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Dino Hunter - Wild Jurassic Hunting Expedition

Dino Hunter - Wild Jurassic Hunting Expedition for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Citadel Games located at 14629 Southwest 104 Street #476 Miami FL 33186. The game is suitable for PEGI 12 (Moderate Violence) and required Android version is 5.1 and up.
Search or perhaps hunted! Set about the dinosaur searching journey of a very long time to destroy the ultimate dino!

As a renowned dino hunter, you'll have to play tactfully using numerous modern sniper shooter kind tools, through your dino look in the period this is certainly jurassic. Becoming a hardcore, intense fps master that is shooting you obtain to furnish firearms with various gun updates, to really make the most useful shots - you definitely require all of them in this real to life, dinosaur survival games! Be mindful once you perform as a shooting this is certainly sniper this dino safari adventure, it comes with a variety of action and risk - not only have you been alone searching within the woodland but there is hardly any guarantee for the survival!

This outstanding high-end shooting simulation game of dinosaur shooting games / dinosaur hunting games when you look at the jungle allows you to explore the impressive dinosaur hunter adventure that is awesome. We know that there are no residing dinosaurs on the planet anymore, however you can be a dinosaur this is certainly genuine with this particular dinosaur hunter game, it's a whole shooting adventure with sniper history for dinosaur hunters - living like dinosaurs come in full 3d complete with their terrifying roars. You can get one opportunity to experience deadly 3d dinosaurs in this genuine dino searching game.

Watch out for jurassic beasts very long extinct, from the spinosaurus this is certainly lethal triceratops, brontosaurus, brachiosaurus, carnotaurus, allosaurus, dilophosaurus, ankylosaurus, apatosaurus, mosasaurs or mosasaurus, velociraptor, and pteranodon to terrifying tyrannosaurus.

This shooting adventure games of 2020, allows you to explore a full world of wild animals, in which you should be on survival mode and eliminate various other creatures which are crazy to endure; the video game levels allow you to hunt dinosaurs in jungle, mountains, deserts, safaris, lagoons, polar and also in jurassic islands.

Game features:
❤ Experience the thrill to be an dinosaur that is real in an hunting expedition.
❤ Authentic dino hunter games and a realistic very first person shooter.
❤ System high quality hd graphics in dinosaur searching.
❤ Go on unexplored journey within the area that is jurassic First-person shooting game with real fps struggle
❤ Extraordinary dinosaur hunt accessories of effective and destructive tools for killing dangerous animals.
❤ 3d dinosaurs, from the herbivorous to deadly carnivorous
❤ Immersive & unique shooter challenge series
❤ Map and radar to discover and monitor dinosaurs
❤ Family tree of dinosaur family simulator
❤ Multiple optimized guns and snipers
❤ Ultimate crazy safari combat fight
❤ Full exciting action killing adventure
❤ Perform the part of dinosaurs ‘assassin with sniper shooting
❤ Best hunting game for free carnivores’ dinosaurs shooting.
❤ The huntsman shooting experience
❤ selection of crazy creatures to shoot & kill
❤ Dinosaur new game 2020 pays homage to its legacy that is sniper specimens of real dinosaurs
❤ Modern guns and weapons to increase your sniper skills as a mountain sniper
❤ Dangerous dinosaur searching with carnivorous dinosaur
❤ Ancient dinosaurs simulator with huge arsenal of guns and sniper hunting settings

