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Beauty Care!

Beauty Care! for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Ruby Game Studio located at TGB-2 Alanı, İnci Binası, No:172/67 Erzene Mahallesi, Ege Üniversitesi Kampüsü, 35100, Bornova / İZMİR. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.1 and up.
Let the doctor care for you!

Complete SATISFYING mini games to unlock more tool and update your clinic.

Can you trim all the hair?

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Beauty Care!.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
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User Reviews
It's a Ad farm! You litteraly get a add every 15 seconds. I even timed it. In the middle of the little bit of time you have to actually play the game between ads, about 5 second, a ad will start playing. It makes this game litteraly unplayable. You get a ad between each level which only takes 5 seconds. The. You get a add everytime you switch a tool. So if you shave a foot and have to wash something off. You have to watch a ad before you can use the spray bottle. Uninstalled permanently
Pop up adds are a little much for a game that has adds built in as an option to get more currency. Also clearly not a complete game because you don't even get access to features in the advertisement. Also there's no use for the currency you get for each level. Also there's only like 30 levels. *Update - opened the game for the first time in awhile. The game mechanics were changed for the worse and the adds were so bad the game was unplayable. I will be uninstalling this.
Same stimulating action as scrapping frost off the school bus window with your finger nail. Unless you like pointless gadget/games with tons of adds, you might just want to skip this heap.
the levels are repetitive. i'm only 15 minutes into the game and already bored. i downloaded because i thought the pulling out worm was fun but i think that was just ads and the level doesn't exist. and may i say, if you're going to give the diamonds, then at least make a use of it. it has no purpose at all. nothing to upgrade or buy. it's given for no reason. to get items, you have to watch ads and i hate ads because it's 30 sec of my time wasted. so why not making it available to buy too.
Utter trash! Nothing more than a revenue farm. Ads to increase ingame payouts and buy I game decor? fine. Ads between each level? offensive, but ok. Ads that inturupt you half way through each level? The "Devs" AKA advertising executives that created this game can suck the bag. I'm going to actively check all of my friends phone for this app and uninstall it if I find it.
every 2 seconds there is a add just as you try to play add pops up Do NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME no time to play just adds
You spend more time watching adds then aying the game. Its trying to force you to pay to remove adds. I've spent 1 hour on this game, 20 minuets playing the game the other 40 minuets watching adds.
I agree the game is oddly satisfying. Or it WOULD be if there wasn't an add halfway through a level. I did enjoy it, so I paid to remove the ads. However, though the game willing charged my card, I still am seeing ads every 10 seconds. I tried totally closing the game to see if that would help; nope. So, I would appreciate advice on where I go from here. Please either refund my charges or stop the ads, I have no preference at this point. Though I will say, I will uninstall if ads continue.
Controls are horrible, ads infect the whole experience, it's insanely ugly looking, everything about this is bad.
Its not bad if you turn off wifi or data but it kept asking if it could know exactly where i was so i uninstalled it. Aslo the mushrooms looked really gross, and the finger tracking was horrid and needs to be fixed. Theres more wrong with this app but it works alright i guess. I still wouldnt recomend it to anyone do dont waste your time on this and find something else.
So far my experience sucks, I paid for No ads....Every time I do something an ad pops up, can someone please respond to this issue. Thank you.
First when I saw this game add I thought it might be interesting but soon I became galactic doctor and after that all the levels were repeated. How can anyone make a game in which we have to press and break the pimples. YUK. I haven't seen such a disgusting game. If I can give this game 0 stars , I would have given it.😖😖🤮
What developer can improve 1.stitching the skin 2. incision and drainage 3.Wound dressing & Burn dressing 4. Removing foreign body from eyes. My experience is horrible. 1. first of all, those are not the job of a doctor. Give some doctors job mentioned. 2. Why only right foot and left ear. You can involve eyes, nose, mouth, chest, abdomen, legs etc. 3. Why there is only fue things to do in every single game. Give different thing in different levels. Give tough challenges in higher levels.
Fairly good game but what's with the adds WAY TO MANY you watch more adds than you play the game and then you get them halfway through lose the adds slowly puts you off of the game which is the whole point of playing
Paying to take off the adds doesn't actually take off the adds! You get stars but there is nothing to spend them on as the store is 'coming soon' so what's the point of having them. It's the same thing over and over, nothing new for ages and no way to change anything.
No, sorry. But I am deleting this game. A stage takes you 5 seconds to complete but then you are forced to watch a 30 second add. And then from stage 3 you get interrupted with an add right in the middle of the "procedure". Game developers should realise that people hate adds.
This game is so damn bad on the ads it said that this is satisfying well because of the stupid horrible graphics it looks disgusting (I know this a mobile game but still) if all your games are or are going to be this bad then why are you even game developers oh yea but hunter assassin was pretty good
Way too many ads and the game was nothing like described. I even paid to get NO ADS and still got one at least every other level. Way too annoying, I do NOT recommend.
Really upset that I paid for ad free and I'm still getting slammed with ads constantly. Would like this bug to be fixed or a refund for sure. But I do enjoy the game, just wish the ads would go away like I paid for...
worst game ever . ads every 10 seconds of playing . it was only made for ad revenue . all games now are made just to make profit no game ever made with passion . i miss old days it was more fun
This game Fn game sucks I have a thing about games and adverts, ok again I really do understand that adds are necessary so that the person/s who wrote the game can make better games but this is just ridicules you get more than one add after each procedure then one off them takes you the play store just so you can download one of the games and 99% off nthe adds do not reflect the game they are for none game related items don't waste your time on this game
So, downloaded only because it was advertised several times and was curious. After level like 30 it suddenly stopped showing levels and I'm stuck in an endless loop of stupidity. There isn't even a view for past levels completed or prizes won. Half the "buttons " are useless. 0/10 would NEVER recommend.
