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Dear My Cat :Relaxing cat game

Dear My Cat :Relaxing cat game for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by FLERO Games located at Wemade Tower, 6F 49, Daewangpanryo-ro 644beon-gil, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyenggi-do, Korea. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 6.0 and up.
Delighted memories always go on, shining.
Let's head to fulfill your pet by the train brings back lots of longing and heat memories.

▶Observing cats' peaceful daily life helps chill you out.
▶Cats have actually their particular tale and simply take an extremely trip this is certainly special. Hear their stories.
▶Build various services and landmarks for kitties.
▶Make accessories and provide kitties for presents.

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- Facebook(TW) : https://facebook.com/dearmycat.tw/
- Twitter(JP) : https://twitter.com/Nekoyori_JP

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How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Dear My Cat :Relaxing cat game.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
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User Reviews
The game is gorgeous and fluent. I really enjoy the animations of windows switching. Cant wait to see more content and I hope you will add more VIP characters - I've got today Faena the flover keeper, and I'm really like her unique interactions with others and how she watering the flowers 🌷🌈 <\br><\br> Actually I want to ask devs to add only 1 thing - some popups for sparkling items, because sometimes it's quite a problem to see when they appear from a great distance and collect them.
This game is so fun and cute. The game play is very pleasant and the music is very tranquil. I love playing this game at night or when I'm alone to pass the time and so far haven't gotten tired of it like I do with most mobile games. The artwork mixed with the music just creates such a calm and relaxing game that you should definitely consider downloading if you're looking for a good game that doesn't require too much energy or time.
Its been an amazing experience! I love the music so much my brain keeps wanting to hear spirited away tunes for some reason but its just outta reach but makes me feel wonderful, the cats and animations are so adorable its just a great game to play and chill and relax in these hard times, thank you guys fantastic job!
This game is very relaxing. It closely reminds me of another app I have tried! If you want a nice, relaxing experience with cats, then get this game now!
Really cute game! Relaxing music and vibrant simple yet lovely graphics. I especially love that each cat is unique and has their own information to read any time! The little excerpts about the cats and their humans really tug at my heartstrings. I've grown particularly attached to Nana, she reminds me a lot of my own cat with her bright friendly personality.
Was good at first, but now I can't open the shop anymore-i poke it and it moves but doesn't open. My current quest is to open a treasure chest so I tried poking the blue arrow to auto go there but it takes me to the main view of the islands. It's a cute game, little bit depressing if you read the car bios and the words when unlocking new islands, but not being able to open the shop is a bit ridiculous.
It was unique and nice graphic so I gave a 4 stars at first. Until I found about 80% of the actions I took in the game involved viewing an Ad which became very annoying. Imagine you play the game for 5 mins and 4 mins of the experience was to wait for the ads to finish? Is this a game or just some Ad app? I am confused.
I love the graphics in this game, it's so soothing and makes your heart in fluffy feels, as far as I understand that free games must contain adds to survive, it's sad that so many video adds must be seen in order to do practicaly anything. Breaks the flow and athmosphere of the game all the time, too many times.
I like the game so far - however, some of the ads do not work causing the game to crash. Restarting the game is no issue though since its load up speed is quick. I enjoy the graphics and in game purchases- its an easy game with lots to do. Just need to work on the ad issue. :)
Cute and Calming! I really love the background music and all the sound effects when you accept things. Everything is pretty much layed out and you just need to be there to collect which is nice, but not really much player control. I love the animation! It's beautiful and cute! The cats are walking around and having like a vacation, and it's adorable.
I love it! I hope it gets a lot of support. Edit: After the last update, I can't play anymore... When I start the game I just get a white screen, Pls fix it! I've spent a lot of time and money in the game... (。ノω\。) Edit: I just reinstalled the game and started working again, That scared me...! ( ≧Д≦)
Very cute! ads are all optional, and don't interfere with the game. There some paid choices as well, but nothing that can't be earned watching ads for free or just waiting until you collect enough coins, which you generate in the background. The cats are all amazing and really good atmosphere and music. I hope there's plans for updates for more content since from what I can tell there aren't too many expansions out yet, but everything so far is really well crafty. Not too busy with the ui
As a new game that has been out for a few weeks, I'd like to state all the problems. Overall the gameplay is okay, but at the first few days it was very laggy. Also, the models on the map are poorly detailed (probably rushed) like at the thermal spring, their tails stick out from the tub and when the cats enter the shop, they just suddenly dissapear and appear from the exit. Also, pick better ads. I'll update when there's a new update. Overall OK for a new game.
The microtransactions have grown to be rather intrusive, which is only made worse by the introduction of the Skip Ad tickets. You have created an issue and are selling us a solution. The worst addition to this game was the Magic Cauldron for Halloween. It forces you to spend gems just to have a chance to get an item you want. May I remind you that even if you spend 180 games (which is the max amount it allows), it doesn't ever guarantee what you will get. This new feature is borderline gambling.
This game makes me so relaxed and calm. There are no intrusive ads which I thank the developers for. The UI and the graphics are so aesthetic. It doesn't force you to spend your money on micro-transactions. I've been playing this game for last 2 hours and had no feeling that I was missing out on something because I didn't spend money on the store. This game deserves all the love❤️
It's a super fun and cute game I really enjoy it! The only reason it's four stars is because of how you move around.it seems too sensitive to where you move your finger. Other than that the concept is great and I really enjoy the game in general!
