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CL:Champions Legion | 5v5 MOBA

CL:Champions Legion | 5v5 MOBA for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Studio Trois Private Limited located at 1 Raffles Place #36-01 Singapore 048616. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood, Suggestive Themes) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.
Prepare yourself to submerge your self in the first Multiplayer that is cellular Online Arena (MOBA) ever before along with localized articles! Champions Legion works with all products and strictly free-to-play. Fool around with buddies, equipment up, and become the strongest Champion in this video game this is certainly highly competitive!

Ultra game size this is certainly tiny. Suitable for all products!
Everyone could be legends, without fretting about any product limitations! Enjoy perfect, lag-free game play in every products - even in reasonable specifications cell phones! The game size is amazingly tiny and you will experience animated graphics that are smooth the time, filled with breathtaking images. Grab your phone this is certainly mobile everywhere whenever, and fight for glory!

Fully converted text and dubbing. Play in your language!
Confused using the language you don't comprehend? Worry maybe not! Champions Legion is tailored particularly for your region. All the text, information, and even the voice over are 100% localized in your language. Have the immersion you've never experienced before!

First class 5v5 MOBA. Fair matches and no pay to win!
2 groups, 5v5 battles, 3 lanes. Everything you know about genuine MOBA games will be here. Champion or loser is entirely dependent on ability and there is no thing that is such pay to win. Paid and free players have been in the league this is certainly same epidermis is purely an aesthetic change, without offering any stats extra. Hone your talent to be the MVP, not your money!

Outsmart your enemies. Combine partners and beads to victory!
Incubate, create, and grow together with your lover when you look at the struggle! Choose your lover, all at no cost, and develop your method combining beads to increase your qualities for their abilities before the match begins!

Distinctive MOBA function. Develop your strategy this is certainly own you will be thought by you realize every little thing about strategy? Reconsider that thought! There are a ton of brand new game intends to pick from, all optimized for mobile. Make use of the environment to the fullest to dominate the arena!

Climb the rank and claim your glory. Get to be the true champion!
Do you have what it takes to conquer the league? Pick your chosen playstyle among an abundant variety of heroes, compete in the mode this is certainly ranked create your league, and take the most effective in the fast-paced activity!

Fresh and improved menus. Enjoy a whole knowledge that is new
Introducing elegant, mobile-friendly UI with enhanced functions, Champions Legion style. Experience the advanced experience when playing, inside and outside associated with the online game!

Assemble your group and win tournaments. Be the best in your area!
You're in just the right place if you like to take part in high-level MOBA tournaments! Invite friends in or from the online game and assemble a united group to participate in tournaments in your area. The glory of Valhalla awaits you!

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the CL:Champions Legion | 5v5 MOBA.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download CL:Champions Legion | 5v5 MOBA for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
This is the best moba game after mobile legends.Everything is just perfect and i wanted to ask when this game would be released officially. When i tested it on the beta version in rank match there is no option to show winrates like in mobile legends and aov i would love to play the game even more if it has that feature cause u know,others player will boss like they know everything like they will say i am pro but their winrate is 50% so,it would be more competating overall the game is good
amazing game so far, I came from arena of Valor and I feel if this game gets enough support it could be a really awesome moba I love the characters too.
Game is great .... But fix your servers and avatar custom setting and lobby chat , loading screen needs fixing n in match too bugs when u get in the game
Though it isn't perfect, this moba faired well when compared with others. The most important thing is wether it can maintain a fair matchmaking system. For that it would require a large player base along with top notch toxicity control. Promoting/Advertising the game is crucial. Small file size is a good start if it is not done at the cost of better gameplay. I will definitely take a crack at this game when it is officially released. Best of luck to the devs!!
Coool game Sooo cool 😎 But why won't open it says "tis region is not available " Why after i update it
This game is gutter trash. You play bots forever then magically you start playing people miles above you in rank. The rank AND hero balancing is HORRIBLE and nothing is being done to change it. DLING this dumpster fire was a complete waste of time.