As people say, loads of ads, but turn airplane mode on, and no ads. There's twenty odd levels which is over in 15 minutes and then it's random levels but repeating the same tools over and over. You get gems but nothing to spend them on. Had the potential to be a time wasting game to play whilst having a dump, but deleting already as repetitive and shite, and that's coming from me who regularly has.to suffer.the Wife's House music.
Disgusting ad forced on me. Made me go nonverbal. Almost vomited. Tried the game itself, it's just as horrible but also an ad trap. Pull the ads for the sake of people's health.
People, there's something we all need to come to grips with; IT'S NOT ODDLY SATISFYING, IT'S GROSS! SNAP OUT OF IT. The ads aren't helping the app. There are so many ads, they have to squeeze them into the middle of the level. Don't bother trying to find out for yourself, take my word for it and don't bother installing this application. Currently uninstalling the app.
I have NEVER played a game with so many ads in my life. The game is mediocre at best to begin with, but then add in the multitude of ads and the game becomes a POS.
Absolutely shithouse. I paid for this game so I didn't have to see ads...still seeing a lot of ads. What the hell? Refund my money!!! 🤬🤬🤬
Don't get it, don't pay to not have ads. It was 2.99 for no ads, 3.27 after tax. It's still showing the ads, I want my money back. I have an ad every couple seconds, this is ridiculous. This is theft.
I paid $3 to remove adds and nothing changed. There is a banner at the bottom and an ad in the middle of and after every single patient. There is more ad time then game time. I want my money back
I would give 0 stars if I could. I didn't go into this game with high expectations since it's a game about sorting people's feet and cleaning ears. Funny enough my complaint isn't about the game play. It's the fact there are too many ads. there is an ad between each procedure and then sometimes in the middle while you're still working on the same patient, it's obvious this game, as are most games made recently, just a cash grab If you can handle an ad every 20 seconds then go for it.
You need to improve the game. Because after becoming state level doctor I can't heal the patients. That's why I give you 1 star. You need lot of upgrades and improvements in this game
With my wifi on, way too many ads appear and ruins the game entirely. Has potential, I'd like to see other scenarios besides cutting hair, removing fungus, and clipping toenails. I Couldnt go further than doctor level because it was repetitive and boring.
Game has potential. Paid for no ads but I still have the ads despite the money leaving my account. I have sent an email about this problem and awaiting a response. Would be better if it showed what level you are on or a have a status bar showing how close you are to going up a level. Quite basic but oddly satisfying
I had an ad about this game that was pretty disgusting. I decided to check it out, and well, it was pretty yuck. The amount of ads is just too much. There's nothing wrong with the controls or graphics. It's just a weird game but if you're into it, suit yourself.
Great concept, boring and repetitive gameplay. But the worst aspect is the constant ads. Every 30 seconds of gameplay, at best, is interrupted by an ad of generally 30 seconds. Absolutely horrific experience. I paid to remove the ads, it didn't remove the ads, restarted the game, still had ads. Do not waste your time or money.
Played first time 'advert pops up first patient completed.. '30second ad' second patient completed 'another advert pops up'. Played for 5mins and 75% of that time was adverts! Avoid!
Too many adds! Enjoyed the concept as a time taking game to play while waiting in a line or somthing, but the adds are ridiculous! So I PAID to have the adds removed....and STILL HAVE ADDS! Not as many...it lessens the adds....but still adds a lot! If you offer no adds for a one time fee then make good on it!
One of the dumbest game that I have ever seen... And on top of that the ads, who the hell wants to see so many ads after every two seconds??? ... Kindly provide proper gaming experience to the players and then think about your ad income... Else please don't fool people with this ridiculousness in the name of satisfaction... If possible I would have given a negative star... 😠😠😠
To upgrade your equipment you have to watch ads, I thought that it WAS GOING TO BE FUN, BUT IT STUNK!!! Because you don't get to do very much stuff by yourself.
I liked playing this game until I got stuck at a the first level of room 601. It was a little fun but kinda boring after a while.
This game sucks, do not download, and oh addddddddddds there is an add after and before every level, it is rediculas.this game is also disgusting, shaving hair of toes, cutting pushing it is just awful, please in all honesty don't download, it's a waste of time, I would have given 0 stars but I can't.p
Decent game - but a rip off. I paid to remove the ads, but still get ads constantly between levels and even in the middle of a level.
Pissed I bought the game, because I like the weird games. I have 4 million ads still, even though it says, NO ADS. Please tell me how that makes sense. Refund please?
What a stooooooopid game!!! You won't find a more stoopid, dumber game than this in all of Google Play!!! The ads of this game are so disgraceful and disgusting. Worst app of all time. Never download such a nightmarish app. I would rate this app -5⁹⁹⁹⁹ stars.
