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Demolish! for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by VOODOO located at 4 rue Jules Lefebvre, 75009 Paris. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.
Are you ready for an destruction experience that is unbelievable? Hook up your catapult, then. You can demolish every building at your fingertip. Just aim missiles that are different tap to throw them at constructions. Wrecking was never so fun!

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Demolish!.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
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User Reviews
I agree with other comments - I've installed it and played much yesterday, I have many stars, but I'm bored.. 2-3 hits to crush the building, even when I try to prolong the process.. it's the same buildings all the time.. in a loop! (I don't mind the crazy physics laws of this game's world..)
Mildly addictive, but clearly no purpose than to show you ads for other games...most of which turn out to be not at all like the ads. The option to "remove ads" by paying only affects the ads at the bottom of the screen. The x3 stars ads are still there. Most buildings will go down with 4-5 well-placed shots. A lot of potential for an interesting game here, but it's very repetitive right now. Levels and stars are meaningless. Good for occupying young kids, I would guess.
I always enjoyed those games where you have a siege weapon and destroy things, but there's nothing to this one. Three or four hits for each building, and three stars (the best ranking) is just set to under ten hits for each level. No challenge and no reward. Granted,I only played for ten minutes. I would have played longer to see if anything changed if it weren't for the ads. You can triple your stars by watching an ad, and you might as well because you are watching an ad regardless.
Simple, with no skill required. Just a nice little stress reliever to pick up and waste a bit of time...but why is there a 30 second ad between EVERY bloody level?
An ad after every level! Even if you press the "No thanks" button it still plays an ad! The no thanks option let's you skip it, but you still have to wait 5 seconds before it lets you! It looks like a fun concept, but with 3 times more advertising than gameplay, it's completely ruined.
Fun little time waster. Ads take longer than the actual gameplay, and there's no menu or progression system.
If you like games that you can play as extremely short ad breaks, look no further!!!! This game allows for 15 to 30 second gameplay between 30second ads. It's a great ad watching time eater app. If you like to play fun demolition games that will provide entertaining levels that you don't want to stop, you may want to pretend you didn't see this one.
I somehow find smashing skyscrapers very relaxing. It's a fun game. The only drawback is there are only like 10-15 different buildings. They just keep repeating and the game doesn't get any harder. I've been loving it for about a week now. Not sure how long it will hold my attention. If there were more levels I would definitely pay to go ad free.
Game is below mediocre at best and that's without ads. Every building can be destroyed in 2 normal shots, there is 0 progression apart from a safe to unlock after so many stars gained containing useless special ammo. You get a video and after every level. Each level takes about 15 seconds at most. That's the minimum and length. You are watching ads more than playing the game, literally. If you want to try it, turn on airplane mode while playing to disable all ads from playing and stop supporting
Filler-Game Only. I'd give a higher score, if not for 2 factors. First, stars earned can be increased if you watch ads, but have no purpose orher than as score, so you're "paying" for more points. Second, if you don't choose to view an ad for more stars, you're frequently shown one anyway. Don't get me wrong, I TOTALLY understand ads shown in free games. I just dislike being given the choice to view an ad, choosing not to . . . and then having to watch an ad anyway.
Spent more time on ads than anything. Devs need to give at least a 1 day free trial before bombarding their potential customers with 1 minute ads after 25 seconds of actual gameplay. I never go on to purchase ad free when devs do this. Let me try the full experience for a day before pushing me out the door with your ads. Game getting deleted directly after this review.
Paid money to get rid of excessive ads. You can't call it a game though. More of a stress relief tool. No challenge, no increased difficulties, stars are good for what? Pay for the app, and then pay for stars for limited power ups you don't really ever run out of. Otherwise ads plus pay for stars. Rather pathetic.
Boring after 3 minutes, no challenge, too much ads, always the same kind of buildings, the effect of gravity is so ridiculous... Good game the 2 first minutes, the third minutes is boring. I did more than 50 levels, trying to reach harder level, but nothing. To do 1 star on this game, you need to destroy the building in less than 30 shots, 2 stars, 20 shots, and 3 stars, 10 shots... Most of the building are destroyed in 3 or 4 shots.. Developper, did you try your own game ??!!??
Very easy and too many ads. I've knocked down about 50 buildings and they take anywhere from 1 - 5 hits, all with the basic projectile. It's just too easy. That coupled with an ad after almost every building means you spend more time watching ads than you do playing the game. Some buildings are knocked down in two or three seconds and then you watch a 20 second ad before you can knock the next one down. It gets old pretty quickly.
Awesome destruction! Even though the graphics are realistic (the building parts look like it was made by real concrete), its setting in a non realistic world that is defying the realistic laws of gravity and physics. I mean, in reality, when any building made of concrete and bricks, if you destroy half of its support beams or columns, gravity takes over to crumble the rest due to failure to its structural integrity being compromised. But I'm thinking too hard. This is only a game. Good job!!!
I have a question what are the stars for? Oh, and I really like the game, the adds don't pop up in the middle of when you are throwing the fireballs. The adds are annoying of course, but there's basically no game without adds (except Minecraft ™), because the people who made the games that the adds are showing need money, although the adds are pop up adds and I really don't like them.
