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Driving School Sim - 2020

Driving School Sim - 2020 for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by Ovidiu Pop located at Strada Danton, 21, Satu Mare (Satu Mare), Romania. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
Do you love cars that are driving? Driving School Sim 2020, the driving simulator that is latest will allow you to feel what driving a real car is! Driving School Sim 2020 allows you to get behind the wheel of the newest cars on the market!

Drive sport cars, SUVs, Sedans, Supercars, Hypercars and Hatchbacks!
It will teach you to drive a manual transmission with clutch and stick shift or keep it simple with the gearbox that is automatic.

Play with the steering that is virtual or many other control options that suit your needs. Improve your road rules knowledge with this driving that is amazing

Huge maps are waiting to be explored: famous cities, mountain roads, desert landscapes and icy and snowy streets, etc...

Play with your friends in new free ride Online Multiplayer mode or Race against them in the new multiplayer system!

Career levels, Learning Modes, Events, Races and much more!

show your driving skills off, get your driving license now! Play Driving School Sim!

• More than 150 vehicles to regularly drive- updated!
• Lots of huge detailed realistic maps
• Smooth and feeling that is real handling
• Different exams on each city map!
• More than 80 challenging levels
• Free Ride mode
• Race Mode
• Learn Mode
• Online Multiplayer Modes: Racing and Free Ride
• Detailed vehicle interiors with ambient lighting
• Improved damage system
• Gas System with refilling at gas stations
• Manual Transmission with clutch
• Tilt steering, buttons and touch steering wheel
• Online Leaderboards and Achievements
• New Real engine sounds
• Next-Gen weather conditions
• Request new maps and vehicles on our social media pages!
• Controller Support, play with your Gamepad!

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Driving School Sim - 2020.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Driving School Sim - 2020 for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
I love the animation when they use the turn signal but you should also add a animation when they turn the wind shield wipers on. Also a gear shifter animation.
Great game i love the cars and the sounds just one thing bugging me though. Most cars when you travel at 50km/h which is the most dominant speed limit through the game, they don't really drive well and it affects the gaming experience and the sound of the vehicle. I'm forced to put the car in sport which makes it ridiculous to drive at 50km/h. I hope you fix the bugs but it's the best car sim game I've played
It's a good game, but the main problem is the AI. Sometimes when you slow down or brake (without sudden moves) they just crash into you. Edit: The game freezed. I tried everything but nothing changed so I uninstalled and reinstalled. Now my progress, saved with Google Play Games is gone. It still logs in with it, I still have the achievements but it started a new account. Edit 2: I will change my review when these will be fixed. Is there any way I can get my account back?
i used to play the 2016 version and download that again today along woth this 2020 one.. Sorry to say.. the gas and the brake pedals don't even work !! i was freaked out and checking my phone for half hour only to find that my phone is fine and game is not!! Do something!!!!
It's a good game, the problem is the traffic AI is so delayed and irrational. It can honestly make single player often unfun.there also this problem where the car won't stop pressing the gas even when your braking. Plus on the Las Vegas map, all my controls go missing.As well as steering wheel controls being troublesome, besides that, it's a really good game
Can you please send a update out to fix a problem With the game is killing my battery on my phone Today I had my phone on 100% charged when I point the game it drop my phone down 25% to this has been fixed I will not be buying anything off your game Sorry And I do not recommended game unless you have a powerful phone what can run it without eating your battery
I have played a lot of driving games with steering controls. Only one thing that you have to do with this game is improve controls. We love graphics of all of your games. But we don't play them just because of bad steering controls. We love the controls of your game 'Bus Simulator:Original'. If you changed the controls of this game to that, It will change the thing. I request you to change the steering controls and make them like 'Bus Simulator: Original'. Sensitivity is different thing.
Pretty good game although when u accelerate it can be inconsistent a little sensitivity controls could make it better and make the ad shrink on screen all the time then we are talking 4 maybe 5 stars
The game is crashing and wont even start . When i launch the game it opens up and before I click on anything it crashes.
Great game but there's improvements.like the graphics? It seems very old .the wheel should be able to turn 2 rounds and not just 1.in first person the side mirrors should look better and look like the on screen mirror .other than that it's a great game and hope for more maps
The game is actually a lot of fun. The only problem i have with it so far is the racing part but it's ok. Keep up the good work.
I really love this game. Great graphics, controls. I would like for there to be missions, like delivery missions, chaffeur missions, long distance missions, and stuff like that, instead of just the driving school. And please, keep adding new and much bigger locations. Thanks a million😎
I love the game, enjoy the graphics but there are mistakes that are annoying. Sometimes: - I stop on red traffic light, before the line; takes away points for passing through the red light - I turn right/left giving exact indicator, takes away point for wrong indicating - I stop on red light, vehicle behind me crashes into me twice and twice takes away points I will add to list when I remember the rest...
