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Darkness and Flame 4

Darkness and Flame 4 for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by FIVE-BN GAMES located at Ukraine, 51900, Dneprodzerzhinsk, belorusskiy proyezd 14-22. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence, Rare Scary Situations) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
The spirit that is evil you. Now you have to make everything right, because others have failed and tried for centuries...

“Darkness and Flame. Enemy in Reflection” is an adventure game in the genre of Hidden Objects, with plenty of mini-games and puzzles, unforgettable characters and complicated quests.

Power of the Flame is restored, Alice and her friends escaped from the Dark Army. In search of a place to rest, they stop at a glade that is strange allow themselves to relax...
However, in this new hostile world, one cannot lose its vigilance even for a minute. And the reckoning for carelessness shall not take long... Alice finds herself dragged into a battle with the evil that is older than darkness itself.
She'll have to solve questions that many generations of brave men couldn't. This time, friends won't come to the rescue - they have fallen victim to a powerful curse.
Will Alice be able to make everything right? Will she find friends that are new are ready to help? She was used to the dangers, but will her courage help in a world where no one hopes for salvation any longer?
Alongside Alice you will explore the beauty that is pristine of Lands and find long-forgotten secrets. Solve puzzles and collect everything that can help her stop an evil that is ancient. Give people a hope that is new of!

Find out how to stop the force that is ancient lured you into a trap
Explore new lands in search of answers and solutions
Solve lots of incredible puzzles
Get help from new friends
Gather amazing collections and find dozens of morphing-objects.

The game is optimized for tablets and phones!

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FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/fivebn/
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How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Darkness and Flame 4.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Darkness and Flame 4 for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Loved everything about it, from the graphics to the storyline with each individuals voice overs and the background music/ sound effects. This is Absolutely a must try and a Definite Reccomendation to people of all ages. I've played just about all these Devs games, and looking forward to the next game. 5 ✨ and 👍👍 up
I love this series soooo much!!! But what's saddening about it, is that no matter what I try/do; I can't get passed painting the snake lady!! And no matter what order I paint it in, the last color NEVER goes in the painting!!!
Great Game! All Fivebn games have been amazing. The graphics and scenes are amazing and I love the puzzles and opportunity for more hints. Thankful this new one came out
I like playing the game storyline makes it more interesting and you have to find out what is a memory is reality
Too hard!!.... i really enjoyed one of these games and downloaded another one, however the first puzzle is way too hard and boring me to tears!!
Bonus game glitches at the quilt puzzle. Pieces are sewn in with the needle and thread, but it won't let me select the flower picture fragment after it is revealed. It still says I need something to sew the patches into place.
Great game even in f2p mode. Intriguing puzzles...went back to the walkthrough a couple of times, but all in all a great experience. Thank you and keep up the good work. Looking forward to new games.
Almost at the end but cannot finish as the sword release game does not work even when the pattern is correct...😠
Although I never got into New York Mysteries, I love, love, love all of the Lost Lands, Legacy, and Darkness and Flame games, especially the latter. I hope there will be more (of any of them - or all of them) to come!
This is the third time I've tried to play this game. The first puzzle you encounter is flawed. You absolutely cannot change the direction of the bee, fly, or the butterfly. The gears won't work. I've tried every way I can think of and the game is unplayable. It worked only once and that was because I bought coins and skipped the game entirely. Don't waste your time or money on this game.
This game of the series has the stupidest and least logical puzzles of them all. I'm currently stuck in the uncle's house because the game isn't registering the correct answer to the keys. I've quadruple checked using a website to check it, not that I am wrong. Can't move forward as I'm clearly not spending real money on this one. Also this is the only one that won't rotate the screen. Just figured out you have to slide the patterns into the rollers. Like I said before, stupidest puzzles!
I applaud the developers......love these games...very good story lines....outstanding graphics....vivid colors...all in all I applaud and appreciate you guys.....only negative thing for me is there aren't more of them to play..... can't wait for more....thanks for the fun!
The ending 🤧I really wanted to see uncle and that boy able to free themselves from petrified .the game was amazing and hope they make the next game soon as continuation.....😍cant wait to play
Challenging but fun. I don't like the fact that the hints cost money. If not for that, I would have given 5 stars.
