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Dice Kings

Dice Kings for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Lucky Day Entertainment, Inc.. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
Grab Dice Kings to relax and play 100% free and try your chance while you roll the right path to your top in the many dice which can be unique regarding the Enjoy shop! SMASH the board in DICE KINGS!

In Dice Kings you BREAK everything coming soon while you search for benefits and memorabilia to conquer each section of the town. Dice Kings isn’t merely another game. This really is an entire method in which is brand-new play dice!

Dice Kings Features:
★ CRAZY DICE ACTION - Blast or sling the dice to conquer the board
★ COLLECT ALL THE THINGS - look for items and hit the jackpot
★ FREE FREQUENT ROLLS - Keep your streak alive and obtain even more rolls each and every day
★ ROLLER'S SHOP - Never miss a jackpot with bargains on rolls

Riches and incentives await the DICE KINGS!

For function needs or comments, please deliver us a contact to [email protected].

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Dice Kings.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Dice Kings for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Been playing for 2 days. Game is okay but has a loading issue every time I open app it has to be closed and reopened several times before I can play game, also shuts down when claiming rewards. Please fix game could be 5 stars. Make it so.
Game was great when I started playing. Then there were some major issues when my tokens kept disappearing. Never figured out what happened. I really liked the game but they keep sending me back to the beginning so I think I will uninstall for a while and see if they can fix it.
Not able to synce or update properly the version that was offered 3yrs. Ago wprked workef worked great so sent to cloud befpte before it was beta rested. No problems with optizatiomation
Game keeps breaking and saying "oops, something went wrong" as soon as i get into the game resulting in me not being able to play.
I am enjoying this game, it's alot of fun, graphics are pretty cool, it's very interesting, it's not like any other dice game i played before, it's also adicting, so if anyone hasn't tried this game before, ya'll should try this game
The game.is just ok. It's fun, but unrealistic. I have completed the only 2 boards 4x, and I still have yet to find a puzzle piece to"cashout" on a giftcard. The whole game.is very misleading, making it seem easy to cashout, when in reality I don't even know that you can.
An exciting start to the game although like the change occurring to gift cards in Lucky Day " Not available in your location " and no other reward system unfortunately I have not the spare time to keep playing for fun as much as I might love to ... Until anything changes I have to retreat and focus my attention elsewhere. Thank you for creating another amazing game though guys... I feel if I continue I am occupying a time slot I could use to make money on something that does ...
I completed the tutorial then tried to play after that now just keeps saying error try again. Then it reloads and keeps saying Error over and over again. So I just uninstalled this App until that Error is Fixed!
I love this app so much but I wish you guys could add paypal and more prizes maybe like makeup and other cool prizes :)
Love this game it's awesome best game that ever come out on play store but I wished that you had any cash out way
I love the game when I can play it.. mine has been frozen for about 2 weeks.. I miss the game for I play lucky day and lucky night and enjoy winning.. but I have installed and reinstalled several times at no avail.. please help.. It says no connection and to retry.. UPDATE:The game still won't play on my or my GF phones, however we use the hotspots on each other phones and are able to play,it always has paid out except once when they said my GF had gotten her $10 amazon card, but never has.
I have been playing for a while and have yet to claim any prizes. I am at 900 bucks and have spinned a whole bunch of times to only receive rolls and coins that lead to nothing.... If I get my jackpot or a prize I will change my review.
Very good game but the only issue that i experienced is that it can be a bit glitchy when opening rewards but otherwise it is a very good game.
Unable to use the app. Everytime I open the app, it shows an option of sign in with Facebook or google. No matter what I click it shows me connection error. I have tried using wifi as well as mobile data.... But the problem still persist.. Please fix it..
It's a good game but still haven't cashed out yet that's the only part is bad about it it's really interesting game is
I realy enjoy my self the game is fun and i havent made money on this game yet i will believe it when i see it in my hands i will give a better rating when i have cash in my hands
Game won't even load up. I deleted several apps just to if that would help and not a change. Game SUCKS, AND SUCKS
I play all the lucky day apps ( apple store and Google play, they are different) and this is the only one that i have not been able to cash out on. All the others I've actually gotten over $100 but this one is a rip off
How is it that I'm spending on rolls and I'm way ahead with a few seconds away from the Crown Jackpot and someone who isn't even on the leaderboard scores 3 to 5 thousand points to beat me in an impossible amount of time.
Well... good game, have been playing lucky day for years still no Cash out.. one of the first 1000 downloaded aswell and no suprise gift like it said on the Facebook story..
I posted this once, it must have been deleted. What is the gist? Please explain. Is it you just roll dice and hope to hit a paint can?
Overall it's a fun game just wish it would give me a chance to fill up card to have a chance at winning real money!
Through Publishers Clearing House entries,... installed to try for free. Maybe I should have took opportunity in obtaining those sweet die packs for more roll today. Results ... the advertising did not match personal expectations for myself. And then again in reflection overall for my few minutes rolling, ... this is an impressive one to play. Read the rules on the PayPal website when it comes to actual collecting winnings in games. This is a test still for myself,... playing games for💰🤑💸
I think this game is great. It's my opinion. Others May find it boring cuz it's kind of repetition. But the challenge is to aim the dice at your target. And you get plenty of shots to do so. I don't think the scoring of payos is to great. But if you would like another game that's relaxing this would also be one of them. But like I said I enjoy it so I would give it a five star
I keep receiving american claim codes and I live in Canada. Every time I email technical support I get no response
This is totally a scam.people all these apps that have thresholds where you have to reach limits are totally fake anything that requires you to watch ads are totally fake anything that pays you a percentage of a penny is totally fake there's not one up after they pay you anything people look it up on YouTube I'm telling you the truth they're all stand up so that's a spy on you to see what you're doing is taking you information so don't download them thank you
Still a good game, but some issues. Tokens keep disappearing from account. Was great until 4 days ago. Don't know what is going on but it needs to be fixed. And no its not the atm. That has not been hit for 3 days.
