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COVID Alert NY for PC and MAC

Is a Health And Fitness game developed by New York State Department of Health. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 6.0 and up.
This is actually the official software of New York State, run by the NYS division of wellness as an element of New York State’s extensive assessment this is certainly COVID-19 contact tracing effort. The target that is ultimate to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 by:

1. Alerting you if somebody this is certainly unwell 10 minutes or maybe more within 6 foot of you, as this sets you at a greater chance of SARS CoV-2 infection, which in turn causes COVID-19.

2. Encouraging you to definitely subscribe to the safe practices of one's buddies, family members and community by alerting other individuals if you test good, WITHOUT REVEALING YOUR IDENTITY TO ANYONE!

3. Getting you sources which can be important help if you're exposed or test good. You can easily call the COVID alarm NY Hotline or discover links that are helpful resources on next steps to protect all your family members.

4. Hold an exclusive wood of your very own signs which can help your medical provider and health this is certainly general public determine next steps.

The application leverages a totally private and secure technology that is bluetooth-based Apple and Google created. The foundation that is app’s is available to the general public and has been vetted extensively by privacy and security experts. We never ever visit your location or identity, with no home elevators the application of this software can right back be tracked to you personally.

Assist us Stop the Spread of COVID-19 in New York.. Share this app together with your relatives and buddies so we can all together be safer.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the COVID Alert NY.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download COVID Alert NY for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
The app is well built and is sleek. Unfortunately it captured less than 1% of cases in New York because people are not using it. People are not willing to do the right thing even when their life depends on it.
This implements the Google and Apple bluetooth-based contact tracing. Also provided some nice data on how risks are evolving. It's a really great app and a shame more states (or the federal government) haven't done something similar. They really should advertise it more though.
This app is rubbish, and quite frankly just creates more conspiracy that we are all starting to believe
I give it 1 star and a thumb up, that's for all information you can find on this app. But I can't give more stars because the most important feature of this app is to let others know that you get tested for Covid, but it doesn't work! The code you are supposed to get from a Trace worker doesn't work, so the app can't (anonymously) send out important information and contact other people or their devices... (I reinstalled the app, turned of/on bluetooth, and tried multiple codes = nothing worked)
Invasive use of solicitation to user by recommending via notification outside of the app store. I should not be getting push notifications that override my settings for these to be unable to do so. Google and affiliates are invading users privacy by doing so.
Two stars because: It is a shame that only just over 100k people have downloaded this app in a city of 8.4 million and a state of 12 million. Given zero privacy issues detected or reported, this app should be suggested via text messages all the time. This is a public health problem everyone should help in all possible ways.
Great app, I just wish it would get some background medical info on you so if you do have a symptom, it doesn't automatically say you might have Covid.
I have asthma and allergies. So I have shortness of breath occasionally. This should also be noted in the symptoms checking. It is misleading to associate all shortness of breath with Covid19.
I like it, although I didn't get any COVID alerts, pretty sure that means people aren't downloading the app. Maybe advertise it more. But, a good app nonetheless.
It's quite a relief having this app. It lets you go about with a little more confidence that no one is near you with Covid. Even for my husband's sake, who's a cab driver upstate and takes full precautions, I don't have to spray Lysol all over him when he walks in the house. There is no invasion of privacy; if someone is near you with Covid you get an alert with a code number. No names at all. Thank you Gov. Cuomo.
Uninstalling this app as it doesn't seem to actually be used by any NYC contact tracing group. When I tested positive for covid, neither of the two contact tracing officials brought it up or could give me a code to notify people I was in contact with. What was the point lol?
Wish we had this months ago but better late than never I guess. App is easy to use, has a clean appearance, and is such a great tool!
If the app has not been updated for proximity sensing to work on a Samsung Galaxy 10, then why did they make this available? What's the point of installing this when the main purpose doesn't work?
Like the love alarm app but the opposite way around xD. Nice app tho to stay safe. Another difference than the love alarm is that this app won't bring people together. Love alarm a serie on Netflix. Just got the connection haha. But again nice app
This is stupid. Google the CDC weekly flu numbers and you'll see all these Covid numbers are actually flu. There's 23 total flu for 1 week in USA but a billion covid cases? Bullcrap. They just want to do "the great reset" .