I didn't gave this game five stars because you need to make a little improvement in your next updates. You are added many cars since the game has released but you made a mistake you are only adding German, American and other famous country brands But you can correct your mistake by adding Other countries cars like Indian famous care like Suzuki celerio, mahindra scorpio, suzuki omni and many other indian cars of brands like tata, mahindra and more. By adding these cars your game will be best
great game a few miner bugs like stop light reporting that you ilegally pass, when you didny, not very smart AI's, Los vegas chapter not showing icons, i hope we could have some more maps .. some of us already 100% each chapter
I wasn't expecting this much graphics!. The game looks really revolutionary compared to the past few simulations, and one more suggestion, please add race tracks! And one more thing, in 2017, it was easier to get cars, due to xp. If xp is back then it would be easy, so please add xp!!!
Its a very good game but can be alot better with bug fices and more like there should be a anination for the hands when u use blinkers and more but overall a great game
Please 🙏 fix this that when there is rain please make the dirt visible on the car please and make like a car wash area. And after driving in rain the dirt should not go off the car till we wash it. Please like not just in rain even in the snow or when we go to any dirt road. 🙏🙏❤️❤️
This game is a very amazing game i love the game but there r some weird stuff 1:when u stop and like theres 2 cars behind u they crash into u and u lose the points like that is not fair 2: in learn mode theres a level where u avoid the accident and go on but it says watch for the child when theres nothing there it does not make sense at all 3: the dumb part is like how its not realistic at all k was turning the steering wheel and i looked in the window it didnt move like what is this game
Its a good game overall but, can you make the Ford and Mercedes vans rear wheel drive since in real life its like that not front wheel drive as it is hard to drive when it understeers. Please!!!
This game is look like very good graphics excellent and all of textur is very good but when we are drive any car there not geeting that much quality beacuse to handling the car is not good and sound of car is breaking some time it was not good sound of car or other features are good ambiyant light.
This games pretty dope! I bought the ferrari SF90 Stradale and graphics were ok for a phone. Now the sound gets glitchy when driving a supercar. Anyone complaining about the controls needs to go to settings and adjust. i like to use the steering weel instead of touch pad or phone tilt. In reality you cant expect this game to be all out perfect like forza horizon. Out of all the simulators iv tried, this one is the best of the best! Finally a real freeroam simulator with real cars! Download now!
Game has potential to be the best driving simulator. Please add these following things in the game:- 1. Car physics needs to be improve. 2. There should be an option to customise the controls. Player can edit the onscreen controls like add a steering wheel or a six speed gear lever, move its position, scale it and also change its opacity. 3. The movement of on screen steering wheel and the steering wheel inside of the car should be same otherwise it looks fake. Please fix and add these things 🙏
Graphics are fantastic. I have played a lot of driving games with steering controls. Only one thing that you have to do with this game is improve controls. We love graphics of all of your games. But we don't play them just because of bad steering controls. We love the controls of your game 'Bus Simulator:Original'. If you changed the controls of this game to that, It will change the thing. I request you to change the steering controls and make them like 'Bus Simulator: Original'.
it has a stupid delay between what you doing and what driver do ! gameplay needs more improvement. / sure! but first improve gameplay, joystick is really bad! and it have delay! you have many works to do till design a better career mod and gameplay with a realistic balance! a game like need for speed have 4 stars in my opinion, so 3 stars is enough for your game.
The cars are great, but the interiors in some cars aren't that good and the ai cars are super aggressive where they would crash into me in the rear and turning into corner, please fix this, and put more Volkswagen in the game
The amount of ads from the developers of the game is disgustingly gross. Ads while playing the game, plus 30 seconds video ads when you want to go back to settings or any other place in the app. What I found is basically an app made for watching ads, in the mean time you will be trying to play a game.
His graphic is very good. Beyond the words for its makers, it looks like His graphic is very good. it looks like a real car and really the place. Its handle is even more beautiful. I find all the driving games of Ovilux very good like real driving sim, car simulator 2017 & 2016. World's Best Android Simulation or Driving game only.... ~{ OVILEX } Keep making games like this This is how to keep making good games: and our support will always be with Ovilex ... ❤️😇Thankyou so much 🙏👍 Always.
Very good game, a nice open world experience, the roads are wider than other titles and it really helps map's are spacious as well as the weather system makes it all the better. I would've liked some more upgrade options, like tires and engine upgrade and maybe some classic cars, but what you have already is good. Overall, nice game.👍🏻
Overall, terrible. this game is not even closed to finished. AI is broken, bus EVERYWHERE. and ads wherever you go. this game has terrible graphics but my phone is on fire and using so much power. Plus this game is not even a good driving school sim, you have to use blinkers with every small turn and its annoying. Also Ovidiu, please learn how US traffic works please.
A few bugs or bugs or mistakes, the FB tributo or the 488 whatever it's called when you put the right turn signal on the back right blinks and the left blinds and the opposite for the left back and front right. And when you cruise for a little, the car gets stuck in first and can't shift, you have to stop to reset it. Other than those the game is really amazing!! As your other games
This game has changed a lot I have been playing this sine 2016 and till now it have completed changed the reason why I deducted 1star is due to the drifting physics I have played previous sims but I was expecting more in drifting but it didn't showed up it a humble request to the developers to fix the drifting physics.
i like this game " graphic is very amazing "but rules is very hard in this games " more then update "ovilex is the bestest website for android games .. and please set all bug fix...?
