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COVID Alert - Let’s protect each other

COVID Alert - Let’s protect each other for PC and MAC

Is a Health And Fitness game developed by Health Canada | Santé Canada. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 6.0 and up.
Together, let’s slow the spread of COVID-19. Canada's COVID Alert app notifies you if someone you were near in the past 14 days tells the app they tested positive.

COVID Alert uses Bluetooth to exchange codes that are random nearby phones. It does not use or access any location data. COVID Alert works by determining how far away other phones are by the strength of their Bluetooth signal.

Several times a, COVID Alert checks a list of codes from people who tell the app they tested positive day. You’ll get a notification if a code you received matches one of the positive codes.

If you test positive for COVID-19 receive that is you’ll one-time key with your diagnosis to enter into COVID Alert. The app asks permission to share your random codes from the last 14 days with a central server.
Other phones using COVID Alert check the server that is central throughout the day. If they recorded any codes that match the codes in the central server, their user will be notified that they were exposed.

COVID Alert has no way of knowing:

-your location - COVID Alert does not use GPS or location services
-your name or address
-the place or time you were near someone
-if you're currently near someone who was previously diagnosed

Provincial and governments that are territorial working to support COVID Alert across Canada. In some places, people cannot yet report a diagnosis that is COVID-19 this app.

It’s still helpful to keep COVID Alert on, no matter where you are. That way, when people are able to report a diagnosis, you’ll find out if you were near them.

COVID Alert was built by Health Canada with the Canadian Digital Service on the exposure that is private framework by Apple and Google.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the COVID Alert - Let’s protect each other.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download COVID Alert - Let’s protect each other for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
I'm just not convinced of the efficacy of this app. Pen, paper and database, ie the old fashioned way seems better. But more concretely, I'm not one of those loons... But for personal reasons I am uncomfortable with keeping Bluetooth and location always on. I'd expect many people have legitimate concerns about this.
Ok for what it is. Just not ideal to have Bluetooth always on and would be nice to have more details regarding infection time and place. But because of privacy issues, I doubt that's possible.
EDIT: The problem I described below appears to have been fixed. I now see multiple checks per day, even without opening the app. I'm not convinced the app is checking for exposure and/or running in the background. The exposure log (settings->google->covid19->exposure checks) only shows checks after the app is opened. If I don't open the app for days or weeks and check the logs again, the most recent check lines up exactly with the last time the app was opened. I tried uninstalling-reinstalling and saw no change in behaviour. I've read that the app constantly checks for exposure as long as there is internet access but that doesn't seem to be happening on my device.
Not a good design. It just notifies you that you have a close contact with someone sick rather that giving you a warning before it happens. Technically, it's useless untill you got the virus as it protects others rather than yourself.
Downloaded despite battery drain as it's the responsible thing to do, come to find out the app hasn't even made a check in 14 days. Useless.
From Sep, I finally CAN USE IT, but the exposure alert needs to use wifi which means I can’t get an alert unless I turn my data on all the time. What a bad app! In Aug, I can’t use it. It says covid alert off, no matter which privacy settings I set.
Great concept but doesnt work on my samsung s8 which has the latest updates. Enable covid alert is greyed out. Restarting phone doesnt fix it either. No way to enable. I ve tried everything suggested, uninstalled, reinstalled, restarted phone, nothing works. I am in Quebec and downloaded the app originally months ago when it was not available here, could this be related? Update Nov 20th 2020, covid exposure still greyed out in google settings. Emailing dev wasnt helpful. Changing to 1 star.
I've had this app for months. I live in Vancouver, not exactly a small town. "This app is not available in this Province" message is annoying. I can't use it because it doesn't work here. Why put out an app that doesn't work for 5.2 million people. Pathetic.
The major flaw with this app is that it only works if others both actually have the app AND self-report if they have been diagnosed with COVID-19. Without others around you at least meeting those two criteria you'll be exposed to COVID-19 and the app will tell you everything's fine. Something like this would only work if it were made mandatory. I guarantee, at least 9 out of 10 people who test positive aren't going to bother to report to this app.
It's confusing... It says it doesn't use GPS so it doesn't know your location. How is possible to know you've been exposed if they don't know where you are? The codes are exchanged through through Bluetooth. My only guess is that it uses WiFi to track your location. ie: Two people are using the same WiFi at a the same restaurant. Therefore they must know your location. I wouldn't even mind if they used GPS and know my location. Wouldn't that be the most accurate?
Very basic and slow to start-up or respond to key strokes! It tracks all the times I have reported but have never been told of anyone infected near-by. I guess that's a good thing. Trying to be responsible!
I figured out to say when the app does number trades, and mine hasn't done any since Oct 31 (today is Nov 11). I can tell from the time of scan where I was. New scans should also be recieved in those same areas and aren't (work, gym, apartment residence, etc)
JASON KENNEY; STOP BLOCKING THE APP. It's been more than 2 months since this app launched and "people in your province are not yet able to report through this app".... Seriously this is ridiculous. What's the point of the app when it DOES NOTHING? Why did my tax dollars pay for an app that I am not allowed to use....KENNEY STOP BLOCKING THIS APP. You are putting your stupid political agenda ahead of Albertans health
Edit: as a reply to the developer's reply: my phone is fully updated Android 10 with updated Play Services as well. The COVID Alert app itself does not ask for any permissions in the first place to enable. Samsung Galaxy S10+ on Android 10 The button "Enable COVID Alert" in the app does not work. It says the app needs my permission to work but there are no permissions I'm denying it according to Android. I have Location and Bluetooth enabled but pressing the button does nothing.
