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Drawmaster for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Playgendary Limited located at Maximos Michailidis 6 MAXIMOS PLAZA TOWER 3 3106 Limassol Cyprus [email protected]. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
Let's try to draw the trajectory this is certainly perfect shoot. Master it and locate the arrow road this is certainly better to resolve the problem inside our archery online game. Don&# forget that is 39;t avoid the collisions and make yes your arrow achieves the target.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Drawmaster.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Drawmaster for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
I like this game it's better then bowmasters because it doesn't have a lot of ads tho but it's still cool tho I don't have bowmasters but I might get the app it's pretty cool tho
There was something wrong with your game the spikes were stuck it cannot move same like your boss fights can you fix it please
This is a good game but I have adds popping up every 1 minute and I can't press the x button so I have to wait for the entire add to be over and it takes like five minutes I'm sorry
Playgendary games are go though if ads a are ruining your experience the good thing about playgendary games kicks in if you turn off data all ads disappear so these games are amazing. Though the only other problem is that the levels repeat. Otherwise the games really fun. Keep it up playgendary :D
You should download this game it's the best game ever it's really fun and it is really really good because it's not usual to get good or bad ads because the ads are like not even longer like 8 to 10 seconds and I would suggest you to really to really I shouldn't I would suggest you to download it because it's really good of a game and and I said I'm subscribed and the character among Us character is really good
I love this game because it gives me the costume to play darts and I know how to play bow and arrow I love on just can you make a third one the second one and all of them you can imagine please
This game is just one more mediocre ad game. It's gameplay gets old quick, as they don't develop it properly. To solve this, they introduce confusing mechanics all the time. All of it's assets are reused from their other bad games. Most, if not all, characters are stolen. 2 examples are Tracer (Overwatch) and Spy (TF2). And if that wasn't enough, there are ads at every touch. The in-app purchases are too expensive and useless. Waste your brain cells on something else.
Much other games repeat the same level as you go but I don't really play this game so I might uninstall he game but I don't have that much problems to discuss with this game But I know that this game could be boring
Ads ads and more ads. Screw this. Uninstall. This could have been a fun time waster but all the ads render it unplayable. Just sell the stupid game for $1.99...sheesh.
My 2 week old nephew was able to beat this game. Is beyond easy, the developers just made an app designed to riddle you with ads and then added a "game" on the side
WAY too many ads for not such a fun game but like there are like way more ads than this game should have
It's fun & cool you can unlock many stuff to upgrade like swordfish or cutlasses(idk if they have those)but other then that it's fun.
I really like this game. But it keeps repeating level alot. But still I really really like this game.
I Like this game,sometimes ads are annoying if you forget to turn off your data or disconnect on wifi,but i like their strategy on how they timing their ads,and also Game is Funny,they have a lot Gimmick,cause of experience they force me to rate them a 5 stars. They fool me. Haha
The games perfect! Expect the ads I'm playing in a tournament and it keeps giving me ads every single round I finish its annoying please fix the amount of ads
This is stupid and dumb (rip-off). When I try to get the 🐈, I can't until I watch ads and I can't do the first one and I don't have a πŸ’³ on the phone so I try watch ads and nothing happens!!!😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ€¬πŸ€¬πŸ€¬πŸ€¬πŸ€¬πŸ€¬πŸ€¬πŸ€¬πŸ€¬πŸ€¬πŸ€¬πŸ€¬πŸ€¬πŸ˜‘😑😑😑😠😭😭😭
Please don't waste your time on this game first it stoll from other games and the concept of other games. Gives you adds after every half level. This game just flat out sucks
i really hate it how u r force to get the party cat i have to wait 1 day till its over its dumb u should replace the cat with a dog or bunny please remove this dumb cat i hate cat they are the worst animal dog and bunny are better remove the cat please if u do i will give five stars if u dont then it stays ar one star got it so REMOVE THE CAT ITS THE WORSE I WANNA PLAY THE GAME NOT WAIT FOR 1 DAY FOR THE EVENT TO BEGONE PLEASE REMOVE IT UGH I HATE IT PLEASEEEE REMOVE THE DUMB UGLY STUPID CAT PLS
You draw lines and your arrows follow it regardless of physics etc and the biggest challenge is not colliding arrows with your color coded ally. Oh and then you watch ads. Stupid easy and boring Also just let me go to next level, dont boot me to main menu each time, thats annoying.
Adds adds adds... Played this game for 12 minutes and i am sure more than half that was spent watching adds... Not to mention its nothing like the add for this game
Takes half n hour to load after every single lever there is a ad don't install this game Its not good Totally different from ad
I got till lvl 90 and i noticed the levels repeat. Events are fun but after you finish all 4 of them the game is pretty much over. Its boring and repeptitive from then on. The rank leaderboard is obviously fake, idk why even make that if you make it so obvious. It was fun while it lasted. Played it with wifi off because of ads as well.
