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BTS Universe Story

BTS Universe Story for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Netmarble located at 20th Fl, G-Valley Biz Plaza, 300 Digital-ro, Guro-gu, Seoul, Korea. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Abstract Violence, Occasional Swearing) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.
Your story becomes our universe.
Let's create a universe together! BTS Universe Story is officially launched!

◈BTS Universe Story Intro◈

■ The most Moment that is beautiful in - 7 Boys' Untold Stories
- Original stories based on the official BTS Universe

■ Create Your Story
- Create stories quickly and easily, or level up with expert tools!
- A totally personalized story-creation system

■ Make Choices That Impact the Story
- Uncover the fate of each character with your choices!
- A playthrough that is choice-based where you influence the ending

■ Create your Own BTS Universe Collection
- Build your collection and your personal universe!

◈ BTS Universe Story Official Websites
- Official Website: https://btsuniversestory.netmarble.com
- Twitter: https://twitter.com/busgameofficial
- Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/busgameofficial
※ This app offers purchases that are in-app. You can disable this feature by adjusting your device’s settings.
※ By downloading this game, you are agreeing to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
※ Gameplay is supported on tablets.

- Terms of Service: http://help.netmarble.com/policy/terms_of_service.asp?locale=en
- Privacy Policy: http://help.netmarble.com/policy/privacy_policy.asp?locale=en

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the BTS Universe Story.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
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User Reviews
This game is very beautiful and the graphics are great but some people can access the game and some can't, when I first downloaded it, the game wasn't working there was only black screen then I had to download it again after downloading it again I only could access the game but couldn't play the stories when I click on the story the game glitched and it took me back to my phone's home screen it's very frustrating I hope you can fix it
I love it so much!! It's really really fun! But... can you add one more action? Please add wink action. Can you do it? BTW, this game is really fun!!
hi, i'm one of this app user. I really like this game so much. The first time i try in my PC by using Bluestacks (Because i wanna use android app, so i use that) When i open that, i download the data, so i wait till the porces is finnish. I think that 700-800 MB if i not wrong And after that they say i must wait because loading. I wait i think -1 Minute but why i try in my Hp, it doesn't work? I wait more than 2 hours after i download the data that's 1GB+ but i cant play it. PLEASE, HELP ME TwT
The app is really amazing. I really love this app and its features. I do have a suggestion that it would be better if it was possible to earn more jewels in a day. Becoz it's the major requirement of game so it will give better experience.
It's not what I expected it to be. It's more a platform for fan fic writers, who are willing to put in tens of hours to create diff stories and scenarios, with very various quality, which can be explored and read thru by others. Quite a heavy emphasis of in-game purchase. If you don't buy gems, it turns frustrating very fast. But if you are willing to put in the time and effort, you can "play" with the avatars of BTS as you want. The graphic of the game is top notch, cudos to Netmarble for that.
I'm overall satisfied with the game. I think the idea of playing other's stories is very creative. This, or I have too little gaming experience. However one thing, the AR function crashes everytime I try to open it. That's all. Edit: Yes my phone is compatible it's system is android 10 and the wifi is also running fine. Yet the AR function still crashes
I'm sorry but I was very excited when they announced, I thought the game play would be like to RPG games where you control the character and move around (stuff like that.. final fantasy/persona perhaps) but boy I was wrong. it's not my cup of tea in games. it's just like reading wattpad where users submit their creativity (this game is for you if you want to become an interactive writer). You can make stories with background and music and the cast talks or does actions that's it. 😔 uninstalled.
This app takes TOO MUCH STORAGE. I don't understand why the storage keeps going up every time there is an update. Another thing is that this games is kind of similar to BTS World & the only difference is that you can create your own stories. The downside is that you get coins or other backgrounds based on how many likes your stories get which is dumb(if you are new it will be hard for your stories to get noticed or you just don't get noticed at all).😑 Very disappointing.
This is good but there is a problem at the spin option for getting jewels. I am not able to spin and win the jewels. It is showing that the ads are not available. Please help regarding this issue.
This game is great and I really love everything about it. Even how much jems/jewls are hard to get. Which, I see might be a problem for others. And again, its a premium currency so of course it's not going to be easy to get just like any other game. I might just be biased but for any game with premium currency I think people really don't see why it's called premium currency if that makes sense. But this game is Great!!!!
I love the game. The graphics and gameplay is amazing. My only problem is making a story and getting people to read it. The people who immediately published chapters on day one or early on in the game are the ones getting views. It's hard to do because no one even knows your book exists. You're lucky if one person views it. I hope for a way for new writers to be able to publicize their work and actually get people to read it and give it a try.
I absolutely love the game The graphics and the game is on point!!!!!!!! The stories created there are also AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot express how much I love it. But I wanna say one thing and that is when I try going in the game it just shows the "bighit entertainment" screen and it doesn't Change after that at all. Thinking it was a net issue I left it but it still showed the same. After reinstalling I tried but didn't work, Idk what to do tho. I can't get in the game
Well it's a great game and the fact that we can create our own stories is INCREDIBLE!! But from what I've noticed so far is that there's no other way for new creators other than to promote their work on the comment section or maybe get their friends to read it to get views. I highly recommend that there's a "place"for newly created stories to be featured so that people can have a chance to show their masterpieces. And new stories can be easily accessible to readers. Thank u
Hello, I am liking this game very much. But from the last few days, I am not getting the daily login diamonds. I tried so many times but failed. Without diamonds, we can't continue any stories. And the charged time of the tickets is 6 hrs!!! This is too much. I have to wait for whole 1 day to play only 4-5 episodes. Please do something.😟 And please let me know about the diamonds collection, how I will get diamonds. Thank you.
