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Death Dungeon : Demon Hunting RPG

Death Dungeon : Demon Hunting RPG for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Redzaam located at 부산광역시 해운대구 수영강변대로 140 문화콘텐츠콤플렉스 9F. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
The Great Demon who had disappeared throughout the pugilative war using the Demon Realm returned and the Human Realm in addition to Nephalem are on the brink of annihilation.

When all hope seemed lost, one of many Nephalem miraculously survives.
It had been the .

✅ Go into the global realm of Death Dungeon!

A Diablo style hack and slash game!

The humans have actually experienced underneath the tyranny of this Demon Realm for too long. This can not be the situation. The Barbarian Warrior, a legendary Nephalem King who is able to decimate lots of demons with a swing that is single has eventually got in. The demons that demonstrate up into the dungeons are nothing significantly more than prey on the road to the Great Demon. Regardless Of How beasts that are numerous him, he can continue steadily to hunt them straight down and become stronger.

✅ Supported Languages
English, 한국어, 简体中文, 繁體中文, Français, Deutsch, Español, tiếng Việt, 日本語, русски (Some languages are partly supported)

[Privacy Policy]
• https://sites.google.com/view/privacy-policy-death-dungeon

[Required Access Permissions]
• Photo, Media, File Access, Web, Network State
- Game information Save : configurations, character development, item information
- Leaderboard and Achievement

[Disabling Access Permissions]
• Android 6.0 or more: configurations > App > Select App > App Permissions > Toggle accessibility on or off
• Lower than Android 6.0: Upgrade the OS and disable the Access Permissions or totally erase the app