Decent but 30 second ads after each round. I can tolerate a 30-second ad every few rounds or even a minute ad after several rounds but each and every round it's followed by a 30-second ad there is no way to bypass. Blow up a building, watching ad, going for building watching ad over and over and over. The ads are excessive and take away from the relaxing time. Played for about 5 minutes but I will delete, ads are excessive. :(
My only issue with this game (aside from the obvious overabundance of ads) is a minor one. The physics aren't realistic. There could be only a sliver of a building left but it doesn't fall. But since I can usually bring down a structure in 2 or 3 hits, it's not a huge deal. Also, what are the stars for? I thought they'd be used to "purchase" more laser or ricochet projectiles, but they don't seem to do anything.
A blatant ad revenue machine, but the gameplay is actually pretty fun. If the designed more buildings and added features like changing the angle of the buildings, this could be a legitimate game. Unfortunately the rampant ads just ruin it completely. Want X3 stars? Watch an ad. Don't want X3 stars? Watch an ad anyways. Every. Single. Level. Just brutal. May as well just design your own version and play on a computer.
Game is incomplete. You win stars, but there is nothing to use them on. Your character is a catapult, but you can shoot lasers (a tank would make more sense). You win 3 stars for using 10 or less balls, but all buildings can be knocked down in 4 or less. You can only hold 2 laser power-ups. The blue power ball dosen't do anything different than the regular ball. Decent start to a game, but if the creator dosen't add more, this becomes a worthless ad stream with no actual game. We'll see.
Ads, ads and more ads! If you love ads, then I highly recommend you install this POS. Yes, you can skip most ads about 5 seconds in. But come on! After each and every fookin level! Once you get the hang of the game it's pretty straightforward and repetitive, then gets boring really quickly. There are no achievements to reach or even any goals... Just a cash cow for the developer... 0 / 10
Such a fun and interesting diversion. Excellent graphics and simp,simple, game play make for an enjoyable experience. The physics engine may seem a tad underdeveloped but it's a minor quibble that really doesn't detract from the overall fun factor. The variety of the buildings is also a welcome challenge.
My only issue with this game (aside from the obvious overabundance of ads) is a minor one. The physics aren't realistic. The can be only a sliver of a building left but it doesn't fall. But since I can usually bring down a structure in 2 or 3 hits, it's not a huge deal. Also, what are the stars for? I thought they'd be used to "purchase" more laser or ricochet projectiles, but they don't seem to do anything.
Its fun gor a while but after a certain point the buildings just repeat & it doesn't get any harder. Plus the options on how to demolish them is very limited. Even if they just change or add more building & made it more difficult to destroy them it would be a better game. It gets boring fast.
The programmers that made this really should have paid more attention in physics class. It is also hilarious that at the end of each round, you can get triple points if you watch an ad, or select no thanks and also get an ad. At least the game loads quickly so you can force quit and restart in far less time than suffering though a 30+ second ad...
All this game does is make you watch more ads. 5sec ads or a 30sec ads all these developers suck now a days. They make games strictly for ads. You suck and this game sucks. I'm un installing.
The game is nothing more than repeated, unchallenging destruction of building after building interspersed with ads and no other objectives, nor ultimate goal. One might assume the stars awarded for each structure destroyed are a form of currency for purchasing something, such as projectile updgrades...but one would be wrong. There is nothing to buy, only an ever-increasing hoard of stars, and relentlessly unchanging, tiresome gameplay activity with an ad after each easily felled building.
This game is janky. The whole point of the game is to knock down a building as quickly as possible based on physical damage and physics. Buildings will remain standing with 99% of the lower half destroyed. Plus the game is half ads (free version). Developers, if you're going to constantly run ads, at least make a game isn't a complete p.o.s. I liked the idea of this game, but not good.
Super easy, tons of ads. You might as well watch hours of commercials. Side note: They must've paid for good reviews using money from selling SO MANY ADS; there's no way that there are that many legitimate 5 star reviews. If this were 40x more complex, maybe it would be a good game. Actually, I recind my crtitique of the ads because this is so easy that I had more I interest in the ads than the game itself. Don't expect levels to get harder either. I held out hope until level 20.
Okay so got this app off of an ad, not the best sign to start off, but when I played it it is genuinely fun. ( I should let you all know I did pay to have the ads removed) I would love to see an easy MED and hard mode put in though. Right now it's pretty novice when it comes to how hard it is, which makes it good for passing time. But if they added non explosive rounds and a time limit along with differing in material hardness for medium and for hard add that with a time limit and further away
This game has very little variation in gameplay; the same buildings get circulated quickly and the weapons are limited. The physics are very unrealistic. There is no challenge or sense of progression. You have to play with the WiFi turned off or you will see lots of ads. Complete waste of time.
There are so many stupid adds, that I deleted it. I don't mind an ad once in a while, but when the adds take longer than the time to play the game, it's not worth it.
Time killer, but way too easy one. I demish any building with 3 shots... stars given for less than 30-20-10 shots... Shape of the building doesn't play any role, same goes for its materials - concreate or glass. If type would influence it's strength, would be more challenging. Or if area taken by demolished parts has to be respected and if exceeds the limits, reduce the rewards. Make more aspects to the game!!! :)
Has potential but...when I select "No thanks" instead of watching an ad for triple rewards, the game still takes me to an ad. Ridiculous. If I opt out of watching the ad then I SHOULD NOT BE DIRECTED TO AN ADVERTISEMENT! Kills anything that might be good about this game. Uninstalling and avoiding other games by this developer because of this dishonest game design.
The game is pretty decent but I paid to remove the ads and still getting the ads so I definitely don't suggest to play this game if you don't like constant adds.
