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DigDeep Recovery Deleted Photo

DigDeep Recovery Deleted Photo for PC and MAC

Is a Tools game developed by HumpbackWhale. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.
You're feeling a headache?
Now whenever you accidentally erase important pictures, pictures or video clips through the sdcard or internal memory, do, you merely need to download this application making it scan all the inner and memory this is certainly exterior of phone to locate what you want to recoup. Never bother about dropping data again!

No need root , irrespective of you accidentally removed photographs or reformatted the SD card, this application may use deep media algorithm this is certainly digdeep powerful information data recovery function to get and recuperate lost photos, movies as well as other files.

How it works
It's very simple, after downloading this application very first, simply start the application. The file category web page is shown. Please find the file kind you'll want to then recover and enter this site. The loading development will likely be exhibited, please wait patiently until it scans the erased photos in most folders and data after entering this page. It might take a little while, depending on your memory dimensions. Following the search is complete, it shall arrange your pictures one after the other to be able of time. Kindly find the images you need to recuperate and then click the "Recover" option to bring back them. After recovery, it will inform you by which folder the image this is certainly recovered found.

We also provide one-to-one solution from information professionals to present even more solutions which are advanced your file data recovery dilemmas.

* Immediately retrieve files unintentionally deleted.
* You should not root your unit.
* Scan external and internal memory (sdcard).
* Restore all picture kinds: jpg, jpeg, png, bmp, gif, webp, tif, fiff.
* Restore all movie types: mp4, 3gp, avi, mov.
* One-to-one data expert service, supplying the quality handling practices that are best.
* Aids 30 languages ​​and may do news development without connecting towards the Internet.