I liked the simulator ablot but there are some bugs right now, i know that it is still in development I guess but I will let you guys know what are the bugs 1. The hand bug - whenever I am like driving the car or steering the wheel of the car the hands suddenly disappears and then again come back 2.The Lighting Bug - This bug is a non-realistic one whenever I steerthe wheel in a particular direction the light also moves even the the car is not moving And also fix the accelaration of cars
I love this game what can you make the cars free that would be nice I like your game. Keep up the good work people can get out the car open the door open the trunk and everything the doors
Its good but need improvements, here are my suggestions: You should add car damage and re fuel system in cars. In Multiplayer let us trade cars each other, voice chat and let us buy cars from other multiplayer real players and lets us sell our cars in auction or at any dealer shop. Give us free travelling as person exiting the car and do emotes etc. Game consuming battery so much and heat up the phone. Add more cars. Improve graphics Repair center for damaged vehicles at gas stations.
The graphics are incredible, but the games isnt optimized very well, you should let us customize the conteols, because are very small and it is annoying and i would like to see some old cars. Until the customisation controls come, i wont give the games 5 stars. Keep uo the good work 😉
There is one that fits everyone's style. ... You can customize it. ... They can be fast or slow. ... They will take you to places to escape life's problems. ... They can be loud or silent. It can be your very own concert. It is a place where you and a loved one can just be by yourself. If taken to the extreme, it is also a sport.
In my device I have installed all 3 car simulators by Ovilex which includes 2016,2017 & the latest 2020 version while I play them switching from one to other I found out that In 2020 version more maps and cars are definitely available that's a good point, and speed limits are also good in cities and highways but in 2020 version there are many areas where Ovilex Game developers need to really focus on. In particular I am talking about the engine sounds aren't good rest I will mail it in details
One of the best driving simulators. One thing I would appreciate are traffic lights visible all the time from interior.
Overall game is so good..... I appreciate about graphics ... And Physics is also very good .... Controls are also awesome .... But the problem is here .... When there is an Circular Road (means that 4 sided road ) in that suppose the level map is showing straight ... Then obivisly .... We do not use blinkers ..But how ... Did that mesage pop up ... Wrong Blinker Usage . Please see to that problem ... I can give you 5 stars also .Overall game is awesome . But only you see that Blinker problem
It is a new and improved version of one of my favorite games except the software hasn't even been changed, the ai still go when they aren't supposed to, the lights are one side only instead of real life, and the ai always crash into you and you get points off.
The Graphics have changed in years. I remember playing 2016 taxi sim. It had good big mapp that other games. Then came out long waited taxi sim 2020. That is the best game of ovilex. Then now it has again broken record by this game. I am playing ovilex's game for 6~7 years. I grew up playing them. Looking forward to play more games . :D
I love the game but the game on high and ultra graphics is really bad, When it comes to the graphics I expected something more like the taxi sim 2020, and please do something about the car's motion, because when they take turns they are too fast, they have no control. Please do something about the driver, his hands are always shaking when driving please do something about this to make the game look more realistic.
You guys have done amazing!!! However, there are a few things i need help with. In paris, after level 3 going into level 4 and to the level exam gameplay freezes and un freezes...badly!!! I have lots of memory on my phone so i know it cant be that. When it freezes and unfreezes i turn into poles, cars, and run red lights. The brakes are late responding which takes points off for running stop signs. Also you have to wait for a while before you get points for stopping. Please fix this xoxo
If you put your car in reverse it doesn't go always, some time it does sometimes it doesn't. When you change it to 1st gear still going reverse. When you are driving from drivers pov, other vehicle are not considerate of your signal or you changing lane, taking reverse etc.. App is just good to understand functions in a car.
I spent 15mins on this one race, then I crashed and it glitches me out of the map then automatically restarting the whole thing. This game needs to get it head out of its ass.
The game is good, and awesome. It is really fun, and it has a nice graphic, and realistic. But I hope to add more vehicles. And to add more missions, and places. And I wish to make it more fun, and realistic, to develop it more. And add adjustment of miror of the car. And add a job's to earn more money. Make it a big, and beautiful game. I hope you will consider my request, thank you, Ovidiu Pop, for your wonderful game.
Really awesome game by ovilex. So smooth controls and absolutely great graphics with really large maps and wide variety of cars. The only problem is AI and car costs(which are equal to the costs of real cars' price). If those were fixed then it would be a great game to play. Make sure you do that. All the best.
Tbh. Driving School Sim 2017 is better. The game needs to be more dynamic. The steering wheel needs to go back to its position dependinh on how you're going. The pedestrian crossing needs work (also existing in the 2017 game). Also there's a bug where the gps screen is just black and have to restart the game to get it back.
