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Dice Kings

Dice Kings for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Lucky Day Entertainment, Inc.. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
Grab Dice Kings to relax and play 100% free and try your chance while you roll the right path to your top in the many dice which can be unique regarding the Enjoy shop! SMASH the board in DICE KINGS!

In Dice Kings you BREAK everything coming soon while you search for benefits and memorabilia to conquer each section of the town. Dice Kings isn’t merely another game. This really is an entire method in which is brand-new play dice!

Dice Kings Features:
★ CRAZY DICE ACTION - Blast or sling the dice to conquer the board
★ COLLECT ALL THE THINGS - look for items and hit the jackpot
★ FREE FREQUENT ROLLS - Keep your streak alive and obtain even more rolls each and every day
★ ROLLER'S SHOP - Never miss a jackpot with bargains on rolls

Riches and incentives await the DICE KINGS!

For function needs or comments, please deliver us a contact to [email protected]

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Dice Kings.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Dice Kings for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
I am not sure how to get puzzle pieces from completed worlds, and don't know if and when I get enough tokens if I'll be able to cash out for a gift card if I don't have all the puzzle pieces collected, can anyone help me understand this game better? I need to read the directions on this game, because,so far I am very much enjoying it, and it's from a very legitimate company whose other games I play and have won gift cards several times,so if I can find the pieces, it'd be a great help
Update. As with all Lucky Day games anymore this is a scam. You reach the gift card level then you need puzzle pieces. Advertisers don't waste your money on Lucky Day products. They are losing players left and right. Not looking for a huge payout just gift cards you earn. Same with their other games. Gift cards always out of stock. Update 10/21. Deleteing this useless app.
Soon as you have all your puzzle pieces plus have enough to cash out go ahead do it because once you get over $5 and puzzle pieces ends they won't let you cash out you'll never get the last puzzle piece needed to cash out shame on you dice kings for praying on people during these hard times really hope you enjoy the money you're basically stealing from people but hope you like the karma coming your way.
The best game ever Real Customer Service off the chain Great job team keep up the amazing work Super excited to get my first reward Will keep you posted
Another ripoff app...you need to get 100k coins for a $5 gift card, but once you do, miraculously that option is no longer available. Now you need to obtain puzzle pieces from ???, and who knows what it will switch to then? Don't bother with this BS!
I play all the lucky day apps, this one is also totally addictive. Thanks for making another awesome game!
Injoy playing .. But rewards membership card first 8 day playing roll 2 hour and last 2 day Roll 6 hour .why
This game is so addictive! It's a lot of fun and it's so easy to get more rolls when you've run out! Some complain that the game cheats them out of their gift cards, but I have had no issues that weren't resolved fast. I just redeemed a $25 Amazon gift card yesterday and it says I'll be getting it within seven business days. Since this is a Lucky Day app, I have no doubt that they will hold up to that! This is a super fun app and I urge everyone to give it a try!
Poor, don't play I had one payout but now it's not worth playing, it a pyramid scam nothing else, I was loyal and u let me down, don't bother with the pre written reply it's getting boring now
Am anxiously waiting to win $$$ from this game. I love playing games on my phone. But to learn that I can actually make some cash just for playing? Who doesn't like that
This game is so addictive! It's a lot of fun and it's so easy to get more rolls when you've run out! Some complain that the game cheats them out of their gift cards, but I have had no issues that weren't resolved fast. This is a super fun app and I urge everyone to give it a try!
Takes a long time to accumulate enough tokens to cash out.. you need at least 100,000 token and you accumulate that based on dice rolls. Besides, if it's anything like lucky day or lucky night, the rewards won't be available, or shall I post: "Out of stock."
I got one redemption card in puzzle but there is no prizes in the rewards page. I am from India region always shows as empty in the rewards page. And rewards redemption is also expired in 13 days. Please avail the rewards to all regions.
This is a fun game! I have redeemed for a Starbucks gift card already! I love the graphics, I just wish there was some music in the background.
Dice Kings used to be better. First they add In-App Purchases, which was unheard of for Lucky Day. Second, no sound effects or music. Third, there are more ads than there used to be. Finally, you used to get more tokens than now. Get verydice. It is a whole lot more fun than Dice Kings (which is quite surprising). I deleted my account and Dice Kings itself.
It's fun waiting to see if I win any money. I play other game to try to win and I get to 95.00 or 98.00 dollars and don't see any more. It's been 4 months with the other games and like I said zero dollars after that total I mentioned. Hope this game isn't that way.
Game very slow,dice roll SLOW, no instructions,Very hard to understand how to play the game at first, also why is it cost so much to get a gift card? You have to play two months to get onea
Awesome app. So much fun too play. Better than other earning dice apps and its legit esp since its related too Lucky Day app which has paid out for me many many times over the past few years so im excited too play Dice Kings and ill leave a better review once i redeem for a giftcard. Thanks for the awesome gaming expierence.
An exciting start to the game although like the change occurring to gift cards in Lucky Day " Not available in your location " and no other reward system unfortunately I have not the spare time to keep playing for fun as much as I might love to ... Until anything changes I have to retreat and focus my attention elsewhere. Thank you for creating another amazing game though guys... I feel if I continue I am occupying a time slot I could use to make money on something that does ...
