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Braindom 2: Brain Teaser Games

Braindom 2: Brain Teaser Games for PC and MAC

Is a Word game developed by Matchingham Games located at 4 Freeman Close Castle Hill, Ebbsfleet Valley Swanscombe, Kent, United Kingdom, DA10 1BY. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
Do you love to crack trivia and quizzes like a trivia star ?
Do you have what it takes to solve riddles and mysteries like a riddle master ?
Then welcome to the empire of Braindom 2 !

Braindom 2: Riddles Puzzle Brain Game is without a doubt one of the challenging free trivia games for mobile.

Put your logic and brain to the test and quiz-up, if you’re a genius, it will be an easy game to crack for your smart brain !

If you want to give your mind a little brain out, this is a great place to do just that. This popular online game consists of multiple brain games and riddles, with clues hidden in the words, photos, and in the question itself.

It’s full of tricks, so be ready to play the role of the clue hunting detective to crack the riddles and beat the tricky puzzles.

One part trivia, and one part detective game, Braindom 2: Riddles Puzzle Game will give you a satisfying feeling of victory as you crack each level.

Braindom 2: Riddles Puzzle Game is a tricky way to knock the brain out of its usual way of thinking.

The levels are challenging, you will navigate between fun word puzzles, brain tests and iq games, while having a fun time.

Not every brain game is an easy game, in fact Braindom 2: Riddles Puzzle Game offers a playful way to crack challenging questions and IQ tests.

This game is the right riddles game you’re looking for, not too complex, not too easy. The best riddles to engage your natural problem-solving skills and make you laugh along the levels.

Unlike most IQ games, IQ tests and brain games, Braindom 2: Riddles Puzzle Game is a unique concept for improving your brain. This mobile game elevates your IQ, tricks you, challenges you brainwash thinking habits in a funny and ludic way .

Braindom 2: Riddles Puzzle Game has several tricky puzzles, many free brain games and mind games to sharpen your mind, and it's totally a free game. It’s one of the high ranking free mobile games.

Braindom 2: Riddles Puzzle Game is one of the best games for mobile. It includes small games to improve your memory, boost your brain speed, flexibility, and also attention. Brain out while playing, what a good idea!

The most exciting thing is that you will not get bored, like a trivia quiz or a charade party that you play with friends and family, when everyone is competing to be the trivia star or the master of the riddles.

This brian game encourages you to train yourself daily with tricky puzzles and trivia tests to become the riddle master amongst your friends. It's a brian test that helps you train your brain with challenging puzzles and brain teasers.

While playing Braindom 2: Riddles Puzzle Game, you can train your brain with various tricky puzzle games, by challenging the brain across numerous riddles and teasers.

Braindom 2: Riddles Puzzle Game is one of the best free brain games for mobile that provide hundreds of fun games, riddle games, tricky puzzles, brain tests, IQ tests, word games, and a wide range of trivia cracks.

This game is an IQ based brain game that offers tricky quizzes to check if you are a genius. With original puzzle games and tricky brain teasers, this app pushes your brain to think more, your IQ level will boost up.

Important Features:

