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Cash Prizes Carnival Coin Game

Cash Prizes Carnival Coin Game for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Chivalry Technology located at Room 341, Building 2, Longguang Century Building, N23 District, Haiwang Community, Xin'an Street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.
Cash Dozer is a casino design coin pusher game this is certainly free. The FREE arcade machine is currently inside you hands! Enter sweepstakes from money Dozer for the possiblity to win daily and weekly, no purchase required.

Collect coins and tickets which can be raffle take dream prize. The greater you play games, the greater benefits you can win! Improve your money gathering by using power-ups with unique functions, raise the coin wall space, increase the dozer that is happy fall a bomb, use the hammer, shake the board and rake all the collections! Look out though! Do not let them drop the sides from the fortunate money dozer machine and out of your reach.

Special coins with unique capabilities will spawn as you go along to provide you with helpful enhances:
★BONUS COINS are much like a regular money nevertheless they add two coins to your coin balance and an additional 2XP.
★CASH are the 2nd important game currency, and they're going to allow you to buy immediate improves and open badge chests.
★XP COIN adds Experience Points to your XP balance shown in the development that is tangerine at the very top associated with the display screen.
★PROP CHIP  Adds a prop to your prop balance, there&# shake that is 39;re bombs, and hammer.
★COIN WALL protect things up to speed from falling down on both edges on coin pusher.
★COIN SHOWER will trigger the money rain extra with massive coin drop.
★PUSHER COMBAT allows your pusher to maneuver much more in the platform, resulting in more coins collected.
★HUGE COIN fall to splash every thing onboard, It drops through the sky like a meteor making the working platform shake after a strong hit.
★HUGE BLAST drop 5 coins which can be huge to splash every thing on board, 5 huge coins drops from the sky like a meteor making the platform shake after 5 effective hits.
★WHEEL CHIP Spin the Wheel of Fortune & hang on to your seat while the wheel decelerates to your incentive!
★SCRATCHCARD CHIP Enter Mega Win Scratch Card to match any number that is winning win huge prizes!

Mia put 36 collectibles such watches, bands, perfumes, roulette... within the casino, each memorabilia has actually 3 different colors. Assist Mia to get these missing items and lighten most of the collectibles to receive larger benefits in the online game!

All sweepstakes are liberated to enter and chosen at random.Enter sweepstakes by being a part of our game for an opportunity that is no-cost change your life. Get in on the winners that are many won money with money Dozer Sweepstakes. These sweepstakes tend to be created as non-gambling Sweepstakes and tend to be intended entirely for activity reasons.

NO BUY PAYMENT that is OR OF TYPE IS ESSENTIAL TO ENTER OR WIN ANY GAME. Must be U.S. resident; age 16+; amount 3 in money Dozer. Winners are randomly chosen to have electronic Amazon.com Present Cards. Visit for full guidelines, awards, how to enter, and other limitations.

*Success through this game does not suggest success that is future genuine money gambling.
*Google Inc. doesn't sponsor, nor is any real method affiliated with money Dozer and/or the sweepstakes rewards.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Cash Prizes Carnival Coin Game.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Cash Prizes Carnival Coin Game for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Nothing like they advertise. I played for several hours and won no money nor even a good prize or two. There were lots of ads. I kept running out of coins. It was all to push you to spending your own hard earned money to buy more in their shop. The graphics were good. The game is fun if you don't want to ever get any cash or prizes and like to spend money on invisible junk. Time to uninstall. DELETE!
Don't waste your time. Pennies are given and you never ever reach the deposit. The commercials are way to frequent and the advertising for is is false.
Warning, Worst ever. Don't do it. Nothing but pop up ads. Have not won anything in over a week. Ads pop up and freeze your phone. This is a big waste of your time. Don't do.