Another great game in the series cant believe ive nearly finished these as well once you start them you just can't stop playing got my wife playing them now as well so they must be good joe.m
Excellent game as usual. Easy interface, clear graphics and intuitive game play. I love this particular fantasy series. Great job!
Just downloaded it, haven't played it yet but I know its going to be awesome! This company makes the best games and I've been waiting for this one for awhile. The last one left so many unanswered questions.
All the 'find the path' puzzles in all of your games are nightmares. The back button doesn't work and it's in the centre of the screen, one misclick and it moves you forward and then it takes ages to get back.
One of the best games I've played so far. Lots ofplaces, great challenging games and fun story with great graphics. Top notch!
The conversion from PC to mobile was not well done. We play with our fingers which is less precise than a mouse. There is something wrong with the back button on the game. If I tap anywhere near the bottom, it backs out of the minigame or whatever I was doing in the middle of progress and I have to restart many times, which is very annoying and wastes a lot of time. It deserves 5 stars but very annoyed by bugged back button, it ruins the game. Please fix.
Games don't get any better than this! From the storyline to the graphics to the puzzles. Everything is perfect! Thank u 5 bn for making such awesome games!
I love playing it but I there was something wrong with the medusa coloring puzzle in the game is not working right . the last color button you push is orange but it wont do anything if it not for the fact that I wanted to play this game since I leaned it was available on google play I would have uninstalled this game when the problem with the puzzle occurred. please fix the game I am getting frustrated. no reply from company about the problem with the game ,how rude!
Updating my review. I do really enjoy this game. The graphics are outstanding! Is it the best storyline ever? No. But the music is gorgeous, the visuals are beautiful and relaxing, and it's freaking free! Not too difficult most of the time (sometimes too easy, occasionally too hard.) I definitely recommend this to people who enjoy puzzle-adventure and point and click adventure games for a nice escape to another world. There is still a bug, in the bonus chapter, with the hint system, though.
This is one awesome game keep up the good work and updates the game has one awesome storyline and the graphics are really super awesome I enjoy playing your games very much you keep your games coming and I'll keep playing.
I didn't even get 3 minutes into the game that they require tokens to get hints. I've played alot of other games that dont require tokens for hints. This is screwed up. Uninstalled afterwards. ( 1) star only because I had to order to b able to post this. Thanks alot
I like this but there is no ladders to get the sphere from the pig I reinstalled but there still is no ladder Can anyone advice!!!!!!
Super fun, free game. Great story, func and somewhat challenging puzzles sprinkled throughout. Bonus chapter is extra cost, even for Google Play members, so I can't speak to that, but main game was extremely enjoyable.
Puzzle with rockslides is impossible to beat as the back button does not function on some screens. All other puzzles work properly although there are a higher percentage of annoying ones in this game.
I have played every single game from the Darkness and Flame, Lost Lands, and Legacy series. For some reason, haven't gotten too far with NY Mysteries. It's great also, just haven't gotten as in to it for some reason.. The main point is: These guys make excellent games!
Love these games all of them but on this one, seems there's a bug on the music box puzzle in the uncle's house? Won't open for anything and can't move on until it opens 😔
I loved the story, and the puzzles were very difficult in places, so much so that I needed hints. It's exactly how I love my puzzle/adventure games. :) I can't wait for part 5!!
i really enjoy playing it. i feel like im the real character inside the game. thanks for those brilliant mind behind this game. i super love it :)
Got stuck on one of the puzzles in the bonus. When using a hint it just tells you to exit the puzzle and when you press hint again it tells you to re-enter the puzzle in a never ending loop
I wrote a different review about how much I enjoy five-bn games but the puzzles across the games are repetitive. Number 4 is a lot different to other games - better puzzles and content - but the actual game play was a bit weird. The game kept 'bouncing' around on my screen as if it was constantly zoomed in, even though I tried to zoom out many times. I have a Samsung Galaxy note 10, so my phone's screen is quite big. Other than this annoying part - great game.
I have played all 4 of the darkness and flames games, I love everything about them, I hope you have another new one soon. Thanks for developing them.
Omg! I thought you might be done making games like this. Its been a year and 2 months since I've played a 5BN game. I can't tell you how happy I am you are finally back. Thanks!