Get the unique and tricky brain teaser puzzles to boost up your brain.
Hundreds of tricky trivia quizzes to solve despite their trickiness.
A brain test of your memory, math ability, and logic.
You can also use the game to test the IQ of your friends.
Solve the mysteries, find the clues and strengthen your brain with fun.
You will be brainwashed to think out of the box.
Tricky and challenging games that you will love to challenge.
You must have a super star IQ to be a riddle master.
Easy game, brain test & tricky mind puzzle all at once.
Relaxing games, the trivia questions will take your stress away.
Tons of trivia quizzes are here to boost your brainpower.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Braindom 2: Brain Teaser Games.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Braindom 2: Brain Teaser Games for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Gets a bit repetitive with the story line. I've done some things more than twice. The bit with smashing the bolder with another rock, tried that a few times on different levels, but have to skip as none of the rocks move, tried everything so have to skip that level all the time. Getting board of doing the same things I've done on previous levels again
Wow! So many ads! The game itself might not be terrible. The first 7 levels are really easy, but maybe it's more for kids than adults. But with it being so easy and an ad when you finish the level then another ad to collect "brain points" it's just an avalanche of ads with an easy riddle between each pair of ads.
After several different puzzles, where I know the answer, it wil not allow me to click on anything! Nothing at all, beyond telling me to give evidence...which I did... I even used hints to make sure I was right...still would not allow me to click the correct answers
It's an ok game, however, the ads are obnoxious. And when I got to level 13 or 14, when I go to play it, the screen is completely white. Just blank white. I've tried watching videos for skips, hints, and so on. It just doesn't work anymore. Uninstalling.
This game is a great continuation of the first! Sometimes it gets stuck though, level 235 does not work.
I've only been playing for 5 minutes or so, but I already LOVE this app! It hardly has any ads, challenging puzzles, and it is a great way to build up your IQ! I hope you'll download this app! Best choise ever!!!!! πŸ˜»πŸ˜β€πŸ’–
I can't even get off the loading screen of all the people around the chalk outline. Downloaded it and got in one time after exiting out of the app 5 times. Now I cant get in again. Loved the 1st one and was really excited to play this one
It's so great and interesting but there are a lot of bugs. I try to use something and it won't budge and then I use a hint and it tells me that I should do exact same thing I tried. So I have to close the game and open it again and then it works. It's little bit annoying. When those bugs are fixed it will be a great game. I'll try for a little longer because I love it.
I love the game and the fact that it challenges me, but there are quite a few levels where I clicked on what should have been the right answer and I was wrong. Recently played a level where you had to find the witch and one of them was flying whereas the others were not, and when I clicked on the "real" one, the game said I was wrong. Might need to revise the levels.
Edit: Changing to 1 star. You want a game with riddles but all you get is a game riddled with ads. 30 second ads too! Literally only answered 4 questions, got an ad, then watched an ad to double my coins, clicked proceed to next question & got another ad, answered the next question and got ANOTHER ad. Unless you want pay full price for the game, don't bother. Boo!
I love this game, it has tricky levels and just mysterious levels. There are only advertisements every 5 levels and are very short. I totally reccomend downloading this game!
It's fun and just like the ads showed. Riddles, picking answers, finding evidence, etc. There's even a really nice guy (the bald guy in one of the logos) who is also funny. I love him and the game. There's too many ads, though. Like an ad after every level. That's why I rate it a 4. But it's an awesome game, I recommend!!
Why I have gave 4 stars means because of ads after finishing one or two level ads are coming.braindom and braindim2 is super game.
Was actually kinda fun, until it got kinda transphobic. It asked "who is the boy" to a group of feminine looking people, and said it was the person with an Adam's apple. In this day and age we're beyond this surely. If the game didnt have this it would've been good.
Its fun but its really buggy. I can do the same thing 100 times and it wont work. Ill get a hint, do it again and after another 50 times of doing the same thing it will work. On some of the levels it wont let me do anything which us very frustrating
Fun game to these your brain it's not timed. Some puzzles are tricky, and have to watch an ad to get a hint, or a double one. So far, I'm having fun.
This game has been frustratingly unresponsive. I will tap, swipe, or hold my finger on place and more often than not there is no response even when I know for certain what to do to solve the riddle. I've also had to close down and restart the game numerous times because when it's on the path screen it won't let me select the next riddle. Completely unresponsive until I completely close down the game and relaunch it, then it will work but who wants to have to deal with that?!
I like the game. The levels are fun, for the most part. I have found that some levels make you use a hint, even if you have tapped/tilted/shaken the phone, before it will work. Also so levels won't let you click an item to see if it has a clue, even if the hint says tap said item.
I loved this game. I finished every level of part 1, but I'm not playing anymore. Let's see if you can solve the riddle and figure out why Part 2, level 11 ended it for me. Ridiculous.
Levels are easy but it wont let you do what you need to. Way too many ads and watch videos to spin wheel then never get to spin. Decided to just uninstall the game completely. Would have been a fun game.
Decent game, except I spent the $4.99 for the Ad-Free experience...and there is still a 30 second ad after each answer!!! So disappointing!
I can clearly see what to do on almost every single one of these Kindergarten level puzzles but it WON'T let me do it. I will tap tap tap tap on what I need to, let's say check the address, but it will not show me the paper. I use a hint and it says "check the address" I already knew this. Sometimes after using the hint I can touch the exact same spot and it will work. But I've been on the same level for 2 days because it will not accept when I touch it.
Way too many ads !!! I never write reviews but this is ridiculous. I got through the first two levels within 10 seconds, as in the puzzles aren't that difficult. And in those first two levels I had three ads that were over 20 seconds long. I watched more ads than I actually played the game. I wanted to play a game but instead ended up watching ads. I will be uninstalling.
The game itself is not bad. The bad part is how glitchy and unresponsive the app is. Would happily give a higher rating if these issues are addressed.
If I could give 0 I would. The game never loaded. I let it load for 5 minutes and it never left the loading screen. Cant comment on anything else