It only works if you've been exposed for fifteen minutes while within six feet of someone. But it only takes a few seconds for exposure so what good is that. Oh well
I'm just not convinced of the efficacy of this app. Pen, paper and database, ie the old fashioned way seems better. But more concretely, for personal reasons I am uncomfortable with keeping Bluetooth and location always on. Many people have legitimate concerns about this. Edit: Health Canada's reply missed my point. I'm not complaining about the app itself, but have concerns about having to keep BT/location on at all times -- regardless of this app or any other.
My app says it hasnt made any checks in over a month, I see no way that I can adjust settings to fix this issue? I am unfortunately an "essential service" (a popular coffee shop 🙄) and interact with the public daily. Would love to know why the app is not functioning.
Requires an internet connection. So if you don't have data, it doesn't seem to update, so my kids on public transit can't use the app... Upped to 5 stars as data is not required. Thank you Devs for responding.
Literally useless in my province My provincial government (which happens to be the same party as in power federally) still has not implemented any reporting capabilities that are compatible with the app. As a result anyone who is infected could not enter their information in the app and no one in close proximity to them will ever get an alert. Legislation is required for provinces to implement this federal government solution.
Last covid check my phone did was a week ago? What about this past week? I've been at work I've been places, it should have at least checked. I think some things wrong with the app. My Bluetooth and locations are on I checked. It has potential, but only if it works.
The app stopped working after a day in my Android 11 device. Even when the Bluetooth is on the app says "COVID Alert is off. You did not enable COVID Alert". Uninstalling and reinstalling did not fix the problem. The idea deserves three and above stars. Hope the problem will be fixed immediately.
App won't enable alerts. Using a huawei p30. I try clicking the enable button but nothing happens. Reinstalled, same thing. I'm in Nova Scotia.
I just downloaded it after seeing an ad from my internet provider. This is a great idea of an app if it's to potentially help inform everyone who has it. I would have loved if it could track locations though since it would seem more viable than bluetooth, but then again I think the location feature drains the battery faster than bluetooth does. I'm sure we can get through this pandemic, and if it's here to stay, we can only do our best to support one another.
Get it! Help flatten the line. This app will help limit the spread of Covid-19. If you've been in contact with a victim of the illness this will let you know to get checked. Better to be safe then dead. Have a strong immune system? Get the app help thpse that dont.
Doesn't work. I literally live with someone who tested positive and inputted their code and my app still says "No exposure detected", even days after
The app hasn't worked for Android in two weeks. No exposure checks at all. I forced the app to stop and restart and got three checks all at once and then none since then. Uninstalling and reinstalling also doesn't work. My phone is new and all up to date - no reason for exposure checks to not be happening. Nov 24: I installed the newest update last night and it is still not working. It is not checking for exposures. That's the purpose of the app isn't it????
Huge oversight that when people are notified that they have been exposed, they are not able to find out what day they were exposed. The app collects this information and it should be shared. Msg apparently just says "you've been exposed in the last 14 days". Big difference if a person was exposed 1 day ago vs 14 days ago. 1 day ago, tested next day, they may not have enough virus to test positive and wrongly think they are clear. 14 days ago they can be confident in result. BIG ISSUE
Good initiative but app might have bugs. It does not record contact between members of the household even if the phones are close to each other most of the time. May be useful if government integrates this with other services they offer like applying for CERB, myCRA, etc to encourage greater acceptance for contact tracing.
I can't access the info on it. It keeps asking for a verification PIN code that I don't have or don't know. This is unreasonable, that it locks me out of info on my own phone. EDIT: It's under Google Settings>Covid exposure notifications(on)>exposure checks. Click on exposure checks and next it asks "verify that it's you" with your email and a phone keypad. No number I have tried works. What number it want?! I just want to see if there was a real exposure notification or not.
The "Enable Covid alert" button is not working on my Android 10 phone. It stays red. BTW, if it relies on bluetooth, it's useless. I will not turn that on for this app.
In Android 11 location services aren't needed for exposure notifications, but the app still requires it and doesn't work when only Bluetooth is on. Please fix it: enabled GPS is a battery drainer. Upd. Changing to 3 stars because of inadequate support response. Instead of listening for a suggestion they just (auto) reply standard "Try to update your app". Shame.
It's almost always only checking during the night when I'm sleeping, usually around 00:20, 4:20 or 22:40, sometimes will check around 8:20. Never outside of 5m from those times. Useless Response to developer: I'm constantly connected to the Internet so that shouldn't affect anything
I can't give it a great rating bc I don't know whether it's running in the background, and how effective the app is in general. The response from HC here explains how I can ensure the app has been running in the past through the exposure check list in the phone's settings, but not by just looking at the phone. Also, my husband has had his BT on for days this week and the app only recorded a few checks. If we need to ensure the app is running, then an icon would help.
Awesome app for society, and using Bluetooth not only helps with privacy it also allows for data to be stored in the app for long term use. Location services is a must so that the app now's where and possibly when you got infected and it can help locate others that you may have had contact with. The reason for the 4 stars I for some wierd reason I keep getting these test notifications saying "exposure" and it doesn't even show you that it is a test unless I pull the notification tray down.