Could be good if more people used it. Unfortunately for my battery, I can't afford to have Bluetooth on all day so I pretty much can't use this app. Only when plugged I but I can't have it plugged in when I'm public so...
More work on the app is needed. Despite enabling Bluetooth, the app still ask for you to do so; then it hangs. Keep work on it.
A potential tool if used by more people and information is honestly shared otherwise the charts provide are informative.
Kept telling me I need to turn on Bluetooth although every possible Bluetooth setting was already enabled.. The issue turned out to be that Location also needs to be on - doesn't say this anywhere - and also that Battery Saver was creating a problem. Finally, successful setup! Now to see how well it works.
Very happy with this app. My friend told me he doesn't have the newest version of his iOS & can't download it. Seems like we will miss a lot of people this way. Also, would be helpful to have a link to the new cluster map integrated. Everything else is wonderful. Easy to use, visually elegant, multiple languages available. I like the health log as well. ETA: After reading other reviews, I have to say it's affecting my battery life at all, & alerts are anonymous and delayed. Explains in the app!
A great tool to have during this pandemic. The more users participate, the more accurate the app is in alerting users. Great idea.
We had the app and have since deleted it. We caught Covid. There is no way to state so in the app. You need to wait for the Health Dept to do something with it. By the time we received a call from the HD (poor staff are so over worked because people are careless!) we were almost off quarantine, so they didn't bother doing anything with the app or contact tracing (which we had already done on our own anyway). The app was a waste! Totally defeated the purpose of it.
Says my Bluetooth is off, but it is on (following the link to settings changes nothing) and the only other option is to turn it off. I have no idea how this app works because I was under the impression it was working this whole time and can't turn Bluetooth on when it already is on. BT works fine for my headphones its weird that this app says its not on.
App is vulnerable and open to code manipulation and attacks via Bluetooth vulnerabilities. Scans via Indeoendsnt analysis software find vulnerabilities that can expose your personal device to attackers. Great idea, but the security is highly flawed for the time being until certain patches are developed by device manufacturers and app developers.
Dosen't Work, No Support. I click turn on & nothing happens. Bluetooth is on. NFC on. Uninstalled/reinstalled. Updated my phone. Installed again same problem. I wrote the developer over 4 days ago no response. Only an automated message: thanks for doing your part to stop the spread. SGS9.
The app is a great idea, but it's useless because no one is using it. It should be mandatory. I'll uninstall because it does not work with only 500K installs.
Horrible app, this is just fueling more paranoia while creating security loopholes in your privacy. I'm glad a majority of the population isn't playing along with this government over reach and not actively using this.
I understand privacy but for this app to truly work.... work related we make house calls but ask a series of questions before we enter the home. They can easily lie and say no. It be nice that the GPS (Location) when on and at a house can notify you of a positive person in that household or residence or a location address. That information is out there vs relaying on someone else phone and hoping they have the app to talk.
Just tested positive. Tried to send a notification to all codes I've come into contact with and app requires 6 digit code from a contact tracer. 1. So I'm going to sit here not being able to notify anyone until a contact tracer calls me? A day can mean the difference between life and death. 2. Give us the option to edit our symptoms today. I usually do it in the morning but developed a symptom this afternoon but it was too late, I had already submitted for the day.
This is the easiest way to save lives! It's completely private, the data stays on your phone, no location info is used and all that good stuff. Tell your friends, family, coworkers, local businesses to add their phone β€” the more people participate, the more effective it will be.
This app is full of security holes. Leaves your Bluetooth open to vulernability. It's a great concept, but I work from home and I'd rather not risk (more) identity theft
Nothing to report so I guess that is good. However, when I go to check see what exposure checks there are it wouldn't verify me. It's not clear why or if there are settings for this.
Useless.. i work doing COVID testing have yet to have the application alert me of a contact, yet I see many people every day who have tested positive.
