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BrewDog Now

BrewDog Now for PC and MAC

Is a Food And Drink game developed by BrewDog. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
Fresh alcohol fast.

Want to enjoy your craft this is certainly favourite beer residence? BrewDog’s got you covered. Say hello to BrewDog Now, our beer delivery solution. Purchase from a variety of great art beers direct from your BrewDog that is local bar. We’ll fill a can this is certainly 500ml fresh beer and deliver it to you within one hour. 100% recyclable cans delivered by pedal power. You may also make use of the application to purchase from the dining table at our bars.

This alcohol this is certainly art necessitate all.

This is BrewDog Now.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the BrewDog Now.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download BrewDog Now for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
ABV is missing on quite a few of the beers, had to Google them. Also pretty annoying when going "back" that it takes you to the top of the page every time.
Excellent app. Tried in multiple branches and works seamlessly every time. Simple to use and offers the full range of beers, including guests, alongside food and everything else.
Easy to use if you like cheese - tried to customize a burger, couldn't work out how to remove the cheese.
Took a second visit to a Brewdog to actually install the app then very long winded to set up and kept coming up with an error when trying to register so eventually didnt register. Entering and verifying payment number details very odd and unclear. Could have drunk a pint in that time.
Sometimes fussy changing between menus when scanning between guest draught and Brewdog draught for example, would be nice to have a more seamless experience there. I used to like opening a tab for the evening, especially when in a group, this keeps the bill cleaner and cuts down on the plethora of notifications one can accrue through an evening.
Bad app. Keeps sending you back to the start. The bar themselves rejected service "too busy" so that they could close up early
Easy to use even for me. Some beers show up as several pints but I worked out how to click it and just pick one ....
Works very well, my only gripe is when you click back it goes back to the top of the menu rather than the option you were viewing (1st world problems)
Needs to more accurately reflect what's available in the pub menu. Some prices are much more on the app. Can't order double spirit and mixer drinks via the app but you can from the staff. It's little niggles really. The basic function is solid.
Ok a bit slow and does not list quantity options until you select the beer. Really easy to use apart from that.
The registration takes a long time. I should be able to register and pay by G Pay, Samsung Pay or Apple Pay. The font should be picked better to be read more easily. "CHARGE CARD" can be easily mistaken for "CHANGE CARD". You are selling alcohol, everything has to be drunk-proof.
Does the job most of the time. Had a few issues with the drinks menu not updating properly, but overall pretty good.
It worked fine before the lockdown, but now with only delivery options, and only being able to order small cans, I don't see much point. Any chance of expanding the sortiment to larger contatiners?
Fairly easy app but a few user experience issues. Could easily misread charge card as change card, recommended this be changed to pay.
App tels me my nearest collection point is in Aberdeen, 405 miles away. I might as well walk down to Sainsbury's, it's less than a mile away. Let it brew a bit more before releasing it next time. Needs a longer fermentation process.
Easy to use and pretty solid interface, could probably be more intuitive in terms of UI but didn't encounter any issues.
The location finder tells me Dalston is my nearest collection & delivery bar - 395 miles south of the 3 Aberdeen bars I live near. The app opens with the location piece, the Menu would be a better cos that shows all the bars and how close many of them are. It's a fantastic concept and I'm really looking forward to the day it works - and when the bars re-open. Keep up the innovation - it's worth it.
Obtuse menu format, irritating registration bugs, and seems not to register Google Pay as an option at all. That said, I received beer by round 3 of wrestling with it. Convoluted but works once you're in.
This app is incredible. If you have a Brewdog bar nearby, the speed they deliver the beer with is unbelievable. I was sat in the garden on a warm afternoon thinking "I fancy a beer". Used the app, 20 minutes later it had arrived.
Mixed feelings... the app is decent, the bar phenomal, the delivery cost is high, but the worst thing is they use Stuart delivery which is a terrible company. I watch as driver after driver accepts my order then changes their mind. For this reason and the sheer frustration it causes I can only give 3 stars. Get better delivery and we're talking 5 star.
When try to register for an account get an error message, but no information on how to fix this. Any tips would be appreciated
Would be useful if we could view the menu while the pubs are closed. Makes it more convenient for booking a delivery or collection of food. Currently there is no way to view the menu oif the pub is shut. Otherwise, great app for ordering food and drink at the pubs!
Order number two seemed to be impossible to complete. Ordered beers...now trying to order food...no go. Had to close app and start again. The bit that says 'charge card' should say PAY...it looks too much like 'change card'.
The app is easy to use with a good selection of food / drink. During the pandemic, one would imagine it allows bar / kitchen staff to stay in employment too. On top of these positives, it's also quickly delivered to your door.
Easy to use once understood - Halummi pizza with Jet Black Heart and Chaos Theory growlers ordered from Brewdog Newcastle and delivered within the hour - all very good as was being able to track. Agree being able to select other times would be good as would having a greater selection of draught beer and pizzas but otherwise a really good experience and will order again thank you x
I don't understand all these people having a tough time. It took 3 minutes to sign up (imagine being pathetic enough to complain about this in the current world we live in), worked smoothly everytime and was overall a fantastic experience. My local Brewdog is now on the top of the list for places to drink because of how great the app and service.
Random order of table numbers If you're ordering drinks in a bar, you have to pick your table number. You can't just enter your table number, all nice and easy. No! You have to pick it from a list. That list is NOT IN NUMERICAL ORDER! WTAF?
Easy to navigate, only wee complaint would be rather than saying your local is closed it just doesn't show up in search? This had me confused initially but then I guess that's easy done.........🙄