I got there jackpot up top and it didn't do anything on Dice King's. Very disappointed because it is a fun game.
On roller 5000& reached all collections & "Lucktopia reward card" twice . Have no idea after multiple searches,have no idea how I'm either supposed 2 use this card in 13 days or move to next level looking for assistance. Otherwise enjoy the game& am looking forward 2 cashing out coins but need more info I can't locate. Thx. Willing 2 revise rating if things were more clear
Fun game but I do wish that when you hit the switches they will actually activate. All in all still a cool game to play, especially for money.
Guys don't download this app I've been waiting months for a Payout and just like their other app Lucky Day are worthless.....same story a lot of people have disappearing money and takes months to NEVER get the last 50 cents to cash out.....go read reviews for their USED to be popular and easier to pay out app Lucky Day.....its all fake ....idk what the deal is but don't download this app its a scam you're wasting your time.....HUGE SCAM!!! HUGE SCAM......HUGE SCAM!!!
I used my points to redeem Amazon gift card but it's been flagged but now I lost my points. what would happen next
Its so much fun me and my mom played it and got paid 6 times🤑🤑🤑 and also ur game is amzing🤑🤑 but now everytime i wanna log in ot says connectiln error:(
I have high hopes for this game!!!!! Ok ive been playing this game and have made 64.00 but now it keeps freezing up whats the deal i really like this game and would hate to uninstall it please fix!!!!
So I'm getting energy from breakable objects but the bar isn't filling up the atm. Fake app just like your stupid scratcher app
My girlfriend and I both play the game I just started but my girl has cashed out 3 times and only paid once.. I wish they would pay her..when she or I get paid I will give five stars..ñow game will not even load days on end I have and it keeps telling me to retry and at no avail even after uninstall and re install it still won't load and I had a lot of money built that's probably being heisted.. THIS IS THE GF, I SENT A MESSAGE VIA HERE BECUZ THE GAME FROZE, CAN'T GET IN STIL HAVE 2 TO CASH OUT!
Great game... this has to be one of the best games out there.. just need to work out the bugs.. it freezes up when you het money and it give u a chance to double it.. freezes up and you dont get any of the money. But im taking it one day at a time. Until its running like a boss.. then it will be the number 1 game. Thanks guys.
Will be uninstalling this game, never get jackpot or any of the gift cards and has to many technical issues.
I'm sorta learning as I play hopefully I will understand how it all works soon... 6/3/21 EXCELLENT GAME ❣❣❣ I would recommend this game to everyone....Cuz if I can play it I'm sure most people can also 🤣
First and foremost to all the Developers I want to say congratulations and thank you for creating the game that's actually really cool now the downside about it is it's a lot harder you get the dice where you needed to go but after 50 tries you get it I guess
The game.is just ok. It's fun, but unrealistic. I have completed the only 2 boards 4x, and I still have yet to find a puzzle piece to"cashout" on a giftcard. The whole game.is very misleading, making it seem easy to cashout, when in reality I don't even know that you can. ****4/6/21**** I have rolled over 1.5k dice since having 5 puzzle pieces. Can't get the last piece. I have 1.2k$ banked, and 400k coins. I can't do anything with any of them. It also gets harder and harder to earn your atm rol
It is a nice game. Keep it up. It got way better. You can win cash now. Very nice. *update* the atm game doesnt work and you have to come out after each throw because it sticks on that screen. Fix it please. *update* its fixed! Thank you. Been a long time since cash out and only seeing up to 5 dollars now not 25. Uninstalled!!!
Awesome app. So much fun too play. Better than other earning dice apps and its legit esp since its related too Lucky Day app which has paid out for me many many times over the past few years so im excited too play Dice Kings and ill leave a better review once i redeem for a giftcard. Thanks for the awesome gaming expierence.
Interesting, was my first opinion. Now, more like ... Huh .... It's not the clearest on what u gotta hit w the dice to move forward in the game and I'm hitting all kinds of things but my level 3 location doesn't seem to get outta construction. So we'll see if i decide to delete it. Lowering to 2 * from 5 * unless it becomes sensible. 😉
it pays real give card but after I got pay twice the game woun't give me anymore puzzles and the board it siad 6 block but only 4 block.
Wasted 2.99 on a dumb game. 👎👎👎👎👎 Update: If you're a player, beware how the prizes are set up in the game. They put them in the most F*d up places making you BUY dice. Yeah, I'm not that stupid.
Soon as you have all your puzzle pieces plus have enough to cash out go ahead do it because once you get over $5 and puzzle pieces ends they won't let you cash out you'll never get the last puzzle piece needed to cash out shame on you dice kings for praying on people during these hard times really hope you enjoy the money you're basically stealing from people but hope you like the karma coming your way.
