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Can you escape the 100 room XII

Can you escape the 100 room XII for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by HKAppBond located at 19c block one scenery court Shatin. The game is suitable for Teen and required Android version is 2.3.3 and up.
Classic Escape Game "Can you Escape the 100 room XII" is coming ...

It is a classic puzzle game , it!

The if you like the challenge must not miss new 50 room escape, Let you can't stop, start your brain cells, your observations, your judgment, your calculations, trying to escape ...

Humane tips, the key moment will be pleasantly surprised,Make you successful escape.

If you love puzzle games, you will not miss such a wonderful challenge.

50 rooms, 50 challenge, waiting for you to escape!!!

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Can you escape the 100 room XII.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
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User Reviews
Some ads cover whole screen and don't have a close the ad button. Some mini-puzzles had their clue that didn't help grasp how to try to solve it. There was minor glitches too. Overall, okay game.
Thought provoking process. This is excellent food for the brain! Great program design. Graphics enhances the game.
Old faithful. The first escape game series I tried . A free game with tins of levels and ads are 5 seconds long. What's not to like?
The puzzles are challenging in a way that's enjoyable. They aren't so easy it's boring nor so hard it's frustrating. A happy medium! Great game...a lot of fun!
Really challenging and interesting. Love trying to work things out like this. You'll never get bored with this game.
Addicting game. The only problem that I have is that when you spin the wheel for free hints the majority of the time you have to watch an ad but it doesn't give you the hints. Please fix this
Ok puzzles. The more "difficult" puzzles don't require brain power but more patience to move pieces into a correct spot. Would enjoy more structured puzzles that require logic.
These are the best puzzle games, in my opinion. The graphics are great and the puzzles are just the right amount of difficulty. Fantastic game!
Love this game and thumbs up to the game maker, the best game ive ever played... Infact ive downloaded different games like this but this is the only one who made me learnt and enjoy at the same time... Anyways ive downloaded almost all of your games same like this cause i was really addicted of playing... Thank you!
More easy than the previous ones, interesting,good graphics,some puzzling sub games. Overall good , hints can be used to pass some irritating puzzles and whenever u couldn't find any further clue. Hints can be easily collected by just watching an ad😁😁
A small point: the experience would be a lot better if when you collect an object, a short description of it (even one word) would accompany it to your inventory. Other similar games do this, and it's not hard to program. You could argue that identifying the object is part of the challenge, but it is not the challenge we signed up for, and failure to see what the object is is more of an indictment of the graphic artist than the user.
Good challenges and puzzles, thanks for improving. The puzzles make more sense than some of older editions of this series.
The game was nice overall. Few of the puzzles were meaningless but I still had fun with the gameplay. Too much of ads though.
Game is ok. But some puzzles are not described well and you end up using all your hints for more information and still not sure about the puzzles answer. But still fun to play.
I liked it. Wasn't to easy. The only problem I had was when you had to watch a video to get a free hint. I would have to minimize the game and then come back to it, because there was no 'x' button.
very intelligent, very entertaining, an excellent game (please, change the music, it's not bad but it is annoying)
Really good but some mini puzzles have no explanation and hints are wasted trying to work out what to do
These puzzles are great. I did come across a couple that I didnt feel were clea Rd in what was needed but was still able to figure it out.
So glad to see another level available. Have enjoyed these games. There are a wide variety of interesting puzzles to solve and the difficulty level is just right to challenge the brain. Keep up the good work creators. Looking forward to level 13.
Its ok, its frustrating that when you watch an add for a hint the "google ads" get stuck theres no way to close them out or back out other than to close the whole game app out. Then you still dont get a hint. It could be better. But on a positive note I do like the fact the games are challenging.
Love it. Absolutely addicted right now. Best escape room game I've played so far and I've played a few.. it's just exactly what i like . Simple with no complicated options and settings ect.. and im grateful for the hints you get. Lol.. i lol it
Very poor Spectrum has an ad that takes up the whole screen. No back button or x to close the ad. When I close the app and open back up it takes me right back to ad and now I can't play game. I wouldn't bother with this app.
It's a good game and enjoyed it very much, but it's also annoying,I've gote the correct solution and it does not accept it until I use the hint that give me the same answer as I have watched adds for hints 10 times and received nothing.
Great game but I've been playing for 5 days and for 5 days I've watched countless ads to gets hints but it's not working...I watch the ad close the ad and nothing happens... extremely frustrating!
