Connect - Devices Connect

Bluetooth Auto Connect - Devices Connect for PC and MAC

Is a Tools game developed by bt autoconnect group located at Ukraine, Kyiv, Solomiynskaya 20b. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
Bluetooth Auto Connect is a new generation application that will allow any Android smartphone to connect Bluetooth audio headset, devices, or just pinch files. It has such useful options as:

📡 Automatic connection to all devices
📡many global profiles (Media audio, A2DP Call audio, Health, Networking, Phone Book)
📡Prioritize devices/select profiles for each
📡Bluetooth status management for docked, incoming / outgoing calls, play notification
📡Turn Bluetooth off after inactivitу
📡Advanced settings
📡Work with tasker app(integration run task tasker)
📡Tasker and Locale plugin
📡Audio notification (play notification sound)

If you often have problems with connected device via bluetooth, transferring files and media, then you need to install this application.🚨 It will correct the work of bluetooth, make Bluetooth turned when device is nearby and allow you to auto connect solution Bluetooth.✅ You will always have a good bluetooth auto connection, which will allow you to exchange files without any problems.

How to plug in to devices through this Bluetooth auto-connect application❓
To get started, connect and pair via Bluetooth auto with your device manually, and then just turn off and turn on Bluetooth and all subsequent times it will connect automatically to all devices that you have ever set up.🔍 Devices, when bluetooth is turn on are automatically connected. The status of the Bluetooth turned when device is too far away - the Bluetooth off.⏺

You can plug in multiple devices and headsets to your Android at once and they will work perfectly. You can turn Bluetooth off when you don't use them often. This is useful when you need to perform multiple tasks at the same time.🆘

Prioritize devices/select profiles
Еach profile – Media audio, A2DP call audio, Health, Phone Book, that have been paired with your smartphone has priority.🔝This information indicates whether the profile for any connection is disabled, enabled, or configured to auto connect solution Bluetooth. By connecting several device profiles at the same time, you can get confused and accidentally disconnect the one you want or go into the settings of another bluetooth device. With this function you can see the status of each prioritize devices, select profiles, see when device auto connects, leave you Bluetooth on or not and more.📝 You can also edit or create new profiles for each ever connected device, so as not to get confused in them and be able to instantly determine what you need.🔓

If you have a connection problem, don't worry, you can try again after a short period of time. You can leave bluetooth on and reconnect, or make Bluetooth off and put on connect Bluetooth again.🔄 If you are asked for a PIN code to enable you can solve this problem by integration run task tasker.

In the advanced settings of the Bluetooth auto-connect application, you can find many useful options that will help you to customize the application as accurately as possible for you. Тhere you will also find control for connected device and info about device when Bluetooth is on, or how to fix the situation when device does not connect🆗

⬇️Download the bluetooth auto connect app⬇️ for 🆓 and get a reliable and fast android connection with your bluetooth device.📲