This game is sooo much fun and relaxing! Definitely addicitng. The art is super cute!! Only downfall for me is that it over heats my phone. But I have been playing for awhile, so it's understandable.
So cute! A little melancholy. I can play for a while without losing interest which is unlike other times downloading tap to build games. My only complaint would be the event is kinda basic but all the ads are rewarding and you can choose to watch.
it works five out of the ten times, most of the time it literally won't even load and just exit out of the game by itself.
I was unable to start the app... It crashes every time I try to run it. Specifically it's after the loading percentage hits 100% and Google signing processes. I want to up the ratings but I can play it...
Great, calming, sweet game, but... I watched an ad to get a prize, which would be fine, but the ad was so horrific that I'm scared to play this game. It had removing blackheads in it!
I usually dislike games that are focused on the relaxing side, yet display ads. However, the game in itself makes me forget about the ads. It's nice that I can either choose to watch ads or play without them, so great job developers! This game is cute and relaxing.
This game is very cute and would be a nice, chill thing to play if not for one thing. The ads!!!!! Oh my God, so many ads. I get it, it's a free game and there are going to be ads, but I think I've spent more time closing my eyes and counting to 30 while ads play than anything else. Plus all of the in app purchases are very expensive. Definitely not on par with most free games out there.
It's a really relaxing game but honestly just way too many ads. If I could just buy unlimited ad skips, I would but you can't.
It's adorable. A bit too many ads but they've gotta make money somehow. I wish there were more customization options, though. Overall, lovely game.
I love this game so sooo much! It hit a serious note in my heart, once I figured out all the cats you bring have passed. I lost my beloved childhood cat Spooks in late 2016, and I still mourn him. This game brings me much joy, thank you. On a side note; I have noticed the fps is a bit wonky. It's a bit slow as well, at some points, but all in all a fun and soothing game 💛
I love this game. I've played similar games but I like how this one isn't so slow in progress that it stresses me out. I also just love cats! I love how you can dress them all up and they have their personal stories. But it took me a while to realize this is heaven 😭 I mean I was putting it all together but didn't wanna belive it until I unlocked the corgi and then there was no denying it. I haven't finished it yet but I hope all the kitties reach their humans to let them know they're OK.
Graphics is really nice but super laggy ruining the overall gameplay experience. I hope you can fix it in a way it can be suitable for phone specs like mine which is a Huawei Nova 3i. I played alot of games that are 3D, but their gameplays were smooth and I had no complications whatsoever. So, I have no choice but to uninstall until their is an update regards to this issue.
I really really like the work and effort the developers put into it but (from what I have seen till now) it is basically just an really cute and we'll crafted idle game... I'm missing the interaction with the cats, sure you can equip them with hat's and stuff but what is with the real interaction? For example: make two cats come together in a relationship... Or make them live somewhere.. you know something to actually care for them...
Such a relaxing game - if you like the Oasis app you will love this. My only con is that the controls are quite hard to use. Even after playing for hours I'm still lost and confused to where each control is, and what everything does! E.g. upgrading controls are in different locations. It's such a good game, but if you can make the controls easier that would make your game better.
A game has never flooded with me with as much happiness! A lot of games can't keep my attention, and this one definitely does. It's relaxing and the characters are so adorable. The graphics and the individualism of every cat is so beautiful! I highly recommend.
Though there are microtransactions, they truly are not intrusive at all. By watching ads you are able to get better items and the like. I can tell that this game is meant to be played slowly, so I will not rush it.
The game is adorable and the cats are a joy, sure. But So. Many. Ads. And they're compulsory. You can't perform basic gameplay without watching a 30 second ad for every action you do. They're the really scammy type too: ads for apps that say they will pay you hundreds if you play them (they won't.). Quite disappointed, this game is so much fun, right now it feels more like a brainwashing simulator...
Oh dear I am in love. I love the gameplay, it's truly relaxing. I only wish there were a price I could pay to permanently get rid of ads (but still get rewards)... And maybe that the shop-only island upgrade weren't only part of an $85 package. I don't know very many people who can just... Drop $85... And I might be a lot more inclined to buy the parts of that package each separately over time than I am to see an $85 package for anything in an app.
I LOVE THIS GAME, im a crazy cat lady and to be able to collect cats with this amazing aesthetic is all ive wanted. I would give 5 stars However, there are ALOT of ads, and the shiny items i have wont register for me to give them to my cat, coin generation for an idle game is extremely low, needs adjusting, and if PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GODS please MAKE IT ABLE TO GO INTO LANDSCAPE NOT JUST PORTRAIT, also allow us to view it 360° like we are able to when we view a cat in ohoto mode.
If you're feeling sad, stressed ot just looking for a safe place, download this game and enjoy the cute beautiful little world where u can watch cat people being cute. The gameplay is not too slow or fast and it's not a pay to win, basically the perfect amount of everything for a relaxing time! (Dear developers pleaaase make it so the travelers would interact with eachother!)
This game is super relaxing and adorable, I love the stories and accesories, and I love that the upgrades for various areas are automatically sorted by price (something I do in a lot of clicker games!!) My only complaint is that sometimes the text can be hard to read (low contrast or too small) and the icons for hearts and gold and such are also quite small which make them difficult to see sometimes. Otherwise, fantastic adorable game!!!
