Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs for PC

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Raise and train a legendary army of...

User reviews

  • Ian Cairns
    Ian Cairns

    This game I can show everyone how to play this game with out spending a penny its so easy build a good base to start with and then the rest happens from their stop complaining and play the game its up to you if you put your hand in your pocket not the game. Happy gaming everyone

  • Sarah Sager
    Sarah Sager

    I loved this game when I first started playing but then they started changing everything. Now, if you want to get anywhere in this game you have to pay. There are so many glitches in this game. I have been trying to get to Elite rank in the arena for over a month now and I can't because every time the day starts over I have to start back all the way from the lowest rank because I never get my challenges in time. There are so many other problems with this game. They don't make things fair anymore.

  • Ginia Burdick
    Ginia Burdick

    DOA mobile Wonderful game...updates to correct glitches and bugs are slow and cumbersome.

  • Hassan Khan
    Hassan Khan

    Ok Game is great but performance wise lags a lot takes forever to load after closing and gets stuck at times too... And I hate that rubies can't do anything unless I use money

  • Todd Topolski
    Todd Topolski

    It's OK became more like a job Was a great game at first. But this is basically a spend money to get anywhere game and even with massive spending you don't get much. Trying to not spend, this game will take over a year to get a small city. The leveling of dragons or troops is worse than a full time boring job. This had the potential to be a great game But in the end it simply costs to much money or time to be any fun. I originally 4 starred it. Move on, find a less expensive game

  • John Chappell
    John Chappell

    Rating now -10 Well Kabam finally screwed up this one even worse. Can't stay in game to do anything. Can't even start a building upgrade on firedragon island without getting kicked out of game. First The Hobbit will no longer allow me to play and now Heirs of the Dragon. Kabam needs to get out of the gaming business and just be grifters. Would be more honest that way

  • Sarah Perks
    Sarah Perks

    No longer fair I feel the "free to play" is no longer an option on this game and that the changes have made it impossible to play without spending money and I feel that to be misleading and false advertising.

  • Alex N
    Alex N

    Good game I love this game but the flying dragon minigame is a piece of crap. I hit the top pole when im all the way at the bottom and i dont even double tap. Plz get rid of flying dragon? Or make it not bad? Plz

  • Christopher Robison
    Christopher Robison

    Destroyed the game. The games no longer enjoyable it's flat pay to win with people having millions of premium troops making it incapable of survival, along with ever dying servers because people just give up.

  • Brandi MacKenzie
    Brandi MacKenzie

    Update I love this game, but with the new update theres alot of problems. Notice all the reviews saying how you keep making the game WORSE and being more and more MONEY HUNGRY. This was a really good, FAIR game before.

Download Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs for Computer

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
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Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs Download