It is amazing game ... And I even found a solution for the Jewel problem ... You should play some episodes and get affinity points, the go to your achievements and collect your Jewels which you got from increasing affinity points . And attendance matters if you play the game daily and go to you ACHIEVEMENTS Board you'll receive Jewels for your perfect attendance ....
It's so lovely💖 I really like it❤ I downloaded it the day it was released🙌 and I already finished more than 470 episodes in 35 days😅the only problem is that some choices costs alot of diamonds and the game doesn't give us enough of them so please adjust this and thank yoooooooooou for your hard work fighting💪💜
This game is good but when this new update came I am unable to receive free jewels by spinning the wheel its always showing me "unable to retrieve ad information" please fix this.
I love this game I do but the intface is kinda confusing and there is way too much clutter. Fan stories shouldn't be at the top and the official story line should be cheaper :v I really wanna enjoy this game but with how much space this takes and the weird interface I'll have to wait til things get changed. If they get changed :/
Everything is extremely expensive. Its very hard to earn jewels and the only way you really can earn them is if you login each day. Please make official stories and accessories cheaper. Its also really hard to get your story out there for people to read and to earn rewards from them. The game was just released so theres probably thousands of new stories each day. There should be a better way for people to find new stories being released. The game just keeps showcasing the very popular ones...
I do think that the premium membership is a bit expensive, especially when you already have to buy the main HYYH storyline... Which was why everyone downloaded the game. Also, the choices that require gems are too high when you don't get more than a dozen or so a day and the gem choice is like 30. Outside of that, the game and stories are really fun and I've enjoyed them and there are many free to play stories! I just think the price of things should be reevaluated
It is all over a good app and game but the only problem is that when i minimize the game and then again open it, it starts all over again, the app restarts. It actually is annoying as when it is by mistake minimized or i receive a phone call it starts again. It originally is really good and fun to play and read stories in it. I hope that you fix this problem up soon.
It's a pretty fun game for all armys! I've been playing a lot on my tablet since I have lil space on my phone. The only problem I have is with the tickets. I have to wait 5h for just one ticket?? That's not very fair tbh. It should be a full restor when the five hours are up. But other than that, the game is really fun!
I really love bts and was super excited but theres just too many problems with the game. I was really excited when i saw people using the AR feature but i dont have that that option. The main story is way too expensive. I was thinking that story would have been the free one considering that its the actual storyline but sadly no. Also it takes up WAY too much storage. I had to delete multiple apps to even get the app in the first place then even more for updates.
This game is completely a new experience for everyone. It allows us to create our own stories with lots and lots of animations which is incredible to do. I loved this game and also the stories created by other army fans😍
This game is really unique and has GREAT graphics.It's just so great that fans can make their own stories and publish them!However, there is a problem.First off- The game is too expensive.What's the point when you can't view the stories made by BigHit without paying more than half your wallet?I understand that it takes money to make games like these, but theres 0 point if noone makes the purchases!Also, it would be great if we could add our own backrounds when we level up to a very high level!❤
I loved it though its kinda frustrating if you are already in the peak of the story and you run out of gems... And there is a story that you have to purchased for you to be able to read. You can read other stories for free however most of it are unfinished or incomplete.. No ending... I enjoy it still I just hope that apart from purchasing we can also get more gems like additional ways to get gems... If it's possible..
hello, i enjoy the game but does Samsung not support the AR mode completely? is there a way to make it available? also, some of the stories don't work. like my ticket gets used but the episode only shows the first page and then directly the episode ends. please help with it.
It's an awesome game and very fun to play but I can't seem to to get my login achievements, no matter how many times I log in, I just can't get the achievement for login in. I tried uninstalling and downloading the game again but it's still the same, another is that the ads for free jewels doesn't even work and it's quite frustrating, I hope this issue is resolved soon.
I HAD BEEN WAITING FOR THIS GAME FOR MONTHS. Guys i just started the game and it is so good, the graphics, the visuals are so accurate, the dialogues, I love this game already. This is like a game similar to EPISODE where you can choose options to play and go ahead with the story. Im an ARMY and I love these 7 boys that i can download anything for them :)
I really love the game,graphics, and the music but I can't even open this app it keeps saying it won't work or open this is kinda dissatisfying and disappointing I hope you fix this kind of thing and I would like to give 5 stars if this app works on my phone again and it's worth to wait but it really won't work.
The game is great, I love it. My suggestion is to add more costumes and actions for the side characters. There are many actions and costume options for the members, it would be good to have those for the side characters as well.
It was amazing! The graphics and everything is really nice! But I just hope we could at least edit the episodes with premium choices and my suggestion is we can't edit the choices inside the expert editor but instead we can edit the other clips in the expert editor. It was kind of a pain in the head since some of the episodes I made were messed up but I couldn't edit it anymore because of the premium choices. If this is possible can we please at least edit our episodes with premium choices?
Not what I expected... Firstly, • the graphics are good, the boys in the game resemble BTS a lot, the music is great And to the letdowns: • If you want to play the main story and you're an F2P player, this is not for you. Also, to buy the whole main story, it costs more than $20, which begs the question, is it worth it? ..... I say NO. They give you the illusion that your choices matter but I replayed every choice I made and nothing significantly different happened AT ALL. (From the freeplays)
It is really amazing. It was more than what i expected. Seriously if you have a good phone and good storage space, it is heaven for you. A lot of people complain that they are not able to play the game properly..it is not the games problem.It must be a problem from our side , i mean the storage and other requirements..if you dont have the requirements... You wont be able to enjoy it. And people also tell about the storage it is a big app with high quality graphics obviously it needs storage.