Hi My Bluetooth is always on but I turn on my location when using and turn turn it off. The app seems to stop working when I do that and I have to reactivate it. Sometimes it's off and I haven't even touched the location. I almost have to check it everyday to reactivate it and it defeats the purpose. You guys need to find a way to avoid using the location. If the location is always on other other apps can use it to track clients if this one is not. Thanks
More people need to download this app. For the cost of battery life and how were in a F'ING GLOBAL PANDEMIC, I think everyone should have a tool to help track exposures. The app is relatively quiet - 1 notification / week reminding you its on, an extra notification if you disable bluetooth (how it mainly works), and I assume an extra notification in case youre exposed. Compare it to Instagram where youll get at least 1 a day, its a non issue.
Stupid logic... Terrible approach! Think about it...you are relying on folks reporting their illness on this app where they won't! What's the use of an app when relies on data input from unreliable sources!? A sick person won't care to input data on the app! Probably some government kid wanted to get into the system OR someone needed a promotion!? LoL UPDATE (answer to the developer/responder's): Again, you are saying: "We hope".... we need proper scientific approach to the issue not "hope". I still believe this app is a waste of TAX PAYERS' money. Let's focus on something that gives us results not something that "we hope" it works and people with the illness hopefully report their sickness!
This is a joke. Google and Apple already came together to turn this on automaticlly for everyone but no, the Canadian government wanted access to all the private data so we don't have it here but this joke of an app no one uses. I work in a test center and I NEVER been alerted once. It doesn't work.
I tested Negative exactly Twelve days ago, still Super Terrible symptoms forced me to go for another test, after More than Two weeks of quarantine, I have a Positive result from my test taken on Thursday. How can we Seriously keep this Covid Stalker Grounded and in Control??? I am currently still in quarantine at the Same Time as Losing me mind! I Wish All Better.
Easy to download, doesn't use a lot of my battery. But! I received a notification I was in contact with someone who tested positive 4 days ago, and I can't seem to get rid of it. I called the toll-free line the COVID Alert web page suggests, and the person who answered didn't know how to fix it. I tried deleting random IDs in the Settings, and that didn't work either. Is this how the app is supposed to work? Will the notification automatically disappear 14 days after I was exposed?
Does what it says on the tin! However now it has stated last checked for exposure Oct 25! I've been near devices that also have the app since then. Does this mean that the app is now broken?
My partner was diagnosed 5 days ago and input his result into the app at that time, and we live together unable to socially distance properly. The app took 5 full days to notify me that I have been exposed. Feels completely unreliable and useless.
After many months of covid alert being greyed out I finally figured it out. I had several google accounts on my phone for gaming apps. I had to remove all of the other gmail accounts in settings/accounts and backup/accounts then restart my phone, reinstall the app, and it finally prompted me to enable covid alert. Hopefully you can spread the word so others experiencing this problem can get the app to work. I will leave my review at 1 star for a little so maybe people having trouble might see it
Doesn't tell you where and when, so it gives you alerts just because . You don't have to be in contact with someone for more than 15 minutes or contact at all , this app will send you the alert Very disappointed and doesn't give you any history to follow
Covid alert team: your app is not checking for exposures until it is force closed and restarted. Even reboots do not seem to force checks. I had no checks since Nov 6, and force closing it and restarting the app caused 14 checks to happen all at once. Users currently have to do this force stop manually to get exposure checks through. Please, something broke with the last update. This is coming from a computer scientist and software QA specialist. This is a showstopper and must be fixed now.
I checked and Covid Alert is not still working after closing (I used Advanced Task Manager). I think the app is great but we would have to make it more reliable in easy way!!! I think the would stay running even if i close it (as a real background app (design pattern watchdog)). In that way it would be more efficient that people keep it running against non-intentionnaly application closing, but im not an android dev and i dont know more about (ask to our friend google). Yeah be safe together!
I wish the app included statistics on how many other devices it communicated with in the last x number of days for example. right now the incentive to keep it installed is low because I don't even know if people in my town are using it.
As with other users, this has stopped doing exposure checks since early November. I'm in touch with support but not getting anywhere quickly. Also just checked with other members of my household and all have stopped working, all on Android. Looks to be working after Nov 20 update.
It does what is supposed to do but it blocks other wearables to connect with my phone for something as trivial as syncing data after a workout forcing me to uninstall the app first. It would be great if it had a toggling feature with a timer so you can pause it instead of uninstalling/installing it.
Downloaded the app numerous times, but it still doesn't work. When clicking "enable covid alert", nothing happens. It doesn't take me to another page or indicate why it's not enabling. I've made sure to turn on Bluetooth. I've also went my app permissions for this, and there isn't anything left to 'enable'. Please help!
The reason why I like the app, is because it is something that is benefiting society...it is a tool that's helping us. The reason why I give it 4*, is because I know there could be more work on it that can help everyone to maintain the virus. But still great job to the developers... however the app is like rock. It doesn't do anything unless who ever has the virus enters their code and means they should be quarantine. The app doesn't give out hot spots place to avoid.
We need to immediately make the COVID-19 national contact tracing app operational in Alberta. Why is the Alberta Government keeping this app from us while forcing us to use an app that they created and doesn't work? Maybe it is because they are just data mining...