This game is perfect. The graphics is beautiful. So relaxing, the game doesn't constantly pester you with ads, and is still enjoyable to those who can't afford in-game purchases. I love the home decoration update and how freely you can move items around, not just within a pre-determined grid like similar games. I look forward to more item designs in future but so far I have zero complaints. I've rarely, if ever, come across a mobile game of this sort that I'm THIS happy with!
I am SO happy I found this game!! It's adorable, the graphics are really nice, the music is so relaxing and I love collecting the cats!! All round an amazing game!
the music is very soothing and relaxing :3 for the people who said it's laggy, it not at all is since I be using rog phone 3. The lighting and shadowing is really nice too, although I recommend placing very small minigames (like games where u could earn chests and coins too) so it has more fun to it :>
Just like every game similar to this. It is 90% Ads. 10% clicking to unlock new things. Within 2 minutes of opening the game, I already saw 3 ads. Yes the graphics and music are amazing but its literally just you watching ads to get items to place on the island.
Ah I honestly really didn't want to download this but I kept getting an add for it and omg im so glad I got it, this game is so much fun and addictive, you dont need to spend money on the game to progress and its pretty easy im already at like 11 kittens and I've only been playing for half an hour, oh man dont get me started on the kittens there are so many unique and adorable designs, my personal favorite is Verga shes adorable and their cute lil bios! Their all unique to each kitten!! 🧡 10/10
This game is so great for relaxation,I usually play it whenever I feel tired and stressed,it is so lovely to watch the cute cats walking around the sky island and their interactions.I will be hoping for more features and more beauties of this game!
Very nice but its just a clicker game. I don't mind those but.. this game started off fast but then it got super boring. You cant even collect money offline unless you ugdraded a thing that lets you do it.. and thats only for 6 minutes
Honestly I'm so addicted. I had pre-registered cause it looked cute, but this is one of the most adorably fun games I've ever played <3 I do think there should be an offline rewards for money and not just toys and stuff, but other than that, it's amazing!
Great game been playing since release. But you will be watching ads every 30 seconds or so. So I feel this game is a very ad based game. The pass is ok a bit expensive with only 10 tickets of skipping ads which is a bummer should definitely add unlimited for supporting this game. Some of the cats are expensive to pay for unfortunately. Overall the graphics are really cute and the stories for the cats are nice. The devs will answer with a copy paste response to their reasoning of ads bummer.
Very adorable game that is completely ruined by the developers desire to have you to watch a 30 second ad every other action. You can't even get past the introduction to the game without them forcing you to watch one to continue. Also the cost jumps for new island parts are beyond crazy. If you like the look of the game just watch someone else show the cute animations on youtube and spare yourself the wasted time.
Great game. Please nobody write spoilers! Anyway I really super enjoy this idle game in many ways, all except one. The Ad system. Ads are way too important to not watch, yet there is no IAP to permanently skip them. If you subscribe to the game (at an overpriced $9 a month for very little value) they give you limited 10 Ad skip tickets daily. You will have them used up within 10 minutes. Subscription should have unlimited Ad skips! So cheesy. You can play without Ads but won't want to.
I've played this for a couple of days and I've enjoyed it, but now since having some performance issues yesterday it crashes on launch even after reinstalling it.
Love the game. Worked great yesterday but today the ads just wont load. Have to keep closing and reopening just to get back to the game and out of a loading screen. Tried restarting phone, tried reinstalling. Not sure what else to do. Nothing seems to work
There is definitely something wrong with the percentages, it says gold production up by 120% when you upgrade a cat but it doesn't seem accurate. Also when you upgrade investement genius and famous destination it says 15% but ot gets less and less % by every update, this cost me a lot of rss without a reason.
A fun and well done idle clicker game, minus the clicking. The ads are annoying, but I like that each cat has an individual story/diary you can unlock. It's a pretty relaxing game!
I think this is such a cute game! It's graphics and scenery are beautiful and the music just makes me all relaxed and calm. Its a great time passer when you really just having nothing to do. I feel like this really controls my anxiety also. I could just sit and play this game and forget about everything else.
Very cute game, wondering graphics. It's kind of a shame that e everything in the game is pre-decided though. I'd love it if you could build the world according to your own liking, and maybe if you could add an element of interaction with others? Feels a bit depressing that the games just basically gonna end after I unlock the last island part;c Overall though, love it a lot!
So Adorable! I really love how heartwarming and cute this is! I do agree with some of the previous comments that their are a couple more ads than most free games, BUT watching all my furry friends is worth it! Haha
I downloaded the game immediately after its launch. I would say the game is very entertaining, calming and beautiful. My only concern is that I'm at the level before building the temple, and it's not possible for the building of the temple to be optional. I would not like the place to have a temple, and I'm wondering if you could allow users to skip levels somehow.
This game really calms me down, it not only has beautiful visuals, runs smoothly and controls like a dream, its soundtrack is so gorgeous and is enough to make me want to fall asleep in a field of flowers with my own cat too! Highly recommend this beautiful masterpiece! Well done to everyone who helped! :3
it's a really relaxing and cute game. I would definitely recommend if you're looking for something calming and cute. plus CATS!!!!