Ads out the ass and they wont let you skip any of them. I didnt even get to the third level before seeing 3 ads
Cool I love it so much that is a good idea to play dread the game room for the game room 🀣 I'm going back πŸ”™ I'm done with my school πŸŽ’πŸŽ’πŸŽ’πŸŽ’ I need food and always will be in the morning
Too much freaking ads! The skip button is a lie because even if you don't click it an ad still appears. NOT EVERYTHING NEEDS AN AD!
Seems fun. What I've played of it anyway. Anytime I go to claim my prize it just freezes and won't let me. I restart the game, redo level two, same thing all 5 times. I would love to play more of it though.
This game is stupid, it has so many ads that you can't play in any level. It also lags so many times. It annoys me😠😠😠😠😠😠 Fix this game plz. And no ads. Whoever wants to play this game, you might want to delete it cuz of the ads. UNINSTALL THIS GAME IT SUKS
I love this game and who cares if it copies when it copies I have more challenges and I have so many skins and so many weapons that I just love this game so much and if I were to delete it I would be so mad keep up the good to work!!πŸ‘πŸΌ
Good game. But I have a problem playing this game the level is all the same no new. I hope you make new level thx
Ads ads ads weather you want it or not they will force you to watch it over and over again I really enjoyed the game but the ads is a deal breaker it really make me stop playing more than once. I don't recommend it. You asked for a rate here it is.
I enjoy killing the villains that get mixed up I enjoy killing mafias I enjoy killing everybody and plus with multiple people it makes it harder I like killing the people in the game and I like it I like it when I beat the mission it's very satisfying for the sound effects and I love it so much and that's why you should get this game I make this game I wish I could make it even more than five stars I wish I could make it a million stars cuz then I would not even a million stars that's really
Add played when I left the screen untouched for 10 seconds, boring gameplay, too easy for anyone with two brain cells to rub together. Would not recommend. Also was suggested from Facebook
I would rate this a 5 star but rn its a 4 the game starts to crash alot but if yall can fix it it'd be nice
It's a good game, just too many interruptions. Play two levels shop, another two levels hammer, another two levels bonus stage another level, as, another level tournament, battle pass, dice roll. I. Do. Not. Care. Just let me play the goddamn stages.
It's a good game although kinda boring once you beat all the levels and do them over again but either than that it's a good game
An absurd amount of ads. Game is not as advertised, just draw a line and then watch another 30-45 seconds ad. 3 seconds of game play to 45 seconds of ads.
This game is so much fun you can make cool art just to kill one guy and the physics are accurate if 2 arrows hit each other they fly off of the line etc. Its just really fun. 5 STARS
I like the game it was pretty niceI like how they put red Arrow and shooter the thank you to make this I don't have more to tell thank you
I'm here to complain that ever since I got to level 207, the game has been constantly loading and it doesn't do anything but stick to the loading screen. I have to exit the game and go back in the game and it keeps doing it. I would really love it if you stop this constant loading or else I don't have no choice but to uninstall the game.
So much f@Β£!♧€g ads i never seen in my life in a 20 minutes gameplay, i mean i know it's a free game and you have too monitize it somehow but come one, i refuse an ads for a new skin, i hit no thanks but still gives me some kind of ad
I love this game because it reminds me of bow masters and I played bow masters alot but one complaint sometimes I get alot of ads and sometimes less ads
Terrible extremely ad heavy. I was trying to actually play it as it seemed fun, but as I was playing not once not twice but THREE times I get an ad in the middle of the game AS MY ARROW IS STILL FLYING to the enemy. Then after the round ended, another ad. Instant delete.
So this was almost kinda funny to me, but while my arrow was still flying through the air, it played a 30 second unskippable ad and then went back to continue the arrow flying in the air. Are you kidding me? An ad while the game is mid real gameplay? Ridiculous. I wish that I could do more than leave a review to let people know about this. Idk maybe I'll tweet this to Danny Gonzalez or something and get it an audience on YouTube.
It's fun but I purchased the golden ticket pass twice because it didnt register I bought it. I tried getting out amd back in the game but it still loads like I didnt make the purchase.
After like a hundred levels the levels start appearing again and it is very repetitive and there are a lot of ads
This game is just calming and fun if this game could let u add your friends then it would be the best game in the world but I still love it it's my favorite game because I can just relax
It's a very fun game And you can fire the arrow were ever you want! And that's cool so a lot more ppl shoos so unload this game
Ok this is good and im not h8ing but you cant play this with wifi on. Too many adds just please cut down on the adds and paid stuff Its not ok. However i love this and it is very fun. Please calm down on the add stuff like when you unlock character it says No thanks or you have to watch an add to get it. Why are you guys doing this cant you make a fun game whilst not beimg money hungry? Your like EA but for mobile nothing but micro transactions and bullcrap like that so fix this in futre games.