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Bluetooth Auto Connect - Devices Connect.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Bluetooth Auto Connect - Devices Connect for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
A very useful and easy-to-use application. I love its simple interface, customization and accessibility. besides all this, I did not notice any mistakes in him and I am quite satisfied with his work. I give the application 5 stars.
Worst app in the entire universe I can't get this stupid notification of my controller not being able to connect pop up on my screen it's so annoying. So trash
I drive a company vehicle. The stereo will not auto connect to my device. Furthermore, the stereo has a short that causes it to lose power periodically. This is not a priority for my company to fix. I have to manually connect from the Bluetooth menu on my device. Obviously this is distracting while driving. This app does that for me. It's like it's navigating the menus needed to reconnect my device in the background while I just drive. I do not mind the ads. Excellent app.
After fighting with the blue tooth stereo for an hour, I downloaded this app and my phone connected immediately.
I think this is a very useful and cool application, because recently for some reason I could not connect wireless headphones to the phone, but thanks to this application, everything worked for me, now everything works just fine. I recommend everyone to download and try it
Had problems to automatically connect my phone to the car's stereo. Not anymore after installing this app. It made my car journeys almost hands free. Now I just shuffle through the car stereo functions and it automatically connects to my phone, where before I had to fiddle with both phone and stereo in order to get a connection. Menu seemed a bit too techy, could do with an update that would make the navigation simpler for the everyday user. In mind with what I said its a bit too expensive, yet.
I've looked for an app can manadge my device but this app got just few optiin but you can't do it nothing...two stars because they ask money for it I think is poor value for 11 P
A very decent version of the Bluetooth app. The application does an excellent job of detecting and connecting bluetooth headsets and devices. I recommend it to you.
The application copes well with finding and connecting bluetooth devices. So, I recommend to all fans of bluetooth gadgets to download it, especially if you have a lot of bluetooth technology and headsets.
The application turned out to be a worthy helper for establishing a stable connection, I will highly appreciate its work. And you download the bluetooth assistant and set up a normal connection with devices
Got the new moto 6 and would not pair, So upon doing my own DD I saw on the web suggest bth auto connector and VOILA works like a charm! I would give you 6 stars if I could, good job 👍🏽
it worked fine for maybe a day then I didnt use it for about 3 days and now no matter what controller I connect and no matter what I do the controller lag is unbearable so if you want to play something for acouple hours with no lag this is the app for you
I want to recommend this application to you, as my friend advised me earlier, thanks to which my phone is now interfaced with any bluetooth device. Everyone will find a useful option for themselves. I really like the ability to link different accounts. Give 5 stars to this app.
Great app.. not being to tech smart,..re- connecting various gadgets, ..with out much luck, until I was advised to give this app a shot, well chuffed,.. would recommend ☝️
It's works, note that the app will automatically push adds over to chrome. Decent code you've written. Cool it down a bit, as of late you've been pushing too many adds. If you need more money find it elsewhere, create a new app. You'll kill this app if you continue to push.
Waste of money. Doesn't work. Create more problems than solutions. BT worked better without it. What is the point of this useless piece of software. There is no difference between a free version and so called pro version. I had to uninstall the software because it negatively affected my BT connection with my earplugs. I downloaded it trying to make my car BT to connect to my phone. It didn't do it. To me it looks like a money making scam.
This app is terrible because it has pay to use if you have to have a "free trial" then make a different app that says 'lite verson' and I've seen enough "feedback from employees" to know you can't trust them
Pro Version has not fixed the PS4 controller to Android input lag I experience playing CODM on my Oppo A72. Emailed the support team for assistance. Will review rating if issue is resolved.
A very good application, with a nice interface, I have been looking for such an application for a long time, this application is multifunctional. It helps me in everything, to communicate with a phone or laptop, speaker and headphones. I give 5 stars
Cool application, with its help my smartphone connects perfectly to the audio system of my car. The interface is simple and user-friendly, intuitive control
BEWARE !!! This app pushes hundreds of ads per day regardless if the app is opened or not and opens in chrome..even porn sites pop up when unlocking phone. This should be banned from the store permanently. I uninstalled it and all ads stopped. Had me pulling my hair out for me months trying to figure out what was happening. Spam and virus risk !
Doesn't work between lg G5 and Bose Bluetooth 5.0 Adapter . So if you have this don't bother to download it and I cancelled subscription within 5 minutes. App is useless to me. Found one that does work for me.
Hi have paid for my subscription to pro but is does not apply and still recommends to subscribe. UPDATE 31-01-2021 Still no feedback fr the developer and still no resolve since their first response.
If you're looking for an app to cut the lag out of your PS4 controller for COD mobile, this is it. Just tweak a few advanced settings (find the settings on google) and boom no lag. Only con is make sure you do not have anything else paired, even just on the recent pair list, cause you will get a popup every few seconds telling you it cant pair to said device.
Doesn't keep Bluetooth on to connect to Nintendo Switch, trash app. Hopefully you can fix this issue.
The application is very useful, of course, before downloading when using bluetooth, the signal was poorly received or there was no connection at all. With your application, I don't observe such problems and the connection takes seconds and the file transfer goes without problems. I'll leave five points
I really liked the fact that the developers added not only the necessary functionality to the application, but also the feature of the application - the color scheme. This is a very creative solution for me. In addition, the application works well, so I rate it 5 stars.
A very cool application that helped me connect via bluetooth to my fitness bracelet, and also advised my trainer to use it. I also use it a lot with my speakers. I advise everyone to try it!
Excellent and very cool application. I have a wireless speaker and it kept disconnecting from my phone. But with this program, everything finally started working fine. Yes, unlike other apps, this one has more intuitive and simple settings.