This game is fun to play for those who just love to see ads every 50 seconds! Love for companies to make money off of you? just play this game and let them profit because, let's be real, they didn't make this game for fun! It was obviously just designed to be for ads, so please. Next time, consider a game worth playing that isn't going to waste your time.
The game should be a 5 BUT I only gave it a 4 because it doesn't seem to increase in difficulty. I've been playing it for 3 days and the most shots I've needed is 4, (and that's because I was playing around). It normally only takes me 2 to 3 shots. I've only been able to do it in 1 shot once and that was just luck. If the program's improve the game play I'll change my rating to a 5.
What even is this game? At first you can say it was a bit relaxing. But the it kept going without changing in the slightest. Just, cannonball after cannonball. There's nothing to do beside it. It's ridiculously easy to get 3 stars all the time, but doing so grants you nothing. No money to spend on different designs or whatever. Just another level, another building, another demolition.
Sorriest garbage game I have downloaded. Every time you finish a level it gives you an option for three times the coins if you watch a video if you choose not to you still have to watch the video and you can't exit out of it which is the worst part. I'm deleting the game today I get tired of having to restart the app over and over again every time a video plays
Game crashes on the 1st level over and over. I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times. I usually wait till after playing for a while to review a game. But there's no need. This game is obviously broken.
It's an inconsequential experience that others have done better for decades. You demolish the same few buildings over and over. Every 10 or 15 levels you get one or two medieval buildings or interesting modern buildings but they're held up by toothpicks and dog food. There is a 10 ball limit for every level regardless of actual difficulty and the starting explosive is the best of the three available. A forgettable experience plagued with ads which only seems to exist to bring in ad revenue.
Every building level has an ad after. Each add pops up an "x" to close, but doesn't work. Just takes you to the next part of that ad, which you have to close again. No challenge to the game. You get 3 stars every time unless you're an idiot. This game is ad-bait. Deleting. It's a shame. With a little bit of challenge and not a blatant attempt to get ad clicks, it could have been a fun time waster.
Only somewhat intuitive; no instructions to be found. No good way to discover what the selector switches with the "infinity" symbol does. Same as the stylized "Invaders from Mars" -- looking ray gun's raison d'etre.
It's a simple game with good physics, but it never changes or gets challenging. A few shots at the base of the building and it's gone. Way too many ads. A lot of upside, but not very good as is.
A very neat game that fails to capture its potential. Most building fall the same way, and after a few rounds you solve the game. Unfortunately the ads in this game are a constant nuisance. While having ads is fine, theres a fine line between acceptable and over the top. And these are over the top, occurring after each mission and lasting 30 seconds long. Needs a lot more levels and designs, less ads. Also, buildings could use some sturdiness.
Don't waste your time. The game is tedious and repetitive, and there's no challenge. You can easily 3-Star every level, without ever using the power-ups. There are about 30 different buildings, and they're just randomly repeated. There's a counter which tracks how many stars you've earned, but they serve no purpose. There is no progression, so it doesn't become more challenging as you continue playing... the experience is exactly the same on the 1st building as the 150th.
If I could give it 0 stars I would, great idea but the game designers did not care about the game play, they only wanted the money from the ads. It gives you the option to skip the ad for more stars, then plays an ad anyways, the game play was terrible, the ball doesn't always hit where you aim, and freezes because there is to much movement. I'll not suggest this game to ANYONE
It's very cathartic, but the game physics is a bit odd. Aim for the top of the building and create a cascading failure of the structure... Sometimes the buildings are damaged in such a way that there is an unrealistic overhang, or a far too slender support. Also, I've no idea what the points I've rang can be used for.
Not a bad game really, but my low rating is because it's pretty pointless. Doesn't really matter where you hit the building, it's just about causing a certain amount of damage then you win. First level is no different from the 50th, buildings barely change and repeat a lot. If you wanna see stuff go boom, then sure, but I want a game like this with actual physics
Too slow on my phone, better on the PC with Bluestacks. Game play is OK, but the scoring Needs improvement. Minimum score for 3 stars is under 10 shots. I rarely need more than 5, and most of the time, only 4 or less. Scoring for 3 stars should be 5 or less, and for 2 stars, 6 to 10. If it takes 10 shots, you suck. Given the need for better scoring, I would have given the game 3 stars if not for the fact that I spend more time watching ads than I do playing the game. Give us a break.
Great game idea! Currently extremely repetitive. Two or three shots destroys a building, then same with the next. Could be improved by adding architecture other than towers; provide more weapons and weapon specific building materials to make the game more challenging. I'll keep my eyes on this game to see what improvements are made.
While the concept of the game was at first catchy it has quickly become boring. Buildings that defy the law of gravity require extra shots to bring down. I am up to level 736 and suddenly the game started taking stars away from at the rate of like 10-12 for each building. I started playing tonight and had over 1600 stars now I'm under 700. Very frustrating to say the least. As far as the ads go, I simply turned off my WiFi and they went away except for the one on the bottom.
The "physics" of how a building remains standing are beyond compression. Most buildings come down with 3 or so shots from the catapult. Its all you really need. I find it funny that its considered incredible if you use 10 or fewer shots. Ive tried for 11 or more but was unsuccessful. In other words, its a very easy game. Really, almost mind numbing.
What,? No less than 5 shots? The fact that you have to aim way right just to hit the middle of the structure is a little awkward as well. Love the game hope there's improvements. Put a couple buildings in the mix that are hard to get down. I don't know. You guys will figure it out im sure.