This game is so stupid I installed it and it was not working only showing the loading screen. I only gave it one star because the address looked interesting
I paid for your stupid season pass, to get rid of ads. It didn't give me anything. You just took my money and gave nothing back. Scammers. Don't buy anything from this game.
I hate this due to its ads. No matter how fun the game is r just ruining the experience with ads. I will continue to rate 1 star in all of ur games until u remove ads from all o' them
I love love love it its so fun the reason why I only rated it 4 stars is because I'm playing on tablet it only lets me play like if I was texting someone but its super super fun
This game is good I like that they have new levels but I know that some of the levels are repeating themselves
This game is fun to me and my brother but, I think you should take away the blood and all. Also when I do the monster hit on the machine, there is no continue button. But I rate five stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Well..I have been through bowmasters,but this is way better i love the way how the characters turn red in the games makes it look different I think this game is real and deserves a 5 star rating for all the hard work
Ok this game is good but then when I came back to play this game it was stuck like I couldn't play so I restart the game but still wont work so please fix this I've been putting my effort to get those cool stuff I buyed
It is actually good though but I want you developers make gamemodes I pressed on the add that I saw about like tubes and thing can you make gamekode not like reach level to hit that gamemide if you would do that's thanks
Honestly didnt think an ad game would be so fun, so many fun levels and characters to collect with fun Easter eggs, I really hope you continue to expand the roster of characters, weapons, and pets and even give more use to hammers, fun game overall, I reccomend if you enjoyed Bowmasters!!
This is a good game it help there arent a lot of ads thaat the good thing and this is way better than bowmasters
Fix the loading screen bug bruh, then the game would be would be perfect ,dont mine the ads like if you dont like them pay but yo this purple loading screen bug has to be fixed you get it when you hit higher stages i like the game but yeah yall need to look into cheers
I would have giving 5 stars if every once in a while the game didn't give me an endless amount of ads after beating a stage
Way too many ads, and every single one is hidden. You'll have the option for a bigger or smaller reward, but sometimes regardless of which you pick you get the ad, but if you chose the smaller reward the add will be shorter or skippable. And there is nothing to indicate whether or not the button you are about to click will give you an ad, and often you will be stuck with the unskippable ad.
amazing game very addicting already completed every level of the base and on 138 level and no2 in bronze league and i love this game very much reccomending
It was a good game, but I have over 400 hammers and have nothing to spend it on also have 40 skins and guns so it would be nice if they added some new zones in BASE THAT WOULD BE NICE!!!!!!
The first day that I downloaded this game it let me complete a few levels with constant ads...and the next day it wouldn't let me in at all 🧐
Good game please make the pets do more but other than that it's fun to play please keep on making more updates
The "game" is basilly a copy of there previous games, wayyy to many ads and a lot of the levels cannot be passed.
It's a good game but there's 2 problems about it! The first problem is that it's copyrighted cuz it does fortnite dances. The second one is that the music is to loud
I agree with gabe every ending level means an ad and this game has to many ads. And btw every download means more money for the people that make the ads about and the creators of the game and go waste your brain cells on somthing else like fortnite brawl stars or Minecraft but not on this. This app will make you die quicker I promise.AND WHAT EVER YOU DO DON'T INSTALL THIS APP!
Hello,this game iss soo much fun & all but the reoson i gave this 2 stars are only bc of these unnecessary ads,bc of those my phone crashed and i had to restart my phone.like every 2 lvls there is an AD. And its sooo annoying
AMAZING! game soo cool and fun you earn new skins and weapons so cool right you should get it right now so muchhhhh fun!!!!
I love this game but usually in the commercials it just goes wrong and sometimes it looks fine but it ain't but this one is my favorite!
Too many ads, so bad and severe that I'm only on level 5 and I'm literally stuck, pls don't download this game pls, so many ads that it's more than playgendary's grandma's age
The game's good up to certain level andthen they are repititive. Fun to play the first time but as time goes a bore game.😟
This was exactly what I was looking for cause there was a ad and it was fake but this is the real deal
I relly like this app its also better than bow master you shold download this app today 1. you can draw where the arrow goes 2. its free 3. if you turn off your internet there will be no ads!
This game is garbage I played 3 levels (1 second each) and saw 4 minutes of adds. Dont the app creators understand that when they literally abuse you with adverts you just want to uninstall?
It's good but when u play it several time they gave u same levels and then nothing interesing at that time no challenges nothing happens
In my opinion, THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!. It's funny animations and dances makes me feel like I want to join them! Keep it up Drawmaster!
It's a really cool and fun game it is a blast to play but the ads are really bad but other than that it's fun!