Very addicting game! Works well . The only way to win money is the sweepstakes. Maybe ill get lucky. But there are WAY TOO MANY ADS! it ruins the flow and fun. They should change scratch card to show coins not $$$
Fun and addictive game. Hopefully I'll win a gift card one day. But to all the people complaining about cashing out? The dollars in the game are IN GAME CURRENCY! it's used to buy power ups and wheel spins and such IN THE Game! It's not really money to cash out and out in your pocket. The only way to win money is from the sweepstakes and Amazon gift cards. My goodness haha
NO WAY TO CASH OUT. PLUS ALMOST NEVER GET THE CASH COINS ANYMORE. WILL UPDATE IF ABLE TO CASH OUT. The scratchers are bougus. Show you some like $20 and it's only Coins. Not actually getting real dollars. I have nearly $60 and now way to cash out and have no idea how to ENTER THE SWEEPSTAKES LIKE THE REPLY SAIS. UNINSTALLING IT. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!!!
Was having fun playing this app and I hit a $2 Amazon Card. Never got it so winning these so called "Real" Amazon cards is a total hoax and I am uninstalling the app not wasting no more of my time with a scam app.
I am haveing alot of problems with this game. I like it, but it loads very slow, my money winnings are being put on my coins, and when i watch a video i dont get my stuff for watching. Please help me with this. I really like playing it.
Always have to uninstall in order to get new daily challenges. I keep trying to send a message to developers because it didn't give me any of my Christmas bonuses for winning and froze up instead unable to ask for assistance. I did give two stars because if they would fix bugs and make it easier to contact for technical support it would be a great game experience.
Scam like the rest!!! Delete it if your trying to earn cash!!! Will never happen, but if your playing for fun,enjoy
Why is there no way to cash out? You show daily and weekly payouts but no way to cash out? Why should anyone bother to play when you make sure you pay 0 to anyone? I've read several reviews and this sweepstakes/ raffle answer you give is just bull. That is not why anyone plays the game. You deserve to lose every player and get ruined because of 0 payouts to anyone. You get the lowest rating I can give.
I've been playing for a couple of months now. I still haven't won anything, so I just played for fun. Now I'm up to level 200, and I can't even play for fun anymore! I can't drop coins, I can't play the side games....NOTHING! The 2 stars is ONLY for the fun factor. This game is Very disappointing :(
Pretty good app, I won about a hundred bucks in about three hours of free game play... It was worth my time I'll try to use my money wisely after the one fifty cash out play...
Biggest false advertising I have ever seen says you can win real prizes but everything that I have done in the game is win coins and game bucks no where have I seen a chance to win prizes and also you lose alot of stuff when the game goes to an ad break not worth the download
I hadnt had all that bad of an experiance with it however it seems I'm not the only one with the issue of it wont load, I'm uninstalling simply cause I need to space and I'm fairly certain this game wasnt giving me any money anyways, it was good from a game pov I wont deny but I suggested to let us see the news somewhere so we know what's coming for those of us without social media.
So many ads. You play there's ad breaks, you do any thing and you must wait 30 seconds for an ad. Don't play this, save your time.
It's good but the last time I was at 98 dollars and it went over 100 then back under and crashed I hope I get my money
Game prizes have value nice intangible items dont need a shelf or cleaned. No really starting to appreciate prize drawers in gaming. Having something too.
False advertising. Game crashes doesn't pay out like it advertises. They just want you to download it. Waste of time
DO NOT PLAY! I've been playing this game for a bit now everyday and I've won over a hundred dollars but will not let me cash out! Please help me out..This game will not let you cash out....all these games are a scam to make you watch thousands of ads just to win nothing! Absolutely a waste of 4 months..not one prize...very disappointed
I just enjoy your game. The set up is user friendly and fun. Don't know if I will ever win anything but I am ok with that since the game is a blast.😁
It told me that I had a thirty dollar Amazon card and that I could cash out. I tried to cash out it just had another game to download. I downloaded it and it didn't give me anything
Fun, but i got to level 200 and the game stopped working. It wont let me put down coins and freezes after I select anything. :-/ haven't even been able to redeem anything. Boo
I was addicted to the game and loved the music but the coin counter malfunctioned and i could no longer get the game to function properly so am unsure whats going on but i really like this game.
