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CallsUp - Second Phone Number - Calling + Texting

CallsUp - Second Phone Number - Calling + Texting for PC and MAC

Is a Communication game developed by CallsUP Team located at ROOM 1502, EASEY COMMERCIAL BUILDING,HENNESSY ROAD,Hong Kong. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 18+ and required Android version is 7.0 and up.
CallsUP is a simple and use that is easy application, it can offer the second phone number for you. CallsUp can protect your personal phone number, and avoid your personal information disclosure, besides, you will own the rate that is lowest on international calls which will never worry about the high expense on the telephone bills.

Compared with other similar, CallsUP does not have any advertising that is annoying, nor will it disclose any of your personal privacy information. We aim to support safe, reliable, stable, and application that is cheap the customer.

Using CallsUp Application, you can :
Without SIM card to gets the phone that is second or more via simplified steps and lower prices;
The number which is you buy can instead your personal handline number call your family member or send messages to the U.S. numbers, to protect your personal number and a private matter to avoid disclosed;
Customize your contacts in your application, that will be more clearer to know who contacts you;
Stable, high-quality and low fee rate calls worldwide;
Easy to search your calls, messages history record;
According to your requirement, you are free and unlimited to choose international calls;
Real-time push, never miss any incalls and messages;
Easy to block incalls and messages via blocklist, if these make you feel bothered.

Packages and Price
Subscribed packages include phone number package, and not allowed to change packages type after subscriptions.
Subscribed packages will be auto-renewal except closed by yourself in advance 24 hours.
User can buy a package at any time if not subscribed, and there will not attend auto-renewal.
The packages are flexible(30/90/360d) which satisfied short or term that is long, besides, the packages will be extended by your needs.

CallsUp can not use to any emergency situations such as 911.
CallsUp application depends on the Internet, please keep the internet stable when you use it.
CallsUp Supports kinds of packages, please check its content and price before you use it. Additionally, due to the services is support by different countries and regions, the SMS feature or service that is verify can not work in some parts of countries and regions.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the CallsUp - Second Phone Number - Calling + Texting.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download CallsUp - Second Phone Number - Calling + Texting for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
This application is so cool. I am a kid and sense l am not big enough for a phone l use this application to feel l have a phone and it really works!
I love this app, and it’s great because you can text, call, and lots of other things. It allows you to text people who have a different texting app which I’ve noticed other apps can’t do. It doesn’t have many bugs, but sometimes when you get on it only
The app works as expected. Making phone calls, sending texts or images worked most of the time. The app would be 4/5 stars if it had more features like the free available apps such the ones provided by google, Facebook, instagram. Searchable in app features like adding gifs and a smoother appearance would probably make the app look better and run smoother.
I couldn't even by pass security, with a puzzle box, I tried to drag, double tap everything I couldn't even fill it
This app is great, I subscribed for $0.99 every month to be able to call and text with no ads. Very cheap compared to a phone bill lol
Good app even not for free except I can’t receive messages from whats app. It’s strange until now just whats app. I hope you can fix it.
I feel that the price of this software is not bad, and the quality of the call is also good. My favorite is that you can hide your original phone number without binding your phone number.
I left a message 1 week anybody has reponded. I don't know if people can use the number for other app like WhatsApp, Telegram or only to be used in the app itself ~ I can't buy without knowing...
If you're looking for an app that calls and texts people with a real number, this is a great app! I can text and call my friends (with wifi) any time! It isn't too glitchy but sometimes does crash. I would prefer if it wouldn't change your smiley faces [ex. :) or :D] to emojis but just leave it the way you put it originally in the text.
I don't know how this software is, I want to try it! It must be praised! I don't know if these words are enough, no matter what, it is better to make up 50 words!
I use this this as my only phone number. Once in a while the call quality is eratic, even if im standing within 5 feet of my wifi router. But for the past few weeks its been consistently good quality calls.
This service works almost as well as the texting service provided by your cellular phone company. And it has much more compatibility than Google Voice; it works with most services that I've tried (though a few will still reject any VoIP number). And it can receive MMS/picture messages and send them too (for a fee). The app, on the
Text me is a great app and all, but WAY TOO MANY adds. I know that’s how you make your money but geez!!
