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careFIJI for PC and MAC

Is a Medical game developed by Government of the Republic of Fiji. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 5.1 and up.
careFIJI is a application that is mobile by the Fijian Government under the digitalFIJI initiative to assist the Ministry of Health and Medical Services streamline and speed up its manual contact tracing efforts. By opting into this initiative that is voluntary Fijians can help stop the spread of COVID-19 and save lives by harnessing the power of technology – all while maintaining their absolute security and privacy. Using Bluetooth technology that does not capture any location or GPS information, careFIJI is based on the source that is open implementation of TraceTogether mobile application developed by the Singaporean Government.

careFIJI uses Bluetooth signals to determine if you are near other careFIJI users. This contact that is close is anonymised, encrypted and stored on your mobile phones.

Only A number that is mobile required to activate the careFIJI app and Ministry of Health and Medical Services officials will use the same number to call you to conduct contact tracing.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the careFIJI.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download careFIJI for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Gud but my ph got freeze so i had to uninstall and for safety after few days get to install again * but thank u for caring the citizens *
I have been trying to scan QR code in Shop & Save Nakasi but it automaticly stop and shut down...Please rectify this issue and fix it...Does it work in all the mobile phone devices or only certain mobile models...
I have been trying to load this app about 30times. When i put in the PIN and upload in says Invalid PIN. Pls assist.
Bula this app is totally a bizarre.Im still waiting for my one time pin.Sometimes i have to install and then uninstall.Hope this app is ok
Tried several times but unable to ge the code. The number provided is correct. Any one else faced this?
The app is great but could you explain how the app tracks users through bluetooth technology and as a suggestion could you use other forms or ways to track users as bluetooth uses an unusual amount of battery life over a long period of time.
It has allowed entry into merchant's establishments during severe lockdown, and has done a magnificent job of supporting contact tracing of the COVID-19 victims. It is functionally silent on your phone and uses minimal energy and no data. Ideal under our circumstances.
Cool 😎 Nice govt took such initiative on top of many others to make fiji safe for us all and soon can open the borders too if we all care to download and use it.
While scanning the QR code it needs data to be on and if i on my mobile date the other application chews the money. So it means if we need to use QR SCANNING we have keep our mobile balance $0
My care app keeps crashing. The notification keeps going off and I have to go on the app or restart my phone again and again. I need help with this. Vinaka
Hi there, thanks for this app. It is extremely important. I have a suggestion however. Please create a QR code and place at major installations, at check points and bridges. This will enable ease of download while passing by.
I have a new phone Ruio but the carefiji updated version of QR code scan is not working on it. Can it be fixed on this model or it's totally useless and I have to buy a new and different model phone...again..
I'm irritated by the notification. I can not remove it from my notification tab. I want the app to only notify me when it's not working. But here its telling me to restart if it appears. It defeats the purpose for having notification.
Requesting if this app is made available in Itaukei and Indo-fijian language. Simply for our fellow elders in rural areas. And consistently share it on social media (ads, top fijian groups. etc)
Thank you for the clarification....the data for this app being zero rated is helpful...but switching on data without having a data plan could chew your balance in no time due to background apps....thanks to the ridiculous rates the mobile companies charge for data used outside their plans.
I've tried to installing it multiple times but it does not seem to work on my phone, after it downloads and installed when I open the app it closes instantly..the app keeps crashing.. so for now I'll leave the rating at 1 star till issue is resolved on next update
IMPOSSIBLE to activate when OTP arrives some hours after being requested, even with Version 1.0.46 installed!!!
Downloaded and installed with no issues. It does what it says it supposed to. It only requires location permissions. Battery usage is the same as casual daily use. No crashes or issues so far.
What does the data privacy look like? If it can pass a privacy audit, then government can probably add a congestion map feature which showcases places to avoid. Even with a 5-minute delay probably half the people would stop moving around if they knew they had to go stand in a long line. It probably wouldn't be hard to implement statistic reports by simply calculating the average times people spend at a location.
Care Fiji App notification is dissapears from the notification panel even if we restart the device please find the solution for this people...