WAY too many female champions. 19 female to 16 male. The average game hosts a 1:4 male:female ratio. I don't understand why there are so few male playable champions.
Game has no chat option . U cant communicate w players out of game . U play with bots 2 or 3 games a day, mostly real players after silver .this is pretty early release so many missing basic futures . I would say go play have a fun but don't spend money on skins or etc no point. Punishment system is worse than mlb so be ready for feeders. 1 more month for league of legends till then good place for practice. Nothing else itll be another empty game soon
The game is really good for such a small size , the Communication commands are nice , and overall it has a good consistency..........................!
Low storage moba awesome. Needs a few things added chat, speed mode for laggy games, profiles picture link from fb
Alright so I'll be frank. You're better off playing mobile legends or arena of valor. The problem this game has is that most of the time, it's likely that you'll encounter bots, or teammates that just aren't cooperative. Strike one. Strike two is that there's odds that midmatch you'll get connection issues. And strike three is that there's a cap to the ingame currency each day. So if you wanted to play a unlock a character, you'd have to hope you have enough by the end of your grind.
The game is rlly good i think it has a lot of potential but the reason I gave it 3 stars is because of the meta and the characters rn for instance Mikal he is super op rn and he needs a patch over all tho the game is good.
Amazing game started playing it since the day it launched and have not stopped playing it ever since keep up the good work
I actually loving this game, but too bad jt wasn't available on my region. So, I have to change server like United State just to play thus game, I'm willing to wait for the update that will allow to play from Philippines region and others will be regions, because you'll get more players in the future. And I like this game. I'm hoping for the update!
It can be NEXT MOBA after ML and AoV but I'll focus on the negative part to make it even better 1.Buttons are too small 2.Can't chat with frnds 3. Warding system will be better 4. Cancel button for skills make it to out of range not clicking cancel 5.Items are too similar 6. Add more minions 7. Explanation for Neutral Creeps and Buffs 8. Add a Teleportation skill or item 9.Buying only at base not everywhere 10. Ping system 11 Movement cursor is too smal and not smooth enough 12.Chek Edit history
The game needs significant balancing. Junglers should not be out-DPS'd by Tanks, period. It plays smooth but the roles are improperly balanced and the game becomes unplayable in a matter of hours.
I cant login as the game is "not available in this region" im sorry when you put an app to be downloaded make sure it can run. Or else make it beta for specific regions. Until the games open its gonna stay 1 star
This game is just like moba legends: bang bang and that is a good thing. This game is really awesome and its on the right path to rivaling against moba legends in the near future so keep up the good work! Once this game starts getting more patch notes for new characters, events, map changes or modes, etc. this game will be bumped from a 4 star to 5 star review and I will fully support this game throughout the future, so dont slow down now! 👍
This is, by far, the perfect MOBA game *for me*. First of all: I can run it smoothly without ANY lag or delay on my sh*tty phone. Second: It has splash arts for the champions, a thing which I like a lot cause I play League. Third: It's so fun, and some of the characters have some pretty unique abilities and desings. Overall, I have fallen in love with this game, 5/5. PS: It is the lightest MOBA game out there, so, YAY!
It say this region is not available if this is a US game you need to add in my region which is the Northern Marianas Islands the us took over this place which makes us U.S. citizen
"I change my review to 5, wild rift will probably dethrone it in 2021" Changing to 1 star, matchmaking is horrible if you want to scream at your phone every game then download.