5 seconds of play, then a 30 second ad. 10 seconds of play then the same 30 second ad. This isn't a game with a few ads that gives you coin or is even worth your time. This is an ad app with brief intervals of play. Im most definitely deleting this "game".
There are many levels in the game that ask who is lying, you find the clues, show your evidence and the "correct" answer is the person who told the truth. Ive come across that at least 4 or 5 times so far. Fix those errors and I will consider 5*.
You guys got to stop doing as people don't like ads it's dumb they have enough games stop doing ads every single game got to stop doing ads does anybody agree if they want some as they will tell you stop doing ads we don't like ads some people say that it's is too much ads and is too much ads now stop doing ads if you keep on doing that I am going to delete this game you are not going to have stars of people going to be starting to delete these games like this does anybody agree
Add placement is horrible i cant get past certain levels because theres an ad infront of the items i need to use example lecel 17 i cant get to the pencils bc its covered by the ad
I'm loving the game. The solution are creative, sometimes absurd but not predictable. Yes there are ads but most of the time you can choose if seeing them or not. And you're never forced to buy. I also love the famous people history and cartoons between levels. Said this. I'm stuck at level 188. I know the solution (found it on Google) but that poster won't move from the wall.Ps I finally made it to level 200 but haven't received my rewards :(
The gameplay is smooth. The graphics and riddles are cute and fun. There are a lot of ads and you can get rid of them for money (of course) but the ads I've seen so far are fast and the >> shows up at the top partway through so you can end the ad faster.
The game is awesome, I love these games. πŸ’― I'm 62yrs. old, I have COPD and asthma. I'm on oxygen 24hrs a day, and these games, help me, make, it, through my day. Thank you, so much, my friends, for such a wonderful, and fun game. I appreciate you. Be Safe. Billie Stewart. 10 30 2020.
So at 1st I really loved this game and then I got to level 121 and all of a sudden it's just showing pictures and not telling me what riddle I need to solve within the photo.
What the heck !!! when i play this game it was fun but no . first i complete the first lavel and when complete there's a add I think it was fine but i complete 3 lev I said ugg !!! when their's add finish . i just want to say that the game is wrose !!!! and now i am uninstalling the app πŸ˜€
Its alright. I dont like how its hard to click on things, and how there are a lot of ads but I like the story. When are you going to make story level 25? I want to see Brian and his mom reunite :(
This is a beautiful game. Better than brain dome 1. It has a d s after each round but still I love this game and it is difficult to solve each and every level πŸ˜„πŸ’—
This game is nice but there too many ads so pls don't download it i was on 29th level i just was get in very so unistalled it.......... ................................................................................................ .......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................
Constant ' freeze ups'; Can't get beyond level 7. Other than that I love the game, cause it forces me to think.
It's an ok game..... the higher the level, the more problems you get....I'm on level 107 and I'm pressing the screen, moving my finger across the screen, shaking my phone and nothing is happening. This isn't the only level this has happened on, some I just skip to the next one cause it's not working. Maybe if you fix that problem, you'll get a higher rating
Its a really great game but there are definitely flaws that make the game annoying. I cant get the gifts I watch the video but when I click on it but nothing happens I have to click no thanxs to get anything to work... fix this and my rating would definitely be 5.
Forced ads at least every other level, a couple levels with the wrong answers marked correct (you show the proof that one option is correct but the other gets a check) and a few broken levels. Good premise but way too many ads and glitchy levels.
Dont get me wrong. I like the game, but after like day 1 of playing it. I cant play it anymore. I wont load like at all
I'm done uninstalling this game. Too many ads after every levels. Kinda irritating. Other games do have ads and tolerable because its not after every levels. Just seen many reviews on this issues. You guys better work on that. Not wasting anymore of my valueable time playing this game. Those planning to install this game, do enjoy countless of useless ads at every levels and time wasting.
It was cool at the beginning... then started to have a lot of bugs, some "who's lying" didnt made sense, some I couldnt even solve bc it wouldn't let me select what I needed nor get a second hint... not to mention after awhile it started to repeat. Overall it go quite stressing, dont recommend
I love how the lvls. Are setup like most games. And, as you progress you actually feel as if your accomplishing something. Puzzles, so far, are not to difficult and you can move forwatd. Graphics are well made as well. Thanks for the fun game!
I am not enjoying your game. It's too glitchy. Also, ads play a lot. You should keep the ads for extra stuff not every two seconds or so. It's boring after awhile. You get our money by us watching ads for clues as well as for no reason. You even make us watch ads for the gifts. That's fraudulent by the way. If you did that through a store you could get sued. Don't offer gifts if you are not going to give the gift. Gifts should be free. That's why they are gifted to people. Greedy devs. Shame!
Fun game but it would be soon much more enjoyable if the glitches were addressed. I have to push the play button and other controls about 4-5 times before they respond. This doesn't happen during actual gameplay thankfully.
It's a fun game, most of the puzzles line up and a good addicting game but some of the puzzles don't make sense but some do. Braindom LV 236 is confusing everyone, I can't get a double hint either - is there a bug?
It seems good I like the first one you really have to work at it some if the solutions are easy some not at all logical ,but I like that kind of thing
Too many ads. To clarify a few of the other reviews about just how many ads there are, you get a short (skippable at 5 second) ad after each level and there's a reward to claim. If you want to claim that you have a 30 second unskippable ad. I thought I might need the rewards for hints later. Therefore, with the easy levels at the start, I'm playing for 30 seconds maybe, then watching TWO ads between levels. So how many ads do I need to watch if I purchase? I'm not going to find out. Uninstalled.
It's so fun, I can see myself playing this game wherever I go without getting bored. If your looking for a mystery game with fun images and a story line hooked on aswell.. this is the perfect game! ❀️ Stay safe everyone
I like this game... it's a good way to pass the time when you're bored... But who is writing this stuff? It has very poor english. "Who 'cuted' the rope?" Really?! Lol sounds like a 4 year old! Lol Other than that.. it's pretty good so far. I think in up to level 38 already..
