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Curvy Singles Dating

Curvy Singles Dating for PC and MAC

Is a Dating game developed by Evermatch located at Roháčova 145/14, Žižkov. The game is suitable for PEGI 18 and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
Our Dating application is ready to accept singles that are curvy or like to meet and date curvy girls, super-size huge, breathtaking females (BBW), and dudes that are chubby. Install the app, complete the registration process, and diving into an environment of endless talking, flirting, dating, and love that's true.

Look for curvy singles nearby
In our app, everybody is available to talking and getting to know new people.
We maintain a rather attitude that is friendly allow women to rate their particular dates and recommend specially gallant guys. Start chatting with anyone you want and possess an occasion this is certainly great. We’ll choose the most beauties being stunning your neighborhood only for you. Then we’re pleased to allow you to do that too.
Go on a date these days and get your absolute best!

Our online dating means:
- a free of charge database of curvy women and guys who will be hungry for a proper date
- just confirmed pages
- 24/7 help
- Join COMPLIMENTARY - an online relationship solution for huge, stunning women
Our dating site is perfect for whoever wants to find an active new community of individuals to talk to if you are likely to travel or looking for some body an additional town. With this software you can start dating and look for a critical commitment, flirt, discover a quick date, or simply get a hold of anyone to go to the flicks or grab a cup of coffee with.

Keep in your mind which you resolve any dilemmas 24/7 if you have any queries at all, we're always ready to talk and help.

Our software isn't just another website that is online dating it's your own personal database of certainly gorgeous folks who are finding just like you. You then’ve visited the proper place if you’ve been finding true-love for some time to no avail. Just install our dating app right today and allow yourself to finally find your soulmate! Beautiful curvy ladies and men are generally waiting around for you to go on a date that is first have actually a very good time!

only install our software, and dive into a world of endless chatting. Talk, hook up, it's the perfect time that are new and locate true love!

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Curvy Singles Dating.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Curvy Singles Dating for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
App is full of scammers, I've tried several dating apps and this one is top on worse one. It dosent let you talk to anyone unless you pay up first like what is even the point? Great you liked my photo now what? Scammers are always liking your profile and then try and get you to do something for them. The lay out is terrible. And has limited ways on customizing your profile. If your looking for a curvy dating app I would suggest wooplus. 100 times better than this
100% fake. I have 60 likes, every single one is fake. Every profile in my area is fake. I've had 1 person "message" me. 3 words over the period of 2 days. Consisting of "Hm" "Wht" "Mmmm" This app is nothing but an ad farm with overly fake profiles. If you spent money on this, you are more than likely eligible to take legal action against this app/company and I encourage you to do so. The FTC is looking into sites like this, and I wouldn't doubt this one specifically. Do NOT waste your time, it is 100% fake, you will be annoyed with 10+ fake likes at day, even at very late odd hours, and atleast 1 ad per profile you look at. In other words, you will see MORE ad's than profiles. And the profiles you do see are obviously fakes. I had to edit to reply to the Author. It is literally every single account, I have 60+ likes, all from fake profiles. You are creating the profiles, placing people in different regions that aren't even close to my location. This whole entire app is setup as a scam and fake. I feel legal action is in place to get things like this shutting down, I'm submitting this to the FTC.
Never thought I would find a dating app worse than POF, but Curvy Singles is it. It seems NO ONE on this site is genuine. I have not encountered a man yet that is not working in a "foreign country". They all speak broken English while claiming they are "American" and every guy wants to communicate via WhatsApp or Hangouts. I am just on this site for pure entertainment at this point. 2 stars is being wayyy too generous, but it only gets that for having no ads and the BLOCK button.
It's really nice and the features are authentic and I like that, you don't need to be a VIP before you have a normal conversation, you just need to improve on making it adds free.
This is the most stubid app... All is fake.... All is fake... And a lots of stubid advertisements.. Chit
Amazing app all these curvy women in one place and no obvious pictures of porn stars at all 🤣🤣🤣
The app is great, but any money i put into the site goes very quickly. The selection of potential mattress is AWESOME!