Runs like butter, even on my 6 year old tablet and I find it to be absolutely perfect In everyway, but please remove the gold limit on matches and matchmaking seems a little off, I had a level 87 player on my team and I just started playing
I was having error with character Adele before id aim with no problems but now when i deslicing her second ability very fast it cant aim to targget her sniper eye is down on Adele . im sorry for my english pls i need that fix it THX the best moba to android!!!
been playing for about 2 days now and can say im enjoying it so far. the thing i dont like the most is that theres a very low cap of how much in game currency you can earn by playing. if you want to grind for characters, good luck on that one. otherwise the game is actually very smooth and i can see it getting better with time. its not totally different than other mobas like mobile legends or aov, but the familiarity makes it worth playing nonetheless and you might even enjoy it a bit more
So I have hopes because it does has potential but its too simple, lackluster, sluggish, everything is expensive, doesn't feel rewarding at all, tons of bots in ranked besides I see iron vs gold lol and now Hackers, I went against a Zoya literally CLIMBING WALLS and flying around, and A multi hit instakill Oboros, I was playing tank full builf mvp and she ONESHOT me, I can't wait for Wild Rift to trash this.
Why is this available for me to install but when i tried to go in game, it says Region is not available? I was looking forward to playing it because i wanted to see how this game differs from other MOBAs, but i can't even do that. Please fix it.
They deleted my review now they are definitely getting a 1 star from me. Game is fun minus all the spanish people who don't comprehend the game or the english language at all. Aka game ruining and you will have to carry if you want to win. Lack of items especially magic resistance. They need to add a translator or separate the servers. In one word this game is cancer for the human mind.
Best 5v5 game I ever played its definitely gonna be apart of my top 5, there's literally nothing bad in this game and the characters are awesome I play this game a lot and I really recommend it and I can't wait for future updates and more characters.
The game is amazingly fun. The only reason I'm not rating this game 5 stars is because I lag a lot. Now, to be fair it is a new game and I have mobile data, not internet. Other than that I'm not a fan of the inability to message someone that isnt currently queued to start a match with you. If the ability to communicate with private messaging was implemented and I got myself some Wi-Fi; this is a Five Star for sure. P.S. It achieves everything it claims. Super small, absolutely no pay to win.
Would like to play the game and tried it but I've had re-login issues during the tutorial and when I am forced to collect the tutorial character after his animation from collecting I get a infinite loading circle till it times out and gives me a server connection error making it so I can't play the game because of the servers and a forced tutorial I don't have the option to skip
The liked the game but when I attack a hero it does not attack the low Hp but goes for the nearest . In the settings I have chosen the low Hp
I wish the game had a translator, play with friends or speak Portuguese. The balancing is not great, too few item choices fpr a game with such op characters. Oh, and idk where the server is, but this is the laggiest moba i have ever played. Finally, i prefer not to need to drop so much currency into thr partner system, but the alternative is being completely useless because your statsnare too low to do anything. Hope you didn't want to use that to actually buy heroes.
I played a few games and its not bad. Needs a lot of tuning such as all newer games do.. MVP system is definitely messed up lol.
No all chat. 👎 No world chat.👎 A lot of trolls.👎 No translation.👎 I tried to enjoy it at first but when i kept getting the trash and afk players on my team meanwhile the enemy team didn't it got stale really quick. Now I'm no fan of Mobile Legends whatsoever but its better in many ways. If you really want a decent moba wait for riot games Wild Rift sadly they delayed it but its guaranteed to be better than this game. It can get better they just have a lot to work on but will they?
* BALANCE ISSUES * Two key words here. Just like EVERY moba in its early stage, there are always a handful of game breaking Over powered characters and it seems like everyone and their grand mother over uses the same broken characters every.. single.. game. To choose anyone else just seems like a complete waste of time and you rarely get enough time to choose those OP characters because everyone races to them the second that the character selection pops up. Not really fun at that point..
The game is good but it gets kind of frustrated when you do four matches and lose all four use the same character that you have learned how to use then your team don't try to be balanced people picked 2 Marksman 2 top laners 2 Mid laners and it gets really really frustrating then when you want to surrender somebody picks no and it's like dude we're losing anyways you might as well surrender and it's getting very annoying so for right now it's a 1star
Game is good Since mlbb is banned in India, I tried many moba but this was the only one I liked. Just improve equipment buying system a bit, make it more user friendly. Advice:- Since we haven't deleted the app till now, you can give link to your fb page there. Best Regards Varn
Prone to connection errors when obtaining a hero or at the end of the match. Requires constant restarting
It's not... a bad game. It's just really not a great game. Just another badly translated mess of a game that at least seems to be trying. I recommend at least trying it but don't be surprised if you end up on the losing side of a broken match up.