This application will scan some pictures out, movies as well as other files which have maybe not been erased since they are in concealed folders. Just be diligent to find what you need into the scan results.
This application utilizes a algorithm that is deep and data which have been erased before setting up this application can be restored. Along with some popular features of the recycle bin, it is possible to utilize it as a recycle bin.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the DigDeep Recovery Deleted Photo.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download DigDeep Recovery Deleted Photo for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
I Hope You Can Find A Photo of Grandma Sitting In A whell Chair My Poetry and prayers Dated From 2018 my Son made me to Grandma Photos.. These were Taking may On Another Phone Honor 6x I dont Have The Phone No More Lost It I hope You Can Help Thanks Be Safe Wear Your Mask.God Bless For A Mircale.Nila 03 05 2021 please find if look Cloudey Maybe You Can Scan Them
DONT DOWNLOAD THIS APP. All videos to recover are premium so you gotta pay to recover anything. But even then if u ant to recover a photo which is not market as premium you can't. EVEN IF ITS FREE.
DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP! It should not be available on Google Play! My recovered images were ruined! There is NOT 1-to-1 help only an email which I sent to only to receive their response of "Honey I love you. Please give me three stars". The website is Not even there. All my pictures & videos were converted from original format to REMOVE format... My videos were all compressed into one then deleted... Even ones currently on my device before this APP! My wedding video & photos included!!!
It's bad πŸ˜ πŸ‘ŽπŸΌ Why would it ask me to pay for recovering? When you want to recover your photos and videos, it says it's only $7.99 to recover videos. What kind of price is that? Is there any chance to make it cheap? I have spend so much on the app and now I have no chance of refund. Whoever is responsible for this app, May I please get a refund from this? I want it back immediately..
Couldnt even get into the app without registering for a "3 day free trial" after which the charge was $59.99.
My phone was restored by mistake.. then i try many recovery apps.. but failed to recover my data.. Best app to restore all photos and videos I liked it
I am 28 years old, and I discovered a big secret! A paternity test file was recovered from my mother's phone! Now this father is not my biological father!
my grandmother passed away unexpectedly, but she did not leave any photos, and finally used this application to restore the photos she had taken on the old phone, making up for the regrets of my life!
It holds your recovered photos hostage and makes you pay otherwise it'll delete them permanently so you won't be able to use any other software.
Easily and quickly undelete and deleted photos from your device’s storage, and restore the photos right back to your phone.
Amazing application. This is very useful and effective. I tried many apps, but this is the only one that works with my Samsung G950. thank you very much!
I like it very much!Amazing photo recovery application I have never used this type of amazing application before i recommend this app to all.
You go guys!!!I love this app, since I discovered it- unfortunately AFTER having lost some important info. Since, haven't lost another file thru mistaken deletion again!! I would recommend it. . .
t's already saved me a few times! Just deleted a video few minutes ago by mistake and tried 5 different apps. The only one that worked was this one.
I dont understand, i want to recover video that i accidentally deleted, but what this app had done was just opening or showing all videos i have in my Gallery
Absolute waste of time, shows a bunch of spammy website links then crashes any time you try to do anything. Don't bother with it.
What a waste of time. Found what i wanted but the app wants me to pay $60 before i can restore the photo LOL no thanks. It also plays ads even tho you cant use the app without paying
Doesn't do anything. Just shows a lots of adds, and any function you tap on gives you a pop-up window in Chinese, with the only possibility being "OK". Furthermore, I think we've all learned by now that a trial that requires your credit card isn't free
I got all my deleted photos restored ,i had tried several other apps but nothing was working but after i tried this app i was amazed and within 30 mins about 500 deleted photos were recovered. I recommend this app
It was awesome,I never thought I could retrieve the deleted photo, and when it was restored to the album, I was surprised. I can introduce it to my family!
I really appreciate this app it restored me the important photo i would recommend this for the people who lost their photo unknowingly
accidentally subscribed and got dinged for almost $60 with no ability for a refund. Didn't even use the app and when I tried after I was unable to get a refund it was a total piece of garbage rattled with ads even though I was considered "premium". Wack.
SCAM AND REPORTED! flood you with ads and redirects and will not recover your files, only a blurry thumbnail.
Downloaded this app hoping to recover some old messages. Charged Β£50 for a free trial.Quickly unsubscribed and asked for a refund. Still waiting for it. No chance of contacting them. 100% scam I guess. Please don't use this app, waiter of time and money!
Horrible app from the door as soon as you see all the deleted stuff that you have they hold it over your head because you're not able to recover it but you're able to see what you need to get it's right there at your fingertips but they don't let you recover it they ask for money first it's not a free app
"Free trial" requires credit card, and you can do NOTHING without signing up. There is nothing "free" about this app.
Excellent.... I used some other apps to recover my video but not succeed.. but this app is superb.. easy to use.. get back my video.. in just few minutes..