The overall game is pretty good but there is one minor problem which is that the sometimes the sound effects cannot sync with the real action of the car. I would really like if there is an update which make the sound effects even better. Pls fix this issue. Otherwise the game is one of the best driving games or even the best.
thanks, for visiting my description. some more things need to be set up in the cars. i want a system to open and close the roofs of supercars like real. if you make such an arrangement, i will give 5 stars, and i will be more interested in playing the game,promise.i believe it will be more interesting.sooo please make it.thanks for good games.
The game is good to play. All the controls are functioning properly.The graphics are also exotic. But there should have been an option to sell the cars that are bought just like the option to sell vehicles in another game of yours Real Driving Sim. Expecting this feature in the next update...🙂
The game deserves 5 star but there is a slight issue for getting only 4 stars. I dont know why thee game Crashes in the Paris Location in both Free mode and Carrer mode. I play on the recently released Samsung M11 smartphone with 3 GB RAM. But still the game crashes everytime. Solve this issue OVILEX SOFTAWRE. Thank You.
Great game. Very exciting. Just needs its programmers to pay attention to detail. Show more car details (model names, more information on car performance figures, improve its layout, fix bugs, and the car rims are too large) and add more locations that are more exciting to drive on. Thank you.
Can this be an open world map? I would like to drive any where I can with no boundaries. Oh, and I've tried to change the steering sensitivity but it's still a problem. Please fix controls and allow an open- world, if you can.
Need traffic movement more stable all specific car should available in taffic remove those traffic cars sounds needs improvement as 2017 driving school graphics also, and open world mission is missing, Add overcrowded places, road accident , traffic jam ect. Interiors design need more improvement Otherwise game is aswome
Best so far wit all the updates. I really enjoy the stops for saftey vehicles, like in real life! More pedestrians would be nice too and more points for switching lanes. Had to change my review. The biggest problem wit this app is the frozen screen...its not even frozen i can still drive but penilized for mistakes I cant see. None of the features are on the screen. I cant pedal, signal or see the map... I took a screen shot not sure how to attacth. Smh.
Yhe game is great. Graphics car scenario all are great but when i switch to sport mode in an sport car the sound of revving breaks and comes like cut cut. This was only one disadvantage of this game otherwise game excellent.🤗🤗
This game is very good!! awesome graphics and the game controls are quite good!! realistic car interiors. Please, add a left to right steering wheel flip feature for the steering wheel mode in the next update!! I am begging you!(I am not so good driving with my left thumb!). I am sure many guys out there wish for that as well.
I like this game but it has many errors like if I stop behind the stop sign a car behind me will come and hit me. And the other cars don't seems to follow the road rules. Another issue I have with this game is that why when another car hit me from the back even if it's not my fault they say I had an accident
This games amazing but still needs work firstly the AI needs work my solution would be to use the AI from taxi sim as that was the best AI out of all your games secondly u need to fix the pixilation issue and thirdly you need add more cars and maps or if possible could u do a huge update to make it open world if not possible just add more maps instead and make the interiors more realistic and HD and improve the sounds of the cars and make cars louder in sport mode and quieter in normal mode,
Good game... But you can add few things more like Bakkie/Van such as Toyota Legend 50,Mercedes X Class,Ford Ranger and other nice ones... 2-maybe give rewards for overtaking other cars... Yeah it's a 5 star from me...
I think it would be great to have a gas station and for electric cars you can have a charge station. And can you try to make the aero of the cars accurate like the porsche panamera is supposed to unfold after lifting. Make more locations. And make real pops and bangs, take the example from YouTube car videos. And try to take the real car sounds recordings and integrate them or make similar sounds. Make a house where you can see all your cars. And transfer from one car to another. Its fine
I like it, but there are some bugs to fix: 1. Sometimes, the water goes through the windshield, inside the car; 2. If you fail a level and decide to retry, the in-car navigation disappears; 3. If you turn on the wipers while being in 3rd person view, then switch to 1st person view, you have to turn them on again, as they seem still off. The same happens if you turn them on while being in 1st person, then switch to 3rd person and back to 1st person. Keep up the good work tho!
To be honest, this is a solid driving game but the only thing Id say was wrong is that they no longer included buses or trucks to my knowledge . After all,this is a driving school so they should teach how to drive bigger vehicles like trucks,buses,lorries,etc. But that's all I find bad about it, overall this is great!
There are as much as cars as I thought and the graphics look insane 😳 I even like the new update of these insane cars! OVILEX GAMES is was the best since you guys brought out the first game!
I love this game, but your car bots are not good in this game I use dipper but the car is not stopped
Yep! i love this game the graphics are realstic and i love that there are hypercars and more cars and what i love the most is the ambient lights and also i like that we can change the ambient light colours and also they are look like realstic the car sounds are also awesome i love that there is also hand and the gameplay is very awesome i think if we can play it with logitech so we'll got more real life experience and also the controls are good..... YAY!!
The game is very nice but thing should be improved was the controls 1. With Steering wheel the mannual gear system of clutch should be provided. 2. When we turn the handle and left it to come it in place it rotates very slowly it should be improved with latest update. Please update the game as soon as possible with fixing this problems soon Then it would be the best game.