I’ve been using this app for over a year, it’s definitely come a long way. Many bug improvements have been made and for that I thank your team. I use it daily to connect and contact with customers 30+ times a day, over 1000 contacts. With little to no issues. I do hope there are plans to add support for the X. Only bug I’ve noticed is
I have done payment to get credit but not updated to account..plz refund money or check the issue. Other wise will take action against this issue.
Yes: This is a good word for me! No matter what else, I will always be better than others in my heart by tens of thousands
Easy to use and offers Quality, Consistent, and Reliable Service. Quick setup, Easily navigational application... Definitely Recommend to Everyone 👍 From a Happy Highly Satisfied Customer
App is very easy to use and I get to have an additional number for my purpose! I love that I even get to choose my own number from about 4 options!! I enjoy its letting me build up credit score to earn points; it is a very excellent function to have! H
Very limited selection (Bulgaria, Greece) of European countries, which lack of SMS services. probably only useful for the Canada, UK and USA.
It works good for the most part in fact if you need this number to message your friends from the US or UK it may be the perfect app for you! It's not free but their US and UK numbers are cheap, be warned though if you try to send an international text/SMS from your US or UK number they will use a free SMS gateway to send your text to the target number (Like if you send a text from your US number to Hungary or Australia they get a message from a third-party sender number not from the one you sent it too) apart from this small issue it works great and I would love to use it if the Australian number would be cheaper by a few dollars and it could handle receiving/sending SMS/texts too!
I’ve had this app for years now on multiple different devices and it’s wonderful. They’ve made some great updates over the past couple of years and it’s really helped. Although this app is very useful, there are a few problems. One, I have my notifications for the app on, but when someone calls, it notifies me that
If you check in everyday and participate in the daily lottery you can secure enough points to cover your calls if you are a light user. Where my carrier charges $.20 a minute internationally, CallsUp charges $.03. Which depending upon how you get the points can be a penny.It depends upon your internet service. They warn you you still have to pay even if you choose to use a weak service. I have called from the middle east on Zain toItaly and Germany and the service breaks up. I called on CallsUp,
i used this number i purchased to text someone from Philippines but the number didn't appear ,it only appeared as "cninfo" they can't even text me back in this number, why's that??pls fix this.thank u
I have a twin sister that lives in a different state then me, she has a real phone while i have a iPod. I didn't have a phone number until i got this app, it works for other apps sometimes when it says phone number, U CAN ACTUALLY USE THE PHON
I would like to express how GRATEFUL I am that a service app. is available to people like myself that really depends on having a phone service for great reasons, for example, I rely on this app. because I have serious health issues and sometimes I can’t afford to pay monthly phone bills knowing that I have to cho
It’s a great app working well, until I ran out of texts. I decided to do the monthly thing, but it’s forcing me to use a NEW number instead of the one I currently have. It’s gonna look shady if I switch numbers all of a sudden, what the hell man. Update: didn’t fix the issue, just stuck with the new number because legit NO OPTION to stay
This is a scam I paid for a number but I never get to use the number, it does not receive sms too bad
i have bought 2 numbers and till now i didn't receive them in my account, refund me or solve my problem
I've been using the software for a while, and to be honest, it's really easy to use. I was shocked when I called and heard the news of my friend's death. All the way, the deceased rest in peace, my friend.
This app is good at the beginning but when come to the second month, subscription payment was deducted from my credit card but i unable to service anymore. Still no feedback from support team until todate.
Very solid app for a virtual phone line for messaging and voice calls. Some small delays sending pictures and no support for sending videos to the line. Overall, being able to manage multiple lines and quickly dismiss them works better than google voice lines or any other app I've seen.
With this app you can actually get a good reception on texts and phone calls top apps the phone calls lag very much
Sometimes you need an extra line to avoid giving your number out to potential scammers or unwanted spam, CallsUp gives you exactly that for cheap, if you don’t trust someone or something simply give them your second line instead of your main line until you know they are/ or it is legit.
Best but, needs to allow an individual to chose a particular number to call with instead of the app keep using different numbers to call.people
This app has done a lot within a short time of using it. I’ve been using similar apps with almost the same concepts, but this by far has took an amazing/ toll on me by its user friendly use.. Theirs so much to say but my English is not perfect but excellent experience!!! Recommend for any who’s interested in making international or local calls it saves a lot more than car insurance!!!!!!