If I could rate this a 0 I would. Worst dating app. Just a bunch of scammers using other ppls pix. Begging you to download Whatsapp,Skype or get your email. And plus not even talking to ppl near or around my city. You guys should delete this crappy app. Like I did.
This app is terrible. All of the men on it are either creepy or bots. Most of who I matched with weren't even in the same country as me even though the app said they lived in the same city. Don't waste your time.
Deception at it's finest. Fake profiles and it's not a lot of people on there so if you're searching your own state or city it displays members from everywhere as your city. Lol it's not worth it. I hope no one pays/ paid for this. And if you don't pay prepare for advertising. More ads than members lol
It's all scammers. I had 30 likes in the first fifteen minutes and nome of them wrote English like a native or lived where their profiles said they did. You can tell easily that some of the photos were stolen from other people's social media accounts. Stay far away from this one ladies!
Messeges not going, takes to damn long to load, and they repeat the same girls I have seen on the app.
You know what I maybe just like people say but I like this one app. And not to be rude, you ever made fun some one that gets cold. At night.
Very wonderful dating application if you are looking for the best application for single men and women make sure you download curvy singles dating because it have the best features
Im pretty sure a large portion of users are bots, they all type messages wierd and in a similar fashion. Only took about 3 minutes to start connecting the dots
Well as of right now, I haven't used it for long. I can visually it's certainly appealing. I wish I could go back and change what I said in the beginning since I regret my choices, but that seems to be set in stone. The huge issue I have right now, is that even though there are options to talk to people, I supposedly had some people like my stuff (which to be honest I didn't expect), but I can't chat with them or like anything they do since it's premium from there only. It's a shame.
Too many glitches. Freezes up or does not update well. Search is pathetic. Does not tell the distance away or city that they live in. Every other profile is fake. Not enough detail tonread about a person.
95% of profiles are fake. I have more than a few evidence to show the profiles are being run by scammers. A huge disappointment. I'd give it a zero if that was an option.
Awful! Used it for 5 minutes and deleted my profile. Fake men everywhere and pop up ads every minute or so!!! It's the worst! No way to report fakes and no verification feature!!
Curvy single dating, and I do take it seriously about these women because everybody have feelings. Some nice beautiful women on here and different areas where you from and you get a choice to pick on someone and you're getting notification with no disruption.
What l have seen looks very good although l think you should put on more older women over sixty years in age and and also Latina women but all in one of the best bbw sites
The worst by far dating app. All the scammers that message you is beyond belief. The profile intake is pathetic. You offer very little to fill out .I've had to put the profiles of everyone on block to clear the list because you do not have a delete feature or swipe left for no or right for yes. Something that can remove unwanted profiles. You really need a new format to this site. I did cancel my membership in less than 24 hours after receiving 100's of scammers messaging me.
One issue that is a bother thats the POP-UP Advertisement..is nevous wrecking..Google Play should Respect customs value Time..
It could use easier ways of response more ways to get girls Atension more ways of letting them know that we you mean what we said
The app is not appearing correctly it's appearing in a very basic form it's impossible to get any function out of it it needs to be looked at
Swarms of fake profiles. The ones that aren't fake are shown as having your own location regardless of where they actually are.
Dreadfull. I can't get approval for membership, as usual, because the computer inside this phone will not accept the information I give it.
Greta Experiance on this app.. alot of poeple to chat with and it's not free but sometimes it still really worth the payment.
Ill be honest charging that much for bot profiles I read the reviews wanted to see if it was true. They say woman are in your town I call bs I live in a small town of 3000 people so its pretty safe to say I know the majority of women here I've lived here for 30 years not one profile was a woman from here. I know its a scam its also associated with evermatch witch is one of the biggest dating site scams out there so do not download this app unless you want to waste your money.
Plenty of interest Although it says the men are in my area I have yet to find one that is, most are from South Africa. When someone likes you, it takes a paid account to message them. Update: The profile location of prospective dates says they are close to me. After talking with them, finding out we are no where close, I discovered the location of my profile changes depending on who is looking at it. Nothing changed even after contacting them at the email they gave me.