Tempted to uninstall when I was only allowed Facebook login. Officially uninstalled when it asked me my gender and gave more than two options. 2 stars since I never actually played it.
I was going to rate this higher because for a decent game with a low memory requirement which is awesome in most retrospects but then I ran into the hero imbalance like Adele and her eye of snipe ability lvl1 1-3 and can 2 shot any hero early on at a safe distance due to the 200% damage buff and the ability to crit this is one of many cases the heroes are fun but this definitely needs some work done to the balancing. A in game support ticket for improvements would be nice right now no support.
"Region not available" really? Im in EU & im not allowed to play? This is how you kill your game, better release more servers to reach out to everyone or the game will stop growing & die eventually.
Decent moba. Lacks many settings for true moba gamers. One huge setting is hero lock and another is ability wheel sensitivity. Many others but those are the main two.
The game has so much potential but need to have improve on the ping also when will be this releass on the philippines as it suck to use vpn to play this game....
Matching system sucks. On my team there's teammates that doesn't do anything except die, and the enemy team is full of people with tons of buffs. Also the attacks keep locking to one target and leading me to the tower.
I wonder why its says "Region not available" and the play store let me install it, non sense; fix this and I"ll change the star.
It's says available and install and the moment I open the game it says not available in your region like what???? Is this a joke??
The game is really good for such a small size, the communication commands are nice, and overall it has a good consistency, what i think the game needs is an offline mode where u can play with bots(easy, medium, hard) as a way of practicing or passing the time when there's no internet, that would make the game perfect, anyway, highly recommended
Sir, it is a great alternative for mobile legends and everyone is loving it in India. Its main advantage was the size of this app which is less and graphics is also good as compared to its size. But after the trial, it is not available in indian server. So sir can you looo after this matter and quickly avail us as soon as possible.
At the moment it feels like a less broken version of Mobile Legends. Unlike M**nton who's primary focus is releasing a dozen overpriced, trashy skins every month to scam money and started balancing the game only recently to compete with LoL Wild Rift, the devs here seem to have made the game more free to play friendly. I'm interested in seeing how this game will evolve in the future.
I love this game. The update made it even better I have seen complaints about Adele but being one of those players that loves to play as her I can say that she isn't that op I mean unless you are very predictable you have a fair chance of dogging her attack. What I hate is the surrender system I've had multiple rounds where my team just surrendered for no reason (no towers were down) and it ruined my game experience and wasted my time just waiting for a team that didn't do that. Very annoying.
I added money when I started but I will not add anymore, nor do I play it as much...No one seems to know english on here and 90% of them have "Tengo Lag" as they like to say....or the name Elpro haha when they are far from it....jeez I'd play a lot more if it was diverse and not just all spanish speaking low skill players
I read in the reviews that this game ran well as long as you were using wifi. My wifi is amazing and I was still lagging every 5 seconds. I'm using all the lowest settings. Please fix this so I can actually enjoy this game..
So far the best on the market. Runs very smoothly. I assume content will be added as time progresses, characters are balanced very well, no need to change balance. Those that complain about characters are usually the ones in a hurry to add deaths on the scoreboard so my opinion is that theirs doesn't matter since they aren't taking the game seriously anyway. Would be nice if you can allow on screen button changes manually rather than change size. I have a large screen, manual would fix
The hero's in this game suck, I feel like combat is very unbalanced as well. This game has potential with the gameplay but things like abilities suck
Pay to win garbage. You get 3 basic Champs to start and you'll play a minimum of 10 games against all bots, but the pay Champs are so op you can't do anything against them. There's a bottom lane champ that has a global regular attack that he can use every 8 seconds. Garbage. Don't waste your time. Wait for Wild Rift and hope they don't use the same garbage system.