It is a nice game. Keep it up. Update* amazon cards are back.. Thank you!*update* puzzle pieces are way harder to get. I have over 500 000 points and stuck at 4 pieces a very long time. Seem like you're unable to redeem more than once a month now smh. *update again* i've lost interest in the game. I'm not getting the puzzle pieces and i have points just sitting there for the longest while, so it feels pointless now. Its just watching ads and throwing dice.
The game is fun but however when I got up to 25,000 coins I was trying to see what the gift cards were and it won't let me click on the coin button. Its frozen. I was also wondering if you can actually win cash from the atm cash machine? I'm up to $27 dollars and all its doing is giving me coins when I fill up the pink lightining bolt on the jackpot spin?
B4 i hit 350000 i was able to get puzzle pieces in a day and its ben 3 or weeks since i got one that is very messed up i think its the way u have it set up i will give a better rating when i get the 2 puzzle pieces i need not until
I got there jackpot up top and it didn't do anything on Dice King's. Very disappointed because it is a fun game.
I used my points to redeem Amazon gift card but it's been flagged but now I lost my points. what would happen next
I like the gameplay it's fun but to earn roles it's only one roll per ad which is way too little need to fix that And the pay out for coins are not that high as well that should be fixed also if fix I will upgrade my rating
It is a nice game. Keep it up. It got way better. You can win cash now. Very nice. *update* the atm game doesnt work and you have to come out after each throw because it sticks on that screen. Fix it please. *update* its fixed! Thank you.
I've tried to get more rolls through survey and other games but cant seem to ever get any. Getting dice is to hard which makes it worse to move on. I would play if i had a way to.
Although gameplay is pretty good, Its impossible to get pass roller alley. I cant find the bike anywhere. If i cant complete roller alley, it wont gibe me the membership card. Will update to 5 stars if I can find the bike
I love this app so much but I wish you guys could add paypal and more prizes maybe like makeup and other cool prizes :)
I enjoy this game but still don't see anything under rewards gift cards. I've got the reward membership and it only just says I have access for 1 redemption which I don't understand as nothing happens and the vending machine is empty. If the rewards are not available because of where am based, you have to make it clear. I enjoy playing the dice so I will give more stars once I understand what's happening with the rewards
Really enjoying the game, haven't tried cashing in since I just started playing but really looking forward to the fun of reaching the point to cash in.
I been playing for 2 week and its fun. idk about the gift cards yet. But im just having a good time playing tbis game.
I enjoy playing with the game, but it's impossible to cash out gift cards. I've been playing for months and never get any card peices.
Very very nice app. User friendly app. Graphics and playing wonderful. I am daily using in this app. Best app. Thank you.
Really different but fun new experience from Lucky Day. I just wish the drag and hold indicator appeared faster. Didn't realize there was one until I held it down for longer. I hope there will be events to play for!
With Lucky Day's applications, not one time have purchases been available, excluding the Fyber offerwall. This can be REAL gambling. Your goal is to have players play the lottery for free, but apparently you have changed your mind. It is not cool and if this will be the case for Lucky Day & Lucky Night, I might be deleting my accounts. Revert these purchases ASAP.
This game is so addictive! It's a lot of fun and it's so easy to get more rolls when you've run out! I have high hopes for this app since it is made by Lucky Day Entertainment Inc, and I can't wait to reach the minimum to cash out! Thanks for another fun app!
Love dice games, getting the hang of this one, hope it stays like this, definitely original and better than most.
Complete trash app. I finished two 5000 coin jackpots and it never paid out. Plus I doubt they solved the problem of american amazon gift cards in Canada. I wouldn't know because puzzle pieces are impossible to come by now. I've just uninstalled it. Complete waste of time. Maybe I'll come back next month. Hopefully by then you'll get your act together. I'm pretty sure their response to this message will be "keep playing keep playing keep playing keep playing keep playing keep playing"
Was kinda forced into downloading this game from my usual my usual game of lucky day. I thought was an add on. Will try it out for a bit if not beneficial will cancel
Well... good game, have been playing lucky day for years still no Cash out.. one of the first 1000 downloaded aswell and no suprise gift like it said on the Facebook story..
I'm updating my rating. The problem with this game is that although you get plenty of tokens, unless you can find the puzzle pieces you can't claim any rewards. And finding them is unfortunately some sort of RNG with unknown odds. Who knows how long you might have to play for before you can actually withdraw. Maybe years. If they remove this feature or give you a more reliable way to be able to claim rewards I'll change my rating back up.
Really like this game. The dev's DO pay but seems like this one takes alot longer timewise to acheive a reward. Good graphics, good idea!!!
0 gift cards available. You claim to restock often but yet in your other game it never gets restocked and even more in this game. I'd love to give a higher rating but I was straight up lied to, look at your comment then look at your game and the rewards page, 0 available since I decided to check this app out. Still 0 gift cards.
Idk what it is about this game but... I am HOOKED! Please, please open up the construction zone, I've been playing the Alley and Boardwalk alot, can't wait for the future levels?.... Keep up the great games, you are truly doing things correctly 👏! Too bad other game companies don't do the same.