I found nothing I wanted to restore. I accepted free trial. Unsubscribed and was charged $64.19 and got email that said no refund would be made.
greeting , one of my family made subscription in the app yesterday in free trial however the money of subscription was taken so since i cancelled the subscription could i get my money back and i have tried to the written email but it wrote me failure to find that email! and thanks in advance a and i cant reach you via email could u send me your contact email
God, I want to use my husband ’s cell phone to restore last year ’s wedding video. The app also restored some photos that my husband intentionally deleted.It turns out that my husband's ex-girlfriend is my friend! !
Eu usei este aplicativo para verificar os registros de chamadas no telefone da minha namorada, ela secretamente liga para meus amigos todos os dias, o que Γ© um pouco incomum!
I had complained a couple of days ago that all we're crashing. After complaint everything works! Way to go!
Doesn't work. I took 106 photos on a new SD card. Deleted 4 and they show up on the computer but will cost me Β£100 to recover so I know they are there. Tried this app which is Β£50 per year to subscribe, it didn't find a single one of the 4 deleted photos. Poor app, glorified gallery with ads at best...
This is bad in every way possible. You can't use the app unless you get the free trial. Can't get the full experience under the free trial. There are ads plus you can't recover certain photos without paying $60. I accidentally got the full version thinking it was the free trial. Tried to get a refund but Google wouldn't give it to me. So I tried emailing the developer but got a response that it wasn't a valid address. So I guess I have to do this on here since the developer is responding here.
Does nothing. Shows me my pictures from my gallery. No way to see if file is actually deleted. Waste of time. Intrusive ads. Scam app.
Don't download this! Claims to give a 3 day trial subscription but charges you anyways. I didn't like the app because all it did was show me photos I already had in my gallery. I deleted it within 10 minutes of use. I was still charged $59.99😑. Developers use a fake email that you can't respond to. I'm currently filing a claim with Google and my bank.
β™₯β™₯I have given it 5 stars because this app is very helpful for any person. it is the great app. Thank you!
Wants access to money for trial saying insufficient funds. Probably a Good thing there insufficient have a feeling it would have taken my money right away
Horrible. Stole my money! Don't even download this app there is only 3 day wait time for it to charge to account for the subscription. If you happen to be a busy person like myself and forget, google most certainly won't help you with a refund and the app developer is uncontactable for a refund. Deleted the app same day I bought it and was charged $64 2 days later.
Absolutely amazing, found out about this app via Google search and went with it. You don't have to pay either. Just restore the photo to Google drive. It's there. Magical y'all.
Awful, free trial gave it a try did not retrieve any accidentally deleted photos. Cancelled app the same day, but was charged $63.74 for a free trial.
Scam doesn't work and they charge an additional $6 on top of paying $60 yearly lol deleted, refunded avoid it.
I love it, this app is really great, helpful and easy to use, I managed to restore valuable photos which I deleted them by mistake before, I highly recommend installing this app
My card was charged $60 for this app BEFORE I recieved an email stating that the subscription was going to take place. I don't even have the app on my device anymore, nor did I ever agree to a subscription. I would like the money that was taken without my permission credited back to me immediately!
Helped restore an important deleted file...I am not sure about safety of the app but it gets the work done
Misleading app name. It should have been named DigShallow or DontDigAtAll Recovery because it does anything but dig deep when it comes to locating and recovering your lost data after a hard reset.
Calling it bad is a compliment. The app doesn't pull up any deleted items only things that are currently on your phone but in a random order. They want to charge Β£50 a year sub and an extra Β£5 sub to restore the not deleted items it finds, complete waste of time. Even if you do pay the Β£50 sub fee, they still force an advert to pop up with almost every click.
This app wants to charge nearly $60 a month to recover your data. Don't bother with this price gouging app.
Horrible experience. It showed me all of the current photos I have, annual payment in order to get into the app and you have to pay to get videos back.
Its very good app to restore the deleted photos. So I recommend all to use it as better photo recovery app.
App reported. $60 in app fee to use the app, not disclosed until after download. Also didn't actually display any deleted items so surely not worth anyone's time or money
Crazy bad..its ads everywhere.never try the apps whenever its trial nor due to the ads.never install this
This is good program I'm leak through it. I can recovery any thing I look it was deleted to me and it recovered very quickly!
It can erase files it found if you decide to end free trial and not pay full price. Also limits types of files you can locate during trial that it may delete once you cancel PER THEIR admition on the program itself after download.
Completely crammed with ads and extremely deceptive practices. How the Play Store continues to allow such apps to exist is a mystery.
It is an excellent application worthy of 5 stars!Its very good app to restore the deleted photos. So I recommend all to use it as better photo recovery app.
This is paid app with posing as free. I spent around an hour selecting pics I wanted to restore. Then when I click on restore, it asks me to pay. πŸ˜ƒ
this is an excellent app but restrictive to those who do not know how to pay being outside your country. I saw some very precious photos scanned out! I hope I can pay to restore ..