Same same same. 5 minutes in, I paid to get rid of ads. I'm getting most buildings in 3 shots. I'm an hour in seeing the same buildings turned slightly over and over. The physics aren't very real. Half the upper building held up by one column. Do better guys. Enjoy my little $3. Get yourself a Big Mac.
It's ok. Gameplay is almost non-existent. It's very easy to destroy buildings and get 3 stars. I'm on level 250 and never gotten less. Buildings don't change, difficulty doesn't increase... You're basically just replaying a handful of easy levels over and over. Disappointing. Really could be much better with a little effort.
You have an option after each level to "×3" your stars earned by watching an ad. Even if you press "no thanks" you still have to watch an ad, after every single level. Very ad heavy. Would honestly say you'll be spending more time watching ads than actual game play. Not worth the download.
Ads Ads Ads, this game could have had potential, but Voodoo has made it nothing but an Ad generator. Don't waste your time. No game strategy, levels or anything else. Once you finish the first level, you will have the exact same experience until you get sick of ads and delete the game. Just don't install this game. Voodoo used to be better than this. Come on Voodoo...
This is a glorified ad platform. Game play seems interesting. Ads can not be skipped however and they are often tricky to close and take you to app store rather then back to the game.
Fun game with a couple of complaints. First, I paid so I don't have to watch ads and every building I destroy I'm asked to watch an ad . Granted I can say no but I shouldn't have to . I said no when I paid for it. Second it would be nice if you could watch the building collapse before the stupid star thing came up. What are the stars for anyway? You can't purchase more weapons or anything, get rid of them.
Game is entertaining for about 5 mins, but offers zero game progression. Basically you're demolishing a building with a catapult. You're awarded stars according to the number of shots used (<30=1*, <20=2*, <10=3*). I've completed nearly 100 levels and never used more than 5 shots, and the collected stars don't actually count for anything. Biggest issue is the ads which, unless you agree to data sharing & targeting, result in an obtrusive "reminder" banner across the screen at all times.
It's got more realistic building physics than most demo games and the collapses are visually satisfying. But there's a couple things that keep it from being great. The scoring method is a big one. In the game you get three stars as long as you use less than ten shots. This bar is unbelievably low and makes maximum success achievable almost without effort. And this gives you a reason to add another thing I think would make it better. The ability to replay levels. Trying to get a three star score.
Ads ads ads trash Then after you've watched some ads you finally get to..watch more ads ads ads. 3 shots to take down all buildings when you aim for the top then a 30 second ad. The game claims 119mbs but its actually 283mbs. Oh did I mention it's got a lot of ads ads ads. After playing for about 1 minute and watching 30 minutes of ads I am confident in saying this is not even a game.
Its a voodoo game, what do i have to say? The sole reason it exists is to get and sell your data, its a stolen idea, simple and bad execution, with the goal to make the player stick to the game as much as possible and make the player accept that their data gets collected bc it intentionally covers up the level count and returns after EVERY ROUND. So to sum it all up its a simple game made in a week to collect your data. If you know voodo you know that is the opposite of uncommon.
2 starts for good concept and okay execution. Ads are cumbersome and frequent but FYI you can bypass all the ads by turning off all internet access (wifi and data) while playing. I went through a couple hundred levels and it was too easy (3-5 shots each with under 10 shots being rated the best) and, as already posted, very repetitive. It does not get more challenging and the buildings repeat themselves with no new stuff. Looks cool from the outside but not worth it.
This is possibly the most poorly executed mobile game ever. You destroy buildings. The same ones over and over. There is no challenge to it. To get 3 stars you must demolish the building in less than 10 shots. Most get demolished with 2 or 3. To add to the agony, you have to watch a video between EVERY building. It's clearly a money grab. You'll be bored after 2 tries. Dont waste your time. Good idea but poorly executed.
It's pretty and kind of relaxing, if a little "samey". BUT .... I think there may have been a problem with the copy I downloaded. 1) Those users complaining about ads.... Simply play offline and there are no ads. ...but you still get the rewards. 2) The game seems oddly easy... just hit the little dot on the building and down it comes. Pretty sure it should be harder than that. I may download it again in a couple of months and see if it's changed. Meanwhile uninstalled coz I need the space.
This game has great potential. Needs major update for skins and something to do with the stars and the levels need to be more challenging. Like put obstacles in the way and goals to obtain all 3 stars instead of use 10 or less balls to get all three. Way to easy to do. Needs to be more challenging.
Voodoo: To ad or not to ad When you finish a level, you have the option to collect the rewards shown by pressing no thanks or watch an ad to gain 3 times the amount. Don't worry, doesn't matter which option you pick, you will get an ad. Clicking no thanks gives you an ad with the option to skip after 5 seconds. Rewards will take up the full 30 seconds. Totally ruins the whole experience of the game.
This game is a lot of fun and almost addictive but only for a short period of time. Then it becomes redundant and uninspired. It needs more building types and weapons. Make it more challenging and add more visual effects, like dust, flames, and char. Hope to see it evolve into something less dull and more creative. Overall, not bad.
Besides there being ads after every level the game is too easy to be enjoyable. Its satisfying to see the building crumble but it can be done in almost 3 shots max on every level. And you need less than 10 shots for 3 stars... Its more an Ad app with a short game between ads.
Game company is Voodoo... That should be enough at this point to give 1 star. Decent game concept, too many ads (every level, so every 30 seconds?), pay to remove ads too expensive. Could use some polish (no music, and "super" weapons are less consistent than the default catapult). Stars don't do anything, but you can watch an ad to get bonus stars? It is fun to smash buildings, but this ad generator isn't worth my time.
