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Call Recorder

Call Recorder for PC and MAC

Is a Tools game developed by Lucky Mobile Apps located at Hanoi, Viet Nam. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.
Automatic call recorder, telephone call recorder this is certainly best for Android, supports most recent Android versions.
Please grab Call Recorder, you can capture any inbound and telephone calls which can be outbound top quality. Call recording is automatic and very dependable.
The telephone call recorder is not difficult to utilize, very easy to handle your recording files.
The telephone call recorder is shielded by a PIN rule to stop unauthorized accessibility.

• Instantly record incoming and outgoing calls
• Accurate identification of caller telephone numbers
• Listen towards the recordings again
• Add favorite recordings
• Easily share or delete recordings
• Set to automatically delete the recording after a specific amount of time
• Change audio channel (mono or stereo), bit rate, sampling frequency
• Change audio source recording
• Change the trail to save files
• Protect the tracks with a PIN
• Support dark mode
• Support your language
• loads of other features are waiting around for you to discover

Using our application to record calls, you are able to have the benefits of a high quality recording application in compare with another recording application in Bing Enjoy market.

If you've got any queries or dilemmas you wish to fix, kindly e-mail myself, i shall help you.
Your 5-star score will encourage us to generate and develop most of the most readily useful applications which can be no-cost.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Call Recorder.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Call Recorder for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
i love it app but, i rated 4 star. i wish you should do improve for more effective. because callar's of sound is very small.
My voice is recorded with a lot of noise but the other person's voice doesn't record.. this is the major issue of this app. So I'm giving only 1 🌟.
Very nice app. It works very good on my phone yet i wonder it has a problem on my husband's phone.it records calls from another cell phone but it doesn't record calls from a stable home phone.
I do simple recordings of all the calls and erase the ones I don't want to keep. It's simple and easy to use.
clear recording,no problem found.it is working nicely. but after one day i found all calls are not recording by this call recorder.i dont know why this happing?will you please work on it?
I am using oneplus 6. Its not working on my device. Also i tried after purchasing ur app, still nothing changed. I bought this as the ratings were good. Now i don't know what to do. Please let me know if this works with Android 10 or not.
Unable to listen to others voice ... Unable to hear the recorded voice....some technical error msg😡🤬
Records both voices and identifies the caller, only fix required is to record without the speaker/microphone. It could have been 5 stars.
Well crud, I thought this was recording but most of my recordings are blank. It records some but shows it recorded the whole time. Finally figured out I cannot mute my side as this will not record either side, and phone cannot go into lock screen mode or it records blank again. Should just record as long as call is connected!
As incoming voice is not clear and same as outgoing voice volume not matched, incoming volume is too much low to hear...please update on volume of incoming voice...
Thank you for this verry good app. But there is a little probleme, I can t listen verry well the voice of the other person
I have tried a lot of other call recorder apps this is the only one that records both parties clearly with both incoming and outgoing calls.
For while, the app it's running very well. Good quality of recordings, don't stop working, permiss me to share for everywhere without problems... if continuous this way, I'll increase de stars
It recorded only two calls after installation. After that it stopped working. Recoding quality is also poor. Not recommended.
Not bad at all. Various other call recorder apps that worked on my previous Samsung Galaxy S7 had stopped working on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10. The free form of this app does contain some very loud and aggressively intrusive adverts, but for a one off purchase fee of £2.89 there are no more adverts. All said and considered, this one works quite well.
i need to know why i cant hearthe other person play back is silent when you listen what setting does it need to be on???
I have Android 9 in a Motorola G6. It didn't record the voice of the other person, it just recorded my voice.
App is as described, and does this very well on my Samsung Galaxy s10. It works better than I expected, and it was the first recording app I tested. Thank you for producing a wonderful app.
I have used many call recorder apps, among which this app is far better. It does the job perfectly while in use. The one thing I noticed is that auto call recording feature doesn't work properly. After making some calls , if the phone kept idle for a few hours then I have to reopen this app for enabling call recording feature. That's a big issue with this app. Already I purchased the premium version . So developers had to fix this issue ASAP. Anyways great work from the side of developers
This is a good app to have especially for those who always saying that they didn't say anything you can always go back and say listen to this yes you did say that to prove you're not hearing anything or imagining anything or making anything up you can prove it this is an awesome app to have I recommend this app five stars
stops recording sound after 2vminutes. File gets bigger, does not record. Samsung Galaxy note 20 ultra
I've a problem to hear recordings, can't see how can I set up for proper recording of calls. Paid to remove ads and don't like the fact that my calls aren't being recorded.
Excellent app. I've tested over a dozen of these phone recording apps, and this is positively the best!
It recorded most of a single phone call, and when I made a second call, it not only didn't record the second one, but ALSO deleted the first one.
It sucks....why the hell does it record a few seconds and then goes silent on my One Plus phone????? I literally needed a call recorded and now I don't have what I wanted
Seems to be working wonderfully. Has all the features I need and most importantly the call clarity is decent, unlike a few others that I've tried.
Nice app. It has normal view of contacts with their own name based on contact list and load and soft sound recording system.
USELESS APP I had an important call I had to make to my solicitors and I wished to record it to save me having to take lengthy notes. I did not want to miss any details of the conversation, so I downloaded the app and used it for half an hour. The results: It did not record the other person, only my own voice. I copied the recorded call into audacity and there was no evidence of the other person on the call at all. I made further calls to then test the various settings with exactly the same result. It does not record the other person on the call. Therefore, it is useless for recording conversations with other people. Unless you want to hear your own voice, in which case just use a dictation app instead. Just for the record, I am using the new Galaxy S20 Ultra with the latest OS updates. No excuses. It serves no purpose. Uninstalled.