Tbh. Driving School Sim 2017 is better. The game needs to be more dynamic. The sterrinb wheel needs to go back to its position dependinh on how you're going. The pedestrian crossing needs work (also existing in the 2017 game). Also there's a bug where the gps screen is just black and have to restart the game to get it back.
YES U can learn or get an idea of driving a car! The physics of the game is too awesome, Mostly the Gearbox system With interior view!.. if gives a reall feel..
One of my favorite driving games! The graphics are great, the cars handle well, and the maps don't feel tiny (which was a problem in DS 2017). There's a few bugs like the AI cars driving into each other, having to stop in front of the stop line, and the Speed 65 signs actually being 60 I'd like to see fixed. I'd also like to see an advisory speed system so unnecessary speed changes (like 50km/h on the spiral in Hong Kong or 20mph at Vegas railroad crossings) can be suggestions, not requirements.
I give 5 stars, because the game is good(i do enjoy it) however I found a bug in the game: I was doing the first mission in Paris, and I Toyota Prius was glitching out(making curles) Please fix the Bugs and the graphics Overall the game is perfect for me👏👏👌
This game has many bugs as car is driving on the water and so much bugs. Please fix all bugs and add new maps because all levels is completed.New maps as New Delhi,Mumbai etc.please add new features in car interior and please work on car controls.please fix driver hand , please add bikes and bicycles for more fun.please add this function for driver is exit the car and enter another car. THANK YOU
Nice graphics and there are so many cars but one thing missing was controlling of the game is worst in the previous versions of driving schools have nice controllss but don't have good cars in this version even though cars are good but controlls changed to worst giving 4 stars for the cars and totally unsatisfied with the cars handling
I hope the car at the hatchback don't need to share on Facebook. I hope the car is just paid free and I wish that there is a car damage. Everything is expensive to buy please have daily cars to unlock and daily gifts to have more coins and I will give it a five star if you fix it.
Very epic game were you can race and get free money. But there are some bugs which need to be fixed and many more cars and cheaper prices of cars.
The game is cool, there are some bugs to be fixed and the sound effects too. The multiplayer mood glitches some times showing wrong pass word over and over again. I hope you guys are gonna fix the bugs
Not a bad game just a let down when you have road signs telling you one speed and then losing points for going under that and then finding out it's a 30zone.. Got a sign saying 70 and was doing 40 and lost point as speed limit was 30. Then I stop at stop signs and lose points for not stopping so pretty much a pointless game if u are gonna keep losing points for doing what the game says
So this game is pretty good, but it's same as the others and everythingis still bad. You need to use the blinker to literally everything, the AI is really dumb. When the AI crashes you, then YOU get points down for doing nothing, also the AI doesn't stop to the stop sign while you need to stop, and it just goes the same speed and never stops. The AI is weird. The graphics are not bad and don't really matter, there's just so many things wrong.
This just keeps getting better and better but it will be very cool if this game had a widebody hellcat charger and a widebody challenger with the screaming sound to the engine
Amazing!! Edit: Please fiix this issue: Sign says speed limit in Saudi Arabia is 70. I drove 50 and got a red warning for the speed limit as 30... Edit: The bug has been fixed! This game gets 5 stars from me. Great job Ovilex!! Edit: The game has not been updated for me and i dont see new cars or new map.. please fix.
so the game is awesome....like everything is perfect...compared to all the last driving scool games of ovilex but there's one mistake that has to be fixed that is speed limit like it shows 30 but if i crossed 25 it shows speed limit as 20 when its 50 it shows 30 when its 70 it shows 45 and when its 100 it shows 60... please fix this issue of speed limit
The game is best man I love it but the sound is cracking when I driving the car the doing was cracking so solve this clutch so I have give 4 stars but the game is best
I love the game and graphics. Please fix the bugs on the Las Vegas Map because the controls and everything else is not showing up. Please add: Apollo IE Toyota Supra (2000) Bugatti Centodieci Bugatti La Voitre Noire Bugatti Type 0.67 Bugatti Vision GT Devel Sixteen Prototype Hummer H1, 2 and 3 Koenigsegg Regera Pagani Huayra BC Lamborghini gallardo (both versions), Diablo, Countach And Huracan Evo Coupe and Aperta (2020) Ferrari FF
I really like this app. However, I am noticing alot of red X's. If you are going to have a Free Mode why don't you take away the X's in Free Mode and allow us to drive anywhere we want to? Thats essentially what Free Mode means
I like it very much but add a new car Prado and some bug fixes 1 pleas give us an option which we sell our cars and give back our money in game just like real driving SIM game
Not a bad game, definitely a great improvement, lots of new ways to customize cars, great graphics and maps. But, there is still a lot odlf work, handling is terrible, how the holy cow are you supposed to play this thing. Awful! And the optimization isn't the best too. Also the phone rapidly heats up so it stops the game after about 15 minutes.
The last few games in this series were enjoyable. I almost spend 24/7 on those games. But this game has things like choosing the ambient lightning. This game Is really good. I hope more people will download it.