I dont mind ads in free games. But this is ridicilous. Almost after every level there is an ad. And levels at the begining aren't interesting or enjoyable. I don't know how they expect anyone would enjoy their free app or playbit long enough to get the premium version
Edit: devs don't care. Game for babies. Please put ads while I'm drawing the lines maybe then I'll pay even $10 a week to make that stop. Do you think 5 second ads are going to stop me from playing your easy game? Well maybe you have these other kids fooled but four stars isn't going to get you anywhere in this app store. I barely spend $10 a week on my child, why do you think I would let him play this game without ads? That's literally insanity I hope you sleep well at night you cradle robbers!
This is one of my favorite games and if u dont believe me try this game has no lag soo fun and a good game to play in a challenge or on a YouTube channel you should definitely try this game out
I know that the game is not very updating right now. I think you should improve adds or remove adds with it! Also, if you see this give credit to the creators! Thank you creators!...
Keeps on not leting me draw, kicks me out, sends me here, FIX IT FIX IT! please. Anyways WORST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!
Within 5 seconds the game tries to force you to pay 5.99 a week. 30 second ads after every level which are completely brain dead.
Although i just started, this game is so good and it's one of the best games to play in your free time.If your reading this make sure you download the game because you will love it.
Great game quite fun and interactive, uninstalled after 20mins cause there was too many ads, maybe cut the frequency down in half and it would be enjoyable
You see... Its not the gameplay i dislike... I really like it... Its the inhumane amount of ads... And the price if you want to remove them... Also the fact that there is no username censoring...
This app is fun in all but sometimes it wont let me get prizes it just gives me ads every 20 seconds please fix that bug.
terrible game, the creators are completely parasites. There are so many advertisements that it is just awful it is not possible to play. Application for viewing advertisements, nothing else. Designed to take money. meaningless content. The creators are apparently newbies. who wanted to get rich.
Like how you can drag the area where you want it to shoot and I also like how the characters are detailed and to tell you the guns are pretty cool and your game is a five-star rating game in my opinion and it should be in everybody else's
This game is LEGENDARY!!!!!. I love it since I was a kid but my problem is the ads they are too many!
This is very good game but you should add login from Google Play so I can play it with the same account.
Funny, even tho im offline somehow the ranking system is still making up in the ladder, without internet connection soooo as i see the whole rank system is rigged, while i make 2 levels with 10 skulls the ai ranks up with 100.... anyway nice and good but not so many levels, some levels like the boss and that type of levels are good but in total its rigged and easy to farm gems and skins ....
I just wanna play just let me play stol with the ads every 10seconds and the "do want this by watching an ad" when theres ot even an x to get out of it just gotto sit there wishing to play the game.
The game is good but there are way to many ads But there are also a lot of variety of bows and skins.
Game was fun and entertaining for a while but then it started to slow down as i had unlocked all the content or close to it. One day i try to open the game and it doesn't open, hasnt opened for weeks. Now when it finally reopens after several reinstallations, all my data is gone. Bs especially since i spent the money to have no ads for a more streamlined experience. Don't waste your time with this trash. So glitchy.
I like the game but it keeps freezing on a landing screen after every level or two.. I have to close the app and reload it! And there are way to many ads!
To many ads of you cut down on the ads I would rate this game five stars but to many ads keep me from get into the game so I can't keep playing I got to level 270 it keep the loading screen up I can't play so cut down on the ads
It's a really good game, and great to pass the time. If your interested in fun little mobile games, give this a real shot
Ive had this game for like a week and its one of thr best games ive ever played barely any ads gameplay is smooth they have cheap prices for subscriptions good job on this game really i love it 5 star
This is such a fun app and you can draw where it goes like the add said the add was not fake this game is the best
I rate 3 🌟 stars because he put always ads but the game is so nice good job for who created this game πŸ‘Œ
The game is just waaaay too boring.. levels repeat and it becomes so easy and boring. I have so much coins and gems and i have no idea what to do with it.. just delete this piece of trash
I like the game but so many ads and I always get a problem where I get stuck on a loading screen and I have to restart the game, until it happens again!!
Force ads, 5, 15, 30 sec ads! Great News you see them after every other play! Waste of time downloading, anyone giving a good review is fake or paid to do so!!!
Good but 1 thing wrong its all ads not working my little brother plays to and he says ads not working
Well its good and you ads are annoting so i turn of my internet and there ads are gone, so bassicly like hitmaster but all level is you need to draw so yeah what your talking i rate 5 stars of how good the game is.
Absolutely an amazing game it would be 5 stars but when I click off of something it always makes me watch an ad
It's a good game but turn off your data or wifi and it we'll be better but yes they have copied other popular games to be honest
This game is really fun I love it at the start you do the basics and before I played it started to become my favorite app on this phone and I like putting friday night funkin songs while I play this game.