An indie RPG business that really works featuring its users.
- Redzaam -

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Death Dungeon : Demon Hunting RPG.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
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User Reviews
By just looking at the icon, tell youu what you need to know about tgis game. If you were ever the "golden axe" player of your day, you can be again! This game takes me back to a much loved era of video games. Thanx.
This is the best game that I've played so far. I'd rated it 5 but i do still have a suggestion, could you pls increase the jem in defeating the big boss? I've noticed the higher the stage the harder to kill the enemy, like make it 15 instead of 5, coz the number of gems needed in buying wings or creatures is quite handful. Also, can you put more heroes in this game? it is lovely to see a girl character. I'll recommend this game tbecause this game is superb ✅ ✅ ✅
Its an alright game. Though I dont care for the time limits. There are LOTS of chests and breakables along the all the walls, and you cant see them. So you have to run through the level, kill everything, THEN go scrape along every wall for loot. 5 minutes to beat the level, then spend 10 min backtracking for loot. Really kills your momentum
Very good action game. Some improvement would make it better. 1.show the gem stats on equipment. Kinda confusing inserting gems and no stats is shown you have to look into the stats pages to guess the stats. 2. Increase the pick up radius. Some item stuck in walls. 3.add some form of mana regeneration instead of just hitting the monster. 4. After killing the boss. Don't eliminate all the enemy on map. Give player a choice to move to another stage or let us clear the dungeon.
This game is nice in early game, but if u loot all relic items its boring, i hope in near future. You add FUSE function, in relic tier.. like 3pc same part relic fuse into = "holy relic "with random holy relic stats then appearance will change also. On item interface. And also equptment set, to activate set stats bunos Thanks
I love this update. I can AUTO DARKSTORM WHIRLWIND NOW. YES! Please include Philippines flag in FLAG selection. I am near to top 50 so it will be shown to everyone too :) thanks Dev
Good game, 4 stars because the text bubble on the npcs, move it down or to the left lol. Like come on.
This is the best offline rpg I've ever played, it has a great graphics just like the Diablo 1990 (I'm not saying that this game copied Diablo 1990) but this game has a features that other offline rpgs don't have, like the 3rd skill of your character, the camera will zoom in and then out after you perform it and what I like the most is this game can run in a 1GB RAM phone because I'm using a lowkey phone, but this game runs smoothly in my phone.. but overall this game is really great!
5 stars from me. I love the grind! Does not feel pay to win yet but I'm just starting the game, I'm on floor 13. I would like a feature to show next floor's portal static location after killing the floor's boss (Preferably different color from the NPC's green. Maybe Blue). You know like how there is a location pointer for NPC's. This prevents me from continuing to loot a floor due to the fear of getting lost and having to find my way back. Other than that I love the game and keep up the good work!
Just stated but love the classic vibe to it. Has good controls and love the fact what you wear actually changes great game all around hope to see more and pets pets are great to have maybe not reached that far yet
Make new chars like a death knights,color guide for items like magical, unique, rare,.matching pictures for the right item.,crystal cave, hedge maze like areas.luv it keep up the awesome work.
A simple, yet, deep thought diablo2-esque game with instant gratification and action from the start. Is there any Gift Code to share with the community?
Playing this game from Philippines. The flag displayed made me install this game and I love it. EDIT: PLEASE INCLUDE PHILIPPINES FLAG THAT I CAN SELECT IN GAME, HOPEFULLY I CAN PLACE ON TOP 50
Giving this game 3stars. I liked it a lot and I even bought the package. It's not 5stars because of the the following: 1) auto function. The character only programmed to go to a certain point. You're lucky if you encounter monsters in your path. It would be great if it seeks out monsters. 2) chests. It's easy to miss because of color contrast w/ floor and location.
Only played the first 2 dungeons but graphics are good and gameplay is great no lag or anything even when multiple enemies and skills all happening at once. One small problem is position of skills buttons, maybe put in an option to positioned to own liking or surround the buttons around the basic attack button? So far so good. Will update rating once I've progressed more.
If you like Diablo games like me this game is for you this game is like playing Diablo this game is fun and addictive I like this game a lot I am a Diablo fan for the people who make this game thank you this game it's fun and addictive I love this game a lot if you are the fan of Diablo play the game you would like it too 💯❤️👌👍⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
You can play offline, always a plus. The mobs find you, for most part. Generous drops as in other redzaam games, and jewels actually drop here to be socketed. Plus!! The only issue i have is can't select a floor number of my choice.
Very nice game . Need to upgrade graphics . Looking forward for more update on this game . Just add totem, artifact , ups , mythic equip just like nnorpg . Thanks
i like your game but needs more a lot to do make a Auction and Party Then Open Mic For better communicate each other Add Guild Please Do Not Put VIP Bars on top players will be angry if you Make A VIP Or Pay to win .Then Option for Graphics Many Players Have Poor Devices .
Auto is really sucks!! It so damn useless using this auto fnction for short period of time and then reload repeatedly