I really loved the art style, the music, and the varieties of things in the making of episodes! I love how you can make stories with bangtan and It's so cool but it can be confusing. I didn't have issues with the app and I completely understand most things in just a day, loved it a lot! If you want to make stories with visual and with bangtan, I'd recommend this app!!
I love this game! This game reminds me of Episode but way way better! The members are so handsome and cute and very accurate to how they actually are in real life, looks wise. The fact that ARMYS can now make their own stories is amazing~ let our imagination run free~ The graphics and effects are amazing as well! BigHit have done it again! The main story 'The Most Beautiful Moment In Life' is amazing too and follows the storyline of BTS UNIVERSE very well. Thank you BTS! Thank you BIGHIT! 💜
The game is amazing but to be honest the only people who'd really enjoy it are either famous writers or people who can pay for jewels, if you're not one of those then it'll be hard to enjoy the full experience of the game, please give us a source of jewels other than paying to get them! First there were a log in or tasks jewels but now you literally can't get the jewels unless you pay for them or publish a story and get high views, please give us an easier source of jewels
The game's update is a little problematic, the ads for winning Jewels are not working, it says "please check your connection and try again later" when the connection is perfectly fine, as I'm able to play the stories inside the game or do anything internet related! The app is also closing on its own once or twice since the update
Honestly the amount of money it would take to really get in to this is ridiclous. Considering the amount of fans & all the money they spend on everything. You would think they would at least show their appreciation with this; or atleast you could do things in the game to make the needed gems & coins. Also just let ppl bye an item or set instead of the crazy 1 bye 1 randon for every selection. It is a money pit! It just seems like the mountain of army $ is all this game is after. 😢💔💜
How I'm I suppose to get gems. Is this game supposed to be pay to play? 😡😠 Why gems for playing original series. I'm I never supposed to be playing those series..... I'm only playing the series uploaded by skilled creator and others 😠.... Also there are choices to play with gems? Why
For now i will give 3 star. It's a very pretty game, the characters model and animation are great too, my problem is everything is too expensive. I get that you can't make everything free, but please give us daily login bonus(not just for the vip members) and reduce the jewel choices. Also do you think that waiting 5 hours for 1 ticket is a good idea? That's ridiculous. I hope it's get better on the future updates
I have to say I have no words to explain how much I love this game. It's so amazing, the graphics, animation with lots of awesome stories and the fact that you can make yours is wonderful. I'm usually not the type to write reviews but I have to say this game blew my mind. It's really a game for ARMY💜💜💜. Anyway I have something to say regardless CAN YOU PLEASE IN THE NEXT UPDATE ADD DARK MODE. Please Its needed cause sometimes it gets too bright .PLS ADD IT. Thank you💜
I said this as a game user and this game is really good. I've learned how to build and to post story and so far been published 2 episodes. The game didn't ask for more storage more than the first download (even tho I've made 2 episodes, I didn't even notice if there were an increase number of used memory storage). Saving my internet data and phone storage!! Amazing!
I am really happy and amazed with this app! And of course I love all BTS's games. This app is gonna be really cool, you can tell. The art style itself is amazing. I pre-registered the game and I am just waiting for the opening of the game. I know that this game will be amazing, I can feel it. I can't wait to write stories on my own and play the whole game. It is going to be amazing! As an ARMY, I'd say this is a masterpiece♡
So in love with this game, and not only because I'm biased. The game play, the graphics and the stories are so amazing. Everything functions great. I love that we have something to express our imaginations and creativity, especially when it comes to our boys. Can't wait to try and create a story of my own.
Honestly love this game. The only thing I would change would be to add more things that I can do with the coins. I have a little over 700 of them and there is nothing else in the coin shop that I would want to spend them on. Maybe add a few more serious costume pieces or background sets? Or even a few more action packs like the dance ones that were there.
I'm giving three stars for this app not because it's bad but because of it lacks of characters that I needed and especially if I needed some supporting characters I can't make them sit down or just simply change their outfit something like that. And also the gems it's super expensive. But over all I like it.
The graphics are beautiful, and you can find a lot of interesting things in the app, but... it does require a lot of storage space (over 1 1/2 gigabytes). As of the new update in October (which requires even more space), I can't play the game because it's outdated, and I have no room for the update. I'm going to uninstall it, though it was really fun while it lasted :)
Overall the game and the quality is amazing. No error has occurred since I downloaded the game. It has a variety of well written stories and also gives the opportunity to write your own story. HOWEVER, the amount of jewels some stories or choices demand is a lot and in order to earn jewels you either have to pay a lot of money or earn 3-2 jewels a day(without paying).As a result, broke army can't enjoy the stories that much╥﹏╥ please, with all respect, do something about this!! 💜💜💜
As everyone says, the graphics are amazing. It wasn't necessarily what I expected, but I am enjoying it to an extent. There's more user created content then actual BU content, but I understand why that's the case. When creating a story there aren't many backgrounds to choose from in a theme and even worse, much less supporting characters. It would be nice to be able to customize more than just the MC so they fit the story better.
