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Clean Inc

Clean Inc for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by ZPLAY Games located at Room 1501(682) 15/F.,SPA Centre,53-55 Lockhart Road,Wanchai . The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
Grow your Inc. that is clean business which will provide lots of different cleaning services to its customers.

This game will provide you with a super knowledge that is fulfilling associated with the rugs. You have 4 tools which are various clear them. Shake the dust through the rugs, detergent them, then clean and dry them. The customers can purchase to use a few of the resources and even most of them.
Every device has intuitive control this is certainly one-handed variations of cleaning the rugs.

Earn some cash and develop areas that are brand-new your shop to give more cleaning services. Unlock tools being brand-new accessories for the store.

- Buy new areas for your shop
- Hire workers to the office instead of you, when you are away
- Unlock over 24 unique and funny skins for your resources
- Decorate your store with 17 products
- full daily jobs
- Check-in each and every day for new rewards

Can you handle that numerous instructions?

*** Don’t miss out the improvement using the room that is brand new new mechanics for dry cleansing not far off! ***

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Clean Inc.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Clean Inc for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
It is very entertaining although there is a downfall. The game constantly crashes and goes to a black screen. Makes the game unplayable.
It was good at first, now it will kick me out every time I go in. Everytime I try it will not let me in and I have done everything. Once you fix this bug I will give you a higher rating, but for now you get 2 stars
If u could go zero stars I would. Horrible app absolutely horrible. First if the adds I has to turn of my WiFi JUST to play a crappy game . Second of the glitch so much glitch you move your finger and it glitches sooooo much . DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT IS TERRIBLE
I liked the game with a couple of exceptions. First of all and the portion of this game where you sort laundry you screw up, not me. That pisses me off. Second, one of your ads breaks the game and you shove that at down my throat frequently. I have to restart the game multiple times to continue playing. No thank you.
I actually really like the game but please fix it 🥺 recently every time I try to start the game it opens and shows the logos but after that it goes to a black screen 😭😭😭
I loved this game till the laundry room was added. I try to do the order and I don't have the tool needed to clean the clothes. So disappointed I used to love playing this
This would be a great game if it didn't stop working every few days. Twice now I have installed, played for a few days and then it stops working. Each time I have uninstalled and then reinstalled but it doesn't work. The last time it happened it took a few weeks before it was working again. The first time I installed it, I paid to get rid of apps. When I installed it again after it stopped working the first time, I tried to restore it, so the ads would not appear and it didn't work.
I can't complain about ads. I'm not getting any, i can't get anything in the game. It crashes when I try to do anything. =^=
I think it's a good idea however I think it would be really cool if you could choose what steps to do to clean it. I also think it would be nice if when you use the scraper tool that the water effect goes away when it's done/ dry.
Cool game, but i have 2 major issues. 1. Watch the ad to upgrade. No upgrade. 2. Once i get to a certain point, the game won't open. Only way is to clear data and start over.
I give it 0 stars but I had to pick one. Today was the first time I installed the app and when I got to the part with the money in hand, the app stopped working and keeps stopping at the same place
It isnt fun. It isn't relaxing. Its low quality and is not to be played unless your into that kinda stuff
I would have given this game 5 stars, but too many ads. I even paid to remove the adds and I still get tons of them. Paid for nothing. Also the laundry sorting has a glitch. The clothes wont go to where you tell it to go.
Like this game and played it quite a lot, found it oddly relaxing, till it stopped loading! All I get now is a black screen tried rebooting phone and clear cache to no effect! Since putting up this review there has been no change, I've even unstalled the game and reinstalled but not different please fix this
The game won't let me open up the clothing section so I'm not able to play anymore. It has been like this for a few months now. Bug needs fixing asap.