🚨🚨As far as I'm concerned everyone is going to get sick at some point. Heck even if vaccine gets you sick, it just lessens the symptoms!!!🎯 Overall I just like having the ability to tell people I've never been exposed!!! Well at least as far as my interactions are concerned, I haven't been notified that I've been you're an exposure yet!! πŸ˜… Praise be to God and thank everybody for all their hard work in developing this App!!!πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ‹οΈπŸ‹οΈπŸ”₯πŸ”₯ℒ️©️
Why can't I use this with another COVID exposure notification app? I live near both NY and CT. This should definitely be something to consider.
This app uses the Exposure API developed by Apple and Google jointly. If you are within 6 feet of another person with the app for 10 minutes, your phone exchanges a secure Bluetooth token (code) with that person's. Then, if that person gets COVID, you get a notification that you were exposed- because you have their token. There is NO way for this app to see your location. There is NO tracking of your location through the app. It does NOT compromise bluetooth. This app can save lives.
Local health department has no access to the code required when tested positive. App is useless if the health department cannot use it.
Reported false positive exposure on day I quarantined at home alone all day. No option in app or hotline to report false exposure notice.
The app works. I got notified about being in close contact and was able to narrow down where I was that day. I deleted the app 3 days ago (just cause) and was called today about exposure 11 days ago. Not sure why it took so long to be notified but I appreciate it nonetheless.
my bluetooth always on cause my wireless ear buds. I work in a clinic that does covid testing and people who have symptoms for covid. not 1 notification.
Great concept. How many users by state? How many users By county? How many users by town? I feel like I'm the only one using this app in my area. I do turn on Bluetooth when I leave my home. *For me the only useful part of this app is the info on stats. I wonder if they advertised this app along with V-SAFE (online app) and others, if more people would even know about this app and download it. That's the only way this app will work is if others know about it and download it.
Excellent, and very easy to set up and use. It's an essential for New Yorkers when some without masks get within six feet. πŸ‘
Solid app. The Bluetooth exposure is very minimal and very very hard to hack. You would be more vulnerable to hacks if you wore a smartwatch with or without the app. The only minor complaint I have is the recommendations being off, but it is only a recommendation and it is not shared with anyone. Only time anything is sent is if you test positive and you get a call from an agent with the Department of Health and they give you a code. I hope this app will make a difference and I expect it to
12/26 I got an alert that someone was close to me for a prolonged time with Covid. The worst part was getting tested which seemed like it was more difficult then it needed to be and finding a testing cite was annoying and Imo this is a PUBLIC health crisis and ALL testing should be free. I had to go to a place and pay for a test. I was satisfied with this app because I was warned! So for that I'm happy. I was able to be proactive. I was negative in the end so this worked at least for me.
I never had any issues with the app functionality but, it was not useful to me in any way. No alerts or information to help me stay informed or safe. It has not improved my life or proved to be a valuable tool during COVID-19 in any way.
I have a problem. When I go to Exposure Check, it has my email address. When I type in a password, it says Try Again. I just downloaded the app today. How did it it get my email address (More like 1 of 4 email addresses. ). How do I tell them that I forgot my password (Again, I just downloaded the app today just about 30 minutes to an hour ago. And how did it get 1 of my 4 email addresses.?)? What password? Update: I figured it out the password. It looks like a very useful app.,
Simple, Easy, and Fast. The "Covid Alert NY" app is simply fantastic. I've been using the app for over 2 months now and I don't have any complaints with the app. This app will notify me if I come into contact with anyone who has tested positive for Coronavirus. Another great aspect of the app is it gives me up-to-date information on all positve and negtive Covid-19 test in New York State. The app breaks down the data for the whole state and also shows you your Local County data too. 5 Star app.
Cant really use it for now. Bluetooth on and when I try to set it up ,the button for closeness alert won't work. I even uninstalled the app and reinstalled same thing. I really would like to be alerted. Please help. I have emailed also. I will change my rating once the app works for me. Thank you.
The App appears to have the right concept, but when it comes to what people want to use it for it irrelevant. If I use it I want it to tell me if my working location is safe, not to find out that it's only collecting information. To many cases are showing up around my job, and were finding out by people calling out. We need a tool that is more essential, with a Covid report button.