The game is fun i collected all the guns but now on level 364 is the shop sound but its a screen whit draw masters logo and its a glitch its a fun game but my viewers need to watch itbut i cant restart the game every 10 sec its long time if edeting just update it
Ads everywhere. Once you complete the dice event and the base, the hammers and dice become useless. The boss events are obviously fake as I completed am event which would end in hours. The next day, I got another boss event. People in the leagues are fake and too many horrible skins. The jack-o-lantern skin looks perfect as a profile picture but the actual one looks fatter. Unlogical as people die and shooters dance and celebrate. You have killed 1000 people and still happy. You won't die at all
Avoid! Ads in this take take away from any fun you would potentially have. I'm sure I'll get the same robotic response as everyone else which means the developers don't care and aren't bothered! Void like the plague!
It's a really fun app I just wish you could get guns and people faster but it is so fun 5/5 guys rate it 5 star
A very great game but every shot ads coming we should 100 percent get an ad blocker all ads player have 0 iq bring them to junior kindergarten
It's an ok game to pass the time. However none of the ad's will load for me and I can't claim anything.
The number of ads and trigger for ads is ridiculous. This game loads ads if you don't give it an input for 20 seconds, between stages, and even when you tell it to skip ads because you aren't interested in 100 extra coins. What's also bad? The game constantly crashes during it's loading screen. You can't go thirty seconds without an ad or a crash.
Good good but the wheel you can't see when if it is close or spin but it is a good game I will give it 4 stars
Great game, but the fact that you dont have special trails is very sad, I would like to suggest to add trails because me and my sister loves it.
It's a good game but the ads are annoying. It's like every 1 or 2 levels there's an ad and it's really annoying. But other than that it's good
I have only played a dozen or so levels so far. But all I can say is that it was worth the extensive download time (28 mins). I will keep playing it until my fingers fall off! 😍😍😍
When you put an ad after every two levels that makes your game much less enjoyable it's handy even worth playing unless you use airplane mode of you lessen the amount of ads I'd actually give it 4 stars
so it is pretty fun it may be a little easy but it's still fun but so it's pretty fun I don't really have anything to say I don't see any bugs right now so just saying I may find bugs but for now I can't find any
Way to much ads and the gameplay is not like it was in the ad I saw I'm uninstalling this game🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬
I would give it more than 1 start if I could even open the game whenever I open draw master is shows draw master playgendery and it just shows the same thing I even tried to keep the game for an hour πŸ˜‘ but the same thing like the games name and it's company
I enjoy this game, it's fun and a good way to kill time. What would make it 5 stars for me is if I could use the coins to buy gems or the hammer things or something. I don't actually know what to do with them, so they just keep accumulating. And if I could set locked weapons/skin so I don't have to keep changing it back when I get new ones.
I really love this game so much and sometimes i would stay all night by playing this game. But THE ADs. I think theres way many ads in this game. Like sometimes the ads took control of its self, whenever i play one per turn, an ad always comes up and i can say it really annoys me so much 😣😫. Please make less ads
It's really good but I wish you can play pvp with each other, it has good graphics, smooth play and alot of gore but it's so fun watching them DIE :)
This game is fun but what rued it is the ad the company is like EA if u don't 'subscribe' or pay something u don't get skins please make the ads a little less -that my wallet talking
This game is good i played it for months but pls add some levels when i finish at the end of the level it go back to start
I would've done a five star but not enough levels. Around level 84 it starts u back at the beginning.
I enjoy this game. But after clear the stage, game stuck on drawmaster background & not able to play then i have to restart the game every time i clear the level. Kindly fix this issue. Thank u
It is a great game but it has alot of ads. Reduce the ads i had to turn down the WI-FI but i will give you a five stat if you refuce the ads but for now it is three stars,πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ.
This game is fun and good The character/The gun skin is good the event is good this game make me no bored don't worry guys if too many ads you can turn of you wifi to disable ads and if my wifi error this game can help me game ofline
I love the game but there are To many inappropriate ads! If you can can you remove them. Thank you❀
Hey, I love your game but your making me hate it, every single time I finish a level there is a 20 seconds ads if not 20 there's 30 fix it and I'll rate 5 star.
The ad for the game was completely misleading, the game has no challenge, and way too many ads even for a free version.
I won't recommend this game beacuse it is showing sexual advertisement which is not good for childrens. Please update your advertisement policies. These are children games you must be aware of these policies.
This game has good graphics but the only thing that I don't like about it is that it is very complicated at first but first it gets complicated but then when you start playing for a while it's not that complicated piece bro
Very bad game first. the loading is so laggy i tried 3 times but it cant open so its error everytime Second. When the screen finally opens it lags again when i pressed the 'x' button on free premium it says restore purchase and what the hell its broken
Redesign crossover of "Hitmasters" and this boring line draw parking game. Whacky gfx and offline capable. If the ADnoyance wasn't so intrusive and rewarded ADnoyance would work consistently and if the game did not freeze and crash occasionally, this would be a clear 4 to5 star candidate.