Far too many bots all claiming the same thing, all the bots are attractive women who all have exactly the same profile with high or very high income and all like your first picture sometimes 5+ at once
This has potential BUT... At the moment, it's being deceptive by showing lots of people as being in your hometown, when in fact they might be some distance away. I'm assuming it is using this while it tries to build up its user base. Bit sneaky but understandable. There needs to be more free messages allowed (and you should be told how many) and the ads need to be less intrusive. I kept getting the same 30sec loud video ad after every single interaction with the app, which is just too much.
I have nothing but good to say about this app. I have been meeting different people since last nite and im dtill meeting people so this app is really good so try it.
The App shows everyone in my location. But when you interact with them they are in other provinces... Fix the accuracy of locations or let people set up their own location and display them as they are not to show false locations.
This App is so disgusting. Why is no one responding to my message after paying for the subscription. I need my money back
This app is AWFUL! It says that every person that comes up is in your town. I haven't met a single person that was actually withing 100 miles! Then, they make it almost impossible to cancel before the free period is over. Don't waste your time!
Nice looking ladies but none have answered back. Not sure why but not one has responded. Well here is an update, no on has answered me. This app is a waste of time.
Awful!! There's no way to sort anybody by location so you get inundated with a bunch of messages from people who are nowhere near you, but everybody says they're in the same city as you are. Not to mention that everybody on there is asking me to move to Whatsapp or hangouts or to give them my email address. And it's incredibly slow, on top of all that.... Nope.. Stay clear of this one.
Nothing but fake profiles. Almost every girl i talked saw was fake most of which used pics of pornstars and celebs. Do ot use this app its one bug scam and waste of time. No way to verify account and if you delete it, you loose your profile completely but to be honest, thats not a bad given this apps uselessness.
Terrible app, money grab. You literally have to pay $30 USD monthly to do anything, wanna like a pic or message someone pay $30 every month and you can
NEAR AND YET TOO FAR People chose to ignore so I really don't understand why they are here unless of course there is s bug in the app preventing contact ????
This is based on my first day on the site, out of 100 there's only one man who has a real profile all guys are for playing games. It sucks!
Too many ads. Each time you click a profile, you get an ad. The quality of men in my area wasn't good
The site makes it appear that all you see are in your town... not the case ..not even close. 3 day trial and then $28 a month thereafter, not worth the troubles :-(
I love the app but I wish there was a search option where you can enter a person's name and find them also if someone else likes you one should be able to connect with them without having to provide any payment I mean the app is for dating after all so why keep the one's unable to provide payment from connecting with that special someone
The app is full of scammers. Not one message from one real person. When I looked through the profiles of locals, it was all scammers and fake profiles. Maybe one or two people were real, but so many scammers wanting to immediately jump to WhatsApp (huge red flag in case you didn't know. WhatsApp is really easy to hack and they will steal your money. )
The app is nice but since have been using haven't seen anybody to chat with and that really make me bored
This app is fake. I'm going to figure out how to report it. Don't bother. Accounts are robots whose profiles match your location on purpose and they ask for external communication right away.
Location is way off even after you set the location right. But still you can find some friendly people way in another state far far away.
Ads is the main problem you can't chat without waiting waiting for ads to to complete it's really affecting
The app looks good, but totally a fake app and full of fake profiles. Ads every single moment to make money out of your data. lol Trash app! Don't download it at all. Report it!
I feel like a lot of the profiles are computer generated or catfish. Not to mention the fact that all my matches have been from every state except for the one I live in
This got to be the worst dating app I have ever been on they have about 80% fake people and models on here. And if you are on here talking to the real people they are not in your era and they lied and made it seem like they are in your era but they are some in the United states or another country. Boo boo boo this app sucks ass 🖕🖕🖕🖕👎👎👎👎👎🤣😜😥🤔
Ads ads ads. If you view a profile you have to view a 20 second ad if you scroll down 20 second ad. You will see an ads after every action.
Horrible experience. I immediately canceled my membership with all the fake profiles and scammers. I was overwhelmed with in an hour of scammers. There is no logout option. You have to uninstall it.