I wanted to like this, but there's entirely too many ads. You get an ad after every level. That might not be so bad later on when the levels are longer, but initially they're very short. I get that you guys need to make money, too, but I'm not going to spend 50% of my time playing on ads. That's ridiculous. The game itself is pretty cool, though kinda shallow.
The game is super basic. Each level is a pre built building with a shell around frame work, they aren't connected to each other so you can knock out the entire interior of a building and have it still be standing on a small portion of one of the walls. There's an ad between each level no matter what, even if it gives you the option to click "No thanks" after completing the level. The game also bases your 0-3 star rating on how many shots you've made. Less than 10 is perfect.
5 seconds to beat a level. 30sec add after EVERY level. Bonus stars? Watch ad. No thanks? Watch ad anyway. Want those two bonus items? Watch 2 adds. I Really like the gameplay but its going to be less than 20% of the time you'll spend on this one. I know the ads pay the bills for you developers but are you kidding with this one?
I enjoy the game quite a bit but.... What are the stars good for? I have over 500 but don't see any use for them. The goal seems to be to demolish the buildings in less than 10 shots. 90 percent of the time I do it in 3 shots; 5 percent of the time I do it in 2 shots. There doesn't seem to be much of a challenge. Also, a personal preference would be to have a more robust crashing sound. This just sounds like Legos falling. I'm a 68 year old woman who has never played a demolition game before.
Ads on the middle of a stage? Seriously? Also, suggest adding some sort of graph or chart to tell you what % of the building is destroyed. It's hard to tell what's left under that giant pile of rubble. Physics are a bit weird? Buildings standing up under the strength of a single window? Yeah right!
Way too easy and way too many ads. I can't believe that there's a banner ad on the bottom of the game play, you are offered 3x coins to watch a video, AND between every 2 levels you have to watch a 20 second commercial. I had this on my phone for about 5 mins and about 3 mins of that were ads. I immediately uninstalled. This is a terrible game
Could be a great game but it's literally infested with ads. I have no problem with ad-supported games, but this game takes it to another (and unacceptable) level forcing you to watch 30 seconds of video ads (which can't be skipped or cancelled), as well as having further banners on-screen during the game. Uninstalled after a couple minutes as I couldn't stand it. Avoid this one.
I have to agree with the last review, this app has more adds than any app live ever seen. But I liked playing the game so I forked out the $3 for the add free version. Things were great until the next day when I went to play the game and the adds were back. Ive never seen this before. Ive never been so upset about being cheated out of $3 before.
Overall, I'd say is a good time waster. Most levels can be beaten in 3 shots or less. Put your phone in airplane mode for no ads. I am very disappointed that there is no southpaw option or ability to toggle between handedness. Only v difficult to play lefty. +good for wasting time - repetitive, cyclical levels. Like they ran out of budget and decided to just turn the building slightly and call it good. - very simplistic puzzles - why no option to switch between right handed and left handed?
If I could give this a lower rating I would. 1. There are way too many ads. 2. I'm glad that not expecting money for this app. 3. You don't know anything about how large buildings are built. If you destroy the lower 3/4 of a building, the top portion shouldn't be floating in the air. All of your 5 star ratings are a joke. Oh, by the way uninstalling this piece of junk.
This game is okay. The visuals are neat but it gets super repetitive. It's not all that challenging and there is nothing to spend your stars on. You can't change the visual of your launcher or upgrade anything. You earn different ammo types but don't really need them. Watching the buildings fall is satisfying but only for a couple rounds.
30 seconds is the same as 5 hours. The game doesn't get harder, there are no challenges. Its just endless fell a building withing 10 hits to get max stars. There is zero incentive to play after a few minutes. However If you are looking for a mindless game that requires no skill or thought just to kill time, this is a great choice.
Demolish! was a great game for a couple of hours, but after destroying the same 2 dozen buildings a couple of dozen times, it became boring. The graphics are great, physics right on, no complaints on any of that, just that after a while, there's nothing new going on. The designers and coders have done an EXCELLENT job. Now you just have to give me some reason to keep going. This is serious fun, just needs more "game". Levels? Themes? Missions?
I gave this a two star rating as for reason well there were muliple ads every minute, and it would constantly repeat the buldings and I'm sure a lot of people have said this, but I agree with them strongly. This app also gives you stars where there is no point for them and it stays at the same difficulty. There are only a coupl good things about it and that is that it is useful for entertaining smaller children and a great way to get pointless money put into your game.To close it's a bad game.
The ads in this game quickly became an irritation. There are far too many of them, and the close buttons on the ads are TINY, hard to see, and easy to miss, which launches you into Google Play Store - which adds to the irritation. The game play quickly becomes repetitive. In all honesty, I might've played it a little longer than 10 minutes before deleting it, but the ads drove me away.
in this game you spend more time watching ads then playing this game, its a nice idea but poorly done because the physics are so bad and out of touch, the levels are too easy and i played 42 lvls and it feels like you are doing all the same, there is not a in game currency to buy stuff you only get stars and thats it and the lvls are pooy designed too. this game exists for only one reason and that is to make money out of ads.
It's definitely fun to smash buildings. But this game is clearly designed to sell ads, lots of them. There's ads constantly at the bottom. And basically after every single building you destroy. Is extremely easy to bring a building down. My worst was seven shots with most averaging between two and four, and you get three stars for anything under 10. I gave it 100 levels. Averaging approximately 10 seconds per level, and then watching a 10 to 30 second ad. Uninstalling.