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Dino Hunter - Wild Jurassic Hunting Expedition.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
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User Reviews
This game is so interesting and filled with adventure i love to play this game too much due to its interesting levels and their content
Perfection in a play store app, has a nice balance of difficulty with variety. Would definitely recommend.
Like this game, I didn't see any game till date because the creator of this game gave me a proof of loyalty with value by making this game. people love this game very much, thank you
Dino Hunter - Wild Jurassic Hunting Expedition is a super fun game, i love the dino models and the graphics are really nice. It runs well on even older phones.
The game has a nice atmosphere to it. The graphics are good, by cellphone game standards. Some moments can be quite intense, scary, and rewarding to push through, as hunting expdeition should be. A game of course is never perfect.
Nice game,good graphics,exotic weapons. Takes a lot of space after each map but still an addictive game for me
I personally love the dinosaur games and crocodile games, i like them. Its a great dinosaur killer, kind of like a dinosaur shooter and its fun plus you get so many great friends in the dinosaur hunting expedition.
Literally can not do anything without giving them your cars details.. not even the first hunt which is supposedly free 🤣 these idiots are absolutely cunning hey I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone... I would rather reccomend you download Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter which I've played before and is a great game
Wow... I couldn't even get to the freakin game without it saying I have to pay 80$ just wow.... Not to mention the stolen pictures from the game 'the isle' and the movie 'Jurassic world'. This game is a pathetic scam.
I definitely recommend it, I could write a composition here about why, but why not give it a try yourself? It's as good as it looks.
This games sucks you can't shoot the pteradons on level 12 if you are seeing this I don't reccomend this game
Interested game.one of my favorite game Dino hunter is a game that appear by past animal dinosaur.that are famous animal in the history of zoologist.
I downloaded this game just to give a bad review. First of all, you have to pay 100 dollars a month just to play the game, and then the 3 images showing the game are 2 wallpapers one with a Fortnite character on it, and the third is just a screenshot from the Isle with a gun on it. Hope you get sued by the Isle, good day sir
Super fun. Lots of surprise packs and prizes. I like being able to collect things that don't get dusty. Different goals keep the game interesting.
Dino hunting game is really amazing. It has fantastic features and graphics. The gameplay is fabulous.
This game is really annoying it takes me to main menu after i finish the level i try to go to the next level my this stupid vip when i dont click it it says do you want vip three times😠😠😠😠😡😡😡
I realy enjoy playing this game iv been playing for a few years after my little cousion entroduced the game to me
This is the game. it is very easy and i am trying to best my edge. I like this game, it is different from other games. i never seen such a game and I like it. So far it is my favorite
Dino Hunter is the best dinosaur hunter game there is! So much fun, so many weapons and beautiful dinos.
This is an awesome gameplay. This is soo fun & challenging game. Graphics are soo nice. I really enjoyed this game.
Great hunting game for the android gamers who likes the shooters. First person shooting games are great. The graphics quality is impressive. Thank you
Great selection of weapons and variety of dinosaurs. From ankylosaurus to trex, you get to have a lot of good shots.
The game has a nice atmosphere to it. The graphics are good, by cellphone game standards. Some moments can be quite intense, scary, and rewarding to push through, as hunting expedition should be in jurassic world alive
I just love this game, it's graphics are the best quality! Pls download this game. Do not forget to rate this game. Thank you.
DO NOT GET THIS GAME!!! I cant believe this it is a scam u need to pay $40 to play, to anyone reading the comments dont get it, report it! THIS GAME SHOULDNT EXIST
1 % game, 9 % "three days trial, then all your money for the rest of your life" (close to, at least!) and 90 % forced ads.
This game costs 50 dollars just for weekly play please if you have a Xbox one or the series or ps4-5 get a actually good game like jurassic world evolution
I like this game because The graphics are good The maps are well made And overall the game is pretty impressive I dont exactly play it alot now but I really like the game and even tho the levels are kinda hard it is still fun to play.
Dino games are always so much fascinating and I love it very much it's an awesome way of having the fun and I love it
Yikes. Definitely needs work. Touching anything seems to prompt me with multiple confirmations to spend absurd amounts of money to unlock guns and levels. The gameplay definitely isn't near a level of sophistication that would justify the ads following every hunt. Keep at it.
You cannot miss this game. I rarely get addicted to phone games but this one has me. The thrill of shooting dinosaurs as they rush towards you is so intense.
I personally love the dinosaur games and crocodile games, i like them. Its a great time killer, kind of like a dinosaur zoo and its fun plus you get so many great friends in the dino hunting games.