I can't even get the level to open. I got it once and there were adds popping up everywhere! If they fix the adds I might play it. But right now, I'm giving them one star. 😡
I really like this game. Although, I had to delete the app and reinstall it. I'm not sure why but, my phone showed the startup screen, with the app developing companies for this game and then a black screen. I just re-install this game and haven't encountered this issue.
Game crashes before it even loads. It won't even let you clear the cache on this game. Multiply bugs. I'd give it no stars if I could.
The controls are absolutely horrible. Nothing like the ads I've seen, completely false advertising. They also give you the option to either watch an ad to get extra money or skip it, no matter how much I tapped to skip it wouldn't let me.
I open the app and all i get is a blank black screem. It wont load for me to play. Ive had the app for a week and a half and have had problems with it blanking and now i cant even play it at all
It was great but I couldn't unlock things by watching the ads,it would make me watch them but not give me the reward.and the sponge needs to be easier to control
I really like this game. I don't mind a lot of ads. But instead of getting ads I'm getting a black screen that makes it so I have to close the app and open again to keep playing. I still get credit for my jobs though
New update doesnt give lint roller at 990. Now i cant play because i need the lint roller. Love the game though. Please fix
It was fun when it worked, but the game won't load now. Just a black screen. I tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it, but that didn't work.
Its not even letting me download the game but from the reviews I have seen it doesnt even sound good I came to the app store with a good and open mind on this game but nope I'm not downloading it so yea I gave a 1 star
Loved playing it, but now only a BLACK SCREEN comes up when I try to play!!! Its very frustrating as I had loved playing this game and it even helped me with my anxiety a little bit... Please be aware. AND to the makers: please fix your unusable game - thanks!
I enjoyed it for the first day now I can't open it! Just goes to a black screen and won't load. Very ad driven app too. Shame as I enjoyed it.
Its a good game and I agree with the sponge person,but my complaint is that after several days I played this game,the game just stopped on me.
It sucks. When you try to watch a video to get a update it doesn't give you the update... It's not verry fun at all. I would rather clean irl than play this. Peace ✌
Since this is a new game, I'll ignore not being able to find it in my downloaded games/apps on here. I will say it was good at the start then, it started to have a stroke, the screen would flash frantically, which is bad for people with epilepsy. My main issues are the slow framerates, it would crash all the sudden, it also seems to be having a few bugs when trying to watch ads to get/unlock things ? I like the game, it has a ton to offer, sadly its needs work, a ton of fixing to do.
This game is TERRIBLE. First Of All, It is VERY Laggy and there are WAY TOO many adds. I only got this game because I saw an Add for it and let me tell you, IT IS NOT WHAT IT SEEMS LIKE. I expected clean lines qhen cleaning in the game but all it does is little squares because it is THAT Laggy. I DO NOT Reccommend this game for people who want a nice satisfying game.
This game is AWFUL. 99% ads, 1% game. Don't install it, it's a waste of time. Repeated cleaning stuff, ads everywhere, and some crashes.
Too many ads, like with most games these day. But this is ridiculous! When trying to watch an ad to unlock something, the game wont register that you have hit the button. Locks up in between levels on a black screen. I have to close the app and then open it again for it to let me play the next level. Other than that and a couple wonky controls it's a entertaining game. The issues with the game make it almost unplayable, you spend most of your time stuck not being able to play or watching an add.
It was so bad and I'm saying this on my first time. When you move the cleaner around it only goes in thin blocks. It's very annoying, and I really wanted for this game to be high standard. But unfortunately it's not. Do not buy this game!
Really hard to control tools and ik you need the money for future games and stuff BUT AN ADVERT EVERY 30 SECONDS IS NOT HOW YOU DO IT!Seriously I had to constantly go off the game and turn off Internet to stop the ads because I'm trying to play the game.When you finish level:ad.When you want reward you watch an ad.If you don't want it oh well just WATCH AN AD ANYWAY.Im deleting.Do not download unless you want to watch ads for hours.Also if you got 10p from every advert you watched,you'd be rich.