It's a junk software. I never thought the Canadian government's software would be so junk that Android wouldn't be enabled. For apple's system, it requires the phone to upgrade to the latest version. But I do not like to be asked to do other things.I really want to follow what government requires. But if it costs me too much time and energy, it asks me to a lot of other things so that causes a series of trouble for me, I have to dismiss it. I unsatisfied with the app, even the government at all
Essential app everyone should have. One cavil: weekly count of contacts shows up only in system notification, which disappears if you open the app. App menu should have an option to show the count. Developer response misconstrued my comment. I understand all that: the problem is that the weekly notification is evanescent, I. E is only in system notifications. It is not available within the app. It should be possible to see this data within the app. Otherwise, see it once and never again.
This app gives me peace of mind whenever I need to buy groceries or do something in indoor establishments. I hope other provinces stop the politics and make their residents use this app, too. I hope I would never receive a notification, tho. I thought it would degrade my battery life but it has stayed the same. Sometimes I even forget the app is installed! This is a great app I hope everyone in the world has access to. This is what tech is suppossed to do - help us.
I'd like to see more detailed logs of the exchanges that take place. Also, if I disable location the app stops working. I thought this only used Bluetooth. Please explain this discrepancy. Edit: app was up to date and I'm running latest Android version. Your reply does not apply. The permissions on this application are extremely suspicious.
This app is not accurate. Passed by areas where there are known infections but the app still says no issues. Everyone would have to download and keep it on at all times to work. Also, everybody infected has to report otherwise this app is useless. Yes, true they would have to download it too. If the person infected does not have it downloaded,.we will never know. No one is required to report, so if they don't advise, noone will know. For it to be effective is to have everyone download /report.
So I need to be beside someone with covid ( within 2 metres) for 15 minutes for the app to say you've been exposed? 15 minutes! What random people are you around that close for 15 minutes? You can't get it being around someone within 1 metre for 30 seconds? Useless app. "What's an exposure? The app estimates how near people are by the strength of Bluetooth signals. If you're closer than 2 metres for more than 15 minutes, the app will record an exposure."
Got a positive alert after a household contact tested positive so that was good. But the positive alert never went away and the positive test was over three weeks ago. I've been nowhere with no close contacts in the past weeks beyond my household. Finally had to uninstall and reinstall to reset the app. Not great.
Like the idea, but mine hadn't logged any exposure checks since install and last exposure check was almost 3 weeks ago (20 days). Bluetooth is on, and everything says it's active and good to go. Edit: sent screenshot and info as directed by developers. Uninstall and reinstall seemed to bring it to life and start functioning properly.
I received a notification in the app 2 weeks ago. I immediately got tested and had a negative result. There was no way to reset the app, it kept saying that I had been exposed, even though I never left the house. Was I exposed again subsequently? Would it tell me if I was exposed in the future? It also never said what day I had been exposed on, so I had no idea how long I had been a danger to the people around me. I had to delete and reinstall.
Does not want to work on the OnePlus 6 with the default stable OS @ Android 10 Oxygen OS 10.3.6. Google Play Services is October 2020 and security update is September 2020. It says not compatible with OS. It used to work up until a month or 2 ago.
Seems legit.. except that it's never really on. I just checked my last 14 days, and their all today at 1233pm. Garbage app. Use a private company, not the lowest bidder. Govt of Canada,: stop getting junk.
Health Canada, please clarify for users that when you say "go to settings" that you mean phone settings, not app settings. I spent an hour wondering why my app settings didn't have a device option i.e. android. Once I figured that out i could see the exposure checks. None of them were during the normal workday, most were after 7 p.m. and before 7 a.m., when i am home with my husband (glad that he hasn't reported a positive result). I work in a hospital so the app should be pinging all day long.
Very straight forward app. Would suggest social media sharing options to encourage others to install it. Also no idea if those who teat positive are required to install the apo or not, wo not entirely sure how practical this is overall. Thanks for the reply.
Buttery drain not worth also huge security issues as it says it doesn't use location but asks for you to turn it on and doesn't even stay running in background
People saying it track you clearly know nothing about the app. First, you need permission to access these data and the apps doesn't request it. Second, it doesn't care about localisation. It generate a random code that is shared through Bluetooth to other person with the app nearby for at least 15 minutes. After that, the code, nothing else, is saved on the device for 14 days. If the person with that code enter the covid code, you're then notified. THAT'S IT!
The app seems fine and well made, but in BC it can't carry out its main function of notifying you because the provincial health service hasn't set up reporting yet, so you could be interacting with positive people without knowing
FYI it may not be checking for exposures at all. Go to Settings/Google /covid exposure app to see the number of checks. Click on that and it tells you the date of last checks. Turns out the last check was when I Installed the app and none since. I have periodically force close the app through app management in order to force it to check for exposures daily. This needs to be fixed. This is the one, critical feature and it doesn't work without technical knowledge.
I have doubts about this app. I tested positive and put my code in. None of my contacts were notified. Not even my husband. Was never asked to resend notifications daily like it says it will ask for. It's a great idea but I can't believe it actually works.
Why is my doing exposure checking in the middle of the night like 1:30am when I'm asleep. No other phone in house has the app. No checks done during the day. Strange.. help is not much help to explain how the app works
User privacy vs public health. I would not mind letting people know where I have been at what time and date if that info can protect my neighbors and help prevent this virus from spreading. You do not have to show the person's name, but definitely time and location are important! Also, why we living in Langley cannot get and enter the key when we are exposed?
This app is useless unless you have a data plan which I don't. When I open it it tells me I must be connected to Wi-Fi so that does no good for me when I am in a store somewhere and do not have wifi.