I love this game I even got money put on my Paypal it was only to $15 dollars but it's better than nothing. But overall I enjoy playing this game so I would recommend everybody to play.
Your game sick it doesn't let me play I push for the the game and all it does is nothing your game sucks and it fake has the money on there just going to delete it good bye and good luck to who really believe that you are going to win win what nothing because the game doesn't let me play
Alright but I wish it had any gift cards for my region. Also everytime I win coins, batteries or money I have to restart the app because it freezes everytime.
None of the options to double your earnings watching ads work 90% of the time, they just crash the game. You must close the app and re-open it but you do not get payed. It takes 120,000 coins to earn $5 in over 9 days I have just 64,456 coins it's a total joke. So fair warning do not download this if you value your time, and the new update is still broken, it doesn't fix tthe double points video ads crashing problem, what a complete and utter joke of an app.
The more you play the harder it gets to reach the jackpot ATM, the regular ATM attack is set up to lose money, and the new tournament makes it almost impossible to clear stages, why trust an app that makes us watch hundreds of sponsor advertisements, they make $400 profit and our reward is $5, we earn less and less the more we play, funny how there's no advertisement available when it time we get paid, what a joke, definitely not a SKILL GAME, the money you earn is next to impossible to receive!
This is the best dice game ive played! Ive played it for 2 days and already won the jackpot and only have one more item to collect. Ill keep on playing whether I can cash out or not. Its a really fun game!
This app is awesome but I wish there was xbox and playstation gift cards also how do I get a membership card
I enjoy playing with the game, but it's impossible to cash out gift cards. I've been playing for months and never get any card peices.
I have UPDATED my rating from 2 to 4 stars, even tho I never heard back about my $10 Amazon card I never could claim, because it gave me no claim code,no drop down box,then in "detail" it says it was for a $3 Amazon card, not true, it's no longer available in the "vending machine" and I used 150,000 tokens.. NEW UPDATE,THE GAME'S FROZEN, NOTHING ELSE TO SAY EXCEPT I'M OWED 2 $5.00 CARDS, Amazon and a Walmart that I won on the atm yesterday, please FIX YOUR GAME WITHOUT US LOSING OUR WINNINGS!
Even if I can't login to the app with my Fb or Google account, I am getting frequent notifications from Dice kings that "Your balance rolls are full", play now"... How is that possible? It never allowed me to login, so how the notifications are coming?
I love Lucky Day company games they do let you cash out with gift cards I look for this company specifically when I look for games to play. This dice game is fun I am glad I found it. Thank you Lucky Day for making games that do eventually deliver rewards and pay out.
This game is a damn scam it is never gone past the second day for a bonus you never get the puzzle pieces it's a bunch of lies and their scammers and their cheaters
Since the latest update it is extremely messed up it tells you you have 8 breakables when it shows only 7 in the alley. Then on the boardwalk it says you have 6 breakables when you only show 5 and breakables don't come up when the waves come inthe update sucks... I usually give five stars but not on this update.. I have to uninstall and reinstall the game to get the brake holes to come on the screen then get the other breakables to finish my round.. 😡😡😡...
Scam.... I've played over 2 weeks and went for jackpot over 10 times. Every single time, I received coins and dice no money. I have 4 of 6 puzzle pieces but I don't see the pieces anymore so can't spend coins either... only 2 maps and really bad customer service...
It fun helps make time go by ive not yet tried to collect any money buts that how most other games are but i like the game and will let u no pn money part and i do reccomend it cause it seems all good thank u.
Having a good time playing this game, you never know where to hit, it's a lot like bowling! Hope you have a much fun as I am! Good luck on making money, I have made a few bucks and working on more!
Really like the game but I had a hard time aiming the dice correctly. I still liked the game tho . I did uninstall the game because I was running out of space. Maybe later I can pick it up again.
It's nothing great. You have more stupid ads then rolls. I'm trying to win not pay to remove the dumb ads.
The game is not easy to play. I manage to open the gate and have a chance to take the bike. However, once I close the App and wait for free roll. The gate close again. I don't want to spend another day trying to open the gate again. Not able to pass the level one which means I cannot get the membership card to redeem. Waste of time.
Although gameplay is pretty good, Its impossible to get pass roller alley. I cant find the bike anywhere. If i cant complete roller alley, it wont gibe me the membership card. Will update to 5 stars if I can find the bike
Been playing for months, have 140 in atm can't withdraw, have 5 of 6 puzzle pieces to redeem tokens and for mo the can't get that last puzzle piece. It's seems scammy, has anyone been able to cashout or redeem? Because I haven't after months, I'm about to delete and report for waste of time.
Fake game 👎 Watched the required videos, made sure I signed in everyday & waited a whole month, nothing! Don't waste your time 👎
Fun game but where's the money. I think this is a fake game. I like dice games have fun. But I haven't seen any money from this game yet. To me this is a fake game. It is fun to play.
The game is not all that much fun more boring You roll dice to break things to uncover items to clear the board. I have not.received any payout as it was said in the advertisement. Also contains many ads as well.
Very bad it's not working always said Whoops looks you lost your internet connection. But I'm not loosing my connection. Do something please.
Scam! collected all things on both boards waited for "reward" got no reward none at all not a thing! possibly the worst scam game made, overall no imagination at all, very poorly made the dice dont go in direction you want everytime and rolling them is as fun as sticking sand in your eyes, anyone who had or has anything to do with making or maintaining of this and i mean everyone should be so very ashamed of themselfs, not a King of anything just dicey and dodgy time thieft, false advertising.