Ok so hi, I am writing this as I am playing, and I want to say, not even 15 seconds in the game, boom you guessed it, AN AD. and talking of ads, never have I wanted to throw up and throw my phone at the same time seeing and ad for a game. I mean I'm sorry but pulling worms out your feet makes me want to throw up. My biggest regret was installing this because the whole reason I'm writing this is because it made me. But gosh didly darn I hated this from the exact second I saw the ad. don't install
Poorly animated, the figures used in the game are awful. They dont look in any way shape or form realistic. Its tedious and the ad play in this game is outrageous. If you're bored, i would give it a try but the content is no good.
Way too many ads & just sooo boring! I gave it a good try but I'm uninstalling it. I also don't understand why the earwax had to be green. Ugh!
The ads are absolutely ridiculous it makes the game incredibly unplayable. The whole Idea is good but was executed poorly. The game runs slowly and badly framed for me
Worse game ever!!!!! I should put a million explanation points on this review it literally has the most ads I have ever seen on a game it literally stops you mid task and shows an ad. You can pay for ad free for 3 bucks but no!!!!! You turned me off with your greediness. Don't waste your time unless you like watching ads!!! played a total of 10 minutes and 8 of those were ads. Have fun I'm out!!!!
Nearly every level there is an advert half way through. There is legit no need for adverts half way through a level. Then there's ads between every level as well!
First off this game has too many ads. I payed for no ads so my daughter can play the game and I'm still getting a million ads. It sooo annoying. I want my money back if I still have to watch the ads. Even if yo u press the restore purchase button it does nothing. I even tried to Uninstaller the game and re-download it but it just erased the progress & still have ads. They really need to fix this or give me my money back
I paid to get rid of the ads because they pop up every 5 seconds but they still pop up. Don't waste your money. They straight up stole mine.
This game is great but the the game needs to get a realistic look you know these docter game are great but only with realistic look. So, plz make it a little realistic. That's why I gave it 1 star
I downloaded it so I can give it 1 star for the awful ad pushed on me during a different game. It is even worse than it seemed. It is the most repetitive game I have ever experienced and it even plays ad during levels. Terrible
Needs some work. The currency you get can't even be used yet... And the ads are way too intrusive (at least go level or 2 without an ad instead of interrupting mid-level). Could be good, but it isn't yet.
Game is cool, just missing sound! Games need sounds! Haptic feedback also does not work not even in the slightest. Only setting in the game. No sound or music.
Very bad game dont download. All the levels are same and just the position of germs is changing. And the The thing they showed in ad is not true the ad is totally false. There is nothing in the game that was showed in ad. Download this game if you want to waste your precious time.
So I was chilling in a game while on the toilet, and I saw an ad for this game and then threw up in the toilet instead of doing my main business. And many other people complained about suddenly getting the disgusting imagery from the ads in their faces and then getting severe nausea. Everyone, report this game for the gross ads, 30 second unskippable ads after each procedure and the no-ads purchase being a fraud. This game should NOT be allowed on here
I enjoyed the game, but there's too many ads, even in the middle of the game.. I payed for the ads to go away but it didn't work. The ads kept coming and I had to ask Google for a refund. If wasn't for this I would keep playing...
Another BS game that could be good if it didnt have NOTSTOP ADS!!!!! THE ADS COME LITERALLY ABOUT EVERY 15 SECONDS! Stupid ridiculous! DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS!!!!!
After you max the upgrades, the currency is useless and there's only about 10. You only work on hands, feet, and ears; and I'm positive if you went to a doctor for 95% of this, you'd get sent home. The procedures include cutting nails, pulling hangnails, taking care of cuticles, popping zits, scraping calluses, cleaning dirt off feet, somehow curing burns with dry ice, cutting mushrooms off feet?, shaving feet and ears, cleaning ears with Qtips, etc. You could do practically all of this at home.
Fun game, but could be more realistic. I never seen doctors do these things before.. but ok. Idc its more the fact that it lacks game.. its simple and super easy. I still enjoy it just wishing were realistic
The game is repetitive and boring. After 10 minutes of playing the game, I'm bored. Plus there is WAY too many ads. Boom! An ad in the middle of the level! Boom! An ad after you finish the level! Boom! An ad after you collect your *useless* diamonds! And you need to watch an ad for decor! I understand that you need revenue, but it's just a bunch of ads with a glimpse of a game in between. This game is horrible, and should rot in Ruby games' personal heck.
Very boring! Same stuff all of the time! You max out on being able to update the office and nowhere to use your diamonds!
Its basically 1 part play 9 parts ads and costs 4$CND to play ad free... and somthing tells me that will not remove the suggestive ad prompts in the end of each round also it asked me to rate with a large popup after the first round before it played any round and with all this the developers had the audacity to put another banner ad on the bottom of my screen if i could i would give it 0 stars
How dare you throw this disgusting imagery in my face randomly! I get you need to advertise but if a game was porn you'd have to do it without showing the actual content of the game or at least do it in a context where it's expexted, i.e. advertising in other doctor games, like porn is advertised on porn sites. Downloaded just so I could make this review. This content is fine and I do not oppose it in general, but it is NOT appropriate imagery to shove down a viewers throat in unrelated context
Great game but way to many ads and that is a turn off for this game. I also purchased to have no more ads and I'm still getting ads.
Scam. Would be a OK game if you didn't get ads literally every 15 seconds. And you have the option to BUY no ads and if you do, guess what? You still get ads even after paying for no ads. I've emailed the company and no response. Scam artists that make a cheap game and steal your money.
God it is gross and so many ads like every single level u get 45seconds of ads and u can't even skip them jesus who ever made this game just love's wasting people's time
Utter $hit3 I've never seen a game with so many adds, I get it that's how the devs get paid but adds during gameplay, not at the end of a level. Litterally the worst game for add revenue generation.