Im the first one to play the game hahahahha,,,,, and Holy molly this is the best game ever hahahaha,, so many catssssssuuu!!! 🎊😍🎉❤️❤️ I love the graphics, but something needs to be fix, the lag query when playing the game, in half than a minute i gained so many catsuu and the cat in when fishing in the boat is so damn kawaiiiii
A really heart warming experience. The piano music could use variety but is relaxing to listen to. The cats and graphics are very cute as well. The perfect idle game when you are stressed
It's a very calm game that doesn't really have to much for you to do but sit and watch bit for some reason I enjoy it and I like to play in the mornings before work to relax. Even though there isn't to much ever going on its nice and its satisfying to watch your island fill up and grow.
The game is good with plenty of cute cats..BUT oh my god the ads, so many ads.. I'm jealous of the people who have the 30 seconds ads, I am stuck with the 45~50 seconds PLUS a compulsory 5 seconds 😭 I want to like this game, but the never ending ads are making it really hard to like 🥺
Very similar to Penguin Isle. Reviewing this as an idle game? Too busy, would enjoy a much more subtle and simplistic game play. The "story" and characters seem unnecessary and too much. A lot goes on in the menus and upgrading your land.
Beautiful art, but Not a game. I'm not sure why a developer would put so much work into making something like this? Well, for money obviously. But I don't understand the appeal of these kind of "games" Looks like it takes some cues from Animal Crossing, and the art style is even better. But you don't actually do anything except collect useless currencies to hurry along to more useless currencies. It's off-putting right from the start.
Good game. I can see the effort made in this one. It's just not for me. The soundtrack can get repetitive after a while. Taking photos is my favorite feature of the game. However, the characters don't actually position themselves necessarily to spots from the world where you want to take a picture of them. They go around spots with nothing interesting in it. I wish I could play this game smoothly. My phone is a model released just last year. It can run most games smoothly but not this one.
It's a soothing game, the only reason it didn't get five stars is it's a bit "Give me $$$$$$$!" And some of the little notification dots won't go away unless you spend your tickets, and I want to save them for other times.
Game is fantastic! The graphics, flow of game play, and all the little elements (like the stories) are what make this game so amazing. The Event Mission-reset button for the Halloween event is not accurate tho, it will reset both the active task and the completed one. Essentially, taking away one of your prizes in progress.
super glad to have found this game! the small story tidbits are very heartwarming, the graphics are in my favorite style, i love the customization and unlockables, i like that it's not p2w but just for extra cosmetics if you want them. if you want an idle sim game but with cute graphics to stare at in your free time, this is perfect. my only gripes with the game so far is that the scroll speed isn't changeable, it's kind of slow and can be a little annoying + there's some minor lighting issues.
This game is so relaxing with the OST. The cats you can invite all come with a unique diary. The app does offer IAP, but is not needed, as you are able to get a good amount of free Rubies by just playing! Overall, Wonderful game with cute cats, very organized UI, and very relaxing.
super HEAVY 3d load !! omg , why is it looseless graphic kind ? it cause device overheat in less than hour.. also , currency unclear , between 10.0 B and 1.00 B or such , the coma and dots confusing , as if , when I see I have over 20.0 B , I unable to buy 10.0 B thing , which also wonder why using alphabet currency on early ? anyway , I flashed aback Final Fantasy from Square memory on theme bgm here , is it FF8 or FF7 unclear , it slided tone yet similar.. and , seems need louder bgm volume..
This game found a way to properly tug at my heart strings. Every time the train comes I cross my fingers it will be a tuxedo cat with a little black mask pattern on his face. As I keep playing, I can't help but think of my closest companion and friend, Steve. I have to applaud you for that. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the descriptions of each cat that arrives. And I appreciate that I can earn currency just by watching ads. And nothing is obtrusive! I'll definitely be a forever player!
This game is incredibly adorable with its simplistic style and cute yet melancholic stories of these little kitten travellers. It brings on a sense of nostalgia with its ghibli-esque soundtrack. A little ad heavy but if you're the patient type when it comes to that the ads are rather short compared to other ad heavy games out there, and it never springs them on you without you having to consciously click to watch it.
The microtransactions have grown to be rather intrusive, which is only made worse by the introduction of the Skip Ad tickets. You have created an issue and are selling us a solution. The worst addition to this game was the Magic Cauldron for Halloween. It forces you to spend gems just to have a chance to get an item you want. May I remind you that even if you spend 150 games (which is the max amount it allows), it doesn't ever guarantee what you will get. This new feature is borderline gambling.
This game is very beautiful and cool, I like it but it is not complete if the online multiplayer feature is not added..please add this feature so that all players can play together..thank you 💕✨
The game is hella cute and I got far.. FAST. They give you LOADS of gems and coins easily so you don't have any need to pay anything unless you want things to go faster or you want to buy outfits for the visitors. Honestly the art is very nice but the animals are choppy on the eyes. Overall it's a really cute relaxing game. If you like grinding I definitely recommend this app :} I made trillions (in game) in like an hr ..
This game looked so cute and the large amount of positive reviews had me excited...only for the excitement to die after not being able to get past the loading screen. The app closes itself after it hits 90%. I didn't even get to experience it. 😔 If you fix this/know how I could fix it myself, then please let me know! I would love to change my review and give this super adorable game a chance!
