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Dream Town - City Building Sim - Major Builder

Dream Town - City Building Sim - Major Builder for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Arcade Studios located at 13/A Padri mission road, PO-2201, Mymensingh, Bangladesh.. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.4 and up.
Welcome to Dream Town where you could make your dream world according to your imagination using a wonderful selection of Houses, company, and designs. You have been made the mayor associated with the city on a newly found island and you have to construct a mega city about it. Very first, develop a village, after that a small city, after that a gigantic island town. Start building now and enjoy one of the better town building games previously!

In Dream City, the only real limitation is your imagination. Build houses for the citizens, add accessories, make neighborhood structures and stores to be able to make money. In this exotic island town game the important thing is handle your resources in a smartly creative means, like a proper major associated with city. Is it possible to build a mega town from an island that may wow and wow visitors?!

Start on an empty exotic area and start building and developing. Grow foods from your farm plots and supply on your business to perform them. Make a wonderful destination to stay for your citizens supplying house and decors utilizing an enormous wide range of buildings & architectures. Use the sim building possessions generate the fantasy town using its own landmarks.

Boost the top-notch lifestyle and work out a phenomenal area city in a feature-rich city development game. Think about every part of a human’s life, not merely the enjoyment, and you are certain to come to be a respected and celebrated significant!

Searching for fun city building games offline? Install this town city building simulator and enjoy the sim building challenges anytime & anywhere you would like. Don’t restriction yourself to an internet link! Love stunning illustrations with spectacular details, designs, and decoration. Easily zoom down, drag, drop, faucet, while focusing about what actually matters without the controls and game play being an inconvenience.

- Design and embellish your city with areas, roads, miracles & sculptures.
- Spot landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower, Big Ben within fantasy city.
- Grow meals and offer towards businesses.
- Watch your town develop with high-rise buildings.
- Develop Residence to boost the city population.
- Destination stores to serve citizens and make coins.
- Place little residence to apartment structures as a residence.
- Build a business city with restaurants & shopping.
- Bakery, Burger, Pizza, Candy, Sushi bar, coffee house, also shops.
- Houses, company, Community buildings, miracles, and plenty of decors.
- A lot of flats and high-rise buildings.
- Build neighborhood buildings just like the post office, fire place, town hall.
- Bank, resort, collection, hospital, museum, clinic, parking storage and all needed buildings.
- Build pizza pie hut & junk food & restaurants.
- Build markets for shopping and restaurant to help keep residents happy.
- Make farmhouses to cultivate plants and enjoy farming.
- Make domiciles for the people & develop from village to huge city.
- Develop school, College, University, and all academic buildings.
- Build Stadium, grocery store, cinema, theater and all sorts of other commercial structures can be found in the sim town builder.
- Enjoy versatile structures, from hut to villa, duplex, condominium, townhouse, and skyscraper residence.

Now don’t miss one of the best no-cost town building games! We promise the most flexible, feature-rich, and interesting sim games. Something you will warmly get back to develop and luxuriate in. A huge city on an island!

So, unleash your vision and creativity which will make a sensational tropical area city!

πŸ‘‰Download this fun & no-cost town making game NOW!