So all the levels are cut the hair, cut the mushrooms, spray the white bubbles and trim the nails? Unless you just like doing the same thing over and over with tons of ads then this game is for you.
When I play a game I expect to spend some time playing between ads. Absolutely the worst I have come across.
I Didn't even play it. STOP with the ads its utterly disgusting and i can't with it. LIKE AT LEAST PUT A WARNING ON IT. I am pretty sure this thing gave me a fear of feet. Its just so grose. Pleade just stop it
I like the game except for the fact that I paid for no ads and I still get them like every 30 seconds
So I paid for no Ads, still getting them every 5 seconds. I downloaded the game to destress after work/before bed and yet it just makes me more frustrated. 😒.
Wow what a waste of time so many ads after each and during objectives this game really sucks way better games out there do not waste your time downloading this game. If i could give zero stars i would.
I had saw a ad for this game. but when I saw it I immediately started gaging pls who puts that type of ads of someone taking worms out of someone or what ever it was. please I wouldn't recommend to playing or installing it at all.
Way to many ads & you have to exit to much to get back to the game , which only kast 5 seconds. Also got stuck & couldn't get out, I had to delete the game. It would gave veen fun otherwise.
Paid the 2.99 to get ad free because there are millions of ads, and even after paying, I still get ads after each "patient"
This game takes more time away from you than anything, idk if this happens to anyone else but MY ADS DUPLICATE AFTER EVERY LEVEL, I've played 40 levels and watched a total of 350 ads,this game Is repetitive and boring,covering your face with a bean bag is more entertaining then THIS, the game is trying to rob you, i bought this ad free option, not only do you not get a bonus with ad free,BUT YOU GET AN EXTRA AD FOR EVERY LEVEL YOU COMPLETE, STOP IGNORING US,STOP YELLING LIES YOU PICKPOCKETER >:(
three ads immediately. what garbage. they are just hoping you won't delete until you have seen ten ads. Guess what......DELETED!
4 ads (at least one of which was half a minute long) plus being forced to post a review.. And that's after playing level one only. I then paid for 'No Ads', but they took my money and I still get just as many ads. It's a total fraud!
I think I'm a state doctor at this point, and whereas I'm very intrigued by this game, I've seen almost as many ads as I've passed levels. Maybe there's nothing for it, but I can't stand an ad between every level. 🤷🏾‍♂️
I enjoy the game but sadly there are way to many ads and i even payed for no ads... it didn't work im still getting ads but it said the payment went through so now im giving a 1 star review becasue thatz seriously messed up.
Can't finish even one patient without ads popping up. I don't mind free play apps relying on ad revenue between levels but this was too much. Uninstalling.
7/22/2020 I paid to remove ads but ads are still there. Why? I enjoy game but hate the interuptions of ads. Please advise. If situation is addressed I will change review. 9/29/2020 Ads are still there and no contact from developers. Very unhappy with ads and zero contact so im deleting this game! Even after paying $2.99 fir no ads.
Nothing much to this game. It's very cut and paste, no decision making or fun. And it is nothing like the ads show. Lots of ads but you just bypass by going to your homepage then opening the app again. Still just not worth it.
Honestly extremely disgusting and not remotely challenging. Worthless waste of a game which probably took way too long to make simply to illicit the reaction of.. eww! And if thats what they wanted to do they should of gotten to the point. The game starts with you shaving hair off patients feet. Ridiculous. All i can say is if you are into clipping a fungi infestation off of a foot you have finally found the game for you.
perfect ! nice and gross😏 just the perfect app for me some people are like "ew gross 1 star" but me 5 stars if u are conplaining it is bad and gross stop being a baby my friend's pimple poped i also seen green poop
This game was very intresting because this is a doctor game doctor care is very nice👏👏👏👍👍👍
I have been reading all of these coments and reviews and the game doesnt sound that good because of the adverts in the middle of a level but it is quite satisfying if your into poping pimples and all of that stuff but im giving it a 1 star
I paid for this game to remove ads because it was more ads than game, but I still get ads!!! I want my money back!
When I can actually do it, it is satisfying. Keeps me from being bored for like a minute. Adds GALORE!! I even tried to pay for no adds and they still kept popping up!! If you don't know how to make an app correctly don't bother making one. Also, for others reading this, don't waste your time! I got all the rewards and stuff, it is still the same even though it says I'm going to a higher level. Waste of time honestly. Please fix this game it has potential.
Boring, not as depicted in ads - half the stuff on there you don't even do! Also not sure where the doctor part comes in, all the treatments could be done by a beauty therapist! Don't bother downloading. Giant waste if time and jerky as hell trying to control.
THIS GAME IS SOOOO DISGUSTING IF YOU LIKE DISTURBING THINGS THIS IS FOR YOU😖😝.The ONE thing is the video or ad looks more fun but when you play it's disturbing.if you download it and you are fine that's alright but for me and my sister found it disturbing anyway this is MY opinion and how I feel but if you like it that is you. And there are LOT OF POP UP ADS. But anyway I deleted it cause I thought I was going to throw up,But anyway thanks for reading my comment 😊and have a Blessed😁
Stupid game, but the worst part as all the ads. Every so called "level" had an ad, and even sometimes after completing a task in a level theirs an ad. Played 7 "levels" and uninstalled. Very uninspired game.