First Time I opened the game I was amazed seeing how the graphics created and Our Bangtan boys look real and alive in that graphic💗!!.Though some bugs like sudden crush happens but I can understand how much efforts have been taken for building the game and I really love it!! The story is realistic and also stories made by our Armies is very good!! And I am so happy that I can Also make my story to their universe!!! Thanks for making this precious Game!!!💗
Okay I'm Rating The Game Again After The Latest Update I'm Kinda Happy! (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.) Free Jewel Charge has Been Increased, New Achievements To Earn Jewels Have Been Added! For F2P players It A Really Good Update! Rating 5★ For This Improvement & Listening To Us Users (◕ᴗ◕✿) Hoping For More Improvement and Updates With Events In Future (◠ᴥ◕ʋ) Thank You!
the game is good, from the start to the story, the graphics and the usage system are also interesting..but, please improve the connection cause even though the signal at my house is good, the connection is always out of range, moreover I have to re-download the data inside. My memory is full😌😖
The highlight of this game is not the Original Story but instead the fact that you can make your own. If you're playing the game with a mindset that you'll be reading a bunch of BTS original stories then you'll gonna be disappointed. The only free original story is NamJoon's and you have to pay to read the others. This game is literally like Episode, Choices, and all those other "choose your own story" game app but it's in BTS AU. From that approach, this game's legit. I love it💜
It was amazing! The graphics and everything is really nice! My suggestion through editing premium choices has actually been added to the update! I'm really happy! Thank you so much for adding the update: Able to edit episodes with premium choices! It helped me a lot and I like the game a lot better now!
As an army this is amazing:3 Not really any major problems or anything just things I think would be better for the game(you don't have to do these things). Well the first one might be some coin options for themes, clothes, and accessories, in my own experience it's kind of hard to get gems when theres gem options and you're tempted to use them on the options, plus it would be good for beginner writers along with the defaults. Add more side characters and make them customizable. pls consider:3
(might change this in the future) I downloaded this app a couple of days ago and waiting hours for it to load, download and update. Half of the time it won't let me open up the game. It could be something with my own phone or the app itself, I don't know.
I'm already in love with this game, but I have a couple of problems with it & it's that every time I try to download additional data on it & start it, it keeps saying things like "you're too low on space." I keep deleting a lot of things on my phone but it still doesn't work when I do that. Second problem is that sometimes when I open the app of this game, it says "system error" but my wifi connection is still stable. I tried reinstalling the app so many times and it still doesn't work.
This game is really good for BTS A.R.M.Y.S!! Highly recommended!! Try to include more actions while creating a story. love!!
(Originally, it was a five) The main stories never works for me. It just stops after three seconds. Both the prologue and the first chapter. Not going to lie, I was disappointed, the art looked beautiful and so much care was put into the design, but I just can't give it a full star when I tried multiple times to play this but it never worked. I also tried downloading it on my phone, but no matter how much storage I clear, it still says to clear more. Try to fix?
It a wonderful game. Amazing and everything more. But can they please make it easier to get more views to level up. The more views you have the more people will read your story. It is very difficult to level up, please make it that less popular writers stories is easier to find.
Im am so disappointed in this game. I've waited for ever to play the main story. But I can't play it because I have to spend 200 diamonds each story which I don't have- Also, I don't know the point of coins tbh. We should be able to buy backgrounds and clothes and other things with coins. Other than everything I just said it's a ok game ಥ_ಥ
It's really amazing, the graphics, animation, control and all. Sadly this is basically like an animated wattpad × the game 'choices' or 'episodes'. I thought the game would focus on the official bu but there's only like 3 official stories and only one is free to open, you have to pay for the other 2. There are tons of fan made stories but I'm more interested on the official bts universe. Hopefully there will be updates for that.
I love this game...its awesome...just a small issue it takes a little more time to enter the game ,only that should be fastened.... otherwise its too good...
If you're downloading this with the intent of reading the BU Story, you'll be very disappointed to find that everything except Namjoon's route is locked behind a hefty paywall. It is IMPOSSIBLE to collect gems for free, with the minimum being 2 and maximum 6 in a 24 hour period. One chapter is 200 gems alone. But, if you have $30 to spare on that or would like invest in this paid version of Wattpad, this might be the app for you.
I really like the stories and the controls to make my own stories are quite easy. However, I think making jewels the main currency is a bit annoying. I thought it was going to be coins but I haven't used them but I've had to use 32 jewels for each of the premium choices and apart from the first login week, there haven't been any jewel rewards. The only jewel rewards are from the ad spins which only give 1~3 jewels. Please change the premium choices jewels and add more jewel rewards. Thank you!
The game is great and really visually stunning. I am really enjoying it. My only wishes are that they had more diverse side characters and more options for the side characters too. I hope eventually you will be able to use it on computers as well to make story creation faster.
It's great! The animation and graphics are so on the point! I love it. Specially how you can make your story with such easy to use controls! However I hope you can reduce the price of a few 'to make a story' elements like backgrounds as they are essential yet very costly and also the timings for each ticket. I hope it can get less in the future. But the effort you put on this.. I can't help it, you deserve a 5 star rating for the hard work! Love it!
This game is amazing! Although I'm a huge fan (Army) of BTS, I still rate the game, what it deserves. The graphics of the game is amazing, I've never seen anything like it. Just wanted to add one suggestion, can you please reduce the price of the premium stories, cause the membership is expensive. Thank you for the amazing game!
Having this story mode game is amazing. But then the supporting characters do not posses the same action setting as the main characters which is bit difficult to create the story. Furthermore, there were also no clothing preferences for the supporting characters, which is sad to me. So far the game is good enough to create our stories platform. I also thank the creators and staff for creating such a wonder game to keep us entertain despite this worst pandemic situation. BIGHIT is doing well..
