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Dual Space Pro - Multiple Accounts & App Cloner

Dual Space Pro - Multiple Accounts & App Cloner for PC and MAC

Is a Tools game developed by DUALSPACE located at MIRROR TOWER 61 MODY ROAD TSIM SHA TSUI EAST KL. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.
Dual area professional may be the brand new variation we revealed recently. It provides features that cloning one application multiple times. Endless multiple reports and keep them all online at the same time.

Did you need to frequently switch various social account of same software on the phone?

Have you ever utilized a couple of mobile phones for maintaining your reports using the internet in the event of missing any message from WhatsApp?

Now, the black technology, Dual area Pro has actually released! It could completely solve your condition! It is possible to utilize one phone to join multiple records and keep them all on line on top of that! And you also don’t need to be worried about the message reception and data storage space problem of various records, since they will work individually along with no disturbance to each other.

Keep multiple personal accounts signed in simultaneously.
· Maintain Your personal accounts and work accounts both on line at exactly the same time, and you may stabilize between life and work quickly.
· All social applications tend to be supported for another account in Dual area Pro. Data from various reports will not restrict each other.

Privacy area & apps-clone function
· would you like to make your own key account won't be discovered? Dual Space Pro build a privacy zone obtainable, making no trace in the telephone system. It Could make your private account hidden and may never be seen by others, so that your data safety is guaranteed and your privacy is shielded.
· Dual area professional is a latest technology that may clone programs. We do not install more applications within phone, so your phone will runs extremely smoothly!

Fast switch different accounts in just one crucial
· Two accounts tend to be working simultaneously on your phone, it is simple to switch all of them with one secret, after that effective control different reports.

· We explored device software for several years, while provides multiple accounts signing operating can also make sure stable operation.
· Simple software operation.
· APP‘s file tiny, reasonable Central Processing Unit digest, low-power usage.
· Fast cloning,all programs could be double-opened.

· Permissions: Dual area professional have actually requested just as much system permissions even as we can to ensure that applications cloned in Dual Space Pro will run typically.For instance, if Dual area professional is not allowed to obtain camera permission, you are incapable of utilize digital camera function in a few applications that run-in Dual area Pro. Dual Space Professional does not gather your own personal information to protect privacy.
· Harmful virus warning:We discovered that some anti-virus pc software maliciously pop-up a virus caution because of Dual area Pro submit an application for system permissions. If you experience this situation, kindly don't worry. Dual Space Professional is an absolutely safe application, cannot contain any virus.
· Notifications: Please include Dual area Pro to whitelist of some boost apps to ensure notification of some cloned apps work nicely.

If you want our application, kindly give us five-star compliments, your reassurance is our greatest inspiration! Many thanks!

If you've got any queries or recommendations, thank you for visiting deliver an e-mail to get hold of us, we are recognized to help you!
Email target: [email protected]