Disgusting, unpredictable ad for this game. Major trypophobia trigger. It seems to be more about triggering nausea than showimg anything even slightly related to medical practice. Terrible
The adverts are way too much. After every level and sometimes in the middle of one, and you cant always skip, so youre stuck watching the same advert seven times in 5 minutes.
It's a fun game 👍but it's just kinda weird 🤪 sometimes like it's kinda cringe 😓but its best playing when not eating🍕 and I think it's better if there were more bright colors 🥳and it could be more challenging like with races 🏁and competitions and you should have a commercial🎭 that says all about the game 🎮
The game is weird yet alright but the problem is I cant play your game when I'm stuck in this 5 second ad loop era .....``please stop using soooooo many ads over and over we get it's free money but damn son!!!"
ADVERTISERS BEWARE! This game will repeat your ads SO OFTEN, sometimes in the middle of gameplay, that the players will DESPISE your product and your company for bombarding them with ads. Also, if you are a legitimate advertiser, do you want your product associated with all the FALSE advertisements for products that do not exist or game play that is inaccurately portrayed, as most of the ads in this game are? DO NOT advertise in this game! To players who don't mind this blatant grab for $, enjoy
What a stupid game. It's got such a disgusting ad and the content is also so gross 🤮🤮. Terrible game. You cant get through one level without seeing multiple ads.
𝑺𝒖𝒄𝒉 𝒂 𝒘𝒐𝒓𝒔𝒕 𝒈𝒂𝒎𝒆 𝒆𝒗𝒆𝒓 𝒐𝒏𝒄𝒆 𝒘𝒆 𝒑𝒍𝒂𝒚. 𝑰𝒕 𝒓𝒆𝒑𝒆𝒂𝒕𝒔 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒔𝒂𝒎𝒆 𝒍𝒆𝒗𝒆𝒍 𝒔𝒖𝒄𝒉 . 𝑰𝒓𝒓𝒊𝒕𝒂𝒕𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝒂𝒑𝒑𝒑!!!!!😡😡😡😡😠
What a waste of money the adds are beyond belief but my daughter enjoys this game in the car. Payed $5 for ad free play and still a add pops up every 30 seconds. To say I'm annoyed is a understatement.
Way to many ads! You finish a patient and AD, 3 patients each award, can't do much with the diamonds you earn, 1 ad a level would be more than enough.
I would give it 5 but to much ads if you want to play the game turn off internet // more levels need to be made and different things to be
It was good in the pics but the same levels over and Over and OVER again and after each level ads I hate this game others may disagree but not gonna lie this game is just a loop with tons and tons of ads 😒
This game is totally bogus, I paid to have the convenience of not having ads, however, I am getting just as many if not more ads
One of the most worthless games to have ads for, especially such intrusive ones. There are ads before you even finish a level
Its laggy. When you are doing each thing, nothing really changes so you are confused on what you are doing it. There are so many ads. There is an ad every few seconds. The app makers just want money
There's really only 35 levels and it gets boring really quickly. Also would like to mention that the splinter remover thing isn't in the actual game.
The amount of ads in this game are rediculous. As you play they will stop and play an ad and also between every round. It makes you hate it. I am deleting it.
It is so easy and so delicious for everyone who loves the flavor of this dish but I don't want them in my family and friends and family friends who have a girl with a great taste of home cooking for my kids but they have to do a little more
I didn't play this game, I just downloaded it to give it a low star review due to the absolutely disgusting ads I receive for this game that give me phantom pains anywhere shown in the ads. Please stop the ads for the sake of the entire human population.
Worst game I ever played...I can't even go Atleast 2 levels.not even challenging also. Don't waste time....search for other games.
I just want to delete this game... Who wants to clean someones ear/ leg just after eating food😒 And plus the things that keep coming after each level there is a option to get it after watching a ad. When I click on it, it does'nt play the ad and instead of I buy it by watching the ad I have to click on the opotion No Thanks. Please fix it🙏
You go into this game expecting what they showed in the ads, which is removing legos, black heads, pimples from a foot. What you get is trimming toe/fingernails, cutting hand/foot hair, popping pimples that don't even sit completely on the foot, and other stuff that you wouldn't go to the doctor for, also doctors do not recommend using cotton swabs to get rid of earwax as it causes problems in the ear, this game is showing its players that doctors clean ears with cotton swabs which is wrong.
I saw the ad to this app and the only way I could give it a review was by downloading it. If I could I would give this zero stars. This app is disgusting and the ad was literally telling you to pop pimples on people's feel! If you want someone to play your game, don't start with telling them to pop realistic looking pimples on people's feet! 🤮🤮🤮🤮😬
I thought I've played bad games but this is easily the worst. You can't go through a single 30-40 second level without an add halfway through. I have genuinely watched more adds then the amount of time I've been able to play this game. Not worth it.
When I play this game because of ad about popping the pimple but however I got scam. But overall the graphic is good and hoping they would add sound. Another is, when I play this there is always ad in the middle of gameplay and the control part is bit ridiculous because if I go to left it dramaticaly turn and I don't know why? So this need to be fix it's accuracy.
There are times when the you can not upgrade to tbe gold certificates and double your coins u onl have 1vgold certificate even though I hid upgrade every single time. After a couple minutes of pushing me upgrade button, you get tired of doing that and you have to hit no thanks that's what I do not want to do I want to be able to press the upgrade button watch the video so my certificate Turns Gold instead of white
Too many ads the first game is to shave a hairy foot, it didn't finish before a 45 seconds advert kicked in. Ehich had no timer and no way to silence it.. You just had to wait at the mercy of the developers which clearly don't care that its now horrible to play...