It's somehow weird when you don't know how truly the person you're going into marriage is trustworthy. I reached out to [email protected]. Com and I got unlimited access to monitor my spouse cell phone without physical contact. the spy master provided this service and saved me from marrying the wrong man as I found out he has been cheating on me for so long that i couldn't counts when i dig deep into his phone, try him now for anything and you'll be glad you did
I am a construction engineer! My daughter accidentally deleted some photos of the construction process I took on the spot! Fortunately, through this excellent application, I restored these photos, which is very helpful for my work!
Wow. Just wow. As soon as I open the app it immediately floods me with products that I supposedly must buy if I want to recover my files? Not only that but older pictures/videos that were deleted need a subscription to recover. The only ones it would let me recover were the ones I still had in my gallery. Not only is it making you pay but the app is unusable without paying a ridiculous amount of money. Waste of time. Just another one of those developers trying to get easy money πŸ’°
The greed of the developers of this app is surreal. Not only do you have a yearly fee, you have to pay for the retrieval of individual files.
Finally found it!I been looking for an app that can restore my deleted pictures from the past and it came true.This app is amazing in case your looking to find your old pictures from the past that you deleted, plus it's free. And that's why I rated it a five star. ????????
Wont let you do anything unless you buy their free trial which costs an unreal amount of money.only lets you look at what is on your phone.complete waste of time
Oh for video just money money money πŸ’° πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜€πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜¦πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜–
Great!The quality of the restoration is very good!This is nice app for recover the photos videos etc!!
Is such a wonderful and fantastic application because this application helps us to restore deleted pictures and videos data easily. I like this application very much.
good app! but a biggest remark is ,for restoring and deleting photos,video in this app we need to pay or watch ad .I cat watch every time a ad for recovering many important photos ,and also deleting in it .
Nice, I scanned some interesting videos from the old SD card and restored them, some videos were even taken 4 years ago!
Horrible ads ads ads and it didnt recover anything but file from video games junk and stuff in other apps
Absolutely useless app. Despite the fact I've unsubscribed I was still charged Β£50. There is no way of getting in touch with anyone. Total scam. Avoid.
This app doesn't actually do what it's supposed to. No lost files were recovered and I emailed them immediately to cancel the subscription. I was then still charged $63.80 for a useless app I thought I was done with. I reached out to them again, and haven't gotten a response. I want a refund from this SCAM of an "app".
A straight 5 star app.very amazed and satisfied with this App.Had tried a lot of Apps without success.With this one I managed to restore most of my deleted videos and photos within a few minutes.Excellent App keep it up...Its user friendly too.Thanks so much to the developers.
Should be a zero app wants you to pay Β£49.99 before allowing a 3 day trial and the app doesn't work ! Dont waist your time !
Don't waste your time with this app people! ! The description is a lie!πŸ™„ it doesn't even deserve ONE star!!!
Do not get this App. I purchased it and when it didnt perform as suggested I requested a refund, which was denied. Didnt even have the App for 24 hours, and sadly it only retrieves information that you already have.
Although I gave it 5 stars, there were too many advertisements. If you can reduce some ads, then it is perfect.
3 day free trail then billed 60 per year after that, for a couple of photos? You've got to be having a laugh. This is extortion at its finest! I'll just plug my SD card into my computer and use recuva FOR FREE and pass on the "convenience" of doing it from my phone
hey!guys, thank you! In addition to recovering photos and videos, I also checked my call logs and contacts, which are very important to me.
This is the tenth app I used to try to recover my files. I almost lost all hope that I will be able to save it but this app did a good job.
Have to sign up for the 3-Day trial to get any files back. Get one of the free apps that don't require a trial. This one is not worth the time.
Says free trial but you can't recover anything unless you pay " ransom" of $59 for full app as recovery is"an advanced feature"
I have given it 5 stars because this app is very helpful for any person. it is the great app. Thank you!
Slow, ads, threatens to charge your google account $59.99 after 3 days... Found No Photos, 3000 pics from a game
BAIT AND SWITCH! The description says restore pictures, videos and other files. They are deceptive about what they allow. What they hide from you is that in order to restore miscellaneous files you must subscribe at $60 per year. Without that you only get pics and videos. This is deceptive because the description does not explain any of this to users before install. Bad, bad, bad.
This is literally very useful app...it helped me alot in recovering the deleted files....I recommend you to install this app..Worth 5 stars!
Really a perfect app . I was disappointed after trying many apps but i count restore all photos and their quality were very poor.
DON'T Download this app. This is totally your time Wastage. You have to buy the Subscription to restore photos.
Shady.... You can't use the app. Be manipilated into buying the app after install and before you can stop the nosy dig into files. Developer of the kinds apps should be monitored. Soo many ads you can't even tell what part of the app is the app.... Bad all the way around.
Really great application. I can restore all deleted photos more than 100k. Also easy to use and fast working. I'd like to rate 5 stars and highly recommend.