If you have played braindom don't bother playing this one. Most of the levels are the same as the first game....
The game freezes every other lvl or so. So I have to close out the game and restart. Some of the lvls you have to do the same thing 30 times to get it to work. Other than that some of them do make you think.
So glitchy I can't even open lvl1. I loved the first Braindom and finished all levels a while back. I was excited to see that there was finally more to do (via a second app, but that's fine)! Upon downloading the game, I found myself unable to open lvl1. I tried clicking around on Shakespeare to see if that was actually the riddle, turning my phone upside down like the petals were falling, etc. I eventually looked up a walk-through to see if there was even a lvl1 to open up. Yep, just unusable.
The game is not very responsive when I tap on the spots required to finish the level/s. I watch tutorials on YouTube to work out exactly how to do each of the levels I get stuck on, and I play it exactly as it was done on the video, and still the levels are not responsive. I test my phone out on different games to make sure it isn't my screen, and my phone works perfectly on other idle-tapping games (where it uses the whole screen) Low score from me...
How does this game have such a high rating? I would have liked it but its glitchy, I had no idea u could move stuff around in some levels but not in others so I couldn't figure out how to "show my evidence" for a little while, after every riddle (a few secs) u have to watch ads if u want the... brains? ("coins") u earned from the riddle? In 1, evidence was red lipstick, yet 2/3 girls had red lipstick, in another the question it said "Who is the longest?" instead of tallest... Too many issues!
Game was okay but goodness the amount of ads is ridiculous! As well as each time I had a prize I couldn't open it so I lost out on a bunch of them because it just wouldn't work. I think it would be a decent game to waste time with but I'm uninstalling purely because the amount of ads is just beyond annoying. I spent more time watching ads and the graphics at the end of each level while waiting to be able to hit the 'next' button than I actually got to spend playing the game.
When you tap it kicks you out the game and too many adds. When I first so the game I said to my self "wow ill get it because im bored" I get the game and it "loads" at the homepage for about 3-10 minutes, and when it loads up and you tap to "claim" your reward its takes you back to your homepage on your phone, ect. To many adds as well.
This game is intriguing and fun because it makes you think. I am having problems with some of the levels though because even when I follow the hint the game doesn't work to progress to the next level. I think it would be beneficial to add a hint option that actually shows how to solve the level you are stuck on instead of just skipping that level. There are better brain games out there. This one has too many ads and glitches.
Ok my main problem is the ads I get a 30 second ad after a game then have to watch a ad to claim my reward everything about this game is ads. They don't care all they want is money but I understand like who doesn't want money. But the way the ads are it makes the whole game unfun and ima just go back to YouTube 7 second riddles. This is really ass
Glitches throughout the game. Ads between every level. Absolutely horrible, my 13 year old could make a better game. I absolutely hate this game and I normally just delete a game I dont like. If you see this rating dont bother. P.s. Brian is a moron. Also where are all the 5 star reviews this game supposedly has? I assume they all come from the developer.
Greatest game in my life I swear you'll love it just listen to my speech it is the best because you get to learn new things and you have to guess yourself it does not tell you unless you use him and I said five stars because I think this would be a really good game to play for you guys so make sure you are wearing your mask so you don't get sick and... Stay safe and be positive make sure you are doing the rules for this world to stay safe and I'm just trying to use all 500 because I would like..
This game helps build children's mind and puzzle skills I love this game and to let you know I will change my review if the game starts to get bad and horrible.
First when I started this game it takes 45 sec to open then I refresh the game then it open and It has tooooooooo many ads I hope if we is not it would be fabulous and fantastic game . I deleted this game and I will never play this type of games
Not a bad game. The problem is there IS AN AD AFTER EVERY SINGLE PUZZLE!!! I don't mind watching ads to play for free, but this is absolutely ridiculous. Smh
its broken! its fun at times but there are 2 levels already thst i cant complete because it wont let me tap on the object!! and whats with all the ads??? you cant fully enjoy the game when you have to reload it every 2 seconds to fix it!! im so over it already!! im deleting it! its not worth my time.
Some of this stuff is super sexist and not very forward thinking. It's 2020 ya'll! The amount of ads is INSANE and unless you pay money you'll be spending more time watching ads than anything else. The premise is a good idea, but some of the stuff is just a bit exclusive to populations and demographics.
I can't get past level 84 cause the game is unresponsive. No matter what I try and do it just won't respond to me. This is not the only level that does this. Often times I have to shut the game off and restart it. Very frustrating!!
I have just started playing but i gibe it a 5 because i love these types of games. My only suggestion would be to cut back on the ads theres too many. Keep up the good work guys and i will keep playing your games.
While the questions are fun & the idea of interactive clues is fun, when they don't work, it's not fun at all. For ex; on L34. First of all, I already played thru most of the level, so I know where the groom is & the same thing happened the 1st time I played it. I could move every thing, except the last bush & it just won't move until you spend in game currency to pay for a 'hint'. Also, imo, if you've won a "reward", you shouldn't have to pay for it. What kind of "reward" is that? Lol
Sure, the idea is fun, however ads keep playing non stop! I've just had 2 ads play in a row (not mentioning those played previously between each level). First one popped up after the completion of lvl 5, I skipped it after 5 sec, then got a reward for finishing level and got a 30 sec ad that couldn't be skipped straight after. This is absolutely ridiculous. I can certainly deal with ads but this game has definitely raised the bar for one's patience. Thanks but no thanks.
I love it! Thanks πŸ‘ for this game! The controls are perfect and there is not much adds. My family loves spending time in trips. So, if I have time and permission, I will play this game. There are many puzzles and this game made my brain skills improve. Thank you so much! Big recommendation for people searching for a good game!
The game was, okay. The only issue was that the app kept stopping and freezing. I hope it can get fix soon.
Levels are okay, the ability to swipe and move things around is very difficult. I doubt that this would be fixed though sadly.
The 1st edition had no glitches now every other level is. Especially the show your evidence levels. I've tapped the screen so much my fingers hurt. FIX IT!