You repeat pretty much the same dang thing every single level and there's 3-4 things you do per level right? It only takes 10sec to complete said portion of the task and there's a 30+ second ad EVERY SINGLE TASK. So really it takes literally a minute to complete the same repetitive level, but there's 2min30sec of ad's. With this bombardments you're seriously playing a game of advertisements. Not fun. Ads make it less fun not worth your time. No ad feature doesn't even work so play at own risk.
Extremely too many ads....pd $2.99 + tax for no ads and I still get an ad every 10-15 seconds. Very unsatisfied.
Another GDPR violator. Game will not start until you give in to coercion and "accept" unlimited data theft by the notorious Farcebook SDK that was used to spy on children. Game itself suffers from repetitive levels and laggy controls and well as imprecise effects of the tools. There are other foot doctor games that do better in every aspect and do not blackmail you to let Farcebook steal your data.
Before this update this game was below average in all departments except cost, now after this update I can say this game is average. Not bad but most certainly not good. A more realistic look to this game and realistic audio would really help because it is just known that hospital games work better the more realistic they are. Frankly other than the lack of realism this game doesn't have too many problems.
So honestly, I read the reviews and even the complaints on here and facebook. I tried to see how bad the game actually is and well... You start off trimming a hairy foot and then bam an ad, want triple the gems? Bam another ad, wanna play next level bam another ad. I have had this game downloaded less then 5 minutes and seen more ads then I have ever on any other game I have played. Summary : Do not waste your time, cause they will waste your time if you download this game.
It's an okay game. I deleted the app within an hour of downloading it, though. The levels are too repetitive and there are way too many ads. Like, multiple ads per level. I had high expectations for the app going in, but the repetition and amount of ads just ruin the entire experience. If you're thinking of downloading this app, just be warned about that.
reviews pop up before I played the game for any useful time and there's a pop up ad that stopped me going to the next stage
Pretty good game and fun to kill time but only 2* due to the fact that there are adds every few seconds and even when you pay to remove adds you still get them... I want a refund
I only downloaded this out of morbid curiosity, and even for that it's been a disappointment. In approximately 1 minute long levels there's ad breaks. If you can't even wait til I've finished a level to bombard me with ads, then I will not be playing your games.
While the game is good the ads are so frustrating. I paid the extra to remove the ads and well i still get ads. Nothing more infuriating than paying for something and not getting it
SO MANY ADS. Even after I paid for No Ads, it still interrupts game play, it just lets you skip the ads more quickly. Total BS.
The ads are absolutely ridiculous. I don't mind a few ads here and there, but it's completely impossible to even begin to enjoy the game because of them. It interrupts the levels at least once or twice, and then there's another one between levels. I think I got 10 ads in as many minutes. Not even worth wasting time over. The game isn't enjoyable enough to spend the money to get rid of the ads. Even if it was, it would be impossible to tell because you keep getting interrupted.
All I want is to pop as many pimples as my gross little heart wants, but this game makes you jump through tooamy hoops. Takes like 5 level ups just to get to pimples - and even then, it's random when you will get to. I'd love if at least when you "beat" the game you can choose to do whatever you like - but it's eternal russian roulette of things I don't really want to do. Fun for a while, but exhausting.
I've never seen an ad that triggers my gag reflexes before. But I was chilling, drinking my coffee, and suddenly I see some secretion or worm being extracted from a man's foot and almost threw up in my coffee mug. Why did the advertisers think that would make me want to play? That only ensured that I will never play this game or any other made by the same developer. Pull the ads.
I actually spent the $3 to get rid of the annoying ads. But after the purchase went through, the ads are still there. Play 5 seconds, watch a 30 second ad. I paid to have ads removed. Either kill my ads or give me my money back.
I only downloaded this because I was playing a relaxing jigsaw puzzle game, that I've been playing for a long time. Then this new ad pops up in there without any warning of its content, and it's the most repulsive ad I've ever seen for a game. It's unacceptably disgusting and vomit-enducing so I reported it. >:( What were you thinking?! For shock-value? Pathetic!
Fun for 5 minutes. If data/ wifi off the game runs uninterrupted and quickly. After a few levels game becomes very repetitive.
I purchased "No ads" and they are still there. Please refund me and I will change my rating. The game is okay, but the ads every minute that you cannot bypass make the game unplayable.
Look, everyone is complaining about the ads, I turned my data off and beat the game (that is I unlocked all the tools and went to a random level mode which continues on forever, I assume). I beat it in about 30 min, and I'm probably being overly generous with 3 stars, but whatever. The main thing that is frustrating is that in the commercials, they had a pimple popping tool... That metal thing at the title screen. It isn't in the game
It'd be fun if it weren't absolutely RIDDLED with annoying, invasive ads. I spent more time waiting for the ads to end than I did playing the game. Not worth downloading even if you're curious.
DO NOT BUY NO ADs: I FAKE If you sell an InApp Purchase to remove ad, it must work. Currently unable to refund, cannot believe you can get away with selling a scam product. Game has potential but disgusted by practice of selling and false advertisement.