I highly recommend using this application, since bluetooth does not work well in many android devices, and this application will help to regulate its work.
This app does not fix my pre-existing issue with input latency. I have a Samsung A50 and I'm trying to play games using a bluetooth XBOX controller with XBOX GAME PASS. The problem I'm experiencing is input latency, which makes playing games near at times. (Lost count the amount if times I've died in game due to standing still 😩) Searching online forums, I found that other people have the same problem. Some have tried using bluetooth auto connect apps. This app does not fix the issue.
Your app pretty much broke my dualshock PS4 controller. Great job. Now it wont connect to any of my devices. You owe me a new one.
A very useful application. I recently bought wireless headphones, and my phone did not have a convenient program to connect and control them. I didn't even know what to do with them, a friend advised me to look for an application with a bluetooth connection, I found this application, I set everything up in a minute and they work! Thanks to the developers.
It was very important for me to find an application that can help the smartphone keep in touch with several connected devices, since my work is connected with this and I was incredibly happy to find this convenient and useful application. The automatic connection function helps out very often. Thanks to the developers for the app.
i try to speed up my ps4 controller connection and the app works for 5 seconds it actually worked once for 20 minutes and after that every time its 5 sec plz help me and i will give u a 5star
This app is absolute garbage! The WHOLE REASON I installed this app was because my bluetooth controller had a bunch of lag whenever I used it to play games on my Android phone. It doesn't let me stabilize the bluetooth connection like I've seen on youtube videos. I think you have to pay a subscription fee to even access that. What a total scam. It was better when this option was FREE! Useless trash
I don't even get to have an experiment with the thing because it doesn't even tell you where you connect it at just a hole bunch of random stuff like don't know where it is to connect don't make since
Still searching for something to make the connect automatically, but this is the next best thing. Does exactly what it says it does.
This Bluetooth connection app works perfect on my phone it hooks me up to my Bluetooth on other devices without even having to worry about whether you are connected or not. It automatically connects and then lets you know that there's a connection. This is perfect for the person who has a job where you're going all the time. It's Bluetooth made easy. 👍
Haven't purchased the full app yet but from how great it is thats my next move from here. Highly recommend using this app
The assistant application turned out to be very useful, I am simply captivated by its versatility and simplicity. I really like the fact that I can control devices with it.
I really liked the application. great interface, no need to understand the settings. It helped me great to connect the earphones to the phone, it helped to connect the phone to the portable speaker, it works perfectly. I recommend it to everyone.
Тhe application is an excellent helper for a safe and stable connection with devices, with its help you can not worry about a sudden disconnection or an error.
Great app, I liked it. Almost immediately connects the phone and the speaker via bluetooth. It is also very convenient that you can connect a smart watch. The application works very quickly and does not take up much space in the phone memory.
My original review read: Don't use this app. It takes over your device with adware. After the developer contacted me, I installed the updated version. It seems to have fixed the malware/adware issue. However, it does not seem to run in the background like a service. Instead, the app window must be opened for the app to work. Also, I don't like that it asks for permission to access my files. This should be about connectivity and nothing else.
This application has become a godsend for me, thanks to it I can quickly establish a connection with any of my devices without manually setting up bluetooth. I like this application.
Used to be good, but now my earbuds are constantly losing their connection. The developer got money hungry. I'm very willing to pay for a pro version and support the developer, but $9.99/year is a bit much.
This application was recommended to me by a friend and I am very happy with it. All my devices connect perfectly: smartwatches, headphones and a portable speaker. I do not need to manually connect to the desired device every time. I just set the priority of devices in the application and it does everything by itself. Recomend for everybody
Bro this is trash ads every 3mins and do not get you can go onto bluetooth settings on your settings theres no ads bc its andriod or ios or any os system
this app seems like a trojan horse for showing ads all it really does is wrap the system bluetooth manager in an app flooded with ads.
Wish i didn't have to give a star at all. Failed to use the app. It only asked me to turn on my bluetooth device after that I didn't find a way forward.
It would be a lot better if you could configure all the Bluetooth settings from this app but still a good one noney the less
I know you guys are doing the best you can to solve all the problems of the world concerning PS4 controller and just for that I give you 5 stars. It worked for an hour then pouf, stopped. Anyway really good job thank you.
I give this application the highest score, as it is the only application that helped solve the problem due to which the headphones were not connected. I recommend everyone to download and try it.
There is no need to ask permission to manage my phone calls, identify my phone number, or access my personal photos. All you are supposed to do is pair with our BT devices! And the ads every 3 minutes?
A very necessary application, I have been looking for something similar for a long time. With the help of it, I finally managed to connect wireless headphones to the phone, quickly and without problems, it works perfectly. Now I want to test it on a new column, I'm sure everything will work fine.
Works well. Helps reduce input lag when ps4 controller is connected to Android via Bluetooth but the pad randomly presses the dpad or analogue sticks every few seconds while playing a game. Have tested it with 3 different ps4 controllers and same problem happened
The application is excellent, I have been looking for a similar application for a long time, I finally found it. I connected the smartwatch to the phone through the application, it works great and does not give an error. I advise everyone, it works great.
It connected to both my bluetooth earbuds but only played music out of one of them. I do not recommend.
I have a bluetooth car audio system that works fine with my older samsung S6edge plus, but will not connect with my new S10 and now my new S20 ultra, I hoped this app would help but it connects then instantly disconnects telling me to check device then try again. Any help would be greatly appreciated
Works good.. Only downside is the constant 'can't connect to device' every time you turn on the screen. Not really necessary.