Gets a little boring and repetitive. I wish it had a tutorial. And if you do things you haven't been doing (shaking, shrinking) it doesn't tell me Im supposed to, or it's allowed, until I use a hint.
I love the game, it's enjoyable and fun but sadly when I got to play level 282, I can't pass the level. The hint says use the blower but I can't even move the blower or use it. I think that level has an error. And I hope they will fix it soon. Coz it's fun playing the game.
Too many darn commercials. Finish a round, commercial, start the next round, another commercial. Dont hit the hint button, another commercial. I get it, commercials pay the bills but come on, enough is enough.
The first worst thing about the game is that when you first join the game you have to wait on the home screen for 5 minutes and then it let's you join the game and when you already showed your evidence on the jail one it still says that you haven't showed any evidence so I dont really recommend this one.
Doesn't work half the time when you have to tap on something to get a closer look or to see the hints, for instance the canvases in the painters scenario, I couldn't do anything because tapping does nothing.
The 2nd one started fine. But now every level is unfinished. Some have no written question, some are unclickable, all are blank at the end where he gives his little phrases. The clues say things like "hint614" and that's all. Even the characters little "bios" are now wordless.
I am doing a walk-through of this game on my yt channel. It is fun and entertaining. The puzzles and riddles make you think. I really enjoyed BRAINDOM and this one is super fun too. If you like brain games, you will love this one!
There is a lot of levels that are the same puzzle. You can press on the answer a bunch of times and nothing will work. Was hoping for more of a better challenging game
This game could be so much more fun with less ads! There are 300 levels & the beginning is very easy, so the gameplay basically consists of 80% ads vs 20% actual gaming. You can decline some ads but there are still too many. Also level 37 it says "You cuted the rope"?! Do they mean cut? XD lol #deinstalled
Cant even play the game! Its stuck on the title screen... this sucks especially since I liked the first one so much!
In this game i can't click on ads or claim any bonuses there is definately something wrong with this game big time & also you can't do the answers right either. As i can't play it properly because of the above reasons, & i would not recommend this game to anyone as you can't play it properly as IT NEEDS FIXING BIG TIME. Trinny
It's fun but there are plenty problems and glitches. It's very NOT touchy. I have looked up walkthroughs only to find out I'm doing it right, the game simply does not register what I'm doing. Very game breaking. Also, if I have earned something, I earned it. I should NOT have to watch an ad to get something I earned. Especially when there are plenty of adds all over the place. You have enough.
Love these games. They aren't so ridiculously difficult that you want to throw your device against the wall but they offer enough of a challenge that it keeps you thinking. Starts of easier and increases in difficulty a little but so far not too much. Very good game.
After I finish a level, there is an option to watch an ad for extra brains. I don't want that, but there is nothing else I can press on the page so I am forced to watch the ad. Sometimes after I finish watching the ad I remain stuck at the page. I can only exit the game and go in again. Please fix
The game is fun and puzzles are easy to figure out, but I'm not able to interact with the 'evidence' like I'm supposed to. I click on it, slide, shake the phone, etc and nothing works. I think there's a glitch.
It could have been much better, but an ad after every level is too many. Made it through level 6 and saw 10 ads. I'm not against watching ads, but just not a 30 second ad after every 20 seconds of playing.
The game looks fun, but the puzzles are not really responsive and so it is quite frustrating to move small pieces or find tiny clues.
I like the pretext of the game, but I have, on multiple occasions tried to get the double hints, but after watching the videos, get nothing. Also, there have been many times when I have tried to "show my evidence", but the game does not react until after I have used a hint, which indicates I have to do exactly what I was trying to do. These bugs need to be fixed for this to be a fun game.
The game is fun. Its just that the game doesn't work great. It not touchy. I have touched the correct things to use for evidence but it doesn't work or doesn't show up. I press hint and it is exactly what im pressing. For example the hair dryer in one of the levels, i press that to use but it doesnt nothing. I press hint and it said to use hair dryer. I've already pressed it at least 100x but it's not working for me. Hoping the glitches get fixed so i can continue to play.
Glitch in level 22. The hint tells you touch the canvas, but when you do, nothing happens, or it's considered wrong. Please fix.
Game is fun but it has so many bugs, like when I open new level, sometimes the screen freezes and also i got to level 72 and i cant open the level and I cant continue the game, please fix this errors
Very glitchy, some levels are repeated from the first braindom and some don't respond at all even if you try the hint, I've had to skip quite a few levels and some (like the 3 actors one said which ones the mechanic... So that didn't work)
Good game, but the hints aren't really hints if that makes sense. They just say the obvious, like the level I'm on right now just says "Check the library" and I was doing that before I even used the hint. And sometimes I have to skip a level cause nothing I try works on it which makes 0 sense. But like I said. It's a good game and a good time killer and a good way to wake your brain up in the morning, it's just the hints and occasional mess up on a level that's giving the game a 3 star.
This game is fun at first (if you play in airplane mode to stop the many ads) but after around level 60 the levels start to break and tapping on things doesn't work as well. It's playable and true to the description, but don't expect much from this game
Level 99 has issues. It says the right answer is wrong and also the other choice was wrong. Please fix.
Very buggy. Especially on upper levels, the touch does not register so you are forced to skip the level. It has also crashed twice for me, and i have never had a game crash before. Too many ads to be fun as well.
Way too many ads. There is an add after everything you do. I know they need ads to pay for game but this is ridiculous. I'm Uninstalling after I post this feedback.
Fun game but I uninstalled because there's so many ads! There's one after every. Single. Level. I know they gotta make money but this is ridiculous. Maybe after every few levels but not after every one. This is in addition to the ads you watch to get hints or other things.
Waaaaaaaaaay too many ads. Like right after every level theres an ad.. to claim after you win an ad. The game is fun just too many ads, I'll end up getting tired of it faster then usual and eventually leave it all together.
This is a wonderful app! It really relaxes you. Also you get to use your brain and think things through. It is like a brain booster! It makes your brain get ready for whatever challenges it may face! I love it so much, and I hope who ever is reading this comment likes it too! So I give it 5 stars!