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Dual Space Pro - Multiple Accounts & App Cloner.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Dual Space Pro - Multiple Accounts & App Cloner for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
I tried to clone my Gacha Life app, it did clone more than once but the apps wouldn't open, so I Uninstaller the app and decided to be nice and give 2 stars instead of one.
Its good... but sometime i face some issues like blank page and not too open too quickly domt receive messages dont show notification ..
Lol 😂, don't waste your Time on this trash. I downloaded it and it restore my previous data just up to 35%. But then, it just show the msg said, we are unable to restore your data. Very disappointed. 😆
My mobile legend always crashed and need to restart and the ads become worst as i need to wait until the ads finish before i can close the ads
Before new update it was great app but after new update its becoming worst , suddenly ui support not work id dual sapce crash the open app clones, before this update i used 7 to 8clone of one app but now after 4 clones phn crash plz fix this bug
The video Ads are so much annoying. They are appearing all the time I open my App and when closing it.
Nice app. However, error message of google services is not running still appeared on certain apps. No worry, you can disable that notification.
This is best app. I love this App😍. But one more option of clean app chache of clones need to added in this app. Please add this option.
Best dual Space app I had ever tested!!!! No ads, super fast!! No in app purchases!! It's just awesome
That's amazing I have quiz of kings app and I want to have two accounts on this play When I installed cloner cloned quiz of king have not responded and have crash But when I install this app put this up superbly
I cant buy stuff in the apps I duplicate and it says google play services arent installed. Is this fixable?
Very bad experience if any time I open this app it's open adds back to back all time it's waste my time all time
No website, no privacy policy, no terms of service to review. How do you expect me to agree to the terms when you don't list them? Are you forcing me to agree to data uploads like Parallel Space does (without any option to opt out)?
Pls fix when i try to turn off the notifi it keeps coming back even when i manuely turn it off it will just come back that annoys me pls fix this and im about to delete this app if i didnt hold my self together
I should rate the app 5 star but 4 star because of rhis app does not contain feature to see the app in home screen Please add this feature if this feature will be added i will edit review and give 5 🌟 🌟🌟
Very glitchy... had to download parallel space to get multiple accounts to work correctly. Would not recommend this app at all. Just download parallel space instead. Save you headache
Its wrost after latest update.. Mobile hang.. Ui not responding.. Mobile crashing too.. Clone apps hanging.
Its helpful but i realized a few disturbing issues. One cant backup. When u tap on back up it shows that u choose email account but when u come to that part it doesn't open. Another thing my audios kind of get stuck and stop playing so i hv to skip a few seconds to continue playing it
Its a good aap but there are lot of ads in the begning and ending so please it is a humble request to improve it
I use this app fo ML At first it work well but noW it cannot load so I'm rating only one star. It is a useless app
Hello friends. Please don't download this app. This app says to delete Google play services. If you delete Google play service, your device will be locked permanently. Becoz it changes the password.
I'm not able to select my google drive for backup it shows" none selected" and when i click on it it does not open. And i also am not able to reply some one from notification bar
>:[ discord is having black screen problem also it's crashing alot please fix it whenever I tried to send an emoji it crashes automatically from dual space
I like so much this app we can make many clones🔥🔥 one app many clones no need space like so much donload this app ( ╹▽╹ )
I thought I found the perfect app cloner but it only let me do 3 clone app when I tried the 4th clone app it always crashed 🤦
It's Very easy to start.... I like this Aap... It's My suggestion for every one download this aap for dual space accounts... Esspically what's aap. Facebook Instagram... Messenger
Terrible ads, and on cloned WhatsApp unable to answer incoming call, the call button do not pop up and have no option to answer call.
Why pay or purchase for shortcut screen other apps also there they don't charge for shortcut screen.very bad is this all are good but for shortcut screen pay or purchase is very bad.thank you
It would be good but fix the bug on the apps when you turn off the phone with the app open and the app crashes the screen turns black then when you reset the data you lose progress so please fix this. This happened on a galaxy 20 device.
Reasonably nice. The only problem with Blink securiry cameras is the fact you don't get motion notifications. However, there is a lot of advertising!
Ads are too much and too long. Just garddam make a paid version, people time are more expensive than waiting for the stupid ads.
I like this app it's to useful.. It's really most important app for all business marketing to essay to use..
Overall great app! But the only thing missing is that we can't add google play games which makes my games' smurf accounts to be deleted permanently if I uninstall it. So please make it compatible with google play games. Thank you
It cuts out a lot but when it's going it's going good but they still caught me being a sneaky snake haha
I am not satisfied with your performance...there are too many ads while opening the app. And sometimes ads are about hit this website and here girl's will takeoff their clothes during vediocall n all that stuff.. it's shameful I must say. Fix this problem.
I had installed this on my new phone. However it would not work and cycled through the loading screen. I had paid for the life time no ad version. There is 14.99 completely lost
Well-done very happy use this app۔ recommended to everyon that this is the best app I request please as more dual space please more than 12 thanks
So irritating app, Because it can't open, when I'm trying to open many ads are come and it can't open,Pls don't download it...
Hi Unable to backup whatsapp and line chat. Why cant do that? I lost all my chats. Very very disappointed.