Very entertaining. Hints when/if you need them are available. Try to use only when in a puzzle or it will only direct you to the next puzzle to complete rather than help with the puzzle itself.
I hate it when it gets stuck on a commercial especially the ad about spectrum and it does not let me go back the spectrum is not even a commercial it's just a freaking picture and I cannot understand why I'm having trouble with this game it won't let me continue playing the game I have to keep turning it off and on hard enough to freaking continue playing the game to get to another room
OK I just deleted my 1st review. I LOVE these escape game series. My review WAS 5 stars. I was so excited to see 12πŸ˜€but now disappointed.😒I can't get past level 25. You have to paint a Egyptian man that is on a column to match identical column that's on the other side of the room. There is only 2 colors yellow & blue. The head piece is blue & the skirt piece is yellow. Very simple. NOT. The game will ONLY allow me to use the yellow paint. On both. Can't go on! Emailed makers & no response😒
Level 14 is the hardest for me and it takes a lot of charge out of your phone or tablet but over-all it is a very very good game
Was fun at first, but I have encountered glitches and in order to get hints, you have to pay or watch a video. Mostly, I am not offered an ad, I just have to pay. Not happening. I will simply uninstall.
I like it so far i love escape games i am still playing it until it get to hard good so far good for your mind.
I've enjoyed this game so far but there's one thing that annoys me. The game can rotate only one side (in my android phone).
This games was much better than the last two but there were still some rooms that had no logic to them. The math clues are the worst and I like math.
Great puzzles! Ads didnt drive me nuts, and purchases weren't needed to finish. Thanks for a good escape game!
This Escape Game is fantastic. Its challenging but not that hard. And im honestly telling that im quite addicted on this application, but it has a good effect for me. It excercises my brain, and challenged my knowledge.
Pretty good game. Some puzzles take too long or are too much and have to use clues to overcome, but not too many to make the game un-fun.
It's nice and interesting puzzles, quite logical, ad's not that annoying. There is no plot, but it's fine, I really enjoying solving each room.
Would be better if hints actually gave you hints how to complete the puzzle rather than doing it for you. I would like to see where I am going wrong rather than it being solved for me. Other than that I love the game. Brilliant graphics.
I love these games...they are definitely the best escape games... I've downloaded so many others but they just don't compare. I do wish it was 100 rooms as I'm so disappointed when it's over
There are some old chestnuts here but some really new and exciting things to work out. The mini puzzles (where it says "play this game") can be both frustrating and confusing. Sometimes theres no guidance at all and you're not sure what you're supposed to be doing. Then some have a ? and if you click on it there are some really unhelpful pictures. I end up using all my hints to get past the more frustrating games.
Very good so far. I'm on level 12. My Fiance hates games. But she seems to be hooked on this one. Finally got her interested in something to relax. Only thing is...... I came home and there was no meal. Lol. Shes been trying to escape a certain room. That's ok, take out it is. As long as she can unwind. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I'm happy. Now we can battle. Or do them together.
Completely enjoyed this escape game, ads were minimal, I hardly noticed them, the graphics were nice no glitches and u get the WHOLE GAME FREE u don't need real money's either as I done just fine with the free hints and I'm no Einstein trust. I thoroughly recommend u give escape 12 a go it's a scream
Some of the puzzles were impossible for me to do and I had to use the three hints to pass onto the next part. Apart from these few problems I enjoyed the game. Thank you.
I enjoy these games fairly simplistic in form with decent posers on many puzzles. The explanations on how to do some of the puzzles could be better, though.
Not much beats this series of escape games. Enjoyed playing this part. Good variety of room styles. Will be pleased if they make any more.
Love the game, but the game froze on level 47, had to start again from level 37 hoping you can fix the problem, also..the hints are to few and far between this also needs to be sorted.
I like playing these games but, for crying out loud. I play these before bed and turn off all the sound so I don't wake my husband. Then the stupid commercials come on at full blast. I can't turn off the sound fast enough and wake him. FAIL!
I have played all these games & never had issues until this one. Graphics not as good as usual. Too many mini game glitches. Level 37 push button mini game could not be completed after multiple restarts of the level. Uninstalled
Iv played them all I am like a kid waiting for that new toy you want at Christmas these are by far my favorite escape games so far it's been excellent just like all the rest thanks guys keep them coming.
I am so hooked on all these ones. I played every one. Now waiting for more to come out. Just finished the latest one. Best escape games !!
Stuck on level 6 and it keeps giving me a hint for the wand or stick thing but I cannot find a use for it and now I am losing interest
Game is fun....Level 34 and 35 scenes copied from "Five BN game's darkness and flame 4"....πŸ€­πŸ€­πŸ€­πŸ˜„
I like it it's just some puzzles get tough and some I don't know how to solve so I have to skip them. The problem is sometimes I have to use skips and I get mostly ads which don't give me hints.