It's alright, quite addictive and a good way to kill time. Flaws: 1. The laws of physics need urgent improvement. Tired to see massive buildings hanging by a low level thread. 2. Ads - Too often and a bit expensive to remove. 3. UI needs improvement. Can't even see which level you're on.
This game is horrible I just downloaded it less then 5 minutes ago and I already know how to beat the level, the levels are all the same and there can be a tiny sliver of bricks holding the massive building and normally the building would fall but it stays up, j just downloaded this app and I'm soooo bored already don't download this app it's horrible it looks cool but it's not if you look at the other reviews they all say the games horrible to, so overall it's horrible don't download it.
The game needs more time. I played the first 100 levels. There is no upgrades, no progressive difficulty, no challenge, no progress system. A level take about 5 seconds to complete and then you have an ad after every level with the option to skip after 5 seconds. Great physics engine and graphics but no reason to keep playing.
If you like ads this is your game. 2 to 4 strikes and the building is down. Then you can win get 3 more stars (haven't figured out what they do yet after an hour of play) if you watch an ad. If you say no thanks to the ad you still have to watch one before you can get to the next building. Uninstalling.
Absolutely pointless. You have 30 shots to destroy a building that takes 3. You recieve stars which you can't spend on anything in the game or you can watch a video for 3x as many useless stars. Just an add generating revenue for some lazy developer. I would leave negative stars if possible. May God have mercy on your soul.
Basically an ad-farm. A full 30 second ad between each level. And when you click to close ad 5 times out of 10 it takes you to the play store. Worse than that the 'gameplay' such as it is is sooo boring. I got to level 80 in all under ten shots per building so easy! one bomb into the bottom of each corner of the building then the innards of the building falls out. A couple more shots to the inside middle of the building and it topples - every. Single. Time. No jeopardy, no changes in difficulty.
It needs to levels that become more difficult. I've played all the way past level 100 and its the same frigging buildings. I don't thank its taken more than 5 shots to destroy the building. I like when companies offer to buy so you don't have to see adds......well that was a waste of $$. How many more levels to go......now its just a challenge how long will i play before I delete?
The concept of the game is fine, you use a catapult to destroy structures, and depending on how many shots you use you can get up to three stars if you get it under 10 shots. Problem is the structures don't seem to change much and don't represent any challenge( I take out most buildings in like 5 shots), at least not the first ten. Maybe it gets better if you keep playing, but if you do, you spend more time watching ads than playing because every time you take out a structure you get a 30 sec ad
Poor physics and too many ads! The physical logistics of the game are ridiculous ... skyscrapers that remain standing on a thread, for example. After you play several rounds and figure out the typical demolition pattern, it takes 2-5 strikes to demolish most buildings. The advertisements run after every round, whether you click X3 or "no thanks". Advertisements run 10 to 30 seconds each; typically longer than the round and false advertising. The price to remove ads is outrageous.
How is this is an actual game? It's just a way to get you to watch ads. Just disable internet on your phone to skip all ads, and in less than 10 minutes, you'll have done everything there is to do. The simplicity is disconcerting since getting three stars on all "levels" is impossible to miss. I don't see the point, that's an insult to players.
So where's the gameplay? Every round is the same just with different model buildings that all take less than 5 hits to destroy. What's the point in collecting stars? U can't spend them on anything. This is a blatant ad revenue generator. Each round is less than 20 seconds followed by an ad... Shame really. With some thought it could be a good game
So many adds to watch that you are a hostage to spam. Game was fun for 4 or 5 times, then get repetitive and boring. But I can't stress that there are twice as many ads as game. They have banner ads, they have videos that can't be exited, they pay to play, I am deleting this right away.
Very simple game with very repetitive gameplay. Once you get the hang of it (which happens quick) you'll spend more time watching ads than playing. You get 3/3 stars if you can knock down a building in less than 10 shots, but a "tough" building is maybe 5. The redeeming quality about this game is I can entice my 4 y/o to poop by letting him play the game (and get 3 stars every time).
Don't know how this game has a 4.0 rating. Physics are terrible, often held up by a single piece of building. Stars do nothing, why are you asking for triple stars by watching an ad? Even playing lazily, doesn't take more than 4 hits to take down a building. Game is a terrible cash grab with ads every other level. Good for about 2 minutes of fun.
This is nothing more than a tool to bombard you with adds for other games. Bringing the structures down is kinda fun but I learned after a few levels you can bring any of them down with 1-5 shots by using the same method. There is no challenge whatsoever. I kept playing for about 60 levels just to see if it changed at all... nope, just an add machine.
Meh. Game is basically an excuse to get you to watch ads, which there is no way to avoid. Want extra stars . . .ad! Don't want extra stars . . .ad! What do the stars give you? No maps or structure to game. Only Three "weapons". Yet to encounter a building that can not be taken down in 3-4 strikes with the "infinite ammo" weapon. Could be a more fun game with mire development.
The game has potential. But not lots. Its ridiculously repetitive. Every level is the same. It takes about 10 seconds to complete. And if all that was the only problem, I would've given it a higher rating. But the ads are insane. This game is just another quickly made trash platform for advertising. There is a constant ad bar on the bottom of the screen. That's fine. But that and an ad in between each level is not. I've uninstalled this already and suggest you avoid having to do the same.
It's not even a game. It's "Here, install this quickly cobbled together set of resources so you can watch these ads we shove down your throat!' There are maybe 10 different buildings, that you lob giant metal balls at, to destroy. Every hit uses the exact same sound effect, and many buildings will fall in 2-3 hits. Problem is, the physics are garbage. You can watch the entirety of the guts of the building fall out, and the building still stands! Lmao. 0/10, don't bother installing this.