Yes, I am connected to google play. But, you made progress! I can hear music now. I redownloaded it however, I waited thirty minutes and all I get is a plain black screen. It doesn't matter if I move all of my photos to another device, delete all of my files, or delete every app except for neko atsume (which took some determination) I am not trying to troll anybody. I really want to play this game, and I really want to rate it five stars. But if I can't even play the app, how can I rate it good?
Love it, it's calming and cute❤️❤️. Love it so much, there is one thing that caught me off guard and thats the camera when your far away, I thought you would be able to turn the cam all around the island. Regardless outstanding game ❤️❤️
This game is really cute and relaxing! You collect different cats and expand your island to accomodate more. each cat has their own story and leveling up the cats lets you learn more about them ❤️ i did want to say thought that the 300 ad tickets for 7.99 isn't a deal though. the 100 tickets for 2.49 is cheaper. 3x2.49 is 7.47 so the 300 tickets are more expensive c: so ill stick to the 100 tickets deal ❤️ otherwise the game is super chill and cute!
I LOVE this game! It's so cute and there's so many interesting interactions! I really like flower keeper and the chef, precious and cute. The only thing I dislike would be the sparkling gift box disappearing so soon. It happened so many times when I saw it and I wanna click, and it disappeared right before I clicked it...
This game is so cute and relaxing, I love taking beautiful pictures of the kitties ♥ My only complaint is that it crashes sometimes.
Pretty and fun, but essentially an ad-centric aesthetically pleasing game. With the new update, the game keeps closing at start up, already restarted phone several times. Disappointing of I lose my progress if I have to uninstall and reinstall.
I'm giving 5 stars cuz even tho this is not my type of game it seems to be very good for those that like these types of games. The atmosphere is very calming and the music is too. I just personally got bored very fast. But no issues it ran nice and smooth.
Love this game! and the unique concept too ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ cats on a floating island, wondering where is their owner and why are they on a floating island. For now, there's no annoying popup ads, just ads to get bonus rewards. You should give it a try, you can enjoy it without spending any money. I'll edit if i need to (^._.^)ノ
Super cute and wholesome! I have Major Depressive Disorder and a lot of trauma (though not diagnosed cptsd) and this is helping me keep my mind off it while I'm alone so im not freaking out. The characters are cute and fun to read about. Would recommend this game to someone who needs help relaxing.
The game is relaxing and the music is beautiful. I do wish there was more music because it's just the 1 song but it's okay. The cats style could be better, but the game is very cute. I like how the ads give you points to do other things so it's not a complete waste to watch them.
Others may not like games like this, as it takes time and i guess isnt as "interesting" for them, but im all about games like this. Animal Restaurant, Tsuki Adventure and now, dear my cat. I REALLY like games like this and i definitely reccommend it!!
I actually really love this game but after about 15 minutes, it crashed. I've tried opening it so many times since, uninstalling and reinstalling it but I get to see it load to 80-100% and then it just crashes on me again. I'll update my review if it becomes playable again.
Very cute game. Simple and sweet. 11/20/20 update! I've literally been playing this since I downloaded it and its just sooo good! I love the fact that watching ads gives you rewards!
Very cute, love it! To be honest, this game takes up so much of my daytime. I play it everywhere, and at any time, because you can always do something small or just watch the cats walk around. It's so cute, even the little paws have these small details that just make my day over and over again. I love this game so much and look forward to watching the development of this game!
I love this! It's so calming and the background music is lovely. I love the cats and leveling up. The graphics are smooth and nice. I definitely recommend this to anyone who needs something to calm themselves after a hard day.
Absolutely adorable and relaxing. Everytime I play this game I can't help but smile. It's absolutely adorable. I really really like this game. Oh yea- Did I mention it's adorable? Anyways it's a really nice game.
I'm an avid penguin isle player and this, while similar in it's framework, is on a completely different level in it's quality and charm. It's superbly beautiful and the music is exquisite. The details sown into it, like each character having a backstory, give a much greater level of connection. The possible cons? Like so many games it uses optional ads to give you in-game bonuses/rewards. I don't mind reward ads in a game if I have full control over them, so I highly recommend this idle game.
I genuinely enjoy this game. It's so tranquil and adorable. As I'm typing this, one of my cats just staring into my soul. Probably wondering why I'm not paying attention to him and playing this game. Lol. He's quite needy and gets plenty of attention, don't worry. 🙄
This game is so adorable. You can tell allot of effort went onto it as each one of the cats have unique stories to unlock as you befriend them. Watching them all interact with thier environment and gifts is precious. I love it. Cute and soothing.
Game keeps crashing can't login at all. I get pass accept terms and service and just crashes. I'm sad I don't get to try it, it looks really enjoyable. I don't that I have to give you one star just to share the problem, your team I'm sure worked there butts off to create this great game. So I'm sorry I have to do that. But ya can't try it, super sad.
I almost never leave reviews, but this is absolutely adorable. It doesn't have too many/obtrusive ads, it's calming and comforting (especially if you've had a cat who has passed), and it's simple. I really love this game, and the graphics are just so sweet <3
The games aesthetics are really nice and help me wind down. I understand the developers wanting to have a free to play game and use ads to support them, but some are very long and make me feel less inclined to play. If the ads were shorter I would probably give 5 stars.