The game itself is a banger, really good. My only complain is with balance, like every new champion that comes into the game is extremely ridiculously strong. Like the new jungler that basically never dies. And also like creativity, cuz a lot of the champions are just like LOL champions, like the abilities and the champion itself.
I've played 20 games, mostly in rank, 100% win rate, and I have literally NEVER played against other humans. It's been AI every single game, with even games of players on my team being AI as well. It's overwhelmingly boring playing against bots like this. It seems like the downloads listed here have been pumped up and don't represent how many people actually play the game. 1/5 wouldn't recommend. Edit: apparently after 20 games you start getting paired with real players. Changed to 3 stars.
1 star and deleting because the player base are all cowards that surrender every game. Surrendering is a waste of time because you could always win by playing right.
I liked this game and it was a great experience for me and my friend also playing in this game and I have been playing with the friends
This game is trash the op hero's you could never afford are heavy abused dev's do absolutely nothing that's why this game is dying no room for new players except to get 1~2 hitter rinses and repeat were the fun in that.
I think its great but i think daily quarts limit should be raised or removed and needs to have a team practice option..like 5vs A.I... then itd be perfect
Game was a solid 4.6/5 before Adele came out and totally messed up the game, she's waaaaay to op to be a champ that kills you with just 3 hits in lv 1 and 2 in late game, Adele skill shots are waay to easy to land so is basically imposible to dodge and all the ranked games now consist of Adele and the others vs Adele and the rest. So now after that extremelly unbalanced champ the game is a 2/5
A great game for playing bots. I don't care how long I have to wait, I WANT TO PLAY AGAINST PEOPLE!!! The game has great graphics and gameplay, but none of that is worth anything if I only play against bots. I will update my review when this is fixed.
Good and could be great Only 2 things to consider: 1. There are bots. Yes. 2. The partner system is broken. Apart from that, this is an awesome game.
Interesting hero designs. Great voice acting. Love that only cosmetics can be paid for with real money. Can't make item sets for each individual hero??? This is a simple staple of mobas that makes it easy to personalize your style of combat. Can't seperate heroes by role before a match, making it harder to select different heroes or discover a hero of a specific role. I have great 5ghz wifi with full bars in the U.S., yet my ping is like 60-100 in matches??? Wonderful details, but needs work.
No algorithms for anything no matchmaking no system to forbid the rank games for noobs Want to improve your game ? Let lvl 30 with 10 heroes+ Max mastery with the hero to play ranked no lock system the hero just attack anything and am I platinum 4 hope in the future devs will make those thing 1* forever by my side
I am just hating this game right now...!! I love this game since its beta test started.. after the beta test in India, Many Updates are coming but the game does not starts. it shows that CB test is over. I assume this game as an good alternative against League Of Legends Wild Rift but i have to wait more and get angry more.. Please restart the gaming in Indian Server
Game should be still on beta, people who like it are those who can climb in leagues easier than in other games but this game needs a lot of work, is extremely unbalanced ifnwe talk about champions and matchmaking is horrible. Even though is easy to go up in leagues ranking process can be a pain cause there a no regulations to play it so there is always a super OP team and other just have 3 or 4 useless players.
This game is good. Graphics are really good. Although the heroes needs a little more balancing. Like Mike who is practically a tank but can carry the whole team.. Anyways I enjoy the game
Decent MOBA to escape with when getting burned out with mobile legends. Surprisingly smooth and decent heroes. Lot of inexperienced moba players but on occasion you play with people who know how to play. Team fights is still better in ML and map is definitely smaller for quicker games.
could use some added features: like homescreen UI for friends rather than a tab, out of game messaging, simple things. but over all, really good moba.