Callsup is a unique app that have connect million of people together helping business people to communicate with their clients
I’ve only had the app for about one full day I needed it to make a call to my bank since my phone isn’t serviced. Thankfully I was able to make my calls no problem and receive them. I don’t mind the adds either if it means I can use the app for free. I haven’t used the texting yet so no opinion on that
My company doesn’t provide work phones but still expects us to use a phone for work. callsUp has been a lifesaver for this reason and I’ve recommended it to a few of my co-workers who also love the app. I love being able to turn it on do not disturb mode during my non-working hours, as well as being able to record a custom voicemail and being able to set auto-reply messages. I only wish the app would have the option to set the do not disturb mode to set days/hours so I could set it for my work h
This is sheer waste. All that is left is to spend my money in vain. This will not work for Sri Lanka.
Sometimes you need an extra line to avoid giving your number out to potential scammers or unwanted spam, CallsUp gives you exactly that for free, if you don’t trust someone or something simply give them your second line instead of your main line until you know they are/ or it is legit. CallsUp also gives you the option to separate business from pleasure because you can use one line for personal contacts and the other line for business contacts; get organized and stay safe with CallsUp!!!
Convenient and practical, response and call quality are good, of course when your network is relatively smooth
I’ve been using CallsUp for a little over 1 years now! I absolutely love it! I live out in the country & don’t have a phone provider. With CallsUp I can use my WiFi to make calls to make doctors appointments for myself & my children, I can order food over the phone, I can check up on prescriptions from the pharmacy, & I can also talk to my honey when he goes on the boat for 4 weeks+. Thank you CallsUp for providing these services!
I’ve been very pleased with this app. It works as advertised. I regularly use it so I don’t have to give out my real number on sites like craigslist. The service isn’t free, but I would not expect it to be. I like how it gives me the option to get rid of a temp number right after use, or keep it for as long as I may choose to. I can also have multi
It’s great the sound is good chats are good it took a while to get but it payed off my rating 5 stars
I think this app works great for the casual user who has home WiFi. I don’t like talking longtime on phone unless it is immediate family. If you use phone for work this app not for you. You enjoy chatting a lot daily cough up a few bucks for the credits. Still beats paying a major carrier. If you NEED to use the phone in the road find another app or carrier. Emergencies this app seems pretty good but to be honest, never had one in last couple years needing to call on the road without WiFi. If tr
This app is so cool and fast but I don't receive text messages from companies, but I registered a monthly plan. I don't know the reason why!
I've purchased the credit, when i purchased it did made the call, but now making, what's wrong, you don't even have support, so i can raise a ticket
CallsUp is great. I use my partners phone number to have a call back number and then just return calls the next day. It sounds like a hassle but once you get it down it is very convenient. The only thing I have ran into is that you cannot use it for 911 calls. Other than that it’s a very useful app! Thank you
Really impressed with the sound quality! Works every time.. When my At&t service went down, I called their tech support on Ding Tone. I paid for a dedicated phone number for $1.99 for one year! Would like to know if I can keep that same number next year? I will be buying minutes, though the daily check in gives me enough minutes for my random use. I also use the local number so I can make calls away from wifi, on data. This is my first review ever... This app is a stand out. Thanks for developin
Nothing special, I bought a US number. Sometimes the voice quality is not good. However, it depends on WIFI/4G.
please, don't waste your time and money on this trash, they took the money right away from my account and after the payment was done i received a message with network problem so stay away from those scamers.
I have not used this all long enough to give it 5 stars. The setup is well done and very user friendly. Every aspect seems extremely customizable, which is a definite plus in my book. 10 minutes in and o have not deleted. Great sign that i we’ll enjoy the app
I would like to express how GRATEFUL I am that a service app. is available to people like myself that really depends on having a phone service for great reasons, for example, I rely on this app. because I have serious health issues and sometimes I
This app is phenomenal! It's not much different from how you text & call from your cell phone already. You get a different phone number for privacy, that you can use for any online transactions, dating apps or any one you would like to keep private. This is a solid app, there's no crashes or bugs and if you run into a problem you can send a email to the support team.
This app is super convenient while using dating apps. It allows you to carry just your regular phone instead of two separate ones and with the upgrade you can block numbers just like your regular phone. If you find that the person you meet is crazy you can just callsUp the number and not the entire phone!