The art is gorgeous, the cats are lovable, and the cosmetics are cute; I'm pretty satisfied with my experience, although I am nearing the end of its longevity. This game falls short in its pacing: costs go up quickly and sometimes it's better not to play at all, just to let the idle gold add up. The ad skip tickets are a good idea and I think we get enough overall, but I am forced to use them when I get them, which is usually when I'm willing to watch a few ads. I wish I had a choice there.
The game is so full of adware it hurts the experience as a whole. The visuals are very beautiful though...what a shame. EDIT: @Devs Being reminded that Ads are almost on every corner and being able to skip them, are two different things.
I cannot play anymore. When I open the app, I can hear the Background Music but the screen is all white........................................................................... Update: Thanks for the response! It's now fixed! I'm happy playing again ☺️
The app looks so cute and people seem to love it, but I couldn't actually play at all because it wouldn't let me in the app to play. It would load to 90% and then kick me out. I'm really disappointed because it looked so cute and fun.
Beautiful game with great UI and very good controls. There's nothing really interesting about the gameplay itself, you wait until you have enough gold to unlock a part of the island, you tap a button and it's unlocked, then you tap a button to upgrade it. The real enjoyment is just watching the cats, and taking photos of them.
I really like the game despite the fact that it is based on adds, but suddenly it started crashing whiile loading. It crashes at 90%. I updated to last version but still it can't start :/
The background music truely help me relief my depression, really heart melting. Wish the dev can provide a feature to download this music, im willing mind to pay for this feature if it ever available. Updating review about s7 perfomance: Many thx dev, the game is now running smoothly after the update. I had already linked the game to my Google Play and reinstall as suggested. Kudos for Dear Cat Team. 🙂👍👍👍👍👍
Everything is amazing. Looks fantasy. All the graphics look pretty good and cute too. Some part need to be improve such as the swipe the screen is kinda hard, hopefully can change to easy to swipe easily on the screen. I love it very much. Much same play pattern like penguin Isle. Very fun and fantastic
This game is basically watching ads lol. It's cute af, the art is gorgeous, but it's a grind. It has potential but the way it's set up rn is not ideal. You must watch ads to complete quests. The ad watching gets boring and interrupts game play flow, I stop playing when I'm bored of watching ads, which is an odd thing to say about a game. They do give you 30 gems every 5 ads so it's not a complete waste of time, but it's still boring. It's also a game where you'll never complete an event wout $$$
The game itself is super cute and a relaxing way to idly spend your time with a gentle soundtrack that help to soothe. There are many travellers you get to meet as your little island grows. If you understand the meaning to it though, it is a bit sad and I had to put the game down for a while after recently having my own kitty cross that rainbow bridge.
To actually progress in this game you spend alot of time watching ads rather than playing the game. That being said, the game is super cute and addicting, I just wish there wasn't an ad every 2 minutes.
OK HERE'S THE THING. GREAT GAME ! love it, fantastic graphics, such cute cats and animals....but it stopped working after the first time i played it. every time i went to open the app, it would crash. at first i thought it was my low battery level, so i charged my phone. still, it crashed. i tried wifi, data, clearing data AND cache, but to no avail. has anyone else had this issue ? i have a google pixel 2.
This game is just too meow-adorable. The level of cutness is over +99lvl! Relaxing, easy to play, no nesesary spend tone of money on this. Just easy playing and enjoying cats in fantasy world. What can be better.
Played this within half an hour. I already love the graphics, the concept of cats on a floating island. Its very relaxing, a little laggy on my end. Classic for FLERO games, there are subscriptions and microtransactions, yet not necessary to enjoy the game. No pop up ads right now. Will update the more I play! //Btw the UI and graphics are so much nicer aesthetically than their Abyssrium games//
Adorable, peaceful, relaxing. The game is lovely, bright and colorful with great graphics. Adorable cats, each with their own personality. Highly recommend for a cute and relaxing game!!
This game is really fun! Not only that but the graphics are great and the characters are really cute. Most people say you need to watch an ad to do anything, but that's not necessarily true. You can watch ads for extra coins or gems, you get free ad passes and there aren't any ads required, you can watch the ads if you'd like to. So its optional if you want to watch ads or not. Over all it's a great game and I highly recommend it if you like cats or cutesy things :)
Im pretty sure all the cats are in "cat heaven" based on their stories and thats kinda heart breaking if you love cats lol. But cute game also addicting. The ads arent really annoying bc you can still earn gems without watching them.
I LOVE IT. I dont mind with ads. I truly understand what the reason is. I will subscribe soon so that i can get 20 skip tix everyday. Price is definitely not expensive. Those who said it expensive surely has their head crashed, buy phone can, subscribe can't afford? LOL Anyway. Thx for this lovely game especially for its music. Truely calm my heart whenever im going to sleep and throw away all stress 🙂👍👍👍👍👍
YESSSSSS THIS GAME IS SO CUTE!!! I highly recommend this game!! It's very relaxing and adorable! It's definetly makes me more calm when upset with something, its a collectors game, so you collect cats and upgrade their areas, get money and get special cats :)
This game is incredible. The cats are adorable, the music is relaxing, the graphics are amazing. The whale is gorgeous! People complain there are a lot of ads. Yes, ads are a thing, but I don't feel that I am obligated to watch them unless I want to and they give you rewards for watching them anyway. Not to mention I haven't encountered any forced ads. Thank you for this game.