Amazing series of games. Please tell me that there is going to be more of them? I could play them everyday, so enjoyable.
TNX sooouch for making free games🥰🥰🥰,pls keep it up & pls make games with more clear,more sharp,more real& more amazing graphics &with lots challenging minigames,hidden objects&much much more. &with lots of new features, contents,functions&much more.pls &pls add function of getting coin or jewels by watching ads pls. & pls make graphics more clear& sharp.More mindgripping mini games, puzzles,etc.
Not impressed. Yet again, a game not very well suited to be played on a phone. Too much minute detail or a super small area needed to be pushed; when you're off just a fraction, you get nothing.
Rare is a game which I'll score 5*, but the Darkness and Flame series is excellent and whatsmore this latest edition is no exception. There are many games in the point n' click adventure genré which are good. Yet there's something extra with this series that makes it so playable. Graphics are great, storyline is great, puzzles are on the right side of challenging and the addition of collection objects to find make this game an overall hit as far as I'm concerned. Thanks to the developers x
I love this series, but this one felt really rushed at the end. Still, the puzzles as always were hard, but not impossible. Really good game.
normal really injoy D/F but this one has glitches the gate you have to gridlock dont work. so can't get to next level so uninstalling it
Absolutely loved playing this game series. Interesting storylines and characters that make you love and care about them. Plus the minigames are fun, they make you think but aren't TOO challenging that you can't figure it out. Cannot wait for the next one to come out so I can find out if Alice ever saves her Uncle and defeats the Darkness once and for all!!!
Experienced one issue while climbing the mountain/rock slides - there was a glitch that wouldn't let me go back to the previous screen so so ended up having to skip it. Otherwise such an awesome game!
These games have been a bright spot during this pandemic. I use my android phone as I have no other computer. I don't have the option to choose difficulty level and I can't see an interactive map like I see when I watch youtube walkthroughs for help. ManicMeeks is my favorite. She is so chill and fun!!!!!
Please fix the mobile version. I was almost gonna pay for hints til I realized I could grab the ladder and had a very hard time with the puzzle part. Please fix for phones. I love your games. Thank you
Bonus chapter the sewing part. I can't click the picture after patches been sew in. Sorry gave one star because I did email. No responsed.
I loved this game, as with all of the others, and then I played the bonus game, and there was a glitch and the game kept crashing, and so I tried to uninstall and reinstall, which only made it worse because now the game will not even open. The game crashed when I got the the flower paper puzzle on the airship. Now I have updated Android, cleared every cache and still the game won't open. I wish I could just finish the bonus game!
I have played all the parts of darkness and flame like it love to slove the game and the story is good nice garfix only thing is some the parts where i click to proceed but dont go i khnow that this is the position i have to click it but dont accetp it when i touch it many times it accour problem using hint it start when i was clicking the it doest accept it when taking hint it accepts it so why in some parts this problem come solve it
Love them all i wish it was longer more adventures i finish them quick and i support the gaming i buy games and products within the game. Thx keep up the wonderful story lines
I was loving this game until I got to the part where you need to climb up the mountain. You have to go back and forth with the machete to get to the dynamite and back but the back button only works on the parts where rocks dont fall. You have to zoom in to get the back button to work but cant zoom where rocks fall. Spent 45 minutes trying to get lucky with the back button but could never get back down with the dynamite. Now I cannot progress in the game. Please fix this glitch!
I love the graphics and the puzzles, please make more new games available!! These are my absolute favorite!!!
Another lovely game from this developer, as always. I love all of your games, and in my opinion, you guys make the best adventure/puzzle games available. I'm ready for the next installment to this series and for future series.
I love all episodes of Darkness and Flame..great story line, graphics, puzzles. Keep up the good work!
this is a great game best ever the first time I wanted to pay for a game all the others had glitches in the free games so I did not want to Invest dollars in them this is one that kept me on my toes and played through without a problem Keep this up and you have a life long buyer.
I love playing it but I there was something wrong with the medusa coloring puzzle in the game is not working right . if it not for the fact that I wanted to play this game since I leaned it was available on google play I would have uninstalled this game when the problem with the puzzle occurred. please fix the game I am getting frustrated.
