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🐲 Dragon Fighters: Legendary Battle

🐲 Dragon Fighters: Legendary Battle for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by ZeroGame located at Rio de Janeiro, Bra-xin . The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.
🐲 Dragon Fighters Legendary Battle set could be the fight between warriors z group with black colored, zamas, struck, jirend ... later on. all fighter Join into the tournament of universe. You can expect to select one and fight others in 1 versus 1 or in Challenger mode, transform to ssj, ssj2/3 and 4…

You are never beaten, battle in order to become the Warrior that is famous as well as the desire associated with the dragon god.

✅ Go, Attach, KI Blast, Teleport, Block, Energy, Transform, Counter
✅ TAB Affix To combo.
✅ Power + Attach: super attach
✅ Power + KI Blast: Ki Beam, Final Flash. Death Beam
✅ specialized skill: Energy Ball, Dragon Strike, Death Ball, Big Bang Attack

✅ 29+ Z Warriors Transform
✅ 10+ Fantastic Maps
✅ 4+ Game Mode
✅ Amazing impact & Graphic.

Enjoy it now!!

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the 🐲 Dragon Fighters: Legendary Battle.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
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User Reviews
The game is decent overall, but there is one thing that really gets on my nerves. The sprites have grey dots all over them, and the sprites don't have eyes. I'm not sure if a developer messed with them, or if it's just a glitch. Either way, please correct this problem.
This is the best game ever I love it it's so cool and easy to master really I wish I could rate it a million stars and can you add evolved blue forms and ultra instinct (mastered and un mastered)
This game is great, but could you add vegeta super Saiyan god and gogeta super Saiyan and super Saiyan blue, if this is added i would be glad to play with.
Love the game... But dont like the Fact that my guard can be broken so easily... This game needs online mode and a dash button for faster more intense battles... Other than that..im VERY IMPRESSED 😁😁😁😁
Even though I haven't played it yet i can see that it is an awsome game. I have a question is there ultra instinct goku
Awesome game but there is a few things that could be better. 1. You should be able to transform through all the forms like the Ai can. If the AI is to op you wont like the game. 2. Make the characters less expensive. SSJB Goku should NOT be 20k zeni. 3. Add more transformations instead of just 1 form and full power mode. Overall great game would reconnmmend. 😁😁
I really love this game. But please add ui and mui goku, jiren, toppo, master roshi, gogeta all forms,vegeta god, whis, piccolo, rage trunks and goku ssj4.
Awesome game devs i like,but the reason why i rated it 4 stars because of one reason "No online multiplayer"
This game is Good--could use a few more characters tho--untill u turn up the difficulty, then it's trash, difficulty in games like these is supposed 2 be the Ai simulating a GOOD player, but this dev/devs thinks difficulty is having the Ai react to ur moves AS U INPUT THEM, litterally, it's like I'm controlling the enemy, so as I'm trying 2 beat a bot it's making PERFECT counters, PERFECT combos, PERFECT supers, I'm getting my ass handed 2 me by Krillin as SSGSS GOKU on "normal" level....WTFH!?!
I feel great when playing the game but plz the creator of the game plz put super saiyan 4 between super saiyan 3 and super saiyan god and add many people to the game and storymode and goku ultra instinct and let some of the people turn to that big monkey guys and add zeno and jiren and also add tournament of power plz i will be happy KO
Its a great app I told a lot of my friends and they love it but I suggest u remove this pixel and put the normal animation pls
I love the game but the reward money is to small and again add more characters like goku ui, jiren and more but i love the game
I love when they use special attack, i love it. Nothing's wrong in this game but pls add some more characters and their transformation and also add some story mode and quick play
Nice to play with your family are healthy but I don't want any foreigners to get the papers from a few weeks before I have a household ready so I'll put them on my way home from tomorrow for a quick while and I'll be going to Zimbabwe this holiday with a couple more days off then and a couple more months for my family is going on but will look at this weekend
Omg, one of the most best dragon ball z games I have ever played honestly. The game is so good and I just have so much good stuff to say about the game, it's excellent, but do you know something that would make the game way better UI Goku and MUI Goku. Please, please, please add them the game would be so much better with them.
Wow 😳😳 awesome ❤️ game.I love it beautiful 💓 but I have question to ask is there ultra instinct in this game? plz tell me
I love it, but on the next update add the new version of BROLY from the DBS broly movie. and improve the animations of the game i mean the graphics. Thats it please do this.
Great game but can't seem to pass 1 power increase Super sayin ..... If something could be done about that then i would have given it a 5 star
Honestly the game is good but it would be nice if you can add ui goku and mui goku apart from that the game is all good
Nice game but work on the following:- 1-graphics of KI fight,2-increase the KI by 300,3-Speed of our warrior,4-The rewards are so less according to the prices of characters,5-Please make a dash flight button,6-Please add more characters like android 17,Master roshi,hit,champa and specially goten and kid trunks,7-add more transformations of goku and vegeta(he have ssg,ssj4 to)and finally add a group fight feature too with ability of doing fusion in between the fight.please do the following things
The game is awesome, I love it. But it needs to be updated, like add characters like Super Saiyan God Vegeta, Ssj Gogeta, Ui Goku, and Jiren. Add a dash button, more combos, . But all and all, I love it
Great game I love the combat system I have played it for quite a while and can't seem to put my phone down. That said it would be awesome if you could add Ultra instinct Goku and Jiren into the game and some dialogue to some characters.
The game is very fun to play its attacks and special moves look amazing but some of the characters like freeze and other fighters are really op but when you use the freeza your useing it's not op only the npc are better
It's not much different from the other pixle game. But this is more challenging especially the boss battlle so frustrating cause I always lose it. This game juust needs JIREN!!! 🤔🤔🤔
Wow this game is cool you should add mui goku, ssgss evolution vegeta , jiren, jiren full power and broly full power in dragon ball super movie