Absolutely terrible... Wouldn't recommend this game to anyone... You have to agree to a payment before even playing the game👎🏻
I selected the 3 free days trial and got charged the very same day, now I'm trying to get a refund. Google play wouldn't refund it so now I've contacted the developer
This is wonderful game. When I install this game and shock to see amusement features. And I daily play this games and recommended.
The VIP membership is so worth it, you have so many things to do and you get a headstart in everything!! Coins, weapons, levels, etc!
Horrible, from the get go it asks to subscribe to monthly or weekly subscription and then when you want to play it won't allow it unless you purchase something.
A magnificent dinosaur hunting game, one of the few in dino games in 2020 I've seen that has decent enough graphics and doesn't heat up my phone.
as soon as I opened the app its for a week of play time you have to pay just under fifty dallers and then the other option three day free trial but after that you pay 84 dallers a month thats just amazing I wouldnt even play a single daller cause the game is probably trash anyway over inflated ego much
Sucks...i did try the trial...and ask for more and more....now i dosnt show an my account to cancel...how in tha hell google allow this.
Beautiful game. I love the designs for the dinosaurs. The gameplay is pretty amazing, but the battles could be more complex I find. There should be more space and expansions should be cheaper.
It wont stop bragging you to join the vip the levels are fun but every time you complete one it keeps bringing up the vip thing
Bad graphics and every time you got on it would ask you if you wanted to be a member and would not stop. Overall bad game
Overall it is a great mobile game. I'm super happy with my dinosaurs. I got it about a week ago and i was playing hunting expeditions
It's not to realistic scale of all the dinosaurs are very off one of the dinosaurs was sipost to be a foot tall but It was as big as a carnotoros, don't get it the app
WARNING! This is a total payment scam. They are targeting children who play with their parents accounts and relying on them accidentally paying for upgrades. How else can you seriously charge £174 (Honestly that's no joke!!) on a 1 click buy setting to unlock several guns. This pops up continuously along with ads in order to advance. Thankfully I glanced down as my child had the payment screen up and swiftly removed my card details from google play. It needs investigating and I'm notifying GP.
Really liked it. Good graphics, animation, and very entertaining. Some bugs or strange things may appear, but since it is not too often it does not interrupt the gameplay.
I love this dinosaur battle game so much . It's really cool to go q hunting expedition . It ts very amazing game . I like it very much
I like thia game because it is so well made but it heats up my device so there is a disadvantage there but over all the game is ver well made and great game to play
As a kid I loved watching Jurassic World, dinosaurs are my addiction. On PC, console and mobile and my favorite is Ark Survival. I enjoy this game very much, props to the developers.
This game is a scam 50 bucks a week, no thanks. Parents if you find this on your kids phone delete it. Looking at the screen shots it looks like they stole some photos from the isle.
Graphics were decent and gameplay was meh but god damn who is actually going to pay $188 for some shity weapons.
Ok first of all 2 of the images in the app store are stolen from 2 different games, the Ilse and Jurassic world evolution, and the game is nothing like ether of them the graphics are terrible and the game idea is stolen from a 3rd game being Dino hunter deadly shores
This game is sooooooo cool to me becuose just the way you shoot the dinos and the infered and and (breathes) okay this game is just so cool
Horrible and a huge scam All I get is pop-ups about my Google play. Also the stolen screenshots from The Isle's Hyper Tyrannosaurus Rex. Don't play this.
***** WARNNG******* This app is set up to grab your kids attention with a free 48 hour trial. Then your account is charged just outside that 48 hours so you have no recourse of refund when its downloaded by a child not realizing that its not free. Not only that but the upgrades are expensive and are popped up continuously. Ovoid this game
BEWARE: Just received email will bill me $129.99 a month on 18.3.21 after free trial. Have cancelled as soon as seen. This program allowed a small child to download with no password or access to a any financial information or accounts. I Have also cancelled access to all payment payment options. Disgraceful. Entrapment. SHAME Uninstalling as we speak
How and why can you justify charging $50 for a membership subscription fee. Thats just nuts!! Ob but you get a 3 day trial and thenafter that you get charged unless u unsubscribe.....no thanks i don't care what the game is like thats nust unrealistic to charge that much
This game is very exciting to play.I recommend this game to all.Install this game and have enjoy.have fun. Graphically.This is fantastic game.I really love it!
Didn't even get past the splash screen. I was given two choices in order to play: pay for a subscription or take a 3 day trial and subscribe after. I exited and uninstalled without choosing.
Dino hunter is the most common dino game for everyone. It has many different options and features. Such a wonderful application.