I really enjoyed the first three games in the series but this one is the best good story great graphics and free to play, well worth the small price for the bonus chapter. More please
I would really love your games but I can't spend money on coins for hints.it is unbelievable how players can't advance off the first 2 rooms because there is only a few objects to go find and unless we pay we can't find the ones we need to advance. I have completed 1 of your games and I have had to uninstall 2 others and as far as I can tell this will be number 3 uninstalled. Very disappointed.
Why won't the stupid thing rotate ? You should inform people of this so they don't waste their time downloading it. Won't even waste time trying any of your products again. If you're left handed I recommend going elsewhere.
My favorite of the D&F series so far! One suggestion- during gameplay, the dialogue and dialogue boxes that appear in the upper left corner of the screen seem to take an unusual amount of time to progress (i.e. the sentence is spoken, then there is a long, silent pause before advancing to the next sentence and dialogue box). It may be helpful to shorten that pause, if possible.
It awesome. I have played all the the game from 1 to 4. Waiting for 5,6,7..... Please. This time the puzzle was not that difficult. I finished it within 3days. And I really loved it. If I want to share this link to my friends how can I do it. They will also download the game.
Love all your games,,, like figuring out the puzzles, meeting the people, and seeing the scenery,,, Thank you keep them coming
Like I Always say, Give All Games a Go,, Playing These Hidden Object Games ,You Need To Remember Clues Where items are and What Their Needed For ,. GOOD LUCK.
Just finished all 4 games in as many days. Loved the story line although the instructions were a bit vague sometimes and you're left tapping all over every scene to try and find what you missed. Will there be a 5th?? Will she save her uncle? What happened to her mother? What about her aunt? Will she free her companions from being turned to stone??? I need to know!!!!
Best hidden object game ever! I cannot recommend this game enough. I normally play the pay to play games and this is 20x better! I wish there was the next edition this is amazing! Please let me know if there is a 5th edition 😍😍😍😍😍!!!
I love all the Darkness and Flame. The game's keep me thinking . I only use the hint button rarely. The game takes a long time .
I paid now 3 times for the bonus chapter but I still can't play it. Once, the Internet wasn't stable but twice I had WiFi strong line. I confirmed the payment with my credit card but nothing happens! What now?
Have enjoyed a range of games like this from the same designer. Think this one has been the best, well done
I've loved all the Five-Bn games and purchased each one in one way or another. These developers really put time and effort into their games and I suggest you try all of them. Although I found this game slightly shorter than some of the others, it was totally worth it to play the main story for free and I don't regret the $2 I spent on the extra chapter. Keep up the great games and storylines, Five-BN. I can't wait to play more!
It would be great if the puzzles actually worked correctly. Maybe it's an Android phone thing but you have the correct answer and nothing happens, can't move forward. Soooooo annoying. I have completed all the other games in this series with no issues. Disappointed.
Great game the best of the series i have played so far was on the edge for all of the game.hopeing for more games like these
AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID THIS CASH COW ITS NOT FREE....why dont you add the option to watch ADS to get hints????? BRILLIANT game so far...but i know i will uninstall if i cant get past a puzzle when I've used up 15hints UPDATE I've gone from 4* to 1* AVOID this mega money making game now they make you do a HOS against the clock or buy hints to skip then they change the objects to find 2nd time of trying
Loved it but paid for the bonus chapter and now is stuck on the bird when i should fly the statues away.look at the walkthroughs and there is a glich. Now i have lost out on my money
Was great, until game glicthed, thought i missed something bought coins for hint and hint won't work. Looked up walkthrough game didn't give me old torch, and than got stuck. Wasted $ on coins that wouldn't even work for hint....
Within one week this game lured me to play all the 4 parts .... story and graphics are magical. Game like novel, gives few keys about the past which make you thirsty to know the ending. I cannot wait for next part...
Bonus game glitching at the quilt puzzle. I have arranged and sewn in the patches but cannot access the paper flower piece. Games keeps stating I need something to sew the patches into place. Please fix for I have read several others are having the same issue when playing on an Android phone.
Absolutely loved it I can't wait for the next release of this game I hope it's will be soon though ❤️❤️❤️ the story line, graphics are just amazing, please don't stop making these types of games, can't wait for your next chapter to darkness and flame
I've played all of their point n clicks, probably best one so far. Wish they'd spend a bit of the animation budget on more editing - voice actors are good but script a little odd and I think this chapter had some vg puzzles but confusing instructions. Please move the exit and reset buttons so they're not in the middle of puzzles!