I just started playing this game keep it a high rating will see if it deserves it it's supposed to be real money we'll see
This isn't a game, it's a ad generator. There are more ads than game. I only tried it to get a reward for another game. Its an annoying game. Uninstalling
fun game, but one nasty flaw - it COMPLETELY BYPASSES and ignores sound settings. I turned my phone to silent/vibrate mode and went into a meeting. Half way through the meeting, my damn phone makes this cash register notification sound at MAXIMUM VOLUME! I got chewed out by the bosses for nearly fifteen minutes about keeping phones on silent in meetings, all because of this stupid app!
I first downloaded this to see if I would win anything and haven't, I've been playing for a few days and I'm not at all upset I haven't won yet, thar game is alot of fun, so much better than regular coin dozer games out there. So many ways to earn coins and when you lose a prize it gives you the option to watch a small ad to recover it, my all time favorite part is the tower of coins, plus it has many mini games that you earn more coins, and the videos are short..Download now u won't regret👍
Before I uninstall this game, don't download this game, a waste of time. I'm done.As others are saying, rip off. It started out fun. Tried to cash out, can't. I got over $100. Raffles my butt. I want a chance to be able to cash out. That's what it said, win money. Bull. Only IF you can win a raffle. $1.00. Is all you might get.I want the $100. Cash. Not a chance at raffles.
PLEASE FIX THE GAME!!! The game is stuck and even though I uninstall it turn off my phone and reinstall it, it's still stuck. This is so unfair to the player. Seems once a person gets a certain amount of coins the game stops. I enjoy this game and don't want to think it's rigged up like some of these games. Hope you get this message.
BAIT AND SWITCH! I made it to 100, actually I made it to 140.00! Until I reached 100.00 there was a crystal clear message that indicated I could could cash out (to an Amazon card) once I hit 100.00. BULL! Now that message is no where to be found and I am unable to get the payout this game said I could get. DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME. DO NOT LET THIS COMPANY GET RICH BECAUSE YOU WATCHED COUNTLESS HOURS OF ADS! I AM DELETING THIS GAME AND ANY OTHER I HAVE FROM THIS GAMEMAKER.
Not really happy. I am less than $4 of cashing out all you get are tokens. Guess the developers think we don't know they are racking up by players watching all the ads. Scam game don't expect to win any real cash .
Its not worth the time. You have to pay for the boost that don't last more then 30 seconds. Why bother other coin pusher games are way better
Cant cashout never reach the limit ya need.ya get to a certain limit and your money stops comming .I'm sorry buy its falta advertising yo promote these games to win money and it never happens it's just a waist of time I'm a single mom and was just trying to make a little extra money and I cant so y bother playing if it's never going to happen
Hey this app game keeps shutting down my phone device and I don't know why so can you please fixed this problem thank you
This game is fun to play but I wish they'd stop showing people winning thousands of dollars can't even get to $100 good luck to all
I think it sucks once you have reached 95.00 or so it doesnt give any more green nickles to put you over 100.00 and be able to cash out. If i dont reach 100.00 by the time i reach 2 million coins im going to delete this g ame . Might be a fake be app.
It was fun at first, I don't understand why the reviews are complaining about "cashing out" because it's not that type of game? But yeah, it was fun at first, albeit slightly laggy at times. However, the ads become invasive once you get around level 15 ish. If you can handle the ads and lag, it's great otherwise, way easier to get coins to push and cash for power ups than other coin pusher games.
I've been playing this game for a while, but at $99 it will not load up anymore. I think it's time to uninstall. Bonita
Was getting close to maybe being able to cash out at $100 (because all the smaller prizes "sold out" everyday in under a millisecond), then oddly the app turned black and no matter what I do (force stop, reinstall, update, blah blah blah) it never loads. No one gives you free money.... ever.... Period.... Lies and wasted time are guaranteed though.