The game is very interesting but the thing that kills it is it's weak response to touch, bad controls(like super bad); it doesn't feel active or quick. It's like you touched something, say the accelerator, it will take soooooo long to press completely (and half a times it doesn't even register my touch) that it almost feels glitchy. A humble request to fix it. I've tried every settings of controls. Also one more problem- why are my points deducted when someone else crashes into me and keeps on..
It is PERFECT!!! TLDR: They fixed issues from the old game and made it better! I must say they did a VERY well job with this game, it fixes all the issues of the old one. The setting are finally easy to navigate, graphic are insane, the cars that I can only dream of owning are here, and the interior quality is amazing along with animations. I would recommend this to anyone.
Best so far wit all the updates. I really enjoy the stops for saftey vehicles, like in real life! More pedestrians would be nice too and more points for switching lanes.
Great game for everyone i have been playing ovilex games for years now it great just have a good smartphone with enough space ram&rom. Bit there is always room for more improvements. Pls try and activate the EVENT option in the game.
What do you need to add in this game : -Off-road wheels -The ability to mess with the height of the vehicle -More customizations -And to add supercharger and turbo noises when upgraded -And more grip for hyper and supercars
The game is brilliant!!! But if you add an option to go out of the car it will the best driving game in the world and I will give five stars. And also when we change the camera and get it into interior, when the driver rotates the steering, it is very slow, so I think that I'm not driving the vehicle. So please do this also. Thanks
Potential but the controls and vehicle response is terrible on screen steering need to be able to move and resize buttons. Half the time steering doesn't even respond . Combo that with invisible walls everywhere and not so much fun.
Great game for everyone i have been playing ovilex games for years now it great just have a good smartphone with enough space ram&rom. Bit there is always room for more improvements. Pls try and activate the EVENT option in the game.And also include limousine in your car collection.
Only the bugs are (very) annoying, otherwise very complete game. If you add more maps don't make em boring though, some maps like Saudi arabia are just straight without a single city
Please make the game more flexible, once we apply the upgrade to the car we are not able to remove it anymore and it is so frustrating If possible kindly add a Germany map and allowed us to try on some Autobahn cruising, pretty sure a lot of users will be glad with it
Graphics are bad. Controls are bad (new car turns like an old car with no traction control). Could've been better for a 900MB mobile game. Car Parking Multiplayer which is a 300MB game has better controls and graphics than this. Maybe even has better car sounds
A excellent game but the only thing that you should have to fix is that, morrors. The mirrors are working like stopmotion video. When i drive reverse then I need to see the mirrors and the back camera's screen. So every time I crashed with any object behind the car. It is a humble request to you to fix it.
This game is awesome if is like the other driving sim except more advanced, I really like how the gameplay is when you start the game, and play it normally, keep up the good work, but I have a problem, is there any chance to where you can customize the controls, the buttons feel too small to where it feels like the game is not responding even though I'm pressing the buttons
There are so many bugs! I lose xp for not having on my headlights when I'm on the highway and not in a tunnel like the game says, it says wrong blinker usage when I used it correctly, when I'm reverse parking and I go forward to straighten up. The list goes on. And just a suggestion, in the next update yall should put a message on each map stating whether it uses mph or kmph. Doing this would prevent getting low ratings and fix these damn bugs it ruins the fun!
Im gonna change my review once my request is done, beside of the animation when they turn on blinkers, i think you should also add the shifting gear animation, a lot of your supporters would be so happy specially me, dont disappoint me🥴 Previous review: You just remove the hand blinker animation and put the steering animation of taxi sim 2020 it disappoints me
Well its an awesome game, good, enjoyable. But the problem is real mode(Manual Transmission with clutch), the car starts but it doesn't move at all,it keeps raving. And you need to fix many bugs. Like sound of the cars, they ain't realistic. Steering sensitivity, graphics and traffic etc. Maybe you should also consider activities like car wash and fuel station. Anyway the game is cool, enjoyable. Thanks.
Please some career level some clarification of city example Sydney level 4. Play clearly and not more mistakes. If you pass on road side person playing football and is football throw roadside driver wait or driver pass on the road you cut points what about staying timing or driver wait 5 to 10 minute but. Playing football player not cross the road. He is cut points and decided that he is driver mistake. Why he is not stop car or he any break traffic rules. Please clarify sharing any video.
Excellent game. I have been searching for a game like this for years. Only 2 complaints 1. There should be speed limit indicator in cockpit view or interior view. 2. There should be collision in multiplayer mode.
I wanted to like this game, but there are just too many bugs, like areas where your car can easily get stuck & traffic that doesn't obey the stop signs. The car models are a little off-proportioned & I'm not sure if some of the stats, like the Chiron's, are right.
I had really high hopes for this game, but I can't leave a review telling about how good the game was. This is because every time I tried to load the game, it would crash and stop working. I then tried it later in the day and it still wouldn't load. Any tips?