I'm not a big fan of games like this but this one has good graphics and is a little better than the others. The price tag on some of the things in the shop are a little insane for a phone game. Not the highest but still to much for a phone game.
This is the most adorable game I've ever played! The music is relaxed and the game not boring at all, you can watch your cats go to restaurant and actually eat and drink stuff, they can also bath in hot spring, have a rice drink, catch fish and butterflies, swim, sleep, etc. The only thing I dont like is that the package's prices are quite expensive, but overall the game is pretty generous with the ingame-money. Hope that they will update more interesting stuff!!!
Really sweet game. Very similar to a lot of other games where you slowly collect currencies to upgrade stuff but i enjoy this one the most so far. I care about all my little cat buddies :) not too many ads but still some.
THIS GAME IS SO FUN!! It's not one of those games where you have to wait to get stuff done. Stuff is always happening! The characters are so freaking cute and ive been playing it for three days straight.
So precious! It's a lot like Penguin Isle and other types of calming, oasis-type games, but really unique in how it handles the characters. The animation is sophisticated, yet simple, and overall charming as heck. I'm having a great time playing, would recommend!
I think this is an interesting game to play when you just need something to be chill and just play something to occupy time. I also find it interesting, if you pick up on the words, they use past-tense words like "was" when referring to their human. So in this game the cats are dead and have came up to a heaven-like world you're creating for them. Its a subtle detail, so kids don't exactly understand it, but adults will know what is going on with the general picture of the game.
It's a really relaxing game but honestly just way too many ads. If I could just buy unlimited ad skips, I would but you can't. You can only get 300 for 7.99 which doesn't last long considering there are ads all the time. At least Penguin Island has unlimited for a subscription.
There are issues claiming rewards at the moment. The commercials do not appear and the game loops on a white loading screen. The only option is to exit. I can't finish objectives to do the current halloween event.
Loved playing this game before because you can watch ads and exchange them for crystals. Now I cant even get a single ad to load. It just freezes the screen and I need to close the app and reopen it again. Please fix this.
This is a cute, relaxing game. The graphics are cute, colors soothing, nice music. Basically - invite cats to your floating island, which you can upgrade (levels and adding locations). Upgrade the cats happiness levels to find out more about their stories. Gain coins, hearts, stars to upgrade/level up. Watch ads for more resources. Resources collected even if you close the app (they double if you watch an ad). Ads not too bad. Overall, I like the game and will definitely keep playing.
I just started this game and so far I LOVE IT. It's such a cute idol game, I love the soft colors and music. It's so relaxing to play. I would definitely recommend giving this game a try whether you are looking for an outlet for anxiety, because you love cats, or just a game to play on the side. Its delightful.
It's a really cute game! Relaxing like those Tap-Tap ocean games. You will have to watch a lot of ads to get anywhere, but once a few things are unlocked, it's super relaxing to just watch the cats walk around and do their thing
Aside of it being an ad-based game like most tapping mobile games, I find this really cute. I downloaded this during one of my sad days and the messages from the cats gave me something to smile about. I love them and I want them to be happy!
This game is fun! Its very tranquil and not rushing you to finish quests or goals. And the cats are really cute. They have tgeir own little colors and personalities and things they can wear. It suits me...
it is really sweet, but it makes me sad, that this is probably a story about kittys afterlife. :( also, it is jam packed with ads and the prices for content is way too steep. :( other than that it is pretty relaxing and soothing. :)
Downloaded the day it released! So far, enjoying it. It's BEAUTIFUL and the cats are adorable. Relaxing gameplay, the music is amazing, and easy to jump right in. There are a lot of ads to unlock bonuses and the packages are expensive. I also feel I run out of things to do quickly, but will keep playing and update my review as I go! TY for this nice game :)
I am enjoying this game dearly so far! After just recently losing my fluffy friend, this really warms my heart and brings me a sense of peace when I play. The ambiance and graphics are very nice and the friends you meet all have precious personalities and designs. I'd definitely recommend this simple game to those who just want to relax and collect lots of cute cats 🐈 :)
Its a very cute game, however you cannot progress without watching ads..there's not much point in making a game free but then putting an ad over everything. The graphics are cute, the gameplay is cute, the rest of it is cool, but the ads kinda ruin it.
This game is super peaceful. It calms me when I'm anxious. I highly recommend it for people with anxiety!! :)
cute and has potential. The cats are adorable and the design overall is an A +. but... Sometimes the screen lags and I can't tap things. watching ads for stuff is kinda overbearing bc there's a lot. takes away the soothing aspect of it
Super cute graphics, simple and chill gameplay. I love how F2P friendly this game is. The ads are completely optional only if you want extra prizes. The translations could need some improvement, but otherwise it's pretty enjoyable.
Relaxing and Fun! Idle games usually get boring very quick. But this is such a relaxing game. Once you're done idling it up, gazing at your growing world, customizing your cats; and finding collectibles. You're ready to do it all again!
frustrated so many things say watch add to clam reward. when i try to watch the add i get a white screen no add no reward. i have to quit the game to continue play. i love the music it was helping to calm me. please fix the add reward issues.
An island of cute cats who just want to be your friend and hang out? Absolutely wonderful idle game, no need to purchase anything unless you want to speed-run this,I guess? I'd recommend it to anyone who likes cats and casual idle games
Game based on Ads, sad because it a really good looking game. Unfortunately I don't want to use my time to relax to watch ads. I want a game I can ENJOY. You can always not watch them but you won't progress through the game without them. It's literally part of your missions. Want gold? Ads, want to raise the happiness of your cats? Ads, Want cat items? Ads. If you don't watch them you'll never progress through the game. So sad.