This app needs an update. The recordings get saved with a call that was picked up before the current call.
Very nice app . Easily record incoming and outgoing calls. But I do not found one option in the app i.e. trim / manage calls after recording. If I want 1 min call recording out of 5 min call recording then trim / manage call and save or send. I hope this option will found in this app in next update. Thanks 👍
So many hising sounds are coming with call please do something to avoid this sounds. Also please look that it start recording when someone is connected. Otherwise so many corona ad is recorded.
Only recorded 4 out of 30 phone calls correctly. Most of the time, it doesn't record anything, sometimes it only records my voice.
So far, GREAT APP! I've used other call recorder apps, but this is by far the best that I've ever used. I especially like that you don't have to turn on the speaker phone to get both sides of the conversation recorded. THANKS FOR SUCH A GREAT APP. The only thing I really wish it would do is allow you to label or add notes to the call identification so you knew what it was about at a glance. Could you help us in that area please? It would be really awesome if you did. Worth 6 or 7 stars to me.
I've tried many different apps for recording and they all have a problem it seems I downloaded this one and played with the settings on my phone which is an S10. I turned off Wi-Fi calls and turned off Bluetooth once I did those two things it works fine with recording calls to come on a cell network the wooden record calls coming in on the Wi-Fi but once I turn Wi-Fi off it works..
Not good anymore, I can only hear the other person on call and not my voice..... Really disappointed, I really thought this was the one
It only recorded 5minutes of the call... after 5 minutes, the recording still runs but there was no recorded sound on the playback
It is a nice app recording of both the sides is very much clear. It is a BEST APP for the redording purpose.
It worked for 3 calls and then just stopped recording, although I hadn't changed anything. I didn't find a way to fix this. The sound quality of the recordings is bad. What a shame!
Simple to use. Records both ends of the conversation. Can control it to record only incoming calls or only out going calls or all calls. Can control recording volume. 5 stars for sure.
Volume increases automatically on high.other side audio not clear audible in realme 7 pro..... please fix this.
I have installed this app.. I want to hear the recordings but the app is not opening... When im entering the pin... The page is not Working... Nothing is being clicked
Please be informed that, the apps outlook is awesome but when the call is recorded, when you want to listen to the record, the record starts and the sound goes off automatically, there is no sound. When the call is recorded, it has a high amount of noise which degrades the sound quality. It is better if the developer develops the quality of the apps considering the problems of the users. In particular, the app currently works on any version of Android.
Works great. Records all conversation and has no exclusion option. You must tinker with the audio input to get the program to work.
This is the worst app i ever c.. It records only the sender voice but never record the receiver's voice i never recommend this app to use
Wanted to record an essential call so download this app. And only the voice in the first 2 seconds are available in record! I don't know what went wrong but don't rely on this app.
After completion of call recording I didn't hear another person's voice,plz guide me otherwise I will uninstall it.
Perfect amd easy to use with owesome quality,, ofline and online working, not has unnecessary ads or notification etc. Sooo usefull. Thanks to developers.... 😊
I have to give it 5 stars! I had other apps that crashed my phone, made it run slow, & wouldn't erase calls that I erased so it would use up my storage. This is so easy to use & there's no lag on my phone speed. LOVE IT!!😃
Hi I had downloaded your app in order to record one important call. The app did record it fully but when I want to listen to it, there are several gaps in that record which i can't hear any thing and there Is no voice. For example the first 2 min is available and the next 4 min isn't. This record is very important to me and I really need to have that fully. What can I do to restore it. P.s the other records don't have this problem.
Wow, im happy to have this call recorder on my phone, is just what i wanted. I have been wasteing my data downloading oder fake call recorders, but this one is the best for me. Thank you FROM MICHELLE GRACCE IGWE❤💋😊😇
I have Android 10: the app record very well my voice but the voice of the other person is recorded at too low volume.. I choose the max recording volume in the settings. If you can fix this problem it will be a good app..
I have downloaded several apps for call recording no one of them were good but this one is one of the best recorder.
Very disappointed. It recorded the call but there is no voice in the recording! I regret installing this app!
I have android 10, made test calls, and there are recordings, but without any voice. Why is this so on every call recording app? what does this apps record, if there is no voice? So dissapointed..
This is the only app that works with Android Pie. But not all the time. But still I have given 5 star rating, because by now I have tried more than a 10 recording apps already and this is the best of them all. With Oreo almost any recording app may work at least a little bit but with Android Pie or more NOTHING WILL WORK DEFINITELY. I have tried them all.
It's a good app... Records calls properly... But it would have been better if the app would have the option to record only specific calls... There is no such option of recording the calls of some selected contacts...
One of the best call recorder. No need to take any note during the call as you can hear clearly the caller and the receiver voices
Very simple and nice app. Easy to use. But recording sometimes stops within the same call for some seconds and continues again. Please; consider this problem.
Out voice call recording very very slow replay me Andy advices Replay me my phone samsung a7 android 10 version....this app not out side voice not claear
It didn't not record my most important conversations when I really needed it it shows recordings but you can't hear anything. Update: look at their response. Are you guys 5 year old? is that how your respond to a feedback. Not responding would be a better choice. Worst App
Shi**y and usless app. I tested it using android 9 and 10. On Android 10, it muted the voice during the whole call and now I have no record of it. On Android 9, it didn't record other person's voice, only recorded my voice. I mean, what's the point of even creating this app when you can't provide us with the recording of the other person over the call. WE DON'T INTEND TO LISTEN ONLY TO OUR OWN VOICE, MANNNN!! Definitely uninstalling it 👎🏻
Hello I am Asad Ali I have to give it 3 star because It's works very well but the frustrated things is that it shows all calls recording as unknown name this is very bad😔😠