Worst App,, The main cause is not to use this apps --- 1st)) It takes soo many time to open,, 2nd)) after opening they show me 2add,,,, 3rd)) After running/using for a few minute later it stops working Automatically,, 4th)) many more,,etc etc.... In this way I have gotten into a lot of trouble,,, No one should use this app, if you use it, you will have to face many difficulties
Worst 👎 app ever I can't enjoy my game 🎮 when I open the app it will just close by itself,is really annoying 😒
It's great, but only one thing. I'd like to have an option which let's you make direct accesses to the apps in your home page, without having to go to Dual Space. just having a WhatsApp2 logo on the home screen. Only that. Thanks!
Very very good app for making clone i am very impressed by this app 👍👍👍👍👌👌👌😊😊😊
Simple and easy to use, I have multiple accounts for personal and professional lives, and this app made it easy to manage!
After the update not able to open my what's app In this app ... everytime this happens .. not able to give backups also ... Worst app .. .. I need a reply n I want the app maker to solve my problem ... asap
Worst app ever while using in the mid time it ultimately shut down and we need to restart again if i possible i would give 0 star for that kindly fix this issue as soon as possible or else remove your app thank you
Super best cloning app ever you people should try this out, its faster and am experiencing the real apps
Helpful when you have personal and office numbers The 2 separe windows help keeping business and personal priorities separate
I absolutely freaking love this, I had this for a while and so far I haven't had any problems with it!
It is very helpful to be able to access 2 accounts without having to keep logging out and back in. It used to work flawlessly, but now it reloads when I switch. Still better than no clone....but frustrating
Apps to nice but there is a too which not fair so you are requested to solve this problem as soon as possible❣❣
This site is AMAZING 4 touches of the icons and im playing games almost instantly i love it u go guys 10/10
Yep, seems to work great. The best one I've tried so far, it keeps things simple and has no problems at all
It keeps on shutting down after I ipdated it. Please fix this. Before the update it was really smooth but now...
Worst app !!! its loading all time in screen !!! maybe you can use this app if you purchased it !! I can't even uninstall it !! why ??? I need to force restart my phone to uninstall this trash !! It's like a virus in my phone .. and my phone start logging in this app !!!
The app is not working please do something I have a very important work with it please do something to get my thing done its urgent
Worst app ever. First of all i use dualspace only for facebook messenger. it doesen't contain latest massages in Messenger.. People send massage to me in messenger but i can't see anything. It shows nothing in their inbox. Latest massages are always disappear. And when i open this app too much ads are appearing. It's feeling so bad to me. If you guys can solve this problem, i will defenitely rate it 5 Star.
Bakwas aap, please don't download, It is being stop after a few days of communication and then display a pop up to upgrade it in 32 bit, naturally we upgraded it in 32bit, but it has not worked at all & my all important communication have lost.
Good App Cloner But There Is One Bug That Needs To Get Fixed in The Middle Of The Game It Just Freeze's So You Have to Restart The App plss Fix It
Really nice. The only problem with Blink securiry cameras is the fact you don't get motion notifications.
excellent app.. best one yet.. only thing is.. it would be nice to pay for it outright.. and no I don't mean a yearly subscription that cost a fortune.. I would happily pay to own this app outright and have no ads whatsoever
Appreciate It is the first time in the morning after the first one was a good day and night of my life and I am a very nice your email and I will not have a great time and money on a regular thing that you have to
Hahaha, Wow, You can't add app into homescreen unless you pay for the app... Completely dissatisfied. Uninstalled... Please everyone don't download this app. This app is completely paid.
Please don't install this tipe of app the features are available in your mobile settings you have to search dual app in setting but this app is also nice you. Can make any app clone how much you want to make nice app
ita nice to use, what i dont like is the advertisement always shows before its start.please remove it.
It keep on shutting down after update give me lot of problem can plz fix that up or go in previous update thats much batter for all
Best app for add any app. If you want to add whatsapp, Instagram, twitter, facebook or any app download this app.
very very bad app. first time im use that app. cloning mlbb and play very fine. after one day i can not invite the game.i think it lag. not im wrong. im very angry about that.pls fix this. 😞
I don't know what is wrong with this app I clone my Facebook account inside this app but is not going again
why should i give permission for my galley location and other things in app. are you stealing this all data..if not, what is the meaning for seeking these permission, let me know please.
Stock T-Mobile OnePlus 8. Worked fine the first time I used it (cloning Microsoft Edge mobile) with an ad upon opening. Today, after about 2 seconds, it constantly jumps from whatever webpage (successfully loaded) I'm on to a blank screen (web page) saying "couldn't reach that page" (I think that's Edge's message saying there's no internet). Reloading the page works for about 2 seconds before the "no internet" message pops up again.
This is the best app I ever used for cloning But I cut 1 satr for because of ad showing when I click on dual space app . If it don't show ad then I will give 5 star full out of full But best app
Grateful - just wish it would appear in my normal notifications rather than going into the app. But for free, its great
For adding an app, we have to choose from an ~unsorted list, which is not feasible with hundreds of apps installed on my device. § [ DualSpace_Pro_v1.0.2 ] [ Hu.P.smart.Z • Android_10/Q ] [ 2020.11.01.Su.15:30 ]
It's a very helpful app... I am using 2 WhatsApp, 2 facebook at the same time on two different number on same handset... Thanks to DualSpace..
It's a great aap it is very easy to use and help me yo get multiple accounts of my apps More over great application to use👍👍👌👌👌👌👍👍
I absolutely freaking love this, I had this for a while and so far I haven't had any problems with it! Edit: I am having a big problem. When I go onto one of the apps, it takes so long to load. I don't want to delete dual space and restart on everything. What is wrong with it?