Best driving Sim ever Really in love with the cars and exhaust sound. New update Is better as usual 👍
Fan of the old games here. I cannot play this game because everytime i install it the OBB files are deleted so i can only ever play it once after installing it.... EDIT: no manipulation from my side. The game just auto deletes the OBB files after i close it. Running a oneplus 7 on the latest stable update
You guys still have not fixed the bug for the Las Vegas because the controls and everything else is not showing up. Please fix as this is my favorite game. Ty
It's a good game, has a load of new cars which are exactly like in real life, however when putting the car into sport plus it has no extra effect whereas I feel like I needs to like in my e class putting it into sport plus makes it feel like a beast. Also when you buy the exhaust upgrade for £7,500 it has no effect and is a waste of money can this be changed.
Very good game, I like the graphics but add more things on mutiplayer or single like car wash missions co-op (like convoy driving and parking) more customize furtures and add (sport steering) have you played a racing game or a game with fast aromatic steering, well just like the sport mode add sport steering for races because your original steering setup is kinda wonki for racing (also sport steering would only work for arrows btw) great game nice graphics missions kinda boring I wish I ad more.
So basically the game is good but there are some ups and downs that can be easily fixed 1. you should be able to sell cars 2. And the mirror graphics are not that good 3. motor bikes should be added 4. More places should be added
Just awesome..! I have experienced the best..! I want to request u something as u reply , pls add more features in the gameplay expect parking , like pick up and drop someone , washing of car or taking fuel exc overall I am enjoying..
So I played the game for 30 mins ish and I loved it but its anoying how hard it is you always crash and everything because the handing is very bad anyways I gave it 4 stars because of the graphics the graphics are insane for a mobile game if you go into setting and put shadows HD graphics and ultra settings I know good graphics when I see some because I play PC usually but for once a mobile game I have enjoyed but it looses a star because handling please... please fix it its sooooo anoying .😐
Nice graphics, realistic traffic. One of the best car simulators. One thing I miss here: the traffic lights are not visible when close. They should be visible all the time or you can add some ground level lights as in reality.
When turning it's quite slow and then when you speed up you crash graphics are good. Now with sports cars when, you turn it's like your drifting because of how much horsepower is in the vehicle's.(3/10)
Honestly this is the best car simulator I've ever played (based on many that i've tried). But, there are many things you need to fix; 1. NPC's cars are drove unevenly. They broke the stop sign and did turn suddenly. You need to make them drive smoother when in turn. 2. Navigation screen turns black after you switched the gear to reverse and did a restart. 3. Please put a speed limit indicator in speed meter while using 1st person camera.
The game is very interesting but the thing that kills it is it's weak response to touch, bad controls(like super bad); it doesn't feel active or quick. It's like you touched something, say the accelerator, it will take soooooo long to press completely (and half a times it doesn't even register my touch) that it almost feels glitchy. A humble request to fix it.
It is a good and fun game. I liked it very much but , there are a few glitches and when start race the arrow which shows the way is confusing. Some time it shows wrong ways. Please fix it. Other than that it is a fun game.
5 reasons why this game is terrible 1. Graphics get worst every year. 2. The handling is brutal (steering, acceleration, and reverse bug when you crash into something and can't reverse) 3. Physics are unrealistic 4. Filled withAds 5. Lack of features. Some features were interesting such as the extra sports mode however there's no difference compared with the regular sports mode Obviously this is a really poor mobile gaming company with a low budget and expectations, which is why I gave it 2s
This is an awesome game. I think this is the best sim developed by ovilex games and I would recommend this game. But If you can add paddle shifters to the cars that have it in real life instead of manual transmission it would be great especially to supercars and hypercars (on the bottom left side). Can you please add cars like Tata harrier!?. Please. These additions will make the game perfect for me. Thank you! Edit: cruise control gets enabled even while the car is in neutral using stick shift.
Game is Very Good But there r lots of Bugs present in Game..the Biggest of All is when we win Any Race and On the finishing Ring We Drift the car In Circular Motion n car will drift inside n outside the Ring...the more car will go inside the ring the More Money we Earn continuesly.. From this bug I Earned Lot of Money n Purchased Costliest car in Game..
Tbh driving school 2017 was way better than this that was my favorite simulator game to this day if you could add back challenges and some more jdm cars in this simulator it would be my best...the stop sign needs to be fixed,the exterior camera view needs to be upgraded like 2017 sim...and the option to turn off music and turn up the volume separately should be there...i am giving this a 3star until chsnges have been made.