It wouldn't stop telling me to download it via the play store notifications no matter how many times I cleared it. Within an hour it showed up again. So I only downloaded it to give this review. And hopefully this will stop the damn notifications.
Could be more useful and informative. Details related to current current zone level and useful misc subjects should be added. User provided information to include self reporting of testing, type of testing, postive/false-positive/negative results, and self/state/organization/employer imposed quarantine. Application update/"whats new" information needs to be detailed, rather than a general out of date blanket statement describing the application.
A suggestion. It would be nice to mark a designated location as no one is coming in or out so the app can take a break for purpose of saving phone battery.
4 stars based only on what I've read about the process & the security/privacy aspects, so far. But if this app can in any way help prevent NYC having to again witness bodies being loaded from rear of hospitals into multiple refrigerated tractor trailer trucks, I'm going to try it. Happily. P.S. Privacy is pretty much an illusion these days anyway, so..
The only alert I got from this app was when I turn my Bluetooth off at home. I constantly get the notification telling me it can't check for exposures. I spent a while work day with someone that just came off quarantine and didn't get a notification then. There's too many variables for this to be useful and the constant bluetooth notifications were just annoying.
Easy to use. I will check in on it everyday to report my health condition. I am healthy now. I am looking for a vaccination. I guess that's a different app.
The app seems fine. I think it would be good to add some stats about app installs, reports from users, etc. The NJ app has this. Also it has been poorly marketed by Cuomo et al. I'm not sure most NYers know it exists
Cool app my only issue is if you select any of the symptoms you are told to stay home. I understand the abundance of caution, but you can have some of those symptoms and not have COVID-19. My suggestion is unless it is a symptom such as loss of taste/smell or something more specific to COVID-19 one should not be told to stay home.
Quick install and setup, got the data front and center as well to monitor. Was waiting for ny to get the contact tracing app. It's been too long.
This app is to log your symptoms daily. Record people standing close to you for 10 min. Or longer. If you test Covid Positive, they'll contact the people who were close to you and viceversa.
Love all the information it provides. I feel safe and I'm gaining knowledge . Thank you keep up the great job.
Kind of useless. Relies too much on self reporting, which doesn't tell me anything about my risk of exposure from others. If users who are diagnosed with COVID-19 don't self report, the need for this app becomes null. Also, if they don't have location services on, that also doesn't help at all.
Pointless if no one else uses it. At this point I trust other people as far as the magic yellow lines in the road.
Nothing to report so I guess that is good. When I go to check see what exposure checks it shows number of keys so for us geeks a detailed explanation of how it works would be nice.
Simple and easy to set up app. Though, it's probably the only app I use that I don't actually want to get a notification from!
I wish there was a slot on the symptom list for noting seasonal allergic reactions. Also, I was directed to NYS alert app when I installed the covid one. That is annoying, be cause it alerts me to problems far from my home. I'll Soon delete it.
Overall, this is a great, simple app. It does what it sets out to do. The hacking concerns are unfounded. After the February patch,, older Androids are doing well. Newer was already very hard to. In response to another comment, it recommends you stay home if you have one of the symptoms listed. There is no true "COVID-specific" symptom. Some have just diarrhea or rash as their first symptom. SARS-cov-2 creates a viral syndrome and this differs person to person.
App can be manipulated for false positives. After providing symptoms, it tells me unfortunately and I may have Covid-19, yet these symptoms are for a different diagnosis that someone like myself deals with due to other health reasons. So basically this app is not fool proof and cannot be taken seriously. I'm now uninstalling it and hope that no residue applications within the app has been left behind in my device as some apps do leave behind unwanted features. Use at your own discretion
All of these apps need to work together, not try to supercede each other. People who travel should not need to switch which app is doing sensing depending on which state they are in. If this is the fault of state health departments, they need to stop the bickering and all work together
The tech is solid. The protocol is solid. The privacy and security is hardened. Now we just need adoption. Install and share. Now's the time.