Very addictive game and I already got money unlike any other game I have played. This game is totally legit.
This game is absolutely fantastic I love it so far💖not other games that will be giving you rules and regulation, I will give it a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ after I make some dollars 🤣🤣🤣lol Just keep it up👌you guys are just the best💯💯💯
DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS GAME I have played this game for 2 weeks now and it is impossible to cash out because the cash out meter barley goes up after a raid and is just a waste of your time and money don't play this.
So far so good. Except the only downfall is when I finally got my pink lightning bolt bar to fill up so I could cash out, something happened and it went away. So now I can't take it and cash out
Another ripoff app...you need to get 100k coins for a $5 gift card, but once you do, miraculously that option is no longer available. Now you need to obtain puzzle pieces from ???, and who knows what it will switch to then? Don't bother with this BS!
This is a fun game! I have redeemed for a Starbucks gift card already! I love the graphics, I just wish there was some music in the background.
Played for 3 days and saw all these other people hitting the jackpot to cash out, but i was never able to roll the jackpot when my earnings were much higher than the ones winning.
Fun game needs more boards to play on still haven't found all the Pierson gift card done bet each level 6 times or more
I am not sure how to get puzzle pieces from completed worlds, and don't know if and when I get enough tokens if I'll be able to cash out for a gift card,I have a new issue, it's now telling me I have a $3 amazon card "sending" from 2019, I have been waiting for a $10 Amazon gift card for over 10 days, it's been changed and I uninstalled the app and now I hope this fixes the issue, I didn't even have this game in 2019! 😡
Ive been playong and everytime i get to the money coin it dont let me get it it frezzes and that is not right but i like the game so i hope you fix the problem and when is then next board gunna open
I am giving this game/app a one star. due to the fact that there is 1 add that is called solitary cash. it comes up and will not close out at any point. and you can not manually close it out so you have to restart the game. by close the app and open it up again to keep playing.
B4 i hit 350000 i was able to get puzzle pieces in a day and its ben 3 or weeks since i got one that is very messed up i think its the way u have it set up i will give a better rating when i get the 2 puzzle pieces i need not until
It very mixed emotions about this game one minute your doing good and then nothing. I hate that once you get a good hit on a bunch of crates or the first place on the crown tournament and it freezes and goes to an ad and you win nothing. Then you have to wait to hit an ATM to even cash out but first you have to do a puzzle to even cash out. I can't deal with this game. But on the other hand if you just want to sit there and roll dice then it okay but not winning anything is not fun. Sorry 0 🌟.
The game is ok. The odds of ever cashing out are starting to look depressing. If I wanted to play for fun I wouldn't have chose this game sorry. Eh.
Great application, glade its working again. Will see if it payout. Fallow my influencer pages. @DIOAF
I love the game when I can play it.. mine has been frozen for about 2 weeks.. I miss the game for I play lucky day and lucky night and enjoy winning.. but I have installed and reinstalled several times at no avail.. please help.. It says no connection and to retry...
Game is pathetic. Spent two hours trying to get protection from raids and got absolutely nothing. Then all of your possible win cash is stolen because they don't want to give people money. Rewards are non-existent ($5 is pointless when you have more than 10 times the points and cant use them for anything). You basically got nothing for watching 1000's of ads.
Difficult to understand and play this game a little flying guy is in the way of the play doesn't worthy
It's a fun entertaining game, and the payout is legit. I just received my payment through my PayPal! Makes me even more excited to play!
Takes a long time to accumulate enough tokens to cash out.. you need at least 100,000 token and you accumulate that based on dice rolls. Besides, if it's anything like lucky day or lucky night, the rewards won't be available, or shall I post: "Out of stock."
It started of fine but since i got 800 rolls from completing an offer it wont open at all it keeps saying error please try again i even unistalled and reinstalled it now im just gonna uninstall permanently
It is a good game I'm getting the hang of it I'm enjoying it don't understand much about it but I'm getting it it's pretty easy game but for me but you play it you'll enjoy it
waste of time no real reward complete one part go to another part must find puzzel piece must have reward card to use to get any kind of reward and tokens just unreal waste of time just like alot of so call game apps that promise big pay outs but don't
It's fun waiting to see if I win any money. I play other game to try to win and I get to 95.00 or 98.00 dollars and don't see any more. It's been 4 months with the other games and like I said zero dollars after that total I mentioned. Hope this game isn't that way.
Not the best but will up rate stars if I cash out or for gift card I'll wait and see 🙈 update still haven't been able to find any more of the membership card
With Lucky Day's applications, not one time have purchases been available, excluding the Fyber offerwall. This can be REAL gambling. Your goal is to have players play the lottery for free, but apparently you have changed your mind. It is not cool and if this will be the case for Lucky Day & Lucky Night, I might be deleting my accounts. Revert these purchases ASAP.
It funny enjoyed game but I have not get money cash win nothing. I am still hold money gme won't come out cash till approve data 😒
Great game..I downloaded this game to get coins for another and it has sucked me in and became my fave to play.Love the cute Hyperactive Buns. The sounds are great.And I really enjoy playing.
The game is fun but however when I got up to 25,000 coins I was trying to see what the gift cards were and it won't let me click on the coin button. Its frozen. I was also wondering if you can actually win cash from the atm cash machine? I'm up to $27 dollars and all its doing is giving me coins when I fill up the pink lightining bolt on the jackpot spin?