Here i am thinking I'm going to be popping black heads and pulling worms like the ad for the game said, instead i got stuck on popping pimples and cutting ear hair and the amount of ad's are absolutely ridiculous. However when I first downloaded the game it had different levels which was actually fun eventually i finished all the levels with in 30 minutes
At first I thought the ads were a bit too much but after digging deep I realized it's all what this game is all about and the ads are MADLY TOO MUCH that even ads play automatically during a stage which is very irritating and disappointing to have from a game that has so much potential to be one of the best medical/funny games out there..
This game is kinda boring because you are doing the same things over and over again because it takes forever to earn new actions and there are soooooo many ads it's crazy, I like to listen to music while playing games but this made it super frustrating because there is an ad after every single action and sometimes in the middle of one so please fix that
Scam paid for no ads but still have the ads and the content is exactly the same it just changes sequence definitely been ripped off
One of the most mundane things I've ever played. Repeatitve, Mundane, Boring, only some of the words used to describe this horrible game. Only play if you have nothing else to do. Why does it suck? This game sucks because its the same minigames over and over and there is no core point of the gems in this game and the sheer amount of times you have to play the same minigame over and over again is ridiculous. Fix these issues and I will re-rate your game.
I bought the game to avoid adss, 3 bucks not a big deal, right after purchase, after starting new level, what do you think happens...an add. Not impressed!
Eh not what I thought it to be, I wanted more black head kind of removal not the wet popping of the zits.
This a Great game keeps you entertained and is interesting the graphics are awesome you gain levels quite quickly and each patient has something different to treat . Keeps on getting greater ,would recommend any one who likes the medical challenges to play that is why I have gave this game 5 stars
Too much ads. Even when doing a care to a patient we have ads before we even finish with this patient
I Truly Loathe games that give the option to UPGRADE or to 3x's the coins or jewels that you've ALREADY WON by completing the level - AND THEN WHEN YOU TAP THE 3x's OR UPGRADE - NO ADS ARE AVAILIBLE OR THE TAP IS NEVER RECOGNIZED. AS SOON AS U TAP "NO THANKS" - YOU GET THE FREAKING AD!!! DON'T EFFING OFFER IT IF UR NOT GOING TO GIVE IT!!! This is one of those IDIOT games!!! DELETED!
the number of ads increase constantly game is very repetitive got old fast played for 15 mins deleting it now its boring
Paid to have the ads removed and still get nothing but ads. Requesting my money back but we all know how this is going to end.
The game has nothing to do with being a doctor.....shaving hair off a foot?! Shaving mushrooms off a foot?! Terrible And there are ads after everything you press virtually
There are just too many ads. Sometimes they pop up in the middle of a procedure. Not fun, I'm going to uninstall.
Ad ad ad nothing but ads. Cannot enjoy a game where half your time is watching ads, after you selected to skip the ad, you are still forced to watch
it wouldn't let me even go into the game, everytime I tried it said app not responding. When it did work however it was very repetitive. The game didn't match the adds. if I was able to give this 0 stars I would.
I was a good game but I have a reason why I had not given it 5 stars... When I installed this game after 30-40 levels it started repeating , the whole game started repeating and then I hate this game and I am going to uninstall it..........
*Please read till the end* This is such a bad game the ads keep on appearing up. It glitches for 3 to 5 times in every other level. And most importantly this game is super gross the way we are supposed to do it is really disturbing. I recommend no one like clearly no one should download this game.
This game has way too many ads. Every patient comes with an ad, and its very annoying. They just want to make money and the game isnt even that fun. Nothing challenging or stimulating at all. Deleting the app
I want to make 0 stars but I can't sonI have to write 1 star but I want to give it 0 stars and to make this feedback I hade to install it but I didn't want to but I wanted to make feedback so this game is the worst game ever from the add I hate the game even it was disgusting sooo much I was going to droll 🤮🤮
It was pretty good at first, but then when I became a state doctor, it suddenly froze and I couldn't 'heal' any more patients, also, on the adverts, it looked MUCH more fun that it actually is, but if you could fix where it froze, I would give it 4 stars. Thought IdK if it's just my phone 😕
Bad Ad Experience. Got 3 levels in. Didn't like the constant ad interruption. Paid the $2.99 for no ads, and somehow got MORE! Restarted the game. No fix. Immediately requested a refund from Google. Don't waste your time, don't waste your money.
It is play for 5 seconds, 30 seconds of ads. Then repeat the same thing. Sometimes, you don't have to even wait the five seconds as the ads will play in the middle of the 5 seconds. Yes, you can remove the ads but it is such a short game, it is not worth it.
Fun. But I've missed out on 3 items because the "get this" button won't work! AND I've missed all but 4 of the "×3" for the coins because the button to claim it won't work!!! And they want $2.99 for the ad free version!? NO! Fix these issues, give me the 3 items I lost because the app Y'ALL CREATED made it impossible for me to claim them, & then this game *MIGHT* be worth $2.99!!! To say I'm disappointed & upset is an understatement! And I know nobody will get to me about this.
4 ads (at least one of which was half a minute long) plus being forced to post a review.. And that's after playing level one only. I then paid for 'No Ads', but I still get just as many ads as before and the game hasn't even registered that I've paid.. (No option to restore purchases either.)
I played this game for pure morbid curiosity... It was mildly satisfying if you're into popping pimples and other weird stuff like that, but ultimately still disappointing, full of ads that didn't actually go away after I paid for "no ads", and buggy. I had to press the same button 30-40 times just to get it to work and it wasn't even worth it. I don't even KNOW how to contact support, but I want to request my money back for the ads I kept getting after paying to get rid of them... 😒
WARNING!!! This is a disgusting data collecting app! They want to collect your location (wifi and gps), phone status and identity. At the game start you have to agree that this dubious company collects personal data from users for their advertising purposes, alleged support and analysis purposes. The game is a primitive waste of lifetime.