I have it installed. With such an allegedly important tool that could save life's it really is discouraging that it only relies 9n Bluetooth. Even a ping of data could provide enough location for triangular based location. Uninstalling, scientific based precautions will help. Not on a COB Job cell phone app, and also this is a lesson for the people of NY also. Common sense and caution will benefit not this. C
It's a well designed app and is useful even if only for a convenient way to keep an eye on the charts. Of course the fact that it's opt-in is a limitation, but I really don't understand the complaints on this. People are saying they've never gotten an exposure notification like it's a bad thing. Are you sick with covid-19? If not, then what is the complaint exactly? You want false alarms?
A potential tool if used by more people, however this the flaw of the app which makes it pretty much useless. I uninstalled it
I just downloaded this out very interesting. which is app does it will tell you if you've been in contact with somebody with covid-19 through a certain type of code they won't identify you but they will let you know they won't Mark you but they'll let you know period why is it that our system can't just test everybody and eliminate all this in between nonsense. You're wasting your time people are not going to be truthful. And touch base with the health department. I found you very interesting
Was around someone who tested positive and was in a cluster area and get no alert. This app does not work. You all must be collection other information from my phone but it sure was not covid19 information
Good probably, but SILLY. it asks how you're feeling, and when I checked the box for a runny nose it gave me a "sorry you're not feeling well" page, complete with "could be COVID19" warnings. Ridiculous.
I installed this app 3 months ago and tested positive for the novel coronavirus 1 month ago. I was excited to warn nearby contacts of my status from the app, but doing so requires a secret 6-digit code and the contact tracer who was assigned to my case did not know what it was. I was so disappointed. My phone had collected 2 months of data about nearby contacts, but this information could not be used to save lives. I don't blame the contact tracer, but I hope this issue can be addressed.
The closeness sensing won't work if your phone is in battery saver mode (at least with my phone). If your Bluetooth + location are both on and you're still getting errors, try turning off battery saver/power saving mode.
i dont understand why i cant change my country .When i opened the app it said that im in New York and that a have to choose where i live in new york and then when i tried to change there was only the option not in new york state. I want to know the cases in My country Bulgaria not in America rn.
Wish this had an "I tested negative" button for people with symptoms that turn out to be unrelated. Also, I suspect this gives a false sense of security--the main threat is people who don't take this seriously. Those people aren't using this app.
Useless when you live in PA on the NY border and your shopping is in NY the app won't let you use it if you also have the PA app loged in? I have to remember to log out of PA to log into NY when I drive into NY it's only 5 miles to the NY border I live in a very remote area of PA nothing here but I do drive into town to a Walmart 25 miles away from me in PA these apps are useless to those living on the state borders!
Assume this app works, but haven't had any alerts. Also the symptoms are similar to common cold and allergies so that may cause alarm to people.
I will say, recently in our area we've had an outbreak. The app was scanning daily to see if anyone in the vicinity had reported symptoms. This will only work if everyone down loads this and enters symptoms or lack thereof often.
500k downloads in a state with 20 mil people. The core purpose of this app is as useless as it gets if less 3 percent of the population have this. And even then, you need Bluetooth on by default.
Why can't I use this with another COVID exposure notification app? I live near both NY and CT. This should definitely be something to consider. Terrible. I have to pick one state.
Idea behind the app is great, but this only works if EVERYONE downloads it and does their due diligence of reporting covid. Released for 3 weeks, only 100k+ downloads(not sure if this includes apple side). If people care that much to go through the motions of reporting, putting on a mask shouldn't be an issue on the first place.
I definitly need this because of my age and health problems that I currently have. Even though i'm on daily med's, I'm still a high risk with Covid-19.
I assume it does what it says it does, but it's also caused panic in a bunch of people I know because for example I put in fatigue this morning and it was like YOU MIGHT HAVE COVID. And that caused a panic attack. I'm going to keep it installed so that I can be notified and stuff, but I talked to my doctor and he agreed that I shouldn't look at it so that I don't have daily panic attacks over what's probably nothing.
Easy, secure, and effective way for me to get notified immediately if I were to have been exposed to someone with covid. Thank you!
