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ComBank ePassbook

ComBank ePassbook for PC and MAC

Is a Finance game developed by Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC. located at Commercial Bank IT Research and Development, 6th floor, No 1 Union Pl, Colombo 00200. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.1 and up.
Thriving towards their mission of providing reliable, innovative, customer friendly financial services, utilizing cutting edge technology and focusing continuously on productivity improvement, Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC has made a distinct mark in Sri Lankan banking operational standards while standing out for superlative service and superiority that is technological.

The Bank unveiled an version that is all-new of e-Banking service, based on the Microsoft .net Framework in year 2012, Offering menus that is exceptionally user-friendly benchmark security and encryption features, the new e-Banking platform puts customers in control, and requires less intervention by the Bank.

Self registration, a‘My that is customisable’ feature that can accommodate a personalised image, self-addition and registration of payment recipients, customisable templates for payments, multiple payments via a single basket, a Quick Navigation menu that reduces key strokes and customisable viewing of transaction histories are among the exciting new features of the system.

Enhanced security features include 2-factor authentication for third party fund transfers; two-layer login; a virtual keypad; personalised security questions; password change and third party fund transfer alerts; and password encryption and verification via an advanced Hardware Security.

The e-Banking platform supports bill payments to more than 36 entities in nine categories – Telephone, Electricity, Water, Credit cards, Insurance, Pay TV, Schools, Rates and Other. Investing in Treasury Bills and effecting payments for share trading transactions is also possible, with self-registration of the users CDS number.

All users of the service that is e-Banking provided 24-hour customer support through the Bank’s Call Centre.

The e-Banking that is new was offered via mobile too and could be accessed via https://www.commercialbk.com/monline.

Taking a step that is further the Bank has introduced a separate application to Account holders who have access to e- Banking service, via mobile devices. Clients who are keen to make the best out of the busy time schedules would welcome this new application it’s down loaded as they could have the ease of accessing e-banking services directly from the software application that resides in the mobile device, once.

Clients would login to the application that is new the existing user credentials and could enjoy almost all the functions available under e-Banking web services including Bill payments, Credit card management, Fund transfers. Inquires on Account details, Fixed deposits , Loan & Treasury bills are also included in the menu offered. ATM & Branch locator, Exchange rates & Interest rates are the value that is new to the downloadable application and branch expects that those would meet most of the user requirements.