The game is good , the graphics are really amazing....but the problem is, the expensive items, and not getting sufficient jewels, coins n tickets to continue completing the task.......in order to read a story it ask 200-300 jewels which is insane because from the spinning wheel I only get either 1/2 jewels, I've never got 3 jewels and it's kinda disappointing coz I wait for 6+hr, plus only the paid members are getting the benefits, I've waited for so long and am not satisfied with this game....
So this game is amazing everything is perfect the animation and the sounds every thing is really good although why do I have to wait *5 HOURS* to get one ticket and also why do I only get gems for the first 6 days of playing the game so what if I run out of gems also the premium choices cost too much gems if I get 30 today I will probably finish them the same day and for the seventh day of playing the game I already have no gems to play premium choices anymore other than that thanks for the app!
I have a few issues with the game. My problem starts when you have to pay a ridiculous amount of Jewels to play the hyyh story. The game came out 2 days ago so I doubt anyone has that amount by getting achievements meaning that you have to pay 10€ to play one chapter and you'll eventually spend 20€. My next issue is with the tickets. Imagine you start a new story, you have to use a ticket, you end up not liking it and it just went to waste. You now have to wait 6h to get it back. FOR 1 TICKET!
I was excited about this game at first, but after it launched, I was kinda disappointed bc I thought it would delve more deeply into the BU and have a hybrid between storytelling & RPG gameplay. That's not what this game is at all - it's essentially a visual novel/fanfic-creation app for ARMYs. I've warmed up to the game now bc there are some genuinely amazing stories in the app, but my low rating is primarily bc after the latest update, the game is glitchy as heck and crashes so many times...
Edit: I'm really impressed by Netmarble. They fixed the server issues so fast. Great game!!! I managed to get in the game on the opening hour and play the prologue, then the game froze and had to close it. Can't get back in, I assume they might have a problem with servers since there might be a lot of traffic. The prologue was very nice though, the music, animation, art, was all good. The prologue played with no problems. I'll update my review once I'm able to play the rest.
This game's promoted as 'choices will change the outcome' but really your choices will only affect that one chapter where it's from, and it won't be much unless it's the last episode of the series. You can't carry any options, even the paid one, as detail in the next episode. Like, you chose MC to slap someone relevant to the story. But in the next episode they meet no one will even bat an eye. Or, you chose not to, but MC will still end up slapping that person as the story goes. So, idk.
I waited SO long for this game, I even pre registered it. Only to realize that I have to pay for the official story. Not everyone can afford paying 30 dollars for a game. I get you have to make money, but making the content, for which 90% of the audience installed the app, a paid-content is a really bad plan. People will lose interest in it real quick. People didn't download it to read fan fictions, we downloaded it to FINALLY understand the hyyh story. I played the first chapter and it was so nice but I couldn't continue the next chapter because I could not afford it. I would give it only 1 star, but since the graphics were pretty nice and there were a lot of brilliant features, I am giving it 2 stars. . . P.S. I am sorry if I sounded rude. But I am just sad that I cannot play it.
It's really fun, I pay for the monthly subscription. There's should be a little more benefits with the monthly subscription. Also it still takes forever to get a ticket. It gets annoying sometimes. At least change the subscribers for 30 mintues until getting another ticket. It's really nice app and creative but makes the user feel limited.
I love this game so much! Its even better because we can make our own stories too. But i have trouble with the AR. Whenever i tried the AR it shows me the loading screen and it freezes then it kicks me out of the game no matter how many times i tried. I also tried rebooting my phone and clearing some storage thinking it would solve the problem but it didn't. I hope i get a response back.
I bet this game is really fun and a good game, however I can't get into the game. It keeps saying, "system error" On the loading screen and I keep exiting out of the app and entering but it just won't let me in. Like u said it's probably very fun so that's why I gave 4 stars. Army for life. I finally was able to get on the game and I still got my pre registration prize. I love how anyone can make stories and how it gives prizes for achievements. It's a really good game so 5-stars from me. 💜💜💜
I really really love the game... This one of the best games I've ever played or seen in my whole life, but the only problem I have is with jewels... And I please request u to increase the amount of tickets 🎟 given... I really wanted to play the game more, but with just 4 tickets which recharges in 24 is really terrible.. So please note the problem... I really want to continue the game
Hello! I really enjoy this game, it's one of my favorite games this year, and it's probably going to stay that way. How ever I'd really appreciate it if you'd add easier ways to earn jewels, since sometimes I'm 1 or 2 jewels short but no ways of earning them are left available. Thank you!
It was fun but just like bts world and ssbts it's become too much. I did the update but it won't let me download the rest of the in game stuff so I see no point in keeping this if I can never play it again. It was like Episode that's why I really enjoyed it but it's just too much space so I have to say goodbye yet again to one of the bts games. 😔
The game has potential but it also lacks especially features in writing a story, please add more actions for the supporting character and customization, more backgrounds would be highly appreciated last thing I'm having trouble with is earning gems after 7 days you stop earning gems by doing daily login and just rely on that gem wheel thingy which can only give you 1-3 gems. Probably add gems as one of the rewards when we achieve a task. That's probably it, looking forward for future updates
Ever since the recent update, the app has been crashing. It crashed 9 times on me now and I lost 2 extra energy when I played a premium story just because the app closed by itself and has been lagging!!! My username is moonchild (YC3GNF) and I'd very much appreciate it if you'd send me my 2 energy back because it's unfair to have to wait around 12 hours for that just because this crashed. It also can't play Skilled Writers' stories and crashes, too. I can't edit my stories as well!
It's really fun and has A LOT of potential, I gave 4 stars because the home screen layout is kinda messy, and I'm missing a section with ONLY stories I started and didn't finish yet. Also, the stories have a option to save/mark, but there's no section to that either, if I save or not it doesn't make any difference. Overall, really good, just a couple of minor details that are kinda important.