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Dream Town - City Building Sim - Major Builder.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
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User Reviews
Fun, addictive, easy game play. I wish they would make the items easier to fit together.. there is left over space that isn't big enough for an item but big enough to be seen and for perfectionists like me its irritating but not so much that I will stop playing. I would also like to see an update. Halloween was months ago.
It's my favorite game I downloaded in 2013 and it's really amazing. Today finally I have find. But I found some bugs nowπŸ˜•
I like the game but it continues to freeze up. There should also be a notification of when you are spending in game bucks. I spent a lot by mistake and you can't return stuff.
The thing buy money popped up and I tried to close it and I wouldn't now it says I have bought 2 things!!!! I'm not paying it!! I wish I could give negative 10,000 and the funny part is I would have given u five if you hadn't have made the close button hidden when it popped up >:[
This game is really addicting to me, but you have to earn a lot of money to expand your city, and it is hard to keep supplies in stock for all your stores and bakeries etc. Its weird to place Down roads, especially if you want to make it turn, it messes up, and won't let you make the road how you want it to be. Even through those factors, I find the game really enjoyable!! ((:
It is ok but would be better if it didn't have so many ads n wouldnt keep stopping n shutting down. It getting really annoying. Fix it!!!!!
All Biplab Mondal games suck! I've played a few and they all have the same issues. So annoying. Can't click the burger shop to resupply in the first minute too.
The people are absolutely massive compared to the houses making the game a stupid building game compared to other ones. I hate the graphics of the NPCs because some are cartoons while others are realistic.
The game takes your money to build things, the buildings vanish & so does the money, roads will not build it is pointless playing the game as you can not do anything plus the game will not shut down. Please fix these problems then I would give it a higher rating
I liked it at first but now I'm having trouble with things I buy getting saved. When I log back into the game the thinks I purchased are not there yet my money is gone! Not cool!
I start liking this game from the moment I downloaded it and aside from that it doesn't need internet connection which why I really like this game and I enjoy it but it frequently crashes and immediately closes the application. Please do something with it. I'm looking forward for your positive and immediate response.
I've been playing this game for like a month now, and the only problem I have with it, is that it always freezes. Stop that and I'll give you more stars.
Good game. Not too hard but not so easy that you get bored. Lags a bit and the special offers are annoying
I play on samsung S2, and I can not zoom out enough to see all the items, such as how many bucks I have. There is no exit function. But its fun.
Warning I rated it 5star so that my review could be on the top. When I installed it and opened it, it was taking a little bit of time so I waited but after a while it says that 'dream city has stopped working' . I didn't even open it and it stopped working. It's the worst app ever
Its got good graphics but, the words and texts need to be smaller so people who download this could read the instructions. Will uninstall for now. But, will install it if i find changes later.
I really like this game. Don't make it so expensive to build your community. Cutting down the trees you really want gone at 500. A pop is too much. But I love how the rest of the game goes. And can you please correct the crashing every time you buy seeds or a business? Other than that, I'd like a full desktop game.
Good game, easy play. Would give 5 stars but the roads are a little hard to place, and there isn't a way to exit the game. It also freezes alot.
Prettier than winter city. The only problem is you are rolling along playing all the time, and the game just puts on a full stop brake about level 21. No more challenges, nothing left to do but collect coins. Fun and fast up until then, but after that its like the makers ran out of ideas and turned on the snooze alarm!!!
I didn't even get to see how to play the stupid thing. I am so mad and even half of my games didn't get downloaded to my game list.........I'm bored can I download my game now...........So now you to download for me I'm so mad now . Thank you so much I'm so happy.
Needs a update loads off problems. Iv really enjoyed this game and iv got really far on it and all its doing is going off ever 5 seconds saying this game is not responding so I cant play it anymore untill you update it
Everything is great about this game i like it i started two days im already at a high lvl. The only problems i have is that it force closes .. and there the ads keeps popping up to buy coins and cash but yet there's no exit way so i kept on resting but yet it wouldnt work.. so im close to uninstalling ut and playing a different gane i really wish i didnt have to.. i do like this game.. but if it does keep on popping up im just goin to uninstall. ..
But it owez clashed n I need to open again n again..otherwise when you leave this games 4 awhile I need to wait until 18 to 20 hours to collect the prizes..what happened. ..plz fix its coz I already uninstall this games twice n I need to start from beginning n im so disappointed
please reply me.. i download the app i think it is very good app but it is not opening means first i download i give my email id and then the app is not opening so, this condition made me to delete this app i am not happy with this . i know you are thinking i am stupid because all app take some time for loading but i wait for half an hour than i leave that app πŸ˜«πŸ˜«πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜«πŸ˜«
The game its self was fine but every 15 sec. An ad pops up its more like they want you to play other games instead of this one
Reminds me of x city just wish it would have the ability to let you have friends play with u. I would then give it 5 stars 🌟 . kinda lonley. But I like it.
Would give a 5 star rating if the update on the dock would hurry and get here. When will that be? Other than that its a great game :) love it oh and I hope u do the same thing for Christmas that u done for Halloween and ill give u a 10 star rating
I use this on my galaxy note 2, the game lags a little even with my phones high performance. The people in the game are ill proportioned to the buildings and the varrying costs in cutting trees is annoying. Other than that it is a very enjoyable game to play.
Fun,but shuts down when u get too far,had a really cool city too but it was so bad I had to take off and now trying my 2nd run...better get my 5 bucks for this
This game looks like it would be fun until u get into it it won't download or fetch data o installed it thought it would help I think I would like it if you fix the problem
Like sim games. This looked pretty cool because I like the Halloween stuff. After installing, the game would not even open. It got stuck in the initial loading phase and never progressed. Uninstalling.
To think.. you may have had a 5β˜† rating from me if you had only allowed the app to atleast open! Pathetic! Cannot even start the game.
It was great until I hit level 18. I can't add anymore roads or buildings. It takes the money, places them but when I leave and go back in...they are gone and so is the money.
It would be nice if there was walking paths to build not just roads. The cost of cutting down a tree is ridiculous. The scale is way off from building to building ( the fruit stand is as big as the hospital) . overall it still is a great time waster.
I would enjoy more if it didn't kick me off every 2 minutez. And what's with the giants walking thru the city at zombie gait
Fun to play, don't run out of things to do so it's not something you have to sit down n return to several hours later you can keep playing and playing, not easy to run out of "bucks" because you are always earning them. I have never had to wait on construction cause I've always had the bucks to do it. And the purple houses when a lot of those n the Burger place are built it allows for money to generated faster for consistent playing time would give 5 stars if I find crash every 5 minutes or less
I like the way this game lets me build certain buildings and earn free game cash. I sure wish it would let me exit when I want to, instead of waiting for it to freeze up and make me force close it.
I would absolutely love it but it keeps forcing closed n freezing up my phone plz fix this! But other than that I give it 5 stars
It's pretty good but force closes and freezes a lot. Which is annoying when you're in the middle of doing something, fix this please it's irritating
There is always pause game that is why replay again and again.. really boring because it was disturbing.. It make so hot with my Samsung NOTE 3 by this game.. Please fix it play well.. i can give you 5 stars.. i love the game.. thanks