This game is so addictive! It's a lot of fun and it's so easy to get more rolls when you've run out! Some complain that the game cheats them out of their gift cards, but I have had no issues that weren't resolved fast. I just redeemed a $25 Amazon gift card and it came in right on time! It did take a while to get the last puzzle piece I needed for the membership card, but I never doubted that I would find it! This is a super fun app and I urge everyone to give it a try!
It's a good game and I hit the lay out pretty quick for now I'll give it five stars IF it don't pay out for real I'll change that five to a one star so fingers crossed
The game is fun and addicting, but I haven't been able to get the puzzle pieces for the membership card. It's starting to make me mad, I've completed the first world and that's it. I just want to be able to get some gift card money.
I been playing for 2 week and its fun. idk about the gift cards yet. But im just having a good time playing tbis game.
Very fun game! If your playing to win money, this isn't the game for you I've been playing for a while and have banked over $700 but have yet to be able to cash out but if your playing for fun you'll definitely enjoy this game!
None of the options to double your earnings watching adswork 90% of the time, they just crash the game you must close the app and re-open it but you do not get payed, ii takes 120,000 coins to earn $5 in 5 days I have just 31,900 it's a total joke and fair warning do not download this if you value your time. And the new update double points ads are still broken what a complete joke of an app.
This is a really fun game, I just hope it pays out, not like the rest of these games that are a waste of your time!
Very very nice app. User friendly app. Graphics and playing wonderful. I am daily using in this app. Best app. Thank you.
DISSAPOINTED: Game rarely rewards constant ads, and rewards available arent anything special, " $1dollar gift card" seriously its 2021 come on... i cant even play the game now cause app contantly says somethings wrong reset game , reloaded and still the same problem like seriously on 2nd day playing this app.
So far so good, but, I can only redeem £1 gift card, as I'm trying to claim it, it says redeem your membership card.
I hate the new game no more puzzle pieces no more pay out and all of lucky entertainment is doing it now we myself and my girlfriend play daily we used to win but now none of their games seem to be paying off.. that really sucks because we enjoy the games so much and have indeed won more than most... It is truly unfortunate that you guys stopped paying out until the changes you get 1 star ⭐....would be zero at this point but of course there is no 0 rating....sorry but true..
The same thing happened to me got to the bike didn't let me I had to re-open the gate to open but no luck it really sucks don't play.
When I first started it was cool and I give four Star but now they have been cheating me of my dollars,when I rolls and get $1 they put it in cent this is ridiculous, I haven't gain anything since I start playing this game,I have (116933)of coins but everytime I try to exchange to amazon gift card they keep telling me (find a membership card to redeem rewards) You know I was thinking you guys are different from other kings👑 game,but no you guys are just same and am so disappointed😞 am done
It is a nice game. Keep it up. Update* amazon cards are back.. Thank you!*update* puzzle pieces are way harder to get. I have over 500 000 points and stuck at 4 pieces a very long time. Seem like you're unable to redeem more than once a month now smh. *update again* i've lost interest in the game. I'm not getting the puzzle pieces and i have points just sitting there for the longest while, so it feels pointless now. Its just watching ads and throwing dice.
Love dice games, getting the hang of this one, hope it stays like this, definitely original and better than most.
It's a good game and I hit the lay out pretty quick for now I'll give it five stars IF it don't pay out for real I'll change that five to a one star so fingers crossed. .. AAAANNNNNDDDDDDDD ITS GOOD HELLS TO THE YEAH!!! <3 ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS APP IT ACTUALLY PAYS OUT . WWWHHAATT!!! yeah it does the only bad part of this entire game is that you HAVE to hit jackpot on order for it to pay out.. and it tookilw a week to pay out but still it paid out and that's freaking amazing.. love it
Alright game,haven't won any prizes or cashed out $ yet tho still waiting. But it's entertaining,time passing fun game in all.
Only has two stages so far, it feels impossible to earn enough energy to actually cash out. I will keep trying and see what actually happens but so far it's too challenging and not rewarding enough!
I'm updating my rating. The problem with this game is that although you get plenty of tokens, unless you can find the puzzle pieces you can't claim any rewards. And finding them is unfortunately some sort of RNG with unknown odds. Who knows how long you might have to play for before you can actually withdraw. Maybe years. If they remove this feature or give you a more reliable way to be able to claim rewards I'll change my rating back up.
I just started this game last night hand fun with it but Ain't paid out yet and I'll see it pain out yet so we'll see where goes I'll give a little while longer but it is fun
WAS a 5* but is now only 2*. Games fun but it is now not allowing me to charge my atm battery, or drop "membership" pieces so I may cash out anything. Jackpot sitting at $272.47... would be nice to have a CHANCE at it. Please fix this.
I am not sure how to get puzzle pieces from completed worlds, and don't know if and when I get enough tokens if I'll be able to cash out for a gift card if I don't have all the puzzle pieces collected, can anyone help me understand this game better? I need to read the directions on this game, because,so far I am very much enjoying it, and it's from a very legitimate company whose other games I play and have won gift cards several times,so if I can find the pieces, it'd be a great help
I got one redemption card in puzzle but there is no prizes in the rewards page. I am from India region always shows as empty in the rewards page. And rewards redemption is also expired in 13 days. Please avail the rewards to all regions.