What is with the washer/dryer game? It doesn't matter which one you click on it just randomly throws the clothes in either one with no rhyme or reason. You can never get a perfect score!!!!
I had to put 3 stars because I couldn't upgrade the items. Also I couldn't play to get extra items. Please fix it! I'll put 5 stars after it's fixed
Currently unplayable. Since the update, i have been unable to progress since i cannot get what i assume is a lint roller. I uninstalled and reinstalled, nothing. I can't check my level to see how close i am to lvl 80, and i have no idea what to do in order to progress. Please help fix this.
To many ads also if im watching something and im playing this game the game well just turn black also the one you put the cloths in the laundry even tho I put the right one in it well go to the other one, there's just to much stuff wrong with this game its just a waste of time
I really enjoyed this game. Paid to have ADs removed. Now when I try to play, I only get a black screen. I have restarted my phone and uninstalled the game twice and still cannot play. Please fix!
I like this game ..... I do have issues with the sponge .... but overall awesome .... eagerly waiting for the next dept to get unlocked. Happy with the laundry update .... but now the screen is just black after opening.
I understand nothing's free but seriously an ad every 30 seconds ...even when I click to refuse the 2x income i still get an ad. What's wrong with game developers these days .. .I will delete any game that keeps giving me ads every 30 seconds . ! . And to top it all off there's a ad banner already ... I'm already seeing ads to play this game y force them so much ? . I'd understand after 5 levels getting a non skippable ad.....not every 30 seconds :( it's a shame I like this game .
The game is pretty addictive BUT after a few days stopped loading uninstalled it and reinstalled it to be put waaay back and now it wont load again
I just don't like how the done button is placed. It makes it very stressful for me becuase I got up to go do something and come back and it was at 80% done and the "customer" ai was very disliking of me. I recommend that you change the placement and the timing of when the "Done" button shows up
App stopped working after a few levels had to delete the game as it wouldn't load any more and I know some games have ads but there are too many on this game after every level it's annoying
Look this game is good, but there needs to be a better way to control the sponge. It's a bit of a let down. Also, whenever I go to deny an ad it won't let me. I've qlready paid to get rid of them so that still needs fixing up. Thanks.
A baiting game. Honestly it was fun, but I'm glad I kept playing cause I was sus. At the beginning there aren't many ads, only 30s ones to unlock items which, was pretty nice. But once you get the hang of it in like 5 mins, every job you complete after gives you an unskippable ad. Maybe not baiting and giving us I dunno, instant skippable ads would let the players enjoy what they are doing. You already have ads on unlocking every item. Make it enjoyable for us players.
This game is cute and oddly soothing to play, my biggest problem is the crashing. I don't mind the ads, but they crash the game frequently. That and it will also crash when you open it about 8 times out of 10. I use this game to calm my head when I'm anxious and to help me sleep, but I don't want to delete and redownload a third time just because it fixes the crashes for a few hours.
I love this game. To me its addicting and very satisfying. The only problem I have with it is that when I im able to upgrade the equipment used the upgrade only lasts the one time you use it after it upgrades. Thats a bit frustrating. Before the game updated the upgrades would last until the next upgrade. And thats what I loved about it. If the upgrades would last then I'd give this game 5 stars.
Enjoyable for the most part a lil bit annoying on ads but sadly I had to stop playing cause the game stopped loading and just gives black screen
I now hate this app. In the first like 5min it has no ads then later on it has adds every time u complete something, the app also wont let me upgrade anything anymore I only upgraded one thing!
It was fun in the beginning but the control were hard to manuver and then my game just stopped working.
I love it but most of the items I can't even get when I watch a ad 4 times for it!!! And it takes forever with launching the scrubber instead of doing it by dragging your finger across the screen with it.
I can't play anymore. Before the screen would blackout on me. I just updated and ut won't let me buy the laundry room so I can't accept the order and play. Im not happy with this game anymore. It wasn't bad when I could play.