I like it. It is very enjoyable cause it's just like ml.... But can u add more heroes and skins..... And can u plz add just like mirroror mayhem etc... Otherwise I really enjoy this game. And one more plz add even immortal build Then ill rate 5 star...I am from India plz tell me why I can't play. This game in india
I would give 5 stars but I can't play with my friend, it just won't let me, when we're both online, we don't appear online for each other on fb, and when I try to send her a friend request, it just tells me that we're on different servers
Games are for FUN, "take each game seriously"? It's just a game. Will recieve 50%less exp for not having a good connection? Be my guest. WAS a nice game, but as DOTA is full of creeps that can not separate reality from a GAME.
Been playing for two days non stop great game, not pay to win, good graphics light weight very balanced. Maybe add some more heroes. Everything can be unlocked through gameplay except for cosmetics .
The best ever 5V5 game i had played. And i'm waiting for it's official launch in India . Truly i don't have any passion for it's official launch, cuz it's an my favorite game ever i had played.
I love this game, it's much better than other games in terms of fluidity and graphics. It needs a better balance in terms of some heroes, but I like it.
Would be nice if there wasn't win rate control....and then purposely putting brain dead people or bots on your team when the enemy is stacked with high level or high ranking enemies...so dumb...1 star for account manipulation.. and controlling what happens in the game.. what do games have against me is it something that they put on my Google account or is it something you all feel necessary
The reporting system is horrible, for any sensitive rat child tantrum they give you penalties. Besides, the game freezes too much and you have to press a button up to 3 times to make it react. And finally, I do not see the difference between this and mobile legends except of course lag and the screen freezes. At the moment it's a cheap knockoff of ML.
This game is terrible because when you felt a player is cheating or hacking, there's no function to report them for cheating. DON'T EVER PLAY THIS GAME IF THERE IS NO REPORTING FOR CHEATING. VERY UNACCEPTABLE. I DO NOT CARE IF IT'S NEW OR NOT. EVERY NEW MOBA GAME NEEDS A CHEATING SLOT WHEN REPORTING A PLAYER.
Seems pretty good so far. These kind of games takes months/years to fully flesh out, but this is a solid start. There's not a ton of characters, but the ones that are there seem pretty cool. The money system is terrible though, it's way too hard to buy heros. I like the graphics, especially the stage design itself, the map is cool. It's not on the level of Mobile Legends or Onmiyoji Arena yet, but hopefully it will. Something from League of Legends is dropping too.
Personally my favorite moba. Generous game devs. It's my favorite mobile moba cause the character's are different in a good way. They're fun to play. From turning into a bear to being an assassin who can hop over walls with a grappling hook. It's just fun. And the items are really good. The blade of the ruined king equivalent in this makes brawlers so viable and diverse. just so many good items. Keep up the good work
Cheating Promotions. I downloaded it because a YouTube Ad says you got a Free Fire Colaboration then I will receive some Garena FreeFire tickets 🎟... So guess what? I downloaded it, I played it, I even upgraded it up until level 6... And I've got no way to get those ticket for FreeFire... So here you are your one star review for cheating people with annoying ads.
Its quite good and fun compared to other moba' s available which requires high storage, still adjustments and some improvements are required . Overall its preety good and recommended for any one who wanna play moba in low end devices and enjoy
just updated the game and yet it says CB test will be closing on 16 October even though its not playable since 29 september. And asks to join the facebook group. However no one replys to this issue. No one even contact anymore about the game. I will give 5 if you solve this issue.
URGENT NEED TO BALANCE THE CHAMPIONS!!! -Adele skills/Mana use -Mikal damage or health or speed or remove him from the game ITEMS Torn mail this item doesn't make any sense it kills any adc in instants I love the game but I can't play it anymore when I gets playable I will comeback
Vary smooth lots of fun with friends good time killer. Would be 5 stars but it's really hard to buy new heros have to put in alot of grind time..