Its okay. If you see yourself reading BTS fanfictions or perhaps writing a story on this app it's for you. Although bts fanfiction online is better & free. They only give u 4 free tickets to read 4 ep. anything else you want like costumes is a gacha game. As for creator mode, easy mode is ok but it is painstaking to make these stories. As for the pro creator it was kinda difficult for me personally to use. Didn't give a lot of instruction on how to use certain items, like how to use the camera.
Great game, draws are a little overpriced, at most it should cost 250 jewels since jewels are hard to come by, I'm not being nitpicky here, I've bought jewels already. I'm a fellow creator and I wish there was more support for new creators like an easier way to look through new content by new creators. Maybe a way to transform coins into jewels (100coins=1jewel). Beautiful art, easy editing/creation kit (I use expert), great resources. But please lower the prices for drawing/purchasing assets.
I LOVE THIS. IT'S LITERALLY SO AMAZING IN EVERY WAY. SERIOUSLY I HAVE NO LITERAL COMPLAINTS, BECAUSE BTS CAN TAKE AS MUCH STORAGE ON MY PHONE AS THEY WANT. The only thing I would change, is having more character options, along with maybe having the ability to customize them—like changing their skin tone, eye color, hairstyle, hair type, and even outfits (would love to mix and match!).
Great game!!! So far it has functioned well on my device. The interface took a little while to get use to but that's just because it has many great and accessible features! The designs are realistic as well!! My only wish is that the AR feature that allows you to view the members as if they were right beside you is not available for android devices? It was a big bummer but overall, the game is amazing!! Totally worth the wait. 💜💜💜💜
It's definitely great but the jewels are barely available and are too expensive...I hope this will be fixed! :D otherwise the game is really great!! Edit: the problem is hopefully fixed!!! I'm really glad that the editors checked my review and fixed my problem....I'm really thankful! And I'm fully satisfied with the game now!! Loved it!
I will leave one star until they fix their ridiculous server problems that give out no rewards (as if the jewels weren't rare enough) that requires you to watch ten thousand ads with little chance of receiving anything because their servers are dropping the connections. Also awful customer service giving out automated response and clearly failing to understand requests.
Hi there, honestly I love this game but I haven't received daily rewards which prevents me from getting more tickets and since I don't get gems I can't buy the main story chapters, I also can't select premium choices since I don't have enough gems. The wheel that gives you gems is not enough. Can you please look into this?
So i've played it for almost a day now, it's pretty good, graphics are good, and the fact that users can create their own stories is amazing. I was expecting just one story, but there were more. Storylines are great. I just wished that the price were lower, 30$ or 200 gems for an episode that can be played for no more than 20 minutes? That's expensive.
Graphics – amazing. Gameplay – great. Overall, I am astonished that users can be able to create stories of their own. Definitely loving that. But I do have an issue with the creator process, which is why I didn't rate it a full five. When selecting an action, the animation works when trifling through the list, but once it is applied, the character does not appear. Even when I play the preview, there is nothing. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but it remained the same. Please fix.
This game is nice. But First I taught this game is very nice. I will review 5 stars but after reading some reviews I noticed that we need to pay money then I saw how much money was it then I was shocked"200 GEMS" WE NEED TO PAY ₹2000 for 200 gemsI am shock you can buy head phones or 7 or 8 dresses. You can give like 10 gems not 200 GEMS. I am very disspointed from this game. But very nice graphis
I absolutely love the graphics and the gaming interface and the idea that we can make and share our own stories, it's fantastic. But I downloaded the game to play the main story based on the BTS HYYH era and I'm disappointed that I have to pay to play the game. The game is absolutely beautiful but I play the actual story and it sucks. I hope we can play it for free later. Update: Now that we can get upto 38 free jewels everyday and buy the HYYH stories easily I updated my review to 5-stars!!
Magical. This game is super fun but i am facing one problem since a few days. When i login to the game it shows everyday we will get gems for logging in but i am not getting them since a few days and due to less gems i am unable to make choices. Could u please look into this matter and help me out? Overall its a great game and i am in love with it. U have done a great job. Thank u so much
This game is awesomee for armyss but one thing that annoys me the most is the gems! Please add more easy ways to get gewels!! Plz
I'm in love with this game,this is so amazing, thank you for creating this game, I always thought of meeting BTS, I know its difficult, cause I don't have that much money,but just because of this game I meet them, I know it's just a game, but for me it's real, they're always with me, they talk with me, walk with me, talk with me, I don't have any male friends but I have them, having BTS in my life is just best thing, they always make me happy I never feel alone with them 🥰 love from India ❤
First of all, thank you for this wonderful game! As an Army ( Bts fan) im so happy beacause i can read other's story. I realllly love the animation ofc! It might take a while of updating it but its worth it! I love the stories, animations, and quality. I have no problems with it. Thank you for this game! Have a good day everyone!
I was exited at first, but gotta be honest, the graphics might be absolutely incredible (for a mobile game), but this game is disappointing. The official main story is SO expensive, and the fan-made stories I've played are made by weird thirsty fans. It's incredibly uncomfortable. There are barely any choices in the chapters, and the stories are just plain bad and boring.