Since the most recent update, the app hasn't performed a single exposure check. I have bluetooth and location on. Previously, the app would only do an exposure check when I opened it (according to the log under google settings). I see other people here with the same issue, hope it gets fixed soon.. until then, 1 star because useless.
Non-stop Notifications! Compeletly unnecessary. I get a "weekly" notification multiple times a day that the app is ACTIVE. The notification icon is the same, regardless of whether is just showing that its Active or that you've been Exposed. It's incredibly frustrating and anxiety inducing to think I may have been exposed but its just ACTIVE.
Does not work -android user with -enabled/updated google play services running -location is on -running android version 9 and fully updated Dumped and reinstalled 3 times still wont work. How long before this will get fixed-
Requires provinces to opt in, not people. Meaning, BC has not and likely will not allow anyone to report they've got covid. They're refusing to simply issue the codes that allow users to report their positive test. The only reason they'd be doing this is so that there isn't concrete contact tracing data that they'd have to follow up on, which would result in higher confirmed case numbers. They're directing people to self isolate instead of test, and not following up on known contact points.
I followed the help guidelines to check if the app was working because I never see "last checked". It did not work So as far as I can tell it is not running properly for me. I am downloading it again, hopefully it works now.
I am concerned that the app is not actually running in the background on my phone (a number of apps that should run in the background disappear .. I can confirm they stop functioning). Is there any external way to confirm functioning?
"Your device isn't compatible with this version." is false. Adjust 'minSdkVersion' according to Google ENS specification of API level 21, works fine. Now more than 8+ million devices can be repurposed and added for effective alerting by the less fortunate Android users. Add exposure timestamp on incident notifications. The Google ENS framework records the token timestamps, on confirmations, detailing when potenial exposures happen is essential for accurate contact traciing.
I want to love this App, but it is not perfect. Have had it for a while since it was introduced. Yesterday, it warned me I have been exposed, with a recommendation to get tested. Today, that same warning is completely gone and again says no exposuredetected. Thankfully reported it and spoke with Government of Canada Covid helpline, who confirmed they have received a few reports of temporary false exposure notifications and took down my details including type of phone.
The app is NOT automatically checking for exposure on some Android devices and as such it may not warn you. You should still install it, but the developers need to fix this issue...
Husband tested positive, we're both quarantining in the same household. It's been over 24 hours since he entered his code into the app. I still haven't been notified of exposure and we're living in the same household. My Bluetooth is on and everything is working. Seems like something is broken. 48 hrs later, I'm tried entering my key and I got an error code and couldn't continue.
Caution Android users - make sure if you have power saving enabled that you give this app unmonitored battery access or it won't do anything. Also, for me, it seems to do more checking in with my neighbours than it does with people I encounter away from home as almost all contacts it logs are when I'm at home. So that person that it alerts you to having been exposed to for more than 15 mins may be someone you never saw.
Doesn't check for exposures that often. It only seems to check once a day. I have internet access all day and wifi at home.
All ok, Should be more secure than Facebook. The only issue I had was I had installed the app long time ago since Quebec did not enable it in Quebec (we do not know the reason ...), but now after was enabled in Quebec , you have to do an extra step . So even if the app is installed on my phone, I had to do an Update app for which I was not aware... (posible this is a corner case ...)
Entering the code should be encouraged and made easier. Maybe allow scanning code through the app. Why aren't more people using this app? What's being done to promote downloads? At there any stats to justify its use?
Tracks and shares your location and data!.. Basically they collect all of your location data, places you go to and connects with nearby phones that has the app installed on them and Wi-Fi networks in public places. Idk what else they have access to that we don't know about. Even when your bluetooth and wifi are off they still have access they still can locate people! It's good to prevent outbreaks but not feeling safe about sharing my personal data at all!
I don't have blue tooth or any service other then WiFi when at home or at a friend's with whom I have permission to use their WiFi or a public WiFi. So I cannot use this app. I pay for no data on my phone.
Worked fine the first time, then I turn off the bluetooth when was at home. After I went out again, turn on the bluetooth, and the app is no longer working. It's frozen on the first page with the logo, and remains like that forever. Tried to uninstall and install again, but same thing... So...I will probably not use it since I don't have the time and energy to figure out what's the problem. Nice app though, (if it's working) 😋
I started using this app Nov 8 (it's now the 23). It's been running since then, but hasn't checked for exposures since the 9th, apparently.
So far so good, have yet to experience a positive test result (tested once, negative) or a contact notification...easy to install & set up. It should tell me HOW MANY TOTAL (non-infectious) CONTACTS daily & cumulatively though...would really remind all of mask importance & follow daily guidelines
I like the covid-19 app it's useful but I think it should let people know what location you caught covid at because not everyone pays attention to the time or tries to figure out the place where they were at the time and I think it should show if there could be covid near where that person is so they can avoid going to that place besides that it's a useful app
This app is useless. It bases it's functionality on the most unreliable technology known to man: bluetooth, it doesn't use GPS so it doesn't know where you are, can't tell you if you go to places where infected people have been, and only randomly does check to see how close your phone has been without knowing where you are. End result: went grocery shopping for 2 hours, it didn't do a single check during that time, but it did check while I was at home alone an hour prior. Totally useless, deleted.