This works similar to the Citizen app. The only difference is that this one shows the charts and graphs. My only concern is that many won't download this because of privacy issues or because they just don't understand.
Not sure how good it is yet. But I know it sucks the life out if my better. As the Bluetooth searches for a device and is unable too, my Samsung S9+ last week before installing the app would get close to 20 hours on a charge, now after installing this app, I get about 8 hours on a charge and the phone is down to 18%.
I'm worried as to its accuracy. I'm still waiting for my COVID-19 results, which I'm expecting since around September 24. I haven't felt sick, but given the high amount of asymptomatic carriers idk how reliable this app would be with so many people out on the streets without any knowledge of being infected due to irresponsible testing measures in the city. And yes, I've tried to call several times. No answer and they keep hanging up the phone.
Good app but needs broader compatibility if we're to get a critical mass of users. Easy setup with no account or registration. Everyone who thinks this is some sort of tracking conspiracy should just get rid of their cell phone altogether.
The app is well documented and clearly explains how it works. Spend more than 10 minutes in close proximity with someone else and the apps will exchange a token. No location and other information. All the paranoid scaremongers should read the details before leaving misleading nonsense reviews.
The app seems like it'd be useful, and I really wish I could use it. Unfortunately, it won't let me turn on alerts. No matter how many times I tap the button to turn on alerts, absolutely nothing happens. Disappointing.
Good but not enough. Data is several days behind. There should be a way to log in if you had a test and log the results. The symptoms tracker does not allow you to quantify symptoms like a runny nose.. what if I have hay fever? This app needs some serious refining to be worthwhile.
The app is really only useful if widely used. Much like the new Excelsior pass, if it's use is not mandated or widely used voluntarily, it is essentially useless.
While I appreciate this app and it's goal, the symptom tracker needs some tweaking. One of my chronic health issues shares symptoms with COVID and therefore flags me as potentially having COVID. I've seen others in the reviews have this issue too. Maybe something can be done to fix this?
Takes entirely too long to load; I uninstalled in less than a week and might give it another try later.
It lets me report symptoms and logg them. It needs to have the tracing for everybody however. I need to know which areas have covid not which people which are few have the app and who I know of these that download it's zero. People aren't responsible enough and too paranoid to help others. Great attempt on the apps behalf however.
This app should be illegal, takes away from personal privacy all for this plandemic paid for by Democrats including the creation of it!! I haven't worn a mask the entire plandemic as an essential worker, haven't been sick not once... Covid is NOTHING compared to the regular flu. It's all lies which in people are too stupid to think for themselves anymore & believe the FAKE MEDIA!
The reviews are a bunch of bots claiming that the app works right but it does not. Currently it's October 2 and the inapp information has not been updated since September 29. So I'm currently 2 days with outdated information.
The app itself is fine. But the problem is the effectiveness of this app is limited by how few people install it. If you're the only person in town who has this app, it's useless. I've never received a notification from this app ever. I live in an area with almost 9% infection rate. I live in an apartment building and I've been out to supermarkets, etc. Not a single alert. As long as the app is not mandatory, it's pretty useless.
Do not listen to misleading, clueless reviews. The underlying technology for this was developed jointly by Google & Apple, and vetted by the computer security community in terms of both security & privacy. This app is built the right way, it's safe to use, and can potentially save lives.
Didnt have any issues with app. I logged my symptoms or lack there of about every other day. I uninstalled the app due to the fact that it never did anything, minus the monthly alert to tell me I have the app. I got no notifications I was close to someone who had covid. Nothing to improve my daily life around covid or to try to protect me. Basically, it's just the state taking my info but providing nothing in return. Not a shock when it comes to NY.
Decent information, but not nearly enough, which is fine considering that is a secondary function. This app is perfect in theory, though a significant amount of the population would have to download it, and keep bluetooth on, to see benefits. People need to embrace this for any real benefits. Also, to everybody giving bad reviews because of bluetooth, go read why bluetooth is the method used before trying to ruin an app. If they chose the alternative, you would probably be up in arms.