Wow...its the most exciting dice game I've played online!! They could be a little more generous with the rolls, I understand why though! Anyway have fun winning money!
Love it, Love it, Love it! Super simple yet challenging. My only complaint is that the phone vibrates when rolling the dice. Would love an option to turn it off. Best part of all... Playing for REAL CASH! It doesn't get any better than that!
I like the gameplay it's fun but to earn roles it's only one roll per ad which is way too little need to fix that And the pay out for coins are not that high as well that should be fixed also if fix I will upgrade my rating
The game.is just ok. It's fun, but unrealistic. I have completed the only 2 boards 4x, and I still have yet to find a puzzle piece to"cashout" on a giftcard. The whole game.is very misleading, making it seem easy to cashout, when in reality I don't even know that you can. ****4/26/21**** I have since cashed out for 2 giftcards. So 10$ total between 2 Amazon cards. Takes a long time, but it does pay.
How do I redeem money? I have $14 in the ATM, is that any redeemable value? I put 4 rather than 2 stars for being stuck, because I am using Lucky Day and I'm satisfied with that app.
I did enjoy the game until I found out you can't even cash out. What a waste of my time just like all the other lucky day games impossible to actually make any money when u can actually cash out I'll change my rating
So now the bike is gone and I can't get past the first stage so that's why it's four stars but I know it's got amazing graphics and fun game if I could just get the bike back because it's a picture of it went black so it's not even there maybe somebody knows what to do and can help me out.
Getting first place is doesn't mean you win anything! Don't waste money on extra rolls in order to be first.
Injoy playing .. But rewards membership card first 8 day playing roll 2 hour and last 2 day Roll 6 hour .why
Lost 4-5 ATM energy's because of errors within the app, restarting etc. Also just lost a puzzle piece I earned bc the app restarted right after I won... Please fix. Really bad mistakes.
Lots of fun. Just seems like "cashing out" is a unrealistic fantasy lol it's still enjoyable but discouraging at the same time .... 😞
Apps no good they don't email you back anymore and been playing for weeks and there not giving you the membership pieces to cash out I'll stopped playing now but there probably respond to this saying good luck on finding the pieces I will need a lot of luck as don't play anymore lol same thou as I liked the game
That is the dumbest thing I ever hear in my life! Just like u rich app makers always finding a way to screw the nobody and helping out your friends, family, country men, etc. I'm done with b.s. game apps all they are is a waste of valuable time! I'm uninstalling and I'm letting everyone know what you are all about. You are really some no good sorry punks. Congradulations!!!!!!!!!!!!! I won the 500 dollar tournement and these low lifes took it away from me and gave it to one of their buddys!
Fake game, tells you that you have won and then it does not prompt for paypal information like the game mentions. Needs to be reported. Game collects revenue for advertisements. Game runs advertisements to the point it interrupts play. Watch more advertisements then playing and does not pay out like it says it does.
I like the dice how you throw them an brakes other boxes an u get power up and collect different dice great graficts great 🎯🎮
This game is so addictive! It's a lot of fun and it's so easy to get more rolls when you've run out! Some complain that the game cheats them out of their gift cards, but I have had no issues that weren't resolved fast. I just redeemed a $25 Amazon gift card yesterday and it says I'll be getting it within seven business days. Since this is a Lucky Day app, I have no doubt that they will hold up to that! This is a super fun app and I urge everyone to give it a try!
This game is so addictive! It's a lot of fun and it's so easy to get more rolls when you've run out! Some complain that the game cheats them out of their gift cards, but I have had no issues that weren't resolved fast. This is a super fun app and I urge everyone to give it a try!
0 gift cards available. You claim to restock often but yet in your other game it never gets restocked and even more in this game. I'd love to give a higher rating but I was straight up lied to, look at your comment then look at your game and the rewards page, 0 available since I decided to check this app out. Still 0 gift cards.
Really enjoying the game, haven't tried cashing in since I just started playing but really looking forward to the fun of reaching the point to cash in.
This game is a total waste of time. The advertisement that you make money quickly is a total lie..I played for 2 days and made $12.69. I think its a total fraud and would highly NOT RECOMMEND IT TO ANYONE. DELETING IMMEDIATELY. ITS S WASTE OF SPACE!!!
Would be fun if it wasn't so slow on my android almost doesn't play. And it kicks me off. Wish you would fix it.
This is a well worth installing fun addictive game I really enjoy it and wish everyone playing it dose too down load it today and enjoy like I did and still am whoop whoop
So far having a blast sometimes there's a glitch where it freezes butso far money adding up might change rating if it don't pay out but we should find out soon
One fine way of passing time making money.... lot of fun for the ones that play. So come on and down load this game...
Awesome but there's a catch.....I earned enuf to cash out a $5 Amazon card, went to do that, and the game says I must find a membership card to be able to withdraw what I've earned after playing for three dam weeks !! What a croc. I know business law and this is bai and switch and false advertising because nowhere does it say anything about needing a membership or even how to get one or what a membership card even freaking is. Guess I'll just get my lawyers to get this banned from google play.
Completely blown away from this app so challenging and competitive in the most positive way, educational and helps develop focus,steadiness, patience and strategic ideas. I highly recommend and encourage anyone who is looking to do better in the areas mentioned as well anyone who is interested in having fun to download this app "game on"! I really appreciate the creators for making such an awesome game/app "thanks again "!!!