Best puzzle game. You can enjoy by it. Its has special feature. And u can achieve hints by ur knowledge. There are a fine addiction. I can reached 22 level. But hints are not available .
It's a good frustrating game. Makes you think but sometimes thing are impossible to solve and make you do hints.
A (mostly) very good game. Some levels are easier than others, and some levels just make no sense so in comes YouTube to the rescue! All in all, a good puzzle game without being overly problematic for the most part
Great game! I've been waiting for this to be released, I've done all the previous ones and enjoyed them all.
Nice challenge, I am not a fan of the old sliding tile puzzles. So I find myself just saving hints and skipping those. But other than that it is fun
These are BY FAR, THE BEST escape room games! Every rooms DIFFERENT, has a puzzle or game,that you can't complete until you find objects / and or clues (it will let you know if you are missing puzzle/game pieces) Some of which are easy, some V hard... Some rooms have more than one, and you may need to think 'out of the box'. You can get solved with hints if your sick of trying. Has ' watch ads' to get 'free hint' too. I have been waiting Xll. Thanks HKbond!Keep up good work! ACE! πŸ‘βœŒπŸ‘πŸ‘
Fantastic just like the previous 11 in the series. Hands down the best free escape games in the app store. Logical puzzles, though some require one to think outside of the box. Some math skills are also required. I'm eagerly awaiting number 13!!
These are a lot of fun, but occasionally there is an answer that is too complicated, or you have to know exactly what the puzzle's creator was thinking and a hint is needed to solve. After you see the hint, you say out loud "How was I supposed to know that?" But they are rare.
Fun and for those who are new to these type games it is easy enough that you won't get discouraged while developing your skills.
I just finished the game and it was a feeling of relief type I decided to play from can you escape 1 to 12 and I'm so glad i finished loved it very much. I'm waiting for 13
Game is cool. I can play it for whole day without getting bore.. The reason I'm giving 4stars is some puzzles are so hard i have to watch sol video on u tube and still can't understand so i have to take hint.
So far so good. Quite easy even without hints! Just what im looking for right now and no glitches so far!
Was really enjoying this game til I got to level 19, I know I have to hit each bongo so many times but it does not move on when I have done it. Am becoming very frustrated and if it conti ues will uninstall game
Enakku migavum piditha vilaiyattu. 11 vilaiyattu varai mudithu vittean. 12 aavathu pagudhiyai edhirparthukondirundhaen.nanraaga irukkiradhu.
Great graphics. Very fun. Wish there was some fear factor involved. Not real scary just sound effects or something... shadows idk. Some levels are extremely challenging. Love it.
The puzzles are hard enough just to the point where you hard temped to users clue. Then you say to yourself 'Wait, what happens if I do this?'.
Pretty, but hung on an ad after the first level. No time for buggy games given how many there are. Oh, here's an idea, when you release an update, patch the original so I don't have to update the app immediately.
The puzzle instructions are east to figure out, but some of the puzzles themselves can't be done without using 3 hints to pass them. Also, I found myself mindlessly tapping everything to try to find the next clue. Definitely needs some work.
It's a good game and enjoyed it very much, but it's also annoying,I've gote the correct solution and it does not accept it until I use the hint that give me the same answer as I have.
Some things are difficult and make no sense, but in general this game is fun and challenging. A good way for me to end my day before bed.
Though this one is easier with comparison to previous series. But still excellent. Always a fan of this game and series. I tried other games of the same intrest but are not too good. All are below par to these game series. Now it took around 6 days to complete this series. Waiting for next series. Love to play this game. Hope next series will be available soon. Can't it be 100 levels game besides of 50. Great.
So far this game is just there. Haven't made up my mind. The clues and the order your to play is not obvious, which means you have to use the clues and once those are gone your stuck.
Nice. Seems like puzzles are based on clues found in the same room and guessing solutions is blocked until you have found the clues. One glitch: the aspect ratio is off on my device and everything looks too broad.
I wish everything including hints could be enlarged by zoom controlled by player bigger than it is now along with a simple explanation of ojbect ie; gold triangle, hammer, bucket... sometimes it's hard to figure out item let alone find how to use it. But graphics and challenge absolutely perfect! Never bored. Tip: if you have to pause game try to finish level or at least a complete action or it's hard to get back into the flow of game especially when it's a difficult equation or clue 2 be solved
Best games ever played all of them 3x finishing the new one now play it again please we need MORE MORE MORE thanks never a complaint but this game has reset 4x
Game was going good till room 15. The blocks that you have to move amd get in order keep disapperring. I have went out and back into the game many times. Everytime I only have one block left to move it does it.
This is the best escape the room game i have found. Puzzles are not too easy or impossible and you can get through in the end. Love it !