Cant register,keeps saying i have an error code, but wont say what the error is, ive literally tried everything to register, and nothing. Waste of time, will just have to source the stuff locally (thankfully easier to get)
Too many clicks just to get food. Location service turned on and it didn't locate the brew dog I was in. I had to manually select it.
Good for finding the beer in the pub. Not good for costing a payment method, how about PayPal, or pay at table with a simple contactless payment?
Payment section needs work, it had a weird problem with the country code where you can't use the 'UK' at the top, you have to scroll down to the one that is in the 'U' section.
It does it's job but making it easier to navigate wouldn't go amiss and addition of filters would also help especially on beer and burger (vegan/non-vegan) selection.
A little tricky to use at first, especially when trying to register as a user for the first time. Otherwise, the app works fine and is quick to order from!
Much easier going to Play store and downloading it rather than using the QR code on the menu. Simple to use
I just wanted a wee pint while out walking the dog. I think there should be an option for quick pay. If im sitting outside and paying by card, and i have already done track and trace . Why do you then need me to fill out a full app just to order two drinks. Women at the door was lovely and the beer is great at usual.
Very frustrating, would not confirm my new password umpteen times, used these kind of things before and never had so much hassle. Think instructions on screen are not obvious enough. Next steps should be highlighted
Not too bad but could be easier to navigate. When ordering at table have to jump back and forth between sections. Also alcohol free/low alcohol beers not available on app
Clear, and easy to use, in these difficult times this company goes out of its way to accommodate almost all of our needs, thanks you guys
I should have got in on selling crappy at table ordering apps to pub chains at the start of the pandemic, because some of the ones out there are hilariously bad, and this is a fine example of that.
Good to have confirmation of the order. Wasnt sure what button to press to make the order... ie pay for it. Otherwise good.
Easy to use, quick, and only tip would be to move additional comments to item page rather than at the end.
Add a system to show what drinks are available. Made an order and was told that the drinks weren't available but there's no indicator for what's in stock and what isn't
No Google pay integration so that makes it 4. Feel like the primary CTA buttons could do with more visibility compared to the cancel buttons.
This is the first app I've ever reviewed. Its also the first app that I would refer to as an actual nightmare. Half of the time the app wants to redirect me to the BrewDog 50 miles away, the other half it spends making items disappear before my eyes before reappearing when I close the app and reopen it. I've not once managed to log into my account on it, and when I call my local brewdog to order, no one answers. Bought from a local bar instead, which, let's be honest, we should be doing anyway.
Pretty good app, but would have been so much easier for all the people in my group using the app to take a photo of the bank card rather than repeat input
Terribly. Need to take a look at the weatherspoons app that works. The whole process of ordering was so painfull. Website is not mobile friendly and would not let me register for an account,but would not tell me what was wrong, juat that there was an error on the form.
Great order service. No issues at all, a bit slow sometimes but everything arrives as ordered and I can find the things I want easily. A great way to make drinking out covid friendly 👌
Doesn't have some beers that appear on the paper menus and untapp'd app. It seems to constantly want every detail you have. This app needs organising a little better. Pros - it's very clear consice and easy to use. Brewdog EFP discount applies when you log in as a shareholder
Poor. I've been out twice and tried to use the app for ordering both times. I only successfully completed an order on my second visit. You can't search for beer from the home screen.. You can for categories but what's the point of that, they are all visibile. The payment is ridiculously difficult and you can't pay by Google pay or PayPal so need to have a card with you and can't set it up before you go out because you can only set payment during an order. I could go on..
It's a good idea, but I think they need to test it a bit better. Managed first order, but app struggled with 2nd order. Not sure how back end works, couldn't tell if back end order hasn't been closed when I started 2nd,but something wasn't right and I couldn't do 2nd order
Would be useful if all the beers that were available in a bar were included on the app Currently sat in Brewdog York and at least 2 beers on the menu not on the app making it impossible to order them
I like the app and the idea of it. Especially while table service is mandatory it makes ordering faster. The downside is the menus in the app for the bar you are in are usually incomplete. There are beers missing and you can only see the full list on offer if you have a bar menu and are able to order in person with a member of staff. This is a problem when it comes to ordering draught takeaway through the app for delivery or collection when you rely solely on the app menus.
Register details does not work. Entered card no wrong and would not accept as entered too many times??? used another card all fine. Checked card balance of original card and no issues??
Just had my first order: delivery driver refused to come all the way to the flat, and the order didn't contain the drink I'd ordered. Have attempted to contact the bar but nobody's picking up the phone. Won't be trying again! Very disappointed in Brewdog.
Possibly the worst app I've ever seen. It's unreliable, doesn't retain data saved properly and is definitely not user friendly. They should delete it and start all over again with a new app.
Food is good and ingredients are of good quality, the cauliflowers are surprisingly good, but the prices are very high compared to the best burgers in Dublin, plus 6€ delivery and they keep pushing you to "pay a beer to the kitchen staff for +6€!" Just order Bunsen, BóBó's, MadEgg or any of the other great burgers in town.
Carefully selected my order. They managed to get both gins wrong, 1 of the tonics wrong and the water wrong. Paid for 330 ml water and got the 200 ml. Expensive place with crappy app trying to act like a gourmet pub.
Not too great 😕 menu order was confusing not a great app and I never review anything. At this certain Manchester establishment Family of 4 visiting Newcastle Came in with my Dog was not offered a dog water bowl. Spoke to a lovely girl very welcoming but guy with long beard told her to shhh in front of people making me think he was very rude. Felt awful for young girl
Not easy to use! Didn't include my local discount when checking out. With another BrewDog App, confusion. Why just have the one App that does everything.