Now this is probably one of the coolest dating apps so far that I've been on I like it it's a it's pretty good it's all right you know I can't I don't have no complaints except for the impersonators
Every button I pressed I got an ad. Literally an ad everywhere I went in the app. An ad for checking a profile, an ad for going out of the profile, an ad for going into my profile an ad to get to where all the profiles were.
Tried to open the app several times and it keeps crash and wont allow me to go on. I dont know what bugs you claimed to fix but they are definitely not fixed
No filtering besides age. too many pervs messaging all hrs of the night cannot switch notifications off and its R300 of inconvenience
Worst dating app ever. Nothing but bots. Every single girl is apparently in my town. I put up a photo and get dozens of likes from bots with super skinny profile pictures they ripped from instagram. You have to watch an ad after looking at any single profile. This app is basically a scam to get your ad revenue before you realise it's all bots and uninstall.
Shitti app not worth pay for it. Want you to pay before you even try the app and know what's going on in it.
Total waste if time. Easily one of the worst apps. So many ads, only filter is age, oh and only 3 days free! Bye Felicia
The most horrible site I've ever seen in my life. If I could give no stars I would have. Every single profile is fake. None of them are in my area and you can't set any preferences. I just know that I better not be charged for this "manure "
Advert spam app. They keep deleting my comment. Get ad after ad after, in a row without getting to use the app. Easier to close and open again.
Says everyone I look at is from my town and then once I get into a conversation I find out they aren't even from my state. Very frustrating!
So, pretty much every profile is a bot. Ages don't match the photos, and most DMs are worded weirdly, not normal HUMAN chatting. So weird. Saying the same phrases over and over again or repeating a strange word. Just real weird. I'm deleting.
5 seconds into my profile building I got a bot. 10 seconds in I was asked to upgrade to message others. 15 seconds in I realised this is another cash grab useless app. If you are serious about dating don't bother.
So far three fake bitchs in a row. Is there anything real about your site? I input my location and suddenly every profile I see is from there . My town has population of 2500. I never once seen any woman here in town that remotely resemble real residents. I'm going to continue to look for a single real person here . But I doubt it .
I like the app so far, but the location is off, it say everyone is from the state of city their in. It's sucks find someone in ur area. Also it's a lot of scammer, they don't do much to verify locations and photos
Sorry to say totally rubbish you sign up then when u press ok to ok your details the little circle thing goes round and round and round for ages it's so annoying so deleted it
The locations are way wrong, I spoken with a lady that her location said she was in my area florida turns out she was georgia 😱 WT!.... An ONLINE dating app that gives false locations???? REALLY!? Who's resposible for THIS NONSENSE??????
Horrible App full of fake females who can't read very well. I wouldn't waste my time downloading. There were too many fake profiles to mention them all.
The app is so good and very fast but only problem id that it will not allow you to send message if you have no money
Too many ads. Its annoying and not much fun. Plus most profiles are just catfish. I wouldnt recommend this app to my friends or anyone!
Don't know why it's not allowing me to upload a photo? So I had to uninstalled it and find another app that make sense
Very poor. Seems like matches have all very generic descriptions. Doesnt look real at all. Every time you back out from a fake profile you get an add. Unusable to me.
This app lies about location. It will always tell you that someone is right near you when they could be on the other side of the country. Also tons of ads. Very misleading
Nice app. you will get lots of likes but can't chat without premium. Most of them are paid workers (yupp that one you just thought). They will demand for money.
I am glad I can look at pictures. That is all I can do in this app. Hit the ba k button or any button and geg spammed with ads. If you want to just like a picture, pay for premium. Back out, get an ad. Wanna chat, pay for premium. What am I supposed to do? Nice girls there, not a fan of the app.
Very fantastic app..but you can write only 5 people until you subscribe on it the app was cool and nice
I usually don't leave reviews, but I feel that I need to say how horrible this app is, truly. Half of the people on this app are scammers, and the other half are bots asking questions as if they are taking a survey. If I could rate this app a -5, I would do it with pleasure, don't really see how it has a 4.8. So, in essence, if you like being scammed, go right ahead get it. But if not, take heed to my review and the countless others.