It's good, although I don't think any of the games in this series are built for playing on tiny mobile screens. Even so, the storyline is fun and most of the puzzles are engaging except for the hidden objects "hops" which are usually just an irritation.
Super fun, I love this continuing storyline! I just wish they didn't charge an additional fee for the bonus chapter, but so be it. I just wish it were on Google Play Pass! I had considered deducting a star for this reason, but the main game is excellent and satisfyingly long. While my sense of completion isn't 100%, it is still an extremely enjoyable game.
I love playing it but I there was something wrong with a puzzle in the game is not working right. if it not for the fact that I wanted to play this game since I leaned it was available on google play I would have uninstalled this game when the problem with the puzzle occurred. please fix the game I am getting frustrated.
I love all of the others in the series and will probably love this one too but have to give it only 2 stars even though I just started it. For some reason they changed it so you can only view the game one direction and that direction does not work with my phone case. All the other games you could view either way you held your phone, why would you change it now to only view one way?!? Why are you taking away features? Please update and fix!!!
The gate puzzle is rediculous, I can't get through it. The walkthrough is a joke, on the big fish website,.It just doesn't make any sense. I am guessing you don't care if people like your games or not, this game has glitches in some of the puzzles. Others have given bad reviews b/s of this, you don't respond. Why would anyone want to pay money for this game.
This is the first of the series I have given only 4 stars. The reason is the abrupt ending. I would expect some puzzle before the Gorgon actually facing defeat. However yet again the game was sound. Looking forward to the next chapter. I happily paid for the bonus which was cool. All round this is a supercool story and game.
Five BN makes the best app. games I have ever played, and this is just one of them. There aren't even a bunch of annoying ads, which is awesome! Thanks developers...you're the greatest! Cat
I LOVE these games! This one was no different and exceeded my expectations! Beautiful music and graphics and long length and bonus chapter!
I have now played one to three of this game, love it, great illustrations, only fault everything is much to senstive on screen, which can be very annoyingband spoils the adventure !
As always these are the best games out there. The storyline and graphics are the best. I purchased the bonus chapter for $1.99 for the first time. It was a good chapter. It wasn't incredibly long but worth the purchase.
The back botton doesn't always register and it sends me forward . I can't complete the rock slides on the mountain. I really love these games and hope it gets fixed. Never had this problem with games 1,2,3.
Why is this one so glitchy? I LOVED all of the other ones so much. Now I am stuck trying to open the gate and i cant get the blue or red buttons to move. I dont want to uninstall the game but I dont know ehat to do?
Absolutely amazing! Another great game, can't wait for part 5. You can play completly for free or buy some hints and bonus chapter at the end. Worth to pay.
I love playing it but I there was something wrong with the medusa coloring puzzle in the game is not working right . the last color button you push is orange but it wont do anything if it not for the fact that I wanted to play this game since I leaned it was available on google play I would have uninstalled this game when the problem with the puzzle occurred. please fix the game I am getting frustrated.
I love these adventure puzzle games from Five BN! The storylines are as interesting as the puzzles, which are a mix of easy and challenging. The graphics are exceptional, the characters appealing, and the interactive elements responsive. I want to play them all! Hints are easy to come by and there are no ads. All around winner!
After I get the machete I can go back once. After that I can only go forward and it hits a rock slide everytime. Please fix
I love your games as a rule, & I love this plot. But this game turned out to be quite expensive what with having to pay for hints and occasionally skipping a few games because I don't like monotonous type of mini games. Plus instructions were unclear on a few. I'd rather pay 1 price for it all. I'd prefer the map to include notation of unlocked morphing & collectable items. Please go back to previous format and singular prices.
I have a petition. It's the third time I have to start over the game without finishing it because my phone isn't working smooth and sometimes it suddenly shuts down, and then I lose all the data. So, could you somehow save the game into the cloud? So even if my phone shuts down, I won't lose my game data. Thanks!
I loved the first two of these games but then the developers started throwing tiny little areas that you couldnt possibly find without randomly tapping the whole screen and non-linear logic jumps with items that don't even make sense. I get the feeling that the creators got greedy and felt not enough people were buying hints. I'll look for similar games from a different developer.