Well done. Could you add W204 C63 AMG Black series. Audi RS6 C7 . Koenigsegg jesko Please? And I also recommend you to replace the continuous back fire when revving at high rpm With a real pops and bangs like in Car Parking Multiplayer....Also at down shifting. But the important thing you should work on is the interior view . especially the size of the windshield.it doesn't match with the exterior view on some cars like the Lamborghini Huracan. Mercedes Benz s class for example. Thanks
I wish this game had a.widebody hellcat charger but on the other sid ebugs need to be removed cause when i drive my car the steering wheel.gets stick.when i turn it and the signle lights and emergency lights just get turn on with out me even touching them and another thing is when i change the color of my rim to black its turns out to be dark blue or dark gray when all inwant is the rims to be black instead of other colors
The game is good, the cars are acceptional. But honestly speaking, I wish you would've just added the cars in to Driving School 2017 because the graphics in 2017 are way better, even the car engine sound was better in 2017... That's one thing I'd like your launch to fix about the new game💯 Even Driving School classics and Driving Sim's graphics are way better. You guys tried to go the extra mile, but it ruined the game we've always been waiting for...
this game is fun and it's fun to go anywhere around the city to pretend like I'm getting gas or food or going into the Supermarket or a house or a apartment it's fun and I subjest everyone to play this game
Make more maps and when I blow horn then nothing happens .Give sense to other vehicles. Kindly fix this problem other wise this game is great.
No.1 of the problems of the game is the top speed. The top speed is wrong on all cars and No.2 is the styling. When I looked at the BMW M5 it looked wrong. Also the huracan Performante [Performance] looked wrong . And the headlights were too low. No.3 is hp and top speed .the top speed and hp are all wrong on all cars . Please developer fix this. Sincerely, Mikel.
Good game. Best simulator around for mobiles. However, there's still too much wrong with it. You have to indicate for every tiny little thing? You can't drive past a child without getting points deducted. You can't go within a mile radius of a cyclist without having points deducted. Windscreen wipers don't actually work, the water just goes through the screen and its infuriating and thats why it only deserves 3 stars. Fix the bugs and then I might update my review.
I like the game, but please add more maps! For career too,cuz they don't have that much levels and please add hyundai's too,and other more cars!
Game keeps crashing on me frequently all the time. It worked fine for the 1st one hour or so, but after that the game just keeps crashing itself and closes unexpectedly. Twice or thrice it happened while I was in a level. Not nice for a new app from Ovilex. Pls fix.
Just started, but looking good so far. I love Free Mode. I can just go for relaxing drive and enjoy the scenery. Good work developers.
I really like the game - graphics and all. My only issue is that I can only drive in Moscow and Sydney. And, I am already finished those. When I try to load the other cities, I get kicked out of the game. Hopefully there is a fix for this soon. 10/4/20 Thank you for the recent updates. I am now able to play all of the cities available. Looking for to future updates with more cities.
Its a great game ii love it but the steering buttons are way to small even if uu choose the big buttons option, another thing the steering wheel is not responsive at all and all of that makes it hard to take a corner while speeding but all in all its a fantastic game
I loved this driving game there graphics are good but some improvements are needed . I recommend to install the game this is like you drive a real car. I give 3 star because some issues also there like when i click new maps whatever it is on carrier mode, racing mode or free mode, the whole game play is hangout and stop then i needs restart the game play . Plzz do something on this issues, & this is nice game too 😇 Can you all update new car plz we want [ Lamborghini urus ] 🙏🙏
The graphics is superb.. But i have a request.. The game does lag a lot.. It is not stabilized... Please debug ASAP... Am a great fan of your games.. But i have never been able to play any of your driving school games due to high lagging issues...All your Driving school games lag a lot... Except bus simulators.. Please consider this request ASAP... Thanks... From a loyal user!.
Its a very good game but just a couple things would make your game explode like adding a engine swap and a big map and the game would been fire
The game is great, overall. However the problem I'm facing is that I'm, for some reason, losing the cash I made through the levels. And its irritating since I raised 90k within 2 days, and next day I play another level, watch an ad and then find that the counter is back to the usual 25k for some reason. Kindly fix the glitch and I'll change my review.
the Motion blur is very anoying if you play it in ultra setting the motion blur is on thats why you need to put it to low setting and pls do the motion blur as a setting example you can turn it on and off because its very anoying like some other modes you cant concentrate because of the motion blur
Honestly, from my point of view. Except for the hand on steering, everything seemed kind of bad. I mean the app, Real Driving Sim, is better. Please allow to travel and teleport from one city to another. Other than that, everything is same.
Very good graphics. But please improve the sound of the game and make it balanced with the happening. And improve more graphics as well. Overall, Best experience!
I like the graphics but please work on the steering. It doesn't have real steering physics. I also think that other types of vehicles should be added into this game like trucks, bus, etc. Keep up the good work.
I have spent relentless hours grinding and then when I had enough for the lamborghini huracan performante I lost all of my money! Please fix this problem ASAP Basically I just reopen the game and lose all my progress which takes so many hours to get!
Its okay, could be better.... EDIT: Well first of all there aren't many cars driving in the scenes and second of all the stop signs don't work, when I stop and one it takes away 50xps even though I stopped at it, and lastly the maps aren't very big.... I will edit my review once the changes happen....
The game is better than others but i'll play multiplayer when I cunfused the road on (434 or 368 km/h) when there is car meeting the player was parking his car nearly my side when that way was going in 448km/h i'll get the car, i pressed wrong button and i crashed into the wrong way i can't chose the correct way to continue with starting map. Remember theres a car you must make car accident or multiplayer car crash. Other wise this game is better . Dovlepers are maked game cool..