I been around people who had covid and they have this app and everything but not showed that people i was around had it. But i will say that i am lucky that i have got it yet. I have been around 6 people so far that had it or has it. Time to get rid of this app. I dont need to track hie many people have it in my county. Thats all this app is really good for is to see the status of the covid in your county.
Easy to install and set up. Requires someone who is exposed to reach out to their health department and put in a provided code in order to notify others, so there's a reliance on all users doing their part for this to work.
Google Exposure Notification API is not available on secondary profiles on the same Google device. Also not really useful since most people that really should be using this - schools, clinics, barbers, etc. - are not, and have not heard of this app!
Waste of time and storage space. What's the point of an app that only transmits data from the phone and never anything useful to the phone? Uninstalling and not looking back.
If you watch this review because you have privacy concern against this app. I can tell you that.... there is "no concern". I confirm the app has no access to any personal info in your phone. I use third party product to scan it and confirm this. The application design really ensure that you cannot be tracked. Your privacy is safe. So, go ahead to download it to increase protection for youself.
This app is useless and doesn't work. I was positive for covid but it didn't notify my gf who also had the app. None of the Healthcare providers or health departments seem to know about this app.
Caused 6 other apps to fail and stop working. Uninstalled from phone, but still getting this apps notifications when Bluetooth is disabled. Very disappointed. Not recommended.
The idea behind this app is great. There is a running list of travel quarantine states in the NYS website, which this app does not include. It contains safety tips as well. It should also have a dark theme. The fact that Bluetooth needs to be on in order for the proximity alerts to work is not ideal. I feel this is an unnecessary security risk and that using cell tower triangulation is just as effective and requires less battery to operate.
Randomly popped up with a notification even though I'd never had it installed. Basically tricked me into installing based on the assumption that it was trying to warn me of a potential exposure.
App can be manipulated for false positives. After providing symptoms, it tells me unfortunately and I may have Covid-19, yet my symptoms are for a different diagnosis that someone like myself deals with daily due to other health reasons. So basically this app is not fool proof and cannot be taken seriously. I'm now uninstalling it and hope that no residue applications within the app has been left behind in my device as some apps do leave behind unwanted features. Use at your own discretion.
there is no way to notify anyone if you contract covid. the app instructs to enter a code provided by someone who will call if ur test is positive. nobody called, not even after i sent a note asking for help. its now been 10 days since my PCR lab report. whats the point of building and releasing this and asking people to use it if the data isnt ever going to be used for anything? im just going to uninstall it cos its just eats my battery for no public benefit.
Worthless app. does not work. People close to me are now dying from Covid and this worthless app helped no one. It drains battery on bluetooth and that's all it does. I am however fully vaccinated. UNINSTALLED
just installed it seems like it could be a good way to find out if your around people that have been infected but as long as everyone has the app installed and you have your Bluetooth on so you can be notified πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
I heard about this app on one of the news stations (WNYC maybe?) and was anxious for it to be released. Easy to install and I like the updates. I wish it would ask for some kind of basic health history. I, too, had Covid-19 months ago and am still experiencing relapses at various times. I don't want to be labeled as having Covid-19 while in the middle of a relapse. Can that be worked into the app?
This app has been working the way it should but this morning the app seems to be a little crazy. It says that bluetooth is off, and it's on, Then also it said my closeness setting is off. I don't know what is going on but the powers to be should fix the problem. Thank you
I think this is a good start to keep yourself save and others try it. It's free and you don't lose nothing by trying.
The theory is good, but kills battery, and any app that doesn't give details on updates is not to be trusted.
To those with chronic illnesses or a symptom or two like a headache: Covid doesn't respect the symptoms of other conditions and diseases. Its symptoms overlap a lot of them. Use common sense. Only note symptoms that are unusual or suddenly more severe. Or don't use that feature at all. You can still use the closeness sensing (or not) or you can just look at the NY data. And this app will not sell your personal info to Putin, send sexts to your boss, or eat your baby.
Lacking in functionality to inform users... Doesn't link outside the app to get additional up-to-date information and directives from government agencies.
Does not work in conjunction with other covid apps. Must shut one off to use the other. Have NY and Connecticut. They will not work at the same time. Stupid!