So after playing for a day theres seems to be a few problems 1. The difficulty spike at stage 50 jumps up for no reason 2. The amought of xp u get at higher stages needs to be higherthis go for gold to 3. The ad watch for rubys seems broken i have skip ads but there usely a timer but its gone so i can now get infinit rubys 4 the rate in witch loot drops need fixed i gotten nothing past rare rarity
So far so good. I'm low level, however, HUGE PLUS TO OFFLINE PLAY! I live in the middle of no where in the mountains! So I can play this game! I will admit very addicting, it's a great wait for D3 Immortals. I'll still play this, but a lot like D3! Spells, runes, abilities etc! I'll update my review as I play. 3 stars only because I haven't played long yet, but I suspect 5 stars
Surprisingly a very nice aRPG game. Good animations, fluid combat, nice loot, intuitive interface, no hand-holding tutorial. The amount of ads you can watch to gain in-game boosts is incredible. However, ads are not forced, so no complaints at all.
3 stars only, its the same gear just different levels. Its basically the same thing over and over. Only 1 character. You need to add different gear no matter what level. Like make level requirements for gear/ gear sets at 35,65,100 etc. That way you can cut down on the gear.
The game is extremely nice. Plays like a hack n slash should. Even on my $50 device or on my $250 phone smooth as silk and easy to play. Cant lie tho, so far too easy.. but I expect it to get difficult soon. But very lovely game.
Boring even less than boring, would rather play SOL and SOL sucks, please abolish this terrible game and do something better with your time devs, like get a stripper or play hop scotch, anything would benefit mankind more that this game, pretty sure I got stage 4 brain cancer by just playing for 5 seconds.
I usually do not write reviews, but this game is stunning. Diablo esk dungeon crawler with an endless twist. I don't know who the dev is, but major cudos to him/them. Controls are very simple, single character (my guess for now), updates have been steady. The difference with this game is the updates do not break the game. Items to level gear/character are easy to grind, but a grind it is. Download the game you wont regret it if you love godlike feel of dungeons crushing mobs.
Very fun to play! All the gear and items in-game, combat mechanics, skills & abilities, pretty good purchase offers at pretty low prices. I rated this at 5★'s; the Dev's did a great job on everything, plus I have noticed some changes since I played a few weeks ago (no mobile data 😭 to play##$&&&!) I guess you could say that it was worth the wait. "Very good job everybody".
Ok concept, but lacks excitement due to complex upgrades. Understand its a money thing, but the game is not so great where this much difficulty is needed. Come back down to earth.
Best dungeon crawling, but.. the idea that time limit and boss killing mode is meh. Would be awesome if we can clear all mobs after defeating boss. Cheers
I have to use this ability 70,000 times for a metamorphosis? If it doesn't end up the strongest pet then there is zero reason for anyone to grind this out.
Awesome game so far. Just a few things needed. 1. More settings for graphics, Turn off animation for example Health and Mana Potions and aura for a less lag. 2. Stage Bars to Boss is too short, I seem to let The Boss chase me while I mow down more enemies before I finish him Before time runs out. 3. Need Character inventory in menu. . Waiting for upcoming updates. Can't wait. Keep up the great work.
Your account has been locked (Disable Root Permission) Seriously? Just because i have root i can't play the game? And even if i disabled it, it still shows up requiring you to uninstall root which can mean a factory reset. And what would root do in the first place? If it would be about game protection from cheats the game would get hacked with apk files soon anyways.
If you're looking for a very boring repetitive game.. than look no further. Even features leaderboards with real bots.
Fun but way too grindy this is a time passing hack and slash where u basically can't lose , but the wings and other accessories are just too costly in cash , or take months to grind out and this is maybe a good game for 5 days then it's garbage.
welcome back maker of darkside /The new game is very good hack and slash genre since you can kite so many enemy at onces only downside is only got 1 character not like older game
A good game to play. Maybe things to consider improve is the autoplay algorithm? 1. Autoplay didnt use whirlwind. Was it intended? 2. Autoplay is more like autorun to exit. Should have explored more. 3. Maybe also add an option for autoplay to move to next map?
I'm afraid I have to agree with the negative, just repeating endlessly becomes pointless. Just not fun after 12 levels
This game has a pontential, it needs to be polish.. after defeating a boss, I hear a sound so familiar, the sound from the game pixel survival, please change that it so annoying, I wanna feel the game not just from the game play but also from the sounds. And after defeating boss I didnt see an option to go back to the lobby. When I start I didnt see an option to change name. I change my rate if see some good or bad to the game.
good start but unfinished...stats are a mystery and enchant results have no range of values or list of possible outcomes. All items are basically the same with minor variations. Need unique items with unique effects. Also where the HELL can you get gold bars / legendary scales for research? I am level 218 and have only ever found THREE of each of these...meanwhile i have thousands of all the rest of the crafting materials
I really like graphics it plays fast it is great so far need more time and instruction on certain things like making powerfull items? Very fun !
Outstanding and Very Generous Game, Thank you for the opportunity, definitely both thumbs, if you like Diablo this one is for you!!!!
The game is great please add more Heroes like girl characters to play and add a gender selection and pleas add more.D and keep the good performance please of the game.