The game idea is a good one but I just can't with the amount of ads making is so laggy to the point of the game not being playable I move my finger to draw,it freezes for a sec and then after I'm done making a complex path to nail my enemy in the head it just goes straight down to the platform I'm standing on
Its a good game, but it's hard sometimes to control where the arrow goes. This may just be me, but yeah.
This sucks it isn't even that fun or challenging plus there is ads In the middle of a game and the app barely even opens.
This game is very enjoyable. Anyoume can play it. And its a really good way to past time if you are bored.
I like the game a lot but there 1 as in 1 reason why I don't like this game is because it won't let me get the free outfits, guns and EVERYTHING!!! but above all that it's a fun game
It is cool game and keeps me comferted and feel good plus it's satisfying because of the killing and the flying swords or objects any way this game is the best
This game is so good. I love what they did to the animation and I'm glad that I'm able to some new skins, weapons, and stages!
Game is decent, I'll give it that but you get Ad screwed too much, And it seems like theres an impossible level just to force you to skip the level with an ad
Horrible to many adds i bought the pack and still adds then i try to watch an add for a skin and it doesnt work avoid it as if it was covid
I like the game but it keeps freezing on a landing screen after every level or two.. I have to close the app and reload it! And there are way to many ads! Update the game no longer even opens for me 😒
Pretty bad game and I get ads when I open the game, finish 1 level or before I start a level sometimes I go afk and still get ads
The game is quite good but it needs less adverts. Every second its Download this or install that but otherwise its ok
I've spent more time watching adds than playing the game. Reduce the amount of adds! Plus they are 30sec long! No skip button!!!
Kinda boring i've reach level 900 every 100++ level it will repeat same things. Tips if you want to play without ads, just block it from using internet connection (data/wifi) vefore open the game.
This game is really awesome i like the realistic falls as a normal person would do if he or she got hit
Literlly the best game i ever played. Thats all i want to say but the ads are infinite so pls if you can fix the ads to be a little more thats all i want...
this game is very fun and good but the ads never load. if your going to unlock a cool pet you cant because ads it takes like 30mins to get your prise
The games clones the same level over and over again Why is this game using its level over and over again why just why this game is just useless now
Ads every 10 seconds. Can't exit the app while ad is playing, any touch on the screen opens ad details. Reported as harmful.
Game wouldve been fun if not for the ads. A 30second Ad greeted me into the game? *cringe*. Also.. i cant get myself to fully immerse into the moment because the ads keep interrupting me. Please dont spam them every few seconds damn. GIVE US ENOUGH TIME TO REALLY GET INTO THE GAME FIRST. To become fully interested before you bombard us with ads. Its such a turn off for a game that couldve been great. Smh. Id support the ads but let us properly get to know the game first. Tsk
It is a very easy game to play and there no constant ad pops ups, whenever I play a game then there usually a lot of ad pop ups.
This game is so annoying and i hate this, this game is full of ads. They always put animations which are annoying if you're in a rush. I would've made it 5 stars if the game wasnt full of ads and the animations were faster
I just downloaded this game and can tell that I will absolutely love it! If your looking for a fun game definitely try this game.
Honestly, it isnt very challenging and it might not even be becuase they dont do anything creative but simply due to the concept. Being able to bring your arrow anywhere as long as it does not touch something else means that you can just move up and down in one spot and completely ignore the timing levels are trying to get you to do. I have also run across a bug in level 44 where the spike does not fall down and makes the level impossible to complete. Combine this with the ads and it gets 1 star
It's is trash and the only reason i am saying that is bc if you uninstall it then reinstall i got a glich where i can't do anything and you can't redo challenges like the party cat challenge but it may just be me idk
Its agood game but when i trun off the wifi to not whach an ad and when i turn it back on to get a skin it has a cont down and i do not get the skin
Nice game,everything is easy to get ,no real money needed.Developers understands users well,thanks. Playing this game makes me happy and i forget all my depressions untill i close the app. This game made my day and i expressed it . DEVELOPERS THANK YOU. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
I really wanted to like the game, but like everyone else is saying, the ads are just scummy. You get ads for just sitting in the menu for a few seconds, I even got an ad just trying to open the settings! Like, chill guys
This very best game I recommend everyone to play this game but I want one thing from developers that please increase the base
Horrible I was trying to get the prizes on the event but it didn't play the ad the game sucks fix that you people with brains of a dead gold fish 🀬🀬🀬
My experience was very fun I had very much and not so much to lose I also had a good competition and every event that I went in I always took it to the next level and win
So the game 5 stars you can do some things like... Draw where your arow his to kill the enemies and you can enter thing where vs other people to see who can get more kills and you build a base and u can play some level things that if you deafeat 2 bosses you get a free skin!