Nice game.curiosly waiting for the next part. I would have gave 5 stars , bec it was amazing but the controls are not so good . We cant able to press back button at some parts,exept that all was amazing .loved it 😍
I absolutely love these games the story line, game play and visuals are always amazing. I can't wait for the next series.
great game.. but....its free to play because the want idiots to spend a fortune on hints!!!! use the YouTube walkthrough instead
There's a bug in the bonus story. When you complete the carpet patches and sew them in, it reveals the flower piece, but when you try to take it, it says to find something to use to sew in the patches, even though they're already sewn in
Finding this one quite hard and challenging and only just started ha ha but still really enjoying it. Keep them coming please x
Awesome game! I can't wait for the next one to come out! Your story lines are great, puzzles are fun & solvable plus your graphics are soo good! Thanku for creating great games!
Better than the third game, as the dependencies are less contrived and complicated. However some touch triggers are hard to discover. Human movement in animations needs to be improved. Still very good.
Love this game but seem to have a problem with the medusa painting puzzle. It works up untill the final colour then will only partially fill in the remaining part or simply be unable to add the final colour at all. And so I am unable to continue the game.
There's a glitch on the task where you match the rollers to the 3 keys. I've tried it in every different order and it doesn't work. Even compared to a walkthrough online. Using an android. Love these games otherwise
Good storyline but very buggy. Had to get loads of hints and reset puzzles, couldn't click certain things. Not happy, especially as I had to purchase hints that kept on going back and forth
I spend my money 310 rp for coin darkness flame 3 but can't get coin it's ridiculous. But like game very much
Beautiful flora and fauna and scenery.This is very well thought out and picks the brain. Love the subtle clues.
I had been waiting for this game since last October 2019 but it was worth it. I enjoyed every second. I only wish it was possible to buy the bonus chapter. I hope we can get other free games soon. Thanks Anna
Great game! The only problem would be the back/return button that is placed too near from the object. And in one section of the game where we should go back and forth, the button got me really frustrated. When I pressed the button, it didn't go back but it moved forward instead. So tiring.
Disappointed. Loved the first 3 games however on the fourth I gave up when I got to the part where you have to run up the mountain. Back button doesn't work so when you have the tools you need you cant get back to complete the task. Really annoying.
This games are amazing.The graphics are awesome and everything else.I have completed all games of this company.I hope q new game will come out soon.
unfortunately the words of search puzzle are so tiny i cant read them especially red color. zoom function works only in game not in puzzles. also puzzles are too hard sometimes. even tutorial videos just use tokens to switch the puzzle after trying over 10min...
Another great addition to this series. Probably my favorite in the darkness and flame series so far! Though the having some things move when you click on them but actually not be used for or hiding anything threw me off at first but is a really cool addition!
Love this game, taxes the mind,which is great,especially as I'm an old woman. Play alot of big fish games.
I wish there's #5 to play the game so we can find out if Alice saves her uncle as well as finding out what happened to her mother and who is the mysterious man from the picture. Overall, the story was awesome and I love solving puzzles, even if some of them are a bit difficult to complete. I've already completed 1-4 and would love to know when the next sequel comes out!
I see you have messed with the Madusa painting. It's impossible to do on a phone. I had to use coins to skip it. And the words are too small to read on search scenes, especially the red words.
Totally enjoyed this story line! So looking forward to the next chapter! Thank you!! These are the best games!
I have loved all your games until this one. I usually don't mind paying for hints, but this game is not the least bit intuitive. Some of the mimigames are vague in their instructions as well. I would rather pay one price to unlock the game instead of having my wallet drained. I hope you take note of what loyal fans are saying.
I've just spent the last 2 weeks going through the darkness and flame series. The graphics are amazing, the story lines are good and the puzzles are great. Alice is a fantastic character. I'd love to know when the next one is to be released since the dates on the first 4 were 2016-2019 you'd have thought the next one would be out by now. I can't wait for that one.