Game's great but I think I found a bug sometimes before I finish loading into the the match (since I'm a slow loader) the ai would off themselves on a tower before I load in kinda annoying other than that I look forward to seeing this game prosper. Edit: tundra clash not so good almost doesn't matter how many towers you break/loose the base turning into a golem is a no go. Broke 2 of their towers thy win by destroying only the golem
This is everything I wanted AOV to be. Each champ does their role perfectly and with the right synergies and skills you can do some amazing teamwork. The app runs near perfectly, with some weird bugs related to the use of mobile data, but on wifi it's perfect. If you only have mobile data just wait until they fix the issue. I find it better than LOL for champ balance.
No lobby chat or anything banned from using certain champions in rank if you start doing to good with them and you are not able to report for cheating Very bad wow
For some reason the game is downloadable, but is not available in my region? Damn. I surely want to try this game but after the wait I just get a "This region is not available".
I actually loving this game, but too bad jt wasn't available on my region. So, I have to change server like United State just to play thus game, I'm willing to wait for the update that Philippines region and others will be available, because you'll get more players in the future. And I like this game. I'm hoping for the update!
After playing several games, decided to come back and write a review. Personally enjoying this far more than Mobile Legends or AoV. They've stuck to the basics of what makes MOBA's enjoyable, and they've done it well. Definitely worth giving this game a shot if you're a fan of the genre.
It enjoyable and easy to learn, However after my first game my ping goes into red when discord reported 20 MS. But I got red ping in game. I'm also using a emulator. XD So you see 50 MBPS connection I shouldn't have a problem.
Game's great but I think I found a bug sometimes before I finish loading into the the match (since I'm a slow loader) the ai would off themselves on a tower before I load in kinda annoying other than that I look forward to seeing this game prosper. Edit: unable to play tundra clash times out (have decent connection)
I'll have to say, one of the best MOBA games. I like the graphics, the characters, and the controls are very smooth and easy. The gameplay is awesome as well, I haven't seen any bugs or had any issues with the game. I recommend this game for players looking for a new MOBA game to play. Keep up the good work and I hope this game can go big like Mobile legends and League of Legends.
Best game game ever it is a game of 5 start but the thing is there is no so many maps please get more maps
Amazing game so glad you guys made a new moba only thing i have concerns is there isn't enough mage heros but has alot of sick ADCs keep up the great work guys thanks again
Given my previous experience with this game, just play it for a day and two, then leave it, it's more of the same, broken matchmaking, broken heroes like aramis, toxic environment, smh, nothing different from the rest to be frank. Update: so I'm coming and going from the game and seriously think you have people from other companies coming to your game to troll matches, had literally two consecutive matches today with the exact same MO of picking any champ and then feeding without speaking
I've played 20 games, mostly in rank, 100% win rate, and I have literally NEVER played against other humans. It's been AI every single game, with even games of players on my team being AI as well. It's overwhelmingly boring playing against bots like this. It seems like the downloads listed here have been pumped up and don't represent how many people actually play the game. 1/5 wouldn't recommend.
So as a 8 year veteran of Moba games I can safely confirm that this game is only worth 3 stars. Here is why.-- The game sports a small download/installation process but at a cost, there will be no chat in the main lobby nor will you ever be able to talk to the opposite team EVER, The mode AI/bot fights doesn't exist is this game, the game only has about 20 characters and the skins are pretty bland with literally no flare to them, all keeping the game within a small storage download.
I'm sorry I never leave a review on a game specially mobile game but I had to t there's no other races but Mexicans no offense and there's overpowered Heroes that people use TOO MUCH!! And it gets frustrating heroes are too expensive you get less in-game currency to get them not to mention there are BOTS!! And when you do get to real players they use the overpowered Heroes and you end up losing and not to mention there is lag I'm sorry but this game is a 1 star
Dropping to a one star now. So you guys have implemented a battle pass, that's all good and cool. What really makes me want to give you guys a one star is the fact that it doesn't seem like you guys want to fix the connection issues at all. The game is fun, IF AND ONLY IF the game doesn't screw you over with constant lag/disconnection issues. I now have a new phone and what is a new growing service provider that has better signal than the other two and the problem still persists. I'm deleting it
Its pretty fun but the daily limit on currency for played games is a big turn off, it would be better if you just cut the amount in half and uncapped tbh, people would play alot more. Once theres nothing to work towards i log off.