I had not yet encounteres a single error since yesterday. My experience with the application has been marvelous. I love how likely it is to Episode. The graphics is too cool. Hope I can choose the HD mode. Creating a story there is so much fun and a bit complicated but nonetheless exciting since the story can be created with a character and your preferred action. Therr are lots of skilled writers and cinematographer there. They are so funny and witty. I just wish we can customize the extras.
the game is awesome but i had two suggestions.. 1st is the jewels and tickets is needed for playing the game..so please try to provide them in more quantity 2nd is their are story of RM in which jin is trying to solve their problems in life...but their is only one part of the story which ends with episode 8, what happens next we don't know,so please try to include further stories with it
I'm sorry but this is my rate. I am trying to read stories from those respective content creators because I love appreciating stories. But as I click the "read", the story start to load and unfortunately, the app will close on its own. I have been suffering this since day 1 of my download. Please.... Why is this like this on my device? I am able to access the game but can't even read a single story!
I love the storys in the game soooo much. I went through hell trying to download this game, but now I have it!!!!!!!😭💜 But theres 2 problems 1. Why do we have to wait like 5 hours for 1 ticket i have never seen anything like that before, the longest i had to wait before was 30 mins on another story game. 2. Why is the gachas sooo expensive? Its not like we get a good amount of diamonds every single day.
One of the best BTS games out there, I love how you can make your own stories and read other stories which are made from other creators as well, you can dress each member of BTS beautifully. Not only that the graphics in this game are unbelievably good. Some people don't like it because it takes up a lot of storage but it's definitely worth it. Lots of love form ARMYS💜💜💜
This game looks beautiful but it's too expensive and I'm disappointed! You can't play the main story without playing £30 !! The rest of the game is just like wattpad but you have to wait 6 hours to play one fan story . One top of that the outfits are gotten through a raffle system so it's gambling. And they are even more expensive then the story even though you don't know who you are getting . I'm so disappointed with this "game" it might as well be made by EA because it's just made for money :(
This game is amazing! Although I'm a huge fan (Army) of BTS, I still rate the game, what it deserves. The graphics of the game is amazing, I've never seen anything like iy. Just wanted to add one suggestion, can you please make the premium stories free, cause the membership is expensive. Thank you for the amazing game!
It's nice! I'd love to see more emotes, animations, and extras in the story creator section. I would recommend that people who are BTS fans and have fast and new phones (with a lot of storage space) get this game. It has the story creation stuff that's in Episode: Choose Your Story, that can be public in the same way. It would also be epic if the main characters' (BTS's) faces looked even more defined, rather than slight differences based mainly on mole location.
Great game! The animations are great and it's pretty easy once you got the hang of it. But it's so hard to earn jewel in this game, because jewels is our main currency (used to buy packs, to pick premium choices) i suggest you should give the players more ways to earning jewels (ex: events that gives you lots of jewels instead of tickets & achievements can give you jewels instead of coins). Add more hand props,vehicles, chair/desk props, camera actions & more variety of npc! (kids, grandma, etc)
everything was fine. the graphics are so beautiful, kudos for that; some of the stories are really catching too. so yeah, everything was great! even tho i can't afford to play the main story, it's still great! But later, i realised that we'll have to wait FIVE HOURS for ONE TICKET. like, whose idea was that? i thought that after five hours of waiting, i might receive complete four tickets but nooooo... kinda frustated right now
It's a great concept and the tools to make stories are really good and simple! But I just have a problem with the jewels, like I understand that you have to use them to buy certain rewards like clothes and stuff, but you have to use them to unlock choices even when there are only two, which I feel like it's a bit too much. Also, there could be some other ways to get jewels apart from the 1 to 3 jewels ad draw, and 6 hours to recharge each tickets seems like a lot to me. But overall it's good
Everytime I try to play an ad, it will say 'no network connection' even though my wifi is always on and working properly. Please fix this problem. Otherwise its a great game.
This app is amazing. Good visuals, good stories. I'm a creative person who loves to write stories so it's amazing that I can play a game where I can make episodes of my own stories. Especially when it's BTS in them. Though the only things I don't like is the coin and jewel system. You don't get jewels easily, only like 1-6 a day and some of the og storyline costs jewels. And with the coins, there's only a limited amount you can buy things with them. But I still love the game nonetheless
Hello! I have downloaded this app for like two or three weeks from now but I am not able to play it. It says, to proceed further, I would have to download an additional data. So, when I am clicking on the download option, it says that my phone doesn't have enough space. Then I cleaned the storage of my phone for mire than 5-6 times. It still shows that I would only be able to play if I downloaded the additional data for which I need to clean the storage again. Pls suggest 🙂
-It has room for improvement but one of my bad experiences is the game crashes quite frequently and sometimes it's a pain for me to forcefully stop reading halfway and opens the app again.. there's a chance I lose a ticket because of the game crash when starting a new episode to read. -I appreciate the new updates that are making it easier for the readers to get more jewels, but in my opinion it is still expensive for me to have full reading experience that costs jewels but its okay :')
The game is good, but for some reason I can't get the free jewel from the pinwheel. It said that I need to reconnect connection even though I have a strong Wi-Fi connection. I hope you can fix this when you see this
I love this game which became one of my favorites, but I do have a few suggestions. One suggestion is to help us earn more jewels so that we can buy packs of themes. My stories are unfinished because I need good clothes and backgrounds. Jewels are the main currency of the game, as well. Another suggestion I suppose the team can add are more specific face expressions in a certain "action." It would be nice to add more hand props, too. Thank you for your understanding!
The idea that the game is a combination of a webtoon, The Sims, and allows fans to create their own stories is unique. The graphics are good ,but there is room for improvement *The main story should be free or at least not so expensive that way fans can truly get a feel for the game * It shouldn't cost extra to design your character similar to how you look. BTS has a very diverse fan base and the character design choices should reflect that
There is a problem I hate, when I downoalded the game, it asked me to download files, after that I created a story and I didn't finish it, rn I tried to continue the story and it asked to re downoal the files. I spend a lot of time in that story pls fix this problem ty.