The gameplay is just wonderfu.But When I am on the bridge it doesn't let us come back , so it's impossible to go any further . The back button just takes you to the next path . It does not let us come back . The touch is glitchy . Please help
You should get the developers from the 1st 3 games to come back and do this one. Whoever did this one sucks. Too glitchy and also alot of guess work and too many useless things moving
The game will not let me collect a piece to move forward in the game... like its frozen....I have also purchased a lot of hint coins. Right now I have 80 of the left and I do not want to waste that money. I cant find who to contact about this.
Instructions are unclear, if there are any, and the mini game is set up so that you can't do what is necessary to play.
Have tried to complete this game three times but every time I get to the Medusa painting it works until the face and nothing will work after trying it several times. Had to uninstall very dissapointed.
I love these games!!! These ones tend to be a bit more challenging but, once again, click (or tap) on EVERYTHING!!! Even things you think you tapped on already! The only thing that I find frustrating is that the "exit" button is too close to other things. Especially on puzzles and when you accidentally press it, you have to start over! Other than that, I love it!
Five-bn will never get a bad review. Yes, at times I've spent small amounts of cash but these games are totally worth it. I've played every one I've found and always look for new.
Absolutely love your games Everything about it is outstanding and I am extremely grateful for the free games that you give us
I love these games, and how relaxing they are, but I am having a bug early on in which the hint to the door with the Phoenix key cannot be placed. I can't move forward without a walkthrough. Will update if fixed.
Very good, really enjoyable BUT keeps crashing now. 52% of game played now can't get past the eye statue game in temple. Game keeps stopping. Shame.
Interesting story lines with great puzzles. Wish there were more chapters! *Only* downside with this chapter is you can't open it in 'split screen' & play it, as the ratio is wrong. Frustrating, as the other ones do open in split screen! (Playing on a Samsung device!) Love the walk-throughs too, for when you're stuck!
Absolutely love your games Everything about it is outstanding and I am extremely grateful for the free games that you give us ANY NEW GAMES IN THE FUTURE??
Absolutely fabulous game, packed with puzzle after puzzle, some simple and lots that really make your brain work hard! Check every area for clues and artifacts, leave no stone unturned, as they say. My only negative comment is that I kept hitting the 'back' arrow when the item I wanted to use was close to it so it became very frustrating. That said, it was 5* all the way.
Great graphics. Pretty good storyline, so far. Love following the Darkness and Flame stories. Keep up the good work.
I Play these games over and over again, and now, a new one. I really enjoyed playing this game, good story line, hard puzzles, but most I can do all by myself 😆. Thank you, for making it a free play. You guys do a wonderful job! 😊
I enjoy the game play and the graphics, but some of the puzzles can be very frustrating. If not for the poorly explained puzzles it would get a 5.
Hi seen the other reviews and gave it a chance but just the same as all the other games in this series not enough help when stuck very few coins and i wont pay for a game that says free. The walk though even used a skip on the puzzle with the box but om a mobile phone trying to hit the skip is an impossibility just puts you to the coin section. Please inprope these bugs as the game looked good but sadly impossible on a mobile phone 😵😣
Better than 3, more content, better puzzles, better story. But I couldn't purchase the discounted coin pack, kept saying offline and I checked, not offline at all, system crashed 6 times or more, i'm the stubborn type so I would not give in. Calling a screwdriver a wrench is not on and there was at least one other Incorrect name in a find the item mini game. Despite everything I really enjoyed , but you loose one star because of the Incorrect names, the system crashed and the discounted coins.
Dont even bother with this pos excuse of a game. Hints are completely useless. Yes i hit the cat about 20 times but it just stays there and cant get the ball no matter how times i hit the cat. Oh and your insect box is glitched too. Put the bug on the gear to change direction. Nope doesnt work so you can only get one bug on the correct spot because they wont ever change direction no matter what you do. Horrible game and the developers should be ashamed of themselves for making such rubbish
I hate the fact that you have to use coins to use a hint, and then when you want to skip a puzzle you have to use 10 coins to do that and it takes forever to accumulate 10 coins.
+ Has nice graphic as usually + Good story + Not all items are dissolving when they may come handy yet (much closer to reality) - more and more minigames - bought money can't be used for another game
The graphics are excellent. The negative is the high cost of playing the game. While I understand the need of making production cost, you are excessive. Another game company charges $9.99 for unlimited coins and hints. While high, it is reasonable.
These games are the best, haven't found anything free or pay type that compare. Please please keep them coming!