Cute little destruction game. Simple, mindless fun. Would be nice if the controls could be switched right left handed screen usage. The aiming point is a bit too the left of where you touch, allowing you to see exactly where the shoot will land. If using the left hand, the shot will go to a point hidden by your hand. For those complaining about the ads, the author of the software needs to get paid somehow. Either pay for the games you pay or accept the ads.
Too many darn ads. At the end of each level you can either watch an unskippable ad for extra coins or watch one that is skippable after like 10 seconds to continue. There is already banner ads I shouldn't have to watch another ad just to get to the next level. The levels don't really seem to get much harder even after playing for 10 mins. Get a better game.
Your app takes over my phone, shuts off music I am listening to so I have to listen to annoying ads. It's bad enough that you put 30 second ads everywhere, I'll wait through them if I want to play, but you must stop high jacking my audio immediately I did not nor will not approve of this app taking that level of control away from me. Discontinue this practice immediately.
An overall ok game, but there are catches: The game actively asks for your consent for some telemetry. There are relentless adverts on every levels that could suck your data plan dry. The game itself have no challenge. Played through 130+ levels just like that on perfect scores, on the same buildings recycled. Its an install on an offline device thing if you really want to destroy the same building over and over again
it's cool but hella repititious... I read the reviews and the ad problem I don't have, it's the difficulty... this game is for 7-...I can play this game and get to the max level by the end of the day, create missions, objectives, create a store where we can actually use the stars y'all giving, Increase the difficulty... do something to keep us wanting to play... graphics is aight, but yeah y'all slacked in this one
Bummed Out! I loved the app when I first started using it. I even bought it to eliminate ads. #1 it still has that buttons to "multiply points" by watching an ad. Get rid of that. I don't care about the points that's why I bought the app, just to play and not be blasted with ads. #2 and by far more important, I am getting the exact same buildings over and over. There is no additional difficulty in levels. The building is turned slightly in different levels. Bottom line...the same!
Boring and repetitive game to sell ads. It uses the same buildings over and over at slightly different angles. I thought it may get harder as the levels progressed, but after 150 buildings/ads it was just more of the same. The app also crashes frequently. It crashed on the first building I destroyed and multiple times over the next couple days of playing. The game is completely unrealistic. You can destroy all the building support with only a tiny sliver of exterior left abf it won't fall.
Pointless. stars don't even have a purpose but yet gives you the option to watch a ad to get 3 extra pointless stars. Even if you wanted to watch more ads for the extra stars that are pointless on top of the ads after each level the option to do so doesn't work the load icon just spins round and round. It's more of a app for ads and in between ads you get to play a ten second game knocking down buildings.
There is almost nothing to this "game" You play the same few levels over and over while collecting stars that aren't used for anything. The levels are way too easy, the physics isn't realistic and there are ads after every single level that you can't skip even when you don't want to watch an ad for more useless stars.
Fun Factor doesn't last. It's fun for the first 10 or so building you destroy as sometimes the building design repeats and one building is no more challenging then the other. I never had a problem destroying a building in less than 10 tries. It would be much better with levels, difficulty settings, and a range of building designs.
It's easy to knock down buildings knowing simple physics, however repetitive buildings and powers give this game a short lived playability. The Ads also are quite annoying in that get extra stars to watch Ads if you choose 'no thanks' you still have to watch an Ad.. the advertisements at least for me were for playboy.. not sure if I'd recommend children to play this game with these types of game Ads.
This game is ad bait, its a very easily built game, theres no challenge at all, you will not require more than ten shots to take down any building, one building even destroyed itself, the game was very clearly rushed to generate ad revenue. i got to level 100 and the only challenge was getting through the ad between every level.
Leaning towards uninstalling, game freezes at the end of each level. Why is it costing me stars to level up? Pop up says UPGRADE or no thanks, click either one and it takes 15 stars away.....
It could be fun? You can demolish a building in less than 10 moves or about ten seconds of gameplay. Once you demolish the building you can watch a video for extra stars, or choose not too, but you still get a video before the next building. So you play for 2-5 seconds and have to watch a 30 second video to move on. Earning Stars, what are these for? I can't find any area to use these collected stars for upgraded items? Deleting app!
The game has a sufficiently fun game engine and premise, but it's way too easy. You need to bring down a building in less than 10 shots for a perfect score, but most buildings come down with 2 or 3 well placed shots. Having goals like limiting the spread of damage or avoiding collateral damage would make this a lot more challenging.
Fails at its core mechanic. Buildings will stay propped up even if all but one of its corners are demolished. Physiks just dont work like that, trust me, I am actually an engineer. That would turn the majority of the building into an overhang, requireing an enourmous amount of pulling stress in the corner to balance the building... No way even if the building was intended to be overhanging.
Just a terrible low effort repetitive game with no objectives or difficulty what so ever . Every stage there's at least 2 ads and it doesn't let you get lasers without watching an ad . Over all the typical mindless voodoo game.
Unrealistic physics! If you demolish a building on the lower levels, one would think gravity would help bring the building down. Almost every level i took out three corners of the building, only to have the entire building above still supported by one corner. As fun as it is destroying things, the absolute deal breaker on this one is being forced to watch ling ads after every level! Bad move developers! Uninstalling quicker than i can demolish a building!