This is a very very very nice GAME. Ever played this kind ❤️ of nice MOBA game other than Mobile Legends. I am waiting when it will be upgraded to BETA. And I have a request that plz upgrade the game as soon as possible as I am waiting to play this game again. And I am having a problem. The problem is with the keypad or the controls. The controls are not difficult but it sometime problems. I request you to plz fix this issue plz. Game review is awesome 👍👍 👍👌👌👌.
The game is amazing. The only issue I have is there is no chatting feature outside of a match. Meaning you can't communicate with your friends or ask them if they want to play unless you can invite them to a lobby which isn't always the case. I think the game would be alot better if this feature was added.
Please add more servers, I tested your game with a VPN and it seemed fun but VPN makes my connection slow. So please add more servers.
This is really fun if you want to do nothing but fight BOTS! Giving it 3 stars for good graphics and gameplay, but I REFUSE to play a game where I fight bots in RANKED!
This needs regional gameplay quick, a moba is team based and if my whole team is speaking a different language then we are guaranteed to lose. Same language teams please.
I like this game very much, however there are people that do not speak or understand language, so I was hoping there would be a translation feature where everyone can understand each other so I can help them improve
Would love to give 5 but since the update the game became laggy and ping goes unexpectedly crazy to 200 to 300 ms. Fix that soon
Need hero lock mode Unlock all heroes Need more heroes...playing less no. of heroes makes it boring Don't add battle royal, mirror mode etc. Keep it simple
This game is much better than mobile legends and it doesnt feel childish, i cannot compare it with arena of valor and extraordinary ones cuz they didnt play at my tablet but this game does well. But this is not something that i will keep playing after wild rift is released
Seasoned MOBA player and I could say that this game is a refreshing addition to the pool of MOBAs out there and has potential. Moonton seriously has competition. Heroes available are balanced although I hope that more get added as the selections are rather limited. Graphics are great and don't require gigabytes of storage. What it does need improvement in is global servers. LATAM servers constantly peak at 200ms and is subject to lag spikes. Sufficient variety of skilled players to go against.
Champions and gameplay are good, BUT this game is full with feeders and AFK ppl on an average there is 1 feeder and 1 afk in your team per game.... Not very enjoyable... And there are virtually no penalties for that
I got hours on it, provides a lot funny and isn't hard in compared with other same game stylist, but, need lag support and add more heroes,skins,etc.
It was Really good.....to be honest ,I was waiting for wild rift but after playing this I may settle in this game...but u guys need a good penalty system,add more events and ......can I ask when this game release after closing on 16th October?
Best moba (mobile) game ever. Grafics are cool , contain many characters & can play with friends. I was playing this game and claimed many achievements, I wish I can play this game as soon as I can . Plz launch your official game in other countries too. I'm waiting to experience the new content.
This game is so good especially its graphics are smooth and the design of the UI is really beautiful also the mechanics of this game are simple and till now it's the best I have played would love to see them put more heroes and bring up something new to the moba scene.
7 year MOBA player and streamer here. I love the invisible assassin archetype in these games and "main" these characters in every MOBA from LoL, Smite, AoV, MLBB, etc. My point being I am disappointed with what little Zoya has to work with. Her first skill having little invisible duration and an almost irrelevant speedboost. Her second skill cannot even dodge tower shots as the ability will dodge the first shot it keeps you in place so long that a second tower shot is inevitable. I Like the game
Very similar to mobile legends.. very..characters and all. Not necessarily a bad thing, just do something that separates it a lil from the others. Also seem to be some hacker types already so take that into consideration.