I was more than sceptical when it said I won a dollar amazon gift card. Only asked for my email, said I would have it within 1-2 days and I figured yeah right. Wasn't but a couple minutes and there was the email. I copied the code And pasted in my amazon account and I about fell over. I've played alot of games claiming to give money but this is the 1st that actually has. And it's super fun to play!! Www at to go cash dozer!! Thank You
No, it's not the device because crashing. Every time the timer thinks it's time for an ad, the game doesn't freeze, but shuts down the whole phone, if you like, I can send you the tombstone that says its an ad if you like. You can't do that. It's too much on the processor. And if it continues, I will be forced to flag this app for being harmful to devices.
things started off okay at first, but got glitchy fast. it starts to load then screen goes black and freezes my phone. i have to remove the battery to clear it up. tried force stop-no good. Cleaned phone and used boosters-nope. took it outand reinstalled-no good. might be fun, but first impression is that it is full of issues and needs debugging.
Great play until you get to the 100 coin payout, game is loading at 99 percent all night for days. DO NOT RECCOMEND if looking to cash out.
The game freezes up at 12% and it won't do nothing else so I can't give it a review cuz I can't even get in it
5 stars constance action threw out the game🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟▪💯▪🔱▪🦄▪🌟▪💫5 stars constance action threw out the game🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟▪💯▪🔱▪🦄▪🌟▪💫
If you get passed the ads every few seconds you might enjoy this game. I watch the " money chips " slide over the edge three times. BOOOOO
Cant play ADS but yet it shows free this free that. But not. And Cant give feedback. Oooo they play ADS when they want to Waist of space in my phone ive had for weeks also thinking it would get better. BUT NOT CASE. But good luck to ya
I would give it a five but like everyone else before me says their is no way to cashout. I played the game watched all the ads and I got nothing. I was so excited to reach over a 100.00 and I never was able to find anywhere I could Cash out. Its nothing but a scam don't bother downloading.
I wouldn't even give one star. I have tried multiple games by Shape Keeper lmtd, all with one thing in common. You accumulate prizes quickly to begin, but pay outs decrease more over time. You need 100$ in prize money or Amazon vouchers to receive pay out, but with each of their games you cant acquire the last 5$ or so. I've played a half dozen of their games with the same result. They have been mind numbingly boring without any reward. Dont waste you time or energy, they are totally bunk.
Took over 40 minutes to make $10 and then took away $3.00 my game started freezing up screen turned black then entire phone froze up . I wouldn't download this game in my phone again.
DO NOT !! I repeat do not download this app. It sucks and the way my phone is acting I think it give it a virus. If you want a coin pusher app get lucky pusher. Hands down the best pusher app I've played.
FAKE APP!I have learned to read things carefully because i have wasted darn close to some months of my time for NOTHING. MISLEADING ADS! I earned $223, tried to cash out, NO CASHOUT Why do you think anyone would play these games without getting paid?
It's an attractive game that I barely get to play with an ad presenting itself ad nauseum every 15 seconds or so. It results in a terrible experience and all I've been doing is force stopping the app and opening it again every time an ad interrupts me. Even this is nauseating and so I've once again abandoned this app.
I played this game since morning and I thought there will be prizes and money. This is pretty whack and really disappointing!
Fun game love how you can get more coins from watching a 30 second clip, although there are a lot of ads. Addictive
This is wrong!!! It says I won a hundred dollars and to enter my email. Went to enter it and got almost all the way through and it disappeared!!! I understand that you probably don't win often in this game but that is extremely misleading to say I won then take it away
It fun a good way to pass time and an easy way to make a little money and have fun at the same time thanks
Fun & addictive but a rip off. I had over $100, went out of the game for a lil bit & when I returned to play my I had less than $100 and as I continued to play my money continued to get lower. Also, how are you supposed to redeem you $$?? False advertising if you ask me. DON'T say it's a game that pays real $$ if your gonna take it away & give no way to redeem.