Awesome dice rolling game but chances to earn money are few and far between each other... money amounts you can win are nice due to this but would like more atm energy to drop than one or two a day... up the percentage of energy or reduce amount it takes and would be a 5 star game...
Game very slow,dice roll SLOW, no instructions,Very hard to understand how to play the game at first, also why is it cost so much to get a gift card? You have to play two months to get onea
There are a few unexplained rules in this game so without knowing them, you kinda miss out on advantages. Also, when you play in a tournament & you win...the game will have you thinking you qon. But in actuality, the creators choose who wins. I would like to be able to win a jackpot so that I can get some of the cash that I earned , but I'm assuming that is chosen random as well. Other than that...this game is Fun, Addicting & a definite overall cool way to play dice.
I play all the lucky day apps, this one is also totally addictive. Thanks for making another awesome game!
Funny I played for 2 hours and made 26.00 but can't cash it out wth and I noticed the people who say they have money but can't get on here the customer service hasn't responded to them at all not even 1 so why are people not getting answers this is just wrong
It is a nice game. Keep it up. It got way better. You can win cash now. Very nice. *update* the atm game doesnt work and you have to come out after each throw because it sticks on that screen. Fix it please. *update* its fixed! Thank you. Been a long time since cash out and only seeing up to 5 dollars now not 25.
Just started this game ,so far I like it ,but what bother me is everytime I go into the app, why do I have to log in .. all the time , ..
Ok seriously there is only 2 levels and then it's under construction. So now I just wait until the developers decide to create more levels so I can continue to play🤔 Why even launch this game if it's not even complete for people to actually play more then 2 levels? This is extremely disappointing. Guess I'll never be able to actually win the money I have accumulated. Get it together people seriously😠
There are just way to many ads to play effectively but do able just watch and meditate AA Michael Amen Leo
Love Dice Kings! I actually earned a $25 Amazon gift card, however now I have completed another Membership Rewards Card and the $25 gift cards are no longer available. I'm not sure I'll continue to play a month for $5 gift card.
Thanks for the cheer section guys. I am find 1 issue with thw game. I had 80 rolls and it took me to a double add to my dice and took almost all my rolls away. And it is using more rolls per roll than it should. And i do a ?. Is this a real money making app. And how do i know how much i have. Thanks agains gus.
I have absolutely no idea how to get reward card pieces, please explain in details (step by step). I am on 'level 2', been playing daily and completed the '6 double dice' many times. For the last 3 weeks (at least), i do get even one reward piece. Although i have enough coins for an exchange, no reward card means no exchange. Quite discouraging, otherwise it is a good game. But please explain how to get the pieces. Many thanks.
Really different but fun new experience from Lucky Day. I just wish the drag and hold indicator appeared faster. Didn't realize there was one until I held it down for longer. I hope there will be events to play for!
I wouldn't say it sucks but just make sure you enter your email address EXACTLY the way you see it on your account. I lost a $10 Amazon e-gift card because I put a capital letter in front 🤦🏾‍♂️
This game is so addictive! It's a lot of fun and it's so easy to get more rolls when you've run out! I have high hopes for this app since it is made by Lucky Day Entertainment Inc, and I can't wait to reach the minimum to cash out! Thanks for another fun app!
I've tried to get more rolls through survey and other games but cant seem to ever get any. Getting dice is to hard which makes it worse to move on. I would play if i had a way to.
I have reached over $1,000 multiple time everytime I do someone come and takes away $300-$500 wich you are never able to get back. Also the puzzle pieces are very hard to achieve to cash out rewards I had all but one pic for weeks now. I have also paid in to game to test theory of better wins. Base on my experience it appears that you will only do well if you pay into game. However I do give the game a one star because it is fun to play if you can get passed there are olny two levels.
3 stars for now coz i am newbee here i dont how my game is going or how to win here.how many do i have to collect to win .How is the atm working? What is the jackpot here. I will be back here if i win but so far i am injoying the DICE KING.. Good Luck to me!
Really like this game. The dev's DO pay but seems like this one takes alot longer timewise to acheive a reward. Good graphics, good idea!!!
The best game ever Real Customer Service off the chain Great job team keep up the amazing work Super excited to get my first reward Will keep you posted
Downloaded the game, played for about an hour. Came back later, played some more. Today I keep being told retry, something went wrong. Closed the game, reloaded it and I'm getting the same message. I am going to uninstall it. Find another game to play.
Love the game but I have been playing for 4 days to get my reward card and can't get the last puzzle peice. I have spent a lot of money getting dice and it sucks I can't get the last one.. I UAVE EMAILED U THE LAST 3 DA6S 8N ARIW ASK8NG FOR HELP.. PKEASE HELP ME
.SCAM.....Had over $153. In cash yesterday , today only $132.. Not giving out jigsaw pieces anymore,,game has went downhill.and now today down to $103..
Poor, don't play I had one payout but now it's not worth playing, it a pyramid scam nothing else, I was loyal and u let me down, don't bother with the pre written reply it's getting boring now
Dice Kings used to be better. First they add In-App Purchases, which was unheard of for Lucky Day. Second, no sound effects or music. Third, there are more ads than there used to be. Finally, you used to get more tokens than now. Get verydice. It is a whole lot more fun than Dice Kings (which is quite surprising). I deleted my account and Dice Kings itself.