Not knowing date of exposure severely limits this app. Please escalate this to your public health consultants. Consider Toronto October 2020, second wave. Toronto Public Health has abandoned contact tracing. App notifies re exposure. When? Big difference between 1 day ago or 10 days ago. Testing negative useless if 1 day ago. Quarantine for how long? Contact trace from 10 days ago or now? Not knowing cripples the utility of this app. Privacy trumps care unnecessarily.
My question was "Why does it want gps location access when it runs on Bluetooth?". Bluetooth services do NOT need any connection to the gps receiver. My phone connects via Bluetooth to my car without gps enabled and therefore this application should not require GPS services. Therefore I reduce to 2-stars from 3-stars because the answer provided is incorrect.
It would be interesting to get a summary report (daily). - Alert Community Score. Number of phones you came into contact with that had the alert app. - Isolation score. A number that identifies how many Bluetooth proximity contacts (with or without alert app) you had in a day. Thanks for you response. Please give me a clue how to find the log on an android phone settings?
I've had this app loaded on my phone since it was introduced this summer. The province of Alberta announced in August that they would implement this app. So now it's November and our idiot Premier has announced that we won't be using what his party is now calling "The "Trudeau App." So now many Albertans will have to suffer needlessly simply because this little twerp wants to make a political statement. Disgusting.
I'd like to see more detailed logs of the exchanges that take place. Also, if I disable location the app stops working. I thought this only used Bluetooth. Please explain this discrepancy.
This app has potential. Covid-19 being so aggressive, we need to be offensive to get ahead of it. However, this app is not fully enabled in my area. Everyone needs to get on board. Update: The app has been enabled in my region. It is active on my phone and every family member. Join the fight against Covid-19!
Great concept but doesnt work on my samsung s8 which has the latest updates. Enable covid alert is greyed out. Restarting phone doesnt fix it either. No way to enable. I ve tried everything suggested, uninstalled, reinstalled, restarted phone, nothing works. I am in Quebec and downloaded the app originally months ago when it was not available here, could this be related?
I like the idea however... Had to uninstall then I reinstalled it again because for some reason it said it did not cover my area. I live near US boarder so possibly it switched towers. Fingers crossed it helps if even a little bit to keep us safe, wish more would get the app.
Been using this since day one. Finally frustrated enough to write my review. Really upsetting that this causes interference with other bluetooth uses of my phone, specifically my headset for hands-free calling. Sometimes im the middle of a call, or while getting navigation instructions while driving. I'm continuously having to reset my bluetooth in order to work around this poorly programmed monstrosity. If I had any alternative, I'd be using that instead.
Its a great app as long as majority of the population use it! I wish there were more advertisements about it on the news or through universities to encourage people to download and use it. We always say we are in this together but we should show it in our actions.
I don't understand why it has uninstalled itself... twice, but I want the notification so I will download it again hopefully the third time it will work properly for more than a couple of days.
Useless app, after one has tested positive you will be asked to self isolate at which point they won't even give you a second test anymore to prove that you're not but will just be considered cured after that time. What's the point of putting in a code saying you've had it if within two weeks you are considered cured? There is so much nonsense to this process that it makes you wonder why Justin Trudeau was ever put in charge, he's a failure to the population and just as useless as this app.
We need more people on board with this. I'm in Manitoba and it says "People in your province are not yet able to report a COVID-19 diagnosis through this app". That being said, I'm glad this is being made available! Edit: changed from 4 to 5 stars as it is now available in Manitoba. Hopefully the rest of Canada follows suit as well! And please everyone download this app ASAP!
The app does not work. Either that, or no one has covid. Public funds were funnelled into, yet another illegal racket. Download the covid app, and download Screen Recorder. Turn the screen recorder on, then the covid app, and walk into a covid hotspot, and post your findings. I also called the covid hotline and 211, and asked if the people knew anyone who had covid. They said no. Covid is the biggest hoax, perpetuated on humanity to date!
The app was working well but with one of the recent updates it does not seem to work anymore. My Bluetooth is always on but I switch my location off when I get home. Despite putting my location on when I go out the app no longer works and I do have bluetooth and location on. Not sure what happened with the last update but once it works again I will give it 5 stars.
Drawback. Phone data transfer. I had to reset my phone and all the keys stored by the app were not backed up by default by the app. Turns out this app does not support backup of data to google drive by default in android devices.
Cannot Enable COVID Alert. After button is pressed, nothing happens. It does not ask me for any permission. Update: 2020/08/08, still the same situation. Update: 2020/09/06, still cannot enable. FYI, I have Google Play Services. Update: 2020/09/17, still cannot enabled even after clearing app data Update:2020/10/03, app now works as intended.
The idea is good, but there are a few key features that I'd really want to see, in order to make this properly useful. Number of contacts: If I could see that the phone's made contact with 30 other devices over the past week, then I'd know that enough other people have been using it. Up-time: If I could see that the app has been active for the majority of the past two weeks, then it would be possible for businesses to use it as a screening tool, for entry.
Useless App! On the upside. fast easy installation and setup . On the downside. After installing and setting up , when asked for my region, and selecting Manitoba, the App tells me it is not available in my region. Every time I see the priminister talking on TV, or the head doctor talking they all say get the app to flatten the curve. I guess if you live in Ontario or Quebec you matter, but no where else.
Good start but definitely could use refinement. Easy to use and understand, even when prompted with a potential exposure. However, once exposed, there are some serious oversights. You are supposed to get tested and self-isolate based on your last possible exposure date that you determine, but the app should at least tell you what DAY you were in contact with the exposed person AND the app should reset based on 14 days of that date, NOT the date of notice. App should also have an FAQ section.