The game used to be a lot of fun to play, although I played for months and didn't win a cent. All cash winnings went into my coins and at about level 50, all of the coins we're just being pushed to the side, like they were too heavy to be pushed forward. I tried to watch video ads to earn more coins or cash, but there is rarely a video available to watch. You have to spend money at this point to even play. Which I wouldn't have minded spending if everything wasn't so expensive. Uninstalling.
Starts off really hot, but having to watch so many videos every time you start getting into the game.
I've been playing for many months won nothing! Now it won't play at all can't get coins to drop. Disappointed, playing faithfully, no win now won't work. Pls fix or uninstall again
Terrible! STAY AWAY IF LOOKING FOR REAL MONEY! You find out later that any cash you win can only be used in game. Slow game with many bugs.
So far so good. Give me a few days, and I'll let you know more on how I fell about the app. 😎. Well it's been a few days or more and my thoughts about the app. has dropped. The only honest thing I can say is... Stay away!! All it did was made me mad and emotionally drained. The only way you can win? Don't go q who am I to say?? Two stars are my new rateings now.
Very addictive fun game to pass the time I recommend it really good game ,can pass hours go by and you didn't even know.
I used to like playing coin pusher now I'm starting to dislike it because you have added way too many commercials of the beginning of the game I don't know why I'm getting tired of The Heirs
Ok so I havnt had to bad an experience, only minor glitching with ads, but I want to make a suggestion where you can see latest news and thing that are happening in app, like a spot on the screen that would show that in the game.
Complete scam, not real money and all the advertisements are misleading, negative zero star's... Scumbag app owner!!!!
Don't download. Calling "cash" and "dollars" in game credits and not real currency is lieing to people. Also, amazon gift certs(if you are lucky enough to win raffle) are also not CASH, money, or legal tender. UNISTALLING. BS garbage rubbish trash app!!!! I could write better code with my 3rd leg....
App is trash, played for a while, got up to around a level 19 with many items collected, a notification in the app came up that said" sweepstakes winner has been drawn please refresh app to see winner", after refreshing the app I had lost all items collected, most of my coins earned, all of my cash and was back at a level 4. If I could rate negative Stars I would rate this app a -5
I'm stuck at 95.42 it completely stopped giving green chips. Sometimes it shows them dropping on the side but none are there.
I love these games I don't know how good they pay out I'm not that good at them but I love playing them some give you a few cents a day I'm going to check out this one for a while looks really fun and awesome let's play
Crooked, deceptive. After going thru 80 coins with tower of coins at the edge and not making it fall, it's clear this is rigged. Shameful!
This app is clearly not working properly and should be reviewed by development. My status shows I won 4th place in last week's raffle, but I never received any Amazon gift card for 2.00. When I look at my history it shows I won an Amazon back in Feb 2020???? I just downloaded this app a couple weeks ago. How is this possible? Fix the app and pay out because I won the raffle. Check it, it shows it!!!!
Had fun playing the cash dozer it stopped paying at 140.00 on the first one, second one got to 120.00 stopped working. Pay me for my time.
The app is a GLITCH, as soon as I started playing my phone started messing up. Attempted to delete it from my phones hard drive and it FROZE in the middle of doing so. NEVER have I had this type of issue. Be VERY VERY CAREFUL of this app.
Describe my experience huh? Well I tell ya what this is the only coin pusher game I know of out of about 7 games where u get the coin walls and something shows up takes u off the screen to somewhere else and by the time u get back to playing well u dont have the wall no more. What in the world I mean who in the world would want to play a game like that?? Anyone......??? I'll wait. I can say NOT ME!
Absolutely love this game until about two weeks ago, it quit loading. Now I lost all the coins I gained 😢