No way to cash out points says you need to have a membership card but you have to get peices off of other boards they don't even have yet waste of time
I love playing Dice Kings but the one thing I don't really like is I feel they really don't give you enough rolls fast enough to continue enjoying the game. It takes too long to get more free rolls unless you want to watch a video and get one free roll at a time which I feel is ridiculous. Otherwise I just love playing the game and if they gave me free rolls at a quicker pace I would change my rating to 5 stars
I will only give this game a two star becauseThe game sometimes has a lot of glitches sometimes it'll play good and sometimes it does not play at all you will roll the dice then it says error try again then it takes a long time for the game to start over
Idk what it is about this game but... I am HOOKED! Please, please open up the construction zone, I've been playing the Alley and Boardwalk alot, can't wait for the future levels?.... Keep up the great games, you are truly doing things correctly 👏! Too bad other game companies don't do the same.
I tryed it out obviously the makers are scam artists . The game was okay but as soon as I spent $5 I can't play no more I won't even open.
Started playing this game yesterday again. Today the game opened, used my bonus rolls, won $2.21 and lost it because the game froze, and now the game wont even open....... Someone needs to fix this issue.
Love the game but I have been playing for 4 days to get my reward card and can't get the last puzzle peice. I have spent a lot of money getting dice and it sucks I can't get the last one
Addicting! (Editing this 6/21)- I havent won anything yet. Been playing daily. I was 1st for like a week straight with the tournement and am almost at $1000 and havent hit jackpot yet to be able to cash out. Even need 1 puzzle piece. I feel it's a scam to let you think you winning but i cnt say that cise my friend won $347 from you guys few weeks ago. I wish it was easy.
Update. As with all Lucky Day games anymore this is a scam. You reach the gift card level then you need puzzle pieces. Advertisers don't waste your money on Lucky Day products. They are losing players left and right. Not looking for a huge payout just gift cards you earn. Same with their other games. Gift cards always out of stock. Update 10/21. Deleteing this useless app.
This game was fun and I was able to redeem for a Starbucks gift card. Now I haven't been able to get any more membership puzzle pieces for a very long time (which I need in order to redeem for a gift card) not too mention I need four more of them. I have plenty of tokens to redeem for a gift card, but I can't. Also the cash/atm machine isn't working at all and isn't worth it. Finally, I am also disappointed that my favorite Starbucks Gift Cards are not even an option anymore. I am disappointed.
How many rolls do you get when you fill up the atm because I think it"s hung up already about a 100 spins so far. Cannot get the Atm part to stop. Have turned off device twice and it still got back to the atm. Do I just need to uninstall the game?
I enjoy this game but still don't see anything under rewards gift cards. I've got the reward membership and it only just says I have access for 1 redemption which I don't understand as nothing happens and the vending machine is empty. If the rewards are not available because of where am based, you have to make it clear. I enjoy playing the dice so I will give more stars once I understand what's happening with the rewards
The one of the most annoying and repetive adds is the skills add plus I'm only winning app currency unlike the add said false advertising 1million% I'm headed to the casino once I'm done I'm recommending everyone in my house and friends to not install or get rid of this scam because it's a waste of phone memory and space plus time
I just love to be confident about all my games apps? That paid me. Just for installing and taking the time out to play with my games and so calls FRIENDS!! OK BACK TO THE 💰 !!!!! YAY!!
Complete trash app. I finished two 5000 coin jackpots and it never paid out. Plus I doubt they solved the problem of american amazon gift cards in Canada. I wouldn't know because puzzle pieces are impossible to come by now. I've just uninstalled it. Complete waste of time. Maybe I'll come back next month. Hopefully by then you'll get your act together. I'm pretty sure their response to this message will be "keep playing keep playing keep playing keep playing keep playing keep playing"
If anything like luckyday shouldnhe good an its awesome so far 👌 /update im all the way to $2152. 56 in my atm an won the jackpot!!but of Course Frooze which I have proof of really hate these apps that promise to pay an just suck u into there add revenue scheme games which they should be Sued over all these false statements an advertising an sorry to say Google needs to get off there asses an actually screen games before releasing them to there customers etc ...🤬😠😡🤬
I love playing this game but one little problem with it once you clear a bored it won't open up the gift please fix this thank you for a wonderful game.
No way to win, false advertising. Earn "cash" that disappears, tournament prizes are advertise as 1 thing and turn out to be nothing. Falsey claims you have won gift cards asks for email address and they are ever sent. Says new games are available and there is knly one "game". Do not waste your time
It is a nice game. Keep it up. It got way better. You can win cash now. Very nice. *update* the atm game doesnt work and you have to come out after each throw because it sticks on that screen. Fix it please. *update* its fixed! Thank you.
Fun to play. Frustrated that it is so difficult to actually cash out. I enjoy playing, but would enjoy it more if I could cash out more often.
Its fun. And i hope it does pay out. Its hard to cash out and should have a Pay out button. And updated to Cash app pay outs to would help out and get alot of new people to play the game
Was kinda forced into downloading this game from my usual my usual game of lucky day. I thought was an add on. Will try it out for a bit if not beneficial will cancel
Really not much information on how to get the cash takeout or gift cards. I thought once the energy was full I could cash out my $ amount? Seems like a scam
This is a Super Fun game for the whole family to play. I am having some trouble, though, because I can't stop playing this crazy, exciting game. I am in 1st place!
Am anxiously waiting to win $$$ from this game. I love playing games on my phone. But to learn that I can actually make some cash just for playing? Who doesn't like that