STOP WITH THE ADVERTS (Not in the game adverts but adverts when I'm playing other games) I ALWAYS SEE EM WHEN IM EATING AND I STRUGGLE TO FINISH MY FOOD BECAUSE OF THE ADVERTS. yeah thats all I gotta say (sorry for caps)
Figure of speech. Jesus. The amount of ads is horrible. I'll do one part not even a level and get 30 second ads. The game is so filled with them and playing it gets worse and worse.
Scam. I paid the £2 whatever for ad free as my little one enjoys playing the game, and still have to deal with the ads. I'm hoping the developer will sort this without me having to go through Google play
Thank YOU ALL Previous players for your honest rates.While i was reading on 1 after the other it's obvious that you All have runned into the same problems. It's despicable that they take peoples money for removing ads and they dont return your purchase as a proffesional sites do.Also players saying there are more ads than play and that is purley more money for the ads to developers.There for I'll not have any intentions to even download your game.1 star to the app and 5 to previous players !
Awkward controls with too manycommercials whose length appeaches the game play time. Game locked up when a comercial was supposed to appear. I've been to podiarists and never known one to shave feet.
Ads halfway through the first game. very disappointing. two thumbs down. Fix it in a couple days and I won't delete the game.
This game in general is somewhat good,though the amount of ads in this game is insanity. It is satisfying and fun but it soon gets boring. Good game in general, 7/10, possibly recommend.Good job.
The game its self is good but too many adds so I paid the money for the ad free and am highly disappointed as I still have to watch an advert after every thing I do.
This game is so bad I nearly threw up dont download it but if you do and dont want ads just turn your Internet off on your device but I suggest not to because it is really bad like 🤮🤮🤮 forever
Ads every 30sec.. LITERALLY! After about 30 levels, and about 60 ads, there wasnt anything new anymore. Ad shows more procedures, but all there is to do is clipping toenails, filing/cooling feet, and dry skin removal (yuck).. then the ears w wax that pop in randomly.. never played anything so repetitive in my life, it feels like every level is the same so its as much fun as it would be to repeat level 1 50x..i dont recommend it, find a better game. Also do NOT pay for AD removal, it doesnt work!
Ads between every level and ads in the middle of some levels and then optional ads to get some extras, and the gage isn't that interesting anyway so not worth paying money to get rid of ads.
The review is for the disgusting ad I saw whilst playing another game. There is no way I will play this awful game. Would give 0 if it were possible.
Good game, but way too many adverts and thats stops you from really getting in to the game. You get an advert after every step, so I am finding spending more time watching adverts than I am playing the game and it shouldn't be like this. So I will be removing the game, even though the game itself is fun and I liked playing it.
I wanted to give this game a chance, I even spent money to remove all the ads. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT! I still got ads, even when I didn't click on the whole x3 for an ad thing no no no. I got an ad even though I paid for no ads. Thank you so much for ruining my day, I hope you enjoy the money you terrible and horrid people
Such a stupid and annoying game really ...I mean it...I will never recommend this game to anyone... Does anyone make a game of treating foot injury.......yikes...it's graphics are horrible...It almost feels like vomiting on the mobile phone...really bad game ...I didn't even want to give this game 1 star...I wish I could give it negative marking...Really bad experience... Don't download this game...it just takes your storage...that's all...such a stupid game....
The game itself is fine and runs smoothly. The issue is theres an add half way through the round, and after it. Makes it hard to enjoy it when you have to watch an add every 15 seconds, and theres no way in hell im paying to remove adds for a game that will die off in a week
This app is not the best I have over 40 thousand gems, the levals are repetitive and the app takes 5 seconds to load when you press something if I were you I would definitely not install this game
Deleted the gane because of too many ads. They asked me if I wanted to watch an ad for a prize, I pressed no thanks, and the game proceeds to give me an ad anyways. Also the game throws ads after every level, which is basically every 10 seconds. And they even put ads in the MIDDLE of an level. 100% would not recommend because of the amount ads, you can't even enjoy the game. Never redownloading or reccomending. This game isn't even worth 10 ads within the first 2mins of use.
This game is all do this action, watch an ad, do this action, watch and as. The whole game is an ad festival.
This is a good game but it looks gross. i like it still. you guys should play it. it has a lot of ads but it doesn't really bother me to much so yah its a good game.
I just don't like it because it looks like a 2001 game :> just saying MEWO idk why i say that but still I just don't like it yes I give it a one
I hate this game graphics are good but it's disgusting I couldn't even get past level one without wanting to throw up or feel incredibly uncomfortable 😞🙏
I literally spent twice as much time on commercials than play, I get that someone hast to pay for development and upkeep but how can you even find out if you like a game if all you do is wait 60 seconds between 13 second boards.
Too repetitive. I have money accrued, but seems to be no where to go with it. Very often opening up for a vaccine, etc will not happen due to internet connection - wrong. Getting bored with it, will likely remove this game.
The amount of adds in the game is redicules. I mean vome on, and add after ever tool use?? That's a bit much. I could have finished some of the levels waaaaay sooner if it wasn't for the fact you get literally two seconds of play time before the next add pops up. Also, shouldn't have to pay $3 for normal game play.