I've only played till the prologue but it's amazing. I started crying immediately as Jin started to have his monologue. From what I see, you play as Jin and try to help the rest of the group from facing their tragedies. The graphics are amazing so far and I have no complaints so far. Your even offered side stories (if you have to pay or not I'm not to sure but I wouldn't be surprised.) There is a ticket system in place. Overall, it has great potential and it's beautiful.
This is the best game ever! They put so much time and effort into this game, and you can definetly tell. They got the storyline perfect and still added all the details too. They could have stopped there but instead they even added that you can create your OWN stories!?! This is amazing!
I love this game but i dont know nowadays everytime i try to play the game when i open the story it automatically turn off not even 1 or 2 times everytime because of that i don't get to play it regular its been long time that i have open the game but now also that problen happens i dont know it that my mobile problem or what,😔
I loved creating my own stories.. I wish the supporting characters also have different actions and outfits, that would help making better story. Astory can't be done with one the hero's action, right! And I need more backgrounds, like fantasy, sci fi, horror ect. So I could do cool stuff.
Update: the game is fun and beautiful, and the story making feature is a delight once you get the hang of it, but everything is slow to load even on my high-end tablet. CS is still impossible to contact because in order to contact them you need an account # that's nowhere to be found. Netmarble, PLEASE tell me where to find this 32-digit account #. Also, $27 for the original story is a bit of a rip-off, but I bought it anyway. Lol
As it's a new app, I'm giving it 3 stars. I like it a lot but I have some problems. The time for the tickets is too long 5 hours per ticket? Do you think people are THAT patient? I get why there are jewel choices but there are too many of them and just 2 rounds of wheels of fortune and no other way to earn them. The only other way is to buy them using money.Then those coins, what is their use? I don't know but I'm still collecting them.
The art and graphics are beautiful. It's simple but has a lot to offer and it's really cute and fun! It would be even better if there were even more packs, backgrounds, costumes, themes, etc to buy. I love being able to customize and make stories, so more options would be great.
I really don't wanna talk about the flaws but this game is just INSANE. It is taking forever to get logged in and still not in a single click.It shows error all the time and we have to open it patiently for 6-7times to get into the application. Okay it's a great game and good application with many features but their should at least be minimum convenience to use this... I'm sorry this is not upto the common mark..
It's really good it really is, it has everything to make it so moved and creating your own story is great! :) 💜
I'm facing some problems since the latest update. Here I've recently updated the game and now when I've opened it and trying to play an episode the game is automatically closing. I thought I may try again but it's happening again and again, whenever I try to play an episode. I've even reinstalled and updated the game. I don't thing that it has some kind of storage problems as my phone was formatted recently. It has happened at least 15-20 times now. Please look into this ASAP.
Its amazing, i love it alot. Only problem i have is, why does it have to take soo long for the next chapter to unlock, i know i can use the diamonds to unlock faster but some people dont have that many diamons or any at all. And it takes a whole day to unlock. and regenerate ur tickets. I use one ticket and it comes back in 6 hours. Doesn't make any sense to me.. wish it didn't take that long. I really enjoy playing this game..
I really looked forward to this, I hate to say it but I'm disappointed. I love the BTS alternate universe story and thought I'd be playing through that, and would get to understand it. I enjoyed the Namjoon story, and I'm actually happy to pay for the rest of the members stories but from what I can make out, there's limited BTS gameplay until December. I don't want to dress them up, or read fan stories, and don't understand the gems, tickets etc. I just want the original BTS story. Sorry!
I have been trying to get the app to work for more than 2 days and it kept giving me an error code or saying that "someone logged in with the same account from another device" and then today it finally worked, I have only been able to play one episode and it was great but then the same problems recurred, every time I open the app it either says "can't connect to server" or that "someone logged in the same account from a different device" please fix these errors.
This game is really good ,more than a game it is a reading and writing platform and you can also make a story with people in it and everything.But the only problem is it take a lot of storage space upto 1 to 2gb. But the game is brilliant. Must for armies .💜
I am a fan of this game. The graphics are like...so so so good. The prologue made me cry. Best game ever. The characters in the game are real which makes the game more realistic. I've been playing BTS world daily from past 3 months and now BTS universe is on my list too. You nice keep going! A full 5 star rating for this epic game. A VERY BIG THANK YOU TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE CONTRIBUTED IN MAKING THIS GAME!!! Thank you so much! You did a GREAT job!!! 😊😇
This app is really good and it has a lot of features but the only problem is that this app takes a lot of storage and after every update this app keeps asking for downloading new files -_- sometimes this is very annoying you know
Best game I can ever play being an army.....I just wish that there must be some way of earning tickets in this game so that people could enjoy more stories without waiting for the tickets to replenish...otherwise it's over-all a really cool game and I'm just loving seeing bts members being characters of different stories, scenes and content.... I'm so addicted to this game and ofcourse I love bts so much yesterday, today and forever... I'm enjoying it alot and hoping to discover more out of it..
Hey! I must say that the graphics of the game is really good and I really like every BTS member and there are good stories too I mean it is a obvious answer from a BTS ARMY. The only problem I have with this game is it does not give passes (or tickets) like for EXAMPLE sometimes it gives 4 passes sometimes it only give 1 and sometimes there no pass like I waited 5 to 6 hours and I get nothing. I hope you will do something about it and I'll wait for your replay.