Concept is gr8. But this app is not working well on some fones especially old fones. Some people have old fones such as 3 years old. Its not compatible at all. After installing on my moms samsung j2 the app started glitching and now home screen launcher is not usable. Had to formate fone. Reinstalled the app again and it crashed as before. Formatted again then had to install a secondary home screen launcher. Please make your app compatible with old fones. Not everyone has advanced fones.
It drains the battery very quickly as it's always on In the background. Please work on this as we do not have chargers on us all the time. Duly noted. However this is the feedback I have to give as I have noticed my battery draining far quicker since I have made this app addition. Thank you
A great app....works perfectly without much battery consumption. A app which will seriously help us fight against covid.
We're supposed to get a message when we scan the QR code with our data turned on. I've updated this app three times and it still doesnt appear. Is my app working?
Can you make it possible to use the selfie camera incase there's a problem with the camera in front (eg scratches on the screen so can't scan QR Code). Vinaka
Tried several times, the verification pin code doesn't come to my phone so I cant proceed further.. And yes the number given is correct.
Pathetic..all my other apps are workin fine as i have 4G+ network...yet message says ''check internet connection'' when i try to log in to the fiji care app...
Stupid app for stupid people 😡😡😡uninstall it again coz its not even functioning. Waste my data
Will this app be access without mobile data or WiFi??? Or we we need to always have data so this can work??
I personally thing the app is useless and it's stupid.... it crushes buttons not working ... I was hoping it has more information like health care information, health center locations, general health tips and consoling centers contact etc.... no use spending so much in a app which is not even working right
I tried to scan when entering SNS in Sigatoka but the app crashed and it also crashes when I checked out. Whats happening??
Bula. Cant download this app. Says not device isnt compatible with version. Whst to do now. Please advise.
It is quite helpful/important, however teething problems are being faced, needs rectification...facing a bit difficulty in using the QR but I'm proud of the work of the MOH & GOVT.
The app is sending me the code for past few minutes but it is not work please can the technical team look into this please
It does what it says; except I can't see the need for having it on 24/7 when you return home or when you are in lockdown. It requires pumping recharge in when it expires and in the charger to keep the battery continued charging. Many can't afford the additional expense who live only on limited pensions. It's advertised as 'free' - yes, to download, after that it costs $$. Blue tooth on should have been all needed to function properly, being so important.
I had downloaded the app, but when I tried to read the Privacy Policy link it won't open when I click on it. Vinaka
do not get any help from careFiji support services despite email sent. does not work with old version phones
Download this app but it's been a week waiting for the password to continue. Did uninstall the app and reinstall but still can't get the password.
This app doesn't give the verification code despite trying 5 times yet it still doesn't give the code
Pathetic app, what is the purpose for it ? It just drains the phones battery and I have to keep charging it the app wont be responsible if there is battery damage to my phone , better uninstall than to damage my phone
As soon as its downloaded it crashes !!! I have emailed the details to the email as stated in the reply but no reply since yet .. Hope to get a reply soon so that there are no issues if I go to any supermarket or any other places where they will need the carefiji app !!!
I have been trying since yesterday, I m able to install the app but as soon as I enter my pin, it says account has been disabled and says please contact support
Ok so I've downloaded the app and the installation plus verification was successful. Now how do I get vaccinated? Lan
I'm not sure what the fush is about, but it only take a second to download and fill in your details, I'm sure this app helps the government tackle covid cases
Super easy to install. Not too sure what everyone else is on about. Vinaka Team for this ingenious app.
It is a really good app. It dosent use much battery,storage and also dosent need internet to function. Best of all it keeps Fiji and my family safe.
The APP drains my phone battery and what does it do apart from being an extra app on my phone that serves no purpose. Cause about everyone I ask about the APP says that they do not know what it actually does.
this is my second try......i thought I'll leave it 4 a while and give it another shot....but same problem it never send any pin... with in the given time...🤨🤨pliz c 2 this🙄
The app is great but after updating to the new scan QR version it shuts down automatically when I try to scan the code
I can't install the care fiji app on device such as Samsung Galaxy A70 whenever I try to search it is not in the searched list . Please fix this issue as soon as possible....