really good game, love the riddles. But the hint for level 56 says "hit the rock with another rock" but the solution is actually to tilt your device, the hint didn't match the solution and on level 103 the ring says Jenna but the wife of the man is Margot which is confusing. And one more thing, please add a restart button to your levels so when we mess up we don't have to go back to home page to start the level again.(then I would give it 5 stars)
It's an okay game. There are ads after every level, but after 5-10 seconds you can skip it. You can also turn off wifi & data & you won't have any ads. The game is simple & I played 45 levels. I was stuck twice & got a hint, but the hints weren't helpful b/c I already did what it said, so obviously something didn't register in the game. Sometimes you'll have to click several times for the game to register your click. Also, out of 45 levels, 3 were repeats.
No matter how many times you start it over, it keeps stalling after the second ad and displaying the "Braindom 2 is not responding"... If this does not get straightened out in a timely manner I will most definitely be uninstalling this app. So sad because the couple of minutes that it does work it is very fun to play.
I downloaded this yesterday, played till level i dont know? 45? I open this today, and it says i gotta start from level 1. Plus, even level 1 is not opening. The game itself is nice but there are some levels that were repeated. Please look into the matter.
Not too bad. Makes a great first impression with its graphics. But some levels don't make much sense and in general the aim of the game is not as witty detective work as I thought it would be. Also, way too many spelling mistakes. But yet, somehow catchy and makes you go on.
Has a problem when trying to show evidence will not move object. Just so you have to use or buy or something
I love this game but it crashes a few times a week! Try to play it all the time but starts up then shuts off. It's annoying af!
It was very wonderful game. it is fantastic and mind blowing game it is very useful children it is very tough to play it asks the proofs. It is different from other games didn't ask the proofs but this ask the proof. Level by it is so difficult. It improves the intelegens of who plays this game.but one problem it is the ads are coming more when I am playing the game it will dirstrub my mood please remove ads.
70 percent ads, 30 percent gameplay. All ads are 30 seconds alone, or 30 seconds with a 15 second trailer. Gameplay isn't even interesting. Graphics remind me of the Flintstones from the 1960s. Don't install this one; just point at it and laugh. Tell all your friends!!!
This game is really fun when you play it is like you're playing such a mystery game and you have to find like which one is on the normal or like the obvious one and it's kind of easy.
Ads at EVERY step, sometimes two ads at one step!!! This is beyond ridiculous. I won't even comment on the quality/enjoyability of the quizzes because this game does not even deserve an ounce of validation. I have never come across a worse app. Useless and utterly annoying.
The game seem fun but the ads slow it down and make it glitch. I'm trying to give it a chance but its annoying.
Was fun until level 121. All words are missing in puzzles. Words are missing in what Brian says and it the blurbs about the prodigies. I paid for no commercials and am sorry I did since game is unplayable. Please fix asap.
The games has glitches/bugs. I'm doing the right thing on certain levels and it won't let me move on. I know it's the right answer because i watched someone else do it and move on. I'm stuck on levels that i completed puzzles for correctly.
I got to play a few levels but when I exited out of the game and tried to reopen the app it would not load. Froze graphics:. Can't zoom and hard to see.
Play this game if you want to watch ads the entire time! After 11 minutes of playing, and making it to level 11, the beginning levels are really easy so you'll ONLY have 20 seconds of play time then a long ad between every.single.level. I decided to look at the ad free version and it's $4, which is NOT bad for a mobile game. However, the ads frustrated me so much that I am just uninstalling, and I wonder how many others did the same. Devs: ads should be every 5 levels at the MOST.
I really loved it but there are some levels you can't pass without hintsπŸ™„πŸ˜‘otherwise it is a very nice gameπŸ‘Œβ˜ΊοΈ. If you want to learn some out knowledge you can surely try itπŸ’―. It gives you great knowledge about some great people we Don't know about 😍🀩 and at last i want to say I really love the Brian person πŸ₯°πŸ₯°β€οΈβ€οΈ
It's very fun and I like it there's no glitches or anything but the only thing is the levels are too easy and boring😐. But other than that it's a very cool game 😎.
Cute, fun games that make me laugh a little. A couple of the levels seem to be broken though, like 149. Trying to use the breathalyzer doesn't work no matter how I tap it, slide it, try to zoom in on it, shake the phone, etc.
This is a really great game, but there's no way to complete level 57 or 60. You touch the canvas of each of the artists but all it said is that I had to show the evidence & you aren't able to get into the bottle for the clue. Really disappointing.
After level 60, you have to watch ads, full length, to get past any level. It doesn't matter if you find the answer, this game won't let you move forward!
Love these type games however this one tested my patience. It says 'do this' or 'do that' which I've been doing but it doesn't register. So annoying. Uninstalling!
1. Some levels froze when you got the wrong answer. Then you have toe restart the game to proceed. 2. Sometimes you ask for a tip, and they tell you to do exactly what you did before. Its starting to get frustrating. Im at level 99 now , and i have to restart again.
Potential to be a fun time waster but level 39 couldnt pick up present and it wont let me in to level 72 just to name a few issues. Really glitchy game unfortunately shame as really enjoyed the other game.
Level 282 not working πŸ˜• Clicking on the blow dryer does nothing, so can't progress to the next level. Have emailed, but not received anything back yet, appreciate they are probably busy. If not resolved by tomorrow I will uninstall the game as there is no point having it on my phone if I can't play.
Puzzles are interesting but i sometimes can't click what i want to look at and it gets frustrating. I also am getting repeating puzzles? I made it to part 5 of Brians story but suddenly am back at the beginning of it. Some of the regular puzzles have also repeated.
Uhmmm... first of all it's really relaxing the game is actually good it pretty helps me so well though , erhmm.... that's all but believe me or not this game is interesting solving and others , quite good i agree with 5 stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Too many ads and it started freezing on me. It would also be helpful to show people how to play the game instead of me just randomly pressing all over the screen.
Sometimes you find clue and solve it but it won't accept it....there's no way to move back or forward. You tap, move, shake whatever and nothing happens, then you have to close the gameπŸ™„....interesting game though