Commercial Bank is the largest bank that is private Sri Lanka, and the only Sri Lankan bank to be ranked among the world’s top 1000 banks for three successive years. The Bank operates a network of 232 service that is computer-linked and the country’s single largest ATM network of 574 terminals. The Bank has been adjudged ‘Best Bank in Sri Lanka’ for 15 consecutive years by ‘Global Finance’ Magazine and has won multiple awards as the country’s bank that is best from ‘The Banker,’ ‘FinanceAsia,’ ‘Euromoney’ and ‘Trade Finance’ magazines.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the ComBank ePassbook.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
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User Reviews
Customers need real time updates. This app takea several days to update passbook data. Please fix that issue.
DATES OF TRANSACTIONS ARE WRONG!!! Unlike other banks, this app updates the expenses after 1,2 days and the dates are misinterpreted. THIS IS TOTALLY USELESS IF YOU GUYS CAN'T GIVE US CORRECT DETAILS ON OUR TRANSACTIONS.
It was really good at the beginning. But now I don't even get notifications for credit and debit. It was ok I was getting my debit amounts lately. But really disappointed I'm not getting credit notifications. Very recently 5 to 11 credits were here but not notifications at all
App shows updates after few days from the transaction date.All the dates are wrong and it is annoying.Please fix this
Easy to check my account balances and easy to do the self registration. Notification service is amazing.
Actually app's UI is user-friendly, but app doesn't work correctly. Today is 13/04/2021 today i was withdrawaled some money, but my app represents my withdrawal as on 15/04/2021. App doesn't give actual dates, also it took long for show the deposits & withdrawals. Please develope the app. Thanks!
If I Iogout and open the app again I'm automatically logged in. What's the point of that logout button?
This app show realtime any updates notifications. Its very very valuable to us.. But can't add multiple accounts 😒
Online transaction and online purchase transaction dates are 100% incorrect. So can't Trust. Very bad app. :( Please fix those bugs quickly. Overall a bad experience now... ☹
Not working, stuck on loading screen. App only open when open through a notification. Complain several time about this to the bank no progress
Good app very easy to handle within few minutes I recommended this app for your banking. Goodluck. thank you for your service
App was working good but since the last update its not working properly please fix it asap. Thank you
New app seems great 👍.. (just one thing, since it's no longer allowed to take screenshots within the app, I wish if there's a way to keep records of important transactions.. :D )
Cannot see past transactions even the ones in the previous month aren't accurate does not include details of online banking
New app seems great 👍.. (just one thing, since it's no longer allowed to take screenshots within the app, I wish if there was a way to keep records of important transactions & balances... :D )
A genuinely well made app. Now bring your other apps like combank digital to this standard in usability.
It worked fine but somehow it has updated and now it SUCKS. Always show something went wrong and nothing works. Really disappointed.
I can't take screen shot normally !!!!!we have many method to take a screen shot!!! Give back that screenshot future!!!!
i think very bad developers in commicial bank developing team.I faced lot of problems from their web site and this mobile app. when installed this app it say i have already registerd. so the give the chance to reset password with one time pass code.but when i enter that code correctly the app saying it is invalid code.. i faced this type of prombles from combank digital login in web site, cbc app, and now this app.. very bad developers.
Not a useful app i cant see my previous transactions at all only the recent one realy useless app .... this is your bank new app right i though this will be better... but realy USELESS app
It's a nice app...Whenever I enter ComBank it shows me the current balance! But still have problems like... it doesn't include or add online payments such as Aliexpress and Ebay I mean I couldn't find my approximate payments whenever I pay online Please note this issue
Not a useful app i can see my previous transactions at all only the recent one realy useless app .... this is your bank new app right i though this will be better... but realy USELESS app
When a transaction was done today, it doesn't update on that day. But it does in like 2 days and show a future date thats not even close to the present date
Really terrible. All the digital apps whenever we do transactions they normally displays that Important message saying "your transaction is completed!!....then name of the beneficiary person, transacted amount etc. But here..they only display transaction is successful...no other details. My seller want screenshot of completed transaction to prove that i was actually deposited. How can i provide it ?
Not working. Useless app only showing a white blank page and commercial bank logo on top. 👎👎👎
Great app can be used to check the account transaction history and it's great that the last update brought about the feature to view unlimited transaction history. All the best and keep doing the good things.
This New Com Bank App is very easy to use.backround is very nice. every com bank customers need this app.very important.☝
Convenient app but has a major flaw, the dates reported are wrong, today is the 4th off February and I have a transaction for the 5th of February, which is tomorrow. You need to fix it soon.
One of the best app ever. Great push notification service. Please continue this as a free of charge 🙏. Thank you
Poor app. The message "Processing epassbook" appears. No response, even message through online banking and call center.
After the latest updates,this app doesn't working properly.there have lot of problems with this latest updates...
Best best best 1000000000% is better than older version of the combank epassbook ..5 stars from me It just took about 2 minutes to get register ... working well and lovely view
I really dislike the fact that it takes a couple of days for transactions to be updated; I mean, without this feature, what's even the point of using this app? Also, transaction details don't even cover the basic details, such as, the receiver. Apart from that, the UI could be a lot better. In conclusion, this app has a long way to go if it is to get at least 3 stars from me.
Get a new app developer coz these developer have not done a good job.Does not show the correct balance, takes days to update the total. Even after the cash has been withdrawn, it still show the total with the cash that has been withdrawn, so it's hard to keep track of the balance.useless app,
After the new update can't access to the transaction details. Only the screen shows a blank page. Please fix it
Transactions dates are wrong please fix it otherwise this app is useless if we can't see our transaction dates correctly
After the latest update I couldn't view any transactions and bank balance. It's only a white page remains 👎👎 Please take an action and solve it
Transactions are updated after few days not in actual transaction dates and time.☹️ Very unsatisfied comparing with other Sri Lankan bank epassbook apps. Saaaaad.
I installed yesterday(29/05/2021) and logged in using all requested details, when I open a app after one day, screen has freezed only I can see is purple screen with commercial bank logo.
Hi when I open your app it is frozen on the main screen I can't access my account at all. please help asap!!
After the latest update app is not loading correctly. Balance page is empty. Tested on redmi9 and old LG K4.
The best app to keep in touch with the account transactions...registration process is also not complicated like the previous one...
Great app Easy to see the cash balance and our transactions. Very good and best app👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
When I try to use the epassbook app, it takes me to a screen where I can reset my access code. I get an OTP and then an access code as SMS. When I enter the access code, it says "you are not enrolled for this service". If I am not enrolled, how can I get an access code in SMS? Even when I try to register, it says I have an account. It has been 4 days since I emailed and called them and I have not recieved a solution.
Could have been better. Specially w8th the app size and UI. Doesn't show past data, only the last month data, nor have an option to select past data
Here comes some good experience of digital era. No need to register for the sms alert facility in bank. Its coming along with the e passbook. Pretty good one.
What is the meaning of without real time updates,,,, this is confusing me always when i check account details,,,, app wii be perfect only after correct this.....
it wa a good app. But now adays not running over the wifi or mobile data? Pls check this issue. I dont know is it only for me?
This is not a real time app..i have done two transactions ..now 1 day past, still not updated..all other banks give the free SMS alert facility except com bank ..why they cant think about customer satisfaction..
New update is actually great, unlimited transaction history, and hold amount is show, very good QOL update..
Fix the problem When I open this app The app isn't opened showing not responding I'm using samsung a20s android 10
Would be nice if the entries are updated on time. Some transactions show up randomly in the app after weeks of the initial payment.
I am giving two stars because it worked pretty well before the last update.. But after the update It worked only one or two times. Now There is no details shown except the buffering circle. So fix that. It really worked well. 👍
Very good & useful app. It's shows both account & credit card transactions correctly. Thanks com bank team.
Very low maintenance. It's shows the same transaction details over and over again. It's not even getting logged in. Needs clear the cache everytime I need to login. Please fix the bugs quickly. Bad experience.
ඉදකින් යකෝ තොපිට ඇප් එකක් හදාගන්න බැයිද nsb app එකේ qr තියෙන්නේ , slow Laggy ,no instant updates 🤙🖕
Mechchara dawasak weda kara me app eka. ada ude idala weda karanne na me mala app labba😒😠. mage data th iwarai me magula download karala karalama😡🤬
installed the app. always displaying "Processing ePassbook". That's it. nothing loads after that. i even tried reinstalling it. got same result. i also think com bank need to get a new app developer. this one sucks.
Online transactions and online purchases transaction dates are 100% wrong. If you can not update the dates correctly, how can you be sure that even the financial transactions shown here are correct? So the e-Passbook of the 'Commercial Bank' cannot be trusted. Very bad application. Overall a bad experience now... ☹ Please fix those bugs quickly.