Download it but can't enter my own number for the one-time pin.. It's like little to nothing has been done to improve this app despite the loads of negative reviews...
The common MoH QR code or bar code scanner may be incorporated Very useful to have in shops, work places, towns, buses, taxis, street corners etc etc. Just scan and enter. I.T. experts can explain better.
The app crashed in just two days, it stopped working and failed to load when I tried restarting several times.
After trying many times still Haven't received the verification code..hope something can be done please
Iam not getting the code within 2 mins so I can continue have also tried resend code but still doesn't come,its redicules how m I suppose to use this when I cant even get the code to continue to use
I download this app twice and I have also uninstall twice. Can whoever is responsible for the upgrade look into it and fix the problem. Been waiting for the verification code. I think this is why many don't want to download this app.
Causes harm to your Bluetooth function as it does not respond anymore. Debugs other apps which needs to use Bluetooth function to operate as well. Very troubleshooting app.
I went to a premises where you are required to scan the qr code. App stopped working altogether. Special request to the government of the day. Build an app that helps individuals. Not stop them from accessing essential services. The 1 rating is to allow my post in effect i give 0 rating- hopeless, pathetic.
After installation of this app it makes the phone slow. Regardless of the phone having 8Gb ram. And drains the battery like water,
The app interferes with use of other apps when it is on. Can only use the other apps after turning it off. I want to know how it can automatically uninstall itself from my phone??? So not trustworthy n think it is creepy n suspiciously illegal for dat to happen.
Downloaded this app was easy, simple steps. But is the app requested access to our phones, are these information protected frm cyber crimes?
I cant download this app on Samsung J6+, it keeps saying "pending" waited for 30mnts still pending so I'm still waiting.
Haven't received the verification code since I have downloaded the app!!!!!!😡😡😐😐.Hope you'll fix this bug as soon as possible.
Hi! The app is a splendid way to counter the virus in Fiji but there's an issue when trying to activate it. When I tried setting it up on my grandma and dad's phone, the 6 digit code didn't come in the first few tries. I had to resend it 4 times on my father's and in the end I had to switch to his digi number to finally have it activated. I've been trying with my grandma's but it's still not working. Can you please fix this issue because I'm still unable to activate my grandma's app.Thank you🤗
It started off great no issues but as the time progresses, this app starts hogging up the processor. This means other apps are jamming up including home screen, which never happened before and does contribute high level of usage on the power especially if you are using phone data. Last night, my phone couldn't perform fast charging, as if something was rapidly consuming the battery. Did all the security check no issues. Uninstalled this app and reboot the device, the phone went back to normal.
I have installed the app thrice but it doesn't seem to open in my open. I think it needs some upgrades.
The app.is.pathetic after this recent update. I am unable to scan any QR code. Please solve this issue as soon as possible. Its irritating
Hi the app constantly shows that there is a notification but when I open it, there's nothing however the message sign doesn't go away. Can u please let me know how to get rid of it or how to check the message?
Download it two times send my phone number receive the verification code but couldn't send verification code because not enough time were given .
The app automatically Uninstalled itself while I was trying to open the app and now I am not able to download the app. I have restarted my phone but still I can not download.
QR scan in the supermarket causes the app to stop and close. This at every attempt to scan. Quiet irritating.
Its useful app doesn't damage anything in the phone even the battery level is same. Its amazing and helpful app
Interferes with receiving calls. When you answer incoming calls the other person on the line cannot hear you.
E set tu na kena download. Sega ni freeze se crash me vaka e complain taka tiko eso na tagitagi ve iloma ni comnents section qo. Paaaak!!!
Unique app targetted at ensuring Fiji remains COVID Free. Well done. God bless. All users, please download the app and assist in keeping Fiji COVID Free.
This app doesn't work on konka s3 It say MH will send a confirmation pin but can't get it n can't open it Waste of my data n time
It makes access to shops/supermarkets & other essential services, almost "instant" instead of joining more long queues to sign in🙏🤔
The Bluetooth part is ok. The only problem is that I cannot scan any code when trying to enter the workplace. The QR scanner app I once installed is much better but Care Fiji can't work.