This escape room was challenging but solvable. I felt like I understood what they wanted me to do. Thoroughly enjoyed solving it.
Its nice and all. But later in game the clues became shorter and less discriptive. And there are bugs too. Ex- in weight equalization game the weights suddenly became invisible. Had to start the game again. It's just annoying.
It's challenging & fun but I think you need to provide more hints avaible. You don't get enough or faster ways to get them & you stay stuck on levels due to it. Only thing I would suggest you fix.
Addicting game, good design and challenging enough. No need to spend so much time watching those adds.
Having Trouble on LEVEL 37 ??? Here is how to solve Level 37 computer screen puzzle to get 4 number code combination. Take screen without coloured squares. Move each number CLOCKWISE by number of squares equal to the number itself. Ex, "4" moves by 4 squares clockwise. "9" moves by 9 squares clockwise. Move all numbers. Final corner positions show the Code Combination, when overlayed with "Colour Squares" from other Computer screen. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
great game why are people saying they have to spin wheel for hints...I DONT have that getting hints by watching an ad is better than spinning a wheel like previous games(maybe only android 10)...BUT LEVEL- 47 is broke no clue what to do on paper puzzle/eraser???? used 3hints to pass and..... NOTHING i erased all the numbers and the puzzle wont reset SO cant finish game
The "circuit " puzzle in level 37. The clue is horrible! What kind of puzzle is it? Jump and clear, line them up, what? It makes no sense at all, and none of the buttons stay pushed down, or move. What is the end result shpposed to be? And you can't use just 1 hint for help, its 3 hints to solve or nothing. Very frustrating.
A lot of fun. Huge variations of difficulty. My only frustration is that if a puzzle game is just too hard for me, and they give you the solution, I want to always see how it was done, not just click-done. If I need help, you better know that I have tried for a very long time, and want to see what I was doing wrong..
Great game!! Some of the puzzles can be frustrating otherwise I really enjoy it . The ad breaks are bearable.
Names of objects not there. What we have found not sure what object it is. Also asa puzzle is solved it immediately closes without even knowing what we have solved. Make it harder.
When u solve puzzles, u will hv a feeling that its worth solving it but after solving puzzles in this game... I didn't hv that feeling of worth solving them.. such puzzles are baseless, in simple no meaning, just devs put their mind into creating such puzzles and forced players to solve them however it is possible.
I have played this game for hours.Got to level 22 ..Spent 30.00 for clues..At level 22 I did what was required and as i went to the next room my screen went black.I rebooted my laptop and when i got back onto the game it was all the way back to level one.All my effort and solving is gone as is the money i spent to get clues..I am pissed to say the least..BEWARE..
This is a wonderfully designed escape game! There are so many terrible ones out there with high ratings that are horrible, but this one is great!! Wish I could give more starsπŸ™‚
I like the game just fine except when you watch an ad for a hint, you never get the hint. I don't understand! Can someone explain what l'm doing wrong?
It's OK, but would be good if you could click on the hint and get a hint, instead of it saying 3 hints needed to pass. And the wheel only stops on the ads and also some of the items are hard to see what they are.
Horrible...I had a puzzle to solve I am nor able to do and when I take free hints it never gives it ...only ads . I am so done this is a horrible game and if I met the creator I would hit that person. And If I could rate less than 1 I would have
Not super hard but definitely fun..a couple puzzles I still had to look up and STILL can't make sense of how I'd know to do it..but it was otherwise enjoyable and easy enough to get through a level on a quick break and still enjoy it
Quite fun, not hard, no bugs ads not really annoying or intervening with gameplay enough hints to get you through the whole game in a day or 2
Love all their escape games. 1 thru 12. They are challenging but not too hard, I do have to cheat sometimes. Clever mix of mini puzzles in the levels. -And I like how it's broken down into rooms, each level has 1 or 2 rooms each, instead of one long ongoing escape game where you can't even remember what you need, much less how to get there. TW This is my honest opinion, it's not a review for rewards bc I don't give a $#!+
When playing any escape game that everything looks realistic ,tip when you enter ,just imagine you are really there and you need to get out, what is the first thing you look for ? Well a key would help. If you enter a dark room what is the first thing you should find ? If you have matches on you lite one, then find a light switch or a torch.
im only on level 5, but it is okay. But the constant ads are horrible. Not only do you play the same one over and over again, but do you have to play it every time a level is completed? Not to mentioned the one that is pernanently stuck on the bottom of the screen. it's disruptive and ruins the play and i believe im not going to finish. It would be better to let a player finish at least a couple of levels before showing an ad. With this game having 50 levels i think you can do that easily.
Had fun... Some rooms just made no sense at all to the player... Or clicking on some things didn't work at first(tapped a few times on something and nothing happened until after tapping it a few more times)... Overall, it a fun game..