It says everyone is from your city but then when you start talking to them, they're not even from the same state! And soooooo many ads. Definitely not keeping this app.
A really bad app the way layout is a very confusing and anyone could choose whatever location they wanted to. I matched with people in my area but they're actually located in other states or out of the country even though their profile said my area. The only actually convos I had on there were with people looking for sugar babies ever other convo was so bad or the profiles was fake.
Disappointed, rest my phone download the app again, this app didn't had username and password, so you need to open new Account eatch time you delete the app, very boring.
Trash. Still too many a word.took $1300 from my account. ..these girls if they really are girls.. are from other countries n states but the app says there in the city I am in. Then requests for information ie: email. Was asked to purchase phone or phone cards. Never answered questons just kept asking me askinf me. One could say like a bully.
The app could be better minus all the commercial breaks and them wanting you to pay for a premium just to message the like interest. Those are the only parts that really suck.
I have had people saying they where in uk turns out they aren't then asking for a visa to come and meet, dont be fooled by the matches location as most of them will not be in your area at all. this app is a complete scam.
This app is full of scammers I talk to over 10 different "women" and every single one asked for money after a short conversation. Some of them were very creative with their stories, I got to hand that to them.
I got bombarded with fake profiles, even called out a couple of them for it, they're was some nice original guys on there but now I can't get back in because the app somehow messed up on me and accidentally got uninstalled while I was trying to fix the problem and there's no login so you can't get back into your profile "all you can do is create a new profile" so I guess the only option is to delete the app entirely
The ultimate catfish app LOL you need sort out location, show online members etc this could become the next wooplus the potential is there. Keep at it though and try to do something about fake profiles. I recommend you do a image verification feature aswell.
Maybe I'm missing something but I'm unable to message or like anyone. Even the well known apps let you send a message.
Terrible app, full of nothing but bots and scam artists that want you to download this app or pay to have sex with them. Do not install this garbage app
This is a great app if you enjoy browsing through fake profiles of women who probably have no idea their pictures are on it. I uploaded a picture and was immediately liked by someone who, after a 15-20 min. conversation, was asking for money. Also, a lot of the pictures you'll see are either pornstars or pics of amateur/professional models from various adult websites. Download now!!!!
I received a lot of messages from men from other countries, most of whom wrote in other languages or couldn't answer simple profile questions. I live in Vancouver. I love all cultures/languages but I need someone local who speaks my language to some extent. So, the filter isn't working. There are ads!!! You can't answer messages/like people back at all!! Unless you pay $36.90/month!!! I was able to write back to 1person! All the guys that texted me probably thought I didn't bother to answer them
Way too many ads - literally every three swipes. Hardly anyone is on it too. Spending more time dealing with long arse ads then the app itself. Justifying it shows how unsuccessful you are...
There are WAY too many ads. Clicking in a profile is simple and sending messages. But clicking back off to continue browsing people's pages gives you an ad every single time. Unnecessary
I felt totally unsafe. I was messaged by guys who had no pictures. The "block" feature did not work. The profile information listed on most of the guys that were there was very limited. It was extremely creepy. I would not recommend this site for any self-respecting woman looking for love.
Nice started a day or 2 ago and have 2 prospects with another just about 500 miles to far away. Its very nice because im very picky.
Delete this app altogether. Its deceptive in showing people that supposedly live in you area and there are nothing but scammers on the site. People claim that they are 1 thing and completely turn out to be totally different. They don't even use the same names and they steal pictures and put them on multiple accounts
Just as others stated. This app just is full of scammers. Not one woman was real and many of then said they loved me right away. Many profiles only have one photo. All the women wanted to use whatsapp. There is no verification for the profiles. Will delete this useless app
Sucks. It will deceptively put on peoples profiles that youre from the same city as them, and vice versa.
The amount of ads is beyond ridiculous. You will spend more time with ads than looking at profiles. Waste of time.
The only legit woman i connect to and try to talk to just blocked me for no given reason.. plus ontop of that theres fake profiles always liking my photos and everything else. 👎👎👎👎