Sorry I can't keep playing a game that has more ads than I play and an ad appears every 1 minute. The game is interesting but it is a lot of waste of time in ads.
Entertaining if you like brain teasers and puzzles. It does recycle a lot from the first game. Some puzzles and some prodigy facts are the exact same. You dont find out the conclusion of the side story introduced in the game. ETA:recently a new update was added to add more puzzles but some of them are glitchy as hell and others the answers are backwards. Still no continuation of the side story.
This game is very annoying, it was interesting at the beginning but as you are getting further the game will suddenly stop working, I almost break my phone screen in trying to click on the correct one but it still did not work. 😑😑😑I can't even rate it. That one star was a mistake, this game doesn't deserve a star.
I only downloaded this app just so that I could tell you how annoying the advertisement for it was. It sped though all is its ad pages too fast to read. I hope me downloading it 😩 was good for you. I will be Uninstalling it immediately after finishing this review. I wish I could leave it without selecting any stars.
Graphics are great. Like the story line. The games are challenging so far. I have played the first Braindom and loved it. I expect no less from this edition.
Can't even open the app most of the time had good potential but im not about to wait over a minute to play a game sooooo deleting this rt now πŸ™„πŸ˜€
Most of the time you find yourself clicking at everything just to find out the clue will be available when ever the game feels like it😠😠😠 Most of the levels ive completed was out of luck due to clicking and swiping at everything over and over again bec. Whenever i see a possible clue it wont give it to me not unless i waited long enough for it to be available This game is based on luck and patience
Way, way too many ads. There is an (optional) ad after every level but it appears as the largest button there. To skip the ad and go to the next level, there is a 5 second delay for the "no, thanks" words to appear. Once you click the big button there is no clicking back from 30 second ads. The puzzles are also woefully boring and are absurd instead of logical. Will be uninstalling. I gave it 2 stars because a few levels were creative, but they were rare.
I love this game but you need to do something about the hairdryer level. It the level asking who the real straight haird woman is. I've skipped it before and it popped up again later in the game and it wont let me skip it. The bug either needs to be fixed or take that scenario out of the game. Numerous players have the same issue with this level. Please remove it or fix it. It's very frustrating and I cannot play the rest of the game.
Too many glitches. The touch screen levels don't work. Shame because it was a good way to waste time, but then it just started getting frustrating not being able to do anything.
Finally a game that is what it says it is. Unfortunately, it has WAY TOO MANY ads. I gave it 2 for being true to it's word, took away 3 for the inconveniences of the ads.
To many advertisements. The more you play the more advertisements they are and they get longer. Its a good game but when you shove advertising it makes the game wack. These days you cant enjoy playing a regular game without having advertisement.
Anytime i tap on what will help "solve" it to show my evidence, NOTHING. it's not until I hit the "hint" button that I can actually do something on the screen. Then some of the "clues" dont make any sense...this is much different than what I saw advertised in all the ads I've seen. Im deleting this game. Also the amount of ads in this game is just STUPID.
Really liked the game but i'm uninstalling it because of the annoying ads which pops up whenever I go to next level or when I claim the reward...to play with no ads I have to purchase it which I cannot afford it..
Frozen? I seem to cant pass a part where there's a dead man chalk on the floor and everyone around it and the guy holding braindom is pointing at one guy. Anyone??? . I dont know if its a riddle or jus bad loading. But I click and click everywhere and nothing. Someone help. Lol
I love this game. This a very interesting and logical game. But there is an error in level no. 236.In this level we have to find that which girl have straight hair with the help of the blow dryer but I am unable to use the blow dryer. So, finally I have to skip that level.
It's okay, but it's obviously made by people who aren't Native English speakers because there's quite a lot of grammatical & spelling errors. The puzzles are fun but a lot of them have wrong answers & Level 282 is broken. The clue didn't help because the hairdryer doesn't work.
Missing text for questions, hints, bios and Brian's messages from q 121 and the questions are mostly copied from the first game
After every level you get an ad. I understand a game developer needs to make money but it sure does make for a frustrating experience. Uninstalled.
The riddles are easy to solve but to get "evidence" is the hard part because you can't figure out how to interact I got to level 58 but I couldn't figure out the interaction I needed to do for a lot of them so much that I just randomly was tapping, sliding, holding, and shaking my phone
Not as good as original plus it freezes up if I make an error. Only way to get past it is to skip the level.
I love the game but level 236 needs to be fixed it says to use the blow dryer but it doesn't let you use it at all please fix this glitch! Other than that an amazing games no problems
Great game but from level 235 I can't do the hairdryer as it won't let me, so many people are having this issue. Checking the books, yet I'm tapping, zooming in, upside down, shaking my phone and still nothing. Too many ads aswell... Please sort the bugs out so we can continue to play
I have to skip some of the levels because every time I click on something that even the hint will tell me to click on it just won't do anything. No matter what I try it's like it freezes up on certain levels so I have to skip them. But other than that it is a decent game to get your brain working when your tired and need something to wake your mind up.
Several of the puzzles won't even let you follow the clue. On puzzle 92 it says to touch the canvases and I touched over and over and it will not do anything.... other puzzles are hard to get items to move when it is an interactive item..... ok then on 94 it has a clue to clean the wall...I tapped on it to do that..and nothing. I go back to main map and back in and nothing....
Way too many ads and I'm not paying money to get rid of them. That's ridiculous. I uninstalled after just 5 levels.
This is some different, when it comes to the gaming world. I appreciate the time and effort put into this game. It's remarkable; when we slow down and find the beauty in something. Shout out to the creaters!
I was not very excited about this game. I was very confused on how it worked. There was no intro to how to play the game. Nothing happened whenever I would click on things and then all of a sudden I would get a check mark and move on to the next level, which is where my confusion comes in...what did I do? I gave this game three stars because I did actually like the mystery/andventure of Brian's mother and the history that's in it. (And I'm not a big fan of history, so this should say a lot).