The graphics are good. I liked how the colors blend it altogether, it has this warm ambiance and aesthetic taste. It lacks depth in its story and basically, it would be more interesting if there was a background to it. It's an ad-based game so in some ways, it's very annoying. I can spend about 10-20 minutes playing instead of hours so yep, boring and all. Also, if there was a option wherein you can rotate around the island to take better shots with the camera, that would be nice. 7/10 for me
Its gorgeous and at first rewarding. But the gold requirements get steeper and there's too many roadblocks to increasing gold made (freely). I'm making 4.o. an hour and it wants 228.o. for the next upgrade. That would take me over 60 hours. And the game collects for just an hour while you're gone. There is a campfire you can purchase (with £) but its locked to a bundle - a £79 bundle. The game has stopped being rewarding and has instead turned tedious. Fun while it lasted. Which was not long
This game is AMAZING. I'm not a fan of mobile games but this game is my only exception. It's really addicting and relaxing. I honestly cannot stop playing this game The graphics are amazing and so is the gameplay.I highly suggest this game for people who are dealing with stress. AND. I love that if you watch a ad it gives you points to get gems! My new fav mobile game ❤️👍
Adorable little game. Fun gameplay and endearing stories. Ads are not intrusive, but ad rewards are worth the wait. 12/10 I absolutely love this.
I love this game so much.. its so chill and insanely beautiful and cute. After reading the cat bio I learned a lot about whats actually happening... and it hooked me in more 😭💔💜 it is a LOT more than I expected for a free game. If I had a suggestion, maybe just more songs? I play for long periods of time and realize I've only heard like 2 songs for an hour 😂 its still my favorite game ever tho. I love kitties
It is one of the cutest and most satisfying games I've played in a long, long while. I had thought I might get bored of it due to its pace but oh how wrong I was. Perfect way to de-stress after a tiring day. All the love to the devs!
The background music truely help me relief my depression, really heart melting. Wish the dev can provide a feature to download this music, i dont mind to pay for this feature if it ever available. For now, all i can do to let the background music keep playing is to let the game running until my battery run out, every night. As for the game, i wonder why its not smooth to my s7 samsung but its okay. Its still very lovely game for sure.
I really enjoyed the game. I came to the conclusion that this is some sort of Cat Heaven and ive even found a cat that sort of resembles mine. I honestly like the little bit of the story line it has, and how each cat has their own background story.
This game has been so relaxing for me, i have really bad anxiety and overthinking issues and this game really helps me to not stress. Everything from the soft ambiance of the game to the character design, this games amazing! Thank you for making a game that has helped me in more ways than just killing time haha!
Such a beautiful and relaxing game. All their little stories are interesting to read. I don't understand why the other reviewers complain about the ads but I think it's a fairly reasonable amount of ads, you only ever get them if you want to progress faster through the game.
So close to fantastic. I enjoy idle games, and the art style and graphics are fantastic. My only issue is that some boons and some missions require me to watch ads - which I'm willing to do. Its 30 seconds which is whatever. But the game sometimes struggles to load ads and doesn't even kick back to a "we can't load ads message". The game tries to load and soft locks and I have to close it. Its a bit frustrating and I would appreciate this fixing.
This game is so adorable and relaxing! I love the graphics and the music, plus every cat is so cute! Some of the buttons are very small on my phone and it takes a couple tries to tap them (the side menu) but I still love the game. I wish there was an offline version, I'd buy it!
Another ad-based game. The concept and lovely graphics drew me in. Unfortunately, progress is completely ad-based, and the ads are those ridiculously long, interactive type. They're offering an in-game solution to the ads, which is just purchasable, one-time-use ad-skip tickets. The cost far exceeds the actual benefit of the tickets. I think you get 20 for like $5. That'll last you, I dunno.. maybe 1 hour of gameplay. I'd verify those prices, but the game keeps crashing at the load screen!
This game is so adorable and relaxing! I love the graphics and the music, plus every cat is so cute! Some of the buttons are very small on my phone and it takes a couple tries to tap them (the side menu) but I still love the game.
Absolutely amazing game!! Beautiful graphics, calming atmosphere, and cute friends galore. My only gripe is that I wish you didn't need to watch so many ads to get items or do actions, though ad tickets are astonishingly cheap to purchase. It's a very good balance, though not everyone can afford a few bucks a week to play consistently. Otherwise this is a fantastic game that I absolutely recommend
Very cute and calming game. Normally I find it slightly hard to stay interested in these types of games, but this one is very cute and almost relatable to cats and I. Very adorable yet still leaves room for some slight mystery and questioning, on my part anyways.
The animation of this game is so cute!! One thing I would love for them to add would if you could play little games with your cats! Or pick them up x3 Overall this game is amazing and calming!
Very cute cats!When I look at the lovely cats ,I feel like in the heaven. What's more, I am just put my phone on my desk to see these lovely cats. However, the advertisement is so annoying that I have to look every 30seconds to get more gold. I hope there is an optional way to purchase the option which can stop the advertisement eternally in the shop and I hope to take my money to buy it.