Ok so this app is totally based on an Honor system. Which in turn makes the degree of successfully identifying another covid infected person that is with in range of your phone, statistically less the 0.0001%. Useless unless enforced and then you can enforce and monitor the person to ensure that they carry their phone and have NFC or BT enabled. This is just a placebo app to make people feel better about not coming into contact with a carrier.
Simple and elegant. Excellent work from the government of Canada. Can you share the source code for the rest of us living under less-competent governments?
It has been 16 days since my app shows an exposure check. I always keep my phone with me and my bluetooth enabled precisely so I can be notified and yet it does not appear to be doing what it's supposed to.
It is a scary app it told me I had covid-19 when I didn't even have the symptoms I might have been exposed to somebody but I didn't have the symptoms these are the person that I was with so really you trying to scare everybody with this and besides I had my IP address I prevention what makes you think you didn't get somebody else's IP address from United States that God is supposed to somebody else
It looks like a great idea but it's meaningless with no one reporting the real status. I know I have several positive cases in my neighborhood but the app still shows me that no reporting in my area
Seems great so far. I like how up-front the explanation of the technology was, how few permissions it requires. Nova Scotia may be in a good place right now, but I'm happy to stay connected in an effort to maintain our current level of safety.
Easy set up and this is going to be essential. As far as privacy, if you use Google or social media you are sharing much more of your data than this ever would. One thing I do suggest is that we be alerted about a contact that is less than 15 minutes. It takes seconds of contact with an infected person not a quarter of an hour
The app seems well made, but in BC right now it won't inform you about positive results from other BC residents due to reporting not being set up by the BC health authorities. It is still useful to have the app downloaded with Bluetooth on in case you interact with someone from another province who reports a positive test.
There's better ways. (By that I mean for the application to work/function.) For starters. Bluetooth kills phone batteries extremely fast. So this application from personal experience is not worth having on my phone if it is going to drain the battery when my phone may be needed for an emergency.
Every time I leave my house, the Blue tooth shuts down on its own which renders the app usless. I need to notice and turn it back on. Is this due to the covid app, not sure. This was not an issue until I installed the app. Overall all, great app other than BT shutting down. Thank you for the reply. I will uninstall for a trial and see if the issue continues.
Samsung Galaxy S10+ on Android 10 The button "Enable COVID Alert" in the app does not work. It says the app needs my permission to work but there are no permissions I'm denying it according to Android. I have Location and Bluetooth enabled but pressing the button does nothing.
It seems to have stopped checking nearby phones entirely. Reinstalling did nothing. I've gone from getting hundreds of exposure checks over two weeks to literally zero.
Thank you to previous reviewers who elicited the information about how to confirm that the app is periodically checking for exposures. The developers assured me that ONLY internet connection is needed to check for exposures- however, I see that my app did not check for exposures for the past week when my Bluetooth has mostly been off (because I was at home). Bluetooth is now on but I am disappointed that the developers don't seem to understand this aspect of their own app.
The reason why I like the app, is because it is something that is benefiting society...it is a tool that's helping us. The reason why I give it 4*, is because I know there could be more work on it that can help everyone to maintain the virus. But still great job to the developers.
Now that it works in Quebec, pretty straightforward to use. Just install, set up and forget about it. The weekly notification about the app is still there is kind of scary, however. Makes you think you've been exposed when, in fact, the app just says "Hello, I'm still checking!"
Find it hard to give this app more than one star, as it hasn't made a single exposure check in 10 days (since last update). Prior to this, the app was sporadically missing 1 or 2 days. I had reported this issue to the HC CovidAlert team, along with my logs, several weeks ago. They suggested that it might be a connectivity issue - but my phone is not having any connectivity problems whatsoever. Obvioulsly, the most recent update has made things much worse, with 0 checks in 10 days.The idea behind this is great and I totally support it; but the implementation leaves much to be desired. What is the point of this app, if it doesn't work?
I see not available in your area every time I open this app, rating will likely increase but I need access first. I keep hearing on cbc I can download but it is unavailable in British Columbia
I like that this app doesn't collect any personal information and can run easily in the background of your phone. Unfortunately, it is still not able to report here in Alberta or in neighbouring BC and it's starting to sound like it never will...
Since last update ~ early November - no exposure checks performed for last 2 wks. Checked via Google>Settings>Covid notifications (Android v8/ Galaxy A5). It was working fine up til then. Bluetooth/location enabled, opened app up periodically. Pls advise your developers - there was another reviewer who reported the same issue.
What is the point of this app if it checks 6 times a day at the SAME time. My history shows that it checks at 630am or 11 pm. Both useless times to check. I thought it would check if I was close to another Bluetooth signal. It never checks during the day if i go out.
Someone from the UK, has downloaded the Covid Alert app using a VPN and IP address in Canada, whilst sat at home in the UK
I think there should be a feature where you can change your status to in suspicion of having covid. So you dont have any symptoms you weren't around anyone who is sick, although you know that they are a front line worker or something, and they might have been in contact with someone with covid. Thats an idea I have until we all get the app.
Not active in MB yet. Everything seems to function properly except that it cripples my Garmin smart watch. The watch disconnects and reconnects every few minutes with Covid Alert installed. It's behaves as if the BT range is drastically reduced. Updated Oct 2, 2020. Now supported in Manitoba. Still conflicts with my Garmin Vivoactive smart watch.