Refund my money.totally waste of buying credits...this app steals your money.no ringing sounds on making calls,even if someone attends noone hear your voice.only credits going down.pls no app s valid
I have used several tools, and I personally think this one is very good and worth having, hehe, the point is that you can sign in every day to save money! Who knows who uses it, thank you for the hard work of the team, good luck to you!
I have a see callsUp for years. Anytime I sign up for any kind of social media account that asks for a phone number so they can send you a text message before you sign up, I use a callsUp. I don’t want to use my real number because they sell those to the Spam people. If you want to sign up for a fake Facebook, Twitter, etc., and they
No warning whatsoever that this is international calling and you have to buy credits on top of a fee.
Check this app out and give it a solid chance...because it’s worth it. Who knows you might find yourself totally addicted to scoring free minutes. Calling can be tricky if you don’t understand how to choose what method to use...but even that is simple after reviewing tutorial. I’m a fan of the way it interfaces with my iPhone 8 Plus. Just remember to store the contact in your phone first not in CallsUp so the name pulls over. Six stars…
Service is ok. I use it to talk to my banks in USA. Phone number does not work for moonpay. It doesn't work for visa verification and bank flags as do not use.
This is a great app if you are dating and using date apps . As a woman, well men should do this to . Women crazy these days as well . I like to go through screening process . This app works well because I don’t have to do the whole block n delete if the mans crazy . I can just hop on n off this app . Everyone sh
The service has worked well for me and I have been using the service for almost a year now. Learning which service to purchase and how it works can be frustrating if you do not read all the way through the offers before purchasing. I have not had any issues with the service and I have recommended the service to others.
asking select number first butvi already dialed the number still asking select the number, NOT REAL IT IS A FAKE UP
This phone software is very good, can achieve the purpose of recording, and at the same time, you can sign in to earn US dollars every day, so you can make free calls.
Living abroad for a few months, but didn’t want to pay $60/month for an additional international subscription with my phone plan since I use WiFi for almost everything. Only problem arose when I needed to call my bank in the US. Found CallsUp and was able to make a clear call. I now use them whenever I need to call the US to deal with various things. Highly recommend.
It's a good app so far but i have to pay for the number at first and i don't have enough money to buy it, please do something about it try to make things less harder for your users
I heard from my friends that this phone is very easy to use, just download it and try it. The result is unexpectedly easy to use. You can sign in and collect the phone bill. You can only make calls when you have an internet connection.
I needed a second # so that when I was off the clock I could simply stop all the late and early AM calls from drivers needing dispatch throughout the night on nights I wasn’t on the clock. This gives me that. I simply turn off push notifications when I
Really cool second phone number app! I recommend this application to everyone! I really like it, thanks to the developers!
I don't understand this app. You said unlimited calls and messages in USA.Then I bought it yet they still required credit to message
This app pays for itself in value. I got sick of getting robocalls constantly, so I purchased a callsUp subscription in the hopes of using it in lieu of my personal number on websites etc to keep my personal phone more private. I use the callsUp number for basically anything that wasn’t super important/personal— every time I’m prompted
Yo I keep seeing reviews saying there’s so many adds and it says not sent try again but you need adds to keep it free and you have to be connected to WiFi to send messages if it’s that hard for you then work hard, save up your money and buy a phone if you can’t do that then well I’m sorry I love this app and
I’ve used this for about a year and some months I think, as a secondary number for work. Only tried two other apps for it and they were awful with the emails and messages they sent constantly to maintain that number and to upgrade to paid. BUT this one doesn’t expire your number.
I have used different apps like CallsUp and by far CallsUp is the best app. I recommend this app to all my friends who may need a few weeks before the next phone bill or would like to be able to screen unwanted calls. Texting is also really good but at times can give some problems with sending. Overall it is a great app and you get exactly what you would expect and no weird gimmicks or fine print. Thank you CallsUp team
I have done payment to get a new number but not updated to my account..please refund my money or check the issue.
Some payment methods didnt work for some reason and had to wait for a while to get things done. The support team Helped. Still testing their services.
I’ve used a number of the second number apps and this is def one of the top ones. Lots of options to customize within the app......& they’re not all locked until u pay like many of the others. Set up process is simple, easy to navigate, quality of the actual service is good as well. No complaints so far!