This game absolutely sucks...and as easy as it is to figure out they make hard you don't need hints the answers are obvious my frustration is it's hard to click on the evidence and that forces to use hints u don't need .. it needs to be easy to click on the evidence ..then they force u to click on a star to post this .. I give this game Zero stars
Playing level 1, 2 ads played DURING the level, 1 auto played after I passed it and then I had to watch another to get the points. NOT COOL! And each subsequent level, an ad auto plays after solving; but I have to watch another to get the points. EASE UP! Why not auto play one after every 5th level? Then it wouldn't be so frustrating. I totally get having to watch an ad to get points: just ease up on auto plays. Please and thank you.
my sister and i both downloaded this game. She got hints, i didn't. I managed without hints and got up to level 282 and then it asked which woman had straight hair. I found the answer through a YouTube video. The answer was to use the hair dryer, however even the guy on the youtube video couldn't get it to work either. I clicked the hair dryer but nothing. Don't bother downloading this one... I couldn't even skip the level to go to next one. Very Disappointing!!
You do a puzzle in about 5 seconds and then have to sit through an ad that takes about 30 seconds, after every single puzzle. The only way to not have an ad is to pay real money. No thank you. I'm uninstalling this game now .
Buggy as hell. Some puzzles you can be trying to do the correct solution and it takes ages to register (moving the rock to get in the cave, moving the movie poster) now level 282 is broken and you have to skip as the hairdryer does not operate. Fix this and i will raise rating a bit. Overall not a bad game, creative absurd puzzles.
It's really fun, one little quirk is that when you are finding who is married... Nobody has any rings on. Not a big deal, I know it's because your supposed to find other clues, it just kinda annoys me a little, but I don't expect you to change it or anything like that
I like solving problems... I downloaded the first version of Braindom. And it was awesome I did all the riddles and I thought there gonna be a new one, and my thought was right I wish everybody download this app. But I hate the ads but anyway I don't really care.
Extremely frustrating! I downloaded the app and tried to open it, and all it did for 5 minutes was stay on the main laoding screen withiut showing that it was loading. Finally decided to turn, on airplane mode and it loaded right away for me, then tried clicking on the first level to play and it wouldn't respond,to the play button so i couldn't even do the first level, turned my wifi back on and it still didnt work. Officialy one of the stupidist games in my opinion because it doesnt work!
Puzzles are easy but the main problem here is that ads are forcefully being installed on my phone. Out of all the sponsors you could have found you chose 1 that likes to install on people's phone without you even touching the phone. That just sounds like malware and I don't want that anywhere near my phone. If it wasn't for getting ink on Tapas I would have uninstalled this already
I enjoy this game alot. NOT. way too many ads. I want to play a game and yet I'm just wasting my valuable time to watch ads. I know you create games for money, but it's also for the enjoyment of the players. But, other then the ad problem it is a decent game but I would change one other thing: make the riddles harder I feel like I'm playing a two year old game.
Don't bother with this app. It's TERRIBLE! Every time you solve a "riddle" you're forced to watch an ad before being allowed to move on. The ads take longer to watch than it does to solve the "riddles".
Game was fun to begin with but since level 185 their is bugs that need to be fixed. Even after clicking the hint I still cannot complete the level as it just won't allow me to open the door for example. Please fix it.
To many ads. And not able to switch in and out of the app remaining on the session you were on. Also, a quick training or liable for the items at the bottom. Not really sure of they would help me in the puzzle or (as o can see an Instagram icon) award me further. Credits or points. Maybe I missed the training/intro. But fun
Was really looking forward to checking this game out, but it won't open. It goes to the opening page and freezes.
The ads take more time than the game. The controls are awful. I tried to stick with it for long enough to get points for another game but had to give up when no amount of either tapping or sliding would make anything happen. Also, there's one place that shows the game developers and testers are illiterate, at least in English.
It's a very good thing to pass time. Also very mysterious! I like educational games at the end the man gives jokes nor something to understand . I like this game . I recommend to install this who likes to work their brains πŸ˜‰!
This is the most boring game ever. I thought I would have to work out the answer and I would be told if write or wrong but no, you just click stuff to be shown a blatant answer. No real brain work involved. Some don't even tell you what you are looking for and when you click the right thing nothing happens so have to use a hint.
Glitchy - I downloaded it and started playing (racing my husband) and it seems I cant collect gifts, spin the wheel or watch videos to earn extra hints. I cant uninstall and reinstall at this point and lose progress so I'll keep playing until I get bored. One level even showed up blank and I had to go home and back to the level to get it to load
So I purchased their Ultimo Pack which was supposed to get rid of the ads and give me 500 Brain points; and while it gave me the points, I'm still stuck having to watch ads. I didn't spend almost $7 just to get only half of what I bought. If I'm not going to get what I ordered than I'd like my money back. Smh
Fun game, but seems a bit glitchy. Not all items are possible to interact with, even tho the hint tells you to.
The game is awesome I played 98 level and they are nice and those people who say in other reviews that you are having many ads so I should tell you that you should turn off your net so no ads should come because till now I have not seen a single ad! Overall it's a nice game must download!
The game is okay but the ads are excessive. I know that's the penalty for free but dang, after every action?? Just charge for the game because making it free and annoying to play is not appealing.
a good game but sometimes not working properly , sometimes it takes to long to verify the action you make , i find what might be the clue , i touch it , but it does not respond ,then i try everything else , and after using a hint , i realize was right at the begining , just waste of my nerves ...
This game is not bad it is a good game. I will be giving her 4 stars because it has level 20 is not coming. It had a hint. And hint is not coming, and it' says watch a AD and after it comes. But no other not coming please make this game better now. Thanks
Why dose this game lag everytime you do something. Click on level lag, click on the answer lag, click on the settings lags, and i had restart my phone 4 time trying to play the frist 3 levels. DO NOT GET THIS it will lag the hell out phone. And it some how remove my wallpaper