Good game fun nice but the only matter is you shoot head enemy head full down it's scary . And adds for every things. But still good
Sure I just downloaded this game but it's very good ngl. Like c'mon these devs made bow masters and hit masters. I've been playing bow masters for years and it's marvelous! So why not support the devs by giving 5 stars?! Ok now back to the point. There aren't too many ads and you could just turn off ur wifi or turn on airplane mode to remove ads (even tho I dont do that cause they arent too annoying for me). 2nd off it is very fun and simple! Plgndry always make good games with not many ads. 5 ⭐
This entire game is basically just trying to get you to pay for things. The content is boring, and it's way too easy. Also, I have to watch several ads in order to get something which is pretty pathetic. I'm pretty sure that the developers just want money and don't care about whether their game appeals to the player or not. They just want to be rich and don't care about game quality whatsoever.
Fun concept, not overly difficult. While the ads aren't horrible, they do appear at seemingly random breaks.
Honestly great game has great graphics and no ads maybe once or twice but THATS IT if you install it then you will not regret your decision πŸ˜‰
I see the game on an Instagram advert l, it looked fun so I decided to install it and the first thing I get when the game loads is an advert; I don't even get to the menu. This game is just filled with ads you basically can't even play without 5 adverts every 2 minutes. Don't install this.
It is a good game after all, but placing ads like why won't my arrow hit? Thats a fail. That makes people to not want to play the game
Lots of bugs and glitchs and barely any levels. I'm on lvl 1000+ and I have played each singular level more than 20 times. Although its flaws it obviously is a very fun game and the idea is smart. Great job :)
This game is so good its like you have to draw and it shoots by itsself thats really cool its such a good game.
I love the game and the graphics and the music is very good and it was amazing and the way we were together playing it Waaaaaaaaw its amazing
i can't also rate 5 stars because i was started to playing and i waiting and it doesn't work, please update more! 😑
It's superrrrrrrrrrrrrr cool Im almost done with my base you kill people by drawing when you done you win some coins and kinda some skins and weapons good luck playing
Quite good... but I've stopped playing it because a lot of the levels are repeating and there is loads of ads.this is why I don't really recommend this game. By Crazyunicorn339
The game is good but the bonus level and the time btween the levels. Take that and we dont want that bonus level
Love the animations, really smooth and really great when you have little bits of extra time during your schedule
One of the worst games ever, the ad for it is fake and the game has too many ads, dont even bother to answer devs ill report the missleading clickbait, learn how to make games 0 stars for this junk
This is Atrocious!! The Ads are 80% of this game and most of the time when they play, it'll black screen the entire app and leave you frozen. This would be a fun game if it was a game and not an Ad Simulator.
It's a great game it relieves stress and is a really great experience drawing where your arrow or weapon goes
Its so responsible and goes exactly where it should (reason i did not put 5 is because maybe it needs some slow motion
Probly the worst game ever to gosh darn many ads worst graphics in my life and worst part is i cant even play cause so much laggggg if the ppl who made the game see this just scrap this game and whoever sees this and has the game scrap it please
There is no new levels. It's providing me the same levels that I played yesterday. Add more levels and make it harder by making it more logical
This game is awesome but it has to many adds i really like it onistly the game is my favorite game no blood
Huge waste of time. Nothing as advertised and full of ads. Just don't download it. not worth it at all
Awesome! I Love This Game Its Just The Ads And I Can't Get Skins Its A Nice Game But Bowmasters Are Better Im Not Saying Its Bad But I Need To buy Some Characters Please Make Some Tell Me if You Liked This Review Thanks <3
This game is just about watching ads. The amount of fortnite dances make me so annoyed. Change the ads and change the taunts.
This game is so fun there is even challenges and characters and weapons and you need to be creative and smart well don't have to
Good seriously good πŸ‘ and a few other things that are available are the best way to get A good experience of this game LOVE the game πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ€©πŸ€©
clunky gameplay and youre bombarded with offers and ads and all the usual playgendary nonsense as soon as you start.this game certainly doesnt live up to the standard of some of their other games.quickly uninstalled.
My phone is slow and it takes a bit before games open. But this game right before it opens up, closes because it takes to long. I love this game it is fun but this is just rude. Please fix this if you see it.😞
Now I normally don't say this but stop with so many ads like no one will play it if you make this ads like how about 1 min is 1 ad like it will be better stop with the ads PLEASE
Its fun, (I played for like 2 minutes and 1 minute of that is ads) but you have to stop with all these ads. I'd keep it but I'm uninstalling because of all the ads, and no I'm not ever going to buy the stupid passes.
Very bad game, I DO NOT RECOMMEND U DOWNLOAD THIS, VERY GLITCHY, BROKEN, AND ONE OF THE CHAPTER LEVELS IS BROKEN (zero gravity) and too many damn ads. Please fix the game
Each time i Pass a freaking level...a ads shows up...like come on...ik yall want money but yall gona loose pleople if you just put a million of ads..it piss me off
Talk about ad spam, couldn't play 2 levels without being bombarded by ads for other games over and over again
When you put an ad after every two levels that makes your game much less enjoyable it's hardly even worth playing unless you use airplane mode if you lessen the amount of ads I'd actually give it 3 stars
Okish game but it's too easy and has too much ads! It's like the game will serve you a ad every level!