Brother, this is a very bad app, no one will install it, it is not verified ভাইয়া এটা অনেক বাজে একটা অ্যাপস কেউ ইন্সটল করবেন না ভেরিফাই হয় না
This is a great app if you are dating and using date apps . As a woman, well men should do this to . Women crazy these days as well . I like to go through screening process . This app works well because I don’t have to do the whole block n delete
Second phone has given me the ability to do my job, without revealing my number. Also I can stay connected to friends, but only ones that can be trusted to know my second number.
App is very easy to use and I get to have an additional number for my purpose! I love that I even get to choose my own number from about 4 options!! I enjoy its letting me build up credit score to earn points; it is a very excellent function to have! Honestly, there is nothing of this app that I can complain about. I d
The app is one of the better calling apps that I have tried in awhile. Clear voice quality and easy to use. The voicemail is pretty good.
Please I don't understand.. I made an annual purchase for the first time , it was still verifying and all all of a sudden it stopped... I received a mail that number was successful purchased .. and I can't see the number on my purchased list
I am unable to make calls. I am connected to a strong WiFi connection, and have more than enough credits, and a bought a dedicated number, but I can't make any outbound calls. I can make texts, and receive calls, but cannot make any calls. please help me 😔
This is super easy to use. I didn't know if it was good or not before, but later I found out that this turned out to be very useful.
This is the most stupid app ever, purely scam!!!! I repeat DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS SCAM APP, THEY'LL ONLY TAKE YOUR MONEY AND START TRLLING YOU ERROR!!!!
I purchase new number and is not showing in my dashborad no option to use the number on my dashboard. Please help to resolve it have already make payment for the purchasing the number
The app was a life saver till it suddenly stopped working. At first, i coukd not receive or place calls for longer that 35 minutes and after I signed out, it just stopped working generally. I purchased 2 numbers and used the services several times. But now I cannot log in. Says invalid email. Tried sending a code, invalid email. Yet I have been billed more than 5 times with the same email. WHAT IS GOING ON? the sad thing is I made these numbers my business lines. I feel so terrible.
I used this app for online dating and it really is the best! I love how I can send pictures and also create a contact for each caller. Luckily I never had to used the “ghost” feature because there was 1 great person I ended up giving my real number to. And the other guys never texted back after I told them I wasn’t interested, so we’re good on that too. Keep in mind— you cannot use Bluetooth while using the app. I tried it once in my car and it failed. You have to answer directly from your cellp
Bought a number and nothing was received. Reached out for technical support and it's already taking days to be responded to. Very bad
I’ve only had the app for about one full day I needed it to make a call to my bank since my phone isn’t serviced. Thankfully I was able to make my calls no problem and receive them. I don’t mind the adds either if it means I can use the app for free
I have paid for my new number and till now you refused to give it to me...please I will not ask you twice for it...I will take action and make sure your app is brought down if you done take action
Awesome.Honestly, at the start that is not good. The changes appeared after I sent an email. This team helped me to solve my order perfectly. I suggest you guys, who didn’t update your account after your payments, send an email.
It does exactly what it’s supposed to. The only downside is not being able to set a different ringtone for the callsUp line, and still show the caller’s incoming phone number at the same time. Currently you have to set callsUp to display YOUR own callsUp number as the incoming phone number when someone calls that line. You save yo
Sometimes I can’t receive messages, sometimes I can. Same question on send. They told me that’s because the carrier didn’t support. I hope they can solve it.
So far so good. I’ve purchased a few credits but if I had to get the yearly fee, its not too bad. It’s roughly the same price as other apps such as music, VPN, and storage space etc so no surprise there. If you do use a VPN, the only counties you can be connected to is USA, Canada, & Australia. I was on another country and I was not getting back any texts. I found this out by contacting customer support and they were quick to get back to me. Overall, everything works. I know a few people have sa
I use this app to connect with all my clients, I am a makeup artist and this app is everything. Although I love how I can use it and never have to worry about losing conversations I am so frustrated with it because I can’t change my login number. I just got the iPhone X and I got a new number luckily I kept my other phone to back it up
The app is very useful it's excellent as a second phone number, especially call forwarding, to avoid missing calls to me. Quality of phone calls is decent.