I don't feel safe knowing I have to be in bluetooth distance to be notified. I'd rather an app that tells me how many people in my community are exposed. Such as an employee at a store, or school, ect, Self isolating,
Thank you for this. Very secure, open source, multiple security experts agree this is the best way to do pandemic tracking. Battery runs fine, and transparency is huge in the app. Thank you federal workers! You're keeping us healthy, and hopefully will help come winter.
There's a major flaw with this app. Suppose you get an alert. You go get tested and the test is negative. At that point, you want to reset the app so that it starts working again and you can be notified if you are exposed again. But the app won't let you do that. The original notification stays on the app for two weeks. This renders the app useless if you get exposed again within that time period. I emailed the app admins about this and basically got a shrug in response.
From what I understand, an infected person would have to register, so that the rest of us can be notified by the app of a possible exposure. How is the app supposed to be effective, if it is not mandatory for those testing positive to register? I found the app would cause programs to close on me when the Bluetooth was on. Based on these 2 items, I've decided to delete the app.
Will say up front I havent been exposed so haven't used that part of the app. As a privacy-conscious user I'm satisfied with the back end & security measures. I also like the ability to see how many pings the app has made in a given time period through the exposure checks, it is reassuring to know it is working. Only loses one star because notifications often appear randomly to saw the app is running. I would be fine if it was a persistent notif or just to show up once a week.
It scares me when I get a red icon notice from the covid app when I turn off my Bluetooth is off. Save the red and exclamation marks(!) for an actual infection notice. Please tone down the routine notices (avoid red, etc).
It Works!! The app went off 10 days ago. I got tested and was negative. It also reset so the app is now active again. Update: after reading many reviews I don't think most people understand that it doesn't notify you of exposure to Covid unless all the people around you have the APP installed and they enter a special code if they test positive!!! This is strictly voluntary (although i think it should be mandatory) so if your friends havent downlowded the app it doesn't notify you
"COVID Alert does not use GPS or location services" Except is does require location to be turned on. Maybe not talking but certainly will drain a battery quicker.
It's very simple and easy, but reading the how it works I found that it will only alert you if you were less than two meters from that person for 15 minutes. I wish the time was less and the distance was a little more, if someone comes into my workplace and touches surfaces then I accidently touch my face and they later test positive I may not get an alert because they were only in the store for a minute or two, and I may not have even gotten close to them at the time.
Almost every other day the app tells me my Bluetooth is off. Yet my Bluetooth is on and functioning just fine. I'm casting and playing music on Bluetooth speakers. So therefore the app must be the one not functioning correctly. That isn't a good thing given it requires Bluetooth to function at all.
Get onboard Dr. Henry. What are you waiting for! Enough wishy washy. When this pandemic takes off in BC you'll see we are no different we just got lucky so far nothing to do with you or your wishy washy mixed messages. Like everything about this app except the fact I cant use it!!!!
Despite Bluetooth being on 24/7, the app can go more than a week between performed exposure checks. Worked very well before the last update, but hasn't done anything for me for almost 2 weeks now.
I appreciate the goal of the app and I was really happy to hear it just used Bluetooth and I didn't need to keep me location services on. However the app says my alerts are off because my Bluetooth is "off" even though it is on. But when I turn my location tracking on it works... I was told no tracking location?
First off I think this app is a great idea. However I think more work needs to be put into it. Trying to get answers about it and when calling the people on other end can provide no answers. I got an exposure warning(no notification) saw with app. I went got tested. I checked my "exposure notifications" under settings and I see a match of 1 on 2 separate occasions. No one can tell me what that means. Did I get exposed twice on two different occasions?
I like the idea however... Had to uninstall then I reinstalled it again because for some reason it said it did not cover my area. Fingers crossed it actually really works and helps if even a little bit to keep us safe.
Doesnt check for exposures often, maybe every 5 days. Uninstalled and reinstalled, still cant get it to check. No point in everyone having this app if it's not going to update at least daily!!
As with other users, this has stopped doing exposure checks since early November. I'm in touch with support but not getting anywhere quickly. Also just checked with other members of my household and all have stopped working, all on Android.
I'm not convinced the app is checking for exposure and/or running in the background. The exposure log (settings->google->covid19->exposure checks) only shows checks after the app is opened. If I don't open the app for days or weeks and check the logs again, the most recent check lines up exactly with the last time the app was opened. I tried uninstalling-reinstalling and saw no change in behaviour. I've read that the app constantly checks for exposure as long as there is internet access but that doesn't seem to be happening on my device.
The app is definitely flawed. I have an android and I checked how many times my phone was doing exposure checks. 20 times in 1 hr while I was home alone not around any other Bluetooth device with the app. I uninstalled then reinstalled and again 10 more checks in a 15 mins time period with no other Bluetooth device around.
I was notified by a roommate who tested positive, I had been in contact with him for 10 days before he was notified, I thankfully tested negative but had been with him regularly. This app has no way to warn people about that. Nore did it warn me when he tested positive. He submitted a code in the app. My bluetooth is always on. I also work in an automotive industry and am in and out of customer vehicles. I'm high risk.
The app notice says COVID Alert is Off in red. I have Android 11 and Bluetooth is enabled. From what I read this should be all that's required for the app to work. From COVID 19 Exposure System Support: On Android 10 and earlier, turn on your phone's location setting... For phones running Android 11, your phone's location settings does not need to be on.