This app is a waist of data it didn't even load it kept on waiting and waiting it even glitched my phone if you want download this game don't my giving ya'll a warning don't. download this app i had to restart my phone for it to stop glitching and still it glitched my phone again am warning you this app is virusπŸ‘Ύ don't download it. And also playgandary should make their games load faster like i even went to the bathroom to take a sh**t and it was still loading
Its just amazing not laggy at all but I would say add mor skins an guns but other than that it's AMAZING!!!
It's a good game. I want to give it 3 star because after 121 level this game keep crashing and the event say it will begin in 2 day but it's not 2 day it's almost 5 day to wait it
It's nice and we can change it face body like that but it's a nice game Thank you for making that game
I hate it because there is this stupid thing that keeps happening over and over and over and over again where the game freezes when you start it up and it resets. If the developer could fix this then that would be great.
The games this company makes are mostly games that copy a theme of something popular in the google play store. Don't be money-hungry and just fill the game with ads,and if it worked on airplane mode,this company would probably go bankrupt.Make actual good games/apps instead of doing it for the money.Also,I really regret buying the trial,I even canceled it and I still feel stupid for ever entering the trial. I recommend you don't enter the trial. Peace out.
This is the best thing that I've ever played it is so good and it has many different things you can play I never get bored of this game.
Way to many ads, if you do anything there is an ad and there is no way I'm paying any money to this game sorry
Its a pretty cool game but I have one complaint when I get into the game sometimes it says congratulations and there's a skull chest I click open but nothing happens and I can't do anything and it forces me to reopen the app please fix this it gets annoying
It is bad game .... Cause once i seen an ad and got a monster hit ..., But it got lagged.. When i reopened it my reward isnt there... 😑😑😑😑😠😠😠😠
I am download this game now just now but this game has so much ad i have to uninstall this game and there is so what it's that I cannot say please fix this game I hate this game we all hate this game this is not good atall this game is not good I want I want to send it please to this kid correct I want to I want to play this game when it has short when this give has not too much as of it I hate this game because of the add-on want no ads all I want and were there myreview is helpful No stars no
This game is amazing and addicting I've gotten everything in the game the only thing is add more rooms to gain overall this game is perfect definitely get this game the best thing is ITS FREE.πŸ€—
i use to play thsi game on ipad and it doent work any more but... now i know what im gonna play it on and thats a pc and thsi game *and bowmasters* is the best
The levels require sub human thinking my themselves, and when there IS a challenge, its because the game is bugged and you can't possibly make progress, like the 20th level of the shoot em all gamemode. Once you damage the boss, which granted, you have to time the explosive perfectly for it to hit him, he will telephone behind a pillar so that you have to shoot a metal ball which is connected to a wooden box by a rope. The thing is, when you want to shoot the ball, it just doesn't move.
This game is amazing I unlocked so many pets so many skins so much of guns like wow I love this game this game is so awesome you should play it but I can't get the among Us one I don't have a lot of money and I'm not going to get the knife I don't have a lot of money for that that's not what I really like
Playgendary games are good though if ads a are ruining your experience the good thing about playgendary games kicks in if you turn off data all ads disappear so these games are amazing. Though the only other problem is that the levels repeat. Otherwise the games really fun. Keep it up playgendary :D
Its overall fun. And the character/skins contains lots of pop culture which is cool. The only downsides i feel is that the level repeats after around 80 levels or so.
This game is so kind! It says to activate the golden ticket but we can watch ads to claim them also the update made this game AMAZING!
It's a every fun game different characters and different guns and there is ads but if if u want to do 100 ads πŸ‘Œ there isn't any ads i would recommend downloading this and free prizes if u rate it but that isn't the reason why its 5 stars for me.
I wouldn't listen to the other reviews that talk about all of the ads because I've hardly had any. Pretty fun game I would keep it for a while.πŸ‘πŸ˜
It has lot of ads on it I love the game it's just that there is to much ads so please just fix the ad thing
Love the game I have all the skins I think and weapons was pretty fun, but now there is nothing to do after reached goal league the hammers are useless. Please add more to the game, but overall veeeerrry good game!
Good game, it bugs out after level 200 and after completion of a level it gets stuck on loading screen. Also had bought no ads and they have come back with this bug. Don't want to reinstall in case all progress is lost
This game is good but first you need to add more thing to spend hammers and you need to give us brand new stuff so I can spend coins and gems and the ads are so anoying so low the ads down
It's Laggy it's glitchy and there is too many adds and every time you are idle it gives you a stupid add! That's why I don't like this game and gave it 2 stars and add new places to the Base plz
Its very fun and the fact when you draw the line over all the enemies it fires automaticly which is sorta interesting and i really like when im bored i just go ahead and play This game