Love the game, but it has so many ads which sucks but wouldn't be so bad if it didn't freeze on a black screen with literally every other ad so you have to close the app and restart every single time. Also the "orders" with the washers when you need to sort the clothes has some sort of malfunction. Even when you select the left washer it goes straight to the right washer.
Very fun game but doesn't work for me anymore. Every time I try to open the app it goes blank (black). I've had the game for 3 weeks since this happened hoping they'd come out wityh an update to solve thus issue but no. This game could have had a five star review but too bad they didn't fix this issue. So upset uninstalling now.
This app SUCKS. Way to many ads and not enough game. DO NOT download this app it is a waste of time and after you have it for a day or to and try to get on it the app will not open that has happened to me BOTH times I downloaded it. Do not doenload this game unless your the type that goes to a movie just to see previews!😡
Every time ads play they usually are the same ones! Different ads would be nice then seeing the same exact ad 40x in a row. I watch an ad to upgrade my equipment and it doesn't upgrade at all. The ads are ridiculous. If you are gonna place them in a game at least make them helpful to the player!
The game was good once you got past all the lag. But eventually once I got to a certain level the game glitched out and caused my screen to go completely black I could not use anything in the app would not let me exit.
This game has an I interesting concept. The gameplay is repetitive but ok. The graphics are good. The controls are laggy and the game often freezes. I think about ad after every level is a bit excessive
Wastage of time. I thought it would be good but application keeps on stopping again and again. Buttons are displayed but unclickable. Physics of the game is pathetic. Highly not recommended to waste couple of MBs on downloading this junk
I'm giving this app 1 star because I was disappointed. Every level is pretty much he exact same as the previous and all the tools are hard to get and this game can get very boring which is why I've deleted it
This game is amazing there are not that many ads and it is very fun and relaxing so I would recommend to install this game!😁☺
Its the crashing amd the ads its a really nice game but when i got to a certain levels the game just crashed also all the ads I will give you a hint work on the crashing and the ads anyways its calming and people will love it more if you work on the crashing and ads.
Game works fine for a while until this most recent update that they put in of the dry cleaning. Now my first customer brings me a dry cleaning item and I'm not at that level yet. So I can't move on to get to the level I need to be to actually have dry clean capabilities. Please fix this.
Overall fun game but after the first few rounds it would just go to a black screen and just sit there
Its a great game overall! But 1 thing, when you finish 1 sometimes you can watch a video to double your rewards, when I click doublw or lose it, it doesnt go like it does pop up an add or make that screen go away. I have to exit and close the app and renter the app. But other than that I love this game soooo much!
I'm having the same issue as the other recent reviews- it won't let me use the new laundry room, because I'm not a high enough level, but I also can't level up because all of the customers require me to have a laundry room.
overheats my phone like crazy, certain ads freeze the game up when they play, and i got a full game crash at one point. Shame cause i like the gameplay and idea, i like how the tools all have different controls so its not as samey from rug to rug, i wish there was a way to upgrade the tools besides watching an ad when it prompts you after like 10-15 rugs
Ads are everywhere. I had an open mind when I downloaded this game. The ratings were low and it was odd compared to the amount of downloads. I'm not sure if these are botted downloads or what, but this game really sucks. Ads need to be way less frequent. The lag needs to be dealt with (the game is unreasonably large for what you get, what is all the data for?). The "reward system" is bad, there's no feeling of achievement and the controls are absolutely awful. Tool effectiveness is really bad.
I LOVE this game. But now when I open it I only get a black screen 😭😭 PLEASE fix this I love this game 😰
It was actually a really fun game, of course a bunch of ads but these games usually have way too many. The ads weren't my problem though, my problem was I played it once and was never able to play it again. I only ever get a black screen when I open the app now. It shows the games logo and then it's just black and never loads.
Started out good but very shortly devolves into long unskippable ads every time you click. I don't mind some ads but I don't want to spend more time on them than playing the game. Uninstalled.