You use a catapult to destroy buildings and after a short time your repeating the same buildings over and over again. The buildings don't come down like a normal buildings would. The game allows for the whole upper half of the building to be balanced on a single wall or a corner of the building. Which makes that very unrealistic.
Advert fest! Spend more time in adverts than game. You finish a level (in 10-15seconds) and then have to watch a 30+ sec advert. What's more amusing is there's an option for more starts (if you watch and advert) yet if you press no thanks, you're given an advert anyway. Hahah such jokes, guys, stop being scumbags and you'll make more money.
BEST GAME ON ANDROID. I thank you for the developer and the creator for this game. I finally seem to have found my purpose in my life. I assure you - this isn't a spam account. I'm commenting as a potential mercenary, I love this app. Ads are not annoying also, that's a plus. Good sound effects and good physics 5 out of 5. My favorite app!
Excellent way to spend hours without extra stress of being timed or under the crunch of being attacked... Excellent way to work out frustrations too, in a nice and distructive manner... Very cool! I love the fireballs, the missles... But my favorite, the laser! Makes a pile of rubble and I don't have to clean any of it... I like "no thanks", instead of "extra stars"... It increases the destruction. Didn't you ever want to smash something?
Add super heavy! Also physics make absolutely no sense in the fact u blow out 90% of the bottom & the buildings don't come down. Hard pass on this add game! The adds r so heavy that as u play there is adds at the bottom of the screen then after every level even if u say no thanks. Very sad!
Fun at first. Then the buildings are the same, law of gravity dosent exist. But, why do you earn stars, have the option to watch an ad to earn more stars when there is NOTHING to purchase, upgrade or buy? Everything is the same from level 1 to 200 or more. Lol. It gets old fast.
Re: update, the problem did occur till after update! (so much for that excuse!!) & got worse after paying for ad free version! It has this annoying habit of locking up after aiming & wil not fire, untill after moving your aim & re-aiming to fire! & now is locked up & unable to re-aim or anything. used to be able to switch between ammunition to un-freez. now it has totally locked up. this after buying the ad-free version, so as not having to watch a comercial between every demolished structure!
They should rename this "shameless cash grab with little effort the game" because that's all it is. Boring mechanics, lazy graphics, long ads, and absolutely no clue as to what the laws of physics are and how they work. It may seem silly to harp on the physics in a mobile game but considering the entire premise is demolition its kind of important.
Was entertaining for a while, but it's way too plain and simple. Also, of you're like me, the ads will drive you CRAZY. An ad after every building, which works out to about 2-3 ads a minute... nope. It's impossible for me to enjoy any game like that, no matter how fun it was. Was fun, but I'll never redownload.
It's a fun game, it's nothing ground breaking or anything, but it is fun. My only complaints would be that 1, there are too many ads. After every level i get hit with an ad, if i try to restart the level i get an ad. I have gotten 7 ads so far while only having played for about 15 minutes or less, which is just too many. My other complaint would be how repetitive it is, once you play the first level you've basically played the entire game cause of how repetitive it is. But it's decent.
There is an ad after every single level. Every time. The gameplay never gets more complex or rewarding than the initial level. The limited use items have less functionality than the unlimited one. The stars you get for completion of a level aren't functional in any way. But you can watch an ad to get more of them after the level. Which will have an ad after that before you can play the next level. Which will be the same tutorial level of difficulty as all the rest A nice concept, poor execution
Can I have more ads? Also can they automatically open the play store even if I don't want the game. Oh and more ads please. Lots and lots more ads. Like say twice as many. I don't know maybe 4x the amount of time playing the game for ads is too much... Some idiots don't think so they gave you an average of 4 stars.
Very disappointing for 3 reasons: 1, scoring is pointless because all buildings are easily destroyed with less than 10 bullets but that seems irrelevant to a score system where maximum points are awarded for completion in fewer than 10 bullets. 2, no league table or equivalent means there's little motivation to compete. 3, far too much advertising. The game seems like a beta level within another incomplete game, rather than a finished product - therefore I'd like my money back.
It sounds cool when you blow up skyscrapers.... That's why 1 star. Then you have to sit thru a 30 second ad. Then another level takes 10 seconds to play... Then a 30 second ad.... Repeat. More ad watching than playing. Physics suck, you can have a skyscraper standing on a pencil and it won't fall over. Nice try, but horrible
Nifty idea I guess. I agree with every person when they say there are far to many adds. Thankfully most of them are only 15 seconds long. My gripe is the lack of engineering and gravity. I've had so many complete roofs holding on by a single pillar. First impressions are very important. Uninstall
1) I don't like the controls at all, I can't see where I'm pointing at because it's under my finger all the time. 2) The terrain textures can be higher quality. Right now they look like they are taken from Google Earth/Maps. 3) You can add sound effects to the level finished dialog. (Such as for stars or XP bar)
I really enjoy this game. The good: controls work well, graphics are nice, sounds and vibrations are crisp, and flow of the game is good. Suggestions: new buildings, make a aded bonus for buildings knocked down in under 5 shots, harder or more challenging levels. The game gets repetitive fast knocking the exact same buildings down over and over. Overall I thoroughly enjoy this game.
Tried this game for few seconds... I've passed the first level and they asked me to watch an advert for triple the reward. To not waste time I SAID NO and they still shovelled up a 30 seconds advert by enforcing it into my screen. Desinstaled this crapp and Google Play should penalise the developers for misleading scam. You cannot ask about a choice and when